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Albert C. Morton to Hiram Hill

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Quindaro August 3/1858
Mr Hill Sir
I arrived here yesterday just in time to vote. we poll 162 votes here. on my arrival here I find things rather dull, mutch more so than I expected to find. when I Left here the grade was going [on?] with great rate & continued so for about a weeak & then out of money again. & now it remains about the same as it did when I Left here with the excepion of one weeak work our house remains the same & is likely to for the presant for thare is no chance to rent any thing this year. Cap Well Stone, G. E. Upson, Chapmans & in fack more than one half of the houses are emty & things look discoursing. Jacob Henry of Albany New York has built a nice store beside of Cap Wells new store cost about ten thousand Dollars. & it will hafter stay thare for the presant for thare is no chance to rent any thing yet & will not be this year. A. [xxx]. [Rowell?] has sold out his intrest here to the Town Company. he lost about nine thousand dollars by his speccslation here he was bount to get out of the mill if he had to give up all he had here & was glad to get out of it in the way he did. Shepheard & Henry have paid J. M. Walden just about two thousand dollars this last year by the paper & the paper is now stop, but thare is some talk of starting it again wether it will or not I cannot tell. I have been absent from here two

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months & on returning back find things change a good deal but I trust thare is a better time a comeing by & by.
Mr Hill thare has been one improvement which I like to forgot the Company have found a man to put up a flouring mill & thay have got thare meashearny & have comence opperations & will be ready to run in a short time. I have paid up all the dets that I owed on the house & I do not owe any one in the Territory excepting that of Guthrine & I think he never will get any thing from me, for I have been decived about as mutch as I can stand at presant. I had a little talk with him before I went away & he was quite easy talk very gentleman about it at that time if things would briten up a little I would try and get that house off from our hands but we shall hafter stan it for the present for thare has been no chance this summer to sell any thing.
Mr Hill you warrents I recived when I was away & as soon as I recived them I sent you a Line which you have recived ere this if not miscarried. I found a letter in the office saying that you had not recive a letter from me for some time. & juge from you letter that you thought thay wer lost. I should been here before I did had I not been hem in by high water. so I could not get out for some time, every brige in this vicinity have been carraed away. the Topeka Bridge went off at the same time.

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Hill in regard to those Warrents the contrack verreys some what from the one you sent me with the Warrents, & requested to have me send my note for one of them & give you a title of one half of each besides my noat for one. The paper sitioun that I was (or in other words made with you) is one half of one hundred & sixty ackers of land & my note for one land warrent with simple intrest which is [xxx] proppersition & I am willing to leave it out to any one to say or desribe for my trouble & expences will be a good deal in getting my claim, but it will be worth one thousand dollars when it is preemted.
Mr Hill, if you are not satisfied with this I will give up the warrents as if I should not have them when you come out here I will give you my note & secure you by giving you a mortague on the Land, I will do any thing that is write but I do not think it will be a fare thing for me to give you a title of one hundred & sixty dollars with my note for one warrent & to be to the expence & trouble & every thing else. besides & when I get them have only Eighty ackers & with my trouble & expence & owing you for one of the warrents besides, not a verry good speculation for I have been offered Land warrents here by a number to preempt on the halas & my proppersition to you is the same, at least that is the way I understand it. & would rather not use them

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if I thought thare was any thing [xxx] about it. & in conclusion will [xxx]. I will inclose my note to you & a recipt for the other to be accounted for till I here from you.
Pleas write me as soon as you [receive?] this. I shall go out in the Territory soon, my health is very poor this warm weather & hafter be very careful for I do not wan to be sick again this summer, it is very sickley here now, good by
A. C. Morton
Quindaro August 3, 1858

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