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Kickapoo Association.


On the 28th day of August, 1854, the following gentleman met at the office of Judge McCurdy in the City of Weston, and organized the “Kickapoo Association,” for the purpose of laying off and building a town or city at the Kickapoo landing (Ellis’ Ferry), in Kansas Territory:  Stephen Johnston, S. P. McCurdy, John C. Ellis, E.S. Wilkinson, H. Collier, Leonidas Oldham, R. S. Merchant, A. W. Hughes, Frederick Hoberg, H. B. C. Harris, Henry Colman, Jesse Morin, Washington Hays, B. Wood, William Finley, Wilson G. Noble, and James Ferguys: Whereupon the association was temporarily organized by the appointment of Jesse Morin as Chairman, and E. S. Wilkinson as Secretary.


On motion it was resolved that this association be styled the “Kickapoo Association.”


On motion the following named persons were then elected permanent officers of the Association:  Henry Colman, President; E. S. Wilkinson, Secretary; and S. P. McCurdy, Treasurer.  Dr H. B. C. Harris, Judge McCurdy and Henry Colman were appointed a committee to select a surveyor.  And Judge McCurdy was appointed and requested to write out a set of by-laws and submit them to the next meeting for its approval, for the government of the Association.


A motion was then made and carried, to adjourn to 10 o’clock a.m., on Thursday, 31st of August, 1854.  Jesse Morin ch Protem

E. S. Wilkinson, Secretary.


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August 31st 1854


The Association met pursuant to adjournment.  S. P. McCurdy appointed to write out a set of by-laws for its government, made his report


On motion of Captain Morin it was resolved; That if the proposed City should happen to touch any part of the claim of James Beagle, he shall have the privilege of becoming a member of this association on the same terms of the original members, which was unanimously adopted.


The Report of Judge McCurdy proposing a set of by-laws for the government of the association, was taken up, amended and adopted


On motion John C. Ellis, Frederick Hoberg, Wm Finley, were appointed a committee to employ a surveyor to run the outside lines of the town site, as soon as possible


On Motion The Capital stock of Kickapoo City Association divided into One Hundred Shares- Four Shares shall be reserved to each of the Original Members of the association, and the balance of the Shares being        shall be sold at private sale by the President & Secretary for not less than one Hundred Dollars, and transfer them to the Purchaser -  The money arrising from the said sale to be equally divided between the Original Members of the Association – The transfer to be by Certificate of stock, signed by [Hum-]

On motion it was resolved that A. G. Boyd, be allowed to purchase one share by paying to Frederick Hoberg


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John C. Ellis and Washington Hays three eighteenths of one hundred dollars.


On motion A. G. Boyd was added to the Committee to employ a surveyor and superintend the survey of the outside boundary of the town site.


On motion the association adjourned to meet in Weston on Tuesday next.


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By-Laws of the Kickapoo City Association.


Art. 1  The officers of said Association shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


2  It shall be the duty of the President at all regular meetings of the Association to preserve order, and put all motions or questions to the house, and vote only in case of a tie, ( and his absence the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President) and shall sign the Record of the proceedings of each meeting.


3  The Secretary shall keep a just & correct account of all the proceedings of the Association, and sign the same with the President.  And perform all other duties required of him by the Association.


4  The Treasurer shall receive and receipt for all moneys paid into the Treasury, and pay them out as he is ordered to do by the Association; and keep a just and accurate account of the same, and report to the Association as often as he may be required to do by the Association.


5  In the transaction of business, each member shall be entitled to a vote on all questions coming before the Association; a majority in all cases governing.


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Art. 6  A majority of the members, and they owning a majority of the stock, being present shall constitute a quorem to transact business.


7  The Association shall have power to levy and collect such sums of money from each of its members, from time to time, as it may see proper for the purpose of clearing off, and surveying the ground, which does none or may hereafter be owned by the Association, or for any other purpose they may desire it for the general advancement of the objects or interests of the Association, except those members whose lands may be embraced in the town tract, and have, or may relinquish their lands to the Association.


8  Any member of this Association failing or refusing to pay the amount of money assessed to his share, or on a share, in the time and on the terms prescribed by the association, at the time of making the assessment, shall thereby forfeit his membership, and all that he may have paid in before that time, and all the rights and privileges that he may have enjoyed as a member of said Association.  Provided, however, that any member who shall have made the forfeiture in this section mentioned, shall be restored to his membership again by a vote of


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a majority of two-thirds of the members of the Association, and by his immediate compliance with the order of the Association on the Assessment.


9  The Association may at any time punish a member for disorderly conduct while said Association is in session, and for any violation of any of the By-Laws of this Association, and the punishment shall either be by fine in such amount as shall be fixed upon by the Association at the time, or by expulsion from membership in the Association; and in either case, if the fine is not paid by the next succeeding meeting, the member shall be expelled; and the expelled member

shall forfeit, in all cases, all the money he shall have paid into the Association, and all the rights and privileges he before may have enjoyed.


10  No person shall become a member of this association except by the unanimous consent of the members of the Association


11  The Association may, by order, divide the capital stock of said Association into as many shares as it may think proper, each share-holder being a member of this Association; and any one person holding or owning more than


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one share, shall be entitled to one vote for every share he may own.  Share owners may vote by written proxy.


12  Said Association shall have power to regulate the terms and manner of the sale and transfer of shares, shall pass all other needful rules and regulations for the promotion of the general interests of the Association.


13  Any By-Law may be repealed, altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the Association.


14  The Association shall hold a regular meeting in the City of Weston, Mo., on Tuesday of every week, and may adjourn from time to time as often as it may see proper, and the President may call special meetings, at such time and place, as he may think expedient.


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Sept. 5th 1854


The Association met pursuant to adjournment.  A quorum was present.  The report of the Committee appointed to employ a surveyor was called for, and a diagram of the survey of the outside boundarys of the site


On motion it was resolved that no stockholder shall be allowed to dispose of a share, until all the shares (28) heretofore authorized to be sold passed.


A motion was made to appoint a committee of five to superintend the clearing off such ground as may be necessary previous to the survey, and the Committee to appoint one of its number to superintend the work personally.  The committee to cosist of the following persons S. P. McCurdy, Harvey Collier, S. R. Merchant, A. G. Boyd and H.B.C. Harris.  Passed unanimously.


Dr Harris moved Nathan T. Shaler, whose claim is partly included in the present limits of the Kickapoo City, be admitted as a member of this Association, upon the same terms as the original claimants passed unanimously.


On motion of Mr. Wood it was resolved that W. S. Hays be requested to relinquish eighty acres of his claim – unconditionally to the association.  Eyes predominated, and motion passed.  A supplemental motion was made and passed, that Mr. Hays relinquish the eighty acres next to the survey; re-


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serving one acre on which his house stands, which was passed.


On motion the association adjourned to meet at Ellis’ on the Kickapoo City site on Tuesday at 10 o’clock


Henry Colman, Chairman

E. S. Wilkinson, Sec’y


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Article of Relinquishment by the Original Proprietors of the site of Kickapoo City:


“For and in consideration of our being taken into the Kickapoo (City) Town Association, as equal partners, wherein as shown by the Articles of Association on the annexed page, we do each of us; agree to relinquish, and do hereby relinquish, to the said Town Association so much of our claims, in the Territory of Kansas, on the Kickapoo lands, near the mouth of Salt creek, as will give to the said Town Association one half mile down the Missouri river from Ellis’ House on the bank of the Missouri river running back southwardly as on the river (to-wit: half a mile) making three hundred and twenty acres out of one claims.  Ellis retains for himself the Ferry privilege.

Weston, August 28, 1854


Leonidas Oldham,

Washington Hays

John C. Ellis

R. S. Merchant,


I agree to sign the above agreement and relinquish the eighty acres of my claim adjacent to John C. Ellis’ Claim and Hays’ claim.  I am not to pay any of the expenses of clearing off and surveying said town site.


Frederick Hoberg


We, The undersigned do hereby agree that the survey of the 320 acres for the Town of Kickapoo shall be extended south into our claims so as to make the 320 acres, beginning at the high water  mark of the Missouri river.


R. S. Merchant,

Nathan T. Shaler. 


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The undersigned hereby agrees, provided Kickapoo City does not include eighty acres of his claim, to relinquish, and does hereby relinquish, the eighty acres of his said claim next to said survey, except one acre including the ground on which his house stands.


Washington Hays.


I, E.S. Wilkinson, Secretary of the Kickapoo City Association, certify that the above and foregoing articles of relinquishment from persons originally owning the claims on which said City is located, a true transcript from the originals on file with me.


E. S. Wilkinson,

Sec’y Kickapoo City Association.


Bond of Association of the Kickapoo City Association.


We, the undersigned, whose names subscribed here to agree hereby to form ourselves into an association for the purpose of laying out and selling Town Lots, at or near Ellis’ Ferry, near the mouth of Salt Creek in the Territory of Kansas, and do hereby form ourselves into such association by the name of “Kickapoo City Association.”  And we hereby agree that all expenses and charges attending the purchase of said town site; all expenses and charges attending the clearing off and survey into Lots of said Site; all expenses of advertising and selling the same, as well as all the profits or losses attending the said business for which we are associated shall be equally divided between us


(Signed)  Stephen Johnston

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Sol. P. McCurdy

John C. Ellis

E. S. Wilkinson

H. Collier

Leonidas Oldham

R. S. Merchant

A. W. Hughes

Frederick Hoberg

H. B. C. Harris

Henry Colman

Jesse Morin

Washington Hays

B. Wood.

William Finley

James Ferguys

Wilson G. Noble.


I, E. S. Wilkinson, Secretary of the Kickapoo City Association, certify that the above and foregoing Bond of Association of the Kickapoo City Association, is a true copy of the original now on file with me.  Given under my hand this 11th day of September, 1854.


E. S. Wilkinson,

Sec’y Kickapoo City Association


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Sept. 12th 1854


The Kickapoo City Association met at the place designated – Ellis Ferry at the site of Kickapoo City.


On motion of Judge McCurdy it was resolved that the south east corner of the present survey and the last line of the said survey be declared permanent, as at present surveyed passed


On motion of Judge McCurdy it was resolved that James Begle shall have donated to him one acre of land commencing 100 feet below the foot of Main street on the Missouri river, on condition that he erect a steam saw mill on the same as soon as possible.


On motion of B. Wood it was resolved that an assessment of two dollars per share on each share they own, shall be paid into the hands of the Treasurer.


On motion is was resolved that a committee of three be appointed to superintend the laying off the town advertising, selling lots, [reporting] making resolutions for carrying out the object of an association, and all other matters that may be needful for pushing forward the enterprise as speedily as possible -.


P T Abell, A. G. Boyd & N. T. Shaler are appointed said committee –


Henry Colman

E.S. Wilkinson, Secy.


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Sept. 26th 1854.


The Kickapoo City Association met at the House of Washington Hays near the town site.  A majority present.  The proceedings of last meeting read and approved.



A. G. Boyd, from the Committee of four-first appointed- made his report in writing.  On motion of Judge McCurdy the report was received and the Treasurer authorized to pay the sums of money specified in said report.


moved and carried that the exterior lines of the town tract be run as follows viz commencing on the Missouri river at a point north of the corner of Ellis, new frame ferry house, then run South 1/8th of a mile, thence west 1/8th of a mile, thence south ½ mile, thence East 1/8 of a mile, thence South 3/8th of a mile thence East ½ mile, thence north to the Missouri river – The lines to be run at a variation of six degrees east – On motion the passage of the foregoing resolution was reconsidered and repealed.


Moved and carried that the exterior lines of the town tract be run as follows, viz: at a point on the Missouri river due north from the north east corner of Ellis frame ferry house; thence south one mile; thence east half a mile, thence north to the Missouri river, as contemplated by the original contract and relinquishments.


Moved and carried that Frederick Hoberg be allowed


[Page 15]


to retain his improvement, and be allowed to remove his house


Resolved that it be considered that S. R. Merchant relinquishes forty acres of his claim.


Resolved, That in the relinquishment of Washington Hays, if it should include his dwelling house, he shall be allowed to retain five acres of ground including his dwelling house.


Resolved, that Frederick Hoberg be allowed to have the ground on which his house stands, without any cost to him.


Resolved, That Jesse Morin, S. P. McCurdy and Henry Colman be appointed a committee to correspond, advertise for the Association.


Resolved, That this Association adjourn to meet at 10 o’clock at the room of Abell and Stringfellow on Saturday the 30th September, 1854.


Henry Colman


S. P. McCurdy secr



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September 30th/54


The Kickapoo City Association met at the Office of Mssr Abell & Stringfellow in the City of Weston Mo according to adjournment.  A quoram being present, the proceedings of the last meeting being read and approved & signed by the Officers


E S Wilkinson the secretary being absent It was moved & carried that S. P. McCurdy act as secretary protem-


P T Abell, Shaler & A G Boyd committee on Resolutions &c Reported a set of Resolutions 5 in No. which were unanimously approved & addopted.  Towit –


Sec. 1st  That we mutually agree, that in case of the death of any of the share-holders of this association, the survivors thereof shall have the same power to manage and control, and dispose of, all the land and property claimed by said association, and make all contracts touching the same, and make and execute all necessary deeds, and other instruments of writing, relating thereto, and make disposition of the same or the proceeds thereof, as effectually and binding, as if no such death had taken place, and the same shall be as binding on the heirs and representatives of any such deceased shareholders as on the deceased while living, and the said heirs and representatives, shall be entitle to the same share, interest and division, and subject to the same liabilities as the deceased would have been


Sec. 2  That hereafter all contracts made by this Association, for any purpose, in relation to


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the sale and improvement of the land or Lots claimed by the Association, and all deeds, bonds and contracts, to be executed for said purposes, or any other, shall be executed by the acting President of the Association, on behalf of the Association; and all such deeds, bonds and  contracts thus executed, shall be as binding on each and every member of the Association, their heirs and representatives as effectually as if executed by each of said members, in proportion to their respective shares and interests.


Sec. 3  That all notes or bonds taken for the purchase money of Lots or any other purpose for the benefit of the Association, shall be made payable to the acting President of the same, or his order, and shall be by him immediately endorsed in blank, so that in case of his death or removal, the endorsement may be filled up to the new President, or any other person, by order of the Association.


Sec. 4  By order of the Association any of the notes or bonds belonging to the same may be transferred to shareholders, or other persons by order of the Association, but in case of any such transfer, the transferee to take the same at his own risk, without recourse of (upon) the Association.


Sec. 5  That the President may at any time call a meeting of the shareholders, for any purpose deemed


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by him important, and at all meetings of the association, the representatives of twenty shares shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business of the Association, except for the purpose of appropriating money, other than for the current expenses of the Association, but no money shall be appropriated, for any purpose except the current expenses, unless at a meeting, where a majority of the shares are represented.


I, E. S. Wilkinson, Secretary of the Kickapoo City Association, certify that the above and foregoing By-laws of said Association, are a true Copy of those proposed by P. T. Abell, Nathan Shaler and A. G. Boyd, at a meeting held at the office of Abell & Stringfellow, on the 30th day of September, 1854, and adopted by said Association, which we have on file in my office.


E. S. Wilkinson,

Secretary Kickapoo City



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Resolved that there be donated to John Ellis the following land in the Town boundry viz – commencing on the west line of The Town Track; on the line at a point fifty feet south of the corner of his presence Ferry house, and run to a [certain] Oak tree [on] the bank of the river and all north of said line is to belong to said Ellis, but he is keep open a street on the river of sufficient width for all [purposes] -  The said oak tree is [      ] feet from the North west corner of the town track along the bank of Missouri river – all of which said Ellis [assented] to, as a full compromise of all discord about the boundries – adopted unanimously –


Moved & carried that Mssrs P. T. Abell, N Shaler & A G Boyd be authorized to confer with Mrs E S Wilhite upon the subject of the Erection of a Saw & Grist Mill in Kickapoo City, and make a contract with said Wilhite on the subject in relation to the amount of Ground &c and that they report the same to the President for the Execution of said contract.


Moved & carried that P T Abell, & N. Shaler & A G Boyd be authorized to make donations to any persons of Lot or Lots of Ground in the Kickapoo City upon the condition of actual settlement & improvement.  Keeping in [view] the Interest of the association –


Moved & carried that the President & secretary prepare a form and issue Cirtificates of stock to each stock holder, one Cirtificate to each share – 20 [express]


[Page 20]


On Its face that no share to be transferred unless approved by the president & secretary –


Moved & carried that an appropriation be made out of the proceeds of the sale of the 28 shares to pay for the Printing prep & materials &c of Miss Sexton & Hazzard to relieve It from the present incumbrance.  It being about the sum of $450- and that P T Abell Esqr be appointed to enter into such written contract in relation to the same as he may think proper & best for the Interest of the association.


Moved & carried that an assessment be levied of Four dollars on each share of those entitled to pay such levies. –


Ordered that the assiciation Adjourn to meet again on next Tuesday week at the office of Mssr Abell & Stringfellow in the City of Weston Mo.


Henry Colman President

E. S. Wilkinson, Sec’y.


[Page 21]


November 10th 1854.


The Association met pursuant to adjournment.  The proceedings of the last meeting read and approved.


Resolved That the boundary of the Kickapoo City town site, not touching the claim of Leonidas Oldham, as was originally supposed, the contract of relinquishment, whereby said oldham relinquished to said association, part of his claim, is hereby rescinded.


Moved and carried that a public Sale of Lots be made at Kickapoo City on Monday the 30th day of October, 1854; that the advertising committee advertise the same, and that the sale be under the control of the committee appointed to make donations and private sales.


Moved and carried, That the terms of the sale to be made on the 30th day of October, 1854, be one third cash down, one third in six months and one third in twelve months, the company to give bond for a title, and in the event that titles cannot be made the money to be refunded with six per cent interest.


Resolved that the boundries be established as follows viz.  begining on the line north of Ellis ferry house [XXXXX] south 220 yards thence west  269 ½ yds west thence south half mile, thence east 269 ½ yds thence south 3/8 of a mile, thence east half mile, thence north to the river –


[Page 22]


On motion, It was resolved that the boundaries declared to-day, be permanent, and that R. S. Merchant, Nathan Shalar and Washington Hays have donated to each of them four shares, on condition that the matter of boundary and relinquishment shall be fully settled.


On Motion the Meeting adjourned to meet again at the office of Abell & Stringfellow on the last Saturday of October


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Weston, Mo., Nov. 2nd 1854.


The Kickapoo City Association this day met at Abell & Stringfellows office, and was called to order by the President.


It was moved by B. Wood that A. G. Boyd, S. P. McCurdy and P. T. Abell be appointed a committee to sell lots at private sale, and to scatter them as much as possible, and as far as practicable, to require purchasers to build houses as early as possible – to keep a list of sales, and report the same to the President as often as practicable, to be closed up.


Surveyor Kewen’s board bill of $14.50, allowed in favor of Hays


Ordered that the surveyor proceed immediately to survey all the ground into blocks and lots; and make a plat of the same


Moved that a contract be made to have the whole bottom belonging to the Association cleared off, provided the undertaker will do it for the timber.  Stumps to be cut low and brush piled and burnt – all timber or wood burned or moved off the ground by 1st March.  Carried, reconsidered and laid on the table till next meeting. 


On Motion the President was authorized to sell a Share to Mr. Andrews for two hundred dollars, $50 dollars to be paid down, and on the


[Page 24]


balance a credit of six and twelve months.


On Motion the President was authorized to sell two shares of the Association to D. Woodson upon the same terms as the one to Andrews, in neither case transferable until the money shall have been paid.

It was moved and carried that a public sale of Lots of Kickapoo City be held in Weston on the 11th Decr. next; and that the surveyor furnish, as early as possible, 20 to 30 plats.  Advertising Committee to advertise at once.


Adjourned to meet at the same place on the 18th day of November, 1854.


Henry Colman



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Nov. 18, 1854.


The association met at the Post office in Weston, the office of Messrs. Abell & Stringfellow, being preoccupied the meeting could not organize there according to the adjournment.


The President being absent the Association was called to order by the Vice President, B. Wood.  A Majority of shares represented.


The Motion submitted at the last meeting to clear off the bottom on the river of the townsite was taken up and passed (carried.)


Mr. A. G. Boyd presented his account of $75, which on motion, was allowed, and the President authorized to pay him in lots at a fair valuation.


The President, Mr. Henry Colman, appeared, and took his seat.


On motion, it was resolved that the President be authorized, at the request of any religious denomination, to denote two lots to each of such denominations, provided they shall bind themselves to build churches on the same within eighteen months.


On motion the Association resolved that the next meeting shall be held at the office of Abell & Stringfellow on the 11th day of December, 1854.


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Dec. 11th 1854.


The Kickapoo City Association met, agreeably to adjournment, at the office of Abell & Stringfellow in the City of Weston.  A Quorum present.  The President, Henry Colman, called the association to order.


The President, who was appointed by the last meeting of the Association, to convey to Mr. A. G. Boyd lots in payment of his allowance as agent for the Company – seventy-five dollars – reported that himself and Boyd could not agree as to the price of said lots.  On motion the report was deferred until to-morrow.

Moved and carried that the Treasurer make such settlement with the Government Agent as shall be deemed equitable, in payment of the Indian improvements of the Indians on the town site, under the treaty.


Moved and carried that the sale advertised to take place, to-day, in Weston, of lots in Kickapoo City, be adjourned to Kickapoo City tomorrow at 10 o’clock; and that the fact be announced by public outcry, and by printing and posting 30 or 40 hand bills in Weston and vicinity.


Mr. Abell resigned as committeeman to sell lots, and on motion the President and John W. Freeland


[Page 27]


were added to the Committee to sell lots.


On motion E. S. Wilkinson was authorized to have hand bills printed and circulated announcing the adjournment of the sale.


On motion Mr. Boyd was excused from acting as local agent at Kickapoo City, as well a member of the Committee to sell lots.


On motion it was moved and carried that the Association adjourn to meet at Kickapoo City at 10 o’clock tomorrow, the 12th instant.


Dec. 12th 1854.


The Association met at Kickapoo City, agreeably to adjournment but was not regularly organized.


E. S. Wilkinson,



Meeting of association held at Kickapoo City.  Present H. Colman, and a quorum by proxies,  January 26th 1855.


On motion of S. P. McCurdy, a Committee of three were appointed to grade a portion of Main Street, and to expend not more than one hundred dollars in having the work done; and J. W. Freeland, E. S. Wilhite and J. C. Ellis were appointed said Committee. – Passed.


On motion of Col Burnes to empower the above Committee


[Page 28]


to expend an amount of money not exceeding forty dollars in improving or laying (out) a road from Kickapoo City to the Military road at some point, which, in their opinion, is most condusive to the interests of Kickapoo City , upon the condition that the inhabitants, on or near the route, will contribute in aid of improving said road. – Passed.


On motion of S. P. McCurdy, J. W. Freeland was instructed to collect together the tools belong to the association, and sell them to the highest bidder. – Passed.


On motion of S. P. McCurdy, the President was directed to notify all persons who have purchased lots from the association, either at private or public sale, to close the same on or before the 10th day of February next in accordance with the published terms of sale.


Mr. Hays presented a certificate from H. Kuhn for the sum of $14.50, which, on motion, was rejected.


Resolved, That a Committee be appointed by the President to take special care of the timber on the town site, and prevent trespasses upon it, and also to collect from any who have taken timber wrongfully such an amount as is just and right, and possible to collect.  And also, that said Committee have power to sell such timber for cash to citizens of the place, and report the sales to the President.


[Page 29]


Resolved, That the Treasurer be directed to collect the money belonging to this Association from all sources, and that he is hereby authorized to loan the same, with bond and good security, at the best rates he can obtain; and that he, the Treasurer, give preference to share-holders to the probable amount of the dividends due upon each share to such share-holders, and the money, in all cases, to be loaned payable on demand, and that the treasurer be required to give an official (bond) in the sum of ten thousand dollars, previous to receiving said money.


Henry Colman,


Kickapoo City Association


A. G. Boyd, Secy protem.

Jan. 26th 1855.


I, E. S. Wilkinson, Secretary of the Kickapoo City Association, certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy from the proceedings of the meeting held at said City on the 26th day of January, 1855, as per copy of same furnished to me by the President as a copy of said proceedings, which is now on file in my office, among the papers of The Association -- marked [X].


E. S. Wilkinson,

Secretary Kickapoo City Association


[Page 30]


Kickapoo City Kansas Territory

April 4th 1855.


The “Kickapoo Association” met at the store of [St Jo] J W Freeland pursuant to adjournment Present.


Hon. Henry Colman President

James N. Burnes Sec’y Pro Tem.

A majority of Stockholders present in person and by proxies:


The President called the association to order at about Two O’clock P.M. when the following proceedings were had: sct.


On Motion:  It was resolved and ordered that R. S. Merchant Esq be appointed local agent for this association to sell lots in said city, in place of Jno W. Freeland who is absent:


On Motion of Dr Harris it was ordered that when the association adjourn it be to meet again in the Court House in the City of Weston Platte County Missouri on Friday April 13th 1855 at 10 – o’clock A.M. and that the secretary of the association be ordered to notify each and every stockholder of the time and place of this meeting, by written or printed letters or handbills.


Mr Ellis makes report for expenditures on Main Street – as follows


Amt pd. Hall 10.00

“ “ 12.00

“ “ an Indian 1.00

“ “ [Patterson] 2.50

“ “ Thos Montgomery 3.00

“ “ A M Price 6.00

“ “ Thomas (An Indian) 4.00

Card Fwd.  $38.50


[Page 31]


Amount forwarded $38.50

Paid to Indian – 4.00

“  “  Hockler 3.00

“  “  H C Bishop 8.00

“ for 2 Wheel Barrow 8.00

“ to Peter Montgomery 4.50

“ “ Jno Boyle 6.75

“ “ Ironing 2 WheelBarrows &c 10.25

“ “ Mr Vernanoo 2.75

“ “ Shovels spades – 8.35

“ “ Indian 3.00

“ “ A Yanion 2.62

“ “ Indian 3.00

“ “ H C Bishop 2.25

“ “ George W. Crump 1.13

“ “ Indian 4.00

“ “ do 3.00

“ “ “ 2.00

“ “ “ 4.00

“ “ “ 2.00

“ “ “ 1.50

“ “ “ 1.25

“ “ Patterson 1.50

“ “ For Board 2.00

“ “ Patterson 4.00

“ “ Board 12.60

“ “ In Indian (for Kirkmaw) 1.75

“ “ [Saxton]s Gibson 3.00

“ “ Indians. 2.75

“ “ Amt up to last week $151.45


On Motion of Dr. Harris the above report was received:


On motion of R. S. Merchant it was ordered that another hundred dollars be appropriated for the completion of the work on main street


[Page 32]


On motion it was resolved and ordered that a committee of three be appointed to select suitable grounds for the erection of the “Merchant’s Hotel” buildings on [XXXXX] of the elevated ground of said city, and place thereon a fair price which shall be held in said building as stock of this association in the same, and that the association hereby empower and authorize the President to subscribe for ten additional shares of the stock of said building (fifty dollars being a share) The said committee to report to the next meeting of the association What grounds they select, and whether they other stockholders in said Hotel Company agree to this arrangement, and will proceed to the immediate erection of a ‘building or buildings of such dimensions as may be agreed on by this association and said company – Committee consists of Dr H B C Harris R. S. Merchant and Fredrick Hoberg –


On Motion certificate of sale of five lots in December last to Washington Hays was referred to our present local agent R. S. Merchant – for his action and investigation –


Mr Hayes moved that [      ] Street be removed East thirty feet so as to miss the House of said Hayes – not carried –


Then Minutes then read & approved.


Henry Colman




James N Burnes

Sec. Pro tempore


[Page 33]


April 13th 1855.


The Kickapoo City Association met at the Court House in the City of Weston, agreeably to adjournment, and a call by hand bills.


The Association proceeded to business by electing S. P. McCurdy, President Pro Tem.


Minutes of the last meeting Read.


Mr. Colman, President, appeared, and took the Chair.


James N. Burnes was called upon by the President, and explained the object of the meeting.


James N. Burnes moved that a Committee of three be appointed to make a division of two lots to each Share – a first choice lot and a last choice lot.  The lots to be selected, and then drawn by chance.   Mr McNamara, moved to amend by striking out two lots and inserting four in lieu thereof   Mr Freeland moved to amend by striking out four and inserting six –


Mr McNamara accepted of Mr Freeland’s Amendment to his amendment.


Sims Burnes moved as an amendment to Mr McNamara’s amendment that the word two be stricken out and three inserted. in lieu thereof and one to be a first choice lot second choice lot and last choice lot.


The question on Mr Burnes’ amendment was negative Yeas No 46 Nays 41.


Mr Morin moved as an amendment that no lot so divided shall be sold unless the buyer shall improve the


[Page 34]


same by erecting a house thereon within 12 months, and in default therof the same to be forfeited to the association – not adopted –


Mr. Morin moved as a substitute for all the motions and amendments that four lots to each share be divided in manner aforesaid.  Which was carried Ayes 57. Nays 27


James N. Burnes moved an allowance of 7 dollars for work and expenses for said association

Mr. Morin moved as a [XXXXX] that Ten dollars only be allowed – Carried – Forty dollars additional allowed on Motion of J N Burnes Ayes 42. Nays 36.


On Motion of Mr Morin it was resolved that an order heretofore made appointing local agents to sell lots at private sale be rescinded.  Carried – Committee, to select lots for division consists of Jno W. Martin, James N. Burnes, Peter T. Abell – The President to fill vacancies, if any occur.


Mr Hays offered an acct for allowance for board while surveying for $14.00


Referred –


On Motion of Mr McNamara it was ordered that a Finance Committee of three be appointed to examine and allow all [acc’s in] the association.


[Page 35]


Carried:  committee Lewis Burnes, Ben Woods, H. Collier:


Mr Morin moved that a committee of three be appointed to examine into all the financial matters of this association from its commencement and report to the next meeting.  Carried Committee E. S. Wilkinson – Peter T. Abell J N Burnes –


On Motion the following resolution was adopted – to wit  That the order allowing A. G. Boyd Seventy five dollars for his services as local agent in selling lots and performing other services for said association Be and the same is hereby recinded –


Carried –


On Motion of Judge McCurdy ordered that at every meeting, the secretary shall take down the names of every member present & the No of shares he represents – and that no account or claim shall be allowed by said association except It be voted for by Members, representing twothirds of the stock of said association – Carried –


 Mr E. S. Wilkinson Tendered his resignation as secretary of the association which was accepted


The Committee appointed to confer with the stock holders of the “Merchants Hotel Company” and to select lots for the erection of said Hotel [XXXXX] their report


[Page 36]


That they ask further time to report, [granted,] Report to next meeting ----


On Motion Resolved that no member of the Association who is absent shall be represented unless by his written proxy to some member who is present.


Moved that the President draw his warrant in favor of Jno C. Ellis Jno W. Freeland & Wilhite for forty dollars heretofore appropriated for cutting out a road to the Military Road.  Carried –


James N. Burnes was elected secretary in place of E. S. Wilkinson resigned


Meeting adjourned –


Henry Colman Pres


Jas N. Burnes



The Kickapoo Association met at [Mathise] Saloon in Kickapoo City on Friday April 27th 1855  Present


Hon Henry Colman President Shares

James N. Burnes Secretary  -- do 10

Also Abell & Stringfellow 0

Newman 4

Wilkinson 0

Noble 2

Gillespie 1

Freeland 2

Martin 1

Wilhite 1

Mathise 1

McCurdy (P. T. [XXXXX]) 0

Atkinson Newman 1


[Page 37]


Boyd Newman Proxy 1

Hoberg do do 5

Cook “ “ 1

Harris “ “ 23

Hays “ “ 1

Finley “ “ 3

Merchant “ “ 4

Bunnell Freeland “ 1

Johnson do “ 3

Murray “ “ 2

Shaler “ “ 3

Monroe Shaler Proxy 2

Woodson “ “ 2

Sharp “ “ 1

Dawson “ “ 1

Ellis Freeland Proxy 4

William Newman “ 1

Woods ‘ ½

Wilson 1

McNamara, 1

Wallace Freeland Proxy 1

Present in person and by proxy – Shares =


Mr Newman offerred the following Resolution to wit – Resolved – that we proceed the Ellecction of officers


Which was adopted ---


Mr Newman nominated Mr E. S. Wilhite for President of the association –

Mr Noble nominated Mr Colman - -

Mr E. S. Wilhite was declared elected


Mr Newman nominated Mr Jno W. Freeland for secretary, who received the votes of Thirty four shares and was declared elected


[Page 38]


James N. burns presented a bill for Drawing 2 Platt which was not Read


Mr Colman was Nominated for the office of Treasurer the vote being taken he was duly Ellected.


After which Mr Colman handed in his Resignation which was received


Mr Newman Nominate Mr McCurdy for Election of Treasurer the vote being taken Mr McCurdy was duly Ellected


On motion the meting was adjourned till Wednesday next to meet at the Court house in the town of Weston.


E. S. Wilhite



Kickapoo Association met at the Court house in Weston April 2d 1855 w/Hon E. S. Wilhite President 2 Shares

J. W. Freeland Secretary 2

“ W Wood ½

Mr Bunch 1 ½

“ I Williams & Healey 1

Noble 2

“ Hodges 1

Johnson 3 ½

Collier 4

Abell & Stringfellow 3

Galispie 1

McLaman 1

Monroe 2

“ Martin 2

Farow 1

McCurdy 4

“ Newman 34 ¼

“ Meter 1


[Page 39]


“ Merchant 3

“ Finley 3

“ Wilson 3

Colman 4

Shaler 5

“ Atkison 1

Murray Freeland Proxy 2

Bonel do 1

Wallace do 1

Ben Wood [Present] 2

Burns & Bros 13

“ Ellis 4

Total 87

[XXXXX] Able Proxy 2


Mr Newman offered an amendment to the by Laws as follows that Ellection of officers shall take place anually and the Election to be held on the first of January of Each year  Adopted


motion to appoint a committee to Enqire into and See who has bought Lots and have not compled with their contracts the motion Laid on the table


on motion all Sales of Lots not closed on at this time are forfeited.  Adopted


the committee made their Report of the Selection of Lots for distrabution


on motion


[Page 40]


on motion Henry Colman was appointed to draw the Lots for each Share Holder



on motion Resolved that Kickapoo City Association hold there regular meetings on the first Tuesday of Every month the next meeting to be held at Kickapoo City on the [XXXXX] first Every alternate Tuesday in Each month at Kickapoo City and Weston  Adopted


moved and Second that the Bill of Mr Baker for Drawing 2 Platts be allowed fifteen dollars Adopted.


on motion of Mr Newman that there Should be a map of the Town of Kickapoo Sent to St Louis and have one hundred Platts Printed Adopted


on motion the Plat used today for distribution be adopted for the regular Standard


on motion the committe apointed Examine the accounts of Hays an others by Discharged  Adopted


on motion Mr Hayes Claim be allowed for [XXXXX] Board 14.50  Adopted


[Page 41]


on motion of James N Burns the Kickapoo Association Loan the merchants hotell Company Twelve hundred dollars for Two years without Interest on condition that they build a hotell worth four Thousand dollars within six months from date  Adopted


on motion all former contracts with the merchant Hotell Company be resinded  Adopted


Resolved that P T Able be requisted to Prepare A form of Certificate of Lots Drawn and in each Certificate insert A Clause Giving a Loan upon each Lot for the payment of Five dollars to be paid to the Treasurer to indemnify the Association in making & Securing title to Said Lots with a provision that those perfering May Give Bond & Security in Stead of Said Loan


on motion the meting Adjourned


[Page 42]


Kickapoo City Association Met at The house of H J & J W Freeland in Kickapoo City on monday Aug 27th 1855  E. S. Wilhite President caled the meting to order


The Roll was called and and the number of Shears represented Present and Proxy Sixty Eight



That the Kickapoo Town Association in Convention [assembled] Resolve that two acres of ground and two Thousand dollars be appropriated and placed at the Disposal of the Legisture of [Kansas] teretory to be disposed of by them in any improvements to be Connected with the Penetentiary or other use the Ground to be Selected as determined here after by the Legislature upon any ground Two Acres may be found unsold proved in a Square Space within the City of Kickapoo upon the Condition that the Legislature Locate the penetentiary at Said Kickapoo City (the above Resolution passed unanimous


Resolved that of four deligates be appointed to visit the Legislature and Explain to them the proceedings of the Kickapoo Association on motion the chair appointed Thomas Word Mr Sahler R S Merchant and Mr [Burns], Resolved that Said deligates Shall


[Page 43]


have power to donate to as many of the members of the Legisture one Lot as they See proper provided that they Locate the penitentiary at Kickapoo City


on motion

Roselved that the above deligates Expences Be Paid out of the treasurer passed


on motion the meeting adjourned


Kickapoo City Association Met at the office of J. N. & C. F Burns in the city of Weston Missouri on Tuesday Sept 4th 1855


Present E. S. Wilhite President 3 Shares

S P McCurdy 5 “

B Wood 2 “

J W Martin 1 “

Rev Wm McNamara 1 “

W Hayes 1 “

H Collier 4 “

W G Noble 2”

J Galispie 1”

J B Newman 15 “

H Colman 4 “

Able & Stringfellow 3”

Revt Mr Monroe 21 “

L Burns & Bros 14 “

J Mettier 1


Seventy eight Shares Represented


on motion of Judge McCurdy J N Burns was appointed Secretary Protem


Judge McCurdy presented the Accounts of Mr Sahlers to Mr Merchant which on motion Mr Colman was Refered to the committe on accounts


[Page 44]


on motion of Mr Colman a Committe of of three was appointed to Select a burying Ground and was instructed to report at the next meeting.  The Chair appointed Messrs Monroe Newman the president was added to the Committe on motion of Col Burns the Committe was was further instructed to report any lots that may be included in the burying Ground belonging to individuals and also to report suitable Lots as an exchange for then belonging to the Association


on motion of J N Burns a committe of thre was appointed to Select one hundred Lots to be offered at Public Sale at Kickapoo City under the Superintendance of Said Committe the Chair appointed a Said Committe Messrs Able J N Burns & Mr Colman & J B Newman


on motion of J N Burns Ten dollars was Allowed C W McLane for filling up the blanks for the Late drawing


on motion of J N Burns whose lots have been twice Sold or dispursed of the presedent be empowered and requisted to correct the Same by assigning to the parties Lots of equal value


[Page 45]


Resolved that

E S Wilhite J. W. Freeland Ceth Brown & Brothers David Wood or Judge Wall be Confirmed as a new hotell Company in the Loan of twelve hundred dollars for the building of Said Hotell under their present Plan 40 by 70 feet two Storys high upon the same terms as originally proposed by the Association to the old Merchant hotell Company


on motion of J B Newman the Association ajorned till the 1st Tuesday in October in Kickapoo City [K T]


Kickapoo City Association Met October 4th 1855 at the Store of H J & J W Freeland in Kickapoo City K T  E. S. Wilhite President & J W Freeland Secritary Messrs Burns Colman [Finly] Boid Newman Sahler Hays Merchant Dawson & others present


on motion Resolved that there be a warrant Drawn on the Treasurer of the Kickapoo Association for three hundred dollars to be Placed in the hands of Wm H Elliot to be Disposed of by him for the purpos of Locating the County Seat of Levenworth County at Kickapoo City


Resolved on Motion of Mr Colman that the two of them Remaing in the hands of the Association be


[Page 46]


Transfered to the Hon Governer Shanon at one hundred dollars Each if desired by him


on motion

Resolved that Committe of three be appointed to wait on Gov Shanon and Tender him the two Shares appropriated at one hundred dollars Each  the Chair apointed on that Committe Messrs Elliot [Finly] & Freeland

on motion

Resolved that Henry Colman be appointed a Committe to bring voter from Atchison to vote for Locating the County Seat of Levenworth County at Kickapoo City


Resolved that Messrs J N Burns E S Wilkinson J Metter H Collier B Wood & W G Noble be apointed a committe to bring voters from Weston to vote for Locating the County Seat of Levenworth County at Kickapoo City on monday Next


Resolved that a committe of two be appointed to go to Wyandot and Solicit there influance for Locating the County of Levenworth County at Kickapoo City and if their influance can be procured to Pledge their influance of this association to them in dividing our County and making Wyandot


[Page 47]


a County Seat hereafter if the County can be divid


on motion the meeting adjourned


Kickapoo Association Met on Tuesday Nov 6th 1855 at the Store of H J & J W Freeland in Kickapoo City minutes of Last meeting approved  Present E S Wilhite President J W Freeland Secreatary


E S Wilhite J W Freeland 4 Shares

J N Burns 8

J W Sahler 7

Mr Galispie 44

R S Merchant 3

H B C  Haris 1

M Hayes 1

Total 68


on motion of Mr Galispie Wheras great inconvenience results to this Association by a change of its President therefore be it agreed that Said association proceed now to the Election of a President to hold his office until removed on specified charges of misconduct and that all by Laws and orders heretofore made relating to that subject be and the same are hereby repealed


on motion of H. B. C. Harris the above resolution be laid on the table till our next monthly meeting  there the original carried 44 to 23


Last on motion of J. N. Burns we now proceed to the Election of officers.  Henry Colman and E. S. Wilhite were then put in nomination.  Henry Colman


[Page 48]


having received a majority of votes present was duly declared Elected Pres of Kickapoo City Association  John H Sahler receiving the votes present was declared Secretary Elect of said Association (61 votes)

John W Freeland receiving the votes (60) was Elected Treasurer of above Ass.  on motion of J. W. Freeland the Com. on Burial Grounds (consisting of Rev Munroe J. B. Newman and E. S. Wilhite) were discharged and a new Com of 3 be appointed by the President to have under consideration and make arrangements for a Cemetry and make a report of their doings at our next monthly  Carried Com appointed by the President John W. Freeland H. B. C. Harris and J. N. Burnes 


On motion The Com of Financial matters be requested in writing from the Secretary to make their report to our next Monthly Meeting of the State of the Treasury of the Ass. Financial Matters) Carried on motion


The ass. adjourn till first tuesday in December 1855  Carrried


John H. Sahler Secy E. S. Wilhite President


Kickapoo City Ass. Met at the office of J N & C. F. Burnes  Jany 1st 1856 

Were Present Henry Colman Prest and John H Sahler Secy –



Henry Colman 5

Abell & Stringfellow 4


[Page 49]


James N Burnes 39

Mr Gelispie 1

John H Sahler 19

Washington Hays 1

69 total


on motion of J. N. Burnes the Com. on Financial Matters have for this time and B. F. Stringfellow be placed in stead of Mr Abell  Granted  The Com on Burial grounds have more time and D Gilespie be placed on Said Comte instead of J N Burnes


The following acc’s were presented and allowed


To Steamer Lines Burnes & owner two days of County Seat Election 100 00

To Steamer Brothers owners 50 00

“ Abell & Stringfellow for profs 100 00

“ Henry M Torris “ “ 50 00

“ J N & C F Burnes 20 00

“ G W McLane for auct 47 00

“ Wm Braham for Exp incurred 40 00

“ John H Sahler Exp to Shawne 15 00

“ R S Mercant do 15 00

“ D Gilespie “ Leavenworth 2 50

“ Bilt Colman of “ bill 68 00

“ W. T. Woods “ 32 00

total 539.50


Washington Hays presented bill for 14 25/00 referred to Com on acc’s & afterwards withdrawn by said Hays.


On motion of J. N. Burnes a committee consisting of Henry Colman and John H Sahler be Empowerd to settle with E. S. Wilhite the former president


On motion adjourn to meet at the next monthly in the City of Kickapoo


Henry Colman President

John H Schular Secy


[Page 50]


Kickapoo City Ass. by Call of President Henry Colman met at the office of John H. Sahler in Kickapoo City Mch 24th 1856


Present and Representation  Shares

Henry Colman President 5

John H. Sahler Secy 15

Washington T. Woods 5

B. F. Stringfellow [6]

John W. Martin 1

H.B.C. Harris 1

R. S. Merchant 9

Dan Grover Atty for Thos Word 1

David Gillespie 7

John W. Freeland 9

E. S. Wilhite 7

Washington Hays 1

Lewis Barnes 12

John S. Williams 1

Total 80


on motion All Lots remaining unsold except one to each share be divided among the Stockholders and the President appoint a committee of three to arrange the lots for a drawing on the first Tuesday in May adopted unanimously

Committee Messrs J. W. Martin John H Sahler & R S Merchant


On Motion of H. B. C. Harris Each member of the Comte have $5 00 for his Services.  Amended by Lewis Burnes the Committee have $2 00 per day for actual Services as amended adopted


On Motion all notes how due the association (except Stockholders) not paid within Sixty days. (the Same) Shall be put in the hands of proper officers for Collection  Adopted


[Page 51]


on motion the Secretary was instructed to have a notice of the foregoing motion inserted in the Peoria and Weston Argus for Sixty days carried


The following acc were Presented allowed and referred


To A. B. Hazzard Printing 30.00

John M Loehman Bread Pies &c 11.50

Thos Word for $30.00 allowed 20.00

Washington Hays Meat 14.00

J. W. Freeland Tax 7.00

S A & W F Wisely Printing 27.50

John H Sahler & J. B. Newman going Wyandott pd 24.00

Hodges & Solomon Printing St Louis 23.00

Elliott & Wilhite Taxes day of Election 144.00

E. S. Wilhite for Teams 20.00

J W Freeland “ “ $10.00 allowed 5.00

C.C. Victor “  “  7  “ 4.00

Total $332.00


[a/c] part allowed and [ball] refined

R S Merchant $48.50

Allowed 35.00                        $35.00


ball refd 13.50


Jas B Blake $145.00

Allowed 29.00   29.00

Ref  $116.00  396.00

Whole amt allowed


J W Freeland presented bill for $100.00 which on motion was referred to comte on a/c


on motion the ass adjourned to meet the first tuesday in May next


John H Sahler Secy

Kickapoo City Mch 24/56


[Page 52]




11 73 10=4-18=6-18=11-36=12-125=2

48 74 12=2-90=7-17=8-111=4-52=1

S Miller 90 75 xx36=6-13=9-41=4-57=9-95=7

55 76 13=3-20=10-41=6-56=7-38=11

32 77 9=10-98=12-16=6-104=2 54=3

50 78 12=4-98=3-35=12-109-9-52=7

16 79 11=2-97=12-41=9-111-5-126-1

93 80 21=9-11=11-16=5-129-1-96-12

97 81 33-2-12=8-50=6-108=3-46=12

41 82 92=1-37=2-40=12-113=8-115=11

35 83 91=1-34=8-39=9-36=11-53=1

22 84 99=5-14=5-94=6-26=10-115=1

84 85 4=8-13=8-40=8-113=12-43=7

67 86 19=3-34=7-32=12-111=3-38=9

70 87 19=6-32=2-39=8-104=9-38=7

26 88 88=9-14=2-17=1-106=7-54=2

46 89 92=6-97=11-94=2=55=12-37=11

83 90 24=5-13=11-40=6-111=6-52=5

31 91 21=6-93=3-17=3-105=4-53=12

58 92 (disputed) xx 13=6-97=2-16=2-104=5-38=7

27 93 (disputed) xx 88=10-93=2-17=6-106=10-54=6

39 94 91=5-19=10-41=12-113=11-43=12

53 95 13-1-98=9-32=10-100=12-43=9

21 96 100-4-12=7-94=1-106=9-51=5

25 97 88=8-93=1-42=2-25=10-53=10

43 98 92=3-20=7-94=3-37=12-115=8

6 99 9=5-12=12-91=11-58=4-126=6

23 100 99=6-14=4-94=4-106=8-54=7


Kickapoo City Association met at the office of John H Sahler June 3d 1856


Seventy-Eight Shares represented and on motion the Lots are prepared for a drawing and we proceed to draw President Henry Colman to do the drawing




[Page 53]


Present & Representation Shares

Henry Colman President 8

David Gillespie 23

Benj Woods 2

R. S. Merchant 3

Wash. Hays 1

Mr H Elliott 1

Mr P. Merchant 1

Harry Collier 4

Wm Finley 3

John H Sahler 15

Horace Hailey 1

Mrs. T. Woods 2

Alex Ralston 1

Mr Atkinson 1

J. W. Freeland 9

J M Lochnane 1

E. S. Wilhite 2

Total 78


After the Drawing

On Motion the Ass. adjourned to meet in Weston the first tuesday in July



John H. Sahler. Secy

Kickapoo City June 3d 1856


[Page 54]


Oct. 16th 1856.


The Association was called to order by the President, H. Colman; whereupon, on motion Lewis Burnes was chosen Secretary Pro. Tem: when the following persons appeared in person and by proxy:


Burnes and Brothers 12 votes

Abell & Stringfellow 3

H. Colman 8

John Freeland 7

B. F. Freeland 1

Harvey Collier 10

F. Hoberg 6

Samuel Merchant 5

E. S. Wilkinson 2


The President read a letter of resignation from John H. Sahler resigning the position of Secretary of the Kickapoo City Association; whereupon E. S. Wilkinson was unanimously elected Secretary of the Association


Copy L. Burnes, Secy P. tem.


Col. Lewis Burnes moved that the President and Secretary be authorized to procure from John H. Sahler, late Secretary of this Association, in the most practicable manner that can be adopted, either in person or by the employment of an agent to effect that object.  Carried unanimously.


Col. Burnes further moved that one lot to each share be set apart as a fund for the purpose of encouraging the settlement of Kickapoo City; each shareholder


[Page 55]


to make the concession; and that William Elliott and John W. Freeland act as agents to properly dispose of said lots, for the purpose aforesaid Carried unanimously.


On motion it was resolved that the Committee to investigate the financial affairs of the Association be required to report at the next meeting.


On Motion the Assiation adjourned.


E. S. Wilkinson



December 30th 1856.


In pursuance of the call of the President, a meeting of the Kickapoo City Association convened at the office of J. N. & C. F. Burnes in Weston, Nov. 1 but a quorum not being present the Assiation adjourned


E. S. Wilkinson, Secr’y.


[Page 56]


Wednesday, March 4th 1857.


In pursuance of notice previously given the Kickapoo City Association assembled at the Store of Hodges and Solomon in Kickapoo City, K.T. and was called to order by Henry Colman, President. 


A call of Stockholders being called, answered as follows:


S. R. Merchant 14 shares

P. M. Hodges, as proxy, 5 “

W. T. Wood 4 “

H. S. Bunch 2”

William P. Merchant 1”

E. S. Wilkinson 16”

Henry Colman 8 “

A. Ralston 1 “

T. M. Atkins 1 “

B. F. Freeland 7 “

H. B. C. Harris 1 “


E. S. Wilkinson submitted the following resolution:  Resolved, by this Association, that Henry Colman, W. T. Wood & P. M. Hodges be appointed a committee to transact all the business of said Association, to dispose of the lots of said Association, to make out an account of the financial affairs of the same, with power to appoint subcommittees or agents if deemed by them necessary, as well as to call general meetings of the Association; unanimously adopted.


On Motion, Henry Colman, H. B. C. Harris & R. S. Merchant were appointed a Committee to enter the City site when the land


[Page 57]


office is opened.


On motion the association adjourned.


E. S. Wilkinson, Secy.


Thursday January 7th 1858


In persuance of notice previously given The Kickapoo City Association met in the City of Kickapoo Henry Colman President Called the meeting to order


P M Hodges was apponted Secty Prot.


Members Present


Henry Colman

H B C Harris

W P Merchant

D D Burnes

J W Martin

J W Freeland

N T Shaler

R S Merchant

A Ralston


There being a majority of shares represented the Association proceeded to business


By motion of J. W. Freeland a commtte of three was appointed to make settlement with the President and Treasure of the Association


The Chair appointed

J W Freeland

Ben Wood

W G Nobel, Commtte


[Page 58]


On motion of D D Burns the Mayor of this City was ordered to make Deeds to W R W Cobb to the amt. of Lots pledged to the said W R W Cobb by P M Hodges and W T Woods as commtt.


Resolved that the Mayor be further Authorized to Make Deeds to Luther R Smoote and other parties conserned to the amount of 150 Lots pledged to them by P M Hodges & W T Woods provided the bond given to them by the said P M Hodges & W T Woods be binding or legal.


Resolved that P M Hodges be and is hereby authorized to collect money due The Association and that he be further authorized to pay Wm Finley for the use of the Land Office for 12 months and to A Ralston for the use of a Dwelling for the same time out of said money when collected


On motion the account of nine dollars and 18 cts was allowed to J W Freeland for money paid out and goods furnished the Association


On motion of H B C Harris the a/c of 100$ was allowed to J W Freeland for services rendered in selling lots, and other services rendered


On motion the a/c of 30$ was allowed to W H Elliott for drawing snags out of the River at this place, provided however


[Page 59]


that this account has not been previously allowed.


Moved by D D Burns

Whereas the Kickapoo City Association loaned to C M Brown one Thousand Dollars with E S Wilhite and J W Freeland securities for the purpose of building the American Hotel by the said Brown and that said Association still holds Note or Notes for the same


Therefore resolved that the Treasure of said association or whoever may hold them be authorized to delver to Pascal S Parks Esq, said Note or Notes for Collection and if any of all of the same be collected that the Association hereby appropriates the same to the said P S Parks.


On motion the account of 15$ was allowed to J W Martin for services rendered in preparing the last drawing.


On motion the account of R S Merchant was allowed for one hundred and fifteen Dollars for services rendered in preparing last drawing of lots and for the trouble the Association put said Merchant to in entering his claim


On motion the meeting adjourned


P M Hodges secty Prot


[Page 60]


Kickapoo KT Jany 11th 1858.


J W Freeland lifted notes to the amount of 123.18 which has been allowed by the Association.


P M Hodges

Secty Prot


Mch 5th 1858


J W Freeland lifted notes to amount of one hundred and fifty dollars for amount allowed him for 1 acre of ground to donate to J C Ellis on Compromise in entering town site.


P M Hodges Secty.


Mch 16th 1858


R S Merchant lifted two notes for forty Dollars in part amount allowed him by Association.


P M Hodges



R S Merchant Lifted notes to the amount of twenty five Dollars on amount allowed him by Association


Mch 16th 1858

P M Hodges Secty


Mch 20th 1858


Paid R S Merchant fifty Dollars being the balance due him of Amount allowed Jany 7th 1858


P M Hodges Secty


[Page 61]


Kickapoo Association met at L Burns & Bros Office in Kickapoo City Jany 25th 1858


Henry Colman President, explained the object of the meeting to be the appointing of a Commtt. to direct the Mayor to whom Deeds are to be made


By motion P M Hodges was elected Secretary.


By motion of L Burns it was ordered that the Officers of the Association procure the services of a surveyor to rerun the town lines and lot off all the ground that has not been lotted off and to set a stone at the corner of every Block with the number of the Block there on.  And a new Platte of the Town be made, and the Officers of the Association superintend the same,


By motion of J W Freeland The secty. was appointed to direct the Mayor to whom Deeds are to be made, except in case of contest, which shall come before the Association


Moved By J W Freeland that one thousand dollars be appropriated to Grade Main Street  Motion lost.


Resolved that the secty be required to Keep unbroken the regular series of numbers of of deeds issued and executed begining with number one, and that the said Secty be required to Keep an abstract of all such deeds


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giving the numbers of Deeds Their dates, to whom exicuted and the number or description of the Property.  Carried.


Resolved that the Association will now appoint a Treasure who shall give bond. whos receipt for all balances due upon lots or Shares be filed with the Secty before the execution of a Deed for the property, that said Secty. shall furnish to each bond holder the amount of principal and interest due upon such property and that his receipt from the Treasure shall corrispond with the amount so furnished, and that the Present Treasure be required to settle and turn over the assets of the Association to said newly appointed treasure.  The said Treasure shall execute a bond of five Thousand dollars.


By motion L Burns was appointed Treasure of this Association


By motion the Treasures salery shall be two pr cent on all moneys received by him.


By motion of J W Freeland  The notes against P M Hodges for $40.00 be given to him for servises already rendered, and that he be allowed to draw them.  Carried 


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By motion of L Burns a Committ of three was appointed to wait on F R Ford of The American Hotel and assertain what will induce him to continue as Inn Keeper in This City.


Also to confer with Cobb to assertain what will induce him to start a German Paper in This City


Hugh Camron

J W Freeland

L Burns  } Commtt


Resolved that our Citizens be requested to use all honourable means to procure patronage for the American Hotel and that they discountenance the druming for private Boarding houses


By motion The Association adjourned to meet in This City Feby 6th.



P M Hodges



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Kickapoo City Association met at the store of Hodges & Solomon Kickapoo City K T Feby 12th A D 1858 by previous notice given.


Gov D Woodson was elected President protem.  54 Shares were represented.  Resolved that a Commtt of four be appointed to get Proxeys to represent shares at our next meeting.


W P Merchant

P M Hodges

J W Freeland

W H Elliott } Commtt


By motion the Association adjourned till tomorrow night, to meet at this place



P M Hodges secty


Kickapoo City Association met at the store of Hodges & Solomon persuant to adjournment Feby 13th A D 1858.


Hon D Woodson was elected President prot.


Minuts of previous meeting read and approved.


There were 66 Shares represented


Col. L Burns Reported as having done nothing in the settlement with Hoov[XXXXX], Finley & Atkinson.


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Resolved that this Association appropriate one thousand dollars to the City of Kickapoo to be applied to the grading of Main Street and making a good road to the Military road running out by Judge Freelands

Upon the conditions that the City Council appropriate five hundred to the same object with the understanding that a small portion be appropriated to improving Walnut & Washington Streets.


Resolved that the improvements contemplated in the fore going resolution is made upon the condition that the work is to be divided into seperate special contracts by a commtt to be composed of two superintendents one to be selected by this association and the other by the City Council.  that said improvements be let to the lowest bidders who must give bond for their performances that said City Council be requested to act upon the subject immediately


That L Burns be appointed on the part of this association to carry out such object.


By motion the Association Adjourned.



P M Hodges



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Kickapoo City Association met at the store of J W Freeland in Kickapoo City Mch 25th A D 1858 by previous notice given


Henry Colman Presd

L Burns Treasure

P M Hodges secty

H B C Harris

W T Woods

D Woodson

A Ralston

Josiah Elliott proxey for W H

W P Merchant

J W Freeland

J C Ellis

J G Williams



Col. L Burns explained the object of the meeting to be to devise means by which The Trustees can proceed with the contract of grading main Street.


By motion the account of three dollars was allowed.  D Gillispie for servises rendered and order drawn on Treasure


By motion The report of the Commtt appointed to settle with the President and Treasure was received and Commtt discharged.


By motion J W Freeland was appointed to receive such notes from the secty as might be deemed collectable and receipts for the same


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and proceed at once to collect them.


W T Woods presented an account of 90$ for servises Horse & Buggy hire &c.


By motion The account of W T Woods of 90$ was allowed and ordered to be drawn in notes.


By motion the Association Adjourned


Attest P M Hodges



W T Woods drew out notes to the amount of $103.64 Apl 12th 58


H Cune Dr

to amt order pr Woods on surveying 15.00

Apl 12th 58


Wm Finley lifted his notes to the amount of 254.67 on rent of Land Office Apl 10th 58


F B Mitchel & W H Elliott lifted notes to the amount of 23.34 on amount allowed W H Elliott at a meeting held Jany 9th 1858


Wm Finley to two notes on Dupey Snell of seventeen and 67/100 Dollars each total 35.34 on Land Office rent July 5th 1858


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May 22nd Paid A Ralston 3 notes on A J Dawson for $95.00 on Lots 11 & 12 in Block 5 for amt allowed Ralston for House rent for Dwelling for Whitfield.


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June [1868] E S. Wilkinson received of Dr. Crast $5.00

“  “  Dr Ashley E S Wilkinson 1.50

E. S. Wilkinson receved of Reynorson .50

“  “  Dr. Robinson 2.00

“  “  Spaullings’ Circus 2.00

Andrew & David Johnson, final settlement

July 4 per E S Wilkinson 3.00

July 6 David Johnson to Wilkinson 1.00

Per Wilkinson, by com of Parker and Clardy .75

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Kickapoo City Association met at the Store of Hodges & Solomon in Kickapoo City July 20th 1858


Persuant to previous notice given by H Colman Presd


Members Present

L & D. D. Burns represented 16 shares

J W Freeland “ 12 Do

W T Woods “ 2 ½ Do

R S Merchant “ 7 Do

W P Merchant “ 3 Do

R T Gillispe “ 1 Do

J M Atkinson “ 1 Do

A G Ottis “ 7 Do

P M Hodges “ 1 Do

J G Williams “ 1 Do

E S Wilhite 4 Do

A. Ralston 1 Do

[XXXXX] Shares represented 56 ½


The President being absent J W Freeland was unanimously elected President Protem.


P M Hodges Presented a report of all moneys received by him and all paid out with an account for servises for recording deeds and acting as secty.  Leaving a bal. due P M Hodges of thirty nine dollars and 50 cts


By motion of D D Burns the above report was received and account allowed by 52 ½ votes for and 4 against by E S Wilhite.


By motion J W Freeland R T Gillispie and E S Wilhite were appointed to confer with


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a Committee already appointed to make settlement with Col. A B Haggard in reference to the Prop and try if Possable to have The matter settled without delay.


P M Hodges then resigned as secretary -- and delivered all Books and Papers in his Possession belonging The Association over to J W Freeland who was unanimously elected secretary


By motion the Association then adjourned till the 1st mondy in Sept.



J W Freeland Secty


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Kickapoo City Assciation met at the mayors office in Weston Mo Sept 14th 1858  H Colman President the meeting being called to order by the president, Numbers of Shear Represented fifty two 52  Some remarks made by Mr B Woods & others in regard to the pioneer Press but no action on motion resolved that the matter in regard to the Pioneer Press be laid over untill our next meeting on motion Resolved that the Secritary make out a list of the assets and Liabilities as far he can of Said Company and present at the next meeting


on motion the meeting adjourned to meet at the Mayors office in weston MO on the [first] day of October next


J W Freeland



Kickapoo Town Company met at the Mayors office in Weston Mo as per adjournment October 1st 1858


the meeting was called to order by Henry Colman President


Number present and Stock Represented H Colman 9 Shares

B Woods 12 “

J Galispie 15 “

J W Freeland 10 “

J Metteor 04 “

H Collier By B Woods 04”

[Total] 54


Mr. B. Woods Moved that the Pioner Press Be donated to A B


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[Haggard] and the Question being put the motion was lost & the [XXXXX] [XXXXX] ayes 25 Nay 28


J W Freeland presented a report [of XXXXX] of the amount of notes in his hands for collection and the company the amount notes due and thought to be collectable is 2591.06 the amount not collectable is 2030.05 Making a totle of $4621.11


an account was presented by A B Haggard for five dollars for printing hand Bills in regard to Letting the grading of Main street on motion the account was allowed


On motion the meeting adjourned



J W Freeland Secty

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1855 March 16  Kickapoo City Stock Book


Share No Eighty-nine transfered by S. P. McCurdy to G. W. McLane, and by said McLane to

L. D. Bird, & by said Bird to J. N. & C. F. Burnes.


[Page 75]


Kickapoo City Stock Book Shares No. Seventy-two and Twenty-three issued to A. W. Hughes, October 26th 1854.


1854 Dec. 12  Share No. Seventy-two transfered by A. W. Hughes to H. B. Wallace.


1855 Jan. 31 Share No Fifty-one transfered by Ben. Wood to G. W. McLane


Share No. 70 transfered by A. W. Hughes to E. S. Wilhite.


Feb 7 Shares Nod 87, 89 & 90, transfered by S. P. McCurdy to G. W. McLane


“ 12 Shares numbered 63, 64 and 65, transfered to Geo. W. McLane, by Geo. Gabbert and J. C. Ranson, admis of the estate of James Ferguys dec’d


“ 15 Share number Sixty-six transfered by Geo. Gabbert & J. C. Ranson, administrators of the estate of Jas. Ferguys, dec’d to John Sharkey & Hugh Wilson


March 16 Share No. Fifty-one transfered by Ben. Wood to G. W. McLane, by G. W. McLane to L. D. Bird and by Bird to J. N. & C. F Burnes


“ 16 Shares Numbered 63, 64 & 65, transfered by Geo. Gabbert & J. C. Ranson, adms. estate of James Ferguys to L. D. Bird & G. W. McLane & by said Bird & McLane to J. N. & C. F. Burnes


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Transfer of Shares


Nov. 19 Share No. 71 transfered from A. W. Hughes, per A. G. Boyd to Andrew Monroe.


“ 20 Share No 10 transfered by R. S. Merchant to W. J. Martin


“ 20 Share No. 11 transfered by R. S. Merchant to Harvey D. Branch.


“ 28 Share No. fifty-nine transfered by E. S. Wilkinson to W. T. Woods and Harvey D. Branch


Dec. 11 Share No. thirty-eight transfered by Leonida Oldham to John Murray.


“ 11 Share No Forty-one transfered by Leonida Oldham to John Murray.


“ 11 Share No. Forty transfered by Leonida Oldham to W. D. Bonnel


Shares Numbered 52 & 53 – issued to Ben Wood, and transfered by him to Judge S. D. LeCompt. 52 for his own use and 53 for use of Wm H Ross –


1855 May 2 Share No. Seven transferred by H. B. C. Harris to Word & Martin


1855 Oct 25  Shares No Thirty four Thirty five & Thirty Six Transfered by Jesse Morin To Isaac House


Share No Seventy five Transferred by J O Long & C H Rodgers To L F Mills aproved October 20th 1855


J W Freeland Secrtary


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Hon S P McCurdy will act as proxie for me in my absence in the meetings of the Kickapoo City association


Aug 30th 1854  Jesse Morin


Hon. S. P. McCurdy will act as proxy for me in my absence in the meeting of the Kickapoo City Association.


Sept. 30th 1854.  E. S. Wilkinson


Shear No Seventy five Transferd by L F Mills To J W Freeland & Wm Braham approved Nov 30th 1857.


E. S. Wilkinson Secretary

By J W Freeland


Shear No (4) four Transfered by J W Freeland to Henry Moore approved Dec 28th 1857


E S Wilkson Secretary

By J W Freeland


May 4 Share No 47 Transfered by W Hays to Mrs A. F. Merchant Certificate issued


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1854 Oct. 23  Share No. sixteen in Kickapoo City issued to R. S. Merchant, and assigned by him to John Farrow

“ 25  Share No. Twenty one issued to Nathan Shaler and assigned by him to John H. Cork & Teter H. Myers


“ 26 Share No. sixty-nine issued to William Finley and transfered to John McNamara.


“ 26 Share No. Eight issued to H. B. C. Harris, and transfered by him to Jacob Mettier


“ 28 Share No. twenty-two issued to Nathan Shaler, and transfered to Lyman C. Dayton & J. B. Newman.


“ 28 Share No Twenty-three issued to Nathan Shaler, and transfered to Lyman C. Dayton & J. B. Newman.


“ 28 Share No twenty-seven issued to F. Hoberg & transfered to Isaac N. Atkinson.


“ 28 Share No Nineteen, issued to Nathan Shaler, and transfered to A. G. Boyd


“ 28 Share No Thirty transfered by Frederick Hoberg to Lyman C. Dayton


“ 28 Share No Thirty-one transfered by Frederick Hoberg to J. B. Newman


“ 31  Share No Seventy-four transfered by W. G. Noble to H. N. Haily & J. G. Williams


Nov. 8  Share No seventy-five transfered by W. G. Noble to G. O. Long & C. H. Rogers


“ 8 Share No seventeen transfered by R. S. Merchant to B. F. Robinson


“  18  Share No Two transfered by W. G. Osborn to D. D. Burnes & Brothers


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Stock Book of the Kickapoo City Association.


1854 Sept. 11  Richmond Gillespie, Certificate of stock issued 11th Sept. 1854 for Share No. one.


Sept. 13  William J. Osborn, one Certificate of stock No Two.


Sept 22  John W. Freeland, 2 certificates of stock. Nos 4 & 5 issued 22nd Sept. 1854.


Oct. 16  One share No eighteen, issued to Nathan Shaler, and transferred by him to Wm Sharp


“  “  A. G. Boyd, certificate of stock issued for share No 3.


“ 14  Certificates Nos 6, 7, 8 & 9 issued to H. B. C. Harris


“  14  Certificates Numbered 10, 11, 12 & 13 issued to R. S. Merchant

“ 16  Certificates Numbered 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 issued to Nathan Shaler.


“16 Certificates Numbered 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33 issued to Frederick Hoberg.


“ 17  Certificates Numbered 34, 35, 36 & 37 issued to Jesse Morin


“ 17 Certificates Numbered 38, 39, 40 & 41 issued to Leonidas Oldham


“ 18 Certificates Numbered 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 and 49 issued to Washington Hays.


“  21  Shares Nod. 58, 59, sixty & sixty-one issued to E. S. Wilkinson


’56 Mch 1  Share No 12 issued to R S Merchant and transfered to Amanda Merchant

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