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Leavenworth County election proclaimation

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To the People of Leavenworth County:
We the undersigned, residents and citizens of said county actuated we hope by sentiments of patriotism, submit to the people for their considerations the following view respecting the issue before them, and call upon them, should it meet the approval of their deliberate judgment, to support at the coming election, for members of the Constitutional Convention, persons pledged to carry it out
We believe that every citizen who has been a resident of the Territory since the 1st day of April has the legal right to vote and that all, who have the power to influence the election of members of the Constitutional Convention, should use that power, and make themselves felt in that convention, directly or indirectly, in order that the voice of the

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people may resound in its deliberations
The only immediate issue now before us is “shall the constitution when framed be submitted to the people” We believe with Governor Walker that unless that constitution when framed be submitted to the then actual bona fide resident settlers of Kansas for their adoption or rejection, it will be and ought to be rejected by Congress”. – and further to that constitution there should be appended a schedule containing two separate conditional clauses, one sanctioning and the other prohibiting slavery, and that these propositions with the constitution should be submitted to the choice of the people without regard to registration, - thus carrying out

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the principle inunciated in the inaugural address of the President and of our Governor and conforming to the great fundamental doctrine of self-government, that the voice of the people is the voice of God.
The time between this and the day of election being too brief to permit the calling of a nominating convention, we have taken the responsibility, believing that we would be sustained therein by the sound judgment, and patriotism of the people, of presenting the names of the following citizens as candidates for the constitutional convention Silas Armstrong James Todd B H Mornbly? Benj. McCrary Hugh Ewing Geo. W Purkins Reece Paynter

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G. B. Reed Thos F. Scott Dr I. H. Day D A. N. Grover Jesse Connell These candidates are in favor of the policy above [xxx] forth and in call upon all who can rise superior to prejudice to come to their support
June 3, 1857 John A. Halderman W D Kelly W L Blair LaFayette Mills I G Humburg Geo. P. Johnston Sam Phillips Perry Keith C. C. Colman H. B. Callahan M. G. Fogarty John F. Richards N. Vincent S. W. Vincent I. B. Young C. H. Vincent G Vinson D L Henry I C Heiningray J B Davis I M Reed Jno Kerr Jno M Facklen G M [xxx] R R Gannan I M Taylor John Gill Spicey Wm H Grift Powell Clayton

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Hartford L. Clarke J. M. Alexander Wm L. Yohe Griffin Links P. B. Stanberry R [xxx] Wm P. Shockley John [xxx] Jack [xxx] N [Lionebrige?] Michael Kelly D D Ellmae Esq

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