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Orville Chester Brown to Edward Allen

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Osawatomie March 18/56
Dear Sir
Your favor of 28th ult in behalf of “Kasas aid Society of Allegany Co. Pa,” is before me. As to locations, this Town is on the “old government seat” of the U. S. Maps. Was selected and reserved by the U. S. Surveyers and never conveyed to the Indians. It was intended as the Government Seat of Kansas Teritory; being Geographically Central North & South & 20 miles from State Line of Missouri. It is abundantly supplied with timber, coal, stone, clay, water &c &c and surrounded by the finest lands in Kasas.
It is numerously peopled now being the largest voting distrist in the Teritory. The Miamies are soon to make their selections, and then their tract 16 2/3 by 31 ½ miles will be suject to settlement by Pre-emption. Their west line is 1 ½ miles East of our Town. For, soil, timber and water it exceeds any tract in the Teritory. In Mean time there is plenty of good claims close around us, from 2 to 3 miles – The Peorea, Kaskas – Kias – Wea & Piankeshaw lands are to be sold to highest bidder in a few Months. The Shawnee tract is same as Miami, and open for settlers in a month 15th Apl. We have two good stores The largest steam Mill in Teritory to open in one month. Two saw, Grist & Planing mill, lathe & lathe, [xxx]

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and room 60 by 30 feet to let to mechanics with power. Four different mail routes now unite at our place As to best route to Kansas I suppose the Ohio, Mississippi and Mo Rivers to Kansas City the only practicable one Leaving Ohio let your people keep quiet avoid an expression of opinion on slavery and not appear to be traveling in companies – Let arms be packed in Dry goods boxes with bedding or other useful things and shipped as Freight care F. A. Hunt & Co St Louis – Riddlebarger & Co Kansas City Mo shipped and and [sic] [xxx] and no question or care about it till it arrives in Kansas City. The usual traveling trunks &c can come along with persons Let every man come on his own hook untramelled by company arrangements of settlement. Bring beds & bedding – Some furniture packed in large boxes a plain bureau filled & old carpet roped around it. Crockery tools, seeds, cooking utensils. Buy good sized stove in St Louis, Those that have them bring harnesses. Decide on a point, go there at once, settle, build small house, and settle. If it dont [xxx] enough stand ready to buy, and you can take another claim – which your observation and increased acquaintance with the country has brought to your view – Eighteen months residence here has greatly increased my admiration of this Beautiful country.

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The weather is now very mild and spring like and men are plowing, Already Emigration is adding sturdy freesoilers to our ranks. Our Legislature have adjourned to 4th July. Organized, took of office appointed Committees &c. No disturbance, no arrests. Missouri is tired of the contest, they say, but if not are obliged to let us alone, or meet the contents of Leavenworth & Fort Riley. Our people are in good spirits and more determined Let the free men & families come on and share in this glorious struggle. We have thou barbarous still to resist another Election and all Missouri can vote under the one day residence rule. Then comes the tug of war. The Administration to back those R.R. Laws and the hearts of 7/8 of the people set to the death against them. They never can be recognized by the people of Kansas they never will be obeyed except by compulsion! As to funds, we have not a sharps rifle in this section that I know of – And south of Santa Fa road We are one third of the people of Kansas. Many of our people are poor, and made great sacrifices in the defense of Lawrence. In all there Efforts every man has to foot his own bills, It is verry Expensive business; and Exhausts the little monied resources of our people. And it is fearful odds to compete with, [xxx] states, so near to us, and the U States Government so hostile.

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But I must close as I have wasted the small hours of the night. Please avoid any newspaper publicity of certain portions of this letter such as arms – our poverty in money & guns &c I am sanguine of success. But we must have men & money, Fight on, struggle on, hold on, and worry the thing through.
Mo begins to find that the free men of the north & West are, are not the pliant timid creatures to cringe at her bidding like the poor white men of the South, whose humble position is scarcely above that of the [black?] slave.
She may have learned something from Yankee Schoolmasters in Kansas during the last few months which may induce her and her sisters to postpone indefinitely the dissolution of this glorious, of which she speaks and thinks so lightly, And while she blusters for more pasture ground her cattle are stepping out of the Union, and seeking the “Star” without the stripes.
I am very truly Yours in Freedoms Cause
O C Brown
Edward Jay Allen Esq Cor – Teritory &c

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