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Barstow Darrach to Samuel L. Adair

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New York Hospital Dec 17 /56
To Rev S L Adair
Dear Sir, If we may judge by the published accounts, the prospects of Kansas are brightening. Still I look forward with much anxiety for the final result. We have a treacherous party to deal with & nothing but their own danger will deter them from encroachments upon your rights or induce them to grant a hearing to Kansas. The Democrats, though they have controll of both branches of Congress, have been frightened by the giant strength of the Republicans as shown in the election. The Southerners are alarmed by the negro insurections, which greely has taken as a text for some wholesome advice. It is generally thought that the democrats will not venture upon any act likely to arouse the North as their previous course has done. But I fear that some half way measures may be taken which unless diligently watched may result in our downfall. All the measures of the proslavery party & all their resolutions

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are susceptible of a double interpretation. Some movements, particularly the departure of Jetus and his horde lead me to believe that the South is preparing to abandon Kansas & concentrate their efforts upon some more favorable field where they may find less of the Yankey obduracy with the prospect of Buchanans Ostend circular to back them. Though Walkers prospects are very precarious at present. How is Titus’ move considered with you?
Possibly the South may attempt to make Kansas the purchass money for some other territory for slavery. New Mexico, Utah, or the new born one Arizona. Let our northern men be watchful & pay nothing for what is already theirs. The Buchanians are crowing over the quiet in Kansas & claim it as a verification of their lie that the reports were manufactured for political purposes. I see Whitfield has made a proposition for ascertaining the losses of the Citizens of Kansas. Wonder if he counts Osawatomie in (?) What has become of our protest & petition for Reeder?
I see an account in yesterdays paper of the arrest of 5 men belonging to Osawatomie. Among them Patrige.

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Who are the others?
Now I must bid farewell to Osawatomie for two years at least. On my arrival here I found that a vacancy was about to occur in the medical staff of this Institution. The amount of knowledge to be gained by two years experience in such a situation, combined with earnest importunities of friends proved too much for my desire to return to Kan & her claims upon me. I at first refused but finally consented to apply for the situation & am now duly initiated into the duties of Junior Assistant to the House physician In this capacity I serve 8 months then as Senior Assistant & then as House Physician. I shall write to Tator to dispose of my effects & settle my accounts. Would my gum suit be of value to you, if so take it or any thing else that you wish & give me credit. I believe the suit cost $7. The cap is in my trunk.
Please forward me a certificate of church member ship on receipt of this, to join the Brick Church in this city. Our communion service occurs in Jan. Also give me all the news which transpire & your views of them. For though I am absent I shall not foreget you.

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Have you received the box I sent or a sufficient supply from Lawrence. I am anxious to hear of your welfare.
Give my best respects to Mrs Adair & all other friends.
Yours truly B Darrach
P. S. Your pencil I will sen by the first opportunity. My trunks books & instruments I shall wish forwarded in the spring Please retain until then.

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