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Drought reports, Kansas Territory

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Atchison Kansas October 9th 1860
My Dear friend.
The following have been received since you left. Yours W. F. M. Arny “Eureka Greenwood Co. Kansas. “Thaddeus Hyatt Esqr Sir.
It having been reported that you have come to Kansas to inquire into the State of Affairs in regard to crops and breadstuffs a meeting of the citizens of Eureka Township was held at Eureka on the 15th instant to take into consideration the wants of the people and a committee was appointed consisting of J. G. Fuller, James Wherry and Henry Brock to make a report to you as to the number of families = number of persons in each family number of acres cultivated quantity of Breadstuff on hand and as to how much funds there was on hand or in prospect to buy more.”
here followed the names of the Heads of the families (which I omit).
53 families reported. no of acres under cultivation 1049.= persons in the 53 families 265.= on hand 250 Bush corn meal, 9 sacks flour. 11 families have no corn meal and have borrowed from their neighbors. All of the 53 families are reported to be without money=
“The above is a statement of the situation of

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each family = The health is good = Their lands are coming into market the 29th of Nov next and not one in 10 are able to pre=empt many would leave if they were able. They have good improvements have worked hard this year = and have not raised 50 bushels of good corn this year they have good stock cattle but little feed for them this winter as the grass failed. They are not a begging community but are willing to refund from their crop next year, if in the good providence of God they raise any. There would have been at least 35 thousand bushels of corn raised in this Township this year if the season had been good, so that it cannot be said that we have been lazy. The people would be glad to hear from the friends in the East as soon as possible, and if out of their abundance they can supply our need we shall be glad to return the favor when our crops come in next year. It would be a very bad thing to have these communities broken up as they are all liberty loving – people, have sabbath schools and meetings and there is as little drinking going on as in any community in which we have been. In view of these facts we think that something ought to be done to enable the people to get through this terrible distress, and it will be repaid in thanksgiving

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to the donors. You Sir, can judge best what is to be done we do not want to leave, but shall have to if we cannot get bread stuff most all have some meat for a great many have been and are still going out Buffalo hunting. With due respect we remain Your Well Wishers Josiah G. Fuller James Whary }Committee Henry Brock Post office address Eureka Greenwood Co Kansas.
I understand that Mr. Fuller who is chairman of the above committee is acting as a missionary and colporteur in that portion of Kansas for the Boston American Tract Society
Report from Cottonwood Falls Chase County Cottonwood Falls Chase County October 2 1860.
“Mr Pomeroy” “Dear Sir”
On behalf of the suffering and destitute people of this district we address you as the agent of the Hon Thaddeus Hyatt. = representing the entire failure of crops of every kind and the consequent suffering of many who have not the means of averting it. = many have already left their homes here and more will be forced to unless timely aid can be procured and many who cannot pull up, and go where their is plenty will have to suffer. To be brief if you can do any thing towards assisting us. to provisions and clothing to be returned when we have raised another

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crop or when times change for the better so that people can turn stock or property for money or provisions. please answer us immediately and let us know whether you can do any thing or not.
Yours Respectfully “W A Harris” “A L. Williams”
with this above letter the names of 29 families are reported consisting of 118 persons =
The committee say = “The men whose names appear on this paper came here over a year ago have spent all the ready means which they had the drougth and failure of crops have left them without bread and no means of procuring it. We ask this as a loan feeling confident that unless we should meet with another failure we shall be fully able to compensate you for it.”
Report from Waterloo Breckenridge County
“Sir Your committee would respectfully report that after a careful investigation we find a deficiency in this vicinity of Breadstuffs and seeds as follows. 450 Sacks of Flour. 4000 lbs- cornmeal 220 Bush Seed Wheat. 320 Bush potatoes. – 120 Bus Seed Corn We find a few families almost destitute and they must become objects of charity we further find farms mortgaged to the amount of 1700$ paying 4 percent per month interest
H H George W Wendell }Committee R W Cloud

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Report – Iowa Township Doniphan Co Oct 5th 1860
“The corn crop in this Township averages – from one third to half a crop. Wheat from nothing to five bushels per acre Probably potatoes enough for home family consumption. Hogs and cattle plenty = the surplus is - bringing some money into the Township There are no families at present in the Township in a suffering condition. If cases of destitution arise, they will be attended to here on the whole this Township will be able to get through the Spring and Winter without asking aid from abroad. This – state of facts I suppose renders it unnecessary to report more specifically”
“Very Respectfully” “I P Herrick”
Report from Geneva Township Allen Co “Geneva Kansas Sept 27 1860
Mr. Thaddeus Hyatt
Dear Sir.
The undersigned chosen as corresponding committee of Geneva Township Allen Co K.T. would respectfully report that after a faithful examination into the condition of the inhabitants in consequence of the unprecedented drougth = the statements that follow.
1st Many by reason of discouragement have already left or are about to leave.

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2nd. The number of inhabitants in Geneva Township now remaining are four hundred.
3rd. Number of acres under improvement in our Township is about Two Thousand acres.
4th A Large surface of Wheat was sowed but have proved an entire failure.
5th The number of acres of corn planted is Eight Hundred and eighty three the average will not exceed two bushels to the acre. and that is so badly injured by worms as to be unfit for table use.
6th There is no old corn in the Township to be purchased at any price –
7th We have ascertained that forty head of stock have died of the Spanish fever.
8th Not more than one fourth of the inhabitants of this Township have the ability to pre=empt their lands prior to the Land sales. Many are liable to lose their homesteads.
9th Owing to the newness of the County and the want of money scarcely nothing can be realized by labor for procuring the necessaries of life
10th If industry had rewarded the laborer we should in addition to an abundance of wheat and corn for home consumption have been well supplied with potatoes and other garden vegitables the latter of which have proved an entire failure.
11th At your request Sir we submit to you the above statistical report appreciating the deep interest you have taken in Kansas.

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We shall await any instructions that may be designed for us.
Permit us in conclusion to inquire if some arrangement could be made by which flour could be had at cost for the needy The importance of this will be apparent when we inform you that we have to pay at the rate of 5$ per hundred at this point.
Any communication may be addressed to the Committee at Geneva we shall rejoice to further any philanthropic efforts in behalf of Kansas.
Yours in behalf of human want “G S. Northrup” ch “J. H Spicey” } Committee “A G Carpenter”
(remark = Mr. Northrup is the Congregational Minister at Geneva) Arny)
Report from Coffachique Township Allen Co
“Friend Hyatt. “Iola P.O.”
I have been requested by the citizens of this (Cofachique) Township to communicate to you our action at the meeting held on the 7th in regard to the movement which you and others represent. I enclose the minutes of Mr. Thrasher – the secretary which will perhaps give you a pretty correct idea of its proceedings. I will add that the people feel

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very much interested in the matter and are now acting upon your suggestions = We find as you intimated that we have been greatly deceived in regard to our corn crops. A close examination proves that there will not be 1/3 the corn we had supposed there would be. It will not average 4 bushels to the acre on the Blackwell fields spoken of at the Humbolt meeting as the best in the Township. I examined it personally the next day. 7/8 of the stalks are without corn what little there is= is badly eaten with worms. Our committee Rufus Pulkins and William Cochran will at once carry out your suggestions and give the information you desired at an early day, the best of feeling prevails toward you and others who have kindly interested themselves in our behalf. The people here are industrious energetic and intelligent and are bound to improve and prosper in spite of our embarrassing circumstances. Some fifteen houses will be built on the Town Site this fall and winter The excellent water which our Town affords is a great inducement for those who have the means to build and locate here Lumber & Stock (Cattle) are

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about the only articles of trade and are used here in the lieu of money as a circulating medium. The greater share of the money brought into the Country has found its way back to the States or is carefully saved to pay for Land. The New York Indian Lands are open for pre=emption and are to be sold on the 8th of December One half of the settlers are without means to pre=empt with while their improvements average from $100 to $1000 in value it seems hard after investing money labor patience hope and have so long battled with privation hard times and a corrupt and wicked administration that we our wives and little ones should be left in this destitute condition We believe it is no fault of ours. The dispensations of Providence we can submit to with Christian fortitude but this continual oppression from the administration will not be submitted to without a muss. The Citizens would be glad. (Those that have not the means to do otherwise) to hire warrants payable in a reasonable time at the market price at New York with ten per cent interest and mortgage on land as security = I will be happy to receive any communication

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you may wish to make to me personally if you can give us any encouragement in regard to the warrants I wish you would do so at in early day - Our committee think there is not provisions in the County to last till Christmas. I would say in addition that the great majority would rather receive these necessaries as a loan and that it be so considered what is sent will be received with gratitude and sometime in the future will take more pleasure in paying the cash value with interest than in receiving them now. Yours Respectfully”
“Charles P Twiss”
Remark by Arny = The proceedings of the meeting is [XXXXX] - substance the appointment of Chs P Twiss & Wm Perkins the Committee.=
Reports=From Eureka Township=Greenwood County Cottonwood Falls=Chase County Waterloo Township Breckenridge “ Iowa “ Donophan” Geneva “ Allen” Cofachique “Allen”

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