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A. Finch to Thaddeus Hyatt

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Osawatomie Kansas Dec. 22nd, 1856
Mr Hyatt Dear Sir
I verry much regrett that I was so missfortunate as to be absent when you were at my house, Indeed it would have been a great pleasure for me to have had an interview with you & imparted all the information I am in possession of with regard to Kansas.
The cause in which you are engaged lies near my heart & I will spare no paines in doing anything or imparting information that may be of use to you. I will answer the printed letter you left at my house.
I suppose it is not necesary for me to answer all your intrrigations in detail for having been here without doubt you are posted at least on a part of them. You know that our Town is surveyed & about the no. of claims taken I should think that about 1/3 of the claims in this Town were taken.
I will give you a list of names as near as practicable of all the persons in this Town

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I will first give you the names of those who first settled here.
Names John Car Rev. S. L. Adair “ M. A. Farchild Samuel Geer John Evert ___Cronkkite William Chestnut Samuel Glen John Troy George Ferris W. C. Childers Pro Slavery Herman Dace P.S. ___Husted J. H. Houser ___Eaton Calub Sherar ___Chambers Richerd Mendenhall David Mendenhall ___Taylor, Pro Slavery John Sharkey Pro Slavery Mr. Reynolds Bengiman___ ___Bundee John Littlejohn Doubtful ___Williams C. W. Holcomb James Williams ___Miller ___Miller A Updegraff O. Briand ___Forde Rev. J. H. Hawley N. S. Storrs S. Merrill O. Tater Esqr. W. Wood H. Updegraff S. Martin D. Clark A. Wright John Pope Mr. Jackmon Holdridge

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I think the names given above to be about one half of the voters of this Town. I cannot give all the names without being to more trouble than I can be at this time. However I have given you all the names of the Pro-Slavery voters in this Town which is 4 in number.
I know of no claims at present that can be obtained in this Town with timber & water without buying them. About 6 miles south of this on what is called South Middle Creek there is an exilent chance for a good & heavy settlement, however it is not in this Town & if you would get from me a useful letter you must not confine me to this Town exclusivly, for I am extensivly acquainted with that part of Eastern Kansas lying South of Kansas River, I think there could be a goodly number of timber claims obtained on South Middle Creek without purchasing & thouse claims that are now ocupied in the timber I think could be obtained for about the caust of improvements, the few that are now settled there are eather Proslavery or Doubtful. Now this point I consider an

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important one for it is a kind of inlet for Pro-Slavery men coming up from the South. by all means this point should be secured by true Free State men that can be depended upon. There are yet exilent chances for settlements on the Neosho, whose timber & Prairie could be obtained. Free State State [sic] settlers coming in are liable to be imposed on by speculators they will be told that there are no claims, in order to sell there own, evry company should have with them a good surveyers compass & an individual compitent to use it. I expect to start to the Neosho on the 14th of January & should there be any on one wishing to accompany me I should be pleased to have their company I shall go with a lite waggon & span of poneys. Shall travel up the Neosho about 30 or 40 miles. In most parts of the Territory, I find indications of coal, & Rails in this Town are worth from $2 to $20.00 per hundred, fuel can be had without any charge by going & choping it. Lumber is worth from $20 to $30 per thousand. It is thought by many that there are good waterpowers in

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this Town with rock bottoms & plenty of stone to build dames with.
Persons acquainted with mill business would be better judes of the matter than I am, there is no doubt but there is good rock bottoms with plenty of fall & high banks, but whether the streams are calculated for mill business I cannot say they are subject to extreem high waters however they stay up but a short time at once, also in dry times they become verry low. It is thought that the streams where these millseats are found might be raised 15 ft. & not flow the banks; or the lands above the dam. We have verry fine stones for building purposes of different kinds & abundance of them. We need a good blacksmith a good shoemaker & an experienced Doctor, Laborers can find plenty of imploy & good wages. We will do all we can to encourage capitalists in coming & imporvoing the country, we will give them interests in our Towns that would be satisfactory & incourage them in every way possible. We have no schools in operation

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but should have had, had it not been for the Missoury mobs. We have regular preaching at Osawatomie evry Sabbath. This region is well adapted to cultivation or sockraising, it cannot be surpassed for eather, in any country I have ever sean. We have some fever & ague here; but I think when the country becomes older & people get good houses, there will be but little if any fever & ague.
The best route for reaching this place from Kansas City, is to go to Indian Coffees from there to Baptistie thence to Osawatomie. The settlers in this part are cheafly from the Eastern States, I write this in haste & cannot give you particulars I should like to do.
Yours A. Finch
P. S. I will send you enclosthed in this a bill, will if you are disposed you may foot, in so doing you will certainly oblige me much.
Mr. W. F. Sears who was in the Osawatomie battle & is a worthy man has been for a long time sick with his family living

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in a cloath tent oned by annother man our heavy rains have ran into it & covered his bead an inch under water, he & wife lying sick at the same time, I am a poor man but I could not see them in this condition, they were penniless & could not help themselves, so I put my hand in my own pocket & helped them to a small building by getting a little ade from others, I have given them out of my own pocket.   $18.16 To Mr. Joseph James 3 “ “ Russel 2 “ “ Flag 6   $29.66
I give you the names of 3 other person whom I saw in suffering condition & assisted them out of my own pocket. I am needy myself & if you could foot this Bill you would confer a great favor on Yours A. Finch

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