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Augustus Wattles to Thaddeus Hyatt

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New York Dec.3, 1860 Dear Hyatt
I wish you to know that the Capt. Doakes who is mentioned in the telegraph dispatches this morning from Missouri, as raising men to defend the state against Montgomery, is a brother in law of the notorious Gen. Clark who killed Bruber, in 1855 near Lawrence Doake lived at Lecompton at that time, and left on the defeat of that party. He & Clark went into Texas, Arkansas and Southern Missouri &

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raised an army who came into Kansas in the summer of 1856 and drove every free State settler out of Bourbon & Lynn counties, and confiscated their property The cattle & horses were sold at public auction in Missouri and the money divided mostly amongst the officers.
The claims of the free State settlers were also confiscated and sold or otherwise occupied by men of the Slave party. This was particularly the case on the Little Osage river. In the winter & spring of 1857 the free State settlers

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returned to their homes & finding them occupied, proceded to eject the occupants, and to reestablish themselves.
This led to a strife which has kept the country in a turmoil for the last three years. Mr. Doak has been several times into Kansas & committed unlawful acts.
Last year he came with a company and arrested a man in Kansas by the name of Wright without any process of law & put him in a Missouri jail. I have always understood him to be a disunionist. I know Mr Bracket, the Hamiltons & others of his associates were.

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The old cry of insurrection. When they are defeated is familiar to all. How can Kansas be in insurrection against Mo.? The story is intended to rain an excitement to blind the country to the great outrage against the settlers in selling their farms at the present Land Sale.
Montgomery has no 1000 men nor 500 men nor any number of men from [xxx]. It is simply such a combination of settlers to protect their property against speculators as has been common at every land sale in the free territories for there twenty or thirty years. This combination is formidable only to those who are intending wrong

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There settlers cannot pay for their claims and the President, as I understood, advised them to combine for their mutual protection. They have done so. But as this breaks up the plan of ridding Southern Kansas of free State settlers it is called an insurrection and Capt. Montgomery & others are charged with crime, and Gen. Harvey is sent with the U. S. army to arrest them. All this is to cripple the free State by depriving the settlers

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of their home & thus removing one great obstacle to the making of a new Slave State out of Southern Kansas & the Cherokee Country.
The country is greatly imposed upon by the reports from Mo.
The poor settlers who have been burnt out by the government officials & those who are moving from Texas are now in that vicinity, & these added to the settlers who expect to be sold out, make a very formidable army against the oppressers – and there components.

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The worst will happen before we reach them, so far as a collision is concerned.
Mr Dennison and I have done pretty well today. We cannot [xxx] the Cooper Institute on Thursday night, so the plan is to put off the meeting till next week.
Most truly yours Augustus Wattles

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