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Mt. Gilead Congregational Church records, Anderson County, Kansas Territory, 1859-1860

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Records of the Congregational Church of Mt. Gilead Anderson Co Kansas Territory

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The first Meeting held at the House of Mr Wakeman Patridge on Saturday the 2 day of April 1859 and appointed Mr Loomis Chairman & I F Wadsworth Secretary after reading a portion of scripture & prayer by Rev S. L. Adair they presented to business by adopting the following Articles of Faith & Covenant for a congregational church to be called Mt. Gilead the Meeting then adjourned to the House of I.F. Wadsworth on Saturday the 30 day of April following to receive Members and the following persons gave in their names Wakeman Patridge & Mary E Patridge his wife I. F. Wadsworth & Ruth I Wadsworth his wife. Mrs. Lydia Gilpatrick Mrs Margaret Potter & Mr. Loomis Mrs. Eleanor Kilbourne & on the 30 of October Mrs Anna P White.

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on the 28 of April 1860 Mrs Phebe Ann Loomis & Mrs Caroline Loomis connected themselves to the same Church and on 6th day of August Bushnell B. Loomis connected himself to this church.
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about the first of September 1860 Wm R. Loomis & Mrs. Phebe Ann Loomis his wife received Letters of dissmission from this church.

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We regard the following fundamental principals of Church policy as constituting the proper basis of church organization.
1st Each congregation of Christians organized into a Society for the worship of God, Father -- Son & Holy Ghost for the promotion of the ends of the Kingdom of Christ is a Christian Church
2nd The Lord Jesus Christ is the head and supreme Law giver of his Church. He has vested in each individual Church all proper ecclesiastical power for its own government & discipline subordinate to his own authority
3rd We recognize the rules and principals of the New Testament as revealing the proper mode of Church government & discipline
4th All who belong to the spiritual fold of Christ and evince that relation by a cordial & practical reception of the fundamental truths of the gospel

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and entitled to a place in the Church of Jesus Christ
In accordance with the above principals we organize ourselves into a Christian Church to be called the Congregational Church of Mt. Gilead by publickly adopting the following articles of faith and Covenant.
Articles of Faith
Art 1st We believe that there is one only true God: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A being of infinite wisdom, power, justice, goodness, and truth and the only proper object of religious worship
Art 2nd We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are given by inspiration of God and that they contain the only perfect rule of Christian faith and practice
Art 3rd We believe in the fall of our first parents and the consequent entire apostacy depravity and lost condition of the human race

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4th We believe that all sin is transgression of the law of God and deserves eternal death
5th We believe that the son of God through his incarnation, suffering and death made an adequate atonement for the sins of the whole world
Art 6th We believe in the necessity of a change of heart and that repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are the unchangeable and indispensable conditions of salvation
Art 7th We believe it to be the office work of the Holy Spirit to change the heart from sin to holiness through the truth and that this is affected without destroying or interfearing with the free agency of man
Art 8th We believe that justification is an act of God in which he graciously pardons for Christ – sake its guilt - of all the past sins of those who are truly regenerated restoring them to his favor and fellowship and to the

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prospects of eternal life
Art 9th We believe in the unity and perpetuity of the Christian Church in the observance of the Lord's day or Christian Sabbath and in the use of the ordinances of Babtism, the Lord Supper and that it is the privilege of parents and heads of families who are visibly in Covenant with God to bring their children and all under their parental care to the ordinance of Christian Babtism and their solemn duty to train them up in the nurture of the Lord
Art 10th We believe in the perserverance of the saints and that those whom the Father hath given to his sons will be kept by the power of God through faith and salvation
Art 11th We believe in the resurection of the dead and that a day is appointed in which the Lord Jesus will judge the world when the wicked will go away into everlasting punishment and the righteous into life eternal

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Thus presenting yourself (or selves) in the presence of God, Angels & Men, to unite with this Church in holy consecration to God, you now solemnly declare that you have so renownced all ungodliness & every worldly lust & have commenced a life of holiness -- choosing the Lord Jehovah as your everlasting portion & the interest of his Kingdom as the end of your perpetual pursuit. You declare that you have heartily received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour from sin & Hell - your prophet, Priest & King & The Holy Spirit - as your Sanctifier, Comforter & Guide. You now covenant to observe during your future life all the ordinances & institutions of the Gospel; to labour & seek in all practical ways, for your own sanctification & that of the Church & for the conversion of the unconverted; to assemble with the people of God whenever you consistantly can, on the Sabbath & during the week at all stated & occasional Meetings

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of the Church for purposes of instruction & devotion or for disipline; to observe family & secret prayer & the daily reading of the scriptures & to discharge all those duties by which God may be glorified & the religion of the Bible extended & established among men. You promise to engage in no pursuit which is inconsistant with your holy profession; to transact all your business on the principals of the law of love & to regard your time talents property, reputation & influence as sacredly & perpetually devoted to Gods glory & mans good. You also promise to respect all the rights & privileges of all your fellow men as sacredly as your own [imspecttive?] of all natural, educational or social differences; & to watch over your brethren with Christian fidelity & tenderness, as heirs of the same grace & children of the same Father. Finally you promise to submit to the government & dicipline which Christ has instituted in his Church and to endeavor to promote our mutual

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edification in whatsoever things are true whatsoever are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report.
All this relying upon divine aid you now solemnly profess & engage. (The Church will now arise & extend to you the following reciprocution of the Covenant)
We therefore affectionally receive you into membership with this Church we declare you entitled to all its privileges, welcome you to fellowship with us in all the labours & blessings, the trials rewards of the Gospel; We promise to watch over you in love, to seek your edification & to aid you in your Christian course. The Lord bless you & keep you & may your whole spirit & soul & body be preserved blameless until the

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coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
By Laws of the Congregational Church in Mt. Gilead Accepted April 28/60
1st The affairs of this Church shall consist of a Pastor two Deacons, a Clerk & Treasurer
2nd The Deacons one of whom shall be Treasurer shall hold the office for two years one to be chosen each alternate year. The Clerk shall be elected annually
3rd All stated meetings of the Church shall be open for business, at the request of any two members, a special meeting shall be called
4th The annual meeting for the election of officers shall be on the last Saturday preceeding the first communion of the year
5th Dicipline for offences shall be pursued according to the rules found in the New Testament especially as laid down by our Saviour in the 18th Chap of Matt.

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6th Persons offering themselves for admission to this Church shall give satisfactory evidence of Regeneration if coming from another Church a certificate of good standing in said church may be required.
7th Any member in regular standing wishing to leave this & unite with some other church of Christ shall on application receive a letter of dismission & recommendation by vote of the Church certified by the Pastor or Clerk.

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