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James Hanway's account of the Pottawatomie Massacre

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Killed on Saturday night May 24, 1856. 3 men of the name of Doyal – Wm Sherman & Wilkinson - the latter received 6 wounds each one would have proved fatal old man Doyal was shot through the head & stabed through the heart & his 2 boys where disherated cut about the hands - the younger boy's hands were mangled as if he had held up his hands to defend himself from the blows of the saber - Shermans head was cut by a saber blow, and other.
five men murdered in one night - enticed from their houses with the promise of being kept from violence, as prisoners of war - lead a few rods from their doors then killed One was flung in the Creek down the bank. (Wilkinson) he was post master - The murderers inquired for Henry, but he was away from home hunting up his cattle this saved his life – at Sherman.

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they seized 3 other men with him took them all out from the house asked them their names, and as they had no knowledge of them, told them to go back again. The question now is who has performed this frightful tradagy men names are whispered - no positive knowledge - Mrs. Doyal disstribed 2 of the men, which disscription is exactly that of Mrs. Wilkinson - a man who lives at Shermans for several years says he did not know any of them altho he has lived here 2 yrs and knows most people on the creek. The settlement is plunged into a perfect commotion. A meeting of the settlers was held on the 26 and they mutaley agreed to protect each other from foreign or internal foes all men of real good sense, condemn this midnight assassinations and

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also the killing of men who are attending to their concerns - one murder by the opposite side, only makes another on the other - - the supposed caused which made the Doyal family the victims, is that the old man & his 2 sons, caled on a man who kept store near Shermans - and told him to pack up his goods, moved off his claims in 5 days or they would kill him - Morse did not move but is still at home, he was arrested by a body of men & as their was no evidenced against him he is at large. Sherman it is said as repeatedly treatened to shoot and exterminate free state men, and as the news of the fall of Lawrence raised a red flag; which was said he ment to intimate that war was commenced & he was in for it - Wilkinson appears to have been a very violent and imprudent man
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making threat of killing & burning & his wife is a fine woman, sick at the time of the murder and told the Dr. that she has frequently urged him to be more quiet - but could not do it - it appears from general opinion that they were extreme men, and very obnoxious to the free state men - thus violence breeds violence. Again: No sooner the news of the destruction of the Hotel at Lawrence and the two printing presses, than the "Border Times" a violent paper published at Westport after given a short statement of the pilliage & destruction of Lawrence, comments thus - it says - "This is right, nuisances should be suppressed" and then recommends the pro-slavery party of the Ty to drive and exterminate every "black hearted abolitionist & drive them from out of the Ty."

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Sucketts plough 10 f 6 in
they advocate assassination and now that 5 persons have been murdered on their side perhaps they will learn that such hellish sentiments when carried into effect, will work equally to the destruction of the pro slavery men of the territory. Such men are the immediate instigators of all such bloody tragadies as we have witnessed - they should be held responsible at the bar of public opinion.

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