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 1856 January 16 th

Meeting of the trustees of the Topeka Association at Israel Zimmerman refused a share and admission as a Member of the Association. At the last meeting of the Association I was elected Vice President and a trustee. The board of trustees chose me their chairman and the business man of the Association.

Feb 1 st The surveyors are about and I spent considerable time with them.

19 th Meeting of the Association at Thorntons office.

20 Spent the day hunting up and registering donated lots which have been built upon by the donees.

March 4 Have continued on business of the Association from the above date.

20 th Have spend seven days

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on the business of the Association since the 4 th of March.

21 st Showed William W. Ross a lot whereon to build [XXXXX] lot 11 Block 57.

Property of equal value to be taken from his share when drawn.

Mr Conner also wishes to build. Showed him lot 1 same block & terms

L Kimball to have a lot whereon to build

H. P. Waters says his lot on 6 th avenue was given him by Mr Adams and only to be

built upon when he had finished Millers house.

A. S. Waters Applies to me for a lot whereon to build a small House 134,136,138 V Buren

Showed Stephens (Kickapoo) lot 4 Block 9 whereon to manufacture shingles.

22 Gave D. H. Moore a lot corner of 5 th & Harrison Sts building to be finished by the

4 th of July.

Mr Cummings gives his reasons why he thinks he ought to

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have a lot or two of the association.

March 22 nd Had a long talk with Mr Wendell who thinks that he has not been properly treated

Mr Weymouth wishes to give $30.—difference between the lot joining his and the one thrown out by the Govt. Survey (on Sec 32)

Mr Dickey his two lots thrown out for the one opposite his on Topeka Avenue.

Engaged in drawing a plan of the City.

24 th Mr Willitz wishes to have his Share at the price at which it was voted to him. Is willing to pay 6 pr. ct. int. Writing and arranging the papers.

25 th Mr Tyler of Tecumseh wants a lot South of 6 th St. Showed him the ground corner of Kansas Avenue told him I would have 25 feet front Surveyed for him

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March 30 th 1857

Walter Oakley sh.gh 268.75

Wm Ross’ lot 40—

31 st C. K. Holliday returned. –

L. W. Horn wishes a title to a Brick Yard and will make [XXXXX] to [XXXXX] the first year.

April 4 John Elliott went into my front room in 114 Kansas Avenue.

lots to Mr Canim

J Anderson

Laban Hansel

7 Maps of Topeka near the corner of 5 th and Jackson Streets Mr McIntyre & Waters wish to take out stone & will fill it up to the present height.

8 paid Mr Canim for No 106 6 th avenue cost $25.00 left 91 Quincy St. and went into 114 Kan Avenue. your maps to Thornton, Stratton, Giles, Garvey, Frazier, Holliday,

F. A. Hunt, York, Thompson, Scudder, Chase, Hoskins

April paid for Lumber 300.00

Lent to [XXXXX] 100.00

“ Farnsworth 100.—

Paid toward city plats 450.00

Bought off Sexton 35.00

“ “ Frank Davis 75.00

“ “ Henderson 90.00

“ on Monroe Street 125.00

“ Furniture 605.00

“ 91 Quincy Street 550.00


E. G. Ross wishes two lots on Topeka Avenue to build upon.

York & Mason share 22.

121.3.5 Monroe

25.7.9 Monroe

Jackson 80. 9.4

Topeka Av 140

6 th Av last 126.8

F. W. Giles 141.143 6 th East to 56.58.60. Kansas Av. 13.18.17. do

12 Wrote J. H. Crany W. N. Lanlass John P. Wheeler C. McCallaway

Gave Wm Boyd 27.7.11 First on west

Gave A S. Waters lot 8 Block 43 on Van Buren Street.

Had handbills printed warning people from cutting or removing timber from association lands, put some upon trees near the river.

Selected lots 9 & 10 on the East side of Harrison Street south of 6 th for School grounds

The exchange with Mr. Dickey heretofore proposed by him was after consultation with the other trustees, made.

29 th Trustee meeting at Thorntons see his records he was made Secretary B Trustees.

Mr Young having taken lot 11 Block 43 of Mr Bunker agrees to give one drawn to his interest of equal value Mr Bunker has been given lot 10. Block 54 for the same

Gave Mr Kimball lot 10 Block 58 whereon to build himself a residence.

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April 16 th Had Nuisances Removed.

Been engaged in equalizing groups of lots for a drawing to shares.

Loring Farnsworth agrees to let the Association finish his building on Kansas Avenue for a hall in which to hold a Constitutional Convention. Paper, Candles, Et. Cetera to be procured.

M. K. Smith wishes to exchange his lot on Kansas Avenue bet. 8 th & 9 th Streets for a small lot corner 6 th St and the Alley near Kansas Av. upon which to put a Store building.

Mr Miller acquiesces in the arrangement upon condition that another lot in the City Shall be given him for which he has applied.

17 th Drawing of lots, at which time my plan for Numbering lots in the city was adopted.

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May 3 rd Have been looking over and arranging drawn lots to the shares to which they were drawn and marking them upon a plat to prevent mistakes in arranging for future drawings.

Daily showing lots to strangers since the drawing and sold to the amount of $200.00 Mr. Minnium Making tables used 108 feet of my Black walnut boards and cutting my yellow pine flooring from my pile of yellow pine.


May 8 Old Mr Martin takes a stove belonging to the Association to be returned or paid for.

Mr Stephens (Kickapoo) wishes a few sticks of dead timber upon Association lands near the river to prepare for making shingles. Went & Showed him.

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Mr S. P. Wemple commenced to Haul stone upon lots 116 118, 120, Quincvy Street for which he is to pay five Dollars.

Mr Hansel applies for a lot to build upon. Show him a lot on Van Buren St. cor. 7 th for $25.—House to be finished this year.

May 9 Mr Andrews takes lots 116, 118, 120 Tyler St. to build upon this year having the foundation up by the 4 th of July $15.00—Changed to 129, 131, 133 Topeka Avenue at $25.00

14 th Mr Hall (Windmill)

15 th Mr Elliott Terrell takes No. 199, 201, 203 Van Buren St. upon which he is to erect the walls of a dwelling house by the 4 th of July and also No. 73, 6 th Avenue East unconditional for which he gives an 80 acre Land Warrant.

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May 16 A heavy rain accompanied with hail, Stream in Jackson St abt. 150 ft wide Clouds cleared away leaving a Symbolic picture in the West.

May 20 th Mr Farnsworth – Share 90 Exchanges Nos. 146, 148, 150 Topeka Avenue for Nos 37, 39, 41, Same Street whereon to build.

Went to Show Old Mr. Sayre his lot – 116, 118, 120 Van Buren St. where he this morning commenced digging.

Mr. Murphy went into a house of mine on 1 st Avenue East on the 19 th of May.

May 26 C. A. Davis immediately to put a house on lot No 209 Kansas Avenue

28 Meeting of Board of trustees at my room. Resolved to make out certificate for Shares and lots and to tax nonresident Share holders $20.00.

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May 28 Gave certificate to Enoch Chase to lots 224, 226, & 228 Taylor Street to balance his a/c.

Gave certificate to Mrs Mary Jane Chase to lots 37 & 39 6 th Avenue East and also for 230, 232 & 234 on Polk Street for important services performed by her. Certificates for Garvey retained by myself as per resolution after board of trustees as security in part for a printing press purchased by me for him.

Darius Minmum Claims lots 73, 75, 77, Van Buren St. as his lots upon which he proposes to build at least a shop this Summer

Garvey & Conwell lot 206, on Kansas Avenue for boarding Wabaunsee Men. Holliday takes No. 200, K. A.

Garvey owes $10.00 Subscription

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D. H. Moore has lots 271, 273, 275 on Monroe Street

There is due the Association from the war department $75.00.

Certificate to Conwell & Co. for lot 206 Kans Av.

Miss Hartwell wants her lots – says they were promised her.

Emigrant Aid Company lots arranged.

C. C. Whiting says a lot was promised to him by Mr Ritchie.

June 27 th Mr Wilmarth says Nos 145, 147, 149 Monroe Street ought to go with Share 76.

Mr Cummings still teasing for a lot.

Mrs. Disney must have a lot—changed with McIntyre

Mr Sexton proposes to put up a brick or stone building 20 x 30 two Stories high. He wants 217, 219, 221, Van Buren St.

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Charles Wagaman & Mr Pemalee each to have lots to build upon

Due W. C. Jones for Davisons for men staying here for protection. 33.80 He will take a lot say 29, 31, 10 th Avenue West.

Augt 8 Agreed with G. W. Spencer to let him have 15, 17, 19 6 th Avenue East, he to proceed at once to build upon the same and I to take his mare in payment.

20 th Trustee Meeting at Thorntons: Briggs applies for a certificate for interest No 24

Voted to give lots 20, 22, 24 to the Topeka Mill Co. at a nominal rent provided they arrange with A. W. Moore to leave the premises now in his occupancy, that they may occupy the same until they get their mill in operation

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Voted that the President of the Board of Trustees give Wilmarth and Gustin a certificate for a share in the Topeka Association for fixing up the Hall as soon as the committee affirm that such share is due.

That R. L. Mitchell have lot 77 6 th Avenue East in payment for a bill due him.

Sept. Mr F. Johnson will accept Nos 283, 285, 287 on Western Avenue in payment of a claim of G. F. Crowes agt. The association owed 45.00 Given accordingly.

There is due Mrs. Adams upon the books $52.00 balanced by giving her Certificates to lots 62, 64, 66 Quincy Street and 205, 207, 209 Polk St.

21 The Ritchie Co. building Corner of 6 th & Kansas has a hole dug down at the N. W. corner and one stone laid

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August 25 th 1856 Elliott Terrell called upon me and wished to be relieved from the obligation to build upon his lot, which I told him I could not do, but that he must build.

27 th Sold Share No. 96 to J. Findley Hill and Share 97 to J. B. McCune $100. is paid and the rest to come in 60 days

Gave M. K. Smith certificate for Share No. 82 upon which there is due $49.00 to be paid before the title is good.

October Mr Hathaway claims a lot on Jackson Street which he says Mr. Adams Said he might hold.

For lots 146, 148, 150, 152 154 & 156 Kansas Avenue which Mr Garvey was allowed to build upon I took from Int no 57. No 245 Kansas Avenue from Interest No. 58 No 261, Kans Avenue and Nos 121, 123 & 125 Topeka Avenue and from Interest No 59 No 272 on

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Kansas Avenue making equal front with the first named lots according to agreement.

Lots 283, 285 & 287 Quincy Street taken from Interest No. 80 for 152, 154, & 156 Same Street upon which Mr Ross built his office.

Oct 31 Bond given to E. S. Tyler for lots 192, 194 & 196 Kans Av. He agreeing to build upon them early in the Spring and establish the plow manufacturing business upon a large Scale.

Mr. H. P. Waters a committee on the part of the Philomathic institute takes a certificate to lot No. 107 6 th Avenue East for said Institutes first lot voted by the association and lots & on 8 th Avenue East for their second.

Mr. Farnsworth on the part of the Congregational Church Chooses 205, 207, 209 on

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Harrison Street upon which to build their Church and lot No 362, 364, & 366 on Topeka Avenue as their second lot.

Set apart lots 374, 376, 378 on Topeka Avenue for H. H. Wentworth.

Nov 23 Gave L. C. Wilmarth and Richard Gustin a certificate for their share for fixing up Constitution Hall.

28 R. C. Farnsworth sold wagon to Mr Slayton for cash 35.00

Mare & Colt 40.00

Mr Ingersol got his lot 87 on 6 th Av East on the 2n Sept. Conditioned to build by the first of January.

28 Mr Canine got a lot No. 106 6 th Avenue East Early in September conditioned build by the first of January but has not commenced

Mr Lathrop got a lot Nos 212, 214, & 216 Jackson St corner 7 th Conditioned to build

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by the first of January and to pay $30.00

Nov 24 th The building is up.

29 th Gave Certificate to Wm Stephens Share No 50,

Cash recd 65.00

Note -- 100.00

Certificate given to Geo F Boyd for Share No 36

29 Share 99 appropriated to the procuring of Lithography of Topeka (ret. to board) Set apart lots 380, 382 384 Topeka Avenue for Mr J W Farnsworth.

Set apart lots 55, 57, 59 on First Avenue East for W. W. Henderson for one which he claims but which has been given to the E. A. Co. Corner of 2 nd & Quincy.

Dec 4 To be brought before the Association Mr Youngs lot Interest 32

5 th Wrote to L. H. Bradford & Co Boston Mass. (Lithographey)

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Dec 5 th Wrote to A H Reeder of Easton Pa, regarding his dues also Robert Klotz March Chunk

Edwin H. Grant applies for No 85 6 th Avenue East to build an office upon to pay 25.00

10 Wrote to Senator Richard Brodhead Washington requesting an appropriation for a bridge.

Wrote A. G. Kimberly of Baltimore for him to send me my $60 Flute.

15 Wrote M H. Traubel Lithographer Philadelphia.

17 Went with Messrs. Reynard Smith Fox Farnsworth to lay out the town of Holton.

20 th Returned

21 Wrote to D O Crow

“ Holliday

26 th Mr Coe & Dr Laws

27 C G Howard presents

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his bill against the association for 80.00 demanding pay for his ferry boat.

Ballard left.

H Miles Moore applies for a city interest.


January 14 Sent my plat of the City to L. H Bradford & Co Boston to be Lithographed.

15 Mr Canim called to see about a lot.

Rev Mr Callaway of the Protestant Episcopal Church address Markham Station Farquhan County Virginia

29 Went to Lecompton

Trustees at Dickeys voted to get City Charter

“ “ Bridge do

“ “ R.R.

“ “ Send notice to retailers of liquors to quit

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1857 February 1 st & 2 nd


5 th Gave Wheeler & Ingersol Certifacate for lot 87 on 6 th Avenue East.

6 th Thunder & rain High freshet Ice handsome & clear about 18 inches thick.

7 Sale of int. 100, to Geo Davis

9 bespoke of Gordons 10000 brick

Frank sold mare Colt to E C. Chapin

Wrote W. R Dunlap

“ C K Holliday

12 Trustee Meeting, S T Walker applies for the [XXXXX] corner 1 st and Kansas Avenue for a boarding house

13 Must see Howard in regard to a ferry

Wrote Caleb S. Pratt

14 Bought book Case of E. C. Chapin

16 Bought a Wagon of Titus Chapin for Frank gave $50.00

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February 18 th 1857

Went to Lecompton on business

20 th Returned from Lecompton & went to Lawrence on business of the association & had Deed recorded to my lots there deed & recording 4.95

Rail Road Meeting 18 th to plant trees fifteen feet apart, and to be planted on the Avenues 18 feet from front line of the lots 13 feet from line on Streets 100 feet wide and ten feet on 80 ft Streets.

Permission given to owners of lots upon Avenue to set trees in the exact middle of the same fifteen feet apart.

28 Put a few loads of dirt at the Shunganunga bridge.

Proposed to Tecumseh to keep bridge Stinsons Creek

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and also Deer Creek

John Armstrong applies for a brick yard

March 8 1857 Gave W. W. Ross share No 80 of Topeka Association

10 Convention.

13 Wrote J. W. Gearey

“ S. Bradford & Co. Maps

15 Gov Gearey left Lecompton

16 Surveyed Triangular piece East side Kan Ave. for Mill Co.

17 Wrote A. R. Speer Agt. Northern Cross R. R. Quincy Ill. with map & circular.

Hovenden hauling rails

21 From Corner stone to Kan. Av. 146 x 3

22 Wrote A H Reeder, Robt. Klotz

24 Paid William Paul 65.81

25 Gave Asaph Allen & Geo Davis certificate for share 100.

29 J. H. Lane gave notice of his intention to pay $315.00 and int. for 3 shares and to build upon one of the lots.


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