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To cash to

S Mccrary 1.89

L Newman 50

P Nelford spol of thread 10

Brown mustard 3.50

br eggs zip

shoes 1.50

Nutmeg 20

Eggs 30

[XXXXX]  1.00

Pins 10

[XXXXX]  20

Pepper 10

Candle stick 15


[Page 2-3]


Thread  5

Comfert 15

Cr on settlement 5.41

Fethers 1.43


James M. B. Gastons Book of travels During the Mexican War [XXXXX]


[Page 4-5]




Journal of Travel, Mexican War


Salem May 1847

Requisition Recd at Salem on 2nd  of May for a Company of Volunteers [XXXXX]  Reported to the Goveror and [XXXXX] on the 5th  and Rendezvoused and left Salem on the 17th  arrive in Alton on the 19th  and Musterd into the service of the United States on the 21st  Remained in quarters until the 17th  of June.  And left and arrive at Fort Levenworth on the [XXXXX] 1847.


[Page 6-7]


Distance from Alton to Mouth of Mo. River 5 Ms.

Distance from St Louis to Fort Levenworth

From St Louis to St Charles 45 Miles

Port Royal 70

St. [XXXXX] 74

Mt. Pleasant 89

Washington 89

Mothersville 91

Pinckney 101

Portland 135

South Bar Creek 156

Jefferson City 30

Marion 15

Nashville 15

Roach Port 18

Boonville 12

Arrow Rock 15

Glascow 15

Brunswick 30

Lexington 55

Wellington 8


Liberty Landing

Ft. Levenworth


Arrive at the Fort on the 21st, placed Under Command of Col C Whorton.  drew arms and accuterments On the 29th

30th A day of General Inspection by Col. E. W. B. Newby.


[Page 8-9]


July 4th

All the Regulars of the Post Parraded.  also all the Volunteers on the Square  the Declaration of Independence Red by the Chaplin of the Garrison, the procession Then Marched outside the Square. Where was Stationd 3.  9 pounder Canon fired Ten Rounds each in Quick Time. preparation being being Made  One Detachment Consisting of Companies {B.} Commanded by Capt. Cunningham, Co. {E} Comd by Capt. S W. Hook.


And Co. {C} Commanded by Capt. V. Turner,


7th  Lieut.  Col. Boyakin Commanding,  left the Fort with a train of 35 Waggons 30 More belonging to S.  Detachment being ahead. Marched 5 Ms. & encamped.

8th Marched 14 Miles to Gum Spring.


9th  Lay in Camps waiting for Train.


10th  Marched 10 Ms. to Shawney Camp Ground Crossing Caw River fifteen miles above The Mouth.


[Page 10-11]


11th Sunday lay in Camps waiting for Train. Prarie fertile Good Water.


12th  Marched 10 Ms. to Wolf Creek. Beautiful Country.


13th Marched 8 miles to Lone Elm there Buried John W. Collins who Died On the 14th at 1 oclock A.M.


14  Marched 12 Ms to Bull Creek. fine Spring Water.


15th  Marched 15 miles  Water Bad.


16th  Marched 8 Ms found a fine Spring And 8 further to Rock Creek.


17th Marched 15 Miles withoug Water only in Canteen Encamped at 110 Mile Creek at 2 Oclock.


18th  Lay in Camps Cool day.


19th  Marched 8 Ms. to a to a Creek Small skirts of Timber


20th  Marched 18 Miles throgh an Excellent water Country.  Aaron A Campbell of Capt. Hooks Company Died.


21st  Marched 18 Miles to Big John Creek.


22nd  Marched 3 Miles to Council Grove, to remain till our waggons


[Page 12-13]


are repaired. Meeting Several trains from Santa Fe. all speak of attacks by Indians.  then overtook 30 More of Our Waggons, Under Command of Capt. Elliott, Making the Whole Train to Consist of 60 Goverment. And 3 Company Waggons here remained 23rd  to 24th .


25th Marched 18 Miles to Diamd Spring fine Water.


26th  Marched 15 Ms. with great ease Cool to Cloudy Boys in fine Spirits.


27th  Marched 14 Miles to Cotton Wood Creek. Several attcks Made here this Season by Indians.


28th  Marched 18 Ms. Saw five Antelopes Encamped at Turkey Creek.


29th  Marched 28 Miles to Little Arkansas Saw Some Indians at a distance


30th  Marched 10 Miles to Owl Creek Saw Considerable Sings of Bulfalow.


31st  Marched 13 Ms. To Big Cow Creek.  Broke Waggon.


[Page 14-15]


August 1st


Lay in Camps to repair waggon.  Being Sunday Considerable washing and Making preparation for Election.


2nd  Marched 19 Ms. to Plum Bute a Beautiful Eminence. Seeing the Carcases of Many Dead Buffalows.  And encamped at the Big Bend of Arkansas, Meeting a considerable train from Santa Fe. remaind in Camps on the 3rd.


4th  Marched 15 Ms. to Ash Creek passing Pawney Rock a Singular Sight.


5th  Marched 6 Ms. to Pawney Fork Killed a Buffalow boys put on Sentry duty Robert Easly Died.


6th  Marched 12 Miles to Coon Creek a fine Spring and Arkansas River in Sight.  Many Buffalows.


7th  Lay Still all day Killed two fine Buffalows.


8th  Marched 15 Ms. to Camp Boyakin. Saw Many Buffalows Met a large train Santa Fe.


9th  Marched 12 Ms. and Encamped on Arkansas No Timber on the north Side


[Page 16-17]


10th  Marched 15 Ms. Encamped On the Arkansas. Boys kill: five Buffalows and One Deer


11th  Marched 15 Ms. Encamped near Manns Fort. Killed One Badger and two Antelopes.


12th  Marched 20 Ms. passed Manns Fort. Encamped on Arkansas Killed 2 Buffalows.

13th  Marched 12 Ms. Encamped near the crossing of Arkansas Overtook trains


14th  Lay in camps


15th  Crossed Arkansas and Marched 20 Ms. through the night. Encamped at daylight Meet Train.


16th  Marched 25 Ms. through the night Encamped at day light Met large Train.


17th  Marched one Mile and Encamped at large Pond.


18th  Marched 12 Ms to Sand Creek Saw Many Buffalows.


19th  Marched 8 Ms and Encamped at lower Simirone [Cimarron] Spring. Wallis overtook with Express from Colonel E.W.B Newby.


20th  Lay in Camps waiting for Newby’s Division


21st  Marched 10 Miles Encamped on Simirone


22nd  Marched 12 Miles


[Page 18-19]


Up the Simirone. Meeting a large Santa Fe Train


23rd  Marched 15 Ms and Encamped at Middle Simirone Spring


24th  Lay in Quarters Elliotts train passed. killed Buffalow.


25th  Marched 10 Ms encamped on Simirone


26 Marched 17 Ms to willow Bar Sandy travel.


27th  Marched 17 Ms Met Col. Prices Detachment Encamped at upper Simirone Spring, overtook Ellioots Train.


28th Marched 21 Miles Encamped at Cedar Spring passing Cold Spring Comeing Sight of Many Spurs of Rocky Mountains.


29th  Marched 10 Ms to McNeeses Creek the place where McNees was killed by an Indian with his Own Gun.

30th  Marched 21 Ms. to Rabit Ear Creek Many Spurs of Mountains in Sight.


31st  Marched 17 Ms. Encamped on a Branch called Camp Newby.


[Page 20-21]


Sept 1st


Marched 14 Ms Encamped on Whetstone Branch. fine Spring to the right no wood Several Mountains in sight Coverd with timber.


2nd  Marched 17 Ms Encamped in Prarie no wood. Met a large Santa Fe Train.


3rd  Marched 15 Ms Encamped On Canadian Fork of Red River, beautiful Stream fine spring plenty wood.


4th  Marched 25 Miles Encamped near waggon Mound in a lovely Desert by or of Col. Newby.  no wood or water.


5th  Marched 16 Miles Encamped at a creek a fine spring plenty of wood Pine & Cedar.


6th  Marched 15 Ms. Encamped in Prarie no wood or water.  over took train.


7th  Marched 12 Ms. Encamped On a Small Creek passing Bagus [Las Vegas?] 3 Miles


8 Marched 22 Ms Encamped at St. McGuill 800 Inhabitants


9 Marched 10 Ms Encamped 2 miles north the Road.


10th Marched 17 Miles Encamped at a spring


[Page 22-23]


Small creek passing an old church.


11th Marched 16 Miles Encamped at four mile Spring


12th  Marched 4 Miles arrive near Santa Fe, and Encamped.  Remained in Camps till the 26th. Marched into the City and Encamped, untill the 16th of Oct, and went into Quarters and remained till 9th of Feb, Orderd to Albuquerque Marched 6 Miles.  Encamped at Arrow[XXXXX]


10th  Marched 18 Miles to a creek.  Not known.


11th  Marched 14 Ms. to St Philipi.


12 Marched 15 Ms. to [XXXXX] [XXXXX] [XXXXX]


13th  Marched 15 Ms encampt on the [XXXXX]


14 Marched 7 Miles to Albuquerque and went into Quarters.


[Page 24-25]


May on the night of the 5th of May Sentenal kild a Spaniard


June the 24th left Albuquerque [XXXXX] [XXXXX] crost the [XXXXX] at Sun Set left the river marched 22 miles halted til day light


25th  marched 28 miles encampt for the night at the [XXXXX]


26th  marched 26 miles pasing Lagoonah [XXXXX] indian town encampt on Lagoonah Creek


27th  Marcht 18 miles to [XXXXX] Spring fine water & grass 28th Left the wagons & pack muels travled 25 miles to [XXXXX] Spring fine timber water & grass 29 marched 5 miles crosing the line Between [XXXXX] & the [XXXXX] very high mountains & Friscow Spring fine water


30th Marcht 15 miles to Zuna the place we were ordered to Indians met us 2 miles from the Town redy for war or Peace for Peace was the result


[Page 26-27]


Marcht on to the town Cald a halt dismounted Col Boykin [Boyakin] & the chief After discorsing about an hour we remounted And rode back 5 miles And encampt for the Night where the cheaf Came out to see the Col where the agreead to Setle there business which the did on the 1st of July where we lay in Camps the 2nd Back to Friscow Spring the 2nd  marched


3rd  5 miles to [XXXXX] Spring

4th lay in camps hunted kild 1 Basin 1 dear 2 antelopes


very cool at nights


5th  marcht back to [XXXXX] Spring passing through a canion of 8 miles in length bluffs on eather Side impasable on the 6th marcht 18 miles & encampt on Lagoonah the 7th  Col with 60 men turned of & went to [XXXXX] town to get holt of a man that had been out among the Navyhoes Stealing sack from them pasing over dense very rough mountains to the town of Sevoyer


[Page 28-29] 


Not finding the man Returned to camps on the [XXXXX] Struck camp waited until morning of the 8th  Started for the nice ground which is 50 miles & the nearest water we Could get got to the River after dark Spiked out our horses lay down without any supper on the 9th crost the River got into Albuquerque & got breakfast at 11 oclock Remained in Albuquerque [XXXXX] with much impatience


[XXXXX] [XXXXX] on the 19th  Captain Skilman came up hear from chihuhuah

with nues of Peace on the 3rd of this [XXXXX] General Price past for Santa fe on the 8th orders came for us to march to las vagus the 11th of August left Albuquerque for Las vagus marcht 25 Miles encampt at Savantown Rained very hard the 12th  Marcht 6 mile & encampt At [XXXXX] house


the 13th  Marcht 30 Miles on [XXXXX] creek


[Blank pages]


[Page 30-31]


the 14th  Marcht 6 miles to [XXXXX] town encampt to load other Wagons for Las vegus hansom contry Hevy Rain in evnig


15th  Marcht 35 Miles to Pagus [Pecos] church Spring


16th  Marcht 12 Miles to [XXXXX]  17th  Marcht 22 Miles to Las vagus  18th Lay in camps 


19th Marcht 14 Mils to Novo Past [XXXXX] train & met [XXXXX] train For santa fe met [XXXXX] train for Albuquerque Col Newby left Novo the 20th we lay in camps


Expens [XXXXX] July 1st


1  pair pants    2.50

''  Coat        6.00

''  Shirt        2.00

''  handkerchie   50

''  hat         1.40

''  pair Boots    3.50

''  pair pants    1.39

''  Gloves        25

2  Shirts        2.00

1  fur hat       2.25

''  handkerchie    75

''  Shirt         2.25



''  pair Boots  [XXXXX]

''  pot          1.75


[Page 32-33]


November 1850


Wm Gaston [XXXXX] Dr

to Cash to J P Huff        15.40

to Cattle               $50.00

to Cash                $10.00

to   "                $10.00

to Cash to [XXXXX] Green  $4.00


oct 1851


to  Cash                  10.00

''    ''     by whetloch      2 00

''    ''     Easley           2.50



''          1 cow           7.00


April 1852


''  1 cow  12.00

''   cash   2.00


May 1852


to cash     1 75

''   ''      2 00

' '  ''       2 00

July to work  5.00


[Page 34-35]






[Page 36-37]






[Page 38-39]


oct. 25th  1849

Scott made me to This Time 21 Barrels   21.00

''  ''  [XXXXX]  2BB                   45

DF to 1 Barrel                       1.00

''  made Large BB [XXXXX]             1 75

Dr  to Cash                        18 00

30th made 2 1/2 BB                       2 50

     ''  1    ''                     1 00


nov 29th 1849


Paid to Andrews 1 95


28th Andrews & Scott to 6 Barrel       6 00

     ''          ''  2 Sold [XXXXX]  2 00




[Page 40-41]


John Telford Dr


to 2 Barrels     $2 00

to 1 Large BB     1 25



E C Brige Dr


to 10 Barrels  $10.00

Cr By Cush     $5.00


[Page 42-43]






[XXXXX] Wallace


to 1 barrel $1 00




Abram Copple

dr  to 1 BB 1 00



Philip Copple

dr  to 1 BB 1 00


David Copple

dr  to 1 BB 1 00



[Page 44-45]




Jas MB Gaston made to this time oct. 25th 1849

55 Barrels     $55 00

1  Large BB     1 75

1    ''  '       1 25

2 1/2 Barrels 75   1. 50




Dr to 9 BB to D H [XXXXX]  9 00

made 3 BB for Copple     3 00

  ''  2 1/2 '' W & S       2 50

Rec Cash of Myers         1 00

  "    ''    ''  Garrison  1.00


[Page 46-47]


[Crossed out]


[Pages 48-49]


James Gaston          Dr        Cr

on new orleans Bank  $24.20  $71.32


James Scott           Dr         Cr

on new orleans Bank  $58.99  $127.23


[Page 50-51]



Amount of debt Collected of the firm of Andrews & Scott by Jas Gaston


May 1st  Jas  [XXXXX] [CROSSED OUT]

  "   4th John Martin  [CROSSED OUT]




[Page 52-53]


William Spencer Bill of timber Good staves 73.12

Refused       4 2/7]  84

Good Heding  87 1/2]  72

Refused  "   [XXXXX]  24


Jon Whitington

Good staves [XXXXX]

heding     [XXXXX]

Refused     13


Wm Spencer

300 staves 127

32 good 16

20   ''    10


[Pages 54-55]




[Pages 56-57]


Jas McB Gaston    Dr        Cr

on orleans Book  $2420    $71.32


James Scott       Dr          Cr

on orleans Book  $58.97  $129.23


By Cash to wife       50

to 1 pair shoes     $1 00

to Bacon 9 lbs        30

to cash for coffee     50

to  ''  Avary Cline  1.37


[Blank pages]


[Page 58-59]


May the 1st, 1850

Amounts collected on the firm of Andrews & Scott

Harriet Breese   $2.65

Joh. M Heartly   $2.00

James Joleff     $1.95

Alex Bundy        50

Wm Jackson      $1.15

Levie Winigar      .65

Jos Telford      $2.00

Jas Ivans         1.00

Joh Roberts      $1.12

Jay Felell          .90


Joel Hawkins      1.85

E. C. Birge        $1.00




John Avance  $2.40


[Blank pages]


[Page 60-61]


August the 6th 1848


To dollars cash $3 00

Charley Tomas Dr.

To Cash 1.00




Amanda [XXXXX] Dr to cash for trunk 1 75


Mary [XXXXX] Dr

to  beef     25

''  potatoes  25

''  apples    25

''  venison   25

''  flower    50

''  potatoes  50





[Page 62-63]



Amanda [XXXXX]

Dr to Cash  $4 75

Cr to Cash   1 65

"  "  "      60




[Page 64-65]


May 1850






[Page 66-67]


oficers commissioned Company list


Capt Turner


1 T. N Haney

2 L Write

3 B. F Marshel




1 J. M. Wade

2 Jos [Worvuskey]

3 Jas Martin

4 Jos [Whair]




1 Jessee Ray

2 Jas Nelson

3 Dyne Tracy

4 Jas Cooper




T.W. Pace

Wm N. Haney




1 A Adams


3 J Anderson

4 L. G. Anglin

5 G W. Ashton

6 Buckout H

7 Barley Jas

8 Bundy [XXXXX]

9 Bundy Wm H

10 Bundy Alex

11 Beasley Wm

12 Beasley A. W

13 Baker J C

14 Barr J.N

15 Blackburn B. L

16 Cutchen M

17 Chastean J. M

18 Colen L. W.


[Page 68-69]


21 Cox J N

22 Cox H. P

23 Denton J W

24 Eliott Andrew


26 Easley R Wm

27 French N

28 Gaston J M B

29 Hill J M D

30 Jackson Wm

31 Jones A

32 Jones J P

33 Jones S. G.

34 Lewis J Wm

35 Lotune L

36 Lusten J. J

37 Lester T B

28 Marshel J T

39 McColyinH


40 McGyne

41 Morgan Wm C

42 Mideltun G Wm

43 Milliron J A

44 Minard L

45 Neal M C

46 Neal T

47 Nelson J R

48 Parker L

49 [XXXXX] J L

50 Peters T T


52 Ray A

53 Rotan Wm  C

54 Rainy S

55 Smith Wm

56 Smith S

57 Sanger Wm


[Page 70-71]


58 Tyler J R

59 Torance John

60 Thomas Charley

61 Tuly John

62 Vaughn Uriah

63 Vaughn J D

64 Winn David

65 Wales Eliga

66 Wadkins J A

67 Walsh J B

68 Wharn J McM

69 Wharn R McM

70 Wharn B A

71 Wilson H G

71 White J Wm

73 Whitlok J J

74 Yong Zacharyah


Brasel William

Buss Wm H

Cheeley F L

Elston William

Jones Wm P

Meford J C

Roach Wm C

White J. H

Breeze C N


[Page 72-73]


Death Report

James C. Baker Died at Ft levens Worth on The {XXXXX] of July 1847

Joseph A Watkins Died Ft levns Worth July the

John W. Colins Died at lone Elm July the 14th  [XXXXX]

Robert Died at Powney fork August the 5th 1847

William N. Jones Died At Santa fe Sept the 29th 47

Fountain L. Cheely Died at Santa fe November the 22nd  1847

William H. Bass Died Jany 10th 1848


James H. White Died Jany 22nd

James Cooper Died Feb the 4th 1848

Uriah Vaughn Died Albuquerque Aril 25th 1848

William Brasel Died at [XXXXX] Rock [XXXXX]


[Page 74-75]


Elisha Arkansas Dr 4 barrels 4 00

Frank Dr to 1 large BB 1 75

[XXXXX] Dr to 1 large BB 1 75

Rily [XXXXX] Dr to 1 large BB 1 00


C W [XXXXX] Dr to 1/2 large BB 75

J N [XXXXX] to 1 [XXXXX] 50


[Page 76-77]






[Page 78-79]


August 25 1852

[XXXXX] 5 00


[Page 80-81]




Adams Wm Staves 1.54

Copple Staves 1.28

[XXXXX] 1.36

Copple [XXXXX]


Jas M. B. Gaston


[Inside cover]


[Back cover]

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