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J. W. Robinson to Isaac Goodnow

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Manhattan Nov. 12, 1860
My Dear Friend Goodnow!
Your very kind letter came to hand while I was absent from home and the next day after my arrival yesterday your letter came containing a Check for 75.$ for which I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I have been doing, for the past year, a very large business and among the best citizens in Riley County
I presume I shall have charged at the end of this year nearly 3000$ and yet I have not had money enough paid me to liquidate the Drug Bills! And from that amt I could not collect 100$ to save my life- and yet it is

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all, or pretty much all good! The truth is the money is not here – no one has it. So you may judge how happy I was to receive that check and how anxious I am to dispose of property for money at almost any price—I hope some day friend Goodnow I shall be placed in a position to reciprocate these favors and show you how heartily it will be done—The Deed to Mr Fitch will be on its way tomorrow or next day—the moment Mr Blood returns from Parkville, and they expect him tonight. Now one word about my other lots There is 249 ward 2 and 456 ward 2 both on Osage St and if either is sold I want them both sold and if they can

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be sold so as to net me 200$ immediately I should like to have them sold other wise I prefer to Keep them –You know I paid 150$ for one of them 3 years ago- they cost me just $250$!!
Then I have 196 ward 4 and 791 ward 3 and I want you to sell them for me very much indeed. When you are selling people knew nothing of the comparative value of lots only as you tell them—most people buy to keep and if so some of them cheaper lots are as likely to be good investments – If you will send me 80$ for these two lots you shall have the Deed forwarded immediately Now friend G. I want you to make money in this operation and I sincerely hope without too much effort you can

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sell all four of these lots. If so I shall feel like a new man and will some day do as good turn for you if in my power—sell the poor ones any way and the others if you possibly can. Whoever gets them will certainly make money at 300$ and one hundred will pay you unless you are troubled too much. But do the very best you can as I have no possible doubt you will.
I know there are many depending upon you for the bread they eat almost and the Lord be praised for raising up a [temple?] in this time of pecuniary famine.
I know I ought not intrude upon your time but you don’t know how much I need this money no one but myself does know!!

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In finishing the [purely?] business portion of this letter I have only to add do the very best you can for me and I certainly will put myself out of my way always to accommodate you.
1st Blessed be the Ruler of this universe! His over ruling hand has been manifest in all this campaign!
The momentous time has come and gone and our Country is saved! The Republicans are triumphant. Lincoln has carried every Free State heard from except the semi-free State of New Jersey. The Amboy Rail Road was too much for us to fight against.
The Election was conducted most gloriously. The management suited me to a T. and the result has astonished even our most sanguine friends. Who thought Penn would throw 60 or 70000 maj? A doubtful State!! Ind 40,000 and Ill. Nearly 20,000 maj. I believe

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no portion of the Confederacy rejoices with a more heartfelt [xxx] than the people of Kansas. They do feel as well as any persons can and even the Democrats assert that they are gratified at the result. They believe Lincoln will give us a good Administration and be conservative!!
Mr Hardin I have known long and well and a better man does not live in the party. He is a pure patriot!! We shall be admitted probably quite early in the Session as that was the last business done and will be the first regular business in course at the next Session—Our early admission would be of immense importance to this Territory! The Smoky Hill rout is destined to be the rout. It is certainly 75 to 100 miles nearer and there are not 15 miles during the entire distance destitute of good wood and water!!!

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many teams are returning this Fall by this rout and all unite in its praise. There is now no question either here or in Denver City as to the vast superiority of this rout! The bridge at the foot of Poyntz Avenue has been commenced. They have driven their Piles (I believe this is the word) laid some of the stone in the abutments and the men are now building the boats. You know it is to rest on boats, a pontoon bridge – I question very much whether it is completed before next February or March!
Mr [Falloch?] is now in Leavenworth and his family with him. He preaches every Sunday in Stocktons Hall to a very large audience, and will, till the Baptists secure a speaker to suit them. he is also connected with Judge Pendery in law, and has one half the proceeds of the office which

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is doing more business than any one in the city probably. Mr Dennison, as you know has started East. Mrs. Chas Barnes had a little daughter last night. Mrs. H. Strong has a little (or big) son the night before, was very sick. I was oblidged to resort to Instruments!! Within a week I have assisted 8 ladies to populate this rapidly improving country. Mrs. Dr Whiteham is very sick indeed and I very much question her prospect of recovery.
I have new patients at Mr Stengs, Mr Kimballs, Mr Flugay, Mr Willistens, Mr Mules – Mr Higenbothams, Mr Banes, Mr Whiteham & Mr Garretts. All doing well. My wife sends her regards to you and longs to see you and your wife back to Kansas again.
I as John Adams did, leave off as I begun, about my lots if you can assist me by working a little harder I certainly will sometime repay you four fold.
Accept all our love and believe me
Your very obt Friend & Brother
J. W. Robinson

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