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Dandridge E. Kelsey's 1854 diary

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Friendship Love and Truth


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[Printed page of diary book]

Stewart’s Diary for 1854; or Daily Register for the use of Private Families and Persons of Business.

Containing a blank for every day in the year, for the record of interesting daily occurrences and future engagements.

Published Yearly by Clark & Hesser, Booksellers and Stationers,18 south fourth street, Philadelphia

[Page 3]

Dandridge E Kelsey’s Diary for the year 1854 he was born March 27 th 1818

Mercy Lacock was born Oct 13 th 1824 and they was Married on the 10 th Day of February 1842

Mercy Kelsey Died on the 31 st Day of December, 1853 Aged 29 years 2 months & 18 Days She was Married 11 years 10 month and 19 Days before her Death and had four Children 2 girls and 2 Buoys the youngest was 4 years old in Sept before her Death their names are as follows

[Page 4]

Abigail America Kelsey Was born May 4 th 1843

Ann Eliza Kelsey born April 26 th 1845

Joseph Israel Scott Kelsey Was born July 1 st 1847

Abner Taylor Kelsey born September 12 th 1849

Ann Eliza Kelsey Died on the 20 th Day of December 1852 aged 7 years 7 months and 24 Days

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Sunday, January 1 st, 1854.

Mercy Kelsey my Wife was buried and the funeral preached by the reverend Mr Mellender at Coles Chapel from the 13 verse of the 14 chapter of the book of Revelation

Monday, 2d.

Tuesday, 3d.

Went to Lawrenceburgh to pay my taxes

[Page 8]

Wednesday, January 4 th, 1854.

came home from paying taxes

Thursday, 5 th.

Friday, 6 th.

Killed hogs and put up 796 lbs and let Mr Dews have 275 lbs at 4 cts per lb amounted to $11,00 cts

[Page 9]

Saturday, January 7 th, 1854.

took Elizabeth home

Sunday, 8 th.

came home

Monday, 9 th.

Worked for Joseph Dews

[Page 10]

Tuesday, January 8 th, 1854.

Worked for J Dews

Wednesday, 11 th.

Worked for J Dews

Thursday, 12 th.

Worked for J Dews

[Page 11]

Friday, January 13 th, 1854.

Worked for J Dews 6 days this week

Saturday, 14 th.

Worked for J Dews

Sunday, 15 th.

Went to meeting to Coles Chapel

[Page 12]

Monday, January 16 th. 1854.

Rain and Sleet at night

Worked for J Dews at Braces and Studing

Tuesday, 17 th.

Sleet Worked for J Dews ½ day at Studing worked 1 ½ days this week

Wednesday, 18 th.


[Page 13]

Thursday, January 19 th, 1854.

Sleet and rain

Friday, 20 th.

rain and the Sleet went off

Saturday, 21 st

Cold and raised mr Dews barn

[Page 14]

Sunday, January 22d, 1854.

Stayed at home

Monday, 23d.

Raised M r Dews Shop

Tuesday, 24 th.

Sore arm

[Page 15]

Wednesday, January 25 th, 1854.

M r W m Allen came out from Aurora to my house

Thursday, 26 th.

Went to Aurora with M r Allen and took 18 bus and lbs wheat and $1.10 cts per bushel

Friday, 27 th.

put plates on J Dews barn

[Page 16]

Saturday, January 28 th, 1854.

Went to Aurora and recd 39 of Mulford and 39 Dolls of Dickerson and [bo] and 11 of Jesse Jones

Sunday, 29 th.

Went to cincinati with the boys when they started to Californy – went out from Auror to my farm with my Wife and family on Saturday the 29 th of Jan. 1853 and left them on a visit and I went home and came out after them on the 4 th of Mar 1853 and went home on the 9

Monday, 30 th.

At cincinati and the buoys Started to New York on the 5 oclock train

[Page 17]

Tuesday, January 31 st, 1854.

I came to Aurora from Cincinati. worked 7 ½ Days this month for Mr Dews

Wednesday, February 1 st.

Came out home with John W. Crandall

Thursday, 2d.

measured up Wheat and went to Aurora with wheat took 29 bu 11 lbs and recd for the same $34 – 90 cts

[Page 18]

Friday, February 3d, 1854.

came home from Aurora and halled wood

Saturday, 4 th.

Went to crossplains to the Deguerean

Sunday, 5 th.

Came home

[Page 19]

Monday, February 6 th, 1854.

Worked for M r Dews

Tuesday, 7 th.

Worked for M r Dews and Father halled 5,000 Shingles for Mr Dews

Wednesday, 8 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

[Page 20]

Thursday, February 9 th, 1854.

Worked ½ day for M r Dews

Friday, 10 th.

Worked for M r Dews

Saturday, 11 th.

Worked for M r Dews

[Page 21]

Sunday, February 12 th, 1854.

at meeting at Coles Chapel Mr Stoops Preached

Monday, 13 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

Tuesday, 14 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

[Page 22]

Wednesday, February 15 th, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews

Daniel came back from Norfolk

Thursday, 16 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

Friday, 17 th.

Worked for M r Dews

[Page 23]

Saturday, February 18 th, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews

went to Fathers

Daniel halled 4,000 Shingles for Mr Dews

Sunday, 19 th.

came home from Fathers

Monday, 20 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

[Page 24]

Tuesday, February 21 st, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews

Wednesday, 22d.

Worked for Mr Dews

Thursday, 23d.

Worked for Mr Dews

[Page 25]

Friday, February 24 th, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews

Saturday, 25 th.

Went to Uncle Sams Funeral

Sunday, 26 th.

Came home from uncle Jonathan Coles

[Page 26]

Monday, February 27 th, 1854.

Went to work for Mr Dews and Ann came for me to come down home and Daniel took her to her Fathers

Worked for Mr Dews 17 Days this month

Tuesday, February 28 th.

Wednesday, March 1 st.

[Page 27]

Thursday, March 2d, 1854.

Went to Warners Sale

Friday, 3d.

Hannah came over to our house to Stay and keep house for me

Saturday, 4 th.

Worked about two Days this Week for Mr Dews

[Page 28]

Sunday, March 5 th, 1854.

Went out to M r Lacocks

Monday, 6 th.

John Johnson commeced working for me for the term of Six months at $12,00cts per month him and me choped wood & railcuts

Tuesday, 7 th.

I Worked for M r Dews and it rained

[Page 29]

Wednesday, March 8 th, 1854.

Trimed apple trees and helped dig grave for Mr Daniel Pauls child

bought $1.00cts worth Coffee

Thursday, 9 th.

Worked for Mr Dews rain

Friday, 10 th.

Worked for Mr Dews ¾ of a day and paid to E H Staple for Wolber $44 ½ for rent of farm Still coming to him $100 Dollars due the 1 st of march 1855 rain

[Page 30]

Saturday, March 11 th, 1854.

Trimed my Apple trees and Sold father 3 head of Cattle at $26 Dollars and recd $10.00cts

John Worked 6 days this Week

Sunday, 12 th.

Joab and Albert came over

Monday, 13 th.

Went to B Halls Mill

[Page 31]

Tuesday, March 14 th, 1854.

Went to Aurora

Wednesday, 15 th.

Came Back from Aurora

bogh 1 lb tea at 75 cts

Thursday, 16 th.

Worked ½ Day from Mr Dews

[Page 32]

Friday, March 17 th, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews

Saturday, 18 th.

Went to crossplains after corn and got 648 feet of wether cording at 70 cts per hundred

Sunday, 19 th.

[Page 33]

Monday, March 20 th, 1854.

Plowed the garden and planted some potatoes

Tuesday, 21 st.

Went to Aurora with Wheat 22 bus and 10 lbs at $1.20cts per bu $26.60

50 lbs Sugar at 4 ¾ per lb 2 98

14 lbs coffee at 7 lbs 2 00

Wednesday, 22d.

Came back from Aurora and brung paling and lumber $12.28

[Page 34]

Thursday, March 23d, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews on Shop

Friday, 24 th.

Plowed on the Creek and John cut Stalks on Wheat

Saturday, 25 th.

Plowed on the creek and John cut Stalks

[Page 35]

Sunday, March 26 th, 1854.

Went to Dillsborough for the Doctor for D Crandalls Child

Monday, 27 th.

Plowed ½ day on the creek and

Tuesday, 28 th.

John Plowed on the creek ¾ day

[Page 36]

Wednesday, March 29 th, 1854.

Halled 1 Stack hay from Fathers

Thursday, 30 th.

Worked for Mr Dews about 8 ¼ Days this month

Friday, 31 st

Halled logs to Clinkerman mill and rain in the afternoon

[Page 37]

Saturday, April 1 st, 1854.

Halled logs to Clinkermans mill and Snow and cold and went to harts mills in the evening

Sunday, 2d.

Daniel Crandalls child and Mary Ann heron was Buried this day and ice this morning over ¾ inch thick

Monday, 3d.

this morning ice near ¾ of an inch thick and Election for Township of[f]icers at Opps

[Page 38]

Tuesday, April 4 th, 1854.

Halled Logs and rolled Some of them

Wednesday, 5 th.

Sowed Oats

Thursday, 6 th.

Sowed Oats

[Page 39]

Friday, April 7 th, 1854.

Sowed Oats

Saturday, 8 th.

Sowed Oats and planted a little corn in the evening

Sunday, 9 th.

meeting at Coles Chapel and rain in the evening

rain and hail and the Clouds in the west verry red at about Dusk

[Page 40]

Monday, April 10 th, 1854.

cold and rainy we made rails and fixed fence

Tuesday, 11 th.

heavy frost and rolled logs

Wednesday, 12 th.

[Page 41]

Thursday, April 13 th, 1854.

Friday, 14 th.

rain and cool

Saturday, 15 th.

Cool and cloudy rain in the evening

[Page 42]

Sunday, April 16 th, 1854.

Stormy and cold. hail rain and Snow with high winds in the evening and Sunday Scholl commenced and I went to uncle Reeds

Monday, 17 th.

this morning Snow 3 inches Deep and Snowing

Worked for Mr Dews

Tuesday, 18 th.

helped henry Nolte raise barn

[Page 43]

Wednesday, April 19 th, 1854.

Worked on road ½ Day and for Mr Dews ½ Day

Thursday, 20 th.

fired Logs and helped mr Dews some

John halled rock for M r Dews

Friday, 21 st.

Worked for Mr Dews

[Page 44]

Saturday, April 22d, 1854.

Went to Mr Johnsons to Law suit

Worked for M r Dews 3 Days this Week

John halled rock ½ Day for Mr Dews

Sunday, 23d.

Sunday School and meeting

Monday, 24 th.

Went to Sale

[Page 45]

Tuesday, April 25 th, 1854.

Worked for M r Dews

Wednesday, 26 th.

Worked for M r Dews

Thursday, 27 th.

Worked for M r Dews

[Page 46]

Friday, April 28 th, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews and John Plowed for Mr Dews

frost this morning

Recd of M r Dews per M rs Dews $5,00

Saturday, 29 th.

Worked for Mr Dews and John Plowed for Mr Dews and Abel Plowed ½ Day for Mr Dews

I worked for Mr Dews ½ Day frost this morning and snowed a little Worked 5 Days this Week for mr Dews

Sunday, 30 th.

[Page 47]

Monday, May 1 st, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews

Tuesday, 2d.

Worked for Mr Dews

Wednesday, 3d.

Worked for mr Dews

[Page 48]

Thursday, May 4 th, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews

Friday, 5 th.

W ½ Day for Mr Dews

Mr E Hawley came in here

Saturday, 6 th.

Mr Finke built pillows under Shed posts

[Page 49]

Sunday, May 7 th, 1854.

Went to Aurora this Day with Mr Hawley

Monday, 8 th.

Went to Cincinnatti

recd $9.00cts house rent of M r Car

Tuesday, 9 th.

planted corn on the creek

[Page 50]

Wednesday, May 10 th, 1854.

Planted Corn on the Creek

recd $80.00cts of Daniel Crandall which he owed me

Thursday, 11 th.

finished Planting Corn on the Creek

recd $110.00cts for A horse Sold to M r W m Bassett

Friday, 12 th.

Commenced Planting corn at home

[Page 51]

Saturday, May 13 th, 1854.

finished planting corn at home

paid this day to George Reamer seventy Dollars and 75 cts a balance on horse and to Henry Ramer fifteen Dollars & 20 cts in full of all Demands and Paid to Uncle Harvey Cole $10,00 for interest on money and paid Abel Johnson $4 for Work

Sunday, 14 th.

Rain this morning

Monday, 15 th.

Worked for Mr Dews John Plowed

Mr E G [Hreer] came here

[Page 52]

Tuesday, May 16 th, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews ¾ of a Day

John plowed “

rain this Evening

Wednesday, 17 th.

Worked for M r Dews Rain and hard wind

young colt this morning

Thursday, 18 th. 45.5.81


Worked for M r Dews

[Page 53]

Friday, May 19 th, 1854. 45.5.19


Worked ½ Day for M r Dews which makes 4 ¾ Days this week

Saturday, 20 th.

Worked for M r Dews ½ Day

Sunday, 21 st.

Went to Dillsborough to Funerel

[Page 54]

Monday, May 22d, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews he planted corn

John furrowed off for corn

Tuesday, 23d.

Worked for Mr Dews

Wednesday, 24 th.

Worked for mr Dews

[Page 55]

Thursday, May 25 th, 1854.

Worked ½ Day for Mr Dews

went to Eleazar Crandalls

Friday, 26 th.

Worked on road John halled rock ½ Day for Mr Dews

Saturday, 27 th.

replanted Corn on the Creek

[Page 56]

Sunday, May 28 th, 1854.

Went to Sunday School and Meeting

Monday, 29 th.

Tuesday, 30 th.

[Page 57]

Wednesday, May 31 st, 1854.

Went to Aurora for A load of Mr Dews Machinery

Thursday, June 1 st. 6, 45, 6, 1

7.6 - 13.

Friday, 2d.

[Page 58]

No 1 Saturday, June 3d, 1854.

Dear Mercy; in my lonely room I Sit and think of thee

But thoughts will not dispel my gloom

Nor Set my Sad Soul free

I think how oft in fond embrac

Ive Clasped the to my heart

Nor dreamed while gazing on thy face

That we could ever Part

No 2 Sunday, 4 th.

I little thought that death So Soon

In mournful State would come

To bear my loved one to the tomb

And blight my happy home

That I should Ever lack thy Smile

Or miss thy Cheering tone

My everry sorrow to beguile

When other friends were gone

No 3 Monday, 5 th.

[Eve] when I saw the day by Day

Droop like a withered flower

Oh with what ferver did I pray

God would avert the hour

And even now I listen oft

Thy gentle voice to hear

And think it will come in whispers soft

My lonely heart to Cheer

[Page 59]

No 4 Tuesday, June 6 th, 1854. 45 - 6 - 6

- 7 - 6

Then gaze upon thy mineature

And every feature trace

And press the lips I’ve kissed so oft

While tears Steal down my cheek

But oh thy lips are motion less

I feel not thy warm embrace

Feel not the beatings of thy heart

Alas [tiXfold] in Death

No 5 Wednesday, 7 th.

Yes thou art with thy little one

That one year had gone before

To meet her gentler Mother on

That bright eternal Shore

Dim when dutys way before us

As the magnet charts the Sea

May thy pure Star glowing oer us

Point the path to Heaven and Thee

Thursday, 8 th. 6

Mr Allen came out here from Aurora

[Page 60]

No 6 Friday, June 9 th, 1854.

And wilt thou ever think of me

And of Loveing Children too

Anxious to See our Spirits free

All pure and undefiled as you

Then will we meet to part no more

Then dry our weeping eyes

Far too bright for mortal Dwelling [XXX]

Thou wert far by far to good for Earth

Saturday, 10 th.

M r Allen went home

Sunday, 11 th.

[Page 61]

Monday, June 12 th, 1854.

Alas how changed is all dear wife from that Sweet eve in Spring

When first thy Love for me was told and thou didst to me [bring]

The Sweet eyes radiant through their tears

pressing thy lips to mine

In that old cottage dear beneath the over reaching vine

Tuesday, 13 th.

The moonlight struggled through the river and fell upon thy face

Which thou didst loveingly upturn with pure and trustful gaze

The cooling breez murmured through the cottage where

As like a sleeping infant thou Didst lean upon me there

Wednesday, 14 th.

The Love and faith thou plightedst

then with smile and mingled tear

Was never broken sweetest one whilst

thou didst linger her

No angry word nor angry look thou ever gavest me

But loved and trusted ever more as I did worship thee

[Page 62]

Thursday, June 15 th, 1854. 45 - 6 - 51

- 7 - 6

Friday, 16 th.

Saturday, 17 th.

[Page 63]

Sunday, June 18 th, 1854.

Monday, 19 th.

Tuesday, 20 th.

[Page 64]

Wednesday, June 21 st, 1854.

Thursday, 22d.

Friday, 23d.

[Page 65]

Saturday, June 24 th, 1854.

Sunday, 25 th.

Monday, 26 th.

[Page 66]

Tuesday, June 27 th, 1854.

Wednesday, 28 th.

Thursday, 29 th.

[Page 67]

Friday, June 30 th, 1854. 45 . 6. 03

Saturday, July 1 st.

Sunday, 2d.

[Page 68]

Monday, July 3d, 1854.

Tuesday, 4 th.

Went to Aurora

Wednesday, 5 th.

[Page 69]

Thursday, July 6 th, 1854.

Friday, 7 th.

Saturday, 8 th.

finished cutting Wheat

[Page 70]

Sunday, July 9 th, 1854.

Monday, 10 th.

Let Mr Dews have one hundred Dollars

Tuesday, 11 th.

[Page 71]

Wednesday, July 12 th, 1854.

Thursday, 13 th. 45, 7, 31


Friday, 14 th.

[Page 72]

Saturday, July 15 th, 1854.

Sunday, 16 th.

Monday, 17 th.

[Page 73]

Tuesday, July 18 th, 1854.

Wednesday, 19 th.

Thursday, 20 th.

[Page 74]

Friday, July 21 st, 1854.

Saturday, 22d.

Sunday, 23d.

[Page 75]

Monday, July 24 th, 1854.

Tuesday, 25 th.

Wednesday, 26 th.

[Page 76]

Thursday, July 27 th, 1854. 45. 7. 72


Friday, 28 th.

Saturday, 29 th.

[Page 77]

Sunday, July 30 th, 1854.

Monday, 31 st.

helped John W Crandall thrash

Tuesday, August 1 st.

Let Mr Dews have fifty Doll

[Page 78]

Wednesday, August 2d, 1854.

Finished halling in Wheat on the creek

Thursday, 3d.

Went to Aurora for M r Dews

Friday, 4 th. 45. 8. 4


[Page 79]

Saturday, August 5 th, 1854.

Sunday, 6 th.

Monday, 7 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

[Page 80]

Tuesday, August 8 th, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews

Wednesday, 9 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

Thursday, 10 th.

[Page 81]

Friday, August 11 th, 1854.

Saturday, 12 th.

Sunday, 13 th.

[Page 82]

Monday, August 14 th, 1854.

Tuesday, 15 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

Wednesday, 16 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

[Page 83]

Thursday, August 17 th, 1854.

Worked for Mr Dews

Friday, 18 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

Saturday, 19 th.

Worked for Mr Dews

[Page 84]

Sunday, August 20 th, 1854.

214 ft – white Walnut plank at $2.00cts per hund $4.48

popular bords 2 00

Monday, 21 st.

thrashed for John M Johnson

Tuesday, 22d.

finished thrashing at Johnsons and commenced at Joabs

[Page 85]

Wednesday, August 23 rd, 1854.

finished at Joabs and went to Lickings

I commenced working on house this evening for Mr A Lacock

Thursday, 24 th.

Worked on house

Friday, 25 th.

Worked on house

[Page 86]

Saturday, August 26 th, 1854.

Worked 2 ½ Days this week on Mr Lacocks house

Sunday, 27 th.

Rain and I was at Camp meeting near mores hill

Monday, 28 th.

[Page 87]

Tuesday, August 29 th, 1854.

Joabs Sale

Wednesday, 30 th.

Worked on house for A Lacock

Thursday, 31 st.

Worked on house 2 Days this Week

Worked 4 ½ Days this month on Mr Lacocks house this month

[Page 88]

Friday, September 1 st, 1854.

Went to Aurora with some Wheat and got $1.40 cts per bushel had a bu 10 lbs and got three barrells of Flower 1 for D Kelsey 1 for A Lacock and 1 for D E Kelsey at $8.00 per barrel

Saturday, 2d.

Peter Nichols Sale

Paid John Johnson $5.00cts

Worked 2 Days this Week on M r Lacocks house

Sunday, 3d.

[Page 89]

Monday, September 4 th, 1854.

Tuesday, 5 th.

Recd of Mr Dews fifty Dollars

Paid Abigail Crandall $5.00cts

Wednesday, 6 th.

Due Joab on Settlement $13 30cts to be Paid to Abner Lacock

[Page 90]

Thursday, September 7 th, 1854.

John Johnsons work up to this time to $72.00cts

Joab Started to move to Iowa

Friday, 8 th.

To Joab Price $15.00 for Buggy harness

Paid $10.00

Saturday, 9 th.

Worked for Abner Lacock 4 Days this Week

Paid to Robert Roberts for work on buggy $22,00cts

[Page 91]

Sunday, September 10 th, 1854.

Monday, 11 th.

Went to Jonathan Coles

Tuesday, 12 th.

Went to the burying to Jonathan Coles

[Page 92]

Wednesday, September 13 th, 1854.

Came home from the burying

Thursday, 14 th.

Worked for M r Lacock

Friday, 15 th.

Worked for M r Lacock

[Page 93]

Saturday, September 16 th, 1854.

Worked ½ Day for M r Lacock on house 2 ½ Days this Week

Sunday, 17 th.

Went to Meeting at friendship

Monday, 18 th.

Father Commenced Sowing Wheat

[Page 94]

Tuesday, September 19 th, 1854.

Father Sowed wheat

Wednesday, 20 th.

Father finished Sowing Wheat

[I] Eleazar Cole was Married

Thursday, 21 st.

I commenced Sowing wheat on the creek

[Page 95]

Friday, September 22d, 1854.

Sowed wheat on the creek

Saturday, 23d.

finished Sowing wheat at John Johnsons

Sunday, 24 th.

Went to Morefield to Basket meeting

[Page 96]

Monday, September 25 th, 1854.

harrowed wheat on the creek

Tuesday, 26 th.

Harrowed wheat on the creek

Wednesday, 27 th.

Sowed wheat at home

[Page 97]

Thursday, September 28 th, 1854.

Sowed wheat

Friday, 29 th.

Sowed wheat

Saturday, 30 th.

finished Sowing wheat and grassseed

We went to Fletchers

[Page 98]

Sunday, October 1 st, 1854.

Monday, 2d.

Came by to aurora and stayed at m r Herrons

Tuesday, 3d.

Came home this evening

[Page 99]

Wednesday, October 4 th, 1854.

Worked on house for M r Lacock

Thursday, 5 th.

Worked on house for Mr Lacock

Friday, 6 th.

Went to Aurora and herd W m Comback Speak and also at night in Dillsborough and Bought 1 bbl flower at $4.00 per bbl and Wheat at $1,2cts per bu

[Page 100]

Saturday, October 7 th, 1854.

Commenced gethering corn at John M Johnsons.

Worked for M r Lacock on house 2 Days this Week

Sunday, 8 th.

Went to Bear Creek to meeting

Monday, 9 th.

Worked for M r Lacock on house

[Page 101]

Tuesday, October 10 th, 1854.

Went to the Election in Czar

Wednesday, 11 th.

Geathered Some Apples at home

James helped ¾ day

Thursday, 12 th.

Geathered Corn on the Creek

[Page 102]

Friday, October 13 th, 1854.

Worked on M r Lacocks house ¾

Saturday, 14 th.

Worked on M r Lacocks house 2 ¾ Days this Week

Sunday, 15 th.

M r Mellender Preached at Coles Chapel

[Page 103]

Monday, October 16 th, 1854.

Worked for Mr Lacock on house ¾ of a day

Tuesday, 17 th.

Worked on house

Wednesday, 18 th.

Worked on house

[Page 104]

Thursday, October 19 th, 1854.

Worked on house

Friday, 20 th.

Worked on house 4 ¾ Days this week for M r Lacock

Saturday, 21 st.

helped W m f Johnson thrash

[Page 105]

Sunday, October 22d, 1854.

W m Flemming Preached at Coles Chapel

Monday, 23d.

Gethered Some Apples on the Creek at John M Johnsons 15 ½ bu

Tuesday, 24 th.

Thrashed Wheat at home and had 84 bush

[Page 106]

Wednesday, October 25 th, 1854.

Gethered corn on the creek

James W Johnson helped

Thursday, 26 th.

Finished gethering corn on the creek at noon

James & Bery helped ½ Day

Friday, 27 th.

Thrashed Buck wheat and recd of Mr Dews one hundred Dollars

[Page 107]

Saturday, October 28 th, 1854.

Went to Aurora

let Thomas Crandall have $5,00cts

Let M r W m Allen have $20,00cts to repair house for Crandall & Kelsey

Sunday, 29 th.

Came home from aurora in the evening went to

to see [W m] Linzy and Nancy Boatman married at John M Johnsons

Monday, 30 th.

Worked ½ Day at M r Lacocks

[Page 108]

Tuesday, October 31 st, 1854.

Worked at M r Lacocks on house

Wednesday, November 1 st.

Worked at Mr Lacocks on house

Thursday, 2d.

Worked at Mr Lacocks on house

[Page 109]

Friday, November 3d, 1854.

Worked at Mr Lacocks on house 4 ½ Days this Week

Went to Uncle Eleazar Coles with Aunt Elizabeth Cole and Let Thomas Crandall have $20,00cts

Saturday, 4 th.

Sunday, 5 th.

[Page 110]

Monday, November 6 th, 1854.

Tuesday, 7 th.

Worked for M r Lacock on house

Wednesday, 8 th.

Worked on house

[Page 111]

Thursday, November 9 th, 1854.

Worked on house 3 days this week

Friday, 10 th.

Gethered Corn ½ day and bought 15 Sheep of Eleazar Cole and paid him ten Dollars

Saturday, 11 th.

Gethered Corn

Paid to John Johnson for Work up to this date $18,00cts

[Page 112]

Sunday, November 12 th, 1854.

Monday, 13 th.

Went to aurora with Some wheat 13 bus 20 lbs at $1.40cts amounting to $18,48cts.

Mr Lacock Dr to 60 lights [sash] at 6 cts pr light $3.60

“ “ Pnl Door $3 25 3.25

“ “ tool and sand paper 25

$7 10

Left With M r W m Allen to fix house $15,00cts for Crandalls & Kelsey

Tuesday, 14 th.

Went out to M r Lacocks and worked ½ Day on house

[Page 113]

Wednesday, November 15 th, 1854.

Worked on house

Thursday, 16 th.

Worked on house

Friday, 17 th.

Worked on house

[Page 114]

Saturday, November 18 th, 1854.

Worked on house ½ day making this week 3 days

Sunday, 19 th.

Monday, 20 th.

Geathered Corn

[Page 115]

Tuesday, November 21 st, 1854.

Worked on house

Wednesday, 22d.

Worked on house

Thursday, 23d.

Worked on house

[Page 116]

Friday, November 24 th, 1854.

Worked on house 4 days this week

Saturday, 25 th.

Quarterly Meeting at Coles Chapel

Sunday, 26 th.

Quar Meeting at Coles Chapel

[Page 117]

Monday, November 27 th, 1854.

Tuesday, 28 th.

Worked at Mr Lacocks house

Wednesday, 29 th.

Worked on house

[Page 118]

Thursday, November 30 th, 1854.

Worked on house

Friday, December 1 st.

Worked on house this week 5 days

Saturday, 2d.

Finished Working on Mr Lacocks house

Worked in all 40 Days amounting to $

[Page 119]

Sunday, December 3d, 1854.

Meeting at Friendship

Monday, 4 th.

Halled Wood

Tuesday, 5 th.

Went to Versailes

[Page 120]

Wednesday, December 6 th, 1854.

Killed Hogs

Thursday, 7 th.

Went to Aurora Sold 2 hogs to W m Allen weighing 300 lbs at 4 cts per lb amounts to $12.00cts

Paid to Mr Mier $25 00cts [any] two pr

Due “ “ 22.00 cost $4.20

To $47.00 Daniels Child $5 00

Friday, 8 th.

Sold 2 hogs to Mr Miles

2 hogs weighing 270 lbs at $4 per hund amounting to $10,80cts

[Page 121]

Saturday, December 9 th, 1854.

halled Wood and went to meeting at Friendship

Sunday, 10 th.

Monday, 11 th.

Went to Aurora to Drive hogs

[Page 122]

Tuesday, December 12 th, 1854.

Drove hogs

Wednesday, 13 th.

Weighed hogs and Sold them to Danl Armel 14 hogs weighing 2930 lbs at $3.50cts per hund amounting to $102.55cts

Thursday, 14 th.

Finished geathering Corn

Settled up with Bosse and paid him $7,00

[Page 123]

Friday, December 15 th, 1854.

Went to Jonathan Coles

Paid to J F Licking $20.50cts

to Jonathan Cole 35.00

Saturday, 16 th.

Came home from Jonathan Coles and bought goods Amounting to $12.67cts and paid him $5.00

Paid to hannah Crandall up to this time for work $18.00

Since the 3 rd day of March 1854

Sunday, 17 th.

Mr W m Flemming Preached at Coles Chapel

[Page 124]

Monday, December 18 th, 1854.

Tuesday, 19 th.

Cleaned Some Wheat to take to Aurora

Wednesday, 20 th.

Went to Aurora with Some Wheat 19 bu and 10 lbs at $1.40cts per bus

[Page 125]

Thursday, December 21 st, 1854.

Friday, 22d.

halled wood

commenced getting Warm

Saturday, 23d. Warm

helped father clean oats and attended Township meeting and got five Dollars of Joseph Dews and paid to John Jarvis for Wilson Rickets for thras $4.20cts

[Page 126]

Sunday, December 24 th, 1854. warm

Monday, 25 th. Warm

made waggon Bolster

Tuesday, 26 th. Warm

Went to Thomas Wilson and Paid him $36 Due him in Six months $85,00cts and got A fifty Six Dollars Draft and ten Dollars in cash

[Page 127]

Wednesday, December 27 th, 1854. Warm

Worked on Mr Dews loom

Thursday, 28 th. Warm & rain

Worked on M r Dews loom

Friday, 29 th. Warm

Worked on M r Dews loom

[Page 128]

Saturday, December 30 th, 1854. Warm

Went to M r Lacocks and went to meeting

Sunday, 31 st. Warm

Went to meeting and came home from M r Lacocks – Just one year ago and that long will I remember for on that Day the nearest and Dearest Object of all that I ever knew on earth was taken from me to an inheritance that is incorruptible undefiled and that fadeth not a way that is some Satisfaction to reflect on yet my losses the same and there is no Joy nor comfort for me as there once was for to love and be loved in return as I loved her was a Joy to me unspeakable and full of Joy – last [page]

[Page 129]


Worked on Mr Dews barn And Shop

Amounted to $97.68cts

teaming 14,43

Pork 275 lbs at 4cts 11,00

Cash for Shingles 14,00

“ for Jonah 5,00

Mr A Lacock 6,25

Wheat 6,05

Allen for Sash 21,70

lumber 9 38

all amounting to $185,49

ballance 35 51

221 00

Joseph Dews Credit by cash

goods of J Chambers 84, 38 cts

Cash of Mrs Dews 5,00

“ “ Mr “ 5,00

“ “ “ “ 10,00

“ “ “ “ 39,00

“ “ “ “ 35 00

“ “ for Josiah 5 00


Settled up and paid all 125 00

but $34.89cts which is 221,00

in another [XXXX] 185,49


[Page 130]

When we reflect upon the absence of a friend that is gone for a season to return again we are lonesome at times because of their absence but what can be the feelings of a man or woman when the nearest and dearest friend that a man can have in this world yes nearer and Dearer than all the world beside is gone and never to return in the boddy in this world yet I think we can see them in our immagination watching over us and guiding our affections by their love for us in the ways of truth and Love so that we may Land where they have Landed and Live with them in Heaven together as we did here on earth will not that be a Joyful meeting in Heaven

[Page 131]

for I am satisfied that if I am so happy as to get to Heaven that I Shall know all my friends that have gone before me there and Love them there as much better as I Did here which reflection is all the comeforts I have here that is real to be satisfied that we was loved by an that the affections of our heart was placed upon is something that is pleasing to the feelings of the Loveing heart and to believe that if we are prepared to meet Death when it comes we Shall See and know and Love and enjoy each others company as Loveing friends and companions forever and forever in Heaven above was it not for this I Should to not know where to go or what to do

[Page 132]

Alas how changed is all from that sweet hour of Spring When first thy love for me was told and thou didst to me cling – Thou wast my nurse in Sickness and my comforter in health

So gentle and so constant when ours was love was all our Wealth

But now Thou art gone from me forever here

But I hope to live with the forever there

If it were not for our children’s sake I would not wish to stay

But would pray to God to let me pass a way

And be Joined to the in Heaven alon[ ]

Dearest Mercy

Written by me this the 1 st Day of January 1855

Dandridge E Kelsey

Was born Was Born March 27 th [1819]


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