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Kansas. The land of golden horizons

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Kansas. The land of golden horizons.
Kansas Chamber of Commerce
Topeka, Kansas

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Swimming. Fishing. Hunting—Kansas Offers All
Campus Scene, Kansas State College
Take the trail to Kansas—the land of golden horizons and glorious sunsets;

of romance and glamorous history; of sunshine and scenic grandeur.
Come to Kansas—once the home of the Indian, where the deer and the antelope

played, now an empire of agricultural, mineral and industrial wealth.
Visit Kansas—where Coro-nado and his Conquistadors spent a summer nearly 100

years before the Pilgrims saw Plymouth Rock; where the pioneers blazed the

way for the development of the West; where the Civil War started; where John

Brown operated his "underground railroad" with gunfire and fanatical zeal.

Photo.country Bridgeport Mi.
Forests of Oil Derricks Cover the State
Kaw River Valley Scene

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Kansas wheat field
Rock city near Minneapols, Kansas
A Section of Downtown Wichita
Harvesting wheat
John Brown's home at Osawatomie
You travel in Kansas over Royal Roads, many following famous old trails —

among them the Santa Fe, Oregon and Chis-holm. Once these were traversed by

great trains of covered wagons or echoed the thunder from hoofs of thousands

of cattle on the great drives from the Southwest.
Today, Kansas offers splendid highways with more than 8,000 miles of paving

and all-weather surfacing. It is the "cross-roads of the nation"; the

geographic center of the United States (in Smith county); traversed by more

federal highways than any other state; the principal lane for

transcontinental train, bus and airway services.

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Council Oak, Council Grove
A Kansas oil refinery
Scenic Kansas
Cowboy statue, Dodge City, Home of boot hill
Castles in Kansas
The Royal Roads of Kansas carry you through scenery unsurpassed in pastoral

and rugged beauty. Journeying across the state in any direction the highways

thread through a constantly changing landscape. Terraced uplands, isolated

hills, high bluffs, deep canyons and geological wonders combine with

delightful river valleys and rolling prairie to produce scenic beauty

unmatched for variety and charm.
With nearly 30 state lakes, numerous county lakes, municipal pools and

rivers, Kansas offers plentiful opportunities for fishing, swimming and

water sports. Golf, tennis, hunting and other sport facilities are present


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The Sphynx in Goiy County
Flying the Kansas airways
Pioneer transportation
Funston Memorial at Ft. Riley
Modern travel in Kansas
Stadium at Kansas University
equal abundance. Every part of the state is amply equipped with hotel and

camping accommodations above the average.
Testifying to the climate of Kansas, insurance actuarial records mark it as

the healthiest state in the nation. The spring and fall months are

especially delightful for touring.
Rich in historic lore is Kansas. Here are sites and objects associated with

events which changed the course of a nation; here are cities and towns the

cowboy made famous in story and song; here the Indian, early Spanish

explorers, French adventurers who followed them, the American expeditions of

Pike and Lewis and

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Famous Reinisch rose garden, Topeka
A Kansas fairway
Meadowlark, the state bird
Topeka High School, its architecture is noted
An old time "Soddy"
A dairy scene
Clark, the pioneers who broke the sod and those who fought out the issue of

slavery have left their indelible imprint.
Kansas takes its name from the Kansas Indians, meaning"People of the South

Wind." The sunflower is the official flower; the Western Meadow Lark, the

state bird. It is 24th in population with 1,880,999 residents; 13th in area

with 82,158 square miles. Nearly 94 % ol the population is native-born.
Total value of the state's farm, mineral and factory production is over a

billion dollars annually and the per capita wealth of Kansas exceeds any

other state.

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_^H^HM^9 Centuries in Kansas
Tracks of Old Santa Fe Trail West of Dodge City
Kansas is third in beef cattle
Hard-surfaced roads invite the tourist
Reno County courthouse
Old Shawnee Mission

Kansas is fourth in agriculture. It is the largest wheat producing state in

the Union; third in beef cattle; first in apple seedlings; first in alfalfa

seed production; third in flax seed; second in grain sorghums; fifth in

poultry; sixth i n cor n;first in sweet sorghum hay.
Kansas is eighth in mineral output. It is first in volcanic ash production;

third in salt; fourth in oil; ninth in natural gas; with large deposits of

gypsum, clay and limestone.
Kansas manufactures a wide variety of products and is rapidly growing in

importance as an industrial state. It is first in flour milling; second in

meat packing;

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State capitol building, topeka.
Kansas is second in meat packing
Tomb of unknown Indian, Council Grove
Kansas scenery is varied; colorful
First Capitol building, Ft. Riley
A state lake
Mushroom rock, Ellsworth
tenth in cement; home of the largest farm paper publishing plant in the

world; and has more than a score of large oil refineries constituting an

important industry. It makes everything from toys to airplanes.
Kansas is not just another state. In the peculiar beauty and variety of its

scenery; in its unusual historic background; in its pioneer landmarks of

early day adventure; in its symbols of modern progress, Kansas differs from

any other state in the nation.
Kansas invites and welcomes you.

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