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Richard M. Young to A. Beach

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Washington City, July 29th , 1859
A. Beach Esq Dear Sir, Your letter dated at “Beach Valley” Kansas Territory, June 25- with a recommendatory letter from Hardman P. Petrikin Esq, of Lecompton, dated June 14 enclosed, has been received. We have, agreeably to your request, made inquiry of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, as to the proper mode of proceeding to recover damages for Indian Depredations, under the circumstances mentioned by you, and reply to your letter as follows: The remedy in such cases is to be found in the 17th . Section of the “act to regulate Trade and Intercourse with the Indian Tribes, and to preserve peace on the frontiers”, approved June 30, 1834- See 4th vol. U. S. Statutes at Large, page 731- which provides as follows:
Sec. 17. “That if any Indian, or Indians belonging to any Tribe, in amity with the United States, shall within the Indian Country, take or destroy the property of any

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person lawfully within such Country, or shall pass from the Indian Country, into any State or Territory, inhabited by Citizens of the United States, and there take, steal or destroy, any horse, horses, or other property, belonging to any Citizen or inhabitant of the United States-Such Citizen, or inhabitant, his representative, attorney, or agent, may make application to the proper Superintendent, Agent, or Sub-agent, who upon being furnished with the necessary documents and proof, shall under the direction of the President, make application to the Nation or Tribe, to which such Indian or Indians shall belong, for satisfaction; and if such Nation or Tribe shall neglect or refuse to make satisfaction in a reasonable time, not exceeding twelve months, it shall be the duty of such Superintendent, Agent, or Sub-agent, to make return of his doings to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, that such further steps may be taken as shall be proper, in the opinion of the President to obtain satisfaction for the injury; and in the meantime in respect to the property so taken, stolen, or destroyed, the United States guaranty to the party so injured-an eventual indemnification. and if the Nation or Tribe to which such Indian or Indians may belong, receive an annuity from the United States, such claim, shall at the next payment of the annuity, be deducted therefrom, and paid to the party injured-and if no annuity is payable to such nation or tribe, then the amount of the claim shall be paid from the Treasury of the United States-
This act also provides; “that if such claim is not presented within three years after the commission

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of the injury, the same shall be barred.” It being important therefore, that the claims for damages, shall be presented in due time- and now as to the mode of proceeding- You must make out a full and particular Statement of your account of property taken, stolen, or otherwise lost-or destroyed by the Indians- the time and place, when and where the same was so taken and destroyed-the names of the Indians or Tribes to which they belonged-and the value of the property, and damages sustained by reason of such depredations- and make oath to the correctness of the same, and also make proof by witnesses of the correctness of your account, to the satisfaction of the proper agent or Sub-agent of the Indians implicated- who must certify the accounts thus proved, with his opinion of their correctness, to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs here at Washington, for approval, and Instructions, in regard to the payment of the damages sustained- Milton C Dickey Esq is the agent for the Kaws, or Kansas Indians,- his Post office at West Port, Missouri, and William W Bent is agent for the Indians of the upper Arkansas, embracing the Kioways etc - address him to the care of A. M. Robinson Esq. Superintendent of Indian Affairs, St. Louis, Missouri. You must also add to your account when sworn to, and approved; an additional affidavit, “that you have not in any way violated the provisions of the said act of June 30, 1834, by seeking, or attempting to obtain private satisfaction or revenge of said Indians as by so doing, you would forfeit all claim upon the

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United States, for any indemnification- See the 1st proviso, in the 17th Section of the act referred to- We also send you by the mail of today, a printed copy of the Laws, Regulations etc of the Indian Department, containing 96 pages- which you may find of service in making out your claims- also a Duplicate of this Letter addressed to you at Council Grove, Wise County, Kansas Territory- Please inform us of the receipt of this letter; and any further request, in regard to your claims for said Depredations will be promptly attended to-
Very Respectfully, Yours etc Richard M Young for Young and Niles

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