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Charles Chadwick to Hiram Hill

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Quindaro Kansas Sept. 19, 1857
Dear Sir –
Yours of the 14th ult – has not been forgotten, notwithstanding the long time since its receipt – At the time of its receipt, information had come that Simpson would be here very soon, and I delayed to see him, He came. Staid here over night & went the next morning to Lawrence, In two or three days he returned, & I tried to get him to give a little time to me, which he promised but was so full of business that he never was at leisure. He was not here more than a day when his brother came & then he was off again to Lawrence, promising to be back again in two or three days but was gone over a week.
Whe he came back I got him one night for a short time, & got of him his drawings of the outside lands in the division – and the parts assigned by him to you – and have drawn you a copy of the map. Marking the Block & part block assigned to you, which you will see, is block No 5, between G. & H. Streets, and the N. W. ¼ of block. No. 19 between N & O. Streets. Then you have two lots in block 24. Simpson gave them to me as lots 263 & 265, which is Evidently an Error in the numbers, as there is no higher no. than 239 in the blocks. Simpson is not here to give me the cor-

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rection – but you are entitled to two of the lots in that block – You will observe that all the streets, running North and South in Quindaro are continued through the addition - and that an Avenue runs through it East and West - width of avenue is 100 feet – This divides the addition into 40 blocks of equal size running from street to street & being 283 ft deep & 260 wide The four blocks on the Kansas Avenue are divided into lots continuing the numbering from the last no. of the Avenue lots of the City – Each of the purchasers like yourself get two of those lots.
I will now give you Simpson’s drawing of blocks and lots at the divisions as he has given it to me – viz Lots 224 , 226, 236 & 238 in Block No 25. “ 235, 237, 227 & 229 “ “ 23 “ 267, 269, 223 & 225 “ “ 24 “ 272, 274, 248 & 250 “ “ 26. Then Blocks, No 8. 18. 19. 20. 5. 8. 3. & 34 –
There is an Error in the nos of lots 267 & 269 in block 24, and 272, 274, 248 & 250 in block 26, as there are no lots of so high a number in either blocks –
Robinson, Guthrie, Simpson, Gray, Webb, Metz, Browne & Ellis were present at the division. Ellis Surveyed it.
I presume lots 223 & 225 are the lots intended for you, which Simpson gave me as 263 & 265 – I only guess at it though -

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The Irvin Long piece & the Gray Eyes piece of land remain in the same condition you left them in. Guthrie says he located the Long piece for you before you left – and the other piece he could not recollect about. I went & saw the Commision & ascertained that it had not been located –
Guthrie located the other pieces on the Osawattomie road just south of Robertaille’s which is only a short distance South of Guthrie’s – There are now vacant claims about a mile and half from the town site on the Lawrence road or a little in South of it – and then others on the bottom nearly opposite to Parkville, which are the only vacant ones now – as the Com informed me –
In regard to the sale of your Shares, I can say as I believe I said before, that there are no sales being made. I could not sell them now, at any price. We hope that buyers will be coming in soon –
Our town is improving no buildings very flateringly and I think the future for it, is favorable. It is the best point for a town, & only wants the Capital & the men of energy to push through one or two Enterprises – A bridge over the Kansas River on the Osawattomie road will command all the trade & shipping of the Shawnee Osawattomie & Neosha Country, or nearly all of it – and will be an advantage that will secure the Supremacy over Wyandot & Kansas City, and will put up the Shares in this town to double the present, or any of the former prices –
The grading does not go on as rapidly as I would like to see it, nor as rapidly as the Co. would like to have it go – or as

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it would go if money matters were not so tight.
How is it with you in Mass – Will it be so tight this fall, that none can be got hold of to invest in speculations in Kansas? Do you know whether or not there will be much immigration to this Territory from Mass?
By the way, in regard to the Long piece of land Simpson told me he would pay Long the 100 dollars if Long was ready to deed which I suppose he is, and Simpson says half of the land is to be deeded to him, i. e. the deed is to be to you & him. I had supposed it was all for you – Long’s bond runs to you – Long wants it closed up.
Will you be out this fall and when?
There is now but a short time till Election day. It is hoped there will be no muss, but there is some fears that there will be. The Six months residence in the Territory will be insisted on, & the payment probably of a tax as a qualification to vote – Walkers proclamation is out to day in Lawrence as I learn by a passenger in the stage, from there. It was not issued at the leaving of the Stage so that copies could be had. We are all anxious to see it, to learn what he purposes to do.
I shall be glad to hear from you on the recipt of this & will promise that prompt replies shall be returned you hereafter to any inquiries you may make of me. I have not been at all well for much of the time six weeks past and will offer that as a small excuse for my tardiness in this. I inclose with this the bond you desire – In regard to your getting a title to those outside lands, i. e. in the addition through Simpson there cannot be a doubt. Mr Guthrie & the Gov. may talk about his not paying anything & his not being Entitled to anything is of no account – He purchased the lands with them, & sold
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them, representing himself an owner with them, & they with full knowledge of what he was doing never denied it - but on the contrary acqui-essed in, & approved it – This will stop them now from denying his title & right to sell
Truly Yours Chas Chadwick Can you send me five dollars? It is hard getting hold of a cent here. C--

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