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Samuel C. Pomeroy to Thaddeus Hyatt

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Leavenworth K.T. March 6th [1858] I send you my autograph on a picture we issue 5’-3’-& 10
Dear Hyatt
I have put up here at the Planters House for the night & the Sabbath. And seeing some foolscap paper in my Room, I thought I would Write you. I have been upon a run for 30 or 40 days, spending a few hours only at such places as Lawrence - Quindaro - here - Atchison & St. Jo --
I have got so I can see out of the severest financial struggle I ever knew. I determined never to surrender. And Thank God, I am nearly triumphant -- But the worst obstacles have been thrown in my way -- When there was no money to be had I undertook to start a Bank at Atchison, Which the Walkers had tried to start for 6 Months and could not - I associated with myself another man, who kindly consented to allow me the controll -- then as the Walkers had given out - they assigned & transferd books & papers of the Bank to us. We raised $26,300 - in specie - and got the Gov. by his agent to count it as the Charter required. Then, when the concern was ready to go into operation, the Legislature at Lawrence repealed the Charter!! I heard of it 3 days before their adjournmen. And by riding all night I got there in season to see them. I found them -- or such of them as were opposed to me - of easy virtue and ready to be seduced! So I got a Bill excepting our Bank from the provisions of their Act, repealing the Charter -- got it through Both Branches and got the Gov. Signature 4 hours before the Adjournment!!
After that struggle, I triumphed everywhere. The bankers & merchants here and all the Towns upon the River had an hour of rejoicing.

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All the Private Bankers here issue their notice tomorrow morning that they "take our currency same as Eastern Bank Bills, pay Gold - or sell Eastern Exchange for it - at one per cent." All the Towns take now our currency on prefference to any foreign paper - And I tell you it is sound to the core --
Your letter about the sale of lots & Squatter Sovereign - which I have not had time to consider yet, was all right except those fellows have not been able to pay anything.
But property is now beginning to look up. We shall have titles to our Townsite from the Genl. Government, during this month. Then I will make all consequences according to our written agreement, and put in both your name & your brothers --
If you cant come out, I wish you would write me what you think best about selling property, and about laying off a Town upon the opposite side of the River -- The 17th day of March the Rail Road from St. Joseph to Atchison will probably be let to the Contractors -- I have spent more than a month of my best energy to that object. And I tell you with some satisfaction, that I never yet failed!
Atchison now has the proudest position of any town in Kansas -- decidedly free State - and bent upon progress --
My choice is to sell off property enough this Spring and Summer to repay us for all the money we are out of pocket - that is, for all we have spent, then do what we chose with the balance --
I have just sold Two of my shares in Quindaro - one for 500- and 1 for 600 $- each --

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I am going to sell all out at Quindaro & every other place but Atchison. I have spent so much in getting things through to my mind that Im not going to come out rich, but Im going to triumph. And every body thinks I'm rich, so that will do. My word, My honor -- My integrity of character look more valuable to me than gold. I can look upon innocent poverty without contempt. But I cannot see - dethroned manhood! shipwrecked character - principles of integrity prostituted without loathing & abhorance!
Dont fret yourself about the Lecompton Constitution!! Kansas is as sure to freedom as Plymmouth Rock ! That Constitution and Government, if it passes Congress must come into our hands. It's as harmless there, as the Ten Commandments!!! I agree with you & H. Greeley in depicting the thing now as having horns & hoofs & a cloven foot! But let it go through Congress - (as I hope to God it will) Let the [xxxxx] last have one more crack. Let them show off their "plantation manners"! I tell you it will light the fires of freedom upon every altar in Christendom! There will be heard a reverberation of human hearts -- for Liberty, wherever the English language is red or spoken -- While that Instrument comes back to us - fall – [xxxx] of all its strength to do evil - into our hands - harmless to hurt. While it fans up among us, a united effort - like the breath of angels -- which securs to us - and to posterity forever - the heritage of freedom!!!
Kansas is safe to the free State Party, so don't spend any more time - strength or money about it --
The victory is one! Those dark houses - when your heart & mine - grew sad & heavy, were the hours of our deliverence ---

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If Greeley dines with you on a Sunday, tell him to cheer up - all these things he thinks are against us - But they are for us. The Millenium for the free labor interests of the Country will begin 1860!
But I must close - I have located 80 Acres each for 3 out of the 6 Warrants I had of Arney -- and the other 3 will soon be. I have sent the Deeds to be Recorded and when done - will send them to you - to be delivered to your friend Dr. R ------
I have also located the Ministers, but it came so late I could not get the very best. But Mr Stephens who located it says its very valuable now. Will write more of it when I see it.
With the kindest regards to yourself - family & friends
I am truly
S.C. Pomeroy

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