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Albert C. Morton to Hiram Hill

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Leavenworth. City. January 8th/1859
Mr Hill
Sir yours Dated Dec. 23 was recived by me two or three days a go & read. & as it is Saturday Eve. (just on my way up to my boarding place) I call for Mr Chadwick who now is boarding at Dr. Andersons with me & as he wish me to wait a few moments for him, thinking that this would be a good opportunity to answer yours & resume my pen accordingly. Mr Chadwick is writing in the Recorders office here at Leavenworth has been here some four weeaks & he & myself Stop at the Doctors that use to be in our house at Quindaro, my health has got to be quite good again & trust I have got most acclamated to this country, for I have had a very tuf time of it, never new what sickness was before, & it has cost me considerable for Doctors do not work here for nothing. I am to here in the City, have two Dollars per day. I am very well contented & never shall leave this country to come East to live at

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preasant without the Ague drives me off for if I have got to shake every year as I did this Last summer I could not stand it Long & should be oblige to Leave.
Mr Hill thare is a good deal of excitement out to Pikes Peak, every one talks of going here in Leavenworth nex spring to dig Gould for it is reprerented here that thare is no humbug a bout it, many that I have been aquainted with here, are thare & give good & incouraging reports. & men that can be relied uppon Say that it is far superior to that of California the Goul found thare is of a beter quality. Thay everage from ten to twenty Dollars per day at the minds, whare thay have no conviences for diging & it is thought if with necessary tools &c that thay can do fare better.
Mr Hill thare is some projects under foot at Quindaro that is working very well Mr Chadwick says he rote you just before leaving [xxx] & he rote you some of the movements, things have briten up thare since Fall a good deal So I am tould I hope for my part thare will be a good deal of change so I can dispose of my intrest thare some way & get rid of paying so

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mutch intrest money for this paying money out for the use of money to build houses is not the thing, the house has paid about twenty five Dollars since last April, it is hard work to rent it at any price for it is hard geting to it, it is imposible to get any whare [nie?] it without going up the holler & comeing around on the hill & then come down. but things are looking mutch better for Quindaro the paper is started a gain do you recive a copy, thay advertise that thay should send to thare old sucribers or I should send you one now & then.
Could we get rid of the house nex spring I should like it mutch beter for I could bought six or Eight shares for what that house caust & as things was reprented to us I think it is a shame for Guthrine to trie & think that we must pay the other Four hundred dollars for it will be imposible for me to get any sutch sum, for if I could I should be [xxx] to let him have it, for he lied to us & he new that thay would not do anything as thay agreead to, but I am willing to let any past of mine intrest go & would like to let it all go so I could settle up with you & him & I would do

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the best I could with Farthers for I can stay here & work & pay him in time. I would like to come East & visit but as I have been sick so mutch it has been imposible for me. & as I am about to close Mr Chadwick wish to be remembered & say that he has sent you a copy of the Chindowand & [xxx] [xxx] of note, the Grand River Rail Road is put under Contract & as I am in hast or I would write mor than is one or three things I wish to speak about but [xxx] [xxx] time will [xxx] [xxx] I will write you Soon
Albert C Morton Leavenworth [xxx] Kansas
AS I have not got this seal & as Mr Anderson has just step in to accompany us home & he wish me to say one word for him the Doctor Starts for the east in two or three days & he will be in Mass & he may call & see you he wishes me to give him your place of resadace & if convient will call & [xxx] you when thare in Mass

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