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John M. Alderson to Lewis Allen Alderson

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Lewisburg  December 20  1831


Der sir


I take this oppertunity of writing these few lines to you leting you know That I am in good health and the pople are general well herein town and I beleave all our relations are well my Father is at Richmond but I look every day for him herein town I like living here verry well I have nothing strange to in form you about except there is a great many Marriages here in greenbrier they geneally are out in the Cuntry.  Mr George Lewis on Muddy Creek got the lesans yesterday for himself and susanna Hockman.  I have not heard from your Fathers family lately but I suppose they are well I wish you to excuse me for not writing more and better this is the first letter I every write to any person and I wish you would excuse me and I not being a custom to writing letters.  And I wish you would write to me soon as posible and I shall try to Answer you in a letter manner


Your obedient nephew

John M Alderson


Mr Lewis a Alderson

athans ohio


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Mr Lewis A Alderson

Athans Ohio


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Lewisburg  January 20th 1832


Dear uncal


I was with sensation of pleasure when I red your letter of January 4he 4th I am well and I hope this letter will find you in the same state of health my sister Jane came her yesterday and all my Fathes family are well and I heard from your Fathers family day before yesterday and they are well all our relations as far as I heard from are well and there are two of my brothers and two sisters at your Fathers a going to school.  and as you supposed George Lewis would get the big stone house.  but I beleave Mr Argabright is to get the stone house farm but I suppose G.L. will get the mill [xxxxx] [xxxxx]  else the old man will help him to purchase the shears of his brothers in the place where his mother now lives at least there as such talk.  and Col Samuel MClung was married the eighteenth day of January to the widow Parris is a daughter of James Arbuekle and I beleave all are well satisfyed


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with the math of them.


The principal Subject of interest to the people of Lewisburg is that of religion there has been Meeting in this place at the Methodist Church for five days and twelve nights in succession and a great number has been converted and from Twenty to Thirty has united themselves to the Church and there was great many that got a [xxxxx] of their souts been converted there is Meeting three or five times in a week in the Town of Lewis burg.  I heard from the big Meadows yesterday there was five baptised on monday last and Monroe MClung  and wife was baptized and other three I give your best respects to Thomas Creigh and he is vary glad to hear from you and he is vary [xxxxx] and as you write to me that there would be a letter in the Post office of Lewisburg at the sane time that I recived [xxxxx] but there was not any come yet for your Father and don’t neglect to write to me your affectionate Friend and Relation


John M Alderson.


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Mr Lewis A Alderson

Athans Ohio


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Lewisburg June 1st 1832


Dear uncle


Ihad the pleasure to receive a letter from you. dated the 23 of May. I take this oppertunity to write a few lines to you informing you that my health is remarkable good at the present time. I heard from home yesterday and they ware all well. With the Exception of one of our black boys naimed Robert he was very low. the Doctor has Visited him once. and he is on the mend and it is to be hoped that he will recover his health. I saw your father at court and he said all the family ware well. and I believe the connextion are geneally well as far as I have heard from. The Reverend John Spotts Preached at your Fathers the last monthly meeting and he Baptised two ladies one was Miss Bobet and the other was Miss Wootson I suppose you are acquainted with him. I am not myself acquainted with them. and he obtained Licene to Celebrate the rights of Matrimony at our last Court. you stated in your letter that your health was not remarkable good. and wish you to write particularly about the state of your health in your Answer.


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It was a very interesting letter I received of you I read it with a great deal of attention  when I got to the latter Clause I could not help sheading tears when I read about that solem scean  which I witnessed at that Sabbath meeting at your Fathers. I was present when you arosed and addresed that Large Congration on that interesting occation and I was very much pleased with your discorse. It made me feel awful to think of that day when we all shall meet at the judgement bar of God. I gave your best respects to Thomas Creigh [xxxxx] and he requested me to give his best respects to you. he has had two or three severe Brashes of the fever and aga since you left here. and would have to you before this time but owing to his health he could not write but he will as soon as he conveniently can it is opinion. Charles Arbuckle [xxxxx] he is very un well with the same complaint and I have seen him since I received your letter. I wish you to Excuse the badness of my composing and I think you will from the conversation we had on that subject. Dear uncle do not neglect to write.


Believe me your most unworthy and

Friend and relation

John M Alderson


Mr Lewis A Alderson

Athens Ohio


PO James Jameson & Rebecca Hess has got this day Licene to be married per haps you think strange that this letter had been broken open after sealed but don it myself

John M Alderson


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Mr Lewis A Alderson




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Mr Lewis Alderson

Athens Ohio


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Lewisburg August 1th 1832


Dear Uncale


I receved your letter dated the 9th of July and I should have Answer yours before this time had it not Been that I wished to see your Father. before I should write, to know whether he has written to you in relation to your Mothers long Illness, but have not seen him since. I recived your letter, to know whether or not but I suppose he has written to that effect. your Mother was very low and Doc Wilson was the physition that attended on her and had given her out but. It pleased God to rerstore her again I heard from her first of last week and she was so she could walk the about house and porarch and she was still a mending I suppose she has got nearly will by this time and as you have not heard of her being sick untill this time you ought not to think hard for not hearing of it before. it would make you pass a very uneasiness time. and wanting to hear from home every day. therefore I think you will be perfectly sadisfyed with that being Kept from your ears. I am very sorry to say that their has been a man Killed near to frankfort by the name of John Blair [xxxxx] by a stone that was thrown from the hand of Frances Ludington [xxxxx] and


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he has stood his Triel and sent on for further Triel he is Bailed out to appear on the first day of the Fall Term with Frances Ludington [xxxxx] and James Withrow his socurtys bound in five hundred Dollars each and himself in one thousand and it is Generally thought that he will be acquited on the ground of it being in self Defince I could go on and Explain this more fully if I thought it necessary. there are a great many people at the white sulpher springs there are from two hundred and fifty to three hundred and perhaps a great many more. I recived a letter from my Father dated 27th July and they ware all well and my sister Jane are here in Town a a going to school and she wished me to give her best respects to you. I wish you when you answer these few lines to let me know when you Expect to have finished your studies and can return back to Greenbrier to spend the rest of your life with your friends and relations. I suppose I need not make any apologies or Excuses for any defects I take it for granted that you will not criticise on my writing nor Expose it


Your affectionate friend & relation

John M Alderson


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Mr Lewis A Alderson

Athens Ohio


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Lewisburg  August 30th 1832


Dear Uncle


I recived your friendly letter on the 29th of this instent Which I was very much pleased with the contents of. and will answer the latter Clause as well as I can before I close I will go on to state in relation to the health of our friends and Connextions I suppose you have heard of the death of Uncle Thomas Smitson [xxxxx]. I heared of this unpleasant news the day after I write to you, he was perfectly to die for he had obtained a hope on Christ and he on his death bed cammented that he had not united himself to the Church and he wished not one of his friends or relations to Camment after him but to be preparing to meet him in heaven where he hoped to rest, Aunt Sally is well and is still Keeping house but she had the misfortune to lose her black woman last week  they know not what was the complaint that caused her death they thought it was the bowel complaint, Whither she will break up house keeping or not we can not tell it is very likely she will since the death of her girl. Grand Father left hear just the evening before I recived your letter and Grand


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Mother has got so she can ride about to see her Friends and Relations and I might say she is well she is not as stout as she was before she took sick and it could not be expected. Some of the their Black people has been un well but are recovering. My Sister Jane C is still here agoing to School she has been very unwell. she was nine days laying sick with the flux by the ade of Dr Simpkins she has recovered and is well and has commenced her studies again. also Thomas Creigh [xxxxx] is very unwell and has been ever since the first of last week with his old complaint and the flux he is amending all the rest of the Relations are well as far as I have heard. We have had two days and nights meeting hear in town by the Baptist the Preachers that attended was Wilt Mason, Leftwick  Liging McCall and Shotts and the sociation commencing the first day of september at grand Father’s. I shall in deaver to comply with your request we have had a great drouth hear in Greenbrier owing to the drouth. It is generally thought we wont have half crops and a great many wont make their seed. You wished to know how I spent my time. I will go on to state. I generally Come to the office about eight


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O clock in the morning and stay till one O clock then I go to dinner and spend about one hour and a half in exercise and amusement then I return and say till six O clock in the evening I have Writing to Keep me inployment about half of that time and the other half in studing Arithmetic and reading History of various kind. amongst which I read the History of Rome and the History of Greece and others. I have heared that you [xxxxx] to be married before long and if there is any thing of it I would like to know and you have come out the first honour in your class so I have heard this is the last letter I will write to you I suppose before your return. I wish you to answer me and say when you will be at home. I suppose it will be in course of a months time


I wish you to excuse any defects

which may be in this letter

Your affectionate Nephew

John M Alderson


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Mr Lewis A Alderson








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