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Kansas State Central Committee record book

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H. Miles Moore Collection
Kansas State Central Committee
Record book, 1856-7.

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Records of the ?Kansas State Central Committee.?
Organized 3 rd July 1856. at Topeka.
H. Miles Moore

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Plan of Organization of the Kansas State Central Committee, organized at Topeka on the 3 rd and 4 th days of July A.D. 1856.
The Free State men of Kansas in mass convention assembled for the purpose of a closer union and a perfect understanding with each other in order to secure for ourselves and our children the blessings of free labor free speech and a free constitution and to avert the evils of slavery, do establish the following system of organization:
1 st. There shall be appointed by this Convention a State Central Committee to be composed of eleven members.
The officers of said Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Said Committee shall appoint from their number, an Executive Committee of three; a Finance Committee of Three of whom The Treasurer shall be one; a Committee of Corrispondence of whom the Secretary shall be one.
As soon as the said Committee shall be appointed; it shall be their duty to assume the management and controll of the Free State Party of Kansas, with a due deference to the advice of Committees hereinafter to be appointed and to

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known friends of the Free State cause so as to insure, first unanimity and concert of action and lastly success.
Said Committee shall proceed at once to appoint for every district in the Territory or State a District Committee to be composed of as many members as the circumstances of the case, and the nature of the locality may in their judgement seem to demand. Said
District Committee acting under such regulations as the State Central Committee shall from time to time direct and they shall have the immediate supervision and control of the interests and management of the Free State Party in their several localities.
They shall organize by the appointment of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, and shall from time to time or whenever required to do so, report to the Central Committee all matters touching the welfare of the great Free State Party of Kansas. They shall divide themselves into as many sub committees as there shall be townships or election precincts and each sub committee shall prepare as accurately as the case will admit, at least as often as once in each year, and that Sixty days before the annual election, a list of every member of the

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Free State Party residing in such District, and such list shall endorsed by the District Committee, and when all shall have been received from the various Precincts in the District, they shall be certified by the Chairman and secretary and sent to the Chairman of the Central Committee without delay.
The aforesaid Central Committee shall have full power to fill any vacancies that may occasion in their board, by death, resignation or otherwise, which vacancy shall be filled by the selection of some suitable person from the same district in which the vacancy may occur.
The members of this Committee shall one half of them hold their office for the term of one year and the remaining one half for Two years which division shall be determined by lot among themselves, when they shall first meet in full session, and ever afterwards from the first year they shall hold their office two years, one half being elected each successive year.
Said division shall not be so made as to remove all upon either the Executive, Financial or Corrisponding Committees at the close of the first year.
The appointment of said Committee

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shall hereafter be refered to the annual delegate Convention for the nomination of State officers.
Names of the Central Committee:
Dr. J. P. Root Wabousa
H. Miles Moore Leavenworth City
W m Hutchinson Lawrence
James Blood ?
Alfred Curtis Bloomington
Geo. S Hilyer Grass Hopper Falls
Dr S. E Martin Topeka
Thos. J Addis, Bloom, P.O. Lawrence
Geo. T Donaldson ? Leavenworth City
S. V. Jameson Wathena ? Bryants Don, Co
Aaron Dow ? Allens
J.M. Winchell Council City
S.B. M cKenzie Manhattan

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Proceedings of the ?Kansas State Central Committee.
Committee met July 4 th 1856 at Topeka
Meeting called To order by appointing W m Hutchinson Chairman Pro Tem.
On motion of H. Miles Moore The Committee proceeded to the election of Permanent officers of the Committee.
On motion of Mr Blood Dr J. P. Root was unanimously elected Chairman of said Committee.
On motion of Mr Curtis H. Miles Moore was unanimously elected Secretary.
On motion of Mr. Moore William Hutchinson was unanimously elected Treasurer
On motion The Committee proceeded to the election of the several committees as provided for by the Plan of organization
The following named gentlemen were duly elected members of the ?Executive Committee.? Jas. Blood, Geo. S. Hilyer and Dr S.E. Martin
Members of the financial Committee
Thos. J. Addis W m Hutchinson and Alfred Curtis.
Members of the Committee on Corrispondence, H. Miles Moore, J.M. Winchell and S.V. Jameson.

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On motion of Mr Blood.
Resolved, That the Committee proceed to appoint the ?District Committees? as provided for by the Plan of Organization so far as they are able at the present meeting, to be completed at their next regular meeting.
The following named gentlemen were on motion duly appointed members of the several District Committees.
1 st District
S. B. Prentiss Sam'l. N. Hartwell )
) Lawrence P.O.
Jonas Colburn )
E. B. Purdom Franklin J.B. Abbott ? ?
2 nd District
H. L. Baldwin )
Harrison Burson ) Bloomington P.O.
August Wattles )
3 rd District
William Simmerwell Brownsville P.O.
W. R. Frost Big Springs Tecumpseh ?
Henry Waters )
) Topeka
E. R. Moffitt )
4 th District
Capt. S. T. Shore Prairie City or Palmyria
Dr. Westfall Palmyria or P. City
Perry Fuller Centropolis

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5 th District.
James M Arthur ) Centerville
Dr Gilpatrick ) Pottawattamie
Jas. J. Holbrook ) Osawatamie
W m Vail ) Neosho
Dr W. W. Updegraff )
) Sugar Creek
[Raum] atty at law )
6 th District
Jehial D Humphry )
Ira Hadley ) Allens P.O.
Benj. Wright )
P.C. Scuyler )
Geo. Drew )
Able Polly ) Council City
Ino Hamilton Fort Scott
7 th District
Capt. Woodruff Manhattan
Mr I. T. Goodno ?
Dr J. D. Adams Rock Creek
Abraham Barry
8 th District
Capt W m Mitchell [Wabanson]
Josiah H Pillsbarry Wabonsa
Ino. H. Nesbit P.M. ?
H. M Selden ?
Dr Teed Ashland
Richard Murphy Indianola
Hon. Jos M Cole ?
Jas. B Weston
9 th District
Col. Geo. A Reppert )
) Grass Hopper Falls
E. P. Lynde )
Vincent Zeiler )
E. D. Cohee ) Pleasant Hill
E. Bainter )

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10 th District
John Whitaker Doniphan
A. Larzelere Bryans P.O Doniphan Co
B.H. Brock
S. R. Baldwin Highland ? ?
Capt Payden forward
W m Bayliss ?
Chas. Wakeman Palermo ? ?
William Bealer Iowa Point ? ?
Mr Searl Wolf River forward to Baldwin
11 th District
Caleb May )
S. I. H. Snyder ) Ocena
W. F Barnett )
J. B. Crane
12 th District
David Brown
H. I. Adams
W m Pennock
Abalaird Guthrie
13 th District

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14 th District
15 th District
16 th District
David Brown
17 th District
18 th District

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On motion of Dr Martin.
Resolved, That the Secretary be instructed to open a corrispondence with the Diferent Aid Societies in the Free States, and with the newspapers, generally friendly to our cause, and also with known friends of Freedom for Kansas, as in his discretion he may deem adviseable.
On motion of Mr Hutchinson
Resolved, That the Sect, be empowered to procure what printing may be necessary for the Board from time to time and present his Bill to the Finance Committee for Settlement.
On motion of Mr Blood,
Resolved, That The Secretary be authorized to procure a Record Book, and also to procure the necessary stationary & a copying Press for his own & the Board's use, and present his bill to the Finance Committee for settlement.
On motion of Mr Blood,
Resolved, That The Secretary be instructed to procure the original papers & all of the proceedings of the Convention held at Topeka on the 3 rd and 4 th of July [inst.], from the Sect, of said Convention, & keep them on file in his office.

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On motion of Mr Hutchinson.
Resolved, That The Blank in the Resolution passed by the Convention to day for the purpose of establishing an agency in some city to ascertain as far as possible The amount of money raised by our friends in the diferent States, to advance the cause of Freedom in Kansas, by whom subscribed and to whom paid &c, &c, be filled with the name of the City of ? Chicago?. And the blank for the name of the Agent be filled with the name of C. B. Waite Esq. of said city.
On motion of Mr. Blood,
Resolved, That the Secretary send The Copies of the ?Memorial to Congress to the Members of the Legislature and others in his discretion in diferent parts of the Territory to procure signatures thereto, with proper instructions, that when duly signed they be returned to him, to be, by him forwarded in one [illegible] petition to Congress.
On motion of Mr Blood; Resolved, That this Board do now adjourn to meet at Topeka on the 23 rd of July [Inst],
Joseph P Root Pres
H. Miles Moore Sect,

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Topeka, 23 rd July 1856
Convention met pursuant to adjournment
Present Chairman, Sect, Messrs Hutchinson Blood, Hilyer Jameson & Dr Martin, proceedings of last meeting read & approved.
Sect. Presented Bill of S. Norton for Stationary for use of Com, for $7,10 also Bill of Davis & Currier for copying press Expenses &c. $18.05 & both on motion passed for payment & orders drawn on Treasurer for amts.
Dr Martin, presented letter from Mr Edmund Fish of Council City enclosing an ?Appeal of Kansas to the Voters of the Free States?, as prepared by a committee appointed for that purpose, by the Convention on the 3 rd & 4 th days of July last, Said Letter & Appeal Re cd. by the Board & on motion of Mr Hutchinson, Resolved, That the Sect, procure 2,000 copies of said appeal to be printed for Distribution by the members of this Committee.
On motion of Mr Hutchinson, Resolved, That this Committee adopt the Senatorial order of Districting the Territory or State using twelve Districts in our appointment of local Committees & for future elections.
Sect. presented Bill of ?Kansas Tribune office? for Printing for Com, to date amt of Bill $11.00 on motion passed for Payment & order drawn on Treasurer for amt.
Also Bill of Mr Nichols for Board of Judge Curtis & some extra meals furnished to persons on 3 rd & 4 th [Inst.] on motion refered to Com, on Finance for adjustment.
On Motion of Mr Hilyer, Resolved, That the Treasurer of this Committee be required to give a Bond with sufficient Securities for the amount of [$25,000] to be increased whenever the monies in his hands shall exceed two thirds the amount of said Bond. The Bond to be approved by the Chairman.
On Motion of the Sect, Resolved, That the Credentials of this Committee be given to Cyrus F Currier Esq. Of Leavenworth City as a Traveling Agent for Kansas.
On motion of Mr. Hutchinson The following form was adopted as Credentials to be given to Traveling Agents in all cases.
?To The Friends of Free Kansas in the Free States?
?This Certifies that the Bearer Mr?
?is delegated by the Kansas?
?State Central Committee to speak and?
?act in our behalf wherever he may go, and?
?we regard him fully competent to represent?
?our affairs impartially, and we bespeak?
?for him a candid hearing, hoping the?
?benefits arising from the same will be?
?mutual and well merited. He has re-?
?ceived no aid from our hands and we?
?expect he will be supported by those he visits,?
?but that your general Donations for Kansas?
?will be controlled by your local Committees?
?who can obtain through him all necessary?
?information as to its future direction.?
On motion the Committee adjourned to to

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morrow at 8. a. m.
Topeka 24 th July 1856
Convention met pursuant to adjournment. Board of yesterday present.
On Motion of Mr Hilyer, Resolved, That the Chairman of this Committee be declared ex officio a member of the Executive, Financial and Corrisponding Committees.
On Motion of Mr Hilyer, The Chairman was called on, as one of the committee appointed by the Convention of the 3 rd & 4 th [Insts] to examine & lay out a Road from Topeka to Nebraska City N.T. to make a report, which he did Verbally as follows, in Substance.
That Mr. A.A. Jameson & himself on behalf of the other members of said Committee, had just returned from an Exploration & examination of the Road proposed to be laid out, and they pronounced the plan a very feasible & proper one, That a good Waggon Road could be made between the said points at a cost of about $3,000 The distance being not far from 135 miles, through a good country & a sufficient supply of water, And he recommended the immediate appropriation of $500. by this Committee, for the commencement of the work. In consideration of the above recommendation by the Chairman. The following Resolution was on motion of Dr Blood adopted.
Resolved, That the sum of $500. be & is hereby appropriated for said Work, by this committee out of any monies in the hands of the Treasurer not otherwise appropriated,

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To be expended under the direction & supervision of the Chairman of this Committee and Mr A.A. Jameson.
On motion of Mr Hutchinson, Resolved, That one or more Agents be appointed at the Northern end of the Route of the Proposed Road from Topeka to Nebraska, to give the necessary information to immigrants, and that this Committee pay the necessary expenses of said agent or agents.
On Motion of Dr Martin, Resolved, That Mr A. A. Jameson be appointed by this committee as a suitable person to be stationed at the northern end of the Route refered to in the last Resolution.
On Motion of Dr Martin, Resolved, That a locating agent be appointed by the Executive Committee as in their discretion they may determine.
On motion of Mr Blood, Gen. C. W.Topliff was called before the Committee to give any information he might have with reference to to the military organization in The Territory.
On Motion of the Sect, Resolved, That the Treasurer be instructed by this committee to issue any provisions from time to time that may be in his possession as such Treasurer to Capt. Abbott's ?Wakarusa Company? or any companies or Free State Settlers that may be in need, as in his discretion he shall deem adviseable, Taking therefore a receipt

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in the name of this Committee.
On motion of Mr Jameson, Resolved, That this Committee borrow one hundred Dollars on their Joint liability, for immediate use to be given into the hands of Gen Topliffe to be used by him in sending a company to explore the upper section of the Territory as in his discretion may be deemed advisable.
On Motion of Mr Hilyer Resolved, That the Governor be requested to fill the vacances in the military Department of the state, as provided for by the constitution.
On Motion of Mr Hutchinson, Resolved, That Mr. C.F. Currier, be requested & fully authorized, to proceed immediately on behalf of this Committee, to Chicago & other places to represent our interest in a pecuniary point of view & otherwise.
On motion of Mr Hutchinson Resolved, That this Board do now adjourn to meet at Topeka on the 20 th of August next.
H. Miles Moore Sect,

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Topeka 20 th August 1856
Kansas State Cent. Committee met pursuant to adjoument. Present Chairman Dr Root, Addis Curtis, Hilyer, Donaldon & Dr Martin
No quorum being present owing to the dificulties in the State. The Committee on motion adjourned to meet at Lawrence on Teusday 26 th Inst.
A. Curtis Sect, Pro tem
Lawrence 26 th August 1856
Committee pursuant to adjournment.
Present, Secretary Moore, Blood, Hutchinson Curtis Addis, Donaldson & Hilyer.
The President being absent on the Motion of Col J Blood. Mr Addis was called to the chair.
The Finance Committee desiring to meet on motion The Committee adjourned to meet tomorrow at nine o'clock A.M.
H. Miles Moore Sect,
Thos. J. Addis Presdt
Pro, Tem
Lawrence 27 th August 1857
Committee met pursuant to Adjournment, minutes of two last meetings read and approved Present Thos. J Addis Presdt Pro tem Moore Sect, Blood, Hutchinson, Curtis, Donaldson & Hilyer.
The Finance Committee through their Chairman presented the following Bills agst. The committee which on motion were allowed & Sect, directed to draw orders on the Treasuer for the amounts.
D. Aikens Bill for groceries & provisions men furnished $27.55
H Burson ? ? Beff &c 3.00
E. Chapman ? 24.00
Allen & Gordon ? Provisions & groceries &c ? ? 38.35
I.W. Ackley ? for use of team 12.00
A. A Faxon ? ? beef &c 30.00

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Capt. Sarcoxie Delaware chief, Provisions furnished 11.00
A.A. Faxon for Team to Ossowattamie 4 days at 4$ per day 16.00
Mrs J. Speer ? Poney for Capt Cook 11 days at 1$ ? ? 11.00
E.S. Jewett ? horse to go to Nebraska 19.00
W m Jessee ? board of men en route to Washington Creek Camp 22.40
G W & W Hutchinson for Groceries, Merch. &c for [military
purposes] and charitable purposes 93.61
On motion of Col. Blood The Treasurer made a Report showing a balance in the Treasury after paying the bills this day audited of $184.41 The amount of the bills above refered to as audited $307.41.
On Motion of Mr Curtis, Resolved, That each member of this committee be empowered to administer an oath oath or affirmation to each person presenting an a/c against this committee.
On Motion Committee adj `til tomorrow at 9 o'clock am
H. Miles Moore,
Thos J. Addis,
Presdt. Pro, Tem.
Lawrence 28 th August 1856
Committee met at 9. a.m. pursuant to adjournment. Present same members as yesterday.
Finance Committee Presented Account of J. Blood for provisions & munitions furnished men at Diferent Times account allowed & ordered Pd. For. $80.57.
On Motion of Mr Hilyer Resolved, That the members of this Committee be allowed the sum of Three Dollars per day each, for their attendance during the days the committee is in session & the additional sum of Three Dollars for every Twenty miles travel going to & returning from the place of meeting.
On Motion of Mr Hutchinson Resolved, That This Committee do issue a Commission to Col. Jas. H Lane as Commander in Chief of all Enrolled Forces

Page 21

of Kansas Volunteers.
On Motion of Mr Hutchinson Resolved, That This Committee do forthwith order a delegate Convention to be held at Topeka on the 25 th day of September next, to nominate Presidential Electors, and to consider any other business that may properly pertain to the present affairs of Kansas. Each Representative District to be allowed one half the even number of their members in the Legislature adding one for each odd member.
On Motion of Mr Hutchinson Resolved, That The Secretary be instructed to procure a Blank ?Order Book? for Drawing orders on the Treasure in favor of those to whom accounts agst the Com. are allowed.
On Motion of Mr Hutchinson Resolved, That The Chairman appoint a committee of Three to Confer with The National Committee.
On Motion of Sect, Meeting adjourned to meet at Topeka on 24 th Sept, next at 1. P.M.
H. Miles Moore
Thos. J. Addis
Presd. Pro. Tem

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Topeka Wednesday the 25 th of Sept.
Kansas Central Committee met and were called to order by Tho. J Addis, Chairman protem and there being no quorum, present, after some general business they adjourned to meet the next morning when the Committee on Finance held a session and approved the following bills
Allen & Conwell $4.80
Wm McKinney 12.40
E.H. Penfield [75.37]
Capt. Checoxie 3.00
A Allen 243.00
Gordon & Bro. 33.66
The above Bills were approved in full session when they adjourned to meet at Lawrence on Wednesday the 8 th of October
T.J. Addis
Chm pro tem
W m Hutchinson
Sec Protem
Lawrence Wednesday Oct 8 1856
Committee met pursuant to adjournment and were called to order by the Chm protem. and Wm Hutchinson was chosen Secry protem. Mr Montgomery of Little Sugar Creek Settlement came before the Committee and made a Statement of the wrongs inflicted upon himself and neighbors by the Missourians.
On Motion of Mr Winchell voted that Mr Blood be requested to furnish said Montgomery with a Sharps Rifle now left in his

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charge, said rifle to be replaced by the Committee if they get any; if not Mr Winchell becoming responsible to replace it.
Mr Winchell then made a full statement concerning the arms recently brought into Kansas by Messrs Higginson & Redpath, showing that all of their arms entrusted to him by the National Committee, were ordered to be placed at once into the hands of the Kansas Central Committee, but that more than half of the same were distributed before they were thus delivered.
On motion of Mr Blood, voted that the Committee appoint three appraisers to appraise all the personal property coming from the National Committee for the benefit of Kansas sufferers, and that the said property be afterwards advertised and sold at Auction at the appraised value or more
Amended to appoint two such Boards, one at Lawrence one at Topeka.
Appointed at Topeka Messrs Geo Wood, -- Jordan and Amos Tross
At Lawrence S B Prentiss, N.S. Storrs and J. S. Crane.
Mr. C. H. Carpenter Otter Creek appeared and gave a very affecting account of the suffering and destitution of his neighbors, when on motion of Mr Winchell, voted that Mr Blood be requested to deliver for said Carpenter and his neighbors, five sacks of flour for their support.

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Adjourned to seven o'clock P.M. to give the Finance Committee time to set.
On assembling Thursday morning the following Report of the Committee on Finance was received and approved.
J.W. Worey for shot 2.20
G. H. Woods for Beef 7.00
S.E. Martin for Medicine [30.00]
Amos Trott for Teaming &c 34.54
G.W. & W. Hutchinson & Co for Sundries $69.03
J.J. Harrington for Teaming 6.00
H. Nichols for sundries $242.25
J. Blood ? ? 17.75
A. W. Cole ? Cash 10.00
Voted that the Secy. prepare a letter for Col. Blood to carry to the National Committee at Chicago, setting forth the errors of the past the necessities of the future.
The following Resolutions were presented by Mr Winchell, and after discussion were unanimously adopted.
Resolved That the Secretary be instructed to make a public request through the principal newspapers of the East, that all parties having given pecuniary aid to Kansas shall report the amounts and the names of the receiving parties to C. B. White of Chicago at their earliest convenience.
Resolved, That the Secretary prepare a written communication to the National Committee to be sent by Col. Blood, setting forth the embarrassments of the Central Committee the necessity of co-operation and the evil resulting thus far from a want of such co-operation including a brief

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Statement of the movements of Messrs. Higginson & Redpath.
Resolved, That it is important that this Committee should immediately devise and thoroughly execute some plan calculated to secure money and other contributions from the East, as well to satisfy demands already existing, as to provide against suffering among the people during the coming Winter.
Resolved That, all former Committees and parties having claims, be requested to report to this Committee all unsettled business connected with the finances of the Free State cause, and that the Secretary make and keep a careful record of the same for use.
Voted that Dr. S. E. Martin be instructed to make all necessary arrangements for selling at Auction whatever property may be at Topeka on the 16 th [inst.] At the time of the Convention, belonging to the Committee.
Adjourned to meet at Topeka on Wednesday the 15 th [inst.]
T. J. Addis
Chm. Protem
Wm Hutchinson
Secy protem.

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Topeka Oct 15 1856.
Committee met on Wednesday evening agreeably to adjourment. called to order by Chairman protem and were favored with an interview with A.H. Shurtleff Esq. formerly agent of the New York Bible Society. He had come to Kansas for information in regard to our physical wants and presented to the Committee a series of inquiries in writing, to which he solicited written answers; to carry to his Eastern friends and furnish items for his lectures. Without doing further business, they requested the Secy. to answer the inquiries of Mr. Shurtleff, and adjourned to Thursday morning.
They were called to order Thursday morning by Chairman protem. When Gen. Pomeroy and others lately from the East, gave some information in regard to the general feeling in the states, relative to Kansas
The property belonging to the Committee then in town was sold during the day vis:
Two yoke of oxen and one horse. Horse purchased by H.S. Hillyer for 80.00
One yoke of oxen by Amos Trott for [$66.00] and one yoke by Dr Penfield for 73.50
In the evening an interview was held with F. M. Arney Esqr. Of Chicago General Agent of the National Kansas Committee, who had come here to produce a more perfect co-operation between the Committees He called for certain changes in the organization here which unless granted, would compel him to appoint a board of officers or Trustees, independent of the Central Committee who would become their disbursing medium. He complained of being unable heretofore to learn our position or

Page 28

to act in harmony with us, and for the first time learned the details of our organization, with which he seemed favorably impressed.
By his suggestion, the Committee adjourned to meet at Lawrence on Saturday the 18 th of October when he proposed to recommend a plan of organization.
S. J. Addis
Chm. Protem
Wm Hutchinson
Secy Protem
Lawrence, Oct 18, 1856
Agreeably to adjournment, the Committee met at Lawrence on Saturday the 18 th [inst] and were called to order by the Chairman protem.
Mr Arny of Chicago appeared and gave an general expose of the plan of organization urged by the National Committee for which he claimed to speak. . He assumed full discretionary power and produced attested evidence that he was thus empowered by said Committee. He proposed the addition of two new members, who, together with one present member should constitute the Executive Committee. He also proposed a change in the present Board of Officers, and gave reasons indicating a necessity for such change. The afternoon was consumed in debating the expediency of such changes, especially in the office of treasurer.
Adjourned one hour.
In the evening, the same subject

Page 29

was resumed. When Mr Hutchinson, prefacing by a few remarks, offered his resignation as Treasurer, of the Committee, whereupon the following was offered by Mr Winchell.
Resolved That we accept with great regret the resignation of Wm Hutchinson Esqr as Treasurer of this Committee, and proceed to elect a successor The resolution was adopted, and James Blood Esqr was unanimously elected to fill the vacancy.
The following resolution was adopted after discussion.
Resolved That the present and indefinite absence of Mr [Miles] Moore Esqr Secretary of this Committee and the great pressure of business in that department render it necessary that a successor should be appointed, and his office is for those reasons declared vacant.
On motion voted that Mr Hutchinson be elected permanent Secretary to fill the vacancy.
Tho. J. Addis and A. Curtis both offered their resignations as members of the Finance Committee and A. Curtis was immediately re-elected to fill one of the vacancies.
On motion of J M Winchell voted that the Secretary be elected member of the Finance Committee.
On motion, voted that S. T. Jameson be expelled from this Committee in consequence of well-authenticated charges made against him.
Statements were made against Dr Root Chairman of Committee, by Messrs. Arny, Eldridge and others, of a character tending to impair the confidence due such a position when Mr Winchell offered the following.

Page 30

Resolved, That in consequence of statements referred by the National Kansas Committee and others against Dr J. P. Root, Chairman of this Committee, and with a view to a more thorough co-operation with the National Committee, and to create more perfect confidence throughout the Union, the Office of Chairman of this Committee is hereby declared vacant.
Resolved, That we now proceed to elect by ballot a permanent Chairman of this Committee. They were unanimously adopted and as unanimously was Dr. S. M. Martin elected Chairman of this Committee.
The following persons were appointed District Committees for the vicinity of Council City vis: Abel Pulley, P.C. Schuyler, and A.M. Wurlburt.
Capt. Saml Anderson was appointed a member of the District Committee on the North Pottawatomie Fork.
Voted, that five members shall in future constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
Voted that S.W. Eldridge become the general business Agent of this Committee and that he be paid a reasonable salary for his services.
Mr. Arny requesting further conference on motion voted to adjourn to 8 o'clock A.M. on Monday the 20 th.
S.E. Martin
Wm Hutchinson

Page 31

Lawrence Oct 20. 1856.
Called to order by Chairman. A statement of our relation with the National Committee [xxx] ordered to be made, embracing such other facts as we choose to communicate to the people of the States to be signed by all the members.
On motion, voted that R. [Morris], Esqr be the special agent of this committee to transact such business at [Nebraska] City as may be mentioned in his instructions.
Mr Arny passed to the hands of the Secretary an invoice of Groceries, Rifles, &c. purchased of Simmons & Leadbeater, with an order for their delivery to R. Morrow and subject to the order of this Committee.
Received of Mr Arny, one thousand dollars, for which the following receipt was given.
Lawrence Oct. 20, 1856
Received of W. F. M. Arny the sum of One thousand Dollars to be appropriated for provisions, medicine, &c. for the immediate relief of the sufferers in Kansas.
Wm. Hutchinson
Treas. Protem.
Mr. Arny then gave the following order.
Messrs. Davis & Curier or their agents at Leavenworth City K.T. Will deliver to the Kansas Central Committee or their authorized agents all goods and articles which may arrive to their care directed [*see note below] and oblige
Respectfully yours
R.F.M. Arny
Gen. Agt. National K. Com.
Lawrence, KT
Oct 20 th 1856
* NOTE: On the line above, following the word ?directed? is a triangle containing the letters FM or EM

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On motion of Mr Hutchinson, voted that the office of Chairman of the Executive Committee occupied by James Blood be declared vacant.
On motion voted that J.M. Winchell be elected to fill the vacancy.
On motion voted that T.J. Addis be appointed member protem of the Finance Committee.
The subject of old claims came up and Mr Arny stated that the National Committee had passed a resolution to not recognize any claims of indebtedness prior to their appointments and recommended that we adhere to the same rule.
Adjourned to afternoon.
Called to order by the Chairman when S.W. Eldridge, Agent of the National Committee transferred to our hands money for which the following receipt was given.
Received Lawrence Oct 20 1856 of S.W. Eldridge Two Thousand Dollars to be appropriated for aiding the sufferers in Kansas.
Wm Hutchinson
Treas. Protem.
On motion, voted to deliver to Capt Anderson for himself and his company, four revolvers, taking receipt for same, making them subject to the order of this committee
Voted, That Harry E. McKee have a [revolver] within the same rules.
Voted that Newton Woodward of Bloomington have a revolver within the rules.
Voted that the Executive Committee

Page 33

distribute 5 revolvers in Lawrence within the rules.
Voted, that 3 revolvers be distributed by Mr Addis in Franklin within the rules.
Voted that 5 Revolvers be distributed in Council City by Mr Winchill within the rules
Voted that 4 Revolvers be distributed in Bloomington by A Curtis within the rules
Voted that Mr Eldridge be permitted to sell one horse to Mr Shurtleff for all he can get
Adjourned to 8 o'clock A.M. tomorrow morning
Tuesday Oct 21, 1856
Committee called to order by the Chairman.
Voted to take charge of the Clothing brought by Col. Edridge and give receipt for the same
Correspondence received and read from Mr Webster member of the National K Com. And J.P. Root when on motion the Secretary was directed to reply to Mr Webster, stating that the relation of our committee to theirs is such, as to render it impracticable to send vouchers for all expenditures to their Committee.
Voted on motion, that this Committee request Dr Martin to pay $20.00 for sending Widow [B -----] to St. Louis out of the Widow's charity fund sent for Topeka, said amount to be repaid by this Committee if [illegible] Mr Griffith should object to such appropriation
Voted that this Committee pay $10.00 to G. M. Hutchinson to replace said amount paid by him to send a young man to Nebraska.

Page 34

On motion of Mr Hutchinson voted that one load of provisions or the value of one load be forwarded as soon as practicable to one of our Committee or an authorized person, in each District, to be distributed among the suffering under the direction of such Agent.
Voted that six revolvers be distributed North of the Kansas River by Mr Hilyer under the rules
On motion of Mr Winchell, voted that any agents in the employ of this Committee having property in charge, be directed to order all payments made for such property to be made to the Treasurer when practicable.
Voted, that Mr Morrow be dispatched immediately to Nebraska City and that the Executive Committee furnish him with written instructions
Voted that Col Eldridge be requested to notify the Appraisers to meet at 1 o'clock today to appraise the property on hand.
On motion voted that a public Sale of the property be held in Lawrence on Wednesday, the 29 th [inst] and that the Sec get printed 100 posters for the same.
On motion voted that an even exchange be made of a Colts revolver for a Sharps Rifle No 168.68 with John Mack.
Adjourned to half past 1 P.M.
In the afternoon, after providing for services to date, it was voted that Mr Curtis be instructed to canvass the 5 th District, to ascertain the wants of the people and make

Page 35

arrangements for the distribution of aid.
Geo. S. Hillyer was appointed to visit the 9 th 10 th 11 th and 12 th districts for the same object
The board of Appraisers reported the result of their appraisals of Horses, Wagons &c.
Adjourned to meet at Topeka on Tuesday, Nov. 4
S.E. Martin
Wm Hutchinson
Topeka Nov. 4 1856.
Committee met according to adjournment, called to order by the Chairman when A. Curtis was elected Secretary protem.
Members present, Dr S.E. Martin, T.J. Addis, Aaron Dow, G.S. Hillyer, A Curtis
Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
On motion all accounts audited and approved by the Finance Committee be approved by this Committee.
Resolved That an agent be appointed to proceed immediately to purchase and deliver at the City of Leavenworth, not to exceed ten Thousand Dollars worth of provisions.
Col. S.W. Eldridge was appointed said agent.
Resolved That Dr S.E. Martin be instructed to provide for the Emigrants now in the town of Topeka and the suffering inhabitants of his District.
On motion adjourned to 8 AM tomorrow.

Page 36

Nov 5. Wednesday
Committee met called to order by the Chair
Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
Mr Fennimore of [Nosho] appeared and offered a resolution passed at a meeting of the citizens of [Nosho], as follows
Resolved, That in consequence of our present representative T J. Addis being a nonresident of our district and therefore disqualified to represent us in the Kansas Central Committee we, at a meeting of Free State Settlers of the Neosho Valley pray the Committee to release said T.J. Addis from the further duties of said office and to recognize [ ] as his Successor. Adopted unanimously.
Resolved That we proceed to fill the blank in the above resolution. Adopted.
The meeting then proceeded to ballot to fill the blank. H Smith received 3 votes D.A. Hawkins, 7; and Mr Fennimore 13. The meeting then proceeded by a rising vote to declare M Fennimore unanimously elected a member of the Kansas Central Committee, subject to the action of said Committee.
Mr Fennimore Secretary
(A true Copy, of report)
On motion, Tho J Addis, was excused from any further duties as a member of this Committee, and M Fennimore was received as the member to represent said fifth District.
On motion, Dr. Martin is instructed to

Page 37

deliver to the Brownville Company 30 muskets that are now in Topeka
Resolved That the Treasurer be instructed to let G.S. Hillyer have a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars for the purpose of establishing a Depot for clothing provisions &c at Grasshopper Falls.
Resolved That A. Curtis be instructed to proceed and complete the organizing of the fifth District.
On motion, voted that this Committee adjurn to meet at Lawrence on the 18 th [inst.]
S.E. Martin,
A. Curtis
Secretary, protem
Lawrence Nov. 18, 1856
Committee met and were called to order by the Chairman. Minutes read and approved.
Present Messrs. Martin Curtis Winchell Hutchinson Root. Blood & Fennimore.
Mr. Tho. H McCulluch appeared with his credentials as member of the Central Committee from the 9 th District When on motion voted that he be received as member from Burr Oak in 9 th District.
Mr. Curtis made a statement relative to difficulties in Sugar Creek in the 5 th District. He said more than 1000 acres of corn planted last spring were deserted by free State men and destroyed by the

Page 38

Missouri ruffians.
Mr Arthur he said was here to represent that facts from that county, and he called for arms for 8 or 10 men, hoping with that number to be able to withstand the opposition from Missouri
Voted that Messrs Curtis, Hutchinson and Fennimore be a Committee to act upon the request of Mr Arthur.
Mr Hyatt of N.Y., the President of the National Kansas Committee being present, he was invited to present any matters of public interest, he might deem proper.
Dr Root called for a statement of the charges brought against him on a former meeting. A desultory debate followed, giving all the points that could be recollected, upon which charges had been made. Finally on motion of Mr Winchell, voted that the Secretary furnish in writing on request of Dr Root, the substance of the charges made against him.
On motion voted that Messrs Blood McCulluch and Curtis be an Investigating Committee to take into consideration the case of Dr Root and report at their earliest convenience.
Voted to adjourn to meet at the Schoolroom tomorrow at 8 ? o'clock AM.
S.E. Martin
Wm Hutchinson

Page 39

Lawrence Wednesday Nov 19 1856
Committee called to order by Chairman
Minutes read and approved.
Present Messrs Curtis Root, Martin Winchell Hutchinson McCulluch and Fennimore
Committee on case of Mr Arthur reported that they recommend the Committee to loan Mr Arthur eight Colts Navy Revolvers and eight such other arms as they may have on hand to be returned on order of this Committee or on order of Capt Brown.
On motion of Dr Root voted that a Committee of two be appointed to visit the prisoners at Tecumseh and Lecompton, and ascertain their present needs and that the invitation be extended to Mr Hyatt to visit with them; and that said Committee be instructed to draw immediately for such articles as they recommend. Messrs Eldridge and Morrow were thus appointed.
Mr Curtis gave his report of his trip to 5 th District for organizing sub-committees &c. He had appointed as Disbursing Agent Mr Frankinberger of Upper Pottawatomie Mr Canon of Sugar Mound on Sugar Creek Rev S L Adair of Osawatomie.
His report in detail with the instructions he had given to these Agents was accepted and adopted.
Mr Addis being present, privilege was given him to state in his own behalf, why he should not be released from further duties with this Committee.
Adjourned one hour

Page 40

Wednesday, Afternoon.
Present in the Chair. The case of Mr Addis was called up and after a full discussion, the vote was taken upon sustaining the action of the Committee at Topeka in releasing Mr Addis from further duties and admitting Mr Fennimore, and carried.
Mr Addis demurred to being dismissed from the Committee without a charge duly brought against him, but the decision now sustained that he should not be heard.
Mr Patterson presented his claim for boarding which was referred to the Finance Committee
On motion of Mr Winchell, voted that the Committee meet the first Tuesday of each month, alternately at Lawrence and Topeka
Voted to hold the first meeting in Lawrence which will be on the first Tuesday in December
On motion of Mr Hutchinson voted that Mr Hyatt be now invited to make such statements concerning the policy of the National Committee as relate to our interest.
He desired that the full account of the Central Committee be prepared for the National Committee to be used for the convenience at a meeting which is contemplated soon in New York City His request was in writing and will be found in the copying book of this department.
Adjourned one hour
Wednesday evening 19 th.
President in the Chair
On motion

Page 41

of Mr Hutchinson, a Committee of three were appointed by the Chair to take in charge the subject of petitioning the Free State Governors and of preparing a form for the same and seeing that they are circulated by the canvassing committee in connection with blanks already prepared, as far as possible
Messrs Root Hutchinson and Winchell were thus appointed
The subject of a change in the present system of disbursing material aid was introduced by Mr Hutchinson who moved that the agents distributing this aid be instructed to take due bills for the amount received, from all the recipients in future. Discussed very warmly by Messrs Winchell Hutchinson and Hyatt in favor and by Messrs Blood and Root in opposition.
Without concluding the debate, adjourned till tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock A.M.
Thursday Nov 20, 1856.
Committee called to order by the Chair, Minutes approved. Present Messrs Root, Martin Winchell Blood Hutchinson Curtis Fennimore and McCulluch
The subject of last evening, relative to instructing agents to take due Bills was laid upon the table.
On motion of Mr Winchell Mr AN Hurlburt was appointed disbursing agent for Council City and vicinity.
The subject of regular compensation paid

Page 42

members was introduced and plainly discussed and the following was accepted
Resolved That, no compensation be paid for services or expenses of members of the Central Committee except by special appropriation to such members as are unable to bear such expenses themselves.
The subject of disbursing &c and taking due bills was taken up and the proposition lost.
On motion Mr Curtis was appointed agent for organizing the Territory North of the [Kans] River.
A Claim from Mrs Hurd was presented by Mr Blood for services rendered last Winter for which she had taken scrip. It was opposed and laid on the table
Adjourned one hour
Afternoon Thursday 20 th
Called to order by the Chair and the proposition to persuade Gov Geary to appoint some prominent Kansas man to some place in his office was considered when the following was adopted.
Resolved, That we recommend to Gov Geary the Appointment of a Kansas Free State man, in whom we can fully confide to some official position in his office and that we further recommend Hon. W Y Roberts as a suitable person to fill said Office.
The subject of sending agents East to induce emigration and capital to come to Kansas was fully considered when Dr Root moved the following

Page 43

Resolved That we send to the North and East well accredited Agents who are familiar with the present wants and future prospects of this Territory for the purpose of solicitating immigration & capital to Kansas
Resolved that Messrs Hutchinson & Winchell be appointed agents with full credentials to visit the Governors and Legislatures of the North and ask of them in behalf of their citizens aid, and to canvass the North generally for the purpose of soliciting emigration and capital to this Territory and it is hoped the co-operation of the National Committee will be extended to them
Resolved That the above Committee be required to keep a correct journal of their accounts, and keep us fully advised of their doings.
On motion, voted that Mr Blood be requested to secure a Store House for Flour, Provisions &c.
Voted, that the Secretary be instructed to draw on the Treasurer in favor of Dr Martin, for the amount he claims for aiding the party of Mr Webber at Topeka.
On motion voted that Dr Root be authorized to organize the Territory West of Topeka as far as seems necessary.
Voted to adjourn to 9 oclock tomorrow
Friday Nov 21, 9. A.M.
President in the Chair. Minutes of last meeting approved. Present Messrs Martin, Blood, Root Curtis McCulluck Fennimore Winchill Hutchinson
Report of Finance Committee, which

Page 44

met last evening was read and approved with amendments as follows
Silas Green for Grinding 72.00
C Thomasby for Sundries 30.85
C.T. Hackett for boarding 31.75
J.C. Archibald for rifle 16.00
H.G. Young for Board 4.00
? ? ? ? ? 20.00
O.N. McCracken Sundries 110.65
? ? ? ? 10.75
S.L. Adair for Sundries 21.25
H Rowley for beef 50.00
H. Barniclow 40.00
J.T. Harvey for Cash 15.00
[ ] Gibbons for Hay 10.00
A.C. Hinman for Board 2.50
Mrs Anderson for ? 15.00
Joel Grover Cash 23.00
B Jarrack Services 25.00
A Robinson board 10.00
[C] A Scott for hauling 3.00
C.H. Thomas for board [and clothing] 100.00
Leacy for corn 87.50
C S. Pratt for [printing] 7.50
E. Bond for Hay 10.00
[C] A. Robinson 23.25
C.W. Southward for Hay 25.00
A.H. Malloy for board 24.00
E. Ropes for stoves & c 14.00
Ross & Speer for printing 14.50
J.R. Winton for sundries 33.05
Crosby Bros for ? 30.00
E.A. Deland for storage 10.00

Page 45

G. Jenkins for Tin Lead &c 75.00
G.Z. Matthews for clothing &c 18.10
Mr Morrow made his report of his trip to Nebraska City. He found all the Groceries there sent from Simmons & Leadbeater but was unable to sell them for enough to pay costs and freights, therefore thought it best to leave them there. They are well stored with Mr. [Funchles], free of charge.
He had sold to Brookfield & Crater
5 sks Salt 1.85 9.25
fts & Expenses 1.25 6.25
4 Sks L. B. Salt 2.50 10.00
fts & Ex on same 5.00
3 Bbls Vinegar 6 18.00
Fts & Ex on do. 3. ea. 3.00
He brought a memorandum of prices offered by Hall & Baker for all that remained, which is on file
The Report was accepted.
Voted to instruct the Secretary to communicate with A A [Jamison] at Nebraska City and ascertain whether he had considered himself in the employ of this Committee; if so, to inform that we have no need of such a agent, and that we shall assume no expense for such agency.
Adjourned one hour.
Friday Afternoon 21 Nov.
President in the Chair.
Dr Root gave his report of his Eastern tour at length. He had found the National Committee and the people generally willing to recognize us as a Committee, and the feeling

Page 46

every where had seemed very flattering. He had brought 200 Sharps Rifles as far as Tabor and they were now safe. Saw men from Kansas going East, all the way from Chicago to Topeka. Had paid some of them money to aid them, as they seemed very needy.
It was moved by Mr Hutchinson that the order given Root and Jameson last July be called in immediately. Carried and the order for $500. 00 was delivered to the Treasurer.
On motion voted to reconsider the vote by which Mr Curtis was ordered to go [North] of the River to Organize &c.
On motion of Dr Hutchinson voted that Mr Curtis be instructed to act as assistant for Col. Eldridge in the disbursing Rooms and in the absence of Col. Eldridge to act as principal.
On motion of Mr Winchill voted that the Treasurer be instructed to pay any bills hereafter approved by the Finance Committee in favor of persons who have rendered services aside from regular service during sessions at $3.00 per day, and all expenses actually incurred.
Adjourned to 6 P.M.
Friday evening, 21 st Nov.
Called to order by the Secretary and Mr McCulluch was appointed Chairman protem.
On motion voted that there be a special session of this Committee on Thursday next at 10 o'clock A.M. at Lawrence.
On motion voted that Mr Curtis be

Page 47

instructed to go the North side of the River after the next meeting and make a short trip for organizing in the larger settlements, and return to the Committee Rooms as soon as practicable.
S.E. Martin
Wm Hutchinson

Page 48

Lawrence 27 th Nov 1856.
Committee met pursuant to adjournment the President being absent the meeting was called to order by the Secretary & on motion Mr. McCulluck was elected Chairman Protem. Present, Messrs, McCulluch, Winchell, Blood, Curtis, & Hutchinson.
Minutes of last meeting approved;
An Invitation was given to Mr. Hyatt President of the ?National Kansas Committee,? who was present, to address the Committee.
He read from letters charges &c, against members of this Committee and stated that his mission was to investigate rigidly all complaints against said Committee.
Committee adjourned for one hour.
Evening session, Committee met pursuant to adjournment, Messrs, Root & Moore members of the Committee arrived.
On motion, ordered that Mr Moore provide a room in Leavenworth for disbursing flour & Clothing.
Mr Moore called for information in regard to his removal as Secretary during his absence from the Territory, seeming to regard the act as unjust.
Mr. Hutchinson offered his resignation as Secretary, on motion of Mr Winchill his resignation was accepted.
On motion of Mr Curtis the Committee proceeded to a Secretary by ballot. 1 st Ballot Moore Re' cd 3 votes Curtis 2 Root 1 & Blood 2. On the 5 th ballot Mr Moore was unanimously elected Secretary

Page 49

Mr Winchill offered his resignation as member of the Executive Committee, and his resignation was accepted.
On motion Committee Proceeded to elect a Chairman of the executive Committee.
On 1 st ballot, Dr Martin Re' cd 1 vote Dr Root 5 Blood 1 Moore 1. On second Ballot, Dr. J.P. Root was unanimously elected Chairman of said Executive Committee.
On motion Com. Proceeded to elect a member of the Finance Committee, in place of Mr Addis removed, Dr G.E. Martin was unanimously elected to fill said vacancy.
On motion Dr Root as Chairman of the Executive Committee was directed to put the Committee Room in this place in better order immediately for distribution of Clothing &c; in accordance with the requests of Mr Hyatt.
On motion, Resolved, That the recommendation of Mr Hyatt, That Ladies services be engaged in the distributing Room as far as proacticable be adopted.
On motion Resolved, Theat the Chairman of the Ex.Com, be empowered to act for said Committee in the interim of its Sessions.
On motion, Voted to substitute the following Resolutions in the place of those adopted by the Committee at their meeting November 20 th 1856 relative to an Eastern Agency; (Resolutions refered to above)
Resolved, That the safety of the Free State Cause in Kansas demands the largest

Page 50

attainable Emigration of Northern Freeman and investments of Northern Capital during the coming Spring & Summer.
Resolved, That confidence is necessary to influence these results and that such confidence will be best established, by a determined assertion by the Northern States of their rights to enforce protection to their own citizens on the soil of Kansas, and liberal appropriations of money to secure that protection.
Resolved, That this Committee appoint from their own number a commission to act, in concert with the National Committee, consisting of two members for the purpose of representing the importance of these ideas to the governments & the people of the Northern States.
That Messrs, W m Hutchinson & J.M. Winchill be the Commissioners thus appointed.
On Motion Committee adjourned to meet at Topeka on the 1 st Tuesday in January the 6 th 1857.
W m Hutchinson
Late Sect
Per H. Miles Moore
Sect elect
Presdt, Pro Tem.
Topeka 6 th Jany 1857
Kansas State Central Committee met pursuant to adjournment. Present Dr. G.E. Martin Chairman, Moore Sect, Jas Blood, Curtis, Hilyer, M cCulluch Dow & Root. Minutes of last meeting read and approved; The meeting then adj, To 9 oclock tomorrow morning to allow the Finance Com, to meet to audit a/c against the Com.
Topeka Jany 7 th 1857 9 oclock A.M.
Com. Met pursuant to adj. Present Officers & members the same as yesterday.
On motion of Mr. Hilyer, Resolved, That an amount not to exceed seventy five Dollars be appropriated for the relief of Citizens of Doniphan County, said amount to be distributed by Mr. M cCulluck.
On motion of Mr. M cCulluch, Resolved, That he be instructed to purchase Forty sacks of Flour for Distribution in his neighborhood, & Draw upon the Treasurer for the amount necessary to pay for the same at $3.25 per sack.
The committee of Investigation in the case of Charges preferred against Dr. J.P. Root Oct. 18 th 1856 by W.F.N. Arney Mr Eldridge et. al, through their chairman Jas. Blood Report, That they have not been able to find any evidence to sustain those charges, & on motion of Sect. Report accepted and adopted & Committee discharged.
Mr Blood having made some statements & read a number of letters addressed to him from the President, Sect, & General Agent of the Kansas National Committee, dissolving their connection with this Committee, reflecting upon the action of some

Page 52

of its members in their official capacity.
On motion of the Secretary.
Resolved; that Mr Blood Dr. Root & Mr. Curtis be a Committee to make a full Report of all monies goods, &c; Re cd by this Com. from the National Committee & all other sources & Publish the same to world.
On motion of Mr Blood The President & Sect, were added to the above committee.
On Motion, The Com. adj. To 2 oclock P.M.
2 oclock P.M., Committee met pursuant to adjournment present same members as A.M. after consultation, the Finance Committee not being ready to Report fully. The meeting adj, to 10 oclock tomorrow.
Topeka 8 th Jany; 1857 10 oclock A.M.
Committee met pursuant to adjournment. Present, same members as yesterday. On motion The Finance Committee Through their Chairman Jas. Blood, Reported the following accounts against Committee which were allowed & passed for payment & Sect directed to draw orders on the Treasurer for each of the amounts.
B.S. Hancock, Bill for boarding Jno. Langworthy 1.50
Andrew White for pork furnished per order of
H. Burson 15.00
I.G. Sands ? horse collars ordered by A.H.
Mallory, for [Attilery] Co 4.95
W.W. Ross for Provisions furnished Topeka
Co on Nebraska Route; 15.00
W m. Mitchell Capt, [Wabousa] Provisions
furnished during the war 60.00
David Aikins for Groceries & ? ?
for Distribution 258.80
Capt. C Wright of Bloomington for ? ?
during War 2.05
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 4.05
Jas. Blood for groceries, provisions & flour ? ? ? 3, 321.73
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 642.94
A.W. Dole beef furnished during war per order
Of Mallory 50.00

Page 53

A. Wilder for keeping horses & mules of com.
In Oct./56 14.25
I. Willitts for groceries & provisions for Distribution 12.64
Capt. Sam McWhinney ? ? ? ? ? ? 28.65
N.B. Blanton ? ? ? ? ? ? 13.50
H. Miles Moore for monies expended 95.00
A. Dow ? ? ? 30.00
J.P. Root ? ? advanced during war 50.00
Thos. H. McCulloch for monies expended ? ? 50.00
F.H. Hart for provisions & materials furnished
Wab. Co. 31.00
J.P. Root ? services in Distributing goods in Lawrence 81.00
I. Fern ? one bushel meal for Distribution 1.12
? ? ? Two ? ? ? ? 2.25
J.P. Root ? monies expended 110.00
A. Dow ? Beef furnished to Settlers 5.00
G.E. Martin ? Services in Distributing Goods
at Topeka 60.00
Geo. S. Hilyer monies expended 30.00
G.E. Martin for ? ? 30.00
On motion of Dr Root ordered that the minutes of the meeting of this Committee held on the 21 st of Nov, be corrected by striking out the Resolution offered by Mr Winchill for the payment of $3.00 per day to person for services rendered aside from regular service during Sessions and expenses actually incurred.
On motion of Dr Root ordered that the Treasurer be directed to settle with Mr A Curtis for services rendered the Committee, as Disbursing Agent at Three Dollars per Day, when in their Judgement his services are no longer required.
On Motion Committee adjourned to meet at Lawrence on the First Teusday of February, 1867.
H. Miles Moore
S.E. Martin

Page 54

Lawrence 3 rd Febry 1857
Kansas State Central Committee met pursuant to adjournment. Present Chairman Dr. G.E. Martin Sect. H. Miles Moore, Messrs, Blood, Curtis, Dow & Fennimore.
Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
On motion of Col. Blood, Resolved, That a Free State Delegate Convention be held at Topeka on the 10 th Day of March A.D. 1857 & that the Basis of Representation be the same number of Delegates, that each District shall have Legislators and Senators, & that 300 Hand Bills be printed & circulated.
The following Bills were presented by the Chairman of the Finance Committee and on motion passed for payment.
H.F. Sanders Bill Provisions & boarding men during
The war 56.75
E.C. Miner Bill, Medicine & attendance as Physician 40.00
D. Aiken Groceries & Provisions for Distribution 13.41
[Luee] & Marvin's Bill Cooking Utensels &c, furnished
Settlers 7.80
S.F. Tappin Materials furnished to Prisoners 2.55
A. Curtis fifty Bushels Corn furnished A. White
60 cts per Bushel 30.00
W m Jessie ? ? ? ? ? ? 50 cts per Bushel 25.00
J. Blood for Groceries & Provisions & Flour
Furnished for Distribution 1444.37
J. Blood ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 354.00
Murphy Perly & Co. Clothes, ? ?
furnished During the War 58.23
J.W. Farnsworth Groceries ? ? ? ? ? ? 31.47
Ross Bros for Printing 1,000 Extra Copies of Topeka
Tribute Containing Report of Disbursing Agent 40.00
On motion of Mr. Curtis Resolved that the Treasurer be instructed to retain Five Hundred Dollars in his hands until spring, For the payment of the accounts of Col Eldridge & W m Hutchinson.

Page 55

On motion of Mr. Curtis, Resolved, That the sum of Twenty Dollars be appropriated by this Committee For the Relief of William Hazeltine & order drawn on the Treasurer for the amount.
On motion of the Sect, Resolved, That Mr. Blood be empowered to send at any time that he may Deem advisable to Tabor Iowa to procure the arms & ammunition there left by Dr Root last fall, belonging to this Committee, and that he employ such Teams & men as he may deem necessary for transporting the same.
On motion of Mr Curits Committee adjourned to meet, Tomorrow morning 8 oclock A.M.
February 4 th 1857.
Committee met pursuant to adjournment Present officers & members the same as yesterday.
The Chairman of Finance Committee presented The following Bills which on motion were passed for payment.
E.C.K. Garvey Bill Boarding men During the War $59.50
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 13.25
M. Fennimore Money Expended 33.00
On motion of Mr Curtis 10 $ was appropriated for the Relief of W m Wakefield.
On motion of Secretary Committee adjourned to meet at Topeka on the 9 th March 1857.
H. Miles Moore
S.E. Martin

Page 56

Topeka 9 th March 1857
Kansas State Cent. Committee met pursuant to adjournment Present Chairman Dr. S.E. Martin Sect. H. Miles Moore, Messrs Blood & Fennimore. Minutes of last meeting read & approved.
On Motion Committee adjourned to allow other members of the Committee to arrive, til 8 oclock Tomorrow morning.
Topeka 10 th March 1857
Committee met pursuant to adjournment Present officers & members the same as yesterday & also Messrs Hilyer & McCulluch Members.
On Motion Committee adjourned to 4 oclock P.M. to allow Members of Com attend State Delegate Convention to meet.
4 oclock P.M. Committee met pursuant to adjournment. Chairman of Finance Committee Reported the following Bills agst. Com. which on Motion were each passed for Payment & Sect, directed to draw orders on Treasurer for each of the amounts.
J. Blood Groceries, flour &c furnished for
Distribution 719.00
S. Saley For Monies Expended 81.10
F. A. Hammond Boarding L.W. Hoover's child 8.00
Prentiss & Tolls Bill Medicine & attendance
on Prisoners 35.00
Jno. McFarlin oats furnished during War 1.50
J. Benjamin provisions &c furnished during War 42.00
Fuller, Moore & McWhinney ? ? ? ? ? ? 72.23
E.B. Falley Gun To A Wilder 15.00
A. Trott Hauling 6 days 3$ per day 18.00

Page 57

On motion Committee adjourned to the 2 nd Teusday in April next, to meet at Leavenworth City Kansas.
H. Miles Moore
S.E. Martin
Leavenworth City 2 nd June 1857
Kansas State Cent. Committee met pursuant to call by the Secretary, Present H. Miles Moore Sect., Messrs Blood, Root Curtis & Hutchinson
The Chairman being absent, on Motion of Dr Root Col. J. Blood took the chair.
The Chairman of the Finance Committee Reported the following accounts against the Cent. Com, Which on motion were ordered to pass for payment & Sect. Directed to draw orders on Treasurer for each of the amounts.
N. McCrackens Bill. Rent of Room for
Distributing clothing, Flour, &c during
Fall and winter of 1857 for Com. $27.00
A. Curtis Expenses to Nebraska &c 35.85
Ross Bro. Bill for Printing 1000 half sheets
containing Proceedings of Convention
10 th March/57 25.00
J. Blood for paying sundry Bills from 10 th
March to June 1 st See Bills Filed 412.00
William Hutchinson For money expended &c 141.00
On motion of Mr Hutchinson

Page 58

Resolved That This Committee Do call Delegate Convention to meet at Topeka on Wednesday the 15 th Day of July next to nominate a Representative to Congress and that each District be entitled to as many members in said Convention as it has Senators & Representatives in the Legislature and that the Sect. Be instructed to cause 200 Hand Bills calling said Convention to be printed.
On motion Com, adjourned to meet at Topeka on Wednesday 10 th June 1857
H. Miles Moore
J. Blood
Presdt Pro Tem.
Topeka June 10 th 1857
Kansas State Cent. Committee met pursuant to adjournment.
Present, Chairman Dr. S. E. Martin, Messrs Blood, Root & Hutchinson. The Sect. Being absent on motion W m Hutchinson was elected Sect, Pro Tem.
On Motion of Col. Blood, Resolved That a Convention be called at Topeka on Wednesday the 15 th of July to nominate Candidates for Representative to Congress and for all vacancees that may exist in the State Organization and to transact any other business necessary, &c, & That the diferent districts be recomended to meet in their several voting precincts on the 11 th day of July to elect Delegates to said Convention & that the number of Delegates be equal to the rep

Page 59

resentation in the General Assembly.
Voted that when when we do adjourn to meet at Topeka on Monday July 12 th 1857.
On motion ordered that Sect. Pro Tem be requested to notify all absent members to attend that meeting, as important business requires full attendance.
On Motion Committee adjourned to meet at Topeka July 13 th 1857
William Hutchison S. E. Martin
Sect. Pro Tem. Pres

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Topeka 12 th July 1857.
Kansas State Cent. Com. met pursuant to adj. Present Chairman Dr. S. E. Martin Sect. H. Miles Moore, Messrs Curtis & Fennimore.
On motion Com. Adj. To tomorrow P.M.
Topeka 14 th July
Com. Met pursuant to adjourned Present same as yesterday also Messrs Blood & Hutchinson.
On motion of Sect. Committee proceeded to Draw Lots for the Long Term or two years Those members being absent on motion The Sect on motion drew for them
Geo. G. Hilyer from the 9 th District Drew for Two Years Member of the Ex Com.
A Curtis from 2 nd District Drew for Two Years member of Finance Com.
I. M. Winchell from 6 th District Drew for Two Years, Member of Corresponding Committee.
W m Hutchinson 1 st District Two Years
J. Blood 1 st District ? ?
J. P. Root 6 th ? ? ?
Dr. S. E. Martin 3 rd ? Term Expired
M. Fennimore 5 th ? ? ?
A. V. Dow 6 th ? ? ?
H. Miles Moore 12 th ? ? ?
McKenzie 7 th ? ? ?
Geo. T. Donaldson 8 th ? ? ?
McCulluch 10 th ? ? ?
On motion Com. Adj. To 8 o'clock tomorrow A.M.

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Topeka 15 th July 1857
Committee met pursuant to adj. Present the same as yesterday also Messrs Hilyer & McCulluch
On motion A. Curtiss was elected Secty Pro Tem. com. adj. to 7 oclock P.M.

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