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Topeka, Friday, July 5, 1868.


An Interesting Letter.


On Friday, June 28th, Governor Crawford received authority to raise a battalion of men for the Indian war. The next day that authority was revoked. Just after receiving the revocation of the order, he wrote the following letter to Senator Ross, at Washington. We commend it to our readers as the voice of Kansas speaking through her Governor to the Nation. It sets forth the condition of things on the frontier, and speaks as Kansas feels. On Monday, as stated in our last issue, the Governor received authority, and is now recruiting a battalion; but what is wanted is to raise about 5,000 men, send them out with ponies and salt only, from Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota and Colorado, and cut them off from all connection with Washington red tape, and we guarantee that the Indians would sue for peace within sixty days:


Topeka, June 29th, 1867


Hon. E.G. Ross,


U.S. Senator, Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:


Our Indian troubles are growing worse every day.


On Wednesday last a band of Kiowas attacked and captured a train between Harker and Larned, killing and scalping eleven of the teamsters (mostly Mexicans), burning the wagons, and driving off the stock.


On Thursday they made another attack on the railroad men fifteen miles west of Harker, killing one engineer and mortally wounding an employee. This almost entirely stops the work on the road, as Col. Shoemaker’s dispatch herewith transmitted will show.


The authority yesterday granted me for raising troops by Generals Sherman and Smith was to-day revoked, just as I was ready to issue a call for one regiment of volunteers.


This leaves our frontier settlers, railroad men, and those engaged in freighting, transporting mails, &c., in Western Kansas, at the mercy of these savage, red-handed fiends.


It may be possible that during the present week we shall not suffer as we have during the past three or four months, since the same tribes which have been perpetrating these outrages are required to meet Col. Leavenworth, agent for the Camanches and Kiowas, and Major Wynkoop, agent for the Apaches, Arapahoes and Cheyennes, at or near Salt Plains, in the southern part of this State, there to receive one hundred and sixty thousand pounds of annuity goods, which were shipped from Atchison last week, and will reach their destination and be distributed to the murderers within the next ten days. As soon as they receive these supplies from the Government, they will, without the least shadow of doubt, return to their fields of operation, which are already stained from one end to the other with the blood of our own citizens, and which contain in Kansas alone the fresh graves of more than five hundred men, women and children, victims of these “noble red men.”


This state of affairs cannot be tolerated any longer. Gen. Sherman and other U.S. officers are willing to do all in their power to suppress further depredations, but they have not a sufficient force with which to operate.


The Indians, from Minnesota to Texas, have declared war. They have formed themselves into one powerful confederate band or army, and are moving with concert of action from one end of the line to the other.


Since the first day of July, 1866, more than five thousand persons, to whom the Government of the United States guaranteed protection, have been killed, scalped, and their bodies most shamefully mutilated by the same Indians who are now receiving aid and comfort from the Government.


With the aid they are receiving this year they will be able to prosecute the war more vigorously than ever; while if their annuities were stopped, former treaties declared void, and a vigorous effort made, they could soon be reduced to a state of suffering and compelled to sue for peace.


Then if the Government would send them to the Indian Territory, south of Kansas, give each twenty acres of land, invest one-twentieth part of the money that is now being foolishly expended for annuities, in schoolhouses, farming implements, &c., for their use, and compel them to remain at home we should have no further trouble.


But before this can be done, they will have to be reduced to actual want and made to feel and fear the power of the Government.


They have a powerful army in the field, well organized, armed and equipped.


They mean war, and the Government of the United States can meet them in no other way than by organizing an army and moving against them in force.


Congress might, with equal propriety and justice, have forwarded a train of supplies and munitions of war to the rebel army after the first battle of Bull Run, and upon that demanded or expected their surrender, as to demand or expect the hostile Indians to stop the war by giving them annuities.


There is no such thing as peace, except by war, and the sooner you convince Congress of this, the better it will be for the country.


It is to the pecuniary interests of Indian agents, traders and contractors, to prevent a war as long as possible, and, in my opinion, some of them representing wild tribes, rather than lose their position, would misrepresent the true state of affairs at whatever cost or sacrifice of life.


Most of them if not all represent their Indians as being at home quiet and peaceable, when in fact they know that every Indian belonging to their respective tribes, (I mean those at war) is now and has been for months past murdering and scalping citizens whenever and wherever they could be found, either alone or in parties sufficiently small to be overpowered without the Indians incurring too much danger to themselves. Nine of them came into a small settlement, a few days since, on the frontier, west of Lake Sibley, murdered and scalped two men and one boy, and wounded another boy who made his escape. They then took two women prisoners. Upon one of whom each of the nine committed a fiendish outrage, and afterwards, plunged a tomahawk into her head and left her dead on the ground, and in this condition she was subsequently found by the citizens. The other woman they took with them as a prisoner, to suffer, if possible, even a worse fate.


I have represented the condition of affairs to the Secretary of War, who from some cause, has taken no action.


I have appealed to Sherman, but he cannot engage in a war without troops or authority, so the whole subject rests with Congress, either to declare all former treaties with hostile tribes void by act of war, on their part, declare war against them and furnish Sherman with a volunteer force sufficient to enable him to take the offensive, or send out Peace Commissioners who will, doubtless, guarantee additional protection to the Indians, assure them that their conduct has been entirely satisfactory to the Government, and that their supply of annuity goods shall be largely increased in the future. I judge of the future by the past. If Peace Commissioners are sent out it is equivalent to saying to the Indians: “go on with the war and we will pay you a premium for all you do;” or in other words, “we will pay you a reward for the scalps you take.” In the name of God and humanity, I do earnestly protest against such a policy.


I hope that the false impressions which exist in the minds of many persons East, in regard to the character and disposition of the Indian, will not prevent members of Congress from discharging their whole duty fearlessly.


If those who believe that the Indian embodies in his nature everything that is noble and great, could see their friends butchered and mangled as we of the West have seen ours, the probability is they would change their opinions. But whether they do or not is a matter of indifference to me, and I trust it will also be to Congress, which in fact is responsible for these atrocities. I could within a short time complete the organization of a militia force, composed of experienced officers and soldiers, and move against the Indians in Western Kansas. But in doing this I would necessarily be compelled to violate the law (if treaties are valid,) which I have no disposition to do if it can possibly be avoided; besides it is the duty of the Government to protect her citizens. If Congress fails to make provisions for protecting our citizens and those quietly traveling through the State, then there is but one course for me to pursue.


I cannot and will not allow a band of irresponsible, uncivilized, blood-thirsty fiends, to invade the State, murder our citizens, stop the work on our most important railroads, and completely blockade the routes of travel to other States and Territories. This is asking a little too much, even though we have humanitarians in the country, who may think it better to suffer a hundred or more of our people to be murdered and scalped, than to sacrifice the life of one Indian.


I have submitted until forbearance has ceased to be a virtue.


If Congress will adopt prompt and decisive measures to bring this war to an end, or rather commence the war, I will render the Government all the assistance in my power. I will furnish troops, as many as may be desired. But if Congress fails to take action, I shall be compelled to declare all the Indians in Western Kansas, invaders, outlaws, murderers and highway robbers, and proceed against them with such force as may be necessary to bring them to justice or drive them from the State.


Yours very truly,


S. J. Crawford.


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Saline valley, Ottawa Co. Ks

Sept 23rd 1867


Gov SJ Crawford


Dear Sir


By death and otherwise Ottawa County is left with no J.P.s and the people desire me to ask you to appoint Eugene Scott and Thomas Seurs J.P. Send their commissions to Salina.


The people of this and Soliman valleys are somewhat excited about indians. Squads of indians have been seen on the head waters waters of Salt and Beaver Creek and Buffaloes are plenty on those shores which old hunters, say is a good evidence that indians are round they are desirous of getting arms and ammunition, to be placed in their reach so that they can if necessary defend themselves and property. The citizens on Fisher Creek


[Page 3]


Mitchell County have built a fort for self protection. The indians scares have have kept this country from settling up any this year on the frontier. Settlements are no further out than they were last year Ottawa County will vote against women suffrage and for negro suffrage


Ed. F. Millare was by the Rep Convention of Saline County nominated last seat for the legislature. he will make a good working member, if elected Our county convention comes off the first Monday in next month if my business will permit I will be a candidate


Yours &c

I am sincerely


R D Mobley


P.S. Eugene C Scott is to take the place of [XX] Swan, J.P. Deceased and their is some business which he was in Esqr Swans offr’er which should be attended to before our next Dist Court which comes off the 4 Monday of Nov




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Head Quarters 15th Kan Cavy

Fort Hays Kan Sept 1st 1867


SJ Crawford




I understand that the State of Kan is raising a Regt. of one [XXX] men. And I write to request if you can constistently give me a recruiting commission.


I suppose you have heard of the fight we had and all other news of importance So I will have nothing more to write


Yours Respectfully


J.W. Ramsey


Sergeant Major 18th Kan


[Page 5]


Ramsey, J.W.

Fort Hays, Kas.

Sept. 1st 1867


(Ellis Co)

(Sergt-Maj 18th Kan)


States that he hears the State of Kansas is raising a new Reg’t and desires a recruiting commission.


Rec’d Sept. 4th, Ans’d Sept 3rd.


[Page 6]


Council Grove

Aug. 28th


Dear Governor


I have written you before in regard to my act for recruiting. but you were absent from home at the time and I have thought your attention had not been called to it I wrote you then the particulars in regard to my expenses and all the facts connected with the recruiting.


I hope to have my account adjusted soon as the expenses incured will have to be paid now Men will not consent to wait  I have already paid the greater part of the act. Can the amt be adjusted and paid now Please see my former letter.


There is another question in which I with all Kansas feel a deep interest and that is the removal of the Indians from Kansas. I fear the action of this Peace Commission will prevent the ratification of the late treaties made with our Kansas Indians


[Page 7]


I think the object of Gen Sherman and the Commission is to settle the Western Indians South of Kansas and this will prevent the settlement of our Border Indians here as provided in those treaties. Can you not through our Congressional Delegation prevent the location of those Western Tribes on these lands the Cheroke Indians say they will not consent to have those wild Indians located there but will consent to our Border Indians going there  If that country is set apart for the wild Indians our Indians are fastened upon Kansas for all time to come  I hope that you may be able to prevent the consumation of this plan.


Hoping to hear from you soon I remain yours &c


TS Huffaker




Sept 2nd 1867 


[Page 8]


Huffaker, T.S.

Council Grove, K.

Aug. 28 1867


(Morris Co)


Desires the adjustment of his ac’ct for expenses incurred in recruiting, &c


(Objects to Shermans evident plan as to Indian settlement).




Rec’d Aug. 30, 1867


[Page 9]


Eureka Kansas Dec 4th 1867


To the honorable Governor of Kansas


Dear sir according to your directions I filled out a blank you had left at Eureka for me & sent it back to Topeka or started it within 3 days after it was left there for me. but I have not heard anything about it since. I worked myself into a sort of a team again & the osages come last Wednesday night & took them off & 8 more of the neighbor horses. leaving us a foot & part of us sick & it also rained the next day so that we could not have followed them if we had had horses to ride. if there is any show for us getting pay for our horses please write & let us know so that I can borrow money enough to buy a horse for we are in a verry bad fix

please write immediately

Respectfully yours

Ellison Neet


[Page 10]


Neet, Ellison

Eureka, Dec. 4, 1867.

(Greenwood Co)


In relation to claims against the Osages for horses stolen.




Rec. Dec. 13 1867


[Page 11]


Centropolis Franklin Co Kansas

Oct 24th 1867


His Excellency SJ Crawford


Governor of Kansas, Topeka Kan,


Dear Sir,


Herewith inclosed  please find letters of introduction and recommendation from Senator Yates, Governor Oglesby, and [XXXX] Alan Bromwell, of Illinois. If you find necessary to send more volunteers from our state to guard against the Indians on the plains I will be glad to take the field, in whatever capacity I am most needed.


I think I have experienced enough in military service in the Indian Country to enable me to make myself useful; and it is to be hoped, the authorities of our Government will soon realize the necessity of waging a war of


[Page 12]


Extermination against these merciless savages who are obstructing public highways, plundering trains, robbing mails, and scalping men, women and children on every hand.


Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience, and to have the inclosed letters returned. I have the honor to be with our respect


Your obedient Servant


Sen. C. True


[Page 13]


Ans. Oct 29 1967

True, Col. L.C.

Centropolis, Kas.


Oct. 24, 1867.

Encloses letters of introduction, and requests the Governor to give him a position. (in Indian Reg)


Rec. Oct. 29, 1867


[Page 14]


Irving Marshall Co Kansas

October 14th 1867

Gov. S.J. Crawford


Dear Sir


I write to request that you will appoint our friend P.H. Peters of Marysville a recruiting officer and give him authority to raise in the North west a company for your regiment of six months volunteers if you will favor him in this way he can soon raise a company and be ready for service


Respectfully Yours


Jus. M Harvey


I cheerfully endorse the above and know he can raise a company at once


Francis [XXXX]


[Page 15]


Harvey, Hon. Jus. M.


Irving, Oct. 14, 1868.


(Marshall Co)


Recommending P.H. Peters, as Recruiting Officer for 19th Reg’t.


Already appointed.


[Page 16]


Hed Qts Batt 18th Kans Cav’y

Ft Hays 31st Aug 1867


Dear Guv,

I am just in off an eight days trip after the Indians, that “B” & “C” had to fight with. I suppose you have heard a full report of the thing from Capt Arms, from all all I can gather I think Capt Arms should have credit for getting his command divided into about three equal parties and that Capt Barker Capt Jessup and Lieut Price showed have credit for fighting back the indians gathering the men together and saving what of [XXX] were saved. Every man was best while the command was scattered and not a man after it got together was injured. But I cannot blame the Regular Army for hoping to make what they can out of it. They are greatly in need of something of the kind.


[Page 17]


I was ordered by Gen Smith to cooperate with Arms and so divided my command and sent Capt Barker with two companies down the saline to camp and come up and cooperate with Capt Arms. I went up and camped and came down the saline. We marched 75 miles. Then I ordered Arms across to the Solomon to strike it low down while I was to strike two miles above [XXXX] & we would communicate by means of scouts. I moved out of camp first and Arms crossed my trail going above me when he had been ordered below. I am satisfied that this was intentional on his part and that he I kept my two companies together and marched over the above country without being attacked. Arms divided his command

[Page 18]


The miserable failure is owing entirely to this having been too arduous for a fight of his own, and his want of judgement in scattering  his command all over the prairie.


So soon as Lieut Price got in with the report of the fight I recounted what men I had 125, and went 75 miles for the indians I got to the battlefield in 2 days and [XXXX] thoroughly for 5 days but cared not…We saw [XXXX] [XXXX] but got no attack. If I had divided my command into three or four parties they would probably have fought them while [XXXX].


I suppose we are to remain here for a few weeks to recruit up cavalry you come up and see us? There is a report here that you are about to file up to [XXXX] and organize a Regt-is it Price? If so I should like to detail some [XXXX] for recruiting services.


Barker is making out an official report of operation [XXXX] two companies which I will for’d to you.




Horace L. Moore


[Page 19]


Maj. Horace L. Moore

18th Kan. Cav. Battalion

Ft. Hays, Ellis co.


Private account operations against Indians 


Aug 31, 1867


(Maj. Armes was court martialed & dismissed from service, but was reinstated later)


See [XXXX] Vol 2



[Page 20]


Clifton Kans Oct 6. 167


To his Excellency Governor Crawford


yours of sept 20 is received


In the Names of those that have ben kild on the Republican are as follows


L. Louis Castle


Walter Haynes


Mr. Bollents


Mr Tolman


and the two Mr Collins


John [XXXX]


Mr Smith


Mr Ward


Mrs Setsen and her son


Mr Bartlet


Ward’s wife taken prisoner


Samuel Fisher wounded


The above persons have ben kild since [XX] may /66 Our difficultys on this portion of the Border are growing worse every day The White Rock settlement is abandoned The Indians are lurking about the salt creek and Lake Sibly settlement, the troops at White Rock have faild to give protection The Fact is the souldiers are not allowed to fight Indians


Your obedient servent,


[Page 21]


John G Haynes

Haynes, Jn. G.

Clifton Kas. Oct. 6. 1867


(Washington Co)


States U.S. Troops at White Rock, Jewell Co, are no protection to settlers.


Gives the names of 12 persons killed on the Republican by Indians.


Rec. Oct. 12. 1867.


[Page 22]


Coyville Ks


Jan 3rd, 168


Gov. S.J. Crawford


Honorable Sir,


having sent to you some time since an affidavit or claim against Osage Indians, for Horse stolen from me, not hearing from it & seeing no notice given. I thought it best to draft you a few lines, fearing it did not reach you. you will oblige me very much by drafting me a note wheather you can give me any positive information or not.


Enclosed find stamp.


I am with respect


H.W. Grant


Address Coyville Wilson Co Ks


[Page 23]


Grant, H.W.

Coyville, Wilson Co. Kas.

Jan. 3rd, 1868




In relation to claim against the Osage Indians.




Rec’d. Jan. 13, 1868.


[Page 24]


Office County Clerk, Washington County

Washington, Kan., Apr 24th, 1868

SJ Crawford

Gov of Kansas


Dear Sir


owing to this indication of and outbreak of the Indians this spring we would respectfully ask permission to recruit a company of Cavalry Service of United States for one yeare unless sooner discharged To have and to hold [XXXX] [XXXX] subject to your orders hoping that permission will be granted we are Respectfully yours


Your Servant


George W. Shriver


C.M. Murdock


[Page 25]


Shriver, Geo. W. et al

Washington, Kan.


Apl 4, 1868.

(Washington Co)


Render their services in the event of Indian hostilities.




Rec. Apl 9, 1868


[Page 26]


Ottawa Apr 10/68


Dear Governor:


If you have to put the hostile Indians down again, I am at your service.


If I ever make peace with the miserable devils I’ll do it after the style of Chivington


Respectfully &c


LC True


[XXXX] Col of the 62nd Ter Veterans




You doubtless remember the credentials I sent you last fall from Senator Yates, Governor Oglesby and others.


LC True


To Governor Crawford




[Page 27]


True, LC

Ottawa, Apl 10, 1868.

(Franklin Co)


Renders his services in the event of Indian hostilities



Rec. Apl 13, 1868.


[Page 28]


Ellsworth May 15th 1868

S.J. Crawford,




you have Doubtless heard of the recent depredations committed by the Cheyenne & arapahoe Indians on Elk Creek in which they made a decent on one Mr Skinner for who kept a small store on Elk Creek Robing him of all his goods and stock this was don last week. Also the Burning of those [XXXX] on the [XXXX] [XXXX]  west of [XXXX] 17 miles. Also the Sioux killed [XXXX] man up on the [XXXX] River on the 30th of last month This I know to be true as I searched that place the day after it ocurred. It is the oppression of all


[Page 29]


who live and those who have taken notice of the movements of the Indians this spring that they intend to make an outbreak and that soon as the…even now. I have just returned from a trip [XXXX] from Hays to the Platt and the [XXXX] to [XXXX] all the way over.


Now my object in writing you. This is to ask you to accept a company of men (which I can report to you for duty within ten days) and place them on duty on the frontier which [XXXX] in most eminent danger of an attack were it necessary I [XXXX] send you a petition signed by every sitizen. In May Ellsworth and [XXXX] especialy the settlers on the Republican to Elk Creek.


[Page 30]


Mr. Whitney Deputy Sherif of this county living in this place to willing and anyone to take a part in this organization if it should meet, and approbation Hoping after due deliberation you will give me authority to organize said co.


I remain yours Respectfully,


Capt Philey


My address will be Ellsworth for about ten days Please let me hear from you as soon as commissioned




PS Instaed of Elk Creek, I should have said Elkhorn. If you reply direct to me, in case of EB Whitney Ellsworth City



[Page 31]


Pliley, A.J.


Ellsworth Kas.


May 13, 1868


Mentions Indian troubles on the Plains, and wants authority to raise a company.


(Capt. A. J. Pliley was in the Arickaree battle. See Freeman’s story Hist-Col. Vol. 6 p 356)


Vol 9 p453




May 15, 1868


[Page 32]


Marion Centre

June 6th 1868

Gov. Crawford


Topeka Kan.


Dr Sir


Our country is at present in the excitable condition. The Indians duly committing depredations on our people They have robed 3 families This week and killed lots of Stock Took everything that they had even to baby close. The people of this fort have concentrated at Marion Centre and are protecting themselves but can’t do that and tend their crops too. So they have this day Resolved to send Levi Billings to you to ask your assistance in procuring Government troops for this joint and he will give you the facts in the case. But this country must have protection or it


[Page 33]


will be abandoned. The Cottonwood valey is abandoned from here to Cottonwood Falls and have taken their stock out of the country. It is true that the didn’t kill anyone This raid but it is bout as bad to take the last herd of stock from a poor man as to scalp him and they have done that this time. They is some families through here that have left Their crops and farms and the country too.

They is no use of my trying to tell you of the damage that they have done This country for it would take a whole [XXXX] of paper to write it on. They is one man here now that wants me to let you know how much they damaged him They took all he had and he has the articles on a paper and it covers a whole shelf.


Mr Billings can post you as to the damage they done this trip. But we look to you for protection and if we can’t get it this country will be abandoned. We therefore hope that you will look to our interest and that will be the interest of the state.


Yours Respectfully


AA Moore


[Page 34]


Moore, A.A.

Marion Centre, Kas.

June 3, 1868.


(Marion Co)


Requests the Governor to [XXXX] the stationing of troops at that place, for protection against the Indians.


Rec. June 8, 1868.


[Page 35]


Labette county

June 14th 1868

Gov Crawford


Dear Sir


by the request of many of our sitisans I wright you the condisions of afaires in south western kansas and the deppedation commited on our settlers by the osage indians thay have kiled no one latley that we no ove but air coming into our settlement in armed forse and driven of our property and air very sassey and empedent all that saves the murder of settlers is we keep thretning with you but thay wil com to the conclusion after a while that there is no


[Page 36]


dainger that it is all to secure I tell you sir that ther is grate case for feary of truble that air gitting bolder every day thay came in on the 15th of this month two miles from me and kiled foure head of cattle and dresed them in broad day lite in defiance of the settlers and on the sixteenth thay returned buteherd eight more and ther is no telling how meny more thay would have killed but we getherd up what men we could an A short notice and went to them and stoped them killing any more sum of the settlers is armed and sum have no armes and the peple air generaly hard up to mak A living aminition is very hi and thare foure we air faerly prepared to defend our seves I no the desperasion of A indian I was raised verley A mong them and it wont dwo to trust them I came from the north part of this state laste Aprile wheare I have lived sence fifty six and served in the eighth kansas vol and think I can face the red skins but we must have sumthing to fight with and you ar the appointment of sum man to lead us we should have tum one heare


[Page 37]


Appointed with othoraty to call out the settlers and A nother thing we need that is a therer Militia organization I enrolled the militia in my naborhood in the North part of the state and will dow the same heare if you will send orders to that affect and report them to you hoping and trusting that you will inquier into afaire and adopt sume plane of pertexion to our selves and prperty


Sir I remain yours truly


William C. Nassar


any orders to me address to Humbolt








[Page 38]


Headquarters Department of the Missouri,




Fort Leavenworth, Kansas,


June 16th, 1868


His Excellency S. J. Crawford


Governor of Kansas.


Topeka, Kas.



I have ordered a company of Cavalry to take fast at the Kaw crossing of the Cottonwood, about six miles north of Marian-Centre with directions to scout up to the bend of the Smokey Hill.


I also ordered the company of Cavalry recently sent to the Mouth of the Little Arkansas to scout up to Marian Centre. This, I hope, will quiet and satisfy the anxiety of settlers on that line.


I am very well posted as to the position and feelings of the main portion of the Cheyennes and Arapahoes, and if any confidence can be placed in their protestations


[Page 39]


they do not intend to engage in hostilities. It is small prowling bands that may give us trouble.


(signed) P.H. Sheridan


Maj. Genl.


Official Copy:

Original sent by telegraph.

P.H. Sheridan

Maj. General, U.S.A.


[Page 40]


Sheridan, Genl P.H.

Ft. Leavenworth

June 16, 1868.


(To: Gov. Crawford)


Official Copy of telegram relative to the disposition of troops on the frontier


[Page 41]


Junction Fall & Verdigris Rivers


June 30th 1868.

Hon. S.J. Crawford


Dear Sir


The white men, citizens of Kansas have been searching Little Bear and Poppin Towns of Osage Indians, in search of stolen horses. The Indians are very much alarmed & wish me to invite you on the subject. What had we better do? I will be pleased to hear from you by return mail, direct Verdi, Wilson Co. Kan


Very Respt


Joseph Mosure


Half breed Osage


[Page 42]


Mosure, Joseph.

Wilson Co.

June 30/68

(Half-breed Osage Indian)


Wilson Co.


In relation to the search for stolen horses among the Osages




Rec. July 8, 1868.


[Page 43]


Council Grove


July 6th, 1868


His Exellency S.J. Crawford

Topeka Kan


Dear Gov.


I shall have finished up the preparation of the Claims for losses in this vicinity tonight. They amount to about $6000. They are all the losses of poor men In some instances taking all [XXXX], the clothing, bedding, household stuff, and provisions of the family, leaving them dependent on the charities of their more fortunate neighbors. If their claims are not paid soon, the sufferers cannot, without aid get the necessaries for winter. There are other cases like them further west. I hope you will demand of our Congressional delegation that provision be made for the payment of these claims, before Congress adjourns. I shall go next tomorrow. I have written the senators on this subject; there has also been a letter sent, on the same subject, signed by a dozen citizens of Council Grove. There should not be a day lost in this matter for the sake of humanity and justice. Delay is a damage to the whole state and


[Page 44]


a cruel hardship to all the settlers on the frontiers I would be glad to hear from you but cannot tell you where I shall be.


Yours truly


H.W. Farnsworth


All is quiet on the Neosho as to Indians, though there have been some rumors of Indians having been some rumors of Indians having been seen yesterday, but they were probably Kaws.


Farnsworth: H.W.


Council Grove, July 6, 1868.


Morris Co


With references to the claims of settlers for losses sustained at the hands of Indians.


Rec July 8, 1868.


[Page 45]


Marion Center Marion Co. Kas

July 9th 1868

Gov. S.J. Crawford

Topeka Kas


Dear Gov,


I arrived at this place yesterday. I prepared all the claims for recent losses by the Cheyennes at the Grove, and on Six Mile Creek, and then a a few here which I shall fix up today.


I find here very beautiful valleys, with considerable timber and the most pure [XXXX] water I have seen anywhere in Kansas. There could hardly be a more inviting place for stock-raisers But the great drawback is the fear of Indians. The prospect of filling these valleys with enterprising settlers was never so good as in the morning of the first of June last but a few hours changed everything. Settlers on the head of creeks were driven in that evening and some of the them will not venture back with their women


[Page 46]


and children until the government gives them the protection they are partly entitled to. Some will leave the country, and hundreds that would have come here will not expose themselves to the danger of the border. Thus not only does this vicinity suffer, but the whole state. The amount of property actually taken is not a hundredth part of the actual loss. Great complaint is made here, and justly that cavalry are not stationed on this border. All know that it is not your fault, but hope you will not cease your efforts until Gen Sheridan sends a sufficient number of troops to show that frontier settlers have some rights besides those of furnishing Indians with horses, cattle and scalps. One or two companies would satisfy all living on this border. I expect to leave here tomorrow for Wilson County.


Accept my congratulations on the happy ever


[Page 47]


that has been announced in your family. May there be many more like, with such small variations as nature makes.


I think I will be at home in about two weeks.


I would like to run for Secretary of State. Can you do anything for me?


Yours truly


H.W. Farnsworth


The troops sent out are all at Council Grove, which do the settlers out here little if any good.


[Page 48]


Farnsworth, H.W.

July 9, 1868.

Marion Centre.

Marion Co


In relation to Indian troubles, and the need of troops on the frontier.


Rec. July 12, 1868.


[Page 49]


Council Grove Kans

July 11 1868


Hon Sam J Crawford. Governor

Of State of Kansas

Dear Sir


Since the Cheyennes were in about a month since our citizens are thrown into a satte of excitement by every rumor.


We have been notified again that indians were on the way again and our farmers have left their harvest fields to be ready for them. There has been a company of US troops stationed here for some days but they have now been ordered away We have got a petition signed by our 200 citizens and sent to Col English to have this company remain here.


We wish you would use your influence to have troops here or so stationed as to protect this section


[Page 50]


It will give confidence so that we shall not waste so much valuable time especially at this busy season of the year


Yours Respectfully


C.W. James


[Page 51]


James, C.W.

Council Grove, July 11, 1868.

(Morris Co)


States that the people of this locality apprehend a return of the hostile Indians and desires that a company of troops be stationed


See Cheyenne came to attack Kans


Rec. July 13, 1868.


[Page 52]


Eureka Greenwood County Kans

July 19th 1868

R.J. Gov of Kans


Dear Sir as I have not yet heard what has been done for me concerning the three horses the osage Indians stole from me in April 1867. I thought it best to know something more definite about it I got a blank your agent left at Eureka& filled it out stating by whom, when, & how they were taken. & I, & two witnesses testified to the same before a justice of the peace, & sent the same to you. with J.P. signature to it about the 1st of October 1867. They stole another & the last horse I had from me in Nov. following. an account of of which I sent immediately to you. & I stand some chance of getting pay for hire. But why shall I not have pay for the 1st three they stole

from me. If it is not too much trouble please give me some light on the subject


Your Obedient Serv’t


Ellison Neet


[Page 53]


Neet, Ellison

Eureka, Greewood Co.

July 12, 1868


Relative to claims for losses by Osage Indians.




July 14, 1868.


[Page 54]


Sac & Fox Agency Kans


August 7th 1868


To his Excellency


The Governor of Kansas




In the discharge of my duties as agent for the Sac & Fox Indians, I am having much trouble with the Squatters, in their illegal attempt to take possession of this Reservation.


The fourth article stipulates that this reserve shall remain as though this treaty had never been made, until the Indians are removed therefrom. No man or set of men have a right to violate the stipulations of this treaty. It is the law governing the case. The Indians complain to me of


[Page 55]


these encroachments, men taking possession of their houses, stealing their corn, and turning their stock loos on the reserve, to destroy their crops. They ask me for protection. I must report these transactions to department. Government has promised them protection and they should have it.


The Squatters claim the Governor is with them, in this illegal attempt to possess this land. It has been stated her, by one Scott Danials, and others (Squatters) that the Governor advised them them to come onto the Reserve, and in the event of any interference by the U.S. Troops, he would furnis them arms to defend themselves with. This I cannot believe, until I have it from good authority. The violation of the stipulation of this


[Page 56]


treaty is wrong, illegal, and I do not think will be permited by the Government.


I have but little doubt, but that many fals representations have been made to [XXXX] by the Squatters. They can have no legal right here now, and I cannot believe the Executive of this state will stand by and advise such proceedings.


Many threats of violence has been made against me. Should violence come, it shall be for doing my duty, not for a neglect of it.


Would the Governor pleas to inform me as to the above statements


Very Respectfully


Your Obt Servant

Albert Wiley

U.S. Ind Agent


[Page 57]


Wiley, A. (Albert)

Indian Agent

Sac & Fox Agency

Aug. 7, 1868.


(Franklin Co)


Desire to know if the Governor has promised to support the settlers on the Reserve in using force to prevent their removal.


(See Book Telegrams, p 77. Under War Dept. for removal of settlers from agency by Gen Sheridan)




Aug. 22, 1868.


[Page 58]


Fort Harker Kansas

Aug 15 1868

To his Exelency

SJ Crawford

Gov. of Kansas


Dear Sir


I have just returned from an expedition after the Indians. Tuesday the 11th I recieved information that a party of Indians had comitted some outrages on the Saline river and that they threatened my store on Elkhorn.


I repeated it to the past commander and he sent out about a dz soldiers. I went on ahead and on arriving at Elkhorn learned the the depredations were commited on Spelman Creek, fifteen miles beyond on the north side of the Saline River and about thirty three miles from here


At five oclock we went on had to survive the Saline. And about nine oclock met a squad of citizens who had leave up the creek, and from them we learned the practiculars. A Mrs Bacon had been ravished and was not expected


[Page 59]


to live. She had been sent down the Saline river. Two other ladies, Mrs Shaw & Miss Foster had been ravished. Mr Shaw had been knocked down and badly beaten. his furniture destroyed, chickens killed, &c.


As all of the parties who had suffered had gone down towards Salina and we could not see them, we returned to Elkhorn. This morning Col [XXXX] of the 7th Cavy went out with two companies of Cavy. after them.


The Indians were supposed to be Cheyennes, though nothing definite could be learned about what tribe they belonged to. An Indian was now looks certain


With kind regards to my friends in Topeka. I will close [XXXX]


Very Repectfully

Your Obe’d Servt

V.B. Osborn


[Page 60]


Osborn, V.B.

Fort Harker, Kas.

Aug 13, 1868.


(Ellsworth Co)


Gives an account of outrages on the Saline and Elkhorn.


(Mrs Bacon’s story)


[Page 61]


Salina Kans.

Aug 14 1868

Gov S.J. Crawford

Dr Sir


The Indians are driving in the settlers on the head Saline River and Spillman Creek and other [XXXX] the Women have been ravished in a horrable manner. how long is this hellish [XXXX] going to last &[XXXX] [XXXX] part and nothing done some Family from the east are fixing to return leaving 2 [XXXX] improvements 5 familys reported kild on Soloman. and I look for them to grand Salina [XXXX] [XXXX] [XXXX] on all sides of us this summer we have a good reporter in the field from the east and every thing will be put down just as it is he [XXXX] in and returned [XXXX] girl had 30 Indians to [XXXX] her leaving her black & blue from head to foot


Respt. Yours


P.J. Lull


[Page 62]


Lull, P. F.

Salina, Aug. 14, 1868


(Saline Co.)


Gives an account of Indian troubles on the Saline. (Grand Saline River & Spillman Creek)


[Page 63]


Sheridan Aug 16th 1868


Gov Crawford


Sir I understand you have caled for volunteers to fight Indians if so if you see fit to forward me A Capt Commission I think I can raise a company here in this little town I refer you to [XX] Webb of [XXXX] [XX] member of ledgislatur


Your Obedient Servant


EM Winslow


Sheridan [XXXX] of [XXXX]


Western Census


[Page 64]


Wall. Co


Winslow, E.M.


Sheridan, Kas.


Aug. 16, 1868


(End of U.P. track)


Logan Co.


If troops are to be raised for the Indian service desires to be appointed Captain.




Aug. 13, 1868.


[Page 65]


Nashville Tennessee

August 17th 1868

To His [XXXX]

J.S. Crawford


Governor, State of Kansas




To my great surprise. I saw in this mornings paper- the (Republican Bauer) Nashville Tennessee-that the Indians are again on the War path-committing great depredations- on the Saline & Soloman Rivers-and that you had taken action steps to secure peace=


As the above never [XXXX] my [XXXX] I am at a great loss- and regret my absence very much-for I know this is work-or hard-for us-You will remember that I recruited last summer for the 18. K.C.R. Vols. at Leavenworth. with Caps. D.L. Payne-but failed to get a commission not withstanding I joined the 18=KCB. and served with it through its last [XXXX] campaign I saw you at Hays last summer-and you


[Page 66]


promised us that- you would remember us- in case of another Indian trouble I herewith now offer my services to you as citizens of Kansas. & a Soldier- that if you should be compelled to call out volunteers to protect the advancing civillization of the state. a few words from you- would cause my return at once- to the front.

As I am expecting, a commission in regular service next Fall- in case our [XXXX] be suxcesfull= The Gov. would do us a great favor- in giving me a chance to advance myself. in military. and as in regard to my services rendered last summer with the 18th K.C.R. Vols. I would most respectfully. refer the Governor to- Maj. K.L. Moore Capt. Taylor. as [XX] the Ex officicers 18. K.C.R. Vos. Hoping to hear from the Governor, as on [XXXX] day


I have the honor to be


Very Respectfully

Your most Obt Serv

Charles Rost.




[Page 67]


Rost, Charles

Nashville, Tenn.

Aug. 17, 1868.


(Former Kansan, 18th Vol. R.)


Desires a commission should state troops be called into service to fight Indians.




Aug. 31, 1868.


[Page 68]


Pond City Aug 17th 1868

Gov. S.J. Crawford


Dr Sir


Our situation here is past endurance. the indians are masters of the situation we are hemmed in we can get no wood nor hay without being shot at by the fiends the wemen & children are in constant terror and resort to stone buildings in town for protection There are plenty of men who are anxious fight them but have no horses or army. While the indians thru the generosity of our government are well supplied


[Page 69]


with arms & ammunition


If you will commission a good man to raise a company 100 men can be raised on the instant, about 20 of them can furnish their own outfit and if the ballance can get assistance, they will follow & punish the indians without asking for pay


I would recommend W.W. Jones, wood contractor for Fort Wallace to command the company as they will consist in part of our teamsters who are anxious to avenge the murder of three of their best comrades, by a party of indians who approached them pretending to be friendly & then shooting them down, their names are


[Page 70]


Johnny ONeil who leaves an aged mother devoid of suport Isaac Burwick also a good man and much respected Pat Malony, also a favorite


Mr Jones rode up to the indians shortly after they had done the deed, shot one indian down and retreated to the brush and there had the satisfaction of killing another, he has at least 10 flesh wounds to show He being armed with a Henry rifle & pistols, kept 30 of the devils at bay till night when he retreated to this main camp on Chalk Creek Please do all you can so we can get in shape to defend ourselves Yours Truly


John Whitford


[Page 71]


The Indians have killed two more good men one Mr Maginis at big timber, and they burnt Beuts old fort.


[Page 72]


Whitford, John.


August 27, 1868.


(Writing from Pond City, near Fort Wallace which was first called Camp Pond Creek. See Hist-Col. Vol IX, p 573)


Gives an account of Indian outrages, Aug 21/68 and wants arms and organization.


Recom. W.W. Jones to raise Co.


Reports killed by Indians


Johny O’Neil


Isaac Burwick


Pat Malony


[Mr] [Maginis]


Burning of Beuts Old Fort-


(See Freemans Arickaree story


Hist-Col. Vol [X] p 348.


See Tel’s Gov. C. p. 78. Aug 21.


Cheyennes. Arapahoes. Sioux


[Page 73]


Fort Harker Kansas


August 25 “68


Dear Governor


Having heard that you are going to raise volunteers to fight the Indians. If so, I would recomend Capt. Thomas W. Benteen 7th US Cavy and [XXXX] Lieut Col U.S.A. for Colonel of it. Col Benteen is an able and efficient officer and a man that can be depended on under any circumstances He was in command of troops in the Price raid, and done exelent service. You can refer to Mr Vogt, or Col Jennison He is all right politically, and sound on the leading questions of the times Any favor of that kind you could do for him would be a favor to and Hoping that this meet with your approbation


I remain


Very Repectfully

Your Obedt Servt

V.B. Osborne


To His Exelency

S.J. Crawford


Gov of Kansas


[Page 74]


V.B. Osborne, Ft Harker


Ellsworth Co.


Rec. T.J. Benteen.


Aug 25, 1868


[Page 75]


Ottawa County State of Kansas


August 26th 1868


To His Excilency Gov. Crawford


The undersigned Citizens & Settlers of the Solomon Valley would Repectfully Represent that our crops are an entire failure this season and on account of the Recent Indian Hostilities we cannot leave our families and go far enough east to procure work in order to supply them with the necessarys of life and would ask you therefore through our Representatives [XXXX]


to render us such assistance as in your [XXXX] judgement may seem just and proper


Names of Applicants                                      Each family

1 H.S. Wooden                                               5

2 John Hardy                                                  6

3 J.A. Virtue                                                   5

4 Alexander C Smith                                      4

5 J.T. Philips                                                    5

6 Peter Barnes                                                 6

7 David Yockey                                              [X]

8 [XX] Daniel Yokey S. Es.                           5

9 John Andrews                                              2

10 Thomas Mcarthy                                        1

11 William Yockey                                         6

12 Levi Yockey                                              4

13 James Hendershot                                      7

14 H.W. Smith                                                2

15 Archie Bennett                                           4


[Page 76]


16 D.J. Jariler                                                  7

17 George Shafer                                            10

18 John Bush                                                  5

19 John Hillhouse                                           6

    M [XXXX]                                                 4


James McBride                                               5-100.00 Paid

Thomas Stuart                                                 3

Mary-Jo Baker                                                4

H.C. Mason-                                                   4

George Stratton                                              2

John Adams                                                    2

G.R. Ingersall                                                  2

[XXX] Waddell-                                             7


Ottawa Co. Petition from 28 families, for relief, result of Indian raids.


Aug 26, 1868


[Page 77]


Head Quarters Fort Harker Kansas

August 27th 1868

To His Excellency

Governor Crawford






In view of the present Indian difficulties and knowing you desire to punish the scoundrels, I feel it my duty to bring to your favorable notice [XXXX] Lieut Col. T.W. Benteen 7th US Cavalry. one of the best officers of our Army, who is desirous of entering into the Campaign with the Volunteers of Kansas, well knowing their merits as Indian fighters, he served faithfully through the Rebellion and can refer you to Col Hoyt Attorney General State of Kansas and Col Jennison of Leavenworth. Colonel Benteen was auspicious with Pleasanton in the pursuit of  Price in 1864, and was the officer who captured General Marmaduke, together with his entire artillery &c at Mound City.


The Colonel is desirous of and would accept the command of a Regiment and his knowledge


[Page 78]


of the Regular Army, and its routine, it would greatly facilitate the mustering in and equipping of said organization, as the good feeling entertained of him through the entire service would also give the Regiment an enviable reputation. Trusting that you will give him your consideration at an early date


I remain


Yours Respectfully


William M. Gardner


2nd Lieut 38th Infantry


[Page 79]


Benteen, recom by


Lt. [XX] F. Gardner


38 Iny. Ft Harker,


Rec. Col. Benteen.


Aug 7, 1868


[Page 80]


Weshalia Montgomery Co Kas


Aug 31 “1868


Hon SJ Crawford


Governor of Kansas


Dr Sir


[XXXX] with enclosed notary commission is at hand [XX] [XXXX] for which [XXXX] thanks. The Osages continue to commit depredations in the way of stealing horses and killing cattle, within the last week they have stole some six or seven horses and have killed about forty head of cattle. The horses that were stolen belonged to some drivers that have their herd on Snow creek some six or seven miles from the mouth on the east side of the river. last Friday I was on the Cherokee line surveying some claims one of the men stayed at the mouth of Snow creek as the [XXXX] and had the horses [XXXX] in a few [XXXX] of the [XXXX] about three oclock in the morning the Indians stole his horses and since he has not been able to get any [XXXX] of him The cattle that were killed [XXXX] [XX] [XXX] [XXXX] in Snow creek. So near as could find out it was Black Dog and [XXXX] [XXXX] or [XXXX] land and they seem to be mad at what the other chiefs did or rather said they would do at the [XXXX] [XXXX] was down I have not heard of any property [XXXX] refund except one horse of [XXXX]


[Page 81]


The [XXXX] Company here does not seem to be getting on very well. These post men and their friends not having got the [XXXX] of the concern have [XXXX] and they and some persons I don’t know were on Pumpkin creek [XXXX] the lass Saturday and got up an other [XXX] and I heard they were going to fight and got commissions and [XXXX] an [XXXX] when there is [XXX] more men in the whole [XXXX] than would make the good co at least of those who are [XXXX] to military duty and [XXXX] Co’s [XXXX] the same men [XXXX] and are now [XXXX] as to who shall have them, the only [XXX] in my opinion that they will [XXXX] the [XXXX] [XXXX] themselves is for someone to be appointed and ordered to [XXXX] the whole of them as it is [XXXX] we are worse off than if it had never been undertaken


I will try and keep you posted as to passing events here and in the mean time


I am very Repect Yours &c&


H.G.G. Crawford

Crawford, H.G.

Westphalia, Montgomery Co.

Aug. 31, 1868.




In referece to robberies by Osage Indians.


[Page 82]


Hays City Sept 6th/68

Gov SJ Crawford



Dear Sir;


I have to acknowledge the receipt of your dispatch of yesterday and in reply would say, that I have established a camp of recruits about eight miles north from here, within easy distance of the valley of the Saline River.


It is much easier for me to keep the men together and satisfied than in town and is the only way for me to keep them together  I shall complete the organization then and await requisition for arms, ammunition and


[Page 83]


supplies- The very moment I receive orders from you, I shall march on their squaw and stock camps, with what men I can mount


And hoping soon to hear from you again  I remain


Very Repectfully

Your obt servant

John S. Park

Lieut comd Hays City [XXX]




[Page 84]


Park, John S.

Hays City, Kas

Sept. 6, 1868.


(Ellis Co)


Capt. of Sharpes Creek Detachment of Frontier Batt)


states that he has organized a cavalry company for Indian service and wants requisition for arms, ammunition and supplies.


Com. 1st Lieut in Aug, 68


See Cor (in No 13. letters of W.B. Hutchinson.) & Park.


See access of G.B. Jenness acct of 1st Batt.


[Page 85]


(Bat Maj 2nd Cav. March 2, 1867 Dismissed June 7, 1870 Capt 10th Cav., May 11, 1878)

Camp on Walnut Creek, Kas

Sept 8th 1868


Dear Governor


I learn that you are about raising volunteers. It is the only sure way to free your state from Indians. We have not a sufficient force of Regulars. Now is the most favorable time to strike them that has been presented; and, unquestionably, the most favorable that will occur during this fall. This I [XXXX] the time to strike.


If you will authorize me to raise a Reg’t, I will proceed at once, and I think can accomplish it within three weeks. Men are anxious to volunteer.


Please communicate with me on this subject at your earliest convenience; and if you think favorably of it, I would like to suggest the names of a few officers, whom I hope you could cause to be so detached, [XXXX] could commission them in your volunteers. I know of some whose services would be especially valuable.


I write you this privately because, if it should so occur that Gen. Sheridan should hear of it, he might construe it into


[Page 86]


a criticism on his mode of prosecuting the war, or at least, a lack of confidence in him, which I would not think of either.


Please write me at Hays City, Kas.


Very Truly Yours,


Geo. A. Armes.


Gov. S.J. Crawford

Topeka, Kansas.


[Page 87]


Armes, Capt. Geo. A.

Camp on Walnut Creek.


Sept. 8, 1868.


(Barton Co)


Requests authority to raise a regiment for Indian service.

Maj. 10th Cav. 1868.


(Bat Maj 2nd Cav. 1867. Dismissed June 7, 1870. Capt 10th Cav. May 11, 1878)


restored to service




See Hist Col. Vol. 9. p 443-452

mention of service

Rec Sept. 11, 1868


[Page 88]


Delphos Ottawa co. Kan.


Sept 8th 1868


To His Excelencor


Gov Crawford


dear Sir  We would respectfully announce to you that those representatives that were below Mr Potts & Dalrymple have failed to do any thing for us although they have received abundance of provisions. They were sent for the destitute of the whole River from [XXXX] creek up but they are distributing it among ten families all in one settlement  therefore we beg your Excellency to look into the matter and if you can get any provisions for us do so immediately  We have not got one pound yet of anything and the settlement above us have received five or six tons of provisions  we have been waiting expecting to share with those got by Mr Potts & Dalrymple but they have monopolized the whol concern  We remain yours


Alex. G. Smith


[Page 89]


You said when up here that you did not want any one to leave and we will say that we will have to leave unless you get something soon and some of us have nothing to leave on now we hereby trinsmit a list of the destitute families from Pipe creek up to fisher creek  we are waiting patiently and hope you will do all you can for us  yours


Alexander G Smith


John Hillhouse




Levi yockey


Alexander Smith Sr


Alex. C. Smith & others.


Delphos, Ottawa Co.


Rel. to depredations by Indians in Soloman Valley.


Sep 8, 1868


[Page 90]




Crawfordville Sept 12

To His Excellency

S.J. Crawford


Dear Sir


As residents of the Cherokee neutral lands we would most respectfully ask of your Excellency if any volunteers are to be called out that you will give to us on the neutral lands “a showing” as we are poor, and are now smarting under the bane of having Indians in Kansas, (it is not necessary to particularize to your Excellency)  And now we would most respectfully ask of your Excellency that you would send us commissions to raise a company of volunteers to fight the “red devils” now


[Page 91]


dececrating our borders. as your Excellency is no doubt acquainted with us we send no references. as we have both been old soldiers and seen service, on the plains and on many a hotly contested battlefield in the south  By authorizing us to raise a company you will confer a great favor not only on us but on the whole company whose families are poor- and need all the aid that can be bestowed by state and national authority


we remain your


Obet Servts

JT brigens, & JB Koonce


[Page 92]


Bridgens, J.T. &

Koonce, J.B.

Crawfordville, Kas.

Sept. 12, 1868.


(Crawford Co)


Civil war soldiers, Bridgins, surveyor


desire authority to raise a company for Indian services


Ans. Sept. 18, 1868.


[Page 93]


Home Office


National Livestock Insurance Co.,


Lawrence, Kansas

Sept 13th 1868

Hon. S.A. Crawford


[XXX] Sir


Am willing to raise company and serve on the frontier against the Indians- Have had some experience in that line, as well as an Officer with rank of Capt in the Army of the Cumberland during the war. I would respectfully ask the appointment of Capt of the Compy in the event of my recruiting the same, which I can do in a very few days.


I can refer you to TJ. Sternberg, John Speer, AA Bassett & others if necessary- [XXXX] Addams of your place (lawyer) was on the same staff with me in the Army also. Please give this, consideration and send orders


Most Res


Your Obt Svt


J. Wetherell


Late Capt & a J.J. Genl


3rd Brig 2nd S. Div.




[Page 94]


Wetherell, J.

Lawrence, Sept. 13/68


Wants authority to raise a company in Douglas Co. for the Indian Battalion, and the appointment of Captain of the same.


Ans. Sept. 18, 1868.


[Page 95]


Lawrence, Kansas.


Sept 16th, 1868


To His Excellency


S.J Crawford


Gov. State of Kansas


Topeka, Kas




Seeing your Call for Troops, I would respectfully ask that you grant me a Recruiting Commission for this County  I have served in the 18 Kas last summer as [XXX] Sergeant Co A  I can refer you to Henry C. Lindsay of Topeka for my part  Services in the Battalion. also Cd. H.L. Moore.


If there is no Recruiting Commission given to this point I would Respectfully ask to be appointed


[Page 96]

I Am


Most Obt Servant

Nauman A. Lovejoy




[Page 97]


Lovejoy, Nauman A.

Lawrence, Sept. 16, 1868


belonged to Frontier Batt.


Desires to recruit in Douglas County for the Indian Battalion.


Ans. Sept. 18, 1868


[Page 98]


Lawrence Sept 16th 1868


To His Excellency S.J. Crawford


Governor of Kansas


Dear Sir


I hearby make application for Your Executive Favor in connection with the Indian War. I would Sir petition for the Possition of Adjutant of the Battalion which will be raised in [XXXX] with Your Honorable Proclamation. having served through the entire struggle for the Preservation of Our Union, and I having been accross the Plaines several times I assume to say I think I have some knowledge in regard to the Qualification necessary to the possition and the Territory which forms the field for [XXXX]. For recommendations as to private and political character I can safely refer to the following gentlemen


Hon. Sid Clark


S.A. Riggs


John Speer


John Rankin


ES Aiken


AA Bassett & Others


Am Resp


[XXX] H Calts


[Page 99]


Calts, [XXX] H.


Lawrence, Sept. 16, 1868.


Requests the appointment of Adjutant of the Indian Battalion.


Ans. Sept. 21, 1868.


[Page 99]


Topeka Sept 19th/68


Gov. Samuel J. Crawford


Dr Sir,


When I left Topeka I did not know that I should be detained so long-but you know to start right it takes some time. We have started over and done first rate so far. Six of the leading [XXXX] have subscribed $100.00 each and every thing looks favorable to the success of the undertaking and to leave it now would be [XXXX] to the undertaking we must finish up this [XXXX] while the excitement is up if we ever epect to succeed in it. Now Gov. I am afraid that the Co. from the upper Republican will be raised and our Co. will not get a fair representation in it- If you are acquainted with the circumstances you know how necessary it is for us to get every single man we have got into that Co. I do hope if you cannot reserve a certain number of men to us that you will appoint [XXXX] W.H.H Riley of Republican Co. as recruiting officer in this Co.- If you are anxious that I should act in that ca-


[Page 101]  


pacity I will hurry this through and I am certain that I can raise the number of men you will allow to us in a couple of days and be ready for the field  If you are of the opinion that I should go right up there (to Republic) now I will be there by Monday night. Please write me and say what you expect of me.


There was a couple of men by the name of Howie and Bell came here today and were endorsed by you. They represent Asher Creek on the Solomon and did not know as we were here. It occasioned us some delay but we succeeded in arranging so that we work together on the matter  If any one else should be sent for – [XXXX] they ought to be informed that we are here so that they can cooperate with us for any other arrangement will be apt to injure the work


Yours in haste


W.P. Peake


P.S. I ought to remain in this place two weeks yet if you think I can do better here than to go and recruit for our Co. during that time


Yours &c




[Page 102]


Peake, W.P.


Sept. 17 1868.


In reference to obtaining supplies, &c, for destitute settlers on the frontier, and his recruiting of the Indian Battalion.


Ans. Sept. 21, 1868.


[Page 103]


Olathe, Kans.

Sept. 19 1868.

Hon. Sam. J. Crawford


Topeka, Kans.




It affords me pleasure to apply to you for the authority to raise men, under a recruiting commission, for the 5 companies to be raised under your call dated Sept. 14 1868.


I have the honor to be


Your obt. Svt.

Geo. W. Roberts

late 18th Co. K 15 K.V.G.




I knew [XX] Roberts to be fully competent for the position above applied for by him


Pat Cosgrove


[Page 104]


Roberts, Lieut. Geo. W.

Olathe, Sept. 19, 1868.


(Johnson Co)


Requests a recruiting commission for the Indian Battalion


(Enc. recom from Pat Cosgrove)


Ans. Sept. 22, 1868.


[Page 105]


Fort Riley Ks Sept 19th/68


Hon SJ Crawford


Topeka Ks


Dr Gov,


One of my old soldier boys Michael McCann of this place is anxious to raise a company of volunteers under your call and would expect to be Captain of the same  He is one of the best soldiers I ever knew and thoroughly competent in every respect  He was promoted from my old company and had the command of a company on the plains during the last year of the war. He thinks he can raise a full company from Fort Riley Junction City


[Page 106]


and the Republican River and I think he can do it. I am sure he can if any one can. By giving him the authority he desires you will confer a favor upon all my friends in this locality, and secure an energetic faithfull and acceptible officer


Truly Yours


N.A. Adams


[Page 107]


McCann, M.


Adams, Maj. N.A.


Fort Riley, Sept. 19, 1868.


(Davis Co)


Recommends Michael McCann for Recruiting Officer for Indian Battalion.


Already appointed


Recd. Sept. 21, 1868.


[Page 108]


Big Creek Kansas


Sept 20th  67


Gov Crawford;


In accordance with your request to communicate to you any facts as to Indian outrages, I would just say that on the same [XXXX] [XXXX] you [XX] [XX] were talking [XXXX] [XX] Shaws camp was attack. One man killed. Three horses taken yesterday  Parks camp was attacked  Parks & two other men killed two others wounded. Same stock taken.


A train was attack near Fort [XXXX] south of here. 5 waggons


[Page 109]


loaded with arms and ammunition capture 700 Spencer rifles & [XXX] [XXXX] seventy thousand round [XXXX] ammunition a large number of Kensington revolvers with a large quantity of suitable [XXXX] ammunition


To night rumors of attacks & men killed are plenty


Yours Truly


R.M. Fish


[Page 110]


Fish, R.M.

Big Creek, Kas.

Sept. 20, 1867.


(Hays City, on Big Creek.


Ellis Co.)


Gives an account of several Indian outrages.




Rec. Sept. 27. 1867.


[Page 111]


Salina Kansas

September 20th A.D. 1868

Gov. S.J. Crawford


Topeka Kansas


Dr Sir


I received a communication from Ward Burlingame your prvt secty stating that [XXXX] Gen. McAfer had been instructed to give an authority to recruit for the Indian Battalion by telegraph on the 18th [XXXX]. But I did not get any such authority, and a recruiting commission was on that day issued to H.D. Baken. There is something strange about the matter. I presume that some one used their influence with with the genl against me  I understand that Wagstaff told the [XXXX] that Baken was the best man for the [XXXX]; Now I do not care much about the matter  But I wish to understand all about it as I wrote to you stating that Wagstaff told me that he


[Page 112]


did not think that he could attend to the matter as he had so much business in his office and told me that he would withdraw and ask that I take hold of it as he thought I could raise the men better than he could; and even after his commission as a recruiting officer came he told me if he did not recruit than he wanted me to take hold of it; But the convention held here for the nomination of state senator changed it seems his opinion of me [XXXX] for he had said all the [XXXX] up to that time that I was the man for that business; These things he did say to me; what he said of the [XXXX] I do not know myself. Now if you wish me to take a part in recruiting send me a commission soon as I am thinking of going as a scout for gen Lully  if you wish to know anything about what I am please write to send Sully J [XXXX] with him 2 ½ years on the plains and he finaly made me a [XXX] Lieut and was commissioned by the Secty of War  Baker is a good fellow and a very smart young man  But he knows nothing about the plains or Indian fighting


[Page 113]


Please let me hear from you by return mail as I want to be at work raising men


With respect Sir I am Your


Most Obedient Servant


Charles L. Hussey


[Page 114]


Hussey, Charles L.


Salina. Sept. 20, 1868.


Saline Co


Wants to raise a company for the Indian Battalion


Rec. Sept. 22, 1868.


[Page 115]


Fort Scott

Sept. 21st 68

Your Excelancy

S.J. Crawford


Governor of Kansas


We [XXXX] your proclamation of Sept 14 in reguard to 5 companies being raised  We feel satisfied that one company could be raised in this place & surrounding country under such circumstances and as citizens of Kans. We feel it is our duty to do what we can. We feel competant of taking charg of a co. as we have both served over 4 year in the late war and would be pleased to hear from you in reguard to the matter. Recommendation can be given


[Page 116]


Very Respectfuly

D.H. Wheeler

C.E. Newbanks


[Page 117]


Wheeler, D.H. &

Newbanks, C.E.

Fort Scott, Sept. 21, 1868.


(Bourbon Co)


Want authority to raise a company for the Indian Battalion.


Ans. Sept. 23, 1868.


[Page 118]


Leavenworth Sept 21st




To His Excellency


S.J. Crawford


Dr Governor,


Mr Peake and myself have made a pretty thorough canvass of this city the past week in behalf of the destitute on our frontier and have subscribed about $1050.00


By remaining here another week we will in all probability raise as much more, and that is the best we can hope to do.


In Atchison we might possibly get contributed some [XXXX] or $800.00 in all not to exceed $3000.00


[Page 119]


It is evident therefore that we will not be able to raise by voluntary contribution one half enough to sustain the sufferers the ensuing winter


We have consulted the capitolists and business men of this place, and they are uniformly of the opinion that you would be justifiable under the circumstances to issue supplies at once to those settlements, on the credit of the state


[XXXX] Carney [XXX] Smith Coldwell Clark Lainy and other heavy capitolists & business men of this place as well as Parrott Sears and other attornies agree as to the necessity, and think this the only practical plan to adopt  The principal impediment would be to obtain the supplies or the strength of future legislative action


But I have the assurance from wholesale dealers here that they will issue you the supplies for state vouchers, providing that you and Gen [XXXX] will use your influence in getting the appropriation in payment of the same at the next session of the Legislature


Please come to Leavenworth immediately if possible, and confer with us and others on this subject, and if it is impossible to come yourself please write us by next mail your opinion of the policy


I am very respectfully your most obedient servant


Thos H Baker


[Page 120]


Baker, Thos. H.

Leavenworth; Sept. 21st, 1868.


Requests the Governor to purchase supplies for the destitute on this frontier on the credit of the State.


Ans. Sept. 25, 1868.


[Page 121]


Uniontown Bourbon Co Kas

September 21 1868

His Excellency

S.J. Crawford

Gov of Kansas




I have the honor to respond to proclamation of the 14th [XXXX] in offering my services with one hundred other able bodied men accepting in every particular the terms of your proclamation


Immediately upon acceptance of this company with authority to recruit in two weeks thereafter we will be prepared to report full “co” organized with such officers as your Honor may choose to commission


Most Respectfully

Your obt servant

H.C. Worthington


[Page 122]


Worthingon, H.C.

Uniontown, Bourbon Co.

Sept. 21, 1868.


Desires to raise a company for the Indian Battalion.


Ans. Sept. 29, 1868.


[Page 123]


Detroit Dickinson Co Kansas

September 21st 1868

To His Excellency Samuel J Crawford




Dear Sir,


My commission and [XXXX] came to hand on the 19 [XXXX], and I am very much obliged, but would very respectfully ask permission of your Excellency to be allowed to extend my recruiting teritory into at least Ottawa Co and if possible to Salina County also. Would also very respectfully enquire of your Excellency, if the State allows anything for recruiting officers expenses. [XXX] and as to when terms of enlistment commences, and if I raise a company from Dickinson Ottawa and Salina counties, (or the first two) if your Excellency will make our head quarters on the Solomon River, and if not where you will probably station the company.


Please to honor me with full instructions, and very much oblige


Your Humble


Will H Lamb


[Page 124]


Lamb, Will. H.

Detroit, Kas.

Sept. 21, 1868.


(Dickinson Co)


Wants instruction relative to recruiting company for Indian Battalion.


Ans. Sept. 22, 1868.


[Page 125]


Palermo Kan Sept 21st/1868

Gov SJ Crawford

Topeka Kan


Dear Sir


I desire to obtain a recruiting commission in the Batt= which is now being raised to fight the Indians  Not being acquainted with you personaly I enclosed herewith the recommendation of Capt. Smallwood which will I hope be sufficient  Hoping to hear from you obt Servt


Chas. H Wilson

His Excellency Gov Crawford

Governor of Kansas


[Page 126]


Wilson, Chas. H.

Palermo, Sept. 21/68


Doniphan Co


Desires to enlist troops for the Indian Battalion.


(Enc. recom. of Capt. Smallwood)


Ans. Sept. 25, 1868.


[Page 127]


Wathena Kan. Sept. 21st/68


Gov. S.J. Crawford


Topeka, Kan.


Dear Sir:


I take great pleasure in recommending to your favorable consideration, Mr. Chas. H Wilson of Doniphan County, who is desirous of obtaining a Recruiting Commission or some appointment in the Battalion of 3 months men which is now being called into the service of the State.


Mr. Wilson was employed as a Scout in Missouri during the war, & has spent some years on the plains & in the mountains  He is I think peculiarly qualified for a position as [XXX] officer in the Batt. which is to operate against the Indians. He is a Justice of the Peace in Marion Township of this County.


I hope, Governor, that if there is a


[Page 128]


chance for Squire Wilson, you will give him a place; as I am convinced he would conduct himself in such a manner as would reflect credit on the state- so that you would have no cause to regret the appointment.


Yours Truly


W.H. Smallwood


[Page 129]


Office of the United States Express Company,


(Denver Division)


Ottawa Ks Sept 22 1868


To His Excellency

Gov Crawford


Hon Sir


I understand that you are giving authority to individuals to raise an independent militia to fight the Indians for the term of six months. If so I think with your permission & authority together with full particulars I could without trouble raise a co for the same at or near this place. Please inform me what amt of men is required for a Capt’s commission also for 1st & 2nd Lts  Let me inform you that during the war I was Sergt Major for Maj Genl Sheridan and at its close went on the Plains where I have been ever since until a few months past. My references are principally at


[Page 130]


Junction City among whom are Mssrs Streeter & Strickler, B Rockwell. [XX] Streeter & Co. Bankers Capt Wright also J.L. Sanderson Proprietor of Santa Fe Stage Line.


If this letter should meet your approval please write me at your earliest convenience


Very Truly and Fraternally

Yours &c

H.H. Kidder

Address Ottawa



[Page 131]


Kidder, H.H.

Ottawa, Sept. 22, 1868.


Franklin Co


(Sergt Maj for Gen Sheridan)


Desires to enlist troops for the Indian Battalion.


Ans. Sept. 25, 1868.


[Page 132]


Netawaka. Jackson Co. Ks.

Sept 22 “68

Gov’r S.J. Crawford


Topeka Kansas


Your Excellency is requested to send me at the above address all information concerning the terms of enrollment as per call by proclamation for 5 co’s of Cavl’y. also as to whether there is remuneration for the time spent-use of horses and reimbursement for the same in case of killing while in action [XXXX]. This for the benefit of a number of volunteers at this point who may enlist. Your Excellency will probably remember a perusal of testimonials placed in your hands some months since showing my record of 5 yrs cav’y service in the U.S.A. and if authority be given me I will do my best to raise a co. or part of one here abouts.


I have the honor to be

Yours most resp’y

Chas. H. Gauthier


[Page 133]


Gauthier, Chas. H.

Netawaka, Kas. Sept. 22, 1868.


(Jackson Co)


Desires to enlist troops for the Indian Battalion.


Ans. Sept. 25, 1868.


[Page 134]


Leavenworth City Kansas

September 24” 1867

To His Excellency S.J. Crawford

Governor of Kansas




I have the honor to respectfully request (in case volunteers are called out, from this state, for service on the Plains against the Indians.) that I be granted a commission to recruit. I am an old soldier, having served near six years, & through the late war always in active service, am very well known to most of the prominent ex officers of this state. Among whom  are, Gen’l’s Blunt, Cloud, Moonlight, Williams, and Ketner, and Col’s Dan Adams, Silas Hunter, and [XXXX]. I served on the staff of Buf Brig Gen’l J.M. Williams as a W.C. & A.A.C.S. from July 1”/64, until August 1”/65 when Brigades, Divisions and Corps, were discontinued. I then returned to my


[Page 135]


regiment (54” U.S.C.S.) where I served until last winter, when I was honorably discharged by reason of expiration of term of service of any company.


I have the honor to be

Very Respectfully

Your Obedient Servant

Sam. K. Thompson


[XXXX] Capt 54” U.S. Col’l Inf.


[XXXX] Major U.S. Vols


P.O. Address


Lockbox 18 [XXXX] Kas


[Page 136]


Thompson, Maj. Sam. K.


Leavenworth,  Sept. 24/67


(Late Capt, 54 U.S. Col’d Inf


Bvt-Maj U.S. Vol.)


Desires a commission to recruit, in case more troops are raised to serve against the Indians.


Rec. Sept. 25. 1867.




[Page 137]


Gardner Kansas

Sept 28th 1868




Sir we [XXXX] there has been a call for volunteers to fight Indians. and some of the old soldiers are anxious to take a hand from this county have the kindness to make known the terms and length of time for which they will be required to furnish their own horses and equipment a company can be furnished from this county easily  State if you will commission officers to recruit a company and if the state will fund necessary expenses to rendezvous please to send authority to enlist men


[Page 138]


Governor I have the honor to be very resp’tly


Your Obt Servant

R.F. Thorn

To His Excellency

Gov. S.J. Crawford


[Page 139]


Thorn, R.F.


Gardner, Kas. Sept. 28/68.


(Johnson Co)


Wants authority to raise a company for the Indian service.


Ans. Sept. 30, 1868.


[Page 140]


Emporia Kansas

Oct. 13th 1868



I hear that you are about to raise a thousand men for six months


My health is good enough to permit me to perform the duties that [XXX] [XXXX] upon me in the field. I am in very poor circumstances and if you can possibly give me a commission as 2nd Lieut. or any thing of the kind it would set me once more on my feet  I don’t think much recruiting could be done here as Capt Armstrong has just picked up everybody that he could get. I am obliged to work out at little jobs of all kinds


[Page 141]


and literaly live from hand to mouth. If you can do this for me it would relieve me greatly


I have had a great deal of trouble here and am anxiously looking for some way to extricate myself


Let me hear as soon as possible if you please and much oblige


Yours Respty


H Pearce


[Page 142]


Pearce, H.


Emporia, Oct. 13, 1868.


(Lyon Co.)


Wants to be appointed 2nd Lieut. in the new cavalry Reg’t.


[Page 143]


Fort Leavenworth Kans.


October 13, 1868




I understand that you are about to “Muster in” a Regiment of Volunteer Cavalry for service against Indians. Having served an enlistment in the 1st. Cavalry U.S.A. And one as Hospital Steward, I respectfully present my name as candidate for commission as Captain of company or as Regimental Adjutant. My experience will enable to fill either with credit to myself and satisfaction to my superiors. In the event of there being no vacancy among the Commissioned Officers, please notify me who is to be Surgeon, as I may decide to enlist as Regimental Hosp. Steward. An early reply is solicited:-


Very Respectfully

Your Obt. Servt.

H.T. Clarke

Hon. Sam. Crawford

Gov. Kansas

Topeka Ks


[Page 144]


Fort Leavenworth Kans

October 13th 1868

H.T. Clarke applies for Commission in the Regiment Vol. Cavalry. Asks an early reply.


Oct. 15, 1868.


[Page 145]


State of Nebraska

Executive Office

Omaha, Oct. 14th 1868

To His Excellency

S.J. Crawford


Governor of Kansas.




The rigorous political campaign, which has so successfully resulted, has claimed a large share of my attention for the last 6 weeks. I have spent but a few hours at the capital. We have had every species of opposition possible, to meet, especially in remote parts of the State. Hence my apparent apathy upon the subject of your letter of the 3rd wk.


I have felt less strongly to condemn the U.S. authorities, as the Genl. Com’dg’ the Dept. of the Platte has promptly granted nearly all that I have felt it necessary to ask.


My policy has been to encourage the organization of the frontiersmen into companies and to furnish them with needful arms and ammunition.-Preparing them for self-defence.


[Page 146]


We have experienced comparatively little trouble with the Indians in this State.


And from the freely expressed sentiments of Colfax and others who have visited the Indian country, I have felt confident that the necessary energy will be displayed in the chastisement of the troublesome bands.


I am persuaded that the Military Authorities in this department will favor no temporizing policy.


I fully concur that peace can be secured, only by the sword, and will most cheerfully unite in any movement that will hasten it.


Respectfully Yours

David Butler



[Page 147]


Butler,- Hon. David


Gov. of Nebraska.


Oct. 14, 1868.


In response to the Governor’s letter of the 3rd wk, in relation to the Indian affairs.


[Page 148]


Ottawa Kans.

Oct. 14, 1868

Hon. S.J. Crawford

Gov. of Kansas



Dear Sir


The [XXXX] H.B. Hughbanks has been a citizen of our pleace for the past six or eight months, and is a gentleman of good habits, and has served three years in the Army. He desires to enter the service against the Indians. Under four [XXXX] [XXXX]. Any favor shown him, will be perfectly appreciated by your many friends here.


Very Resply

Your obt svt.

Theo. C. Bowles

H.P. Welsh

L.M. Valentine


[Page 149]


Hughbanks, H.B.

Ottawa, Kas. Oct. 16, 1868.


(Franklin Co)


Is recommended for a position in the new cavalry Reg’t.


[Page 150]


Ellsworth Kansas


Oct 14th 1868




Your Telegram and Instructions to Military received he has already ten or fifteen men engaged but, all of them [XXXX] that they were to go in the New Regiment about being raised under the call of Genl Sheridan these men can not be reruited under the first proclamation and Whitney himself is anxious to join the Regiment I think it would [XXXX] the interest of the State to have him enlist his men for that reason. There is no certainty of getting a man for the first call, if you wish him for Regimental Service please telegraph me at once and he will go on recruiting


Yours truly


[XXXX] Edwards


To his Excellency

Sam J Crawford

Gov of Kans.


[Page 151]


Edwards, Jms. H.

Ellsworth, Oct. 14/68

Ellsworth Co


With reference to recruiting at Ellsworth. (By Whitney)


[Page 152]


Salina Kansas

Oct 14th, A.D. 1868

To Governor S.J. Crawford

Topeka Kansas


Dear Sir I


feel in hopes that you will remember me in the organization of the regiment now being raised,” I should like very much to [XXX] in it,” Please consider this my application and let me hear from you by return mail and oblige


Your most obt


Charles S. Hussey


[Page 153]


Hussey, Chas. L.


Salina, Oct. 14, 1868.


(Salina Co).


Wants to be remembered in the organization of the new Reg’t.


[Page 154]


Iola Kansas

October 14th, 1868

Gov. S.J. Crawford,




I this day received from you, through your [XXXX] Deet, a more than welcome letter, accompanied by Recruiting Commission which I filled out for Col. C.P. Swiss.


The reason why I did not fill it out in my own name was from the fact that I was on the eve of starting for St Louis with a drove of Cattle and could not be here to attend to it for the next week.


Col. Twiss and Walter Dallas (an old officer in the 1st Regt. Kan. Cal Vols) will put their whole energies in it, and I


[Page 155]


have no doubt that, in ten days at the out-side, the company will be full.


I will be back in seven or eight days and will report to you the progress made. Rest assured that the company will be full in twelve days at the out-side.


Very Respect’f’ly

Your Ob’t Serv’t

W.C. Jones


P.S. Please with hold our Field Commission until you hear from Iola




[Page 156]


Jones, Capt. W.C.

Iola, Oct. 14, 1868.


(Allen Co)


(Maj. & Lt. Col.)


Acknowledges receipt of recruiting commission, and states his proceedings under same.


[Page 157]


Ellsworth Kansas

Oct 14th 1868

To His excellency

S.J. Crawford

Gov. of Kansas




The papers necessary for the organization of a company were received at this place yesterday P.M. by Capt Whitney, but owing to the nature of the instructions he does not feel willing to accept the position, the men are desirous of joining an independent company; & the citizens generally, feel that it would be unsafe to weaken us, as your instructions to Capt Whitney fully carried into effect would


We feel that our safety- to life & property- can be secured at present, only by organizing an independent company


[Page 158]


with its rendezvous at Ellsworth.


Such an organization, (& such an one only) can be easily effected here. And when the government has- if it does- drive the Indians from amongst us, this independent company can be ordered to duty with any other command.


Should the young men of Ellsworth enlist and be attached to a regiment at Salina or elsewhere, instead of strengthening our defence- the object aimed at- we but leave ourselves an easy prey to an enemy who will not hesitate to take advantage of our weakness.


These are the views of our prominent citizens, at whose instance you are respectfully & earnestly requested to instruct Capt Whitney to report by letter direct to the Adjutant Genl.


I Am Sir

Very Respectfully

Your Obt Servt

Geo. McGinley


[Page 159]


McGinley, Geo.

Ellsworth, Oct. 14, 1868.


Wants an independent company raised and stationed at Leavenworth.


[Page 160]


Baldwin City Kansas

Oct. 14 1868

To his excellency

G.W. Crawford


Gov. of Kansas


Sir I have the honor herewith to respectfully request information in regards to the Battalion of Cavalry you are authorized to raise for frontier service.


Having served my country through the war faithfully as an officer and soldier should be pleased to do so again should this meet your favor I should respectfully request A recruiting Commission if in your gift


Necessary reccommendations furnished


I have the honor to be

Repectfully Your Obt sevt

Jos. F. Oldham


[Page 161]


Oldham, Jos. F.

Baldwin City

Oct. 14, 1868.


(Douglas Co)


Wants a recruiting commission for the 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 17, 1868.


[Page 162]


Iola Allen Co Kans.

Oct the 14th 1868.

His Excellency

Gov. S.J. Crawford




I feel vary much Inclined to make another trip upon the Plains. And should there be a vacancy. And you feel free to do so. Send me a surgeon commission. And I will accompany the 19th Reg K.V.C. I deem it unnessary to speak of reference As you are so well acquainted with me and my Professional ability. Your dissission will be perfectly satisfactory to me. A believin that my intrests will be properly cared for &c&c


I Remain Your

Obedient Servent

John A. Hart.


[Page 163]


Hart Jo. A.

Iola, Oct. 14, 1868.


Allen Co.


Desires the appointment of Surgeon in the new cavalry Reg’t.


[Page 164]


Winchester Jeff Co




Oct 15th 1868

Governor Samuel J. Crawford


Dear Sir


[XXX] the Times and Conservative of this date I had the pleasure of seeing your call for volunteers


If you will give me a commission I will go to work recruiting a company immediately, (as there is no others around here that want to undertake it)


I have had three years experience in the field in the late Rebellion with the Fifteenth Ind Batt and partook in the Tenn campagn fought with Sherman to Atlanta and with Tomas and Scofield at Franklin and Nashville and numerous other battles to numerous to mention.


I am sorry that I have no reference neer but if you want I would refer you to Sherman, Scofield, Cox, Major Generals in the army of the west & Brig Gen Thomas and [XXXX]


[Page 165]


Write soon and let me know what you will do for me for I am anxious to be at work.


Your very humble servant,

Edward Welfer.

Gov. Samuel J Crawford

Welfer, Edward,

Winchester, Kas,

Oct. 15, 1868


(Jefferson Co)


Wants a commission to recruit for the 19th Reg’t.


(States he was with Sherman, Thomas & Scofield)




Oct. 20, 1868.


[Page 166]


Iola Allen County Kansas

October 15th, 1868

Gov Crawford


Dear Sir


Capt. Jones has [XXXX] in my [XXXX] the recruiting of one company of Cav’y for six months service  I immediately recruited twenty five without going out of my Office. this [XXXX] I send out 8 or 10 govt soldiers recruiting from present indications I will have a full company in about 4 or 5 days I desire special instructions as to [XXXX] & transportation of recruits If I am authorized to issue vouchers for any purpose please inform me at once the expence will be but trifleling except transportation


Capt Jones has gone to [XXXX] the boys desire that he be


[Page 167]


given a major commission


He is a good soldier & [XXXX] abilities If you can give some of my best boys possissions as non com staff [XX] the people here would consider it an [XXXX] favor


I see by the [XXXX] there is surgeons mention If there are to be any appointed I would respectfully mention Dr. John A. Hart who desires to go out with the Regt. of course any recommendation from me is not necessary


William Friend who has served four years in the late war & held a commission the last year of the term is [XXXX] [XXXX] with [XX] [XXXX]  desires a [XXXX] as Hospital Steward These men are doing all they can to recruit the company


Lieut Dallas is in the Office I saw this letter written to you He will make a good Officer


[Page 168]


Swiss Col. C.P.

Iola, Kas. Oct. 15, 1868.


(Allen Co)


In relation to the recruiting of a company for the 19th Regt. &c.


(Recom. Dr. John A Hart-& William Friend)




Oct. 17, 1868.


[Page 169]


Iola Kansas


Oct 15th, 1868

Gov. S.J. Crawford

Topeka Kans


Dear Sir


By request of Capt. W.C. Jones I am engaged in assisting Col. Swiss in raising a Company here for the Indian Service. We are succeeding well and I think will no doubt report in due time with a full Co.


When that is done I wish to be Commissioned 1st Lieut. of it.


You will perhaps remember that I was on duty with your Regt (2nd Kans. [XXX]) at Ft. Smith and later commissioned as 1st Lieut 1st Kan [XXX] , serving as A. Adjt.


[Page 170]


Hoping that in consideration of past, and present, service that this request will meet with your approval


I Remain

Very Respectfully

Walter J. Dallas


[Page 171]


Dallas, Walter J.

Iola, Oct. 15, 1868.


(Allen Co)


(1st Lieut. Co. C.)


In relation to the recruitment of a company for the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 172]


Law and Collecting Office of H.C. Cross


Will Practice in Lyon and Adjoining Counties


Office Up Stairs, S.W. Corner of Commercial Street and Sixth Avenue.


Emporia, Kansas, Oct 15th, 1868.

Gov. S.J. Crawford




I commissioned James P. Hurst a good man he has not been in the service but had been a round where soldering has been done. he wants me to write you and have you write my brother H.C. Cross and state to him how many men I will require of him to be get mustered is as an office for the men wont go unless he gose. he will make a good first or second Lieut. he gose right to work to [XXXX] up the men


Your Truly

S.K. Cross

Please answer by return mail. S.K.C. over


[Page 173]


P.S. for fear my brother might not be here I think it would be best to write to him

James P. Hurst




Cross, S.K.

Emporia, Oct. 15, 1868.


(Lyon Co)


States that he has appointed James P. Hurst a Recruiting Officer for the 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 20, 1868.


[Page 174]


Leavenworth Kansas

Oct’ 15th, 1868



S.J. Crawford

Gov’ of Kansas




Mr. John Murphy a resident of our city, requests me to ask of you a Recruiting Commission for the Reg’t about to be raised, in suppression of Indian atrocities hourly committed upon our Western Frontier-


Mr. Murphy comes upon your notice as a good soldier-having served two enlistments in the Regular Army and was honorably discharged from Co. “B” 15-K. V Cav’y as 1st Lieutenant of said company-I could not recommend to your very favorable notice a more worthy person than Mr. Murphy-a man whose knowledge of frontier life is second to none in Kansas


Yours Respectfully

Your Obt Servant

John W. Laing


[Page 175]


My dear Sir


I heartily [XXXX] the [XXXX] application. I know Mr Murphy. He was a good soldier and will serve the State well. His appointment [XX] asked would give great satisfaction to [XXXX] of your friends here and to no one [XXXX] than myself. I firmly believe his appointment will greatly [XXXX] the public interest



[X]C. Sears

J. Ashton


John [XXXX]

John Ashton

[XXX] Carney

Hon. S.J. Crawford

Gov Kansas


[Page 176]


John Murphy

Laing, Maj. Jo. M.

Leavenworth Oct. 15,



Recommends John Murphy as a recruiting officer for the 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 17, 1868.


[Page 177]


Lenape Kansas

Oct 15th 1868

To His Excellency

S.J. Crawford

Governor Kans




Being desirous of entering the service of the u.s. under your Proclamation of Oct 12th 1868, I would respectfully request permission to recruit a company which in my opinion I can do in verry short time provided you will allow the company to be Officered by members of the company


[XXXX] had an experience of five years in the U.S. Army in both Infty & Cavalry & doing service mostly on the frontier.


Hoping to hear from you immediately

I remain

Your Obt Servt

C.A. Campbell

Late 1st Lt.

56th U.S.C. Troops


[Page 178]


Campbell, C.A.

Lenape, Kas.

Oct. 15th, 1868.


(Leavenworth Co)


Wants a commission to raise a company for the new cavalry Reg’t.




Oct. 16, 1868.


[Page 179]


Gov. S.J. Crawford


Topeka Kans.




We take pleasure in recommending Thos. J. Darling as a suitable person to raise and command a company in the 19th Reg’t Kan. Vol. Cav. and ask that his application may be favorably considered.






H.C. Haus

John McKee

W.S. Stephen

H.A. Osborn


[Page 180]


Darling, Thos. J.



(Capt Co. E.)


Is recommended as a proper person to raise and command a company for the new cavalry Reg’t.




Oct. 16, 1868.


See Col Jenkins


Any arrangments made with him will be satisfactory to me


[Page 181]


Lawrence Kansas


Oct. 16th 1868.


Dear Gov


I desire to recommend [XXX] A.J. Willey for the position of [XXX] of the Regt of Cavalry now being recruited. He was Hospital Steward of the 18th and after our [XXXX] died at Ft Larned had the charge of the medical dept. of the Command and of [XXX] the very best satisfaction


I remain

Yours very Truly

H.L. Moore


[Page 182]


Leavenworth, Kansas


Oct. 16 1868


Hon. S.J. Crawford


Dear Sir,


It will give great satisfaction to a large number of your friends here if you can give to Capt. A.C. Jones some position in the Regiment now being raised. He is [XXXX] fitted for and desires a staff position. He has experience and will give you much aid in the


[Page 183]


field. I know that you and the State will be benefitted if he is called to the field. He has a great liking for military service. If you can find it compatible with the public interest or your own arrangements to give him a place no one will be more grateful than


Yours Truly

T.C. Sears


If you can give him a a position near [XXX], it would best suit him


Hd Quarters Leavenworth [XXXX]




I take great pleasure in recommending to your favorable consideration for a staff appointment –my friend Jones He is & has been acting as my Adjutant & is fully competent & well qualified to take any position as a staff officer  I fully concur in all Judge Sears says of him






Gov Crawford


The undersigned heartily indorse the above.


J. Pinckney  Maj. [XXX]


Harvey Edgerton


H.C. Haus  Lt. Col.


W. Wilder


[Page 184]


Sears, T.C. et al.


Leavenworth, Oct. 15, 1868.


Recommend A.C. Jones for a position in the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 185]


Iola Kans


Oct 16th 1868


Gov Crawford


Dear Sir Our [XXXX] friend Dr Hart desires very much to get one of the medical positions in the new Regiment. I should be highly gratified if you could give him the place of surgeon or asst surgeon. You could not confer it [XXXX] on a better friend of your own, or on who would take more pride in performing the duties of the [XXXX].


Very Respectfully,


Your obt svt


John W. Scott


[Page 186]


J.A. Hart


Scott, Jn. W.


Iola, Oct. 16, 1868.


(Allen Co)


Recommends John A. Hart for Surgeon or Ass’t Surgeon of the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 187]


Marion Center Kansas


October 16th 1868.


Governor S.J. Crawford.


Dear Sir,


There is a young man in this Militia Company here (Captain Armstrong’s) by the name of George. J. Moulton that is deserving of a Commission in the Company  He is an old cavalry soldier was wounded and crippled during the late war and is a tip top young man. Any favor you could do him would be thankfully received by him and would be considered as a favor to me.


Very Respectfully Yours


Alex. E. Case


His Excellency


S.J. Crawford


Governor of the


State of Kansas.


[Page 188]


(G. Moulton)


Case, Alex. E.


Marion Center,


Oct. 16, 1868.


(Marion County)


Recommends George J. Moulton for a commission in the Militia Company at that place. (Co D. Fr. Batt.)


[Page 189]


Law Offices of Burleigh and Hopkins,


No. 63 Delaware St.


Leavenworth, Kansas.


H.M. Burleigh                                                             L. Gardner Hopkins


U.S. Commissioner Dist. of Kansas                           Notary Public


Leavenworth Oct 16 1868


Gov S.J. Crawford


Enclosed please find list of names of recruits for Co “A” which I send up this evening [XXXX]

with enlistment papers. I have detailed George G. [XXXX] a recruiting [XXXX] and will keep him here while the [XXXX] is filled



Your Obt Sevt

WS Jenkins


[Page 190]


Jenkins, Col. W.S.




Oct. 16, 1868.


Encloses list of recruits obtained for the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 191]


Law Offices of Burleigh and Hopkins,


No. 63 Delaware St.


Leavenworth, Kansas.


H.M. Burleigh                                                             L. Gardner Hopkins


U.S. Commissioner Dist. of Kansas                           Notary Public


Leavenworth Oct. 16 1868

Gov. S.J. Crawford


Dear Sir


I send in charge of Mr Miller a detachment of men from the Leavenworth Company. I have contracted to pay 35 [XX] for meal for the men while here  Consequently I think it best to send them by as fast as possible will probably have one hundred there by Monday or Tuesday. You will confer a favor by not appointing any other recruiting officer for this county. Until I have furnished the 1st Company do not promise any commissions for this company vuntil I can see [XX]. I will be up with the last detachment. I know that several persons will apply to you for commissions I have an understanding with [XXX] [XXXX] in reference to the matter


Respectfully Your Obt Sert


W.S. Jenkins


[Page 192]




Mr Miller who is in charge of the detachment wishes the position of Reg’t [XXX] [XXXX] I believe he would be a good man for the officer






Jenkins, Col. W.S.


Leavenworth, Oct. 16/68.


In relation to forwarding recruits for 19th Reg’t.


Recommends W.P. Miller for Regt’l Commissary.


[Page 193]


Junction City Ks.

Oct 16th 1868

His Excellency

S.J. Crawford

Governor of Kansas.




I have the honor to address you personally in relation to the appointment of Field Officer for the new Reg’t-respectfully offering my services to you to act in capacity of one. Of the necessary qualifications fitting me for such a position, I believe I can bring you abundant proof –if my brief acquaintance with Your Excellency is not already a sufficient


[Page 194]


guarantee. I have, in a great measure sacrificed my business relations to engage in this recruiting service and am willing to spend both time and money in filling up the Regiment.


Trusting you will not consider this request an act of presumption on my part, but that it may meet your entire approbation


I am, Governor,

Very Truly & Respectfully

Your Ob’t Serv’t

Milton Stewart


[Page 195]


Stewart, Col. Milton.

Junction City, Kas.

Oct. 16, 1868.


(David Co)


(Maj. in 19th Cav. Co K.)


Wants a field office in the 19th Reg’t.




Oct 17, 1868.


[Page 196]


Le-Roy Kan. Oct 16th 1868

Gov S.J. Crawford



Gov. I have just learned that you have called for a Reg’t of recruited men to opperate against the Indians If so we would like to go. send me (if consistent with your views) authority to raise a company or at least some men. Do you commission the officers? Will the men elect their officers?


Respectfully &C


John Chess


[Page 197]


Chess, John


Leroy, Oct. 16, 1868.


(Coffey Co.)


Wants to recruit for the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 198]


Leavenworth Kans. Oct. 16th 68.

His Excellency S.J. Crawford

Governor of Kansas




Introduced through advertisements in the News Paper here ordering a Organization of a Vols. Regiment to enter the Territories of the Indians. I am willing to serve under present circumstances in questioned Regiment, and beg leave of asking for appointment as Recruiting Officer for said Regiment.


I have served three years in the 4th [XX] Cavalry Vols. and was by expiration of that time commissioned 1st Lieutenant of the 41st [XX] Inf. Vols. than by closing of the war honorably discharged. I would respectfully forward my Dishcharge, References and other worthy communications from Maj. Genl. Canby, Rosecrans, [XXXX] and others but they have been stolen


[Page 199]


from me, only forwarded Papers were left to me.


As to my Respectability I refer to Col. B.H. Grierson 7th U.S. Cav. and all prominent Citizens of Leavenworth Ks.


Hopeing Governor that I’ll be pleased with the honor of your confidence and that any request may be granded


I have the honor to be

Most Respectfully

Your Obdt Serv.

E.A. Bolenius.

formerly 1st Lt. 41st Mo. Vols



[Page 200]


Bolenius, E.A.


Oct. 16, 1868.


Requests the appointment of Recruiting Officer for Leavenworth.


with endorsements of Leav. men




Oct. 19, 1868.

Leavenworth October 15/68


Dear Gov


I would most respectfully request that the written be granted


H.C. Haus




I would be gratified if you would grand this request.


John McKee


[Page 201]


His Excellency S.J. Crawford Gov. of Kansas


Atchison City Kansas


Oct. 16th 1868




I have just noticed your proclamation calling for one Reg’t of volunteers, under Gen’l Sheridan’s order of the 9th inst. Mr Reck of this place has been appointed recruiting officer here. He expects to receive the appointment of Capt of the Company from this county. I wish to inquire if the Company Officers- Capt. and Lieuts, will not be elected by the men of each company. Will the men have this privilege? I am well acquainted with the plains, and Indian character. Was Div. Ag’t on the B.O.D. Stage line for some time and feel confident I can raise a Company in this county within ten days, if you will permit the Co’ to elect its own officers.


Please inform me at your earliest convenience


Most Respectfully

Your Ob’t Ser’vt

J.C. Alderson.


[Page 202]


Alderson, J.C.


Atchison, Oct. 16, 1868.


Wants to know if the men now being raised for the 19th Reg’t will be permitted to elect their company officers. If so, would like to raise a company.




Oct. 20, 1868.


[Page 203]


His Excellency Gov Crawford


Your Excellency


I have the honor to address your excellency requesting permission to be allowed to accompany the Cavalry regiment under your command in the capacity of newspaper correspondent  I having several special engagements in that capacity which I am anxious to fulfill


I remain


Your obedient Servant


Charles T. Johnson


Topeka October 17th 1868.


[Page 204]


Johnson, Chas. T.


Topeka, Oct. 17, 1868.


Wants to accompany the command (19th Reg’t) as a newspaper correspondent.


[Page 205]


Iola Allen Co Kansas

Oct the 17th 1868

His Excellency

S.J. Crawford,




I desire to recommend the name of J.E. Parsons for the office of first Lieutenant in the company being raised at this place. He served  as second Lieutenant in [XXXX] through the Rebellion with marked ability proving him self an excellent officer  Should it meet your approbation I should be pleased to see him commissioned. Can recommend him as a good man with all the qualifications of a good officer.


Your Most Respectful


J.A. Hart


[Page 206]


J.E. Parsons

Hart, Jn. A.

Iola, Oct. 17, 1868.


(1st Lieut; Co E Hist Vol X, p 438)


Recommends J.E. Parsons for 1st Lieut in 19th Reg’t.


Apt’d 1st Lt Troop E. Vol X p. 438.


[Page 207]


Headquarters Department of the Missouri

Fort Leavenworth, Kas., October 17th, 1868.


His Excellency S.J. Crawford,

Governor of Kansas,

Topeka, Kas.,




I have the honor to respectfully solicit an appointment in the regiment of Kansas volunteer cavalry now being organized. I have held two commissions during the war and have served under Generals Logan, Stevenson, Leggalt, McPherson and others from whom I have received testimonials of the highest character. I am now serving at these Headquarters as a Hospital Steward in the Office of the Medical Director of the Department General Madison Mills, to whom I respectfully refer as to my character and qualifications.


With great respect,

I remain Sir,

Your most obt. Servant

Charles G. Williams

Hospital Steward U.S.A.


[Page 208]


Williams, Chas. G.

Fort Leavenworth,

Oct. 17, 1868.

(Hospital Steward at Fort

Was with Gen Logan)


Requests a commission in the 19th Reg’t.


Oct. 20, 1868.


[Page 209]


Office of Wilder & Sleeper,

Proprietors of

The Leavenworth Daily, Tri-Weekly and Weekly Conservative,

Daniel W. Wilder

Hiram S. Sleeper

Book, Job and Railroad Printing

13 and 15 Shawnee Street,

Leavenworth, Kan., Oct. 17th 1868


Gov. Crawford,


Dear Sir: You would confer a great favor on the Republicans of Leavenworth by giving a staff position to Capt. Jones of this city. He served with [XXXX] in the Second Colorado, and you will find him a very efficient man.


Very resp’y yours


D.W. Wilder.


[Page 210]


Wilder, D.W.


Oct. 17, 1868.


Recommends Capt. A.C. Jones for a staff position in the 19th Reg’t.


Oct. 20, 1868.


[Page 211]


Recruiting Office 19 K.V.C.


Iola Kans. Oct 17,/68


Gov. S.J. Crawford


Dear Sir:-


You must excuse me for asking favors for Old Soldiers who have done good service and are fully competent for most any position. I do it in justice to them, not as a favor to me.


I recommend Wm S. Newbury for Regt’l. Quarter-master; He is especially filled for it, having a Commercial Education, a practical Book Keeper, a first-rate pen-man, served as 1st Lieut in the 8th Kan. Infty. in some of the hardest fought battles on the Continent, A Radical Republican and can secure a


[Page 212]


recommendation from all the business men in South Eastern Kans. Could you favor him in this matter?


I am sure all here would be pleased with it and receive it as another evidence of good will towards this place.


I desire to know if I assume too much if I indicate two men who have served as officers three years, that you will commission them, if their qualifications and record is satisfactory to you.


I do not know how soon we are expected to have this company recruited. I think I can safely say we will have the Co full in five days


Very Respectfully


Charles P. Twiss


Recruiting Officer


[Page 213]


Twiss, C.P.

Iola, Kas.

Oct. 17, 1868.


(Allen Co)


Recommends app’ts in 19th Reg’t.


(Rec. W.S. Newbury for Reg. Q.M.




Oct. 20, 1868.


[Page 214]


Lawrence, Kas

Oct. 17th 68

Gov. S.J. Crawford


Dear Sir


I would be happy to accept the position of Ast. Sur. of the Reg that is now being recruited. If you can do me the favor.


I remain Resp. Yours

J.A. Willey

Lawrence Kas.

Box 4132


[Page 215]


Willey, A.J.

Lawrence, Oct. 17, 1868.


Desires the appointment of Asst. Surgeon of the 19th Reg’t. Encloses recommendation of Maj. Moore. (H.L.)


[Page 216]


Fort Harker Kansas

Oct 17 1868

Gov S.J. Crawford




Dear Sir


I would ask you if it meets your views to commission Col Thomas W Benteen as a field officer in the regiment you are raising for the Indian war I believe that you could not make a better selection. He has every qualification to do good service. And will be a credit to the regiment. Hoping this will meet with your favorable consideration.


I remain


Yours Truly


VB Osborne


[Page 217]


Osborne, V.B.

Fort Harker,

Oct. 17, 1868.


(Ellsworth Co)


Osborne Co. named for this man


Recommends Col. Thos. W. Benteen for a field office in the 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 20, 1868.


[Page 218]


Solomon Valley, Ottawa Co. Kansas


Oct. 18th 1868.


To his Excellency S.J. Crawford, Governor.


Sir, We the undersigned citizens of Ottawa co, Kansas, feeling very insecure in our present position, on account of our proximity to t the recent outrages perpetrated on our neighbors by hostile Indians, and feeling unwilling to abandon our County, the unprotected and defenseless as we are We would respectfully solicit you Excellency to furnish us efficient arms and ammunition to enable us to hold our ground and protect ourselves and families from the brutal attacks of hostile savages, and we as in duty bound will ever pray, &c.


Signed Louis Geisseret


James G. Morris


F.M. Andrews


M.C. Morris


John Knight


Franklin Philbrick


Richard Wright, Jr.


E.R. Knight


Samuel F. Cleveland


George R. Gibson


Nelson Chapin


Orrin Merryfield


Albert Wagner


George Krebs


Francis O. Carr


[Page 219]


Governor S.J. Crawford


Dear sir, I am the oldest settler on the Solomon, having resided here since 1859. In that time I have seen the country deserted for the fourth time in consequence of Indian outrages. I have never moved off, tho left the only resident for over two years at one time and do not propose to go now. I have many of my friends and kindred settled here and if your Excellency will be so good as to furnish us good arms and ammunition we intend to remain and defend our home and families or perish trying.


Very Respectfully, your obt. servt.,

John Knight

Bennington, Ottawa county.

We would prefer Infantry rifles.


[Page 220]



John Knight & other citizens of Ottawa Co.

Request for arms and ammunition for defense against Indians.

Oct 18, 1868


[Page 221]


Garnett Kan


Oct 18th, 1868.


His Exlency


SJ Crawford


Governor of Kan Sir


I wish to see if you will not give me a position as Adjutant or some other position in the regiment now organizing I have been in the Army nearly five years I think myself capable of filling of filling the position Hoping to hear from you soon I am


With respect Yours &c


J.W. Ramsay


[Page 222]


Ramsay, J.W.


Garnett, Oct. 18, 1868.


(Anderson Co)


(1st Serg Co. F.)


Wants to be appointed Adjutant of the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 223]


Office of Kansas State Penitentiary,


Leavenworth, Kan., Oct 18th 1868


To His Excellency S.J. Crawford


Gov of Kansas


Dear Sir-You was speaking of wanting a good man for Adjutant of the Regiment you are now raising-And at the same time spoke of Maj Hopkins. I did not think of it at the time, but there is a man here by name Henry Evatts one of my [XXXX] that would make a good officer. he was in the regular service & in one Regiment 13 years Qd U.S. Calery. he was with Gen Harney all through his Indian War-he can I think show as good a record as any man in Kansas. he informs me that you endorsed an application for a commission in the regular service last [XXXX] year ago-and perhaps remember him-I think it would be hard for you to find a man that would understand the Indians & plains as well as the other duties of the officer better than Mr Evatts. Please let me hear from you at your earliest convenience.


P.S. I have promised Mr Evatts that if you give him a com-in the Regiment I will give him a place as soon as the Reg is disbanded as I consider him an excellent officer


Very Respt


J.L. Philbrick


[Page 224]


H. Evatts

Philbrick, J.L.

Leavenworth, Oct. 18, 1868.


Recommending Henry Evatts as Adjutant of the 19th Reg’t.


Oct. 20, 1868


[Page 225]


Burlington Kansas


Oct. 19, 1868


Governor S.J. Crawford


Dear Sir


[XX] friend Dr. W.T.M. McAllister of this place would like a position of Surgeon or Assistant in the new [XXXX] regiment now forming in the State. He has had five years’ experience in the army hospitals and is a competent surgeon, a [XXXX] Republican and worthy of [XXXX]. I [XXXX] [XXXX] recommend him to your favorable consideration when making your appointments-


Yours truly,

S.S. Prouty


[Page 226]


Dr McAllister

Prouty, S.S.

Burlington, Oct. 19, 1868.


(Coffey Co.)


Recommends [XXXX] McAllister for Surgeon or Asst. Surgeon of the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 227]


Wyandotte Oct. 19, 1868


To His Excellency


Gov. Crawford


If you have the appointment of Surgeon & Capts in the new Regiment would like to be one of the asistants, dont want any higher Responsibility. Will refer you to Doct. Bailey, with whom I served, as to my qualifications &c &c


Yours Respectfully

Jos. Speck


[Page 228]


Speck, Dr. Joseph.

Wyandott, Oct. 19, 1868.


Wants an appointment as Asst. Surgeon of the 19th Reg’t.


Oct 20, 1868.


[Page 229]


Wyandott Kansas


Oct 19th 1868.


Hon S.J. Crawford




Mr James Sneddin a young man of our place desires a commission in the regiment you are now about [XXXX] Can you send him a recruiting and indicate some [XXXX] in a populous neighborhood where he would be likely to succeed and where no commission has been sent. He is a young man of good habits, well acquainted with the service and if placed in any position in the Reg requires to be filled by an old soldier will do it justice


Respectfully Yours [XX]




SA Cobb


Mayor of Wyandotte


James McGrew


[Page 230]


Sweddin, James,

Wyandott, Oct. 19, 1868.


Recommended for a Recruiting commission in the 19th Reg’t.


Oct. 20, 1868.


[Page 231]


State of Kansas

Office of Supt. of Public Instruction

Topeka, November 18_

To His Excellency

SJ Crawford

Gov State of Kansas


We the members of Co A 19th Kansas Vol do this day elect unanimous BD Wilson First Lieutenant of said company and do sincerely hope this [XXX] [XXXX]- His Excellency approbation


R.C. Powell, Teller


[Page 232]


Wilson, B.D.


Topeka, Oct. 19, 1868.


(Benoni D. Wilson, on rolls as Benjamin.)


Statement of his having been elected 1st Lieut. Co. “A” 29th Reg’t.


(See Vol 10)


[Page 233]


To His Excellency


Gov Samuel J Crawford


The undersigned respectfully recommend BD Wilson of Topeka to your favorable Consideration for Appointment as a First Lieutenant in the 19th Regiment Kansas Volunteers now in process of organization. From a personal acquaintance with Mr Wilson we can assure you that he is a trustworthy man, and we entertain no doubt but that he would reflect credit not only to himself but to the Service if he should receive the Commission he asks from your hands.


We are your Excellency’s Obt Svts.


Lewis Hanback                       Livingston Walker

A.S. Williams                          Isaiah Creek


[XXX] [XXXX]                     Charles Carson

S.E. Sheldon                           Joseph Perkins


[Page 234]


H.S. Green                              John Linton

EM Moon                                James S. Harrison

C. King                                   Walter Willis

J. [XXXX]                              Master Johnson

L.J. [XXXX]                           [XXX] Thompson

Sam Dohman                         

T. Billings                                Charles [XXXX]

J.P. Baker                                Duncan [XXXX]

John [XXXX]                         [XXX] Lundgren

John H. [XXXX]                    Thomas Canfield

John Guthrie                           [XX] [XXXX]

J.D.M. [XXX]                         Wm Gay

John T. Horton                        Thomas Doer



                                                R.C. Powell

M Claw                                   Martin James

[XXX] Enochs                        Thomas Vanderpool

William Williams                     John N Canfield

James Hanly                            Thomas Riddle

John Hanover                          William [XX] [XXXX]

John Grady                             RG Wright

[XX] [XXXX]                                    [XX] [XXXX]

Peter Ferguson


[Page 235]


Wilson, R.D.




Petition 50 men for his appointment as 1st Lieutenant in the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 236]


Recruiting Office 19th K.V.Cav

Iola, Kansas

Oct 19th 1868. 3 O’C’ P.M.

Gov. S.J. Crawford


Dear Sir:-


I have now seventy men enlisted for the 19th K.V. Cav-Sworn in-


Very Respectfully


Charles P. Twiss


Recruiting Officer

[Page 237]


Twiss, Col. C.P.


Iola, Oct. 19, 1868.


(Allen Co.)


Capt. Co. C.


States that he has 70 men enlisted for the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 238]


Leavenworth Arsenal

October 19th, 1868.

His Exellency S.J. Crawford

Governor of Kansas


I have the honor to make application for a Commission in the Kansas mounted Regiment about to be raised for service against the hostile Indians in Kansas.


I served ten years in the Regular service, and was five years in the Ordnance Department as Clerk, and only recently discharged. I am well acquainted with the duties of a solider, and am confident would give satisfaction to you, and also to my immediate Commanders.


I have the honor to remain Exellency


Very Respectfully

Your obt servt

August Meyer


[Page 239]


Meyer, August


Leavenworth, Oct. 16, 1868.


Wants a commission in the 19th Regt.


I am well acquainted with Mr Myers; know him to be well qualified for the position he seeks, and earnestly recommend that he be appointed a commissioned officer in the new regiment


Oct. 16, 1868.






[Page 240]


A Weekly                                                                                Office of the News

Radical Republican Paper                                                      

Devoted to                                                                              Established in 1857

The Interests of Southwest Kansas


$2.00 a year in advance


Circulation larger than any Paper in South-

ern Kansas


Emporia, Kansas, Oct. 19, 1868.


Governor S.J. Crawford:


Dear Sir & Friend: Dr. Jay Guy Lewis of Americus wants a recruiting commission to raise men for the new regiment. He says he can secure a considerable number of recruits in the north part of this county who will not enlist with Hurst. The Dr is a stranger here. He was in the U.S. Service from Iowa three years. I think you had better send him a commission at once. He is well versed in military tactics, and will stand “powder.” By sending him a commission you will confer a favor on


Your friend

Jacob Stotter

His Exellency S.J. Crawford


Send the commission to Dr. Jay Guy Lewis in my care at Emporia.


[Page 241]


Stotter, Jacob.

Emporia, Oct. 19, 1868.


(Lyon Co)


Requests a Recruiting Commission for Dr. Jay Guy Lewis for the 19th Reg’t.


(Dr. Jay Guy Lewis


Americus, K.)




Oct. 22, 1868.


[Page 242]


Manhattan Kas Oct 19th 1868


Dear Governor


I start for Lawrence on train this evening as delegate to [XXX] Lodge, will try to get back as far as Topeka on 23d.


RG Sharp is recruiting here have been doing all I could for him recruiting is [XXXX] here- he will leave to go up the creek to get [XXX]


I sent commission up to J.C. Scott in Washington County. he is an old soldier a No 1 man- lawyer by profession hope he will do well- if he raises recruits enough he ought to go with [X] [XXX] Dept as he is a little deaf. but is “old friend”


[XXX] Truly


DE Ballard


[Page 243]


Ballard, D.E.


Manhattan, Oct. 19/68.


(Riley Co)


With reference to recruiting for the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 244]


Lawrence Oct 19th 1868.


Dear Gov,


I send a few men today but the most of our [XXX] have till the middle of the week to get ready. We can file up by that time I think. I went to Johnson Co and started [XXXX] down there so that I did not get to work here till Friday. We are of [XXXX] first rate class of men mostly from the country-{XXXX] for the wars-


Horace L. Moore


P.S. Sgt Luckey is in charge and I hope you will take first rate care of him. They will need blankets &c. & will need your care-




[Page 245]


Moore, Maj. H.L.

Lawrence, Oct. 19, 1868.


Douglas Co.


(18th Kans. Cav. Batt.


Lt. Col. & Col 19 Kan. Vol. Cav.)


(See Hist. Col. Vol 10, p. 35


his story of 19th Kan. Cav)


States that he has sent a squad of men to Topeka &c (in charge of Serg’t Luckey)


[Page 246]


October 19th 1868


To His Exelency


SJ Crawford


Gov State of Kansas


We the members of Co A 19th Kansas Vol have this day unanimously elected WC Adams Second Lieutenant of said company & hope it may meet the approval of His Exelency He is an old officer and a refined Gentleman


R.C. Powell, Teller


[Page 247]


Adams, W.C.

Topeka, Oct. 20, 1868.




Statement of his election as 2nd Lieut. Co. “A,” 19th Reg’t.


[Page 248]


Fort Harker Kansas

October 19th 1868

His Excellency SJ Crawford

Governor State of Kansas

Topeka Kan


Your Excellency


I take the liberty of writing you for information respecting the organization of a body of men for Indian warfare.


I beg respectfully to say I am in a position to advance a sum of money for the purpose of raising a Company of men & having 20 years experience amongst Indians in California Oregon Washington Idaho Montana Uta & British Columbia- besides I have been two years amongst the Cheyennes-


I can also safely say that I am thoroughly acquainted with use of Both Riding and Pack Animals


I will therefore feel much obliged if your Excellency will be kind enough to furnish me with such instructions and authority as you deem


[Page 249]


necessary for the purpose together with any other information on the subject respecting Arms Equipment &c&c may be useful-


Very Respectfully

Your Obt Svt

Christopher Gilson


[Page 250]


Gilson, Christopher

Fort Harker, Oct. 19, 1868.


(Ellsworth Co)


Desires to raise a company for the 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 20, 1868.


[Page 251]


Iola Allen Co Kans Oct 20th/68


Dear Sir


When I last saw you, you did me the honor to say that any favor you could do me you would be happy to be called upon-I at that time did not expect to trouble you but circumstances will now give you the opportunity to do me a favor and I hope at the same time do the state some since you are raising a regiment for service against the Indians-And what I would request is the Commission of Surgeon of that regiment a part which others will tell


[Page 252]


you I am perfectly competent to fill-I would refer you to Col John A Martin or Major Sol R Washer of my old regiment the 8th Kans Vol-or to any of the Officers or men who served with me-Also to [XX] [XXXX] or Judge S.A Kingman or [XX] [XX] [XXXX] on that point- I do not ask you this favor because I have in the past or may the future do you a favor but because I know (vanity aside) that I am competent for the position I seek-


Whatever may be said against me in other respects no man can say truthfully that I did not make a good as well as very popular surgeon when serving in that capacity in the 8th And I will make you the promise: if you will give me the surgeonship of this regiment you will have no reason to regret having made the appointment-Nor shall the men of the regiment-Asking you to give me an immediate reply to this request (in order that I may know how to arrange my business) I remain your very sincere friend and well wishes


N.C. Clark


[Page 253]


Clark, Dr. N.C.

Iola, Oct. 20, 1868.


(Allen Co)


Wants to be Surgeon of the 19th Reg’t.



Oct. 24, 1868.


[Page 254]


Wyandotte Kans

Oct 20th 1868

Gov S.J. Crawford


My dear Sir


My friend Dr. Joseph Speck –with whom I believe you are acquainted-desires the position of Asst Surgeon in the Cav Regt now being raised. The Dr was a medical officer in the army and served with ability and fidelity he is an ardent worker in the cause of liberty and always has been In support of his wishes his many friends here are very anxious for his appointment in this


[Page 255]


I most heartily join

Truly Yours

J.P. Root


[Page 256]


J. Speck

Root, Dr. J.P.

Wyandott, Oct. 20, 1868.


Recommends Dr. Joseph Speck for Ass’t Surgeon of the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 257]


Wyandotte Oct 20th 1868


Hon S.J. Crawford



Dear Sir


Dr Joseph Speck of this city desires the position of Assistant Surgeon of the 19th Kansas Volunteers-I cannot too highly commend the “Old Doctor” as he was called in the Army. Assistant Surgeon of the old 1st Regt, he was made Medical [XXXX] at Vicksburg and discharged the [XXXX] duties of that post with fidelity and ability. I speak of what I saw and know. His appointment to the position he seeks will certainly reflect credit upon the service


Very Respectfully

S.A. Cobb


[Page 258]


Cobb, Col. S.A.

Wyandott, Oct. 20, 1868.

Recommends Dr. Jos. Speck for Ass’t Surgeon of the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 259]


Holden, MO

Oct 20th 1868

Old Friend


Crawford How do you do-how is the Women & Baby Well, Gov I want to know if the Kansas Militia Scrap is worth anything or not- there is a great deal of it in this part of the country and I can get it very cheap- and if you think it will be fair I can mak something by buying it up- Well I see your Proclamation caling for a Regt of cavalry to figh the indians.  And I have had about (20) men into my store today that wants to go to Kan & volunteer- Gov what position can you give me if I can furnish say 100 men-


Hoping to her from you soon I close remaining as ever


Your true friend


J. Nichols


[Page 260]


Nichols, J.

Holden, Mo. Oct. 20, 1868.


Wants to raise 100 men for the 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 22, 1868.


[Page 261]


His Excellency S.J. Crawford

Topeka, Kansas




Allow me to introduce myself as a graduate of Dartmouth College Hanover N.H.: & the Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia Penn.: and at present a practitioner of medicine in this place. I most respectfully solicit the position of Assistant Surgeon in the Regiment of Cavalry which is now being raised in this state. I can furnish credentials from C.F. Hutchins Esq. Delegate to the late Republican Convention from this (Neosho) County: from Capt. John L.A. Norton Recruiting Officer now stationed I believe, at Lawrence: also from Drs. S.C. Hines and A. Fuller of the same city.


Will it avail me anything to send them?


Very respectfully,

Chas. C. Arms, A.M.M.

Catholic Mission

Neosho County. Ks.

Oct. 20th 1868


[Page 262]


Arms, Chas. C.

Catholic Mission

Oct. 20, 1868.


(Neosho Co.)


Wants the appointment of Ass’t Surgeon of the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 263]


Mound City Kansas

October 21st 1868

Governor SJ Crawford


Dear Sir


Capt Goss informed me this morning that he did not intend to recruit a company at this place.


If you will send me a commission I will endeavor to recruit a company. Capt. Goss will turn over his blanks to me.


Respectfully Yours


E Bunn.


[Page 264]


Bunn, E.


Mound City, Kas.


Oct. 21, 1868.


(Linn Co)


States that Capt. Goss will not raise a company for the 19th, and desires to do so himself.


[Page 265]


Lawrence Kansas

21st Oct 1868.


Dear Gov.


I hear that there is a good opening at Wyandotte and Kansas City I have William [XX] [XXXX] and M.W. [XXXX] down there to work- They will probably get some men and transportation should be provided- When the regiment is full they should be notified from Topeka as they will report there and not to me-[XXXX]


H.L. Moore


[Page 266]


Moore, Maj. H.S.

Lawrence, Oct. 21, 1868.


Douglas Co


(Col. H.L. Moore)


States that he has sent parties to Wyandott to recruit.


[Page 267]


Camp Crawford Oct 21st /68


To Gov Crawford


His Excelency


We the undersigned members of Co A 19 Kansas Cavalry humbly petition you to commission Rolla Powell second lieutenant of our company. Believing him to be worthy, & fully competent to fill aforesaid position. He being the preference of our co’ above that of any other. Yours most respectfully-


Names of members                             [XXX] W. Rogers

Henry William                         Wm Davis

Simon Enochs                                     Wm Smith

Jno. S. Morrison                                  [XXX] Caldwell

J.B. Moffat                                         Francis M. Rogers

Geo. D. Smith                                     S. Powell

Jno. C. Templeton                               Jefferson Cohen

F.E. Bryan                                           15 A.J. Smith


[Page 268]


[XXXX] Hazzard                               [XXX] P. Canfield

Pat. H. McClain                                  P. Fergerson

O Twain Papaw                                  Sylvester Jordan

Jerry [XXXX]                                     Wm. W. Mathers

James Eckley                                       [XXX] Beacock

[XX] Laramie Half Breed                   AP. Johnson


Jno [XXXX] (Sergt)                           Andrew Jacobson

S. [XXXX]                                         O Ostron

25 Chas [XXXX]                                Benj. McMahon

H.C. Butler                                         C.F. Nelson

Martin James                                       S.M. Peterson

Jno. Hanson                                        Jms. Herrington

Willard McClain                                 G. Lundgren

T. Riddle                                             M. Johnston

J. Turner                                              G. Razer

Thos. Vanderpool                               A. Dunner

Jno Maley                                            R.D. Wright

S.A. Henson 34                                   J.H. Hudson 53

                                                            OA Curtis (Q.M. Sergt)


[Page 269]


Duncan McArthur                               N.E. Curtis

Frank Danbomb                                  C.C. Fowler

A Thompson

J.M. Wilson


Stephen Papaw

MAD Lazell

TH Maddox

62 Cha Sevey

L.C Herrman

FM Williams



Wm G. Andrews

68 J.M. Hayes

[XXX] Perkins

70 T.M. Vane


This includes relations of Sen. Curtis, Papaws, half breed Kaws; J. Larimer or Larmie was a half breed Pottawatomie


[Page 270]


To his Exelency

S.J. Crawford

Governor of Kansas

Powell, Rolla

Topeka, Oct 21, 1868.


(Camp Crawford)


(Raleigh C. Powell)


Petition from 73 soldiers of Co. “A” 19th Reg’t for his app’t as 2a Lieut. of said Co.


(Appt. Oct 20, 1868


resigned Jan. 5 1869)


[Page 271]


Fort Scott, Kan.


Oct. 21st 68


Hon. S.J. Crawford


Your Excellency the Gov. of the State of Kansas [XXXX] of entering the Indian Expedition ask your permission for to raise a Company in [XXX] of Capt [XXXX]






O Deiffenbach


[Page 272]


Deiffenbach, O.


Fort Scott, Oct. 21, 1868.


Bourbon Co.


Wants to raise a company for the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 273]


Recruiting Office 19th K.V. Cav

Topeka Kans. Oct 21st 1868

Wednesday Morning

Gov. S.J. Crawford

Topeka Kans.


Dear Sir


Your communication of 19th [XXX] was received this morning.


I reply I would state that I wish transportation for one hundred more. I have  now Eighty-Six men enlisted, and by the time I wish to start I will no doubt have the full number.


I will have my Co at Ottawa against [XX] O’Clock P.M. Sat. Oct 24th without fail


Very Respectfully


Your Ob’t Sevt


Charles P. Twiss


Recruiting Officer


Other Side


[Page 274]


P.S. Wed. 3 O’C’ PM


I have now 95 men enlisted.


Want transportation for (112) one hundred twelve men from Ottawa




Charles P. Twiss


[Page 275]


Twiss, Chas. P.


ola, Oct. 21, 1868.


(Allen Co)


States that he will be at Ottawa with his enlisted men at 4 o’clock P.M. Saturday, the 24th.


[Page 276]


LeRoy Kan Oct 21st 1868


Gov Crawford


Topeka Dear Gov


I wrote you a few days since for authority to raise some men for the Reg’t you are raising, as quite a number of the boys around here are anxious to go and they want me to start in and enlist them  I now fear that the Reg’t will be filled before your authority reaches me. If [XXXX] the Rgt is filled without my assistance and you can appoint an extra Lieut for Adjutant you of course know me but if you wish any further knowledge I respectfully refer you to Maj D.M. Adams


[Page 277]


Lt Chas. N Rix Col Rickey or [XXXX] Chester


I have the honor to be

Yours Respectfully

John Chess


[Page 278]


Chess, John.


LeRoy, Oct. 21, 1868.


(Coffey Co)


Wants to recruit for the 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 24, 1868.


[Page 279]


Troy Kans Oct 22nd 1868

His Excelency

Gov. Crawford


Did not get my Commission until late Monday but Recruiting men fast since that time-will have a full Company in one week from now-will go to Atchison Monday [XXXX] with what men I have here-will you be kind enough to furnish me with any instructions nessary-Yours Obtly


D.L. Payne


[Page 280]


Payne, D.L.


Troy, Oct. 22, 1868.


(Doniphan Co)


(Capt. Co. H)


In relation to recruiting a company for the 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 26, 1868.


[Page 281]


Louisvile Oct 22nd [1868]


His Execlency Gov Crawford


Dear Sir


In compliance with your instructions I [XXXX] you on this date I have 20 men enlisted and will have five more by Monday morning and have given instructions to my men to meet me at Wamego on Sunday night Therefore I wish you would please order transportation for twenty five men on Monday [XXX] [XXXX] [XXXX] five of my men are at St Marys Mission and will be ready


Very Respectfully


James Graham


[Page 282]


G34 L.R. 1868-V.B.


19th K.V.C.


Louisville, Kansas


Pott. Co  Oct. 22, 1868


Graham, James


Requests transportation for 25 men


19th Kan. V. Cav.


[Page 283]


Olathe October 22nd 1868


Dear Governor


I have been almost constantly employed in Court since my return home. have had [XXX] however several active young men recruiting in every part of the County, they report to me upwards of sixty already sworn in, who are to report here on Monday the 26th. I have no reason to doubt but that I shall have a hundred men here by Monday evening ready to move. How shall I subsist the men while here and how procure transportation to Topeka? Please let me hear from you by return mail.


Yours Very Respectfully


John T. Burris


P.S. I have disposed of all my criminal cases and most of my civil suits, and am transferring the remaining ones to other attorneys I shall therefore now devote


[Page 284]


all of my time to filling up the company and shall go with the men to the capital and desire to go with the Regiment as I informed you when there




[Page 285]


Burris, Jo. T.


Olathe, Oct. 22, 1868.


(Johnson Co)


In relation to recruiting for 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 26, 1868.


[Page 286]




Olathe Kans. Oct. 22, 1868

Gov. S.J. Crawford




My dear Sir:- I am doing all I can here in aid of the new regiment without authority from you in hopes of securing some position. My long experience in that capacity and being able to produce as fine a set of records as can be found in the hands of any officer from our State, led me to hope that I might possibly attain the Adjutantcy, at all events. Should you feel disposed to favor me, I shall endeavor to bring you at the expiration of our term the finest set of records produced by any Kansas regiment.


[Page 287]


Recruiting is progressing here very finely, and we expect soon to have a company.


Could I hear from you?


Very Respectfully,


Your obt. servt.

W.F. Goble.


[Page 288]


Goble, W.F.

Olathe, Oct. 22, 1868.


(Johnson Co)


Desires the position of Adjutant of the 19th Reg’t.


[Page 289]


Paola Kans.

Oct 23rd 1868

Gov. S.J. Crawford




I have given the recruiting Commission left here by Capt Dinion to Mr. Scott Jilton a resident of this Co. and a late soldier in the 9th Iowa Cavalry He has opened an office here and yesterday (his first day) recruited [XX] men. I [XXXX] at least twenty five can be enlisted. He will report by letter daily to the Adjt Genl in Topeka and will forward the men where ordered


Very resply yours


BJ Simpson


[Page 290]


Simpson, B.F.


Paola, Oct. 23, 1868.


(Miami Co.)


In relation to recruiting for 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 26, 1868.


[Page 291]


Law Offices of J.H. Gillpatrick,

Attorney at Law and Notary Public

Junction City, Kan. Oct 23rd 1868

Governor S.J. Crawford


Topeka Ks.


I take pleasure in calling your attention to the bearer Charles H. Hallert a citizen of our town, and county, who goes [XX] [XX] rendezvous with a detachment of Recruits enlisted here by Col. Stewart. He-Hallert-is an old soldier who worked his way up from the ranks to 1st Lieutenant and whose sobriety, industry, integrity and ability alike recommend him to favorable consideration.


I am very Resply


Your Obdt Servt


J.H. Gillpatrick


I have known Mr Hallert for about two years and have never heard anything to the contrary of his [XXXX]


Recommendation J.K. Wright


[Page 292]


Hallert, Chas. H.


Junction City, Oct. 23,/68


(1st Lt. Co. K. 19th Kan.)


Recommended by J.H. Gillpatrick and J.K. Wright for app’t. in 19th Reg’t.


[Page 293]


Camp Crawford

Topeka Kansas

Oct 24th/68


We the undersigned want J.R. Luckey for 2nd Lieut of Co “B” or the company from Lawrence.


W.T. Shaw                              [XX] Adams

W.H. [XXXX]                                    W.M. Walters

Gabe W. Kinzie                      G. Warren

G.S. [XXXX]                         T. Dally

J. Stanbrook                            B. Jones

J. Fuller                                   Jo. Farrell

W. [XXXX]                            W. Hudson

R. Lewellyn                            J. Williams

J. T. Williams                          Oliver Williams

Jos. B. Titus                            D.D. Ackerman

S.L. Hutchinson                      S.Rn. Robinson

H. Reiser                                 J.R. Gearhart

Jessee L. Brooks                     R. B. Owen

R. Rollston                              Jn. H. Stafford

R. Osburn                                D.F. Hymer

I. Bayless                                J.W. Blake

J. Haines                                  H. Williams

Jos. Wright                              A.M. Smith

M. Whinner                             Jos. Long


[Page 294]


B. Vanhorn

Jn. Smith

Geo. Adolph

Wm. Pole

[XX] McCormick

Nathan Wright

Jos. Blarman

Danl. Brunk

Saml. Cowell

Chas. [XXXX]

S. Whited

T.C. Elan

J.H. Wheaton

Chas. Sanders

A.J. Warnicke

S. Williamson

D. Brittan

Archer Brandie

Henry Shank

E.F. White

[XX] Taylor

A. Persing

Jn Carpenter

Frank White

Chas. Brown


[Page 295]


Luckey, J.R.


Camp Crawford,


Oct. 24, 1868.


(Shawnee Co)


Lawrence Co.


Petition of 71 members of Lawrence Co. for his appointment as 2nd Lt. of said Co.


[Page 296]


Fort Riley Kans.


Oct. 24th 1868




I have the honor to apply herewith for a commission and authority to raise a “troop” or “company” as I understand that a regiment is now in the course of formation to be mustered in for the period of six months or sooner discharged.


In support of this application I have the honor to state that I have been connected with military affairs some ten years, four of which the 6th Corps “Army of the Potomac,” and commanding respectively a Company and Regiment composed of Penns. Troops (the 95th Pa. vols.) Such testimonials as [XXXX] and capacity for the position sought can be furnished if necessary, not only from all the Regular Officers stationed at this Post as well as from border offices of the old 6th Corps, if consistent with your manifold duties, I would be pleased to learn your [XXXX] concerning this application and trusting the same [XXX] be considered favorably


I have the honor to remain

Very respectfully

Your Obt. Servt.

P. Egan

late Capt. & Bat. Maj. 95th P.V.

Hon. S.J. Crawford

Gov. State of Kans.

Topeka Kans.


[Page 297]


Egan, P.


(Davis Co)


Fort Riley,


Oct. 24, 1868.


(Capt. & Bat Maj 95th P.V.)


Wants to recruit for the 19th Reg’t.




Oct. 27, 1868.


[Page 298]


Lawrence Kan.


Oct. 25, 1868


Dear Governor


Lieutenant Thorn came up from Johnson Co. this evening and reports that the three men whom he gave authority to recruit a company for the 19 Reg. in Johnson Co. under the instruction received from you through me will start for Topeka tomorrow-Monday-and arrive with there company of one hundred & five men on the Monday night freight. Thorn tried to cooperate with Burris but Burris would not help but went to work for himself and recruited three men. My instructions to Thorn were if he could not go himself to put the commission in the hands of some one


[Page 299]


who was capable and willing to go to consult with Burris and start two others as the Lieutenant to raise the company Burris sould not name any one as Lieutenant so Thorn named them all and they have raised their men and start tomorrow Thorn of course is anxious that his arrangement should be carried out as it would be bad faith to him not have it done-


C.H. Finch is Capt.


H.E. Stoddard 1st Lieutenant


John Roberts 2nd Lieutenant


all old & tried soldiers


They have had to work hard and spend considerable money.-


Please assist them in fixing their account so they can get back what is right as legitimate expenses from the State.


[Page 300]


I am somewhat surprised at their success.-it is much better than I expected.


Trusting this will meet your approbation.


I am your friend

John K. Rankin.


[Page 301]


Rankin, J.K.

Lawrence, Oct. 25, 1868.


With reference to the Company raised for the 19th Reg’t in Johnson County.


[Page 302]


Garnett Kansas

October 25 1868

Gov Crawford


Dear Gov


Capt Ellswerth has now about a full company of men enlisted & he will leave here for Topeka on Tuesday morning. Please keep a place open for him until he arrives with his Company


Very Repectfully Yours


WA Johnson


[Page 303]


[Page 304]


Garnett Kansas

October 26 1868

Gov SJ Crawford

Dear Governor


The Bearer hereof Maj RA Elsworth has recruited about a full company for the 19th K. vol. Maj. Elsworth is an old soldier having served through the late war. he enlisted at the age of 18 as a Private Soldier & [XXXX] his musket for a [XXXX] [XXXX] at the close of the war was a Maj of Cav having passed through all the lower grades of rank. I wish you to give him a commission as Capt in the Reg. as he well deserves it and by giving him this position you will confer a favor on an old soldier and deserving and worthy man and it will meet the approval of your many friends of this County if you cannot give this position do the best you can for him give him the Preference to any other from his county. Give [XXXX]


[Page 305]


if not [XXXX] to the men that Elsworth may suggest for his [XXXX] [XXXX] he makes his co up


[XXXX] Spriggs joins me in this recommendation & would sign it only he is not here at the writing & the boys are about to [XXXX]


Respectfully Yours


WA Johnson


I fully concur in the above recommendation and hope you will favor Maj. Elsworth it would be highly satisfactory to all our friends


W. Spriggs


Maj Elsworth [XXXX]


Johnson, W.A. &


Spriggs, Wm.


Garnett, Oct. 26, 1868.


(Anderson Co.)


(Ellsworth, Capt. Troop J.


Vol X. p. 436.)


Recommending Maj. Ellsworth for a Captaincy in 19th Reg’t.


[Page 306]


Garnett Kansas


October 26th 1868


Gov S.J. Crawford


Topeka Kansas


Dear Governor


I write you this letter for the purpose of requesting your assistance in getting Thomas J Owen in the 19th K.V.C. as Veterinarian Surgeon he says that if he was able to [XXXX] the hard service in the [XXXX] he would enlist in a moment. [XXXX] Owen is well acquainted with the mode of Indian warfare and can speak all the Indian language & Mexican and would be of invaluable service to the Regiment. he has always been a warm friend of yours and has stood up for you both times in your election Please do all you can for him to get him this position or some other equally as good


Yours Truly


WA Johnson


[Page 307]


Johnson, W.A.

Garnett, Oct. 26, 1868.


(Anderson Co)


Recommends Thomas J. Owen for Veterinary Surgeon of 19th Reg’t.


[Page 308]


Salina Kansas Oct. 26/68


Col. J.B. McAfee


Adjt. Genl. of Kansas




I have just returned from the posts on the Soloman & Republican Rivers. I find the locations of the companies generally good, but made a little different distribution of Capt. Pott’s Co. He had his Co. H’d. Q’rs. at Asher Creek with a small squad of men at Fisher Creek ten miles East of Asher. I had him move his Co. back to Fisher Creek leaving a Lieut. and twenty five men on Asher and establishing a Post of fifteen men at Yoke’s Creek. thus the settlements on each creek are well protected. the body of the Co. is in the Center and can re-enforce either point at half an hours notice.


The horses are all in very bad condition and cannot be expected to accomplish much unless forage is furnished. Complaints are being


[Page 309]


made continually by the Co. Commanders south of here regarding forage and supplies. they have been promised attention. and should have it. overcoats. blankets. boots. pants and underclothing are very much needed.


I will visit Capt. Armstrong and Capt. Jennings this week.


I enclose herewith two communications from Capt. Armstrong. I do not understand them. he evidently believes that he can be transferred to the Regiment now being organized. I intended to post his Co. on Turkey Creek. but have learned that there is neither grass nor hay to be had there. and it is unpracticable to move a Co. thirty miles in advance of settlements, in their present condition without forage. He mentions the fact of having made a contract for two thousand five hundred feet of lumber for barracks. This is soldiering in the Militia on a big scale. I do not know who authorized it but should think that dug outs covered with timber and dirt as the other companies have, should answer ever purpose. I have written to him not to make any such purchases


[Page 310]


until he has further word from here. What shall I do in this matter? A Mr. Rogers sends a requisition for Medical supplies enough for a Regiment, signing his name as Post Surgeon, I have never been notified of his appointment to that position-Capt. Armstrong reports only one man sick. The “Post Surgeon” says “several.” He evidently intends to practice medicine at the expense of the State.


No Indian news, they are too quiet for any good. I have notified the Co. Commanders to keep a vigilant watch: for I believe they are preparing for one more raid on the settlers before they go into winter quarters.  I have reference to the Sioux: who are, if I am rightly informed camped on the Republican River, and the only large band of Indians now in our front.


Please send me some blank vouchers and Company Returns.


I am Col. Very Respy


Your Obt Servt

G.B. Jenness

Maj. County Batt.


[Page 311]


J. 17 L.R.-1868-V.B.


Salina, Kansas Oct. 26/68


Jenness, G.B. Major


(Frontier Battalion)


Encloses letters of Captain Armstrong Co D. & makes a statement in regard to the stations of the Company


To Adj. Gen. McAfee


Mentions camps at Asher and Fisher and Yokey Creeks


[Page 312]


Atchison 27th Oct. 1868


To His Excellency Gov. Crawford


This will be handed to your Excellency by my friend Maj B.B. Gale of this city, who goes to Topeka to seek a position in the new Regt. now about forming at the Capital for the U.S. Service. Maj Gale was a soldier in the Union army during the war and is well qualified for the palce he seeks. Any courtesies or kindnesses which you may be pleased to extend to Maj Gale will be warmly appreciated by him and remembered by


Very Respectfully

Yours &c

W.H. Grimes


[Page 313]


W.H. Grimes, Atchison.


Rec. B.B. Gale.


Oct. 27, 1868


[Page 314]


Atchison, Kansas,

Oct. 27th, 1868.

Gov. S.J. Crawford:-


Dear Sir:


This will be handed to you by Maj. Ben. B. Gale, one of our citizens, who also brings to you letters from many of our soliders and people generally, asking his appointment as one of the Majors of the Indian Regt.


I wish to say, in addition to what has been said in these recommendations, that had I known before that Maj. Gale would have accepted the place, he would have been the first man I should have recommended to you. I do not know a soldier in Kansas who is more derserving of such a position, or is [XXXX] any one in whose bravery, capacity and experience to command I have more unlimited confidence.


[Page 315]


He is in every sense a gentleman. he has been three times severely wounded during the late war; he is an earnest, active and devoted Republican; and, to a long and valuable experience in military life he adds the strictest personal integrity and a reputation for gallantry of the most conspicuous character. To our boys here-the boys who served in all our Kansas Regiments-he has endeared himself as very few men have or can, and although he was not, during the war, connected with a Kansas Regiment, there are none of our soldiers who will not feel as honest and as earnest a pride in his appointment as they would in their own, did they desire the place. I have such perfect confidence in his capacity and his courage that I would cheerfully recommend him for a much higher place than that he seeks, and I am sure that, should you appoint him, he will


[Page 316]


fill the place to your entire satisfaction, and do infinite honor to his commission.


Capt. Reck had some [XXXX] rations for this place, and spoke to me about recommending him. I explained to him, fully and frankly, but with kindness and friendship such as I certainly feel for him, why I could not. If my recommendation is worth anything to you, I would not give it recklessly, and I do not think that Capt. R’s experience justifies him in asking [XXX] place. I think he will do well as a Captain, but I should fear to entrust him with the responsibilities [XXXX] to the command of a Battalion, in such service as that on the Plains must be. I told him all of this, fully and frankly, and had I time I might write to you my reasons at greater length.


Maj. Gale I can cheerfully and honestly recommend, not only as deserving the place, but as worthy of it in every way, and competent


[Page 317]


to discharge all of the duties pertaining to it. I most sincerely hope you may be able to give him the commission.


Very truly yours

John Martin

John A. Martin



Recom. B.B. Gale


Oct 27, 1868


[Page 318]


Land Department,


Central Branch, Union Pacific Railroad Company,


Atchison, Kansas, Oct 27 1868




A movement is on foot here to obtain the Appointment of Maj B.B. Gale of the place to the position of Major of the Indian Regiment now organizing for service.  The Appointment of Maj Gale would be very acceptable to the people and one which would do credit to the service and the appointing power and I beg to express the hope that you will make


[Page 319]


the appointment. Our boys have responded to your call nobly & we ask but little in the way of live officers-but present Maj Gale for an appoint. which we beg you will make-




W.F. Downs,

Land Com. Atchison.

Rec. Maj B.B. Gale.

Oct 27, 1868


[Page 320]


Office of James S. Magill,

County Treasurer of Marshall Co., Kansas.

Marysville, Ks., October 1868.

To His Excellency

Samuel J Crawford


Dear Sir,


The bearer of this Mr Phillip A Kizer goes to Topeka to see you about getting authority from you to raise a company for service on the frontier. Mr Kizer lives on the Republican River near lake Sibley, has served three years in the late war in Co E [XX] Regiment Kans Vols. And was honorably discharged was a good & faithful soldier and a good citizen, and we have no doubt that Mr Rizer services in the frontier would be valuable, as he understands how to fight Indians as well as rebels.


Respectfully Your


Obt Servt.’s


Terry Hutchinson        JD Burnbaugh


James S. Magill


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[XXXX] [XXXX] [XXXX] [XXXX] for Kansas


Philip A. Kizer


Kizer, Philip A.


Marysville, Oct. 1868.


Recommended as a proper person to raise a company for service in the Republican Valley.




Nov. 6, 1868


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Atchison, Kansas,


Oct. 27th, 1868.


To His Excellency,


Gov. S.J. Crawford:


The undersigned soldiers and citizens, would respectfully but earnestly recommend the appointment of Maj. Ben. B. Gale as one of the Majors of the Regiment now being organized for service against the Indians.


Maj. Gale served with distinguished gallantry throughout the whole of the late civil war, participating in almost all of the engagements in which the Army of the Tennessee took part, and being thrice wounded; once at the Battle of Belmont, under Grant; once at the second battle of Corinth; and a third time at the battle of Dallas, Ga., during the Atlanta campaign.


His capacities for command are of the highest order, and in recommending


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him we are satisfied that, should he receive the appointment, he will discharge every responsibility connected with it not only with credit to himself, but with usefulness to the service and honor to the appointing powers. We therefore take especial pride in asking his appointment, and urge it with especial earnestness.


We are satisfied, also, that Maj. Gale’s appointment would give great satisfaction not only to the people of this vicinity, but to every soldier who is acquainted with him, and familiar with the splendid service he has rendered the country.


Jno. A. Martin,

[XXX] [XXXX] Gen. U.S. Vols.

John J. Ingalls

James [XX] [XXXX]

[XXX] [XX] Col. 8th Kans [XXX], [XXX], Infty

Sol. R. Washer

Bat Maj Bat Capt Late [XXX] 8th Kas


Manley Smith Bankers


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FW Allen Late Inf Gen Gen Sheridan Staff

Saml C King Form of McPike and King

John M Crowell

Drury & Brown

Smith [XXX]

Bernhard [XXX] late 1st Lieut of A.D.C. In Genl [XXX]

W.H. Grimes, Late Surgeon 13th Regt Kas. Vols.

David Auld

[XXX] [XX] not [XXX]

W.J. Downs Gen Ajt. C. [XXXX]

Geo Gould Late [XX] [XX] Camp to

Maj Genl J.B. Carr

Henry C. Bird Late 7th Kansas Vol. Cav.

W.S. Moorhouse [XXX] Capt 7th Ks Cav


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Petition 18 men of Atchison

For appt. B.B. Gale

Oct 27, 1868


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Fort Riley Kans.


Oct. 28th, 1868.


His Excellency S.J. Crawford.


Gov. State of Kansas.


Topeka- Kans.


Your reply to my application of the 24th inst. asking authority to raise a troop or company, and informing me that “recruiting has been stopped” for the 19th Regt. is received. Insomuch as the organization is near its completion, and in the event of any vacancies existing or that the ful complement of Officers is not as yet been filled, I this time have the honor to apply for a commission in such capacity as in your judgement you should deem most expedient and advantageous for the good of the service.


Having served continuously for four years in the 1st Div. 6th Corps “Army of the Potomac” I trust it will not be considered egotistical in stating that I feel myself competent to command any and all troops in a Regimental organization for, as stated in my communication of the 24th I had command of a Battalion and Regt. in all of the severe contests for which the 6th Corps is so greatly celebrated, during the eventful career of the last great struggle for national independence, and the perpetuity of human freedom.



I have the honor to remain Very respectfully Your Obt. Servt. P. Egan


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Ft. Riley Ks




The record of [XXX] Egan during the war is well known to us  He served honorably and gallantly four years in the Army of the Potomac and [XXX] in my opinion do [XXXX] in any position in the 19th Ks cav in [XXX] of his [XX] [XX] [XX]




[XX] [XX] [XXX] [XXX]




Fort Riley Kan.


October 29th, 1868


I cheerfully recommend Mr. Egan as fully competent for any commission in the 19th. Kansas Cavy your Excellency may see fit to give him


S. Swedly


Capt. 5th Infy.




[XXXX] to the present [XXXX] in disposition of Bt. Lieut. Col. F.C. English 5th U.S. Infty. commanding at this Post I am [XX] able in consequence thereof to get from that officer an endorsement verifying the facts as set forth in this application and otherwise recommending me to your favorable consideration.


P. Egan.


Egan, P.

Fort Riley, Oct. 28/68.


(“Late-Capt. & Bat Maj 95 P.V.


1st-Div. 6th Corps Army Potomac”)


Makes application for a commissioned office in the 19th Regt.


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To His Excellency


Gov. S.J. Crawford


The undersigned citizens of Shawnee County and Engaged in Livery business and dealing in horses, do hereby recommend George Davidson, of this city, now a private of Company A 19th Kansas Cavalry Volunteers, to your favorable consideration for appointment to the position of Horse Farrier of the 19th Regt. From a personal acquaintance with Mr Davidson we know him to be qualified for the position he asks, at your hands.


We are Your Excellency’s

Obt. Svts,




G.W. Veale                 J.[X] Cummings, special [XXXX]

J.R. Parker

P.C. Tuttle




W.S. Gordon

Edward Bradshaw


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Davidson, George.


Topeka, Oct. 1868.


(Non. Com. Staff. Vet. Surg.)


Application for his Appointment as Horse Farrier of the 19th Reg’t.


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Fort Dodg Kansas


Nov 2nd 1868


Gov. Crawford


Dear Sir, I have obtained information that you are raising troops for the frontier service. The undersigned is soliciting your favor, for permission to rais a company between this fort & [XXXX] for there is many men to be discharged, [XXXX] and regular soldiers. I am certain I can rais a company inside of thirty days, herbouts, you will sir, undoubtedly desire a recommendation, or a certificate My character, & qualification, I can implicitly refer to M.S. Adams of Leavenworth Samuel Laughton formerly captain [XXX] & [XXX] Bank Mr Abernathy of the Eighth Kansas Reg. & many others of Leavenworth city


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Who are familiar with the [XXXX] of this commucation


I hope [XXXX] that you may act at once in this regard. [XXXX] I will remain in [XXXX] until I [XXX] a reply


Yours with due respect


A.F. Wilson

Ft. Dodg Kansas


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Wilson, A.F.

Fort Dodge, Kas.

Nov. 2, 1868.

(Ford Co)

Wants to raise a company for frontier service.


Nov. 11, 1868.


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