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Claire Eva Paine diary

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Jan 3-42 at one P. M. I am returned from Seatle.


Feb 1-42 Sunday 5:00 am Tom left with Mr Pollard for Los Angeles – reached Long Beach Tues Feb 7-42.


June 28-42  Sunday night Tom returned from Long Beach.


Sept 18-42 Tom rec’d official notices to start for Norfolk, Va in U. S. Naval Reserve, will leave Oct 7th but on Oct 6-42 will go to KC for another physical – Oct 6 12:30 went to S. Fe direct to see him off. – Oct 8 reached Chicago


Sunday Dec 21-41 Tom left Topeka for Seattle with Paul Pennington & 3 others.


Claire Eva Paine 900 Mulvane Topeka Kansas


One year from Jan 1-1942 to Dec 31-42.


Apr 14- See July 15 – June 15- July 23

Jan 3  Sept 18 Oct 4 Oct 6   ( 7left KC for Va)


Chinese –“ One picture is worth 10,000 words”


Year 1942 Diary




Letter from Tom, Seattle, Wash. dated Dec 27 – 1941.  (Saturday).


“Dear Mother & Claire:  Well I commence work Monday at Boeings.  Will write more when Im situated.  Love, Tom”


“Mighty Lak a Rose”  Stanton-Neven

“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” Jerome Kerns


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January 1 – 1942


1942 Thursday New Year’s Day.  Just rested at home – quite cold – New Year’s Eve with Ruth & Mother – lovely dinner – played contact – Tom enroute from Seattle.


Tom’s letter dated Dec 27-41 which was Saturday stated he will start at Boeings Monday (Dec 29-41). 


He must have worked only a few days at Boeings.  He left Topeka Sunday Dec 21-1941 for Seattle, Wash. & returned to Topeka Jan 3-42 at 1:00 P.M.


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January 2


1942 Friday: Back to the Office after New Year’s – In Evening read Readers Digest.


Rec’d lovely letter from Bess with 1.00 for each Annie & I and a beautiful New Years card.


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January 3


1942. Saturday. At 1 P.M. Tom returned from Seattle, Washington; leaving Topeka, Sunday Dec 21-41 – he & Paul Pennington with three others autoed to Seattle where they spend Xmas dinner with Donald (Mr & Mrs) Paul Pennington.


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January 4


1942 Sunday.  It was wonderful to have Tom back again.  He looked well, & had but one headache while away.


It was just as tho we took the trip with him, so vividly did he describe it all – Returned by Bus, sidetracked for 4 hours because of deep snows – Left Seattle 1:00 P.M. Wed, reached Topeka 1:00 P. M. Saturday.  Paul Pennington & Tom applied at Boeings Defense air o’plane plant there.  Tom worked there, but decided to return to Topeka.  Paul remained to work at the Plant and roomed with his nephew Donald Paul & wife.  Donald Paul is in the Plant.


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January 5


1942 Monday.  Tom’s birthday – we had previously sent gifts to him at Seattle: but he surprised us & returned so his gifts will have to be forwarded from Seattle, Wash. to him here.


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January 6


Tom took the Civil Service Examination for Asst Electrician at Navy Ship Repair yards at Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii –


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January 7


1942 Wed.  Don’s afternoon off, so I accomplished much in preparing his Income Tax Sheet.  5:30 Hair shampoo and set, then to the “Cozy” to see Bob Hope in “Caught In The Draft.”


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January 8


Thurs 1942  Tom called at Don’s office to take me home in the car, as weather was “bitingly” cold.  Thurs. is my afternoon off, we paid our bills, then came to our home where Annie, Tom & I spent afternoon playing “Contact,”  We had such a fine visit.


Letter from Bessie today: told about Custer being asked to be “King” at “Eros” Ball (God of Love)” at the Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  He was very grateful for the honor but declined – The Kings” robes & gifts to the Queen Etc would cost about $500.00, Bessie said -- & everything very formal – Custers daughter Dot was chosen as Maid to the Queen at this same Ball: but she didn’t know her father might have been King – But it didn’t all come to pass because Mardi Gras was cancelled on acct of Defense Program against Japan who attacked Pearl Harbor & Manila Dec 7 – 1941


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January 9


1942 Friday  I bought a small chest of drawers, (three drawers) at Crosbys. 


For a long time, I had wanted such a chest to assemble all my notes, paper, clippings etc in, so they could easily be located & filed away systematically.  So this solved the problem.  I have it in our living room, so it will always be accessible.


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January 11


1942 Sunday:  Passed the Sunday in the usual manner: home duties until afternoon, then Annie & I read and listen to an interesting Radio program.


Don & Bill didn’t come over as they often do – Don studying on professional papers


[Page 12 thru 17 blank]


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January 18


1942 Sunday  Spent the evening with Ruth and Tom.  We played “Contact,” visited & almost forgot to come home.


Ruth served a delightful lunch consisting of hot chocolate, fruit gelatin salad & angel food cake.


Don & Bill came over about 5:30 bringing fudge ripple ice cream.  They were each eating cones.  We look ford to their visits one can always learn so much in listening to Don.


Once, Mr Diesem, Custer’s father who always attended State legislature, said Don was the most interesting one to visit with that he’d ever known


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January 19


1942 Monday


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January 20


1942 Tuesday.  In evening worked for three and a half hours on Don’s Income Tax Sheet.


Income Tax for folks will be terrific this year, because we are at war with Japan, Germany & Italy.


You see, U. States is trying to “cover the globe” like the Sherman paint Co does.  We are one tiny nation & the rest of the world is so extensive it just doesn’t seem logical or “make sense” for Roosevelt to think we can guard two big oceans & all the European countries.  His mother once said he was a great spender & always wanted his way, & she would know.


[Page 21]


January 21


1942 Wed: - Bright winter’s day:  walked as far as the Grace Cathedral Church, then the folks came by in their car, so I rode the rest of the way to the office


5:30 Wed Eve.  Appointment for ‘Shampoo’ at Beauty Parlor, so I relaxed there for about 2 hours.  After leaving the shop, I went to the Cozy to see the picture “So Ends Our Night.”


Leading roles played by Margaret Sullivan & Frederick March.  Twas a picture somewhat like “The Mortal Storm” in which Miss Sullivan played with James Stewart in that it dealt with war problems of refugees in Europe: people fleeing from the “Madman” of Europe the Hitler regime.


[Page 22]


January 22


1942 Thursday:  Another pretty day.  Spent my afternoon off resting at home by our big bay window which we call our solarium.


So much light & sunshine enters there.  Mother had the bay window with its tile floor made to house flowers of which she was so fond


[Page 23]


January 23


1942 Friday.  Frank Atkinson was buried.  Enroute from Chicago to Los Angeles, he was unable to continue trip further than Topeka, Ks. where for several months, he staid at the home of his sister Mrs. Fred Morns.


The body was cremated, so Mrs Morns took part of the flowers home, giving some Gladiolas to Ruth, who sent us out a generous boquet by Tom.


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January 24


Saturday:  We had a very busy morning at the office which we appreciated.


Because of so many young men taken into Service, we are not quite as busy as usual.


Don tho is busy planning Ethical program for our profession to establish & Sunday Dr Davis, Optometrist spent several hours at Dons home in assisting.


Billy Don had a cold Sunday but is in school again on Monday


[Page 25]


January 25


Sunday again – how quickly it returns.  Annie & I broke the morning’s routine by taking a mornings walk prior to making our beds.


Somehow the day fills itself in so quickly, that our walk is missed unless taken early


Annie regilded our frame on the Adobe’ Oil paintings.  It so refreshed looking


I mended some articles, read a book Don loaned on “Exhalation” – 5:30 Don visited us awhile bringing ice cream which we saved until Tom came.  Tom took dinner with us, and played contact -- then Mr ____ came for Don and they went to Toms home.


[Page 26]


January 26


1942 Monday:  Oh’ boy some good Victories for the Allies today – Some American soldiers also reached Ireland


Gen’l McArthur is making such strenuous efforts to hold on in the Phillipines, seem as tho our soldiers should go to him first.  Those islands are islands of Americas


Worked on Income Tax tonite.


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January 27


Tuesday.  Yanks land in Ireland the morning paper said and a Japanese Aircraft Carrier. Sunk we think.


Lots of nice sunshine today.


As Annie went to a class at Y.W.C.A, she came to the office & suggested we stay down town.


We dined at Senate Cafeteria then went to see Anna Nagel, the English actress in Sunny.  It was a story about New Orleans – Madri Gras.  She is very versatile, Lovely, graceful & wonderful dancer & can sing too.  Her pardner was like Fred Astaire.


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January 28


Wed.  Don’s afternoon off


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January 29


1942 Thurs.  Claires afternoon off  Shopped, then came home & rested


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January 30


1942 Friday


[Page 31]


January 31


1942 Saturday.  Ruth & Tom, Annie & Claire had a delightful dinner at Norman’s Café, honoring Tom who was to leave next day for the coast –


Annie & I spent the evening with Tom assissting in packing his luggage.  We can home at 10, to give Tom time to rest.  Ruth cashied that evening


Mother Pennington made cookies for the trip & mended Tom’s hose


Rec’d a fine letter from Bessie, cheerful & newsy.  Don took it home for his family to enjoy.


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February 1


1942 Sunday:  At 5:00 a m Tom rang the door bell so we could say goodbye; he had come too for Mr Pollard who was to accompany Tom to Los Angeles.


It was a wonderful night, almost clear as day time, & quite chilly.  Tom tho was warmly dressed, looked happy and quite handsome, thrilled in a way in his quest of new work


We gave him $5.00 for a Valentine gift, little in advance of the day tho, & wished him safe & happy trip.


Late in P. M. Don & Bill came over with ice cream & cones.  Such interesting visit –


[Page 33]


February 2


1942 Monday:  Peggy had a long distance call from Keith who is stationed at San Luis Obispo.  If his regiment remains there awhile, he may send for Peggy to come & stay there for several months.


Annie attended Pottery class at YWCA.


Rec’d a letter from Mary Tupper.


Paid bills today, monthly ones.


[Page 34]


February 3


1942 Tues.  Mrs Pennington invited Annie to the W.T.K. Club meeting today, Mrs P is hostess.


Annie enjoys the meeting & the papers:  nice lunch usually follows; Mother (Mrs Paine) was one of the charter members of W.K.A.


[Page 35]


February 4


1942 Wed:


[Page 36]


February 5


1942 Thurs:  In evening Annie & I went to the Grand Theatre to see Nelson Eddy & Rise’ Stevens in Chocolate Soldier.  It was splendid.


Mr Nelson never disappoints you in his singing and Miss Stevens should have a brilliant career.

Beautiful voice, charming manners & such an alluring smile, graceful & has histrionic ability – lovely hair and very even teeth, bright eyes, and coquetish.  We thought we might miss Jeanette McDonald, Mr Nelson’s former singing pardner.  But Miss Stevens voice & performance dissypated that & made a pleasant evening to which we will often look back.


In afternoon Claire went to Dr Isermans – teeth cleaned & one filled


[Page 37]


February 6


1942 Friday:  We had a full day at the office.  Two patients, who used to come from K.S.C in Manhattan in their cars, came on the Bus – Wouldn’t use the car because of Gov. priorities – Sale of autos & tires (except for certain uses) frozen for a year.  Gov made need cars of Army purposes.  In Jan 1942, 200,000 cars were turned out in U. S. by the factories but they belong to Gov, are Gov. property for a year


[Page 38]


February 7


1942 Saturday:  Crowded calendar at the office, kept us on tip toes all day long.  But we “could take.”


Cooler Saturday evening – Our first word from Tom “Arrived in Long Beach Tuesday evening after a nice trip.  “We have a nice room overlooking the Pacific.”  Feb 4 – 42 dated.


[Page 39]


February 8


1942 Sunday:  Three objectives planned for today.  To write Bessie, to hem my new slip, to work on Income Tax paper – all of which I did.


At 5:30 our two “faithful gentlemen” Don & Bill, his grandson, made their Sunday evening appearance bringing ice cream to the ladies as usual.


We visited interestingly about war conditions, about what we thought are the mistakes our government, under F. D. Roosevelt (our Pres.) is making.  Just throwing “money to winds” without thought of the future and policing the four cornors of the world leaving our country so unguarded.


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February 15


Don’t remember how days was spent – they went to fast


[Page 47]


February 16


1942 Monday


[Page 48]


February 17


1942 Tues:  Mon. & Tues. Annie attended pottery classes at YWCA after which she came to Don’s office, then we sent to the Cozy Theatre & saw Ginger Rogers in, “Tom, Dick & Harry.”


[Page 49]


February 18


1942 Wed


[Page 50]


February 19


1942 Thursday  Mrs Pennington & Ruth, our guests to dinner – spent a pleasant evening – Mrs P. is interesting & well read. –


Claire’s afternoon off -  Hair shampoo


[Page 51]


February 20


1942 Friday


[Page 52]


February 21


1942 Saturday:  Heavy “old fashion day at the office.  6:30 Don went to Emporia to attend Fraternity meeting & reported, interesting gathering, 30 attended Sunday


[Page 53]


February 22


1942 Sunday. – Washington’s Birthday.  Usual household duties in the morning – read the Capital.  In P. M. visited over at Don’s with Viv, Peg, & Ann:  after which a walk was taken to Elmhurst Plaza where we stopped for a cup of delicious hot chocolate.  As we were coming home, it began to sprinkle.


[Page 54]


February 23


1942 Monday: Pres. Roosevelt to give one of his broadcasts at 9:00 tonite – Rec’d letter from Tom who felt somewhat discouraged at his inability to locate work in Long Beach, Los A. & vicinity.


Feb 21 – a telegram to Ruth from Tom in regard to accident to his car, no other particulars given. (Saturday)


Tonite Annie & I are writing Senator Capper in regard to a letter of recommendation for Tom, taking advantages of his acquaintanceship with Judge H. B. Arnold & J. L. Paine, grandfather & greatgrandfather of Talmage Jr.


[Page 55]


February 24


1942 Tues.


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February 28


1942 Saturday  The first United States warship ever torpedoed & sunk by an enemy submarine in home waters went down


1942 Feb 28-42  off Cape May, N. Jersey Captain Lieut. Com. Hugh David Black, & most all the officers, killed.  (145 altogether).


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[Page 61]


March 1


1942 Sunday :  Billy Don & Don came over.  We’d miss them so much if they didn’t come.


[Page 62]


March 2


1942 Monday.

Tues. a letter from Mary Tupper.


Tues – Don & Dr. Cochran attended a health meeting at the Municipal Auditorium to make an effort to include Optometry in the health program for the Indigent.


[Page 63]


March 3


1942 Tues:  Pleasant day – Annie & I went to the Cozy in the evening to see The Shepard of the Hills.  Enjoyed the picture – a story of the simple, serious folk in the Ozarks.


Found a letter in the mail box from Tom.  It was such a delightful surprise – a fine long letter – In a cheerful mood – His car which he thought was irrepairrable can be fixed.  Will cost Insurance Co $250.00 – A laborer in an old car, on a misty morning, didn’t see Tom’s car, which was going about 20 miles per hr, and almost ruined Tom’s car – Time 12:50 P.M. Saturday Feb 21-42 – Tom was using his defroster.  Bob Taylor & Mr Pollard were with Tom in his car.


The letter of Mar 2 – 42 (post marked) 2:00 P.M. Long Beach, Calif – was delivered at 2:30 Mar 3-42 at 900 Mulvane, Topeka, Ks.  How fastly it came. Tom’s letter


[Page 64]


March 4 Wed 1942


Stated his side & leg were hurt at time of accident – Prior to accident he has been walking about 125 to 150 blocks per day, in quest of work – I expect now he cannot do that until his side & foot are well.


Shirley Temple to make a premiere showing over the radio tonite with her own company


[Page 65]


March 5


1942 Thursday:  Hair set on my afternoon off


[Page 66]


March 6


1942 Friday:  Tom’s letter came telling of a new job he will begin on March 9.  To be with Underwood typewriter Co.  He will stay one month at Long Beach, then, at the Companys expense, be sent to Los Angeles for two months mechanical training in typewriter dept.  After 2 month will return to Long Beach.


[Page 67]


March 7



1942 Saturday:  Nothing special – Wrote to Bessie in New Orleans


[Page 68]


March 8


1942 Sunday:  After regular domestic duties were completed, Annie & I each cleaned our winter cloaks with electric cleaners brush – brightens them –


Mended garments in the afternoon, read the Capital – listen to different radio programs –


Mr Kaltenborns broadcast was good – sincere, patriotic – wondered why Roosevelt didn’t handle the situation in regard to strikes which are occurring in Defense plants, thus lessening production which is so vital now in the war’s crises. – (Ends Kaltenborn talk)


Roosevelt has played up to labor so long because of votes it bring to him that he’s unpatriotic, putting politics above his country


[Page 69]


March 9


1942 Monday:  Ruth ph’d this evening to tell us she heard from Tom who seems pleased at the prospects of his new job.


Ruth invited Annie & I to dinner Thursday evening.  Her mother is probably well again.


Rugh said her door bell rang today & when she answered it the Sheriff was there with a letter addressed to Tom.  As Tom was in Long Beach, Ruth opened the envelope which contained a summon for him to appear as a juryman.  Summons signed by Leah Willicuts a former neighbor (Leah Bailey) – Ruth likes new experiences and is going to see if she can supply in Tom’s place –


Tom’s car is ready to use again.


[Page 70]


March 10


1942 Tuesday – Picture Show – Tyrone Powers in “Yank in RAF.” 


Annie & I first ate supper at the Pennant Cafeteria & heard old fashioned music on the electric piano.


Oh yes! A fine letter from Tom – says he’s tan – feeling good now – Has been painting the windows and shades black to make them light resistant in case of air-raids.  He did this to help his landlady.


[Page 71]


March 11


1942 Wed.  Wrote Tom – sent him a book to read entitled “Meet the Spaniard’s”  Imagine its very interesting – its take you on a trip thru interesting places as tho you were travelling.


Last year Tom & Ruth visited Mexico, so I thought he would enjoy this book – also mailed him Jan & Feb “Reader’s digest.


Going now on a little walk pre-bed-time walk


[Page 72]


March 12


1942 Thur.  To Ruth’s for dinner tonite.  Pleasant evening – lovely dinner – Left at Eleven.


[Page 73]


March 13


1942 Friday:  Letter from Tom asking us to send his camera etc to Long Beach- nice pictures he wishes to make.


Annie not feeling well – to bed at 5:30 so I prepared buttered toast in warm milk and peanut butter sandwich for myself – Wash the dishes –


Wrote to Mr Brown concerning the completion of the Clearing of Titles for Momps & Pomps L. A. Lots


[Page 74]


March 14


1942 Saturday: Saw Carole Lombard & Jack Benny in “To Be or not to Be.” Her last picture as she was killed in an airoplane crash when returning from sponsoring a Defense Bond campaign – A comedy & melodrama on Hitler & his regime


[Page 75]


March 15


1942 Sunday:  As Don was preparing paper for Optometrists part in program, & as Billy was in Emporia, they couldn’t come to see us


[Page 76]


March 16


1942 Monday – Post card, dated Mch 16-42 from Tom, stated new address to be 617 Elm, Long Beach, Calif


Monday sent his camera by Express – (Railway Express Co.): was sent to 719 West Ocean Blvd tho; as we didn’t receive notice of new address until Thur. Mar 19th


[Page 77]


March 17


1942 Tues.


[Page 78]


March 18


1942 Wed:  Evening saw Irene Dunne & Robt Montgomery in Unfinished Business – not very good.


[Page 79]


March 19


1942 Thurs -  Shampoo & Hair set – Saw Jennie Cook Godfrey at Crosbys – She just returned from 8 wks rest in Long Beach.  Tom had dinner with her relatives who live there.  Jennie said Tom is red in place of tan – goes hatless and sure enjoys the sun.


[Page 80]


March 20


1942 Fri


[Page 81]


March 21


1942 Saturday


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March 28


1942 Saturday:  Fine letter from Tom – waiting to hear from Civil Service Ex for mechanics Beginner.


[Page 89]


March 29


1942 Sunday


[Page 90]


March 30


1942 Mon


[Page 91]


March 31


1942 Tuesday


[Page 92]


April 1


1942 Wed – April Fool – when I opened my check it said “April Fool” Lovely letter from Bess – “all well”


[Page 93]


April 2


1942 Thur – Birthday dinner at Don’s


[Page 94]


April 3

1942 Friday


[Page 95]


April 4


1942 Saturday


[Page 96]


April 5


1942 Sun


[Page 97]


April 6


1942 Mon


[Page 98]


April 7


1942 Tues


[Page 99]


April 8


1942 Wed


[Page 100]


April 9


1942 Thurs:  About 2 A.M. oclock Tom reached Topeka.  He left Long Beach, California Tues. Apr 7 at noon, drove two days & two nights to reach Topeka before Apr 11th 42.


On April 11-42, his draft number was to changed from 3A class to the 1A, so he reported at Local Draft Number 2, in Topeka, on Apr 10th Friday. –


It was wonderful to see Tom again:  he seemed little more matured, but the same Tom.  He & Ruth came out to dinner & to spend the evening, later leaving to call on Mr Bryden


[Page 101]

April 10


1942 Fri:  a.m. Tom called at the Draft Board No 2 in Topeka as he recd notice while at Long Beach that he was to be reclassified -  1:00 P.M. he drove to K. City for a physical exam, for Naval Reserve.  Color Blindness prevented his being accepted.


First of year he also applied at Federal Bldg for a position in Ship Repair yards in Pearl Harbor, but did not hear from his application.


[Page 102]


April 11


1942 Saturday:  About eleven oclock Tom, after receiving a letter from Douglass Air Plant Corporation that a position was opened to him, left on the Bus for Los Angeles.  Twas a hurried goodbye as the Trailway left Topeka within three quarters of an hour after letter was received from California – Hurriedly packing he phoned us goodbye.


The evening before he, Ruth & Ruth’s sister-in-law returned from K. City where Tom, at the suggestion of the recruiting officer, had gone for exam to enlist in Navy Reserve.  Because of color blindness, he could not be accepted.


6:30 P.M. Don went to Wichita to State Convention where he was to act as Master of Ceremonies at Beta Sigma


[Page 103]


April 12


1942 Sunday:  Annie & I spent a quiet Sunday, all by ourselves.  Tom had gone to California & Don to the Convention – It was lonesome –


Later on after resting was thought it would be better to take walk in the sunshine; so we walked over to the Co-Ed and saw Ilona Massey in the picture “New Wine;” a story of the life of the composer Franz Shubert, in whose life she was a dominating factor.  A Vienese and a contemporary of Ludwig Beethoven.  Such a lovely picture, with a pathetic climax.


We walked home via Dibbles [XXXXX], stopping in for a fruit salad and hot chocolate.


So ends the Day


[Page 104]


April 13


1942 Mon.  Ruth for awhile gave up her earlier work, last week – visited relatives in Lawrence until Friday.


[Page 105]


April 14 Tues.


1942 Tues:  Tom’s letter dated Apr 14 – tells his bus was 8 hours late due to a burned bridge at Raton, N. Mex. and Tom arrived at Long Beach at 6:00.


He’s back with Mrs Donahue again on ground floor, gas heat & she made the room 4.00 a wk instead of 5.00


Said he rec’d Claires money order for 95.00 cashed it & said “Ill make it up.”


He is hired by Douglass Plant in Machine Shop at 75 cts an hr to commence.  Hours from 12:30 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. called graveyard shift.


address 717 ½ W. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, California  


[Page 106]


April 15


1943 Thur.  This week Genl Hugh Johnson, the columnist died – Born at Ft Scott, Ks. about 60 yrs ago – his passing will be a national loss affectionately or angrily called “Old Iron Pants” – graduate West Point Military academy – In 1917 worked out the selective draft system. – Jumped from Captain to Brigadier Gen’l – under NRA brought orginazation & co-operation to industry – fighter always courageous, two-fisted – hard hitting picturesque language but it had a meaning, lot of nobility, chivalry understanding, cool persevering courage, a powerful force for truth.  The type so needed now.”  Westbrook Peglar, Walter Winchell also, regular crusader for truth and principles.


[Page 107]


April 16


19 Fri:  A letter from Tom; he’s at the Douglass Aircraft Factory in Long Beach now.


[Page 108]


April 17


1942 Saturday


[Page 109]


April 13


1942 Sunday:  Rained all day mostly – until 5:00 P.M. – Don & Bill came over, umbrelled & raincoated, but dry, carrying ice cream for Annie and I & cones for them.


Bill looked at National Geographic while Don, Annie & I visited – Don told us of the achievement of the Kans Opt Assn in the State Relief & Welfare work by Opt Assn


Listened to England, Cairo, & Australia broadcasts in regard to War; gladness for the Allies over bombing in Tokyo, Japan – Pierre Laval (French) is allied with Germany tho Genl Petain has tried to avoid this.


[Page 110]


April 19


1942 Mon:  The “Minute Man,” a new “Amer. Flag” unfurled.  Its available for purchase by Employers when at least 90% of Employees are taking part in the payroll savings plan for purchasing Victory bonds.


The flag’s is a blue field with the white figure of a “Minute Man” standing on the site of battle of Concord: 13 stars surround the figure.


The Sculptor was Daniel Chester French, son of a New Hampshire Judge who moved to farm near Concord when Daniel was 17


[Page 111]


April 20


1942 Tues:  Letter from Tom


[Page 112]


April 21


1942 Tues.


[Page 113]


April 22


1942 Wed. This should be Thur not Wed.  Beauty Parlor appt on my afternoon off – later in P. M. pulled weeds in the garden, lots of ‘em”.


Listen to a Broadcast from London.  The English guests sat around a table deep in an underground London studio.  London guests were Megan Lloyd George, daughter of Britians World War I Prime Minister, herself being a member of Parliament & Commander King-Hall M. P., editor & formal Royal Navy officer:  Lieut. Col. Sir E Greggs, and Brendan Bracken Minister of Information on Churchill Cabinet – Our Peoples Platform.


[Page 114]


April 23


1942 Thur.  Thru error wrote part of my diary for Thur., on the Pg of Apr 22.


Letter from Tom from Long Beach, California – Letter informed us that a letter from Federal Bldg in Topeka Navy Dept, received by Tom states that navy has accepted him for construction work all he needs to do is to sign up.  Tom went to San Pedro and took out Seaman’s paper for Merchant Marine. U.S.


[Page 115]


April 24


1942 Friday: -


[Page 116]


April 25 


1942 Saturday


[Page 117]


April 26


1942 Sunday Don & Bill Don came to us bringing ice-cream as usual.  Short visit as Don spend the day in study


[Page 118]


April 21


1942 Mon


[Page 119]


April 28


1942 Tuesday


[Page 120]


April 29


1942 Wed


[Page 121]


April 30


1942 Thur: 


Clare’s afternoon off spent (between showers) on lawn work –  Rested – Early dinner at 5 PM after which Annie & I walked over to the Co-Ed and saw two fine pictures.  One, Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland in “Strike up the Band” -  Two such talented young people --  Then “Convoys on Burma Road” a story of intrigue.


[Page 122]


May 1


1942.  May Basket Day. – Ruth phoned about a letter from Tom, who was called by his draft board, to be examined for Military purposes – Exam to be Apr 30-42.  So he was exam’d Thur Apr 30-42 at Long Beach – A little time will be required before further induction if he is accepted.


Perhaps the drilling, the regularity of routine, outdoor exercise, regular sleeping hours etc will be beneficial to our Amer. boys who are making such sacrifices.  Do the people abroad appreciate it?


9:00 P.M.  Returned from Grocery Store – apples, bananas, strawberries, pimento cheese, W. Wheat bread – grapefruit and Tuna fish.


[Page 123]


May 2


1942 Saturday:  End of another week.  Annie attended Flower Show at Municipal Bldg; she entered two vases of flowers – In P. M. dark clouds, very dark rolled over the City, then winds came & a downpour 1.44 inches fell, sending shoppers hurriedly into stores – Annie phoned from Crosby at 5. pm.  It was still raining; so the folks drove me to Crosby Bros where I met Annie, then we went across the street to the Cozy.  (Ruth had given us passes) to see “Rise & Shine” A burlesque on College Foot Ball team.  Stars were Jack? Oakey & Linda Darnell


When we came from the Show, the rain was over, night chilly, but stars shone brightly, making it pleasant for 500 Ft Riley soldiers who were entertained with a big U. S. O. party at the Auditorium which partly they’ll long remember


[Page 124]


May 3


1942 Sunday:  Very chilly, heat turned on as in Winter.  The kind of a day you’d almost welcome “red flannels” again. – Rested at home.  Don attending Dr Skiffingtons lectures in K.C.


A J. Stout was guest of honor at a party at the Hotel Jawhawk, Saturday who for 23 years has been the backbone of Topeka’s School System.


“High Lights of his Splendid Career” was the title of a 12 sketch episode written by Maud Bishop & Mary Dudley:  He entered school system as Physic teacher – In 1918 became principal of the School a fine scolarly career.  Mrs Stout’s graciousness in her home was brought out in the sketch. – Mr & Mrs Bill Bang Biby brought Annie home tonite from Flower Show


[Page 125]


May 4


1942 Monday – Sugar Rationing Day – Each member entitled to one half pound per week


[Page 126]


May 5


1942 Tues:  This way Don & Ann having wall paper removed from 4 down stairs room preparatory to papering & housecleaning.


[Page 127]


May 6-42


1942 Wed Eve:  Annie & I rode to the Post Office to mail & Special Delivery to Los A – walked a little way then hot chocolated at the Drug Store


Talmage Sr visited Tom & they ate at an “Old English Café” & had a pleasant evening.


[Page 128]


May 7


1942 Thurs:  Letter from Tom to Ruth saying he’s still at Lockeads & is now doing machine work in Defense plant – He mapped out the Route for Ruth to take if she drives to California.


Mrs Pennington & Ruth included Annie & I among a few friends who spent the evening at their home.  We listened to interesting talk on Economies, by a well informed friend of theirs, versatile, clear thinker, about like [Pornon.]


Refreshments finished the evening.  Ruth brought us home.


I was off all day


[Page 129]


May 8


1942 Friday:  Busy day at office – Don left all study work at office as home is so torn up with house cleaning no study table was available.


In evening Don came over to visit us.


[Page 130]


May 9


1942 Saturday:  Two letters from Tom; said “Oh Boy! He’d love to have Mother come to see him.”


Fine letter from Bessie:  Dr Blum says here eye is doing nicely – Bess had 7 infected teeth extracted –


Annie & I went to the Grand to see “My Gal Sal.”  Not very good.


Dorothy Dresem has completed her 3rd sweater for the Soldiers


[Page 131]


May 10


1942 Sunday:  Rather cloudy – occasional sprinkles – usually morning duties – little rearranging in Father’s Room upstairs – Mother’s Day – a beautiful tribute to whom was given over Radio from Australia in behalf of Amer. soldiers stationed there – messages sent to Amer. Mothers here.


Long Walk on Wayne Str – new homes there –


Radio announced American aircraft, were the ones who recently dropped bombs on Tokio – where there base is located is purposely a guarded secret.


8:30 Annie quite tired – gone to “Bed” maybe I’ll soon follow.  Its been a busy day & the walk was so long Marvin & Herbert Shafer home on a visit. 


[Page 132]


May 11


1942 Monday:  This would have been Father’s birthday.


[Page 133]


May 12


1942 Tuesday


[Page 134]


May 13


1942 Wed:  A letter from Tom.  He had to buy $25.00 worth of tool for his Air Craft Factory work – then $5.00 a week is taken from employee’s salary for Defense Bonds.


He is looking for’d to seeing Peggy who at present is in Manhattan Beach, Calif where her husband is on Coast Guard Defense duty.


[Page 135]


May 14


1942 Thus. – Claire’s afternoon off – came home & rested.


Annie visited the NYA’s Open House” near the Co-ed Theater – Much of the furnishings & furniture were made by NRA pupils


[Page 136]


May 15


1942 Fri:  nothing special – cool days & much moisture have brought forth wonderful blossoms, shrubbery & grass along with plenty of weeds and dandelions.


[Page 137]


May 16


1942 Saturday:  Busy office day – In evening walked to Harrys market for additional groceries – live large strawberries were 2 boxes for 25 cts – maybe some day they be prohibitive – even tho sugar rationing is on – the berries are good without much sugar.


1942 – Don & Annie will be “living again as 4 rooms, which have been redecorated – paper being removed & woodwork painted, will be restored to normalcy by night.


Clarge wrote to Tom after Annie had retired for the night


[Page 138]


May 17


1942 Sunday:  Ho-Hum, some patients aren’t very considerate – Don  has to go to the office for two Sunday exams – patients being local could have come during the week.


Enroute to his office, Don brought us a beautiful boquet of roses from his garden – almost like hot house ones.


In evening Annie & I walked to the Co-Ed which features Charles Laughton, Deanna Durbin & Robt Cumming in “It started with Eve” – splendid picture also of factual screen acct of the workings of R.A.F. of England in combat over Germany. [Inside story of Englands Bomber Command] – then the best picture of Minstrel Shows of olden days.  Just what Father used to love


[Page 139]


May 18


1942 Monday bids fair to be a busy office day, four Ruggles’s from Natoma, Ks coming for exams – mailing two letters today, the Sunday Capital, box of fig-newtons, & gum to Talmage Jr (Tom).


Sunday evening we stopped at Dibbles for our Hot chocolate after the picture show then walked home.  It must have rained quite heavily during the show


[Page 140]


May 19


19 Tues:  a good letter from Talmage Jr who now has moved to 715 ½ W Ocean Ocean Blvd, in search of more quietude.


[Page 141]


May 20


1942 Wed:  Finest letter from Tom, he’s getting more rest: sleeps Saturday nite as he now works 6 instead of 7 nights a week – has 2 new pr shoes, one dress & one work pair -- & a pair of sailors dungarees with legs like inverted funnels.  His landlady Mrs Donahue prepares him meals sometimes – old fashion beans for which he’s very fond.


Since her friend went East & left his trailer with her, Tom sleeps in the trailer.  It’s wonderful, has a radio, stove, cook stove, wardrobe closet, elec fan, studio couch, sink, breakfast table, studio couch & all the “fixins”  Swell he says & much quieter in the back yard – His father will take him to Newport to see his friend who has a diving suit.


[Page 142]


May 21


1942 Thur.  My afternoon off – went to “Cozy” – Rained before I reached home


[Page 143]


May 22


1942 Friday.


[Page 144]


May 23


1942 Saturday – Busy day at the office – In evening Ruth came in the car & took Annie & I over to Hoefers Café in N Topeka for dinner at 7:30 P.M. – Wonderful dinner – and weren’t we hungry; tender steak, hot rolls butter, shoe string potatoes, peas, 2 salads, milk and ice cream – Then we drove to avenue & parked a while to watch the strollers – quite a number of soldiers here –


[Page 145]


May 24


1942 Sunday:  chicken dinner Ruth was with us for dinner and for sandwiches in the evening – And Curley’s Tom’s dog, came out all by himself & spent the day.  Guess he was searching for Tom.  Ruth says Curley is pining for Tom, goes around as tho hunting for something


Tom was very fond of Curley & gave him lots of attention -- & romped each evening with him –


In evening Annie & I took a long walk but preceding this Don took us for a fine ride to [S.] BA, - Rose gardens & Westboro

[Page 146]


May 25


1942 Monday:  Letter from Tom who is working 7 days a week again.  Wrote to Ruth to come out if she want to do so


[Page 147]


May 26


1942 Tues:  Letter from Tom (Tues or Wed)


[Page 148]


May 27


1942 Wed.


[Page 149]


May 28


1942 Thur


[Page 150]


May 29


1942 Friday:  Peggy came home from California for a 2 wks vacation, Keith (Capt Weltmer of 35 Div, Coast Guard Artillery) is still in California – Peggy will go back to Keith when he is changed again


Decoration Day, industrial plants are supposed to keep operating, so I guess Talmage Jr (Tom) is probably on duty today at the Douglas Plant in Long Beach


[Page 151]


May 30


1942 Saturday – memorial day – Boxes of flowers on Mothers grave in Topeka Cemetery – peonies on N. B. Arnolds – and Grandfather & Grandmother Paines – Then a box on Fathers grave at Mount Hope. – Peonies and a box on Mr Knisely – A most beautiful spring – because of many rains.


Don drove us to a “Restaurant” & bought us English fried fish Sandwitches to bring home for lunch. – delicious – Don also gave us lovely boquet of Paul Scarlet roses & peonies


Annie’s poem “Iris” in State Journal’s, “Whispering Willow” column.


Stopped at Don’s to say “hello” to Peggy.


[Page 152]


May 31


1942 Sunday; Mattie’s son Kenneth will graduate in Mech Eng. at K. U.  Mattie & Margaret have asked Annie & I to drive with them this evening to the Baccalauerate Services in the Stadium at Lawrence, Kans.


[Page 153]


June 1


1942 Mon.  Attended Kenneth Ketchams graduation exercises at Stadium in Lawrence, Kans. – Beautiful evening – impressive – Gov Ratner inducted the “Flying Jayhawk Squadron into U.S. Naval Reserve Corps also. – From the summit of the campus, the graduate candidates marched in a long column, two by two, until the Stadium bowl was reached far below – campus & trees in beautiful green –


Reached Topeka at twelve midnight.


We picniced at a park in Lawrence before the exercises


[Page 154]


June 2


1942 Tues – Decided to go to bed early due to the previous nights celebrations; but Ruth came out with her mother & took us for a lovely drive thru S. B. A. grounds, Westboro, & Westwood – Then after we “ice-cream coned” we came home at 10 p.m.


[Page 155]


June 3


1942 Wed.  Wrote Tom: no letter yet this week – Annie house-cleaned the front living room – the helper failed to come –


[Page 156]


June 4

1942 Thur.


[Page 157]


June 5


1942 Fri.


[Page 158]


June 6


1942 Satur., Sun, Mon, Tues. Don attending Skiffington lectures in St Louis


[Page 159]


June 7


1942 Sunday -  Slumberer – obscure – variety – Dominated – rickshas – reluctantly Steepness – whiz – unfriendly – merry-do nothings –


“In Madagascar all tribes wear the lamba, a big, white shawl as the malagasy, the Eithopians and the Arabs; the latter three wearing some forms of the lamba” –


Geographically – educationally – culturally – Tananarive is the Capital of Madagascar the island in the Indian Ocean S. East of Southern Africa.


Amazing – induce – stay obstinate – Savagry – fierceness – overwhelming –


[Page 160]


June 8


1942 Mon


[Page 161]


June 9


19 Tues – Letter from Tom


[Page 162]


June 10


1942 Wed

[Page 163]


June 11


1942 Thurs – New shoes for Annie & two new dresses for Claire


[Page 164]


June 12


1942 Fri.


[Page 165]


June 13


1942 Saturday:  letter from Tom telling of his plans to enter U. S. Maritime service as a steward, mechanic, or seaman on a Merchant Vessel or tanker enroute to Hawaii or Australia?  Ship to be convoyed, cannot write us for a month.


Ship has private locker for each of its crews, & usually two of the crew “bunk” together.  Fine food served, goal would be an engineer perhaps, who in peace time is salaried 400 per month.  As all Tom’s expenses are cared for he will clear 50.00 per wk.  much of the worlds future hangs on on our tankers which must keep allies supplied with oil which the enemies are fighting hard to prevent.  “The Axis strategists


[Page 166]


June 14


have this same attitute toward us.


Sunday P.M.  Annie & I saw Bob Hope in “Louisiana Purchase”


[Page 167]


June 15


1942 Monday evening:  Ruth spent the evening with us, so we wouldn’t be too lonesome about Tom’s ship trip.  Spent a pleasant evening – visited until almost 12 oclock – Ruth brought us some candy -  She’s very thoughtful and unselfish – wore a washable green slack outfit as many girls are doing during the war days –


Ruth had received a letter from Violet Atkinson in Los A. telling about Tom’s plans to go on the ship – Max had roomed with Tom for 2 wks & was to go on the ship also –


Went to Mrs Crowther to have some alterations. – Winifred Day brought Annie some flowers & visited


[Page 168]


June 16


1942 Tues.  Our last letter to all from Tom before sailing.  We think he was to sail Friday the 12th – 42.


Billy came over for moss to plant beneath Don’s oak trees.  Billy is earning money for his Boy Scout trip to Lake Shawnee soon.


Monday the 15th Don & Ann had 3 celebrations in one, its being Vivian’s birthday, & Peggy’s wedding anniversary, and Fathers day (which wasn’t until June 22) but as Peggy leaves Thur. for California, she wanted Dads day celebrated while she could be here.


[Page 169]


June 17


1942 Wed.  Later from Talmage Sr of Los Angeles saying Talmage Jr (Tom) shipped out Sunday a.m. June 14-42.


Mrs Crowthers finished my grey dress, we visited awhile with her


[Page 170]


June 18




[Page 171]




[Page 172]


June 20


1942 Saturday:


Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy at the Grand in “I married an Angel” – Little disappointing—


The debris’ man is hauling away the old branches which the tree-man recently sawed down from our mulberry trees


[Page 173]


June 21


1942 Sunday – Father’s Day – Don visited us & brought us a quart of caramel chiffon ice cream & stayed awhile with us a looked at the flowers & lawn.


Annie talked with Mr Bryden who has Tom’s camera which Tom wrote to him & told him to use for awhile – Tom’s very fond of Mr Bryden, who is in turn fond of Tom


Mr B. had recently rec’d a letter from Tom before he shipped out.


[Page 174]




June 22


1942 Mon:  A sweet letter from sister Bessechims – all well at New Orleans home – Enclosed a kodak picture of Bessie in her lovely fur coat.  Their new “Chrysler” was in the background.


Joe Ashison, Dot’s friend is located at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland with warfare division – training troops. – Joe Sparling, an aviation-minded friend left for Va –


Louise’s friend failed in Medical School, failed in exam by 4/10 of a point – his setback in getting started due his sickness.


Ruth took ‘


[Page 175]




June 23


1942 Tues evening.  Annie & I went to see “Hillzapoppin” at Cozy.  Sure a noisy picture.


[Page 176]




June 24


1942 Wed.  Card from Tom “If all goes well will see you the end of next week.  It will sure be great to be back again.”  Love, Tom.  We rec’d card Tues. June 23-42, came from Portland, Ore. dated June 20th


8:00 P.M. Listened in to the Commencement exercises of Royal Military College held in St Georges Cathedral in Ontario, Canada.  This closing the Military College of 66 years service until the conclusion of the Worlds War No 2 – The Royal colors, presented the college in 1919? by Duke of Wales, will be stored away in the Vault of the Cathedral (colors of Beauty & Service) until war is over.


[Page 177]


June 25


1942 Thursday”  afternoon off.


[Page 178]


June 26


1942 Fri – Looking for’d to Tom’s return tomorrow from California


[Page 179]


June 27


1942 Saturday


[Page 180]




June 28


1942 Sunday: a. m, Annie & I took an early morning walk; still looking for Tom who has not returned from California. – In afternoon went to Jayhawk Theatre to see the Cavalry, men from Ft. Riley, Ks present their own musical revue “ The Life of Riley,” cast of 70, presented the revue.  Among cast were stage, screen & radio artists.  Capt Andrew B. White who directed is aide to Brig. Gen. Donald A Robinson, commandant at the post.  W White before induction sang for Fred Waring orchestra.  Pasquale De Cues, polo player who recently married Gloria Vanderbuilt was among the Pvt. in the Revue. – Don & Bill came over with their regular ice –cream treat.


[Page 181]


June 29


1942 Mon.  Tom came home, Sunday night; as we had gone to bed, we didn’t see him until Monday, he & Ruth came to dinner & Don & Ann came over later & visited out on the porch. Tom looked well & seemed happy to be in Kans. again.


[Page 182]




June 30


1942 Tues.


[Page 183]


July 1


1942 Wed.  Chilly enough for light jacket


[Page 184]




July 2


1942 Thur.  Rained some during lunch hour – Busy P. M. at office – Tom thinks our large lawn beautiful & air in Kans. clear & fresh compared to Long Beach where oil derricks exist, -- Annie stayed down town, we ate dinner at Pennant Cafeteria, then to the Cozy to see Spring Byington & Frank Morgan in “Vanishing Virginian” – It was still “light & early when the picture show was over so we walked to Pennington’s, Ruth & Tom were gone but we visited awhile with Ruth’s mother


[Page 185]


July 3


1942 Fri


[Page 186]


July 4


1942 Saturday – 4th – Home Saturday & Sunday – Tom to dinner, then Don & Billy came over – Later Tom took us riding to Gage’s Park, then left at 4:00 pm to take Curley home before going to work.  He has been alternating at Cozy & Crystal some each day since his return for California  He’s very brown, looks well – and at 30 has more grey hairs sprinkled here or there than when he left – He seems more quiet, calm & broader-minded & more resigned.

[Page 187]


July 5


1942 Sunday:  Tom & Ronald Pennington came in the afternoon, then Don & Bill came & Tom took pictures of us all; Tom left about 4 again for work – Just listened into American boys in London & Ireland; Amer National hymns were sung – Bebe Daniels, Duke of Kent spoke – Soldiers saw King & Queen of England, & could understand why English people loved queen so.


Have been reading this evening, “But collections are awful,” a book published by an optometrist.


[Page 188]


July 6


1942 Monday – Back to office after 2 days vacation – cool resort air today – Letter from Kenneth from Sharon, Pa a branch house of Westinghouse. – Tom came to office to fill out necessary papers for Enlisting in Navy Reserve Construction work which could take him to Hawaii, Egypt, etc. wherever that type of work is necessary .


Visited with Mrs Crowther’s awhile –


[Page 189]


July 7


1942 Tues.  cool –


[Page 190]


July 8


1942 Wed:  When I came home from Beauty Parlor, Tom was home visiting with Mrs Taylor, Grace Holcomb & Annie – After they left, we three visited awhile, then Tom laid down with his head in Clarge lap & feet on Mothers & fell asleep.  It was 12 oclock midnight when we awakened him to meet Ruth who was visiting somewhere.


It seems so grand to have Tom home again – tho it cannot be for long.


[Page 191]


July 9


1942 Thursday  Tom & Ronald Pennington stopped at the home enroute to Gage’s pool for a swim until 4:30 at which time they go on duty at the Cozy. – Later Ruth phoned that Tom doesn’t go on work until nine tonight so his coming out to set with us on the porch until then


Rec’d my stamp cover today.  It commemorates on July 7-42, the 5 years Chinese resistance to Japanese aggression which commenced July 7-1937.


Lovely summer evening’s dinner – Claire’s birthday – sweet cards from Bess, Annie, one from Mary & Mass. Meet.  Bessie is sending a gift for Annie & I together.  Mary gave me a glass “Sea-gull” – Annie 1.25 and Don $2.50.


[Page 192]


July 10


1942 Friday


Billy Don to Emporia


[Page 193]


July 11


1942 Saturday:  In evening Mrs Pennington Ruth & Tom, Annie & I picnicked in the new Shelter House in West Gage’s Park.  Fine lunch & pleasant evening.  Ruth & Tom were with Mr & Mrs Bryden Friday evening until late so we came away from Gages about 10: P.M.


Tom brought his kodak pictures to the office & gave Don & I some.  He does fine work in pictures –


[Page 194]


July 12


1942 Sunday:  a big mornings walk away over to Westboro our restricted district – walked so far, we laid down to sleep when we came home


About 7:00 P M Don came over & we had such a pleasant visit – enjoyed the ice-cream – he had been to the Board meeting earlier in the day


[Page 195]


July 13


1942 Monday


[Page 196]


July 14


1942 Tues. at 11:45 a.m Tom had appointment to be at recruiters station in the Federal Bldg, where he was to receive instructions concerning his trip to Kans. City to be exam’d for Navy Reserve –


Four boys went – one a Lee Godrey who was formeraly a patient of Dons – Tom liked Mr Godfrey so much & hopes when they are called into service that Mr Godrey & he may go together.


Tues. evening enjoyed a family picnic at Shawnee Lake; after which we drove to Pauline, Ks to see the New Bomber Base under construction there.  Bldgs white, roofs green 2 churches – very extensive


Picnic given for Hugh Knisely & Jimmy & Anita


[Page 197]


#Tom’s accepted in Navy Reserve.


July 15


1942 Wed:  Quite warm – In evening Tom came from K. City where he was exam’d & took the oath as a Naval Reserve in the United States Navy Reserve Construction division for 2 years; he is classified F.2/C (Seabees.


He seemed pleased.  Had he not been colored blind he would have had a more advanced classification and been in Navy.  Inability to discriminate between certain colors barred him from the Navy


[Page 198]


July 16


1942 Thurs:  Annie & Tom came to Don’s office – Tom got his new lenses, then they waited until 1 pm, my afternoon off; we three lunched at Norman’s café (air-conditioning there made a pleasant place to eat).


After lunch shopped around – Annie bought a new dress, blue with white stripes – Claire a new hat, dusty rose shade made of bands of ribbon – Tom went home to sleep, he was tired – It seemed so good to have Tom with us, He’s still very fond of home and Mother


[Page 199]


July 17


1942 Fri.  Clarge & Tom at Norman’s for lunch – He rec’d a letter from draft board here inducted him into Army service – but on July 15 – he entered Naval Reserve Service, so he was ahead of the draft board this time.


[Page 200]


July 18


1942 Saturday.  Annie’s birthday – we celebrated with her gifts in advance, but gave birthday cards today. – She also made a birthday cake.


Sweet letter from Louise; she enclosed a letter Bess rec’d from Kenneth Ketcham who graduated in June from Kans University & is now taking 16 month extensive course at the Westinghouse Plants – fine boy & fine letter.  Very hot today


About 9:30 Ruth, her mother & Tom came bringing a large, ice-cold sweet watermelon which was enjoyed by all and on the South porch, a fine cool breeze from south blew later in the evening.


[Page 201]


July 19 Sunday


1942 Sun; Clarges vacationing at home for a week – Tom with us awhile, until Lee Godrey called – They were going to drive to Gardner Kans where they might be stationed.


Don with ice cream made us regular Sunday visit – nice showers came.


In evening we saw Spencer Tracy & Katherine Hepburn in the picture “The Woman of The Year.”


I wanted to be with Tom as much as I could before he entered Service & would be sent away, so I took a week off.


[Page 202]


1942 Mon. – Mr Rody mowed the lawn.  Tom took dinner with us, then took kodak pictures – We removed our glasses so light wouldn’t reflect on them & spoil our pictures – smash – we tramped on Tom’s new lenses & broke them


[Page 203]


July 21


1942 Tues.  Annie & I finished the house work, went shopping to find me some new shoes which we found after much “trying on”- antelope hand made – There sure comfortable – maybe I’ll have to wear them a long time if the war last

At 8:30 we listened to “Cheers from the Camp” from Camp Borden in Canada – Its sponsored thru Genl Motors by the Canadian & Amer. Governments – Its closing song was “God Bless America-“ Canada is so sincere, so determined & courageous – fine bunch of boys there.


[Page 204]


July 22


1942 Wed –


[Page 205]


July 23


1942 Thurs.  Annie, Tom & I to Kans City Missour – Tom for his “Seaman papers & fingerprinting.  As a seaman, this would be a passport anywhere in the world – spent the evening with Goldie & Lulu in K.C. Kans – delightful dinner – were we hungry?  Return to Topeka via Eudora where an expansion munition plant with its administration buildings has been erected – men as busy at night as by day.  Ruth’s brother Paul, blueprints there.


[Page 206]


July 24


1942 Friday:  Mothers birthday anniversary – at eleven Tom & Lee Pennington Jr called for us to accompany them to Gage Lake where they were going swimming.  While there we saw a man 88 years old slide down a 50 feet incline unaided & he enjoyed it.


In evening, Don came over.


[Page 207]


July 25


1943 Saturday.  Usual mornings housework – about 5, Tom came in from Mr Brydens where he spent the afternoon visiting – staid until 7:45, then went to the Show to call for Ruth at 8.


Chilly – rain, lightening & thunder.  Light blanket at night.  Felt refreshing tho


[Page 208]




July 26


1942 Sunday:  Read article about the colored Dr Geo. Washington Carver the negro scientiest called the “Agricultural Savior of the South: aging, he was accompanied all the way from Tuskogee, Okla to Detroit by detective force guarding his safety, & a Dr guarding his health, was removed in a wheel chair to a log cabin mansion built purposely for him by Henry Ford on Greenwich Village estate, thru his experiments he is hoped to become rubber Savior of Amer. in the conflict.


[Page 209]


July 27


1924 Monday:  Returned to office after a week’s vacation


[Page 210]


July 28


1942 Tues wore my new pink hat.


[Page 211]


July 29


1942 Wed – Temperature 103 – Peggy returned from Washington.  Keith sailed to – as Capt. K. Weltmer Peggy was 5 days enroute from Wash to home – looked fine, just abit weary she said tho.


Bill Don & Tom to Gages Lake for a swim.


[Page 212]


July 30


1942 Thur.  Temperature 102, - Afternoon off – took my rest.


Peggy & Ann came over to see us.


Tom & Pennington boy at Gage Lake to swim


[Page 213]


July 31


1942 Fri:  Tom & Ruths 3rd wedding anniversary.


Annie sprinkling lawn & flowers while I’m listening to “Information Please “then to “Waltz Time” with Frank Mum & Abe Lymans orchestra.


Busy day at office finishing statements in addition to reguluar duties.


We hoped to have an anniversary dinner in Ruth & Tom’s honor but each was on duty tonite.


[Page 214]


August 1


1943 Saturday –


[Page 215]


August 2


1943 Sunday –


[Page 216 thru 221]




[Page 222]


August 9


1942 Sunday


[Page 223]


August 10


1942 Mon.


[Page 224]


August 11


1942 Tuesday


[Page 225]


August 12


1942 Wed.  Cozy Theatre – Marlene Dietrich & ------------- in The Lady was Willing.”


[Page 226]


August 13


1942 Thurs.  Visited with Mrs Crowther; she was altering my dress


[Page 227]


August 14


1942 Friday:  with Ruth & Tom for dinner This week Peggy rec’d several letter from Keith & today a telegram remembering her birthday which is Aug. 16th


[Page 228]


August 15


1942 Saturday:  Tonite, Don to Colo Sprgs until Sept 1 –


[Page 229]


August 16


1942 Sunday.  Peggy Weltmer’s birthday – Don’s in Colorado – Billy in Emporia – Don’t see Tom very often now, on duty afternoon & night


At 7 a.m. – 67 degrees  In evening – Cozy “Betty Gable, Victor Mature, Jack Oakie” in “Song of the Island – 2nd feature, “A Yank on the Burma Road,” Barry Nelson & Lorraine Day.  Both enjoyable –


[Page 230]


August 17


1942 Mon:  Believe it or not:  foggy & chilly enough to have little heat for bathing –


Busy day at office – all by myself for 2 wks – lunched at 1:30.


8. P. M. attended cake & ice cream social in Willow Park, accordion orchestra furnished entertainment.


[Page 231]


August 18


1942 Tues:  Letter from Don from Colo Sprgs; from the Court way at the Antlers Hotel, “Pike’s Peak” can be seen in the background -, delightful climate & restaurant famed. Overpopulated at present – due military affairs, some it is said are sleeping in Railway Stations.


[Page 232]


August 19


1942 Wed:  Office is being re-decorated during Don’s absence


Letter from Don from Colo – his vacation is benefitting him –


[Page 233]


August 20


1942 Thru.  Goldie to come today from K. C. for a visit – Ann, Peg & Vivian spending few days in KC – Goldie reaches our home about 9:00 PM due to travel delays & change of buses


Don sent Annie 3 lovely initial hakfs from Colo.  They were made in Portugal Spain –


I rec’d four glass animals for my collection – a large swan, a deer, a elephant and a baby swan, they are wonderfully true to real animals, only tiny.


[Page 234]


August 21


1942 Fri:  Goldie, Annie & I took our evening meal at the Pennant Cafeteria, listened to Mr Ebersole play the electric piano which always charms his listeners.  He plays with so much expression like Bessie used to do –


I’m mixed on my dates.  On Friday night we went to Cozy to see “Suicide Squadron -  On Saturday to the Co-Ed & saw Douglass Fairbanks Jr in Duma’s “The Corsican Brothers.  Was an amazingly entertaining picture Ruth Warwick, Akin Tameroff assissting Fairbanks – The other picture was “Men in Her Life” with Loretta Young & Conrad Veidt  It was good also


[Page 235]


August 22


1942 Saturday:  We 3, went to the Cozy to see a new picture “The Suicide Squadron,” misnamed it seems to us – Was an unusual picture – Theme, a polish composer & musician who created & played on the piano some wonderful compositions, travelling thru all principal foreign countries & to America, - his desire to aid his country as a aviator overcame his desire to continue with his music so he joined his country’s forces etc


Tom came and about 8 oclock – didn’t feel very well, & couldn’t rest good, so he got up early & came over – he took me to the office – said getting out in fresh air early seemed to help him. 


Pennington’s cook so many fried & solid foods, which do not agree very well with Tom


[Page 236]


Sunday night so chilly that Goldie slept under a sheet – 2 blankets & a comfort.


August 23


1942 Sunday:  Annie, Goldie & Clarge slept late Sunday morning – after breakfast was over & rooms in order we read the Capital & listened to “The Southern Songs” – We dinnered late; rested, then rode on the Huntoon bus over to Westboro as Goldie had not seen the new district; from there we visited Gage’s Park, walked thru the lovely rose garden & saw the rock garden – Day was grand, chilly enough for light wraps tho.


At the Shelter house wwe had delicious sandwicthes and ice cream.  Then we came home at twilight; lighted the gas in the fireplace; listened to Radio, then Goldie wanted to hear all about our New Orleans trip.


It seemed like Sundays of long ago with Goldie in our parlor.


[Page 237]


August 24


1942 Monday: Goldie left about 2: P M.  It seems lonesome in our big home without her tonite – she’s so sunny lady-like & gets “Lots of Living” out of life  It is hard to realize Goldie will be 61 in Dec. 1942.  She doesn’t require much to make her happy, takes an interest in most everything.  Loved by the blind children over who she is “Home Superviser.”  Rec’d many letters from children’s parents telling of their gratitude for her kindness & care toward their children


A post card from Don from Pike’s Peak in Colo – he’s so faithful to all his folks with his cards & letters.


Annie is gathering up all “old Scrap metals for the U. S. O trucks which pick them up Tuesday.


[Page 238]


August 25


1942 Tues:  Tom spent the evening with us, didn’t feel very well, has been working without any recess – now he will have Tues, Thur & Sunday evenings off but be on duty during the week every afternoon.  We had some ice-cream – Tom loves our home & our yard, I think sometimes he is a little homesick for his boyhood home & big lawn


Letter from Don.  Duke of Kent, brother of Geo VI of England was killed in an airplane disaster.


[Page 239]


August 26


1942 Wed:


In the evening Claire went to see Mickey Rooney in Andy Hardy’s Courtship.  Annie was tired so remained home.  She decorated the woodwork in Claires room with ivory.  Getting ready for the new Venitian blinds.


[Page 240]


August 27


1942 Thur:


[Page 241]


August 28


1942 Friday:  Mary returned to the office a day earlier than required in order to complete statement work, before going to hospital “for repairs”


[Page 242]


August 29


1942 Saturday:  Evening – Annie retired early after a busy day with the Hoover cleaner – handwashed with whale-oil soap all the leaves on our massive palm which fills 2/3 of our bay window; palm was about 12” high when mother brought it home on the pullman from Los Angeles in 1918.


Finished reading “Whispering Willow” Columns which cover an entire page every Saturday night – Its such a kindly, wholesome column, human, filled with charming little incidents about folks and things, told so pleasingly.


Tom on duty tonite until 1:00 P.M.


[Page 243]


August 30


1942 Sunday


[Page 244]


August 31


1942 Monday.


[Page 245]


September 1


1942 Tues:  Don returned from Colo. Sprgs; gained eleven lbs – looks fine – has many full days on our office calendar ahead –


Brought us a darling little oil painting scene from Colorado


[Page 246]


September 2


1942 Wed


[Page 247]


September 3


1942 Thursday


[Page 248]


September 4


1942 Fri.  Tom & Ruth out for dinner – Tom called back to work but came back after working hours – Mr & Mrs Bryden, Toms friends came over & we played “Contact”


[Page 249]


September 5


1942 Saturday:  Very busy day at the office; - at 6:30 Claire went to bed, where she staid Sunday, & Monday which was “Labor” day, so as to be rested for a busy next week – Annie even served my meals upstairs which was fun for me (not Annie).


Rest is such a tonic; those two days seemed like a trip to Shangrai-la.


[Page 250]


September 6


1942 Sun:  Resting in bed


[Page 251]


September 7


1942 Monday, labor day, rested in bed. – no labor day parade, because our country is at war.


In the evening Pres. Roosevelt gave his “Fireside talk” – talked turkey to Congress who must act by Oct 1-42 or else he will use his emergency powers & act himself to stabalize farm prices, (he himself would act to stabalize wages) he promised –


Annie is making grape jelly for winter time.


[Page 252]


September 8


1942 Tues:  Busy office day.  Peggy rec’d six air mail letters from Keith who is still stationed near Aleutian? Island –


Peggy started in Stricklers Bus. College


[Page 253]


September 9


1942 Wed


[Page 254]


September 10


1942 Thur:  Tom & I lunched at Walkers Air Conditioned lunch room.  Tom was served with meat, baked beans, & vegetable, cold slaw, iced tea & pudding, oh yes, hot rolls & biscuits, all for 36 cts, wasn’t that a banquet for that amount.


Its difficult to find lawn-cutters with so many boys in service; thru agency we located one today, he mowed the lawn but didn’t rake it, & its quite “ridgy”; best we can do


[Page 255]


September 11


1942 Fri:  Another “full house” day, with tomorrow the same, so here’s to bed early tonite.  Listened to “Information Please”, then looked over Literary Digest for Sept, then “Goodnight.”


[Page 256]


September 12


1942 Saturday:  Annie & I to the Cozy “Norma Shearer & Melvin Douglas in “We were Dancing” – a comedy plus a satire on Society.


Then hot chocalate at Walgrens – while waiting for Bus, Mrs J E Pennington & Tom P – stopped on corner to visit; they had returned from a visit to Paul P. in Seattle –


Avalanche of bugs visited the avenue, huge katydids etc, making it difficult to stand near the Avenue lights – many fine looking soldiers with different insignia were among the avenue pedestrians.


[Page 257]


September 13


1942 Sunday:  Cool morning – warmer daytime, Tom came out for dinner – It sure seemed nice to see him – car batteries aren’t very warable & he’s been busy, so his visits are less frequent, since Penningtons have returned, he will have relief at booth.


Faithful Don came over also, he has been reading today on efforts to re-educate folks with color blindness.  Mattie came, stayed several hours. – had a good sleep on davenport, then enjoyed tomato sandwiches, olives & ice cream.  Her daughter Marguerite leave Wed for training in Army Nurses Corp at Joplin as 2nd Lieutenant $90 a month, all uniforms etc furnished – board & room – Kenneth transferred with 3 other boys from Westinghouse in Ca to Seattle Wash. office, Navy Eng. & drafting


[Page 258]


#Colorful triangular “Shoulder Patch,”


September 14


1942 Monday:  Ks Free Fair started in full swing today tho opened yesterday – Battalion of 9th Armored Div. from Camp Funston will give demonstration here; their insignia new in this area is unique as it gives complete story of armored force, especially composition – forming background for triangle (worn on left sleeve) are the colors red (field artillery), blue (infantry) & yellow (for Cavalry).  These 3 groups comprise main elements of armored division.  In black & part of shoulder patch is a barrell of a cannon symbolizing firepower – a tank tract for speed & mobility & a streak of lightening, represents the shock action of the troops.  A number 9 designate that individual is assigned to 9th Armoured Division.


[Page 259]


September 15


1942 Tues:  Monday eve with Don attended a lecture by Dr Hill of the “Better Vision Institute.”  Splendid – calm speaker with versatile command of language, very tactiful, well-read – so much of useful suggestions to help in one’s office routine.


[Page 260]


September 16


Wed 1942


[Page 261]


September 17


Thurs 1942


[Page 262]




September 18


Fri 1942:  Tom rec’d official notice to start for Norfolk, Va in the Naval Reserve – transportation furnish.  He starts Oct 7-42 but on Oct 6 will go to K. C. for another physical.


[Page 263]


September 19


1942 Saturday evening as guests of Mrs Pennington & Ruth, Annie, Mrs P. & I attended evening performance of the Fair at the Grand Stand.  Splendid show beautiful scenes, talents & gowns – Dances from India, China, Ireland & Scotland very colorful – also patriotic colors & dancing – Before leaving the ground we stopped at the church Booth on the grounds for refreshment


[Page 264]


September 20


Sun 1942 – Ruth & Tom for dinner tonite:  menu – chicken –  au gratin potatoes – fresh lima beans – fruit salad – jelly – hot rolls, butter, mint baked apples with ice crem.


Bill & Don were over – Don had 3 hours sleep – tired out from heavy week at office –


[Page 265]


September 21


Mon 1942


[Page 266]


September 22


Tues 1942:  Bess & Custer’s, 32 Wedding anniversary – sent them a clever 4 sheet congratulation card


[Page 267]


September 23


1942 Wed:  First Fall Party for the girls in Natl Bank Top Blldg tonite – patriotic decorations, colored pictures, music & fashion show to be the entertainment with dinner at ‘Koci Tea Room’ – I was invited but didn’t go.


[Page 268]


September 24


1942 Thur:  Afternoon off – Rain.


[Page 269]


September 25


1942 Fri.  In evening Ruth & Tom came out bringing ice-cream & delicious chocolate cake.  We had an enjoyable evening played “Crockinole” & “Contract” –


[Page 270]


September 26


1942 Saturday – cold and rain.


[Page 271]


September 27


1942 Sunday:  homes & other buildings covered with quite a layer of frost – brings comfort to hay fever victims.


Tom came out to lunch before going to the booth to work & took camera pictures of Anna & I in our yard


[Page 272]


September 28


1942 Monday:  Fine card from Bess – all were elated over the anniversary card  - Peggy for a week stenographing at the former High School Bldg. S. W. Corner of 8th & Harrison – Seems delighted with her work


[Page 273]


September 29


1942 Tues – Warmer today – sunshine – Tom had 8:30 appt with Dr Iseman for teeth cleaning – Tom & I lunched at Kresge’s, menu cold slaw, hot biscuits, butter, ham & beans which Tom surely enjoys – Think Keith is in Kiska in the Aleutian Island. – Mrs Crowthers finished some alterations for me.


[Page 274]


September 30


1942 Wed.  Annie completed painting our large porch & is still alive. – Fine letter from Kenneth Ketcham, - he is in Puget Sound Naval Yards – was one among 50 men sent from Westinghouse, in Pittsburg Pa. on a special naval assignment to P. S. Navy Yards at Bremerton, Wash which is just across sound from Seattle – His working quarters are in the bottom of a big warship where the sun’s rays never penetrate – drafting of some sort.


8:00 PM – Perry Ward, Ruby’s son broadcasts over Columbian with Mischa Airer


[Page 275]


October 1


1942 Thurs.  Mr & Mrs Godfrey entertained at their home for Tom.


[Page 276]


October 2


1942 Friday:  Mr & Mrs Bryden entertained for Tom & Ruth


[Page 277]


October 3


1942 Saturday:  Just remained home to rest.


[Page 278]


October 4


1942 Sunday:  An afternoon with the regrets because Annie & I were away from home when Don & Tom came.  Tom came to spend his last afternoon at our home before he left, so we could have a good visit with just us three.  He waited around an hour & a half.  We were so sorry to have been gone.  We thought he had gone with Ruth to Paul’s to Lawrence for dinner.  That was done later in the day tho –


[Page 279]


October 5


1942 Monday:  Ruth & Tom our dinner guests in the evening.


At Eleven, Mr & Mrs Godfrey, Annie & I were luncheon guests at Ruth in Tom’s honor.  (At noon Monday)


[Page 280]


October 6


1942 Tues.  About 12:30 P.M, Tom’s train moved on to K City where he was to report for physical check over.  If O.K. he goes on to Norfolk, Va. for United States Naval Construction Training Center for 6 wks training.  Ruth accompanied him to K.C. to remain until he moved on.  Tom looked fine – a little thin perhaps – but calm & composed & so devoted to those near him – glad to become settled since he should go & serve tho – Its been a long suspense. – Mr & Mrs Godfrey, Mr Mason, Mrs Pennington, Annie & I were with Ruth & Tom at the depot.  Mary sent to Tom a lovely box of candy & nuts from she & Dave – A fine black zippered kit with Tom’s name engraved from Ruth, - Annie & I gave him some currency – Ruth & Tom slept at our house all night.  They were our


[Page 281]


guests for dinner at Dibbles Monday evening Oct 5th then we were their guests to the Grand to see “The Pied Piper” – A fine picture of an Englishman who shepered children to place of safety in England in the Second Worlds War.


Tom walked with me to work, but as Don’s car came along, we didn’t have opportunity to walk far.  But even a short walk meant much.  He would soon be gone.  Air brisk & clear – Sun bright –


8 A M Tom was at Custom House Bldg for his “physical” which was thru by Eleven a.m.  There were 60 boys altogether – At eleven Tom met Ruth & with one of the “enlistees from “near Colorado border line, they saw K. C. – The young man said he wished his folks could have been at depot to bid him goodbye.  He has wife & 2 children at home & is only 23 years of age –


At 8:14 Tom’s train left for Virginia – Ruth visited Katherine


[Page 282]


October 8


1942 Thursday:  Annie & I each rec’d two dollars from Bessie – just to spend as “wrecklessly” as we wish.


A post card from Tom dated Oct 8 – 1942 Chicago, Ill states; “Got started about 10 oclock last nite.  We drew pullmans.  Had a good nights rest and a dandy breakfast.  Arrived in Chicago about 8 oclock this morning.


It took all day yesterday to get started.  Ruth met me.”


[Page 283]


October 9


1942 Friday:  Hair shampooed & set; took one hour and 10 minutes to get home, then finally walked – During war cars run only every 20 minutes.  Two motormen didn’t see me, went flying by – there was 40 minutes gone, so I concluded to walk home 22 blocks.  Very dark too.


Annie engaged  Xmas card from Mrs Klussman


[Page 284]


October 10


1942 Saturday:  A card from Tom


[Page 285]


October 11


1942 Sunday:  Just a quiet, lovely autumn Sunday – Don & Bill Don our visitors in the afternoon –


In the evening, on the West 17th Bus, we rode to the New Gov Hospital base, to be 1,500,000 hospital.  Work goes on day & nite – myriads of lights everywhere more than you can imagine


Wrote to Goldie & Lulu


[Page 286]


October 12


1942 Mon.  In the evening, I read, “See here, Private Hargrove” by Capt Eric Knigh, author of “This above All” – It’s the best book yet on young America in the Army – humorous, & so alive – will send copy to Tom


[Page 287]


October 13


1942 Tues:  Lovely weather – nothing exciting – Mrs Knisely at Stormonts for a few days –


[Page 288]


October 14


1942 Wed.


[Page 289]


October 15


1942 Thur:  Letter from Tom at Camp Allen at Norfolk, Va.  Busy days for them there – Inoculations pretty stiff – a drilling in arms; “serious business there” he says


[Page 290]


October 16


1942 Friday:  Another letter from Tom to us – Mary, Ann, Ruth, Mr Godfrey also heard from Tom.


[Page 291]


October 17


1942 Saturday:  Don rec’d a letter from Tom – so did Mrs Morns, & Mrs Green –


Seems as tho Tom should be coming home now, - I cant understand our country on our times.  How can a President be given so much emergency privileges, that those whom we love can be taken right out of our homes and our hearts and be shipped away to Island X, without our knowing where they are sent.  Is this democracy! Or is it dictatorship.  Is it politics sailing under the cloak of military secretcy.


[Page 292]


October 18


1942 Sun.


[Page 293]


October 19


1942 Mon.  Left Topeka about 6 oclock reached KC. at 8:10.  Lulu was attending church meeting; but Mr Tyler was home & ushered us in –


When Lulu returned home she found us asleep in bed.


[Page 294]


October 20


1942 Tues:  We “3” went to KC. Mo  In afternoon looked thru stores – lunched at the Forum.


[Page 295]


October 21


1942 Wed:  Annie & I went shopping on KC. Kans side – bought tokay grapes, & dates etc home for Lulu.


[Page 296]


October 22


1942 Thursday:  In P.M. Goldie, Lu Agnes, Annie & I spent afternoon in Kans. City Mo; at the picture show & vaudeville, then dinner at Green’s Cafeteria.  Looks thru the stores which are opened until 9:00 PM on Thurs. evenings


[Page 297]


October 23


1942 Fri – Lulu, Annie & I were invited to dinner at Aileen Gallagher’s in K.C. Aileen is Clifford’s daughter – splendid dinner with pleasant evening – Marcia is her 2 yr old baby – blond – large blue eyes, dimpled cheeks; pretty & bright.


[Page 298]


October 24


1942 Satur:  at 5 pm returned from K. City where we had been visiting since Monday Evn Oct 19th – gathered our mail – with 2 letters from Tom” – got groceries & settled down for the night – Such a delightful time with Goldie & Lu; we left them regretfully


[Page 299]


October 25


1942 Sun:  Just stayed home.  Don brought the bird back.  Billy cared for bird while we were away.  Don brought ice-cream as usual – Then I wrote to Tom on the typewriter which I do once in a while, for it looks much neater than my handwriting


[Page 300]


October 26


1942 Mon:  Peggy resigned from her position at Air-base -  A letter from Tom


[Page 301]


October 27


1942 Tues:  Sent special envelopes to Tom & 4 pkgs of gum.


[Page 302]


October 28


1942 Wed:  Letter from Tom – Boys were using gas masked in a tear gas room.  Made tears come.


Bought a clothes cabinet –


[Page 303]


October 29


1942 Thur:  Another letter from Tom.  Its nice to have a fine nephew like Tom.  A fine young man – Two Capitals & the money belt were rec’d by him & he was so pleased – His work friend at Douglass Plant in California has gone into service with his son.


Tom attended nice church services – also a picture show.  Soon he will be transferred.


I bought a pretty new blue dress suit, light blue, wool, gold braid trim on lapels, quite pretty.


In evening Annie & I saw The Spoilers –


[Page 304]


October 30


1942 Friday:  Dons “Coster Blue Spruce” cedars, three in number came from Colorado & were planted, one in back yard & two in front.


[Page 305]


October 31


1942 Saturday


[Page 306]


November 1


1942 Sunday:  Don missed us today.  Worked all afternoon getting data for closing of Court Administration on lots in Los Angles – About 6:00 P.M. took a walk & saw the most brilliant colorings on Oaks & Maples at Westlawn Park – rich goldens, reds & russets that one could imagine – Moisture this fall has given unusual magical colorings to the trees.


Will write to Tom who may now have left Norfolk.


[Page 307]


November 2


1942 Monday


[Page 308]


November 3


1942 Tuesday


[Page 309]


Nov 4


1942 Wed  Sometimes we are very busy, and I do not write each evening


By Sunday I have forgotten each days events


[Page 310]


November 5


1942 Thur  My afternoon absent from the office


[Page 311]


November 6


1942 Friday – no letters from Tom today – His company has been transferred “Somewhere,” – all military secret.


[Page 312]


November 7


1942 Saturday:  Agnes Burke from KC. Miss Hutchinson, Annie & Clarge after dinner at the Chocolate, saw the picture of “My Sister Eileen” starring Rosalind Russell, Janet Blair as “Eileen,” & Brian Ahern.  It was a Fun Fest.  “Story of two sisters from Columbus, Ohio, who went to New York to make careers as writer & actress.  Innocently they rent a basement “studio” under which a new subway is being blasted & the locks on the door are broken.  Just about every sort of character to be found in N. Y makes a highway of their bedroom.


Of course fame & romance is attained in spite of all interruptions but right in the finish the subway workman break right thru their floor with their blasting


[Page 313]


November 8


1942 Sunday:  Cloudy – not to chilly.  After Sunday dinner, Annie & I walked – we saw pretty bunches of bitter sweet along one fence which we wanted – but didn’t take.  “Conscience makes cowards of us all”


We visited Mrs Knisely at Christ’s Hospital, she wants some of Annie’s Chip Chocolate cookies.


Then we visited Mrs Taylor who is on [crutches] yet – nice visits both of them


Over the Radio just heard “Marys a Grand Old Name” – “Goodbye Broadway, Hello France” – “How you gonna keep ‘em down on the Farm (After they’ve seen Paree.”


[Page 314]


November 9


1942 Mon.  Two letter from Tom; he has been transferred to Camp Bradford, Norfolk, Va.  Camp in the center of “Pine” forest.  Eight of the boys “bunk” together in one tent, all new ones, none of Tom’s former associates were transferred to Bradford.


My diamond, which I got once from Pomps, was reset in yellow gold mounting.  The white gold ring in which it was originally set, broke & part of the circles lost.  It just happened that the part of the ring containing the diamond was found on the buffet where I had temporary laid my hose & a bath towel.  Wasn’t I fortunate to find the set.


[Page 315]


November 10


1942 Tues:  Chilly, but sunny & brisk.  Busy office day but not too “rushy”


Major. Gen. Chas W. Ryder, who was in charge of the landing of U.S. forces at Algiers in Africa where the foreign forces surrendered to U S forces is a son of Dr Ryder whom we knew in N. Topeka.


Nov 9th – Edna May Oliver, beloved stage & screen actress died on her 59 birthday, was one of Hollywoods most exclusive actresses but in a friendly way: preferred to be alone studiously avoided most invitation – Will be best remembered in “Cimarron” & as Aunt Betsy Trotwood in David Copperfield.


[Page 316]


November 11


1942 Wed.  Armistice Day – a fine parade on Kans Ave


Saw Gary Cooper in “Sergeant York” at the Cozy – The No I soldier in the 1st worlds war who captured 132 Germans:  7 boys & Sergeant York did the job but York alone trapped the German by encircling around & then coming down upon them


[Page 317]


November 12


1942 Thur:  Rested in P.M – my afternoon off – Card from Lulu – In evening went to Co-Ed to see Raymond Massey in Abe Lincoln in Illinois


[Page 318]


November 13


1942 Friday.  Annie canned 5 quarts of fine pears given to us recently by Ruth.


[Page 319]


November 14


1942 Saturday


[Page 320]


November 15


1942 Sunday:  Don in Wichita, lecturing at the meeting.


Annie & I put in a full day clearing the attic of all inflammable matter, removing such to Tom’;s shed prepatoring to a visit from the Air Warden – Felt gratified a results, & happier to dispose of not needed articles – Gave many boxes & some wearing apparel to the Salvation Army - & old light fixtures to Defense scraps


Warm day – temperature 75 –but very windy.


Miss Losey’s talk at the convention was much enjoyed Don said.


[Page 321]


November 16


1942 Monday  Letter from our Tom F2/c who is now in the Replacement Battalion R3, Co D. Plat 5, Camp Bradford N.C.T.C. Norfolk, Va at a moments notice subject to being sent out.  Their battalion to be split up & scattered in other Battalions – Is getting a stiff work out from Marines.


Pretty tired at night, no heat in the tents, go on to bed.


By air mail sent Dots letter to Tom with my enclosed.


# London England Nov 15. (A.D.) 47,000 people have killed in “Air Raids” on Britain since war began, 56,000 injured & 2,750,000 houses destroyed or damaged


Took a pre-bed time walk, warm pleasant evening saw a practice bomber finding its way across the blue sky like a shooting star.


[Page 322]


Kit from Underwoods –


November 17 1942


1942 Tues  Tom received a grand kit from Underwood Co; waterproof bag an expensive outfit with a fine greeting card.  Contained the following articles  1 Shaving Soap 2-Tooth brush & box 3- Tooth paste 4 – Hair brush 5 Face Powder 6 Soap 7 Sewing kit 8 Steel Mirror, 9 Silverware polishing kit 10 Shoe polish kit 11 Foot powder 12 First Aid Kit  13 Box Stationary.


[Page 323]


November 18


1942 Wed


[Page 324]


November 19


1942 Thur.  Claires “liberty” afternoon was so warm that she carried her wrap while shopping.  Purchased a new close-fitting hat with band of fur across the front.  – Also bought new tablecloth; then we were glad to come home & spend the evening within.


Curly, Tom’s pup came out in search of Tom I guess & stayed until Ruth came Friday Evening


Annie send a box of home made chip-chocolates cookies to Tom


[Page 325]


November 20


1942 Friday:  Peggy was rehired permanently at the Pauline Air Base, so she & Vivian will drive in Peg’s car to Pauline.


Ruth dinnered with us in the evening, then took Curley home – It thundered, lightninged & rained as they left.  Ruth seemed tired.  She took Mr & Mrs Godfrey to the depot, he to leave for K. City to enter Service at Camp Perry, Virginia which is 24 miles from Camp Brandon where Tom is encamped.


[Page 326]


November 21


1942 Saturday:  Good letter from Tom.  The boys in camp at last have stoves in their tents so the can keep warm.  They were “Valley Forging’ it for awhile – In evening they went to bed early.  Too cold to do otherwise until their stoves came.


He sent us the gift card which accompanied the expensive Waterproof bag with 13 valuable necessities from the Underwood Co.  Tom wants us to keep it for him until he returns from war.


[Page 327]


First Snow  November 22


1942 Sunday:  Our first winter snow commenced this morning; the misty air of yesterday made the trees & shrubber as moist so snow festooned them in tufts of snow. – Cold too – Mother & I hung the East living room storm window in place so we are ready for the winter now.


Mr Briden planned to take Ruth’s picture today to send to Tom.


Mrs Knisely’s, Ann Paines Mother is still at Christs Hospital.


Margaret Ketcham was to furlo here today from Camp Crowder for a day or so.  Is a Lt. (nurse) & thinks she may be sent over soon


[Page 328]


November 23


1942 Monday:  Annie & Ruth each rec’d a “Service’ pin from Tom.  Lovely little pins; came from Los Angeles where he had sent for them – said on his “Liberty” night he remained in to do his washing – has been working on the waterfront sawing & chopping wood – unable to attend any school until more settled – Eats pint ice cream every nite, cold or warm – In the woods the mosquitos swarmed upon them like dive-bombers.  Still in Camp Bradford


[Page 329]


November 24


1942 Tues.  Bill Don came over to stay all night & breakfast with us, as his mother & Peg were out to dinner with a Lieut, and Don & Ann attending a lecture at the Knife & Fork club – Count Byron de Prorok.


Our Nat’l Georgraphic, Readers Digest and Sunshine magazine came today.


Tonite am writing to Tom, the Sea Bee.


Peg rec’d 13 letters Saturday from Keith & 4 Monday to make up for delays in mail


[Page 330]


November 25


1942 Wed:  Day before Thanksgiving.  This year, Don rec’d Thanksgiving cards from friends – new custom –


Yesterday Capt. Clyde Pangborn, of Royal Air Force ferry command brought his huge Lancaster here with Sgt. J. McNaughton, the Scot as flight Engineer.  Scotch lad “on vacation” shot down 14 axis airplanes in 160 operational sweeps over European continent.  The Captain who has flown twice around the world flew his Lancaster from England to Canada & America.


It’s the fastest load carrier in the world.  This type plane is used for night flying in England & makes low sweeps over European England –


Fine letter from Bess


Colder today – Strong N. wind


[Page 331]


November 26


1942 Thanksgiving, quite cold – Don with our ice-cream & Bill with his ice-cream come visited us this a.m. such a nice visit on current military happenings.  Don is so well informed & Bill Don for his age is interesting – both so well mannered


Annie & I dinnered at home, but in afternoon saw Hedy Lamar & Wm Powell in “The Cross Roads.”  Lovely team together, beauty & charm & ease in manner in Lamar & poise & fine manners in Wm Powell; followed this with 5:30 dinner at Pennant, dinner top with delicious mince pie.


Of course we missed Tom.  We enclosed a 1.00 bill in our last letter to him for Thanksgiving dinner.


Well that’s all folks


[Page 332]


November 27


1942 Friday:  Just a listening in to Jimmy Riggs & Betty Lou: - Annie is crocheting hot pad holders & has just finished a letter to Tom who says now he will be surprised if he leaves the country.  Nov 11th he was scheduled for Ships Co. at Allen, but it fell thru.  Ship Co. is composed of men who stay on a base permanently.  Chief say by next week all will be moved --.  Tom’s trying to enter a diving school but hasn’t heard anything yet – was on guard duty from 12 oclock until 4:00 P.M Nov 20 but slept most of time on a bench in the wood


Mary Knisely to be operated on at 8:00 a.m at Stormonts Hospital so Don & I will be going it alone at the office for a month.


[Page 333]


November 28


1942 Saturday

Letter from Tom dated 25th Camp Bradford.  “We rec’d orders to prepare for a five day trip & tonite is our last liberty.  Rumors are California.  I hope so.


Well, folks, I’ll be seeing you


Lots of Love



[Page 334]


November 29


1942 Sunday:  Radio honored W. Churchill of London England to whose splendid broadcast we listened.  Jeanette McDonald sang his favorite song also.


Don & Billy stopped in a few minutes; were on their way to the Hospital to see Mary and Mrs Knisely.


[Page 335]


November 30


1942 Monday:  Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchills 68th birthday.


Letter from Tom.  Doesn’t know just where his Battery will be sent.


Recently saw Wm Powell & Hedy Lamar in “Crossroads,” a story woven about the intrigues and drama (French) concerning the honor of a public man about to made ambassador.


[Page 336]


December 1


Wings of Victory Program 1st air program – Topeka Army Air Field


1942 Tues:  Just listened in to the Topeka Air Base first broadcast over W.I.B.W.  It was splendid; boys form many states are at the field in different capacities, so talented.


20/30 in air talk mean 8:30


Don wrote Tom a Xmas letter & enclosed money order for Xmas for 5.00 from Don & Ann.


[Page 337]


December 2


1942 Wed Evening:  Ruth phoned, told Annie, Tom had hurriedly phoned here from Cincinnati, he’s enroute to a new destination which he thinks may be California.  Didn’t have time to talk much.  Ruth’s going to take a chance by going to Kans City at 12 A.M tonite & wait in the Union Station in hope of seeing him –


He didn’t know whether they’d come thru KC or not – said he weighed 140 lbs.


Today we sent Tom’s Xmas box to Norfolk, Virginia & he had already been transferred, but it will be forwarded to him.


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December 3


Tom phd. from Kans City


1942 Thurs Evening about 6:30 P.M, our phone rang.  It was Tom phoning from K. C. Mo, the train from Cincinnati had just reach Kansas City, & Ruth was with him.  Somehow, somewhere they had met at the depot, tho Ruth just took a chance in going down Ruth reached K.C. at 8 AM this morning & had stayed in KC all day – His voice sounded so calm & he was glad to hear our voices and is pleased to be on the Western coast in preference to Virginia.  We’ll hear details from Ruth tomorrow.


Annie spent 2 ½ hrs at Union Pacific Depot & Mrs Pennington about as long as the S. Fe depot here


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December 4


1942 Friday


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December 5


1942 Saturday:  Beginning at 12:30 a.m. the snow began falling and by morning a 12 inch snow, the deepest one day snow in 16 yrs has fallen:  it brings fine lot of moisture for grain, trees, shrubbery & trees.  Scene is beautiful; trees boughs covered completely on top.


Along the walks & the avenue snow is piled up three feet deep & is being carried away by the city street dept


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December 6


1942 Sunday.  Sec. of Agriculture Wickard installed as Commander-in-Chief of the home food front


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“December 7” – 1942


1942 Monday:  One year ago Dec 7-1942 (Twas on Sunday tho) while Japanese embassy in Washington was friendly negotiating with our Government, without warning & out of the clear blue Hawaiian skies the Japanese bombarded Pearl Harbor bring death & destruction in a surprise attack; thus marked the entrance of U. S. into the 2nd World War with Russia & Great Britian as allies


Today, one year later, comes the broadcast that Allies are “giving the enemies the guns” & that Dec 6, (yesterday) hundreds of American & British Bombers from England & a cloud of 400 fighting planes swept over Adolf Hitlers Western Europe described as


[Page 343]


First Black Out Test Mon Dec 7


December 8  Tues 1942


the greatest Allied daylight operation of the War.  R.A.F. followed with a 600 plane assault –


Dec 7th – Monday, we had our first test black out form 10:00 P.M to 10:20.  When warning signals are given, all lights are to be turned out.  All private vehicles on the street are to pull to the curb & lights to be switch off.  Pedestrians seek refuge in doorways & wait until lights are on


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December 9


1942 Wed


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December 10


1942 Thur:  Letter from Tom now at Port Hueneme, California in Advance Base Depot classification  Its fine to be back in the “good old sunshine of California again” he writes.


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December 11


1942 Fri

Dec 12 – Saturday evening Annie & I saw the motion picture “The White Cargo” starring Heda Lamar, Walter Pidgeon & Frank Murphy.  “It deals with the men who are outposts of civilization & whose war with the tropic is at some time releved & intensified by presence of a native woman who uses all the tricks of her six to suit her ends, at the cost of the white men who do not know how to combat this feature of tropic insiduous attacks”


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Congressional Medal of Honor


December 12


1942 Saturday:  Adm. Ernest J. King topmost admiral of the Navy decorated youthful Bruce McCandless with the Congressional Medal of Honor.  McCandless age 31, took command of the flagship San Francis & brought it victoriously thru a torrent of shells off Savo Island in the Solomons Nov 13-42 after most of senior officers were killed


The ceremony took place on the gallant cruiser San Francisco which blew up a Japanese Cruiser, sank a destroyer & crippled a battleship so badly it was later sunk – “Rear Admiral Dan’l J Callaghan & Capt. Cassin Young met flaming death in the winning battle against heavy odds”


“Distinguish services above & beyond the call of duty.”


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December 13


1942 Sunday.  In the afternoon, Ann & Don came over for awhile on the way to visit Mary and Mrs Knisely


Where Keith is stationed the boys wear fur-lined clothes, its very cold.  Boys can bathe only once a week, then in a canvas tub, standing up.  They do their own laundry & rinse the washing in the river which is icy.  Keith is Captain but nature doesn’t discriminate up in the cold of Alaska where each one must carry on for himself.


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December 14


1942 Monday – Regional Blackout but we went to bed before its beginning.


Rec’d fine letter from Tom, from California, has a nice camp there, good food including nuts & bananas – sees the mountains & sometimes orange sun rises – Is going to Los Angeles & Longbeach on his liberty time Saturday afternoon & Sunday –


Phoned Mary who is improving


Don’s family rec’d a fine letter from Tom from California.  Sort of cold there now 30 degrees.  He’ll be glad when the wars over & countries can settle down to normal life again


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December 15


1942 Tuesday


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December 16


1942 Wed


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Tom in Long Beach & L.A.  Dec 12th in P.M & Dec 13th


December 17


1942 Thurs:  Had my “liberty” morning – Xmas shopped.  Met Annie at noon & we dinnered at Woolworths.  Bill Don spent the evening with us; enjoys reading & read the Natl Geographic; he stayed all night, slept in the small bed-room


Good letter from Tom;  On Satur & Sunday, “his liberty” time he went to Long Beach & saw Mrs Donahue his former land-lady who was so glad to see him & wished him to spend the week-end there but he went to Los Angeles met his Dad had a nice dinner & staid all night at their apartments.  Sunday they drove him to the Hollywood Canteen, Beverly Hills & Los Angeles U. S. O., and


[Page 353]


Harry Cannon – Tom’s friend at Douglas.


December 18


he said “Boy but they treat you fine; games, hostesses, people take you to dinner & they serve you free foods.  “Boy, he did have a time – Mrs Donahue sent him a dollar for a bean dinner --  Katie, who used to be Bob Taylors wife, invited him to come and see them & so did Harry Cannon his Douglas Plant friend.  “Things are fine,” he says & on his liberty time next week he will spend it, the day after Xmas, in Los Angeles if still stationed at Port Hueneme


[Page 354]


December 19


1942 Saturday:  Sleeting & slippery today.  Don rec’d letter from Tom stating that his division at Port Hueneme had rec’d their rifles, masks, mosquito netting & other equipment so it probably wouldn’t be long before they would be transferred now –


We came home from office in Don’s car driving only about 10 miles per hour because of the sleet.


Nice evening to spend within, with your radio, books or papers.


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December 20 – 1942


1942 Sunday:  Still misting; but Don paid us his regular welcomed Sunday visit bringing also ice-cream.  He visited quite a while with us.


We remained inside all day.  At 6:30 Annie decided to go to bed; to see if she could ward off a cold.  She staid in bed Monday also.


Ruth came out & stayed until 10:30.  Shes very faithful & unselfish.  Annie was in bed because of her cold but I enjoyed the visit with Ruth who brought out Xmas gifts which were put away until Xmas Eve.


[Page 356]


December 21


1942 Monday Evening:  Well its misting a lot now.  Watch your step lest you fall!  The walks & pavements are like shining glass & not many cars go by –


Ruth just phoned.  She rec’d a letter from Tom’s father in Los A.  He enclosed a clipping from the paper stating 600 trainees from Port Hueneme had been transferred to Catalina Island which was once the playground for the “Well-to-do” - that there will be about 1600 there altogether for some months of training.  They are housed in a famous hotel there where the violinists Rubinoff used to pay $25.00 a night to stay – So Tom’s father, not having heard from


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December 22


1942 Tuesday


Tom for a week, thinks he may be among those in Catalina.  But Tom is still in Port Hueneme as Dec 24th we rec’d a letter post marked Dec 16. from P. Hueneme.


[Page 358]


December 23


1942 Wed:  Annie’s cold was improved, she remained down stairs all day – In the evening we decorated our Xmas tree just the same as tho Tom was going to be with us.


Dec 24 Thurs.  Adm. Jean Darlan head of the French Africa Forces was assissinated – was former Vichey leader


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December 24


1942 Thurs:  Usual Xmas excitement prevailed thruout the day.  In the office, some of our patients now serving their country but home on a Xmas furlo, came in for examinations or adjustments of glasses, we were pleased to see them.  Brave young men, of courage & sacrifices putting their shoulders to the wheel for liberty sakes, showing they “can take” if they must.


Then in the evening, Annie & I after dinner was over, had our Xmas tree celebration.  Our thoughts were with Tom.  His letter came today with kodak picture of three you men: Tom, Chief Miller, & Jack Leigh.  That top our evening.  Annie said it was


[Page 360]


December 25


magical to see all the gifts that came from out little tree.


1 Beautiful tall vase, cranberry red from Don’s family.  Its goregeous 2 – Powder music box from Annie 3 – Four glass animals from Don 4- Glass animal “ Mary 5 Silk hose & service pen – Tom & Ruth 6 – Power puff jar – Billy 1 Pair cutest hand crocheted set from Annie 8 Box candy

Fine Xmas day dinner with Don & Ann as hosts – lovely dinner, beautiful arranged table & fine time only we missed the ones in service – Tom & Keith – then Mrs Knisely was sick at home –


[Page 361]


December 26


1942 Saturday, the day after Xmas – when I started to the office about 8:30 it was almost dark.  Gentle rain & mist & fog made our weather a close-down – Visibility dropped to four or five blocks & according to our weather bureau at noon the ceiling was zero.  Flight operations at the Top. Army base were halted – A little lightening & thunder.  Oh so quiet everywhere; few cars only in evidence – our lovely T.H.S. Bldg was enveloped in a grey mist & resembled with its beautiful tower, the parliament bldg in London, England.


Chas H Sessions, managing Editor of Topeka Daily Capital died Xmas day.  One of most beloved editors – Like Tom we [N]l he will be greatly missed.


Ruth just phoned & invited us to 6:30 dinner tomorrow.


[Page 362]


December 27


1942 To Ruths tonite.  Sunday  There were five of us for dinner – Mrs Pennington, Mrs Godfrey, Annie, Ruth & Claire.


Menu:  Chicken pot pie; mashed potatoes, butter fried parsnips, vegetable salad, jelly, rolls & butter, hot chocolate, pumpkin pie.


Visited & played a game.  Twas a cold snowy night.  We made good transfer connections coming home.


Seems like Tom should be bobbing in or as tho he had to go to his booth as was sometimes his custom --.


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December 28


1942 Monday:  Oh! What a day!  Two letters from Tom.  He rec’d his belated Xmas box Dec 23rd.  It has been to Camp Bradford Va, then forwarded to Port Hueneme in California.


He wrote that his knee- warmers & his shower clogs etc were “swell.”  He was so pleased.  Mrs Gaines, a friend of Harry Anderson’s sent him fine lot of cookies – Custer & Bess sent letters, cards & $2.00.  It was really a great day – Don’s family sent $5.00


We rec’d box of Mississippi pecans from New Orleans – Annie & I each $2.00 – Annie 5.00 from Tom - & Tom sent Claire $10.00 on the camera –


And best of all a fine photograph of Tom with his Navy uniform.  He looked so well & more plump; but eyes looked tired.


[Paged 364]


December 29


1942 Tues:  Post card from Ruth’s Aunts in Lawrence – one from Emma in Florida - & another letter from Tom from Ventura, Calif where he was spending his day off. – Lovely menu for Xmas day Seabees at U. S. Naval Advance Base Depot in Port Hueneme


Harry Anderson sent Tom another dollar.  Mrs Pollard sent Tom, box of candy.


[Page 365]


December 30


1942 Wed:  Warmer with snow gradually disappearing – Finished office statements.


In evening went to the Cozy to see Betty Davis, Olivia De Haviland & Geo Brent in “This is our Life.”  Miss Davis always plays the spoiled – ill tempered, selfish type so well, that I don’t like her.  She must be that way to act that part so well.


Ate dinner at 6: pm at the Cremerie Restaurant.


Annie didn’t go as she had neuralgia.


[Page 366]


December 31


1942 Thursday


The old year passes out – The new is ushered in.


Today Russians won Victory over Nazis in Stalingrad – Our (Allies) 1st year in the 2nd Worlds War has not been unsuccessful –


Our weather bureau reports Dec 1942 to be one of wettest, cloudiest & snowiest on record.


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“unfinished tasks” – vacuuming – Discontment”




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