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Barstow Darrach to Samuel L. Adair

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New York Hospital April 20th 1857 To Rev S. L. Adair
Dear Sir.
The news of the triumph of the free state party in the Leavenworth Charter election, received this morning, is encouraging for Kansas. Though I have no doubt that it will adduced as an evidence of the fairness of the pro slavery party by our enemies, & therefore as a reason that the free state people should vote at the Constitutional election. But I am more & more convinced of the justness & wisdom of the free state people in the course of policy which they have chosen. Let them carry it out fully and boldly, even in the face of the federal troops should they interfere, which I am inclined to think they will not. They may attempt to intimidate but if firmly meet will not shed a drop of blood. I am strongly inclined to the opinion that shuch was Col Sumner’s plan last summer. Had that Legislature persisted in doing business he never would have drawn a sword against them. The details of the Leavenworth election have

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not yet been received & of course we cannot yet form a full estimate of its value. The triumph of the emancipationists in St Louis upon a direct issue is a warning which the slavery propagandists cannot disregard It is at their own doors & aimed directly at their favorite institution. Our people here consider the downfall of slavery in Mo as sure at no distant date. It must surely cool the ardor of those who infest Kansas with their schems of oppression. The law recently passed by the legislature of this state to counter act the effect of the Dred Scot decision is another warning, while the organization of emigrant aid societies with a view of colonizing some of the southern states is still another.
The North is ripening fast for the final & complete triumph of freedom. The present triumphs of the Oligarchy are but driving the North to their arms. Had Kansas been admitted at once the matter would have droped. A few more blows at freedom will put her on the march & she will not stop until slavery is extinct. Our [losses] now are sore & for Kansas hard to bear. But I think I see reasons in passing
events why she does not yet find succor but “God move in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform”
In him I trust, & by that trust become reconciled to our disappointments.
The purchase of the Bibliotheca Sacra I commuted to Alex Gardiner at his request with the expectation of sending it by Brennan. But he left without calling for it as he had appointed. Tator also disappointed us by not returning to the City as we expected. Gardiner has the book & will send it by whatever conveyance you may designate.
I have closed an agreement with Tator by which his is to settle my affairs in your place & this reaches you will I suppose have seen you in regard to your account against me.
Give my respects to all old friends, B Darrach.
P. S. I received a letter from G R Ferris this afternoon. R. D.

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