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W. F. M. Arny to Thaddeus Hyatt

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Letter From Rev. J. W. Fox
Report from Committee On Little Osage
Letter from I W Robinson Manhattan
Letter from E. F Williams Chase Co.
Report of Greenwood Township Greenwood County.
Slip = Where is public sympathy?

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No 3.=
Atchison Kansas. October 15th 1860
Brother Hyatt.
The following is the Third installment of your humble servant W. F M Arny
Copy of Letter from Rev. J. W. Fox. “Ridgeway K. T. Sept 19th 1860.
Thaddeus Hyatt Esqr.
Having noticed the statements of some persons in the Tribune & Independent in regard to the scarcity of provisions in which they say that there will be no real suffering or necessity for it = I gladly accept your invitation to give you a general description of facts in regard to Douglas, Shawnee and Osage Counties and to sustain the same by cases known to me near my own residence = Allow me to say that I have passed and repassed through the Counties named a number of times during the season = and have conversed with many of the best citizens in each. The drouth has been very severe in every part of these Counties I do not believe there will be an average yield of two bushels of Corn fit for table use per acre. Nor is there old corn enough to fat the Pork and bread the families past the month of Feby next Men regard it a very good bargain to sell their hogs at two cents a pound and

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are often willing to sell much less. A man not far from me sent to offer his entire lot of hogs at what I regard as some what less than one cent a pound. One of his neighbors made a present of 5 or 6 to a relative of mine because he had no corn to keep them and a few others during the winter much less to fat them. In addition I will say that I know families that will suffer long before spring unless aid is furnished. They are willing to work and would could they find those to employ them who are so fortunate as to be able to bread their families. I have often been requested to furnish work to men who did not know how to meet the wants of their families. One worthy and Christian man who came and asked work = and when told that I could not employ him offered to sell a part of his cows and even his woodlands to get means to meet his absolute want. Since that time he has been quite sick Has a large family. One of my neighbors offered to go 16 miles and draw two loads of sand for me for 4$ = and did so to get means to help himself - along. Other cases might be named

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where want stares them in the face. I know there must be much suffering ere another spring unless aid is furnished by those who have the good things of the earth beyond their own immediate wants.
Some of my neighbors who regarded themselves in quite good circumstances one year ago do not know how they are to live until another harvest One on each side of me of this class have earnestly considered the question whether they could leave their families and go into the states and work by the day to get means to supply their absolute wants. But I will not multiply cases. = Some few portions of our Territory may have been so favored with rain as to be secure from absolute want. But I know that the Counties named must be aided from abroad or many will starve.
Yours truly and with a deep interest in the noble work in which you are engaged” “J W Fox” Cong Minister”
Report from Committee on “Little Osage”
“From the best information that we can obtain there is in a District embracing this portion of Allen Anderson Bourbon & Linn Counties an area of over 400 square miles and 1200 inhabitants and but from 1000 to 1200 Bushels of old

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corn. There has been an entire failure of wheat the gardens the corn crop and grass = in fact the corn will not average three Bush to the acre. We are entirely destitute of seed wheat and a large portion of the inhabitants are entirely destitute of winter clothing and have no means of purchase
WM Platte James Hall Corbley Johnson }Committee N. T. Winans Xenia P. O. Bourbon Co.
Letter From Dr. I W Robinson Manhattan. Manhattan Oct 6.60
Hon Thaddeus Hyatt =
My Dear Sir your circular was received the other day and I together with other members of the committee went through our County and next week I am going through Clay and a portion of Davis. We have already heard from Wabonsa and Pottawatamie. There is much destitution in our County but our friends seeing so much required of your committee yourself and those who work with you feel as though they ought to take care of our own poor and at a meeting last night a certain sum was pledged and they passed a resolution that they would alleviate all the suffering in these upper Counties = We have had more rain than those Counties you represent but

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a minister or Physician can learn the real destitution of the people = to these they will open their hearts Oh I see suffering enough every day to make me sick = sick at heart. I have given my time now for two years charging about 2500$ a year but our farmers being now distressed I have not collected money enough to pay for my medicines and cannot I am willing to work for them all the time but I hope I can see some way out by which I can help myself through and do them all the good I can at the same time. I fear yet that some of our families will need help from the East if so I will have the matter properly reported. But we feel as though we ought to do all we can for ourselves before we apply to others for help. I have spent a day or two in writing letters East to the Tribune N.Y. Maine and N.H. papers. = sustaining you and representing the condition of things as they are. Some of our citizens have written letters East berating you, calling you speculator = Jew etc. etc. We have mean men still all over Kansas. But thousands upon thousands will rise up and call you blessed. Heaven will bless you. and good men will thank you everywhere for

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this timely aid. If I can do any thing more than I am doing please tell me about it and I will do it with alacrity.
“Your very obl servt” “J. W. Robinson”
remark Mr. Robinson is Secretary of State of Kansas under the Wyandotte Constitution
Letter from E. F. Williams Cottonwood Falls P. O. Dated “Hyatt. Oct 5 1860”
“Mr W F. M. Arny” I called here today to see you to learn whether we (the citizens of Diamond Creek Township Chase County K.T.) can get any provisions from you There are 25 families in our Town most of which have not provisions to last them one month They average 4 ½ persons to the family = We know not how we may get provisions to last us until we can grow some. We should be glad to get some provisions to pay for them within a year or so. I hope we may all be able to pay within that time.
“Very Respectfully” “E F. Williams” “Post office address Cottonwood Falls
Enclosed I send you letter from Greenwood County. A copy of which I have kept
Truly yours in The cause of humanity W.F.M. Arny

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The names of families and statement of individual wants in this Township = I have filed and send this original letter
Yours Arny
Kansas Territory Greenwood County Greenwood Township September the 22 1860
In persuiance of an invitation made by Thadius Hyatt Esqr. The People of Greenwood Township in Greenwood County K. T. this day met at the House of Thomas A Hill and organized by Appointing Jas M Todd Chairman and C B Bernurd Secretary. And after the object of the meeting was stated by the Chairman – The following Committy was appointed to investigate the wants of the people of Linn Township, namely, Anson Simons & C B Bernurd of Wolf Creek and Thomas A Hill and Wm H Stevens Esqr of Willow & West Creek, who in accordance with their duties proceded to investigate the condition and wants of the people of the above named Township. And after having done so makes the following report. That there is Twenty Nine familys composing One Hundred and Seventeen persons to subsist upon less than 85 Bushels Corn with but little else to subsist uppon. And that we found some of those families allready in a suffering condition, destitute of food or Clothing, That Their Children were giving tokens of hunger by their Erripressable Cries which no kind or soothing words could still. that Each

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Family is Contributing their little stock of provisions to the wants of the others but all will soon be Exosted, and that most of them is unable to get away, and that if relieaf is not speedily afforded the must evidently perish, and that those people would return at as Early a day as possible in kind or in money, what Ever the might receive from the hand of Benevolence, and that no Exertion should be spared upon their part to do so. The undersigned would therefore Earnestly request that if relieaf is to be given to the people of this Township that it comes in time to save us from the worst of deaths, that of Cold and Famine} as to seeds for the next coming season there will be time enough before it should be needed. The committy would respectfully request that those who has Cheared us with a hope of relief , would write to them and let them know when and how tis to come, Direct your Communication to the undersigned Committy at Burlington Post Office Coffe County Kansas Territory - - -
To the Honorable
Mr Pumroy sir I send you a stamp to rite me as soon as you Can if any thing can bee had for the poor in this part of Cansas rite me if you plees Burlington Coffe County Thomas A. Hill
Committy} Jos. M Todd Chairman C B Benard Secretary Anson Simons C. B. Benard Thos A. Hill Wm H Stephens Esqr

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