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Albert C. Morton to Hiram Hill

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Quindaro July 31/57
Mr Hill
Sir After being absent some ten days I have just return home from Council Bluffs & have recived the package you Express me the first of June which I recived of the agen of [sand?] point. (E. G. Sear, Town Agent of Parkers Express Co Council Bluffs) I on my return here recived two Letters from home & two from you, wishing to what the Expencis have been inrregard to that money matter, my fare up & back was 30 Dollars besides my time. & the Expres Crges wer $8.50. had I time when thare I Should of collected damages or left it in other hands for collection. I thought I had better come back & by your request write you the Expensis & you can act as you please it is cirtain that some one is responsible for the Damage & hope you will be able to collect pay out of some one E. G. Sear Says that he had no wish to send it to me, for he was responsible for it after he had recived it. for he had sent me a recipt by mail for said package, which I recived some Six weeaks ago had I not gone after it. I do not know as I should of gotten it at all. Mr Hill after waiting so Long I have recived it & it releves my mind very mutch in regard to money matters.

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Afternoon Mr Hill I have just return from the Guthrines. Let him have Four Hundred Dollars towards my half & I think he will wait untill I can get the rest I have paid for every thing else excepting about $125 towards the building the plastering & chimlies which I am to pay in work. & by the time I get threw the building I hope I shall be able to pay the rest. (it is to be a brick house on those out side Lands) Hill Sir I had a few words with Mr Guthrine in regard to the grade he says that he will have that attended to & Says the will take the propperty back or whatever the Damage is he will pay. an he seemes to be [pure?] about it & will do what is write. there was a contract let here yesterday for a building nealy obbosite of yours which is to be stone with cut stone front. (he is a new commer) we had quite a fresh arrival there last knight some Twenty persons got off from the boat. & most of them are persons that are building here & some are going to build the prospects are good & thare is now douht but what this will prove to be a good investment although things have been very quiet this far some few weeaks since but now are wakening up a little. in regard to the other buildings & improvements here I rote in my last. I hope this will find you well & would like to know when you expect to come out here. I am well & in good health.

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Mr Hill
Regard to your intrest in these out side Lands & other things. while at Mr Guthrines I took the opportunity to require into the matter & sent that part of the letter to him that I write recive what imfermation I could was to write you an axtract of the whole.
Mr Simpson Left here & his Brother after he arrived here the first time (in about two weeaks) his Brother took his wife & Mr Guthrine thought he will never come back again here.
Mr Guthrine Says he has commited [xxx] uppon [xxx] & [xxx] the company out of Forty or Fifty Thousand Dollars & if any one desserves the penertensary it is S. N. Simpson for Life. & the propperty that S. N. Simpson has sold to individuals was not his he never paid a cent for. but was to have on intrest providing he paid for it. he has Deeded town property which did not belong to him & has taken the companys money & sent it off these are wriht from the lips of Mr Guthrine & I have written his language as neire as I wisht recanted but have not writen it half as strong as I recived it. it is serfisiant enough to show what S. N. Simpson is & how he stands in Kansas there has a great many things break out since he Left he stayed her as Long as he thought it would do & was oblige to leave.

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Mr Hill the Bond you hold against S. N. Simpson Mr Guthrine says that probberly the Governer & himself will Let you have but S. N. Simpson ever ordered it & neve had any business to give a Bond for it but matters connected to the [xxx] business they will hafter be responsible for. Mr Guthrine says that the Lands you herd of [xxx] remain just as they did when you wer here. He is ready to give you a title any time you wish.
Mr Guthrine says that you lost some property Neer him which he Rented & took off some soils. (wether this is the [xxx] land or not. I cannot say you know better than I [xxx] he told me of another fevre you talk of [xxx] wether this was the Levvy land that he tooke the [soils?] off or the other. you have but I will say that he says he will sell the Land for you (I take it for granted it is the Land neer by him) if you wish he think he can sell it for Sixty pr acer or the [soils?] he took he will pay you for. he ment to before you went home. this is how the matter stands & Mr Guthrine is willing to deal pure & just & will do what is write I have these from his Lips, but he would advise you to see S. N. Simpson & have him [xxx] just as take to law as fast as possible.
Please write as soon as you get this and let me know how the mater stands I am respectfully yours A. C. Morton I shall be oblige to close for want of room

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