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C. K. Holliday to Franklin Crane

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Dec. 28, 1856
Meadville Penna Dec. 28, 1856
Dear Dr: -
Yours of the 14th inst came to hand last night – being “ten days later from Kansas” – and the quickest that I ever rec’d from the Territory
I wrote you a letter of eight pages a few days ago and addressed it to Easton, Pa, as you requested; but by the tenor of your late epistle I am inclined to think that you have abandoned the idea of coming East this Winter.
I hope you have: for I really do not see how they can well do without you at Topeka. You have such a “run” of all the transactions of the Association that it seems to me that no one would be able to supply your place. Still at the same time there are some things that ought to be attended to in the East

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and which only you can correctly attend. I have reference chiefly to the procuring of a Lithograph for Topeka, as you mentioned in your letter before the last. It will be necessary for Topeka to exert every energy to maintain her present high reputation during the immense emigration that will take place the coming Spring. Therefore we should have by all means a lithograph of our Town – We need it greatly for our own convenience as shareholders; to say nothing of the necessity of having something of the kind when we wish to dispose of our property to others. Hence should you go East do not fail to procure from 300 to 500 or 600 good plats of Topeka –
The Association owes me some 300 or 400$ - It owes you, Thornton & others; say in all $1000. While this indebtedness

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remains I think it would be impolitic to draw, or sell, any more of the city property. If you let all the Association property pass from your hands you will have no means of raising money but by taxation which you know is very difficult to effect. Therefore you had better retain what lots and shares you have until the debts of the Assn. are cancelled.
Your writing to Senator Brodhead concerning the Bridge appropriation was a most excellent thought – If I only had the money to go on and lobby at Washington for a couple of months I have no doubt but that I could both procure an appropriation for the Topeka Bridge; but, in the general system of spoliation now going on at the Capital, could also procure appropriations of Lands for a RailRoad from Leavenworth to Topeka – and from

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the mouth of the Kansas River to Ft. Riley by way of Topeka – I have thought of this matter much but am too confounded poor to put it in execution – We must see to this next session of Congress, if that is not too late, and for this purpose must see that a proper man is returned the next time to Congress – a man who can do something for us - I am relying upon that 80 acre Land Warrant that the Association bought a short time before I left – You remember that it was purchased with the understanding that I was to take it - I have been calculating upon it ever since; and dont know how I can well get through unless I get it with which to pay for my land – So please retain the Warrant for me. I gave H. G. Young an order on the Assn. Did you pay anything on it? If so, how much?
[Crowd?] your Topeka Bridge – I like the idea much – Write soon – Love to Thornton, Paul &c. &c. I & my family will certainly come by the “first Boat”
Yours very truly
C. K. Holliday

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