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J. G. Alderson to Lewis Allen Alderson

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Lewisburg, Va

July 18th 1860


Dear Cousin Louis,


Your communication for the independent and the note following were very welcome and entertaining visitors, the first of which appears in the paper this week.  You are becoming quite a missionary, pioneer, [xxxxx].


We met with a Baptist Brother at Staunton, 1st June, from Acomac county, who had been advised by Gov, Wise and others, perhaps, to emigrate to Western Virginia, as better suited to a man with six children to support and educate.  His brother’s name


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is William Fisher.  He was born and raised in Pensylvania, was put to the printing business at 13_got to be editor _was converted, _ studied law awhile_met with a baptist minister travelling_was baptized_went to preaching in the Protestant meth. ch_would’not sprinkle babies or any body else, but immersed all the twice_consequently, had to leave that ch. in 2 or 3 years_joined the Baptist and has been very successful in converting souls and building up churches.  The Board appointed [xxxxx], during the sittings of the Association, I believe, to this place & union He came here last week and preached for us twice on Sunday, very acceptably in deed.  He went to Union


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to day. His first sermon here was on the 29th verse of the 10th chapter of Acts.  This lead [xxxxx] to speak of the call of the ministry_1st by God_then by the ch. Afterwards, he inquired into the intent of the church.  Various subdivisions, of course, under each general head.  It was a very fine sermon.  It laid the foundation broad, as cousin Patty said afterwards.  It was a welting sermon too; or as Geo. B. Tayler, who was present, said to me afterwards, it was full of  [xxxxx].


He remains here till November, merely as a boarder, and then he will bring his family out and keep house.  He is staying with me.  He is a very genial companion, and I like him much already.  He has told me


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more about the lowlands of Virginia, the marsh, the beach, the tides, sea_bathing, Fish, clams, oysters [xxxxx], than ever I knew before.  A storm at sea he describes as awfully grand as seen ever from land.


I hope he may be the means under God, of raising up our course here from the dust, as he has been in other places.  Dont you hope so too, and wont you pray for it?


[xxxxx], although going about, has been right poorly for some time.  And I am not stout.  Cousin Patty was at our house from Saturday till Sunday evening.  Coal man was with us to dinner on Sunday.  Cousin Patty talks of buying a house in town and living here I believe     


I hope you will continue to write as usual_only more frequently.  Remember me to cousin Eliza and the children


Yours Truly

J.G. Alderson



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