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A. G. Bradford to James Denver

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Washington 18 Mch '58
Dear Denver:
I have all along believed that Kansas would be admitted this session, but I now state my judgment, made up in the last 3 days, that she will be defeated. If the naked proposition could come at once in the House, she would come in, but there are two things which will defeat in that body. Pugh's amendment is repugnant to some southern men and they won't go for Lecompton with that tacked on. It is now understood that Calhoun has decided to give the election to the free state men. This will drive off some of the southern men. It was calculated that the Americans or those with southern affinities, would certainly support the Administration, but the last few days have shown that they can't be relied on and Lecompton is bound to be beaten. If you can get leave of absence I would advise you to come on and spend a week. I think the Administration would allow you

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to do this. However, you are the Gov and Sec'y and I don't suppose you could leave till a secretary is appointed. The reason I wanted you to come, is because you would have influence enough if you were here to control two appointments, the PM of San Francisco and the Supt of Ind Affs. Now mind, I don't want you to recommend me for the last position if there is any other friend of yours who can serve you better and whom you prefer. You want this patronage for the race 3 years hence. If you don't get it, you will lose a big deal. You can't rely upon Henley. Mark that. You cant rely upon Charley Neller for he will be for his brother, if he should hold the PO. My judgment is if you want to make a strong friend who will be of much service to you 3 years hence in the race for Senator, write a strong letter to the President urging the appointment of John Nugent as PM at San Francisco. Make it a private letter so that Dr Gwin may not see or hear

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of it. Then get some good friend in as Supt of Ind Affs and with the influence of them and your numerous friends in Cal, you can win the race. Your absence from the state will be greatly to your advantage. If you were there, you would have to take part in the contests for friends and thus make unpopularity. This is the case with Latham, with McCorkle , McDougall and, I believe, by the time Miller's time expires, he will not be looked to much for the Senate. You will have Jo with you and the most of the Anti Gwin elements. In my opinion you will be the very man to unite these elements and achieve success. You ought to have some patronage for your friends and these two positions I have mentioned are in your reach if you make the exertion. The impression is that Henley will be continued, because there is no applicant for the place. It is well enough to let this impression prevail, but I tell you he cant be reappointed. Nothing

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will be done against him until the proper time, & that time will come in the next two months.
If you don't intend to be here or to interfere in these matters, let me know. You had better write a letter for Nugent. It will make a strong point for you hereafter.
What friends have you in position in Cal? Can you depend on Washington, Dameron Tilford, Roman, Col Torre, Fry or Henley or Geiger or Vinyard? No not on one. Six of them will go for the Dr and the other two will do nothing. Do you expect the Dr to support you for senator? It will be when he can't elect himself and when he fails to elect Henley. I know that some of the employees of Henley seriously thought that he would be elected in '55, and he was a candidate to my certain knowledge to those whom he could trust with his secret. I have a witness to prove this. He showed his fidelity in this instance to the Dr. But I predict that Henley will be the Dr's candidate if he fails himself.
If you don't build up an influence in Cal while you have a chance you are neglecting an important duty to yourself and to your friends.
Of course I write these things in entire confidence to you. If you have time you can write me.
I drove your horses out once since I have been back here, because they needed driving. My advice would be if you are not coming back soon, to have them turned out on a ranche, where they will be less expense.
Very truly Brad
[written on edge of page] I saw Mr Stevens who has just arrived from Kansas & was glad to hear that you are very well and that every thing is quiet. I saw Mike this morning. I suppose you hear from him often.

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I wrote you some time ago that Hurly would not & could not be reappointed. After Scott & the Dr promised to support me for my land office appointment, I gave up the other matter and have prevented any charges being preferred against him. This

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is one reason that he will most likely be successful. I shall not now interfere. [Chorpenning?] is still & wants to leave on 20th inst for Cal.

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