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Andrew H. Reeder to John A. Halderman

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Washington Jan . 14. 1857
Dear Sir I wrote you from here in Dec and wrote you again a few days ago by Dr Eddy. I hope the letters came safe to hand. Today I have seen W. H. Russell of Leavenworth and had a long talk with him. He has made the arrangements in connection with Dr Eddy which he thinks will enable him to buy in the town He gave me the details which I need not repeat as he will make them known to you and he also explained how he expected to manage the Sales. He says that Dr Reef was informed that he would not be allowed to bid on any lots and that he was notified to leave the town. I was much pleased to learn from him that he did not now consider there was any danger of my lots being interfered with at the Sale I told him that I had employed you professionally to attend to my business there and that you had

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power to sell any of my lots and as I had heard from you it was possible you had sold. He advised me by all means not to sell now as prices are low compared to what they would be in the Spring I told him that my reason for authorizing you to sell was that I feared at that time difficulty in getting the title. He said there would be none and that he did not suppose you had sold any. He says that there will be about $40 per Share probably needed to meet the increased valuation and advised me to send you that amount which I will do. I explained to him that a Share standing on the books in the name of C. A. Williams really belonged to Bullitt & Fairthorne of Philada and that you were also the agent for them. I mentioned this because he had said the bids wd. be made in the name of the owners. He wished me to say to you that it would be necessary to have the names of the real owners on his list, as he was afraid he would forget that Williams did not own it. I mention it altho it is, probably unnecessary

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McClure from Pawnee who was at the Delaware Sales informs me that an intruder who had built a Shantee on one of my lots was forcibly expelled as he was told by a Committee of the citizens, and Russell mentioned the same thing. This I have no doubt I owe to your agency and feel duly grateful If urgent business in Easton in a week or two did not prevent it I should be tempted to come out with Russell. In conversation with him as to my houses in Leavenworth I spoke of the contract with Hook and stated where it was with my other papers. He said he thought he could get them for me and offered to make the effort. I assured him I would be much rejoiced if he would assist you in getting them and referred him to you for a list of the papers, which I once gave you imperfectly from recollection I really hope they may be had and Russell is so undoubtedly sound on the goose that he can afford to ask for them if you think but to have him do so. Of course I did not intimate to him in the least that such a

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thing as a Sale with privilege of repurchase had ever been thought of as I was careful to say or do nothing that could interfere in any way with what you might have done
Do you ever get any Rents and how far did Hook get with the two last houses? Do I own four or five houses in Leavenworth and what do they rent for? Both of my levee lots must have been occupied – one with a brick ding. The lease for the latter was made with Slocum and was I think in my lost package of papers. There must be rent due on that
I repeat that I leave all my matters in Leavenworth and out to your discretion and rely upon you
Very Truly and Sincerely Your friend And client A H. Reeder.
Confidential Gen Calhoun and Woodson hold there places by very [xxx] tenure and before long will be removed by this adm.

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