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27. Wed – 60 Michigan men came up from Alton to Kansas. The P.S. took all the years stock provisions family tools arms, &c and refused to let them land.
Osawatomie June 24th 1856
My dear Sir
Your favor some weeks since was duly recd also of 10th instant. You have truly named the [xxx] printing an answer. For 60 days we have had rough times in Kansas – and for over 30 days a reign of terror, was in K City when Buferds party came up. A miserable looking set of “paupers” truly as they had not money to pay their bills at Hotel, Armed & off [xxx] with advice from [xxx] to dispossess the Yankees and take their claims, they marched rank and file into Teritory Some became disgusted and went down the River. The Govt (Shannon) furnished the balance U. S. army & then in a few days we had the most lawless band of marauders in our midst that ever afflicted a free people – They plundered free State men, in their houses & by way side – stole their horses – ravished their women & murdered several citizens. Lawrence destroyed, or its leading Institutions and the Teritory becomes the hunting ground for any and all interlopers and invaders, driven to desperation some of the settlers have organized for self-defence Threatened & ordered to leave in given time under penalty of death, some few persons committed the horrid murders at Pottowatomie 10 miles above. Free state men had been murdered all over the

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arrested without process – stopped, examined disarmed & plundered; but no notice taken of it. The authorities were not cognizant of these things. It is no crime to murder free state men. Jones is shot at and all the world of liberty hating people are in a fever of excitement. The outrage must be avenged, and all Kansas must suffer, beginning at Lawrence. Writs, new indictments, drunken swearing swaggering men created officers instant [xxx] to execute the [xxx] new lists of leading men, new arrests, U.S. troops sent here & there to take single individuals, threats of hanging for certain leading persons. Men hiding & sleeping in the woods – spending nights in parties for self defence. Keeping scouts out day & night to watch for the approach of the enemy. One company going and thing coming, & between times, as if by [xxx] arrangements, in [xxx] 150 Missourians & [xxx] and sack the Town, taking 14 horses - & money & goods to amt in all $3000. Attempts to burn the town & threats or they leave, to come in 3 days and complete the work of destructing. These are some of the scenes the writer is daily passing through. Business suspended men laying around reddy to defend themselves in case of another attack, as in other case we were taken by surprise, scarcely a

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man being in town, but all on their claims. Scarcely a free state man is leaving. But more or less of the other party, and some few F. S. settlers are coming in. As to conduct the people are quiet & mind their own business – no resistance has been made in a single instance to any process hands of any officers. And yet the lying men who rule us are constantly putting forth flaming accounts of the outrages & opposition to law committed by its people here. Some few drunken P.S. men here are very [xxx] in trying to get us into difficulty. Hundreds of men have come from MO & the Southern aid [xxx] crowd that live by plunder are hunting down the supposed murderers at Pottowatomie. But almost daily murders are committed near Westport & nothing done. One week since & Dr Westfall was shot at [Little Taute Leo, NE?]. You saw his statements before committee of Congress – Last Saturday Shawnee Indian Agent was shot 5, different shots. One mile from Westport his son also but not mortally. One our men goes to Kansas with team for load, seeing he could not get back safely, sold his team, starts on foot, is shot at, returns the fire wounding his man & writes from the woods to his friend, no man that is known dares leave. You ask what we want. First money, Business is stopped

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live we must. Our young men we cannot spare. We must not loose a man. But how the poor to live and support their families, is of the single poor men that depend upon their labor. Ours is now the most exposed & vulnerable point. We must have aid in money soon. We want also 100 to 200 good settlers there are good claims and surveys will be complete in week or two. The county is very beautiful and we are bound to stay and enjoy it Send us to this [xxx] some of [xxx] materials men strong Let them come [xxx], and near singly as possible or rather not in organized bands. The [xxx] may have this arrangements all complete. We are getting somewhat used to these things, and men are daily developed who will figure if these outrages are pushed the “boys are not all dead. tho they dare not write – Keep us in flour & bacon – and we can stand it a good pull longer. We suppose many letters are opened, and surely dont write at all except by private transit. Remember this, now now now is the time to send us aid. Let companies go through Iowa & Nebraska – Room mate

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