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Topeka school house construction agreement

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Specifications for a School House to be built by Abner Doane of Topeka in the territory of Kansas, on Harrison Street, Lots number 145, 147, 149 in said Topeka –for the New England Emigrant Aid Company –
The Building is to be thirty five feet long, twenty feet wide & two stories high. –
The Trenches for the walls shall be 18 inches below the present grade.
The foundation wall as high as the first tier or joist is to be 18 inches thick, to be Built of good quarry building stone – Mortar is to be properly made & of the best material – All facings to be smooth pointed –
All the exterior walls from the level of the first floor to the roof are to be constructed of good brick & are to be 12 inches in thickness in the first story
The side & rear walls in the second story are to be 18 inches in thickness – Front wall of the same thickness as in the first story. There are to be two flues, one commencing in the first story & the other in the second story – to be placed in the walls as directed, & arranged in such manner that the stone pipes can be passed into them - & surmounted with chimney stacks. The joists of the first floor to be placed 20 inches from center to center – All other joists and the studs & rafters to be placed 16 inches from center to center. The joists of the first & second stories are to be 2x12 inches of good oak. Roof joists to be 2x10 inches of good oak – A course of herring bones bridging is to run through the middle of each tier –
Roof to be sheeted with cotton wood boards not to exceed 6 inches in width & tinned in a good & workmanlike manner with a good quality of roofing tin –

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Floors throughout the interior to be of good white pine boards one inch in thickness & not over 6 inches in width tongued and grooved – boards must be well-seasoned - & well worked –
The stairs to be placed in three strong carriages – steps to be made of 1 inch blackwalnut or oak wood, of good quality – the users to be the same material & thickness – The cornice is to be constructed of brick as indicated in the front elevation – All the wash boards are to be 1 inch thick & 7 inches wide –
The inside dressings of the doors & windows are to be well finished with 5 inch architrave of good blackwalnut well seasoned as possible.
There are to be two outside pannel doors in front: 2 inches thick to be of well seasoned white pine, of a good quality – Pannels to be moulded on both sides - The two outside doors in the rear & the three inside doors, are to be bolted doors, of pine of good quality, 1 inch thick – tongued and grooved – the boards of which said doors are to be made not to exceed 5 inches in width & put together with screws –
Windows are to correspond with the elevations and plans – the sash to be 10/8 inches in thickness – glass 10x15 – the windows to be furnished with [xxx] bead & improved spring on each sash.
Transom lights to be furnished for the two front doors as indicated upon the front elevation .
All the steel partitions & ceilings to be lathed for plastering – All walls & ceilings throughout the interior are to have two coats of brown mortar & one skim coat –
The partitions & subdivisions are to be arranged according to the plan –
Outside front doors to have mortise locks, with white

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mineral knobs. All other doors to have locks with mineral knobs – All doors to be hung with 8 in. bolts –
The building is to be 23 feet high from the foundation wall – The first story to be 11 ½ feet & the second 9 ½ feet – in the clear –
All the hardware necessary in completing the building is to be of good quality –
The front end of the building is to face fifth st - & to be placed 20 ft from said 5th st – the west side of said building is to be on the line of the alley in the rear of said Lots –
Chas H Branscomb Abner Doane

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Articles of Agreement made the ninth day of June A. D. 1857 between the New England Emigrant Aid Company acting by their agent Charles H. Branscomb of the first part and – Abner Doane of Topeka in the territory of Kansas, of the second part.
The party of the second part aforesaid agrees for the consideration hereinafter mentioned to perform in a good & workmanlike manner, according to the plans adopted by the partner herein named. All the work mentioned in the specifications hereto annexed & identified by the signature of the parties herein named: to give personal superintendence & attention to the same & to provide at his own expense, proper, & sufficient stock & materials therefor according to the true intent of said specifications & plans: and in case any particulars shall be deficient or not clearly expressed in said expectations & plans the said party of the 2nd part will carry out the general design in as thorough a manner as if the same was fully expressed –
And in case any of said work or materials done or provided by the same party of the 2nd part shall be unsatisfactory then the same party of the 2nd part will on being notified thereof

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immediately remove such unsatisfactory work or materials & supply the place thereof with other work materials proper & sufficient-
It shall be lawful for the said Branscomb at all times to direct in writing any additions to or deviations from the plans & specifications aforesaid without in any other respect or particular varying this agreement or impairing the force thereof – and in case of any such deviation or addition so directed in writing such further time shall be allowed for that completion of the said work as is reasonable & such sums of money shall be added to or subtracted from the amount of the consideration hereinafter agreed to be paid, as the increase or diminution in the amount of work and materials thereby occasioned is fairly worth – And it is expressly agreed that no alterations or additions are to be paid for unless so directed in writing -
In case of any failure or unreasonable delay of the said party of the second part whether by act or default, nor the performance of any of the above stipulations, or compliance with the true intent – of these presents, it shall be lawful for the said Branscomb after ten days notice in writing to the said party of the second part, to provide other workmen & materials to complete the said work, in the place

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of the said party of the second part & to deduct the cost & charges thereby occasioned, from the Sums otherwise becoming due to the said party of the second part under this agreement –
In consideration of the foregoing the said Branscomb for the said Company, agrees to pay to the said party of the second part & upon sufficient evidence that all claims upon the building, for work or materials up to the time of payment are discharged, the sum of two thousand dollars in manner following Viz Seventy five per cent of the amount if the work done at the end of each month, as the work progresses –
Given under our hands the day & year aforesaid – Chas. H Branscomb Abner Doane

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