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K.S. Militia Reynolds, Clarkson 2d, S.D. Jan. 7, 1863

Paola Kansas Jan. 7th 1863. Gov. Chas. Robinson

Dear Sir

Will you be good enough to send me a duplicate of the commission you game me on or about the 18th of Aug. last as 2d. Lient. and recruiting officer- The commission you gave me is not in my possession nor can I get it altho I’ve tried to do so and I now believe it has been destroyed- I am confident that by so doing you will confer a great benefit and for so doing you will accept my lasting gratitude

Respectfully you obt svt Clarkson Reynolds


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Clarkson Reynolds Jany 7, 1862 Ausd Jany 9th sent duplicate com


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Fry, James B. Kimble, J.R. January 6, 1863

Washington D.C. January 6th 1863

To Lieut. J.R. Kemble

Recruiting will be credited to the locality from which they receive local bounty provided the muster-in rolls show them enlisted and mustered-in as of the said locality- the muster-in rolls must show the facts of the case and will be the evidence for awarding the credits-

Veterans in service reenlisting will be credited to the locality to which reenlistments and muster-in rolls show them as belonging therefore until veterans have been mustered it cant be determined what particular localities they will be credited- The foregoing is an answer to many inquires received by the department- Furnish the Governor with a copy of this

James B. Fry F.M.G.

Official copy Respectfully furnished The Governor of Kansas J.K. Kemble 1st Lieut. 3rd U.S. Cavalry Mustering and Disbursing Officer


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No 4.

Jany 6th 1862. Ft. Leavenworth Kemble Lt. J.R. Furnishes official letter from Provost Marshal General in relation to bounties and recruits


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Snoddy, James D. 2d S.D. Jan. 11, 1863

Hd Qrs 2d Regt. K.S. M.S.D. Mound city, Kansas January 11th, 1863



[XXXX] of Dec 28th 1863 came a day or two ago the rolls to which you request .  I forwarded to Genl Scott and the 12th inf

I have not for several [XXXXXX] forwarded the certificates of election and appointments of the field and staff of the Ryh I. will do so as soon as one or two questions between Dir. Hd Qrs. and your office are settled until then I deem it least to withhold the request for [xxxxxx] for the field and staff  The conflict of orders and instructions from Dir Hd Qrs. and the A.G. D. [xxxxx] [xxxx] [xxxx] as delay, in from [xxxxxxx] the Rolls and company organization Genl Scott will be [xx]


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Topeka I understand and make arrangements by which [xxxxxxx] of action will be secured otherwise I would [xxxxx] the difficulties [xxxxxxxxx] by the want of [xxxx] action

Very Respectfully Your obdt servt.

James D. Snoddy Lt. Col Commdg


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Linn Mount City Kansas January 16th 1864 Jas D. Snoddy Lt Col. Kaw Militia

States that he has forwarded rolls to Maj Genl Scott witholds appointments for field and staff for several reasons not mentiond 5th Brigade S.D. Recd A.G.O. January, 21


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Head Quarters Kansas Militia Office of Adjutant General Topeka February 7, 1863


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 24th ult. requesting a list of the regiments from this state, giving the proper number at the present time, and any other number by which a regiment has gone, its designation etc.

The regiments of Kansas volunteers now in the service, as at present numbered and designated, are as follows. viz.

1st Regt. K.S. Infantry Col Geo. W. Deitzler

2d ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ Cavalry ‘’ Owen A. Bassett

5th ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ Cavalry ‘’ Powell Clayton

6th ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ Cavalry ‘’ Wm r. Judson

7th ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ Cavalry ‘’ A.S. Lee


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8th Regt. K.S. Infantry Col. John W. Martin

9th ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ Cavalry ‘’ Ed. Snyder

10th ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ Infantry ‘’ Wm H. Cloud

11th ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ Infantry ‘’ Thos Ewing Jr

12th ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ Infantry ‘’ Chas Adams

13th ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ Infantry

The 2d Regt. Was organized in June 1861, as an Infantry Regt. But reorganized in Febry 62, and mounted as Cavalry.  The 7th Regt. Styled itself 1st Cavalry, but was never re-numbered, nor designated , by any order or authority, outside of the Regt

The 8th Regt. was originally organized and designated as “House Guard” [xxxxx] by that designation for some time, when it was numbered 8th K.S.

The 10th Regt. was formed March 27th 1862 by the consolidation of the 3 and 4th regiments- and numbered 10th K.S.

I am very respectfully your obt. Servant Chas Chadwick Adj. Gen

To the Asst. Adj. Genl.

Washington D.C.


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Copy Com to Asst Adj. Genl. Washington D.C. Febry 7, 63


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Feb. 7, 1863 Head Quarters, Ohio Militia. Adjutant General’s Office Columbus, O., Feby 4th 1863.


From a letter received from the Adj. Genl. of massachusetts, I am advised that by correspondence and personal interview between the Adjutant Generals if the loyal states east of Ohio it has been determined with the occurrence of the Adjutant Generals of the other loyal states to ask Congress through the Senators and Representatives of the respective states to make provision for paying the deficiency in compensation of the Adjutant Generals of the loyal states.  I quote from the letters of the Adjutant General of Massachusetts:

“We rank as Brigadier Generals, and do all the hard work in organizing Regiments for Brigadier general to use in the field, and [xxxxxx] in pleasant and unpleasant places.  They receive the [xxxxx] pay of Brigadier Generals, their pay corresponds with their rank, why should not ours?  Your labor not as useful does it not require as much ability?  Does it not require more hours of labor?  I think all these questions [xxxx] without a doubt be answered in the affirmative.  Now as the States will not allow us the pay due our rank, would not Congress if the case were not properly presented, allow us the pay deducting there from the salaries we receive from the state?  I have reason to believe it would.  The Adju


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tant Generals of Pennsylvania and New York say Congress would, and I believe it can be obtained.  Will you please write me your view, and in the meantime, if you agree with me, write to the Adjutant Generals of the Western States, including Ky. And Missouri, and get them to cooperate If anything is to be done this session it must be done at once.”

The third page of my report for the last year will present the Ohio rule of Compensation.  I know that the labors of this office for the last year have been three times more than the Legislature anticipated when they fixed the salary, and it is possible that the Legislature might feel disposed to do something [xxxxx] making up the deficiency.  But in this business of organizing, officering and taking care of the volunteers for the United States Army, the state authorities are new branches of the War Department.  They are nothing but agents of the General Government, without which it could not keep up its army or [xxxxx] on the war. I know not how it may be in the other states, but in Ohio the Adjutant Generals office is exclusively occupied with all its force in getting up and maintaining organizations for the General Government.  In settling up the affairs of the War of 1812, the War Department provided for the reimbursement of all such expenditures to the


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different states, what is paid to us now is only an advancement to the General Government, for service in its behalf.  As to the relative account of responsibility and labor, I can speak experientially-  I have had a Brigadier General’s commander in the field in the present war, where I am confident the account of care and labors was as much as devalues upon any officer of that rank, and I am equally confident that the labor performed by me in this office for the last eight months is the excess of what would devolve upon the [xxxxx] rank in the field. 

Whether we have many new organizations to raise or not, the forces from the different states in the field are so large and require to much are, and the records of the volunteer organizations require to much labor to keep them up as they should be, that there is reasonable ground to expect any considerable diminution of labor, so long as the war lasts.

Labor however much we may, our positions give us hardly any ground to hop for appointment in the field or promotion of any kind. 

I heartily concur therefore in the proposition co[xxxxx] to us from the East, to ask for a fair compensation the deficiency to be made up from Congress.

Hoping that you will give this matter immediate attention and give me early advice of your views and contemplated action.  I have the honor to be


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Very Respectfully Your obt. Servt Chas W. Hill Adj. Genl Q. to the Adjutant General of Kansas Leavenworth City Kansas

Chas W. Hill Adj Genl Ohio. February 7th 1865 Asking concurrence in promotion


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5th regt. S.D.  Feb. 13, 1863 Hd Qrs S.D. E.S. Mo LeeRoy Kansas Feb 13, 1863

Governor Carney

Please commission Henry Hacklam 3rd Lit and S. Cake Ensign of a Cavalry Company at Reeds Anderson Co [xxxxx] and Oblige Yours Truly John B. Scott e Robinson Asst. Adj. Gen


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Anderso Co. 228 Militia Le Roy Kan. Feby, 13 1864 Maj Genl JG Sott order to issue commissions to Militia officers or Reeds Anderson Co Kan.

Reeds, Anderson Co. S.D. 5th Reg.

Recd. A.G.A. Feby, 26 1864


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K.S. Militia Chadwick, Charles Governor’s Military Gov. Corres. Staff Feb. 20, 1863

Head Quarters Kansas Militia Office Adjt and Qr. M. Genl.

His Excellency Thos. Carney Governor and Commander in Chief

I hereby resign the position of Adjutant and Quartermaster General of Kansas Militia. 

Very respectfully Your obedient servant  Chas Chadwick


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Topeka Feb. 20. 1863 Chadwick Charles Adjt and Qr Master Genl K.S. M.

Tenures his resignation as Adjutant and Quartermaster General Kansas State Militia

Resignation of Chas. Chadwick Adjt Gen. and Quartermaster General of Kansas Militia Filed Feby 26th 1863


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Head Quarters Department of the Missouri St. Louis March 9th 1863


In the case of Lieut. William Woodruff of the 4th Kansas Vols. I am instructed by the General Commanding to give the following directions.

Lieut Woodruff will be mustered out of the service of the United States, forthwith to date as suggested by you Augt. 31st 1862 that being the date of his last service of any kind.  You will cause full reports and muster out rolls, to be forwarded to the Adjutant Generals Department, at Washington and also, duplicates to this office.  In the case of Chaplain Fisk, you will forward to these Hd. Qrs. a certified copy of this muster in when


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he entered upon duty as Chaplain how long he served as such, and by what order he was displaced.  There is no record touching his case on file at these Hd Qrs.  I am also directed to ask that copies of original Muster in rolls of Kansas Regiments be sent forward soon.  We have need daily of these rolls. 

Your special attention is called to this matter.  The rolls of the 2d Kansas Cav. 13th Infty and 1st Colored, are the only ones on file.  Send forward the others, at as Early a day as possible.  If necessary, appoint an officer especially for this duty

I am General Very Respetfully


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Your Obt. Sernt N.P. Chipman Col. and Chief of Staff

To Brig Genl. J.G. Blunt Commanding Dist. Of Kansas Leavenworth, Kas


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M. 97 (Distr. Kan. B. 63

Head Quarters Dept. of Missouri St. Louis MO mar 8th 1863 Missouri Dept of, Chipman N.P. Col and Chief of Staff Is instructed by the Gen’l Comd’g Dept. that Lieut Woodruff be mustered out of service.  In the case of Chaplain Fisk that muster in Rolls he forwarded also stating how long upon duty and by whom displaced and etc.  Also that copies of the original Muster in Rolls of Kans. Regts be forwarded

Hd. Qrs. Dist of Kans. Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas Rec’d March 12th 1863 P. C L.B.

H. Qs District of Kansas Ft. Leavenworth, June 10 63

Respectfully referred to Major T.J. Weed Asst Com’g of Musters for instructions as to muster out of Lieut Woodruff By order of Maj Gen Blunt H. G. Loring Capt and A.A.A. G.


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Surgeon General’s Office Washington City, D.C.  March 12th 1863


The Surgeon Generals respectfully requests that if within your power to give it a list of the Medical officers of the regiments from your state, with the date of the commission and muster in the U.S. service of each, may be furnished for the information of this office.

I would be very desirable to have also such special orders that may be issued from time to time, from the Adjt General’s Office of your state, affecting the medical staff of these regiments.

I am, Very Respectfully, Your Obedient Servant, By order of the Surgeon General, C.C. Byrne Assist Surgeon U.S. Army

To the Surgeon General of Kansas Topeka. Kansas.


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C.C. Byrne Asst Surg USA March 12th 1863 requesting date of commission of each medical officer in U.S. service from Kan


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Smith, W.S. Mar, 20, 1863

Cottonwood Falls Kansas March 20 1863

Gilford Dudley Adjt Genl KSM

DSir Yours of March 18th [xxxxxx] statues that the commission of Capt SW Williams Co of 7th Ref KSM cannot be issued until an official notification of the resignation on [xxxxxxxx] of the former Cap C Doolittle I will say in reply that cap Doolittle has [xxxxxx] from the state dec’l tender his resignation [xxxxx] was forwarded to your HeadQuarters and [xxxx] [xxxxx]


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an order from you notifying me of the [xxxxxxx] of [xxxxxxx] resigntation also ordering an election to fill the vacancy.  I can transmit you the order if you require it.  Some write of the resignation of [xxxx] Drinkwater.  I will that at the formation of the regiment Drinkwater was Elected 2 Major and his vacancy filled by MR Bernard and he commissioned.  The [xxxx] was not commissioned [xxxxxx] giving the Co two Officers of Equal rank.  Therefore you will notice that the Co is provided for.  Hoping that you will regulate matters- [xxxxxxx] Your Respct WL Smith Col Commanding 7th Regt KSM


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Capt. E.M. Williams 1863 337 Cottonwood Falls March 20 Col W.S. Smith Referring to Capt Doolittle Resignation Capt E.M. Williams 7 Kan. Recd Adj. A M [xxx] 22


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Misc. corres. Of A.G. Mar. 27, 1863 Camp Weld Colorado Territory near Denver City- 27th March 63

To His Excellency Hon Thomas Carney Governor of Kansas

Dear Sir

I was for seven years a resident of Lawrence and a citizen of Kansas.  I also had the pleasures of your acquaintance a few years ago.  Therefore I am inclined to write to you in behalf of a friend Dr L.C. Tolles Assistant Surgeon of the 1st Cavalry of Colorado.  I can most heartily recommend him to your favorable consideration for promotion to the 1st surgeon of one of your Kansas regiments.  I do it with regret for we shared displeasure his departure for another part of duty.  We have been [xxxxxxxx] together for many months.  The Dr accompanied


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us through our campaigns in New Mexico as our only surgeon.  Was with us as our force marches and in our battles.  He was never absent from his part.  He has performed his duty in every respect to the entire satisfaction of us all, and he is permanently entitled to promotion, it is his due, and no personal consideration of our [xxxx] should [xxxxxx] us to prevent it and while we should displeasure his departure from us we should with heartily and sincerely rejoice at his well deserved advancement.

Our regiment has recently been converted in Cavalry. It is to be separated into small detachments and assigned to garrison the several military pats in this territory.  We fear that we shall not again be sent into the field for active service.  Therefore is the position of surgeon to the regiment not so much. As to be connected with one in the field where a surgeon’s are [xxxxxx] is so much more [xxxxxx] and


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His services appreciated.  The Dr was for five years a citizen of Lawrence Kansas where he is well and favorably known professionally and generally.  Hoping that you will soon have an opportunity to [xxxxx] promotion [xxxx] Dr. Tolles, and thoroughly reward a meritorious office, and enable him to devote his talents to the service of this country in a mere active field  then is officer have.  The have the honor to [xxxxxx]  Your obt sert Law T Tapper Liuet Colonel 1st Cavalry of Colorado Commanding [xxxxxx]


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Recommendating Dr. Tolles, 1st Colorado for Surgeon of Kansas Regt


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Misc. corress. of A.G. Lane April 7, 1863

Lawrence April 7, 1863

Dr Friend

The [xxxxxx] of this Dr Williamss.  T. Martin of this county is [xxxxxxxxxx] qualified as a physician [xxxxxxx] is an ardent patriot and [xxxxxx] republican.  I earnestly [xxxxxxxxx] command him to you for an appointment to the first vacancy that may occur in the time of his profession.  His appointment would give general satisfaction and he deserve a [xxxxx] and [xxxxxxx] to him.

Yours truly JH Lane To Gov T. Carney Leavenworth [xxxxxx]


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Application of Dr. W. D. Martin for Medical Appt. Referred to Board


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Head-Quarter Dept. of the Cumberland Office of Chief Mustering Officer.  Nashville Tenn. 7th April 1863.  Adjt Genl State of Kansas.  General I have the honor to transmit here with muster-in Rolls of various Officers of Regiments of Volunteers from Kansas

I am Sir Respty Your Obt. Servant WM Udell   May 15th Infy U.S.A. chief Mustering Officer.


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W.M. Udell 1st Lieut U.S. Infty Chief Mustering O. April 7th 1863 Transmital of Mustr Rolls of Kan. Officers.


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K.S. Militia Russell, Ed. Apr. 11, 1863

Leavenworth City Kans Apr 11th 1863

My dear Jigadier Brindle, Kansas Militia

Will you oblige me by sending to me to- to my address at Elwood- a list of all colonels and majors and captains of the Kansas Militia- I want to get their addresses that I may perform a portion of the duty assigned me: please sent me the list, with the P.C. address where known- as soon as you can conveniently.  When the reports of the State officers are printed by Cummings, get several copies for yourself and myself and send me mine- we positively need them to properly perform the duties assigned us- that we may have [xxxxx] clue to the acts of my predecessors  Regards to all my friends, Yours truly, Ed Russell


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Letter Ed Russell Quar Mast Genl K Militia April 11th 1863 wants a list of the Cols. Majors and captains of the Kansas State Militia


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4th Regt. Indian Brigade May 11, 1863 Fletcher, James

War Department, Adjutant General’s Office, Washington, May 11 1863 Special Orders, No. 211, Extract.

22… 1st Lieut. James Fletcher Regtl Quartermaster 4th regiment Indian Brigade having tendered his resignation is hereby mustered out of service from date of appointment there being no evidence of service rendered his regiment not organized.

By order of the Secretary of War: ED Lounfeud Assistant Adjutant General.

To the Governor of Kansas


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No 211 War Dept. Accepting resignation of Lt. Jas. Fletcher Indian Regt. 1863


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Office of Assistant Commissary of Musters, District of Kansas Fort Scott May 14 1863


In reply to your note of the 7th inst asking whether a decision had been reached in reference to the mustering of a 2nd Asst Surgeon in Cavalry regiments not filled up to the number required by the War Dept.  I have the honor to inform you that a 2nd Asst. Surgeon cannot be mustered, unless the provisions order requiring an increase in the number of the companies to twelve (12) has first been complied with 2 [xxx] Doctors Very Respectfully Your obt Servt TJ Weed Maj. and Asst Comsy of Musters


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May 14, 1863. 2d Assist Surgeons in Cav. Regts. T.J. Weed Major and A.C.M


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Head Quarters, Department of Missouri, St. Louis, May 16th 1863. On Thos. Carney

Governor of the State of Kansas

Your Excellency

In answer to your communication of 6 inst. I am directed by the General Commanding to say: that the claims must come before the commission now sitting in this city, unless you can in induce the commission to adjourn to Kansas

I have the honor to be Governor very respectfully Your Obt. Servant J.Z. Curtis Asst Adjt General


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[xxxxx] Hd qrs Dept of MO. In reference to claims [xxxx]

May 16, 1863.


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Cottonwood Falls [xxxxx]  [xxx] [xx]

6t, S.D. May 20, 1863 Chase Co K.S. Militia Howard, A.L.

Cottonwood Falls Chase Co Kansas May 20 1863 Hon Thomas Carney

Dear Sir

I am requested on behalf of a committee appointed to see what can be done towards preparing army for an independent military company to with you to see if you can do anything for us.  As you are aware we are on the extreme North Western border and we feel it a duty we arm ourselves to form a home guard  company to protect our property and live~


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The Guerrillas in their last raid traversed this county entire- Indians are also on every side of us- [xx] have formed a company of same 50 members formed of Cavalry [xxxx] as you have almost no army of any kind- Can you do anything for us- Believing you have the good of the whole country and the peace of the State of [xxxxx] we will [xxxx] a favorable reply Please take into consideration our location

Respectfully yours A.L. Howard for Committee


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K.S. Militia May 20, 1863 Ridley, Guilford Special Order No 5. 6th, S.D.

Headquarters Kansas Militia Topeka May 20th 1863

Capt. S.N. Wood Comd’g Morris County Rangers

Sir:- With the company under your command you are hereby directed to arrest and detain any organized bands of guerrillas, or persons where you have reason to expect are contemplating robbery or violence, in you county or the adjourning locality and do all things in your power, consistent with the rights of individuals, to preserve the peace and protect the lives and property of the people in said locality.  And you are hereby authorized to use all necessary force to secure the executive of this order in its letter and spirit.  You will


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report your proceeding under this order from thime to time to the Commander-in-Chief.

By order of the Commander-in-Chief

Guilford Dudley Adjutant General


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Special Order No. 1. May 20, 1863 To Capt S.N. Wood. Council Grove.


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K.S. Militia May 22, 1863 Carney, Thomas

Olathe Johnson Co Kan. May 22d, 1863

Guilford Dudley Ad Gen Kan [x]M.


Gen. Dudley,

If you have any blank muster rolls in your office, you will please furnish the Company of Fifty men which I have ordered Sheriff Jaymes of this place to raise for State service, with them at your earliest convenience.  If your office is not supplied with blanks you will prepare a proper form of such blanks and forward them to John James Sheriff of Johnson Co. Kan.

Send several blanks to [xxxxx] as [xxxxx] as they will be needed for the Militia [xxxxx] to be raised in addition to the 50-men for permanent  service

Very Respectfully

Thos Carney


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Johnson Co. Letter Gov. Thos Carney May 22 1863 Arms for 50 men raised by Sheriff Jaymes of Johnson Co.


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K.S. Militia May 22, 1863 Carney, Thomas

HeadQuarters Kansas Militia Topeka May 22nd 1863 Special Order No 3. No. 3.

William P. Dutton of Miami County is hereby authorized and approved to arm and equip and organized into a company thirty-five (35) men with a good horse each of the Militia of said County

When organized he will order said company with active service for the purpose of protecting the citizens of said county and the Border.  (Signed)

Thos Carney Govr of Kansas Attest Guilford Dudley Adjt Gen’l


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Miami Co. Special order No. 3. May 22, 1863 Wm P. Dutton


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K.S. Militia May 22, 1863 Carney, Thomas

Olathe May 22nd 1863

W.H.M. Fishback


You are authorized and appointed to go to the city Washington D.C. on behalf of the State of Kansas and use your influence with the Secty of War and Our U.S. Senators to authorized this state through its proper authorities to raise a regiment of House Guards for border and general protection of the citizens of this state

Thos Carney Govr


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May 22, 1863 Authority to W.H. M. Fishback to visit Washington for Militia purposes authority to raise Reg of House Guards


[Page 55]


K.S. Militia May 22, 1863 Carney, Thomas

Head Quarters Kansas Militia Special Order No. 6. Topeka May 22d 1863


W.H.M. Fishback of Johnson county is hereby appointed a Military agent to represent the State of Kansas and directed to proceed forthwith to Washington D.C. and with the aid and cooperation of the U.S. Senators and member of congress from Kansas to procure, if possible, form the Secretary of War, authority for this State, through its proper authorites to raise a Regiment of Home Guards for border and general protection of the citizens of Kansas

(signed) Thos Carney

Attest Guilford Dudley Adj Genl


[Page 56]


W.H.M. Fishback Special order No. 6. Fishback Brig. Gen. 3rd Brigade K.S.M. May 22, 1863

Authority to W.H.M. Fishback to visit Washington for Militia purposes


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Ohio City Kansas June 19 1863


Dear Sir

I have under stood that you having bin instructed by the war department two organize and as [xxxx] [xxxx] for state duty if sutch be the cace I would be happly two have the privalidge of furnishing you with a comp. whitch I think I can doo in a very short time as there is a good many men with whome I am acquainted that wished to enlist more over I think from my experience I am prepared to discharge the dutys of a Military Comd hopeing that that you will give me the desired information on this subject with out delay

I have the honor of remaining Yours with Respect Ed. A. Sanders

[xxx] please direct to Ohio City


[Page 58]


Franklin Co. Ed. A. Sanders Ohio City in relative to home requirement

July 8th 1863

Bowling Greene later chang’d to Ohio City (Cutler 618) very near Princeton.


[Page 59]


Hd Qrs Camp Mcclellan

Davenport Iowa July 13 1863

Adjt General


You will please send me a table giving the location of the troops from your state and any changes which may take place.

My reason for asking this, is directly from Regts of your state are being brought to this Camp of [xxxxx] Marshals and Sheriffs of Counties to be forwarded to their Regts.  I wish to notify the Comd’g Officers of their respective Regt of the facts connected with their forwarding.  Expenses of Armed Transportation and such other information as may be necessary is useful

Very Respectfully


RM Little

Capt Commanding

V Graham


[Page 60]



Capt R.M. Little commanding camp McLs

Davenport Iowa

July 15th 1863 Asking table giving location of troops from Kansas


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District of the Border, A.A. Genl’s Office Fort Leavenworth, July 24th 1863.

Adjt. Genl. Topeka


May I request that you furnish for the use of this office a list of the Kansas Troops setting forth the Com of officers their [xxxxxxxxx] together with any other information you may deem necessary such a list would facilitate the business of this office very much.

I have the honor to be your most obdt servt. John Williams Capt and A.a. Genl


[Page 62]


John Williams A Adj Genl Leavenworth July 24 1863 Asking list of Kansas troops  and comdg officers ans’d


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K.S. Militia Ogden, Stephen July 31, 1863

Lawrence Kansas July 31st 1863

To the Adjt General Sir as I was elected Lieut colonel of the first regiment Kansas volunteers state Militia last fall there should be a commission in you for me as I have[xxx] now you will please forward it as soon as convenient

Yours with respect

Stephen Ogden


[Page 64]


Steven Ogden Lawrence July 31 1863 Asking com as Lieut Col. 1st Reg. K.S.M.

Lawrence Kansas July 31 1863 Letter. Stephen Ogden

Asking Commission as Lt Col. 1st Regt Kan vol. [xxx]. Kansas State Militia. 1st Reg.


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Misc. corres. Of A.g. Gray, John B. July 31, 1863

Head Quarters, State of Missouri Adjutant General’s Office, St. Louis, July 31st 1863.


The bearer here of Col. A.R. Easton, Inspector Gen’l is instructed to visit your office for the purpose of obtaining from the records of your office such information as he may be able to obtain concerning the number of men who have enlisted in the regts. of your state from Missouri.  I have the honor to request that you will afford him such facilities as may be in your poser for the accomplishment of his object and at the same time assure you that I shall at any time be happy to reciprocate the kindness

Very Respectfully Your Obt. Servant

John B Gray Adjt Gen’l of Mo. To the Adjt. Gen’l of Kansas.


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State of Missouri, St Louis. July 31-1863. John B. Gray. A.G. of Mo.

Introduces Col. A.A. Easton to A.G. for purpose of ascertaining number of men from Mo., enlisted in Kansas Regts.

July 31-;63 Mo.

Any officer in charge will furnish Col. A.R. Easton with such information as he may require- Mr. Ward Burlingame will act in the absence of the Agt. Genl. Thos Carney Gov. July 31. 1863


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K.S. Militia Dutton, W.P. Aug. 8, 1863

Paola Aug 8th/63

Gov. Carney

Capt Flesher of the 9th stationed at Coldwater grave 12 miles East of this place.  Sent to us for help last night.  He says the Bushwhackers are concentrating in force near him, and that he expects an attack soon.  I sent him all the men that I had.  Will [xxx] and get some citizens to go today, but probably shall not start many- my company have all [xxxxxxx] in the 14th except-, 16 had I better fill up co to 35 as Militia.

Please direct me Truly yours WP Dutton


[Page 68]


[xxxxx] Dutton that we will muster all state troops out and supply them place with recruits for 15th Regt, that he need not recruit any more for Militia purposes [xxx] for 15th


I ask you to answer these letters as I am such and hard prepped with their matters



[Page 69]


Miami Co.

W.P. Dutton, Paola, wants to increase the number of Militia in the service of the State

August 12 1863


[Page 70]


Head Quarters, Department of the Missouri,

St. Louis, Mo. August 8 1863

To the Adjutant General State of Kansas, Topeka Kansas.


I have the honor respectfully to request a list for the use of this office of Kansas Regiments of Infantry, Cavalry and Batteries, and the Military Districts in which they are serving

The numerous communications forwarded to these Head Quarters from the Hospitals and C. renders it desirable to keep a register of troops other that those serving in this Department

Very Respectfully Your Objt. Servt.,

JA Campbell

Major and Asst: Adjt General


[Page 71]


Head Quarters Dept. Mo. Aug. 8. 1863 requesting list of Kansas troops for use of Adjt Gen office


[Page 72]


K.S. Militia Crosby, R.H. Aug. 9 1863 Jeffersonian Officer

Grasshopper Falls Aug 9th 1863

Gov. Carney

Dr Sir

I have about come to the conclusion that Draft or no Draft, here, it is about time that I had commenced fighting for the government, and take the reward for the [xxx]-the purpose of these few [xxxxx] is to notify you of the fact so that your generosity may please me sir a satisfactory capacity-in some of the new regiments or batteries now forming I could serve sir in the ranks [xxxxxxx] that perhaps I am entitled to a little easier though I ask none the less dangerous posts-Please do not appoint me to any sinecure position

Will you be so good as to consult with friend McDowell, whom I greatly esteem on this matter, and advise me at your earliest pleasure Very Truly Yours R.H. Crosby


[Page 73]


Jeff. Co. R. H. Crosby, Grasshopper wants Military positives Jeff Co. August 1863.


[Page 74]


K.S. Militia Metz, E.B. Aug. 10, 1863

Mound City Aug 10th 1863

Gov Carney

Dear Sir

I wish some information in regard to some of the authorities at the capital and also Leavenworth city and cannot receive any answer therefore I wish you to answer and direct me in [xxxx] way.  In the first place we have been wanting revolvers and was in hopes that they would have sent some time ago.  We would have take them upon the terms that other companies got them and will yet.  Next is the pay my men are very anxious about that matter and are in fact in great need it is near two months since we entered the service.  Another thing is we desire to have our company raised to a greater number of men if consistent with your interest say to 50 or 60 men


[Page 75]


We wish to have information at once in regard to the pay at all counts as the men are very much dissatisfied for want of same

We are doing considerable service here bushwhackers have been into our county once since our organization robbed several families.  We have picked up several horse thieves and intend to thin that class of scoundrels out if we can get a chance to [xxxxx]

Please Governor wright at once and oblige

Your obt servant E. B. Metz Staff and Capt of 1st corp Linn of Militia in active service

I answered this letter J. Carney


[Page 76]


E. B. Metz L Co. in relation to the Militia of that Co.

August 1863


[Page 77]


Weed, T. J. Governors Military Staff Aides De-Camp Governors Corres. Aug. 12, 1863

Office of Assistant Commissary of Musters, District of Kansas

Fort Scott Aug 12 1863


I have the honor to transmit here with Extracts from Acts of Congress marked A and B, respectively setting forth the manner in which chaplains shall be appointed and the qualifications necessary to entitle them to such appointment.  I also enclose an extract (paper marked “C”) from instructions to mustering officers in reference to the muster of Chaplains into the service of the marked States.  I am induced to call your attention to these extracts by reason of language made use of by your excellency in a letter recently addressed to Col Bowers of the 13th Kan Inf’y in reference to the appointment of Rev OB Gardner as Chaplain of that regt.  In speaking of your want of success in having that officer muster on his commission


[Page 78]


There is an implied censure upon the course pursued by the mustering officer in reference thereto.  This of course means me as I am the only officer within the limits of the State competent under the law to decide whether that office can be mustered, on his present appointment.  In order to clean myself of any imputation or captiousness or unwillingness to promote and forward the interest and just claims of all patriotic men who may desire to enter the service of their country.  I have copied to extracts bearing upon the appointment of Chaplains usually upon a [xxxxxxx] of which you will at once see that I have no alternative except to refuse to muster unless the law has first been complied with.


[Page 79]


In conclusion I beg to assume you that it will at all times afford me please to serve your efforts for the more perfect organization and officering of the Regiments of our noble young state in every way not inconsistent with my instructions from the War Department. I remain Sir Very Respectfully Your Obt Servt TJ Weed May ADC Asst Comdg of Musters

His Excellency Thomas Carney Governor of Kansas


[Page 80]


Weed Maj of A.C.M Aug. 12, 1863 In relation to the muster of Chaplains into the service of the United States


[Page 81]



“An Act to authorize the employment of volunteers to aid in enforcing the laws and protecting public property.”

“Sec 9” And be it further enacted, that there shall be allowed to each regiment one chaplain, who shall be appointed by the regimented commander on the order of the field officers and company commanders on duty with the regiment at the time the appointment shall be made.”

“Approved July 22 1861”

I certify that above to be a true copy from the laws as published by the War Dept.

TJ Weed Maj and ADG Asst Comdg of Musters


[Page 82]



“An Act to define the pay and involvements of certain officers of the Army and for other purposes”

“Sec 8”

No person shall be appointed a chaplain in the United States army who is not a regularly ordained minister of some religious demonization, and who does not present testimonials of his present good standing as such a minister, with a recommendation for his appointment as an army Chaplain form some authorized ecclesiastical body or not less than five accredited ministers belonging to said religious denomination approved July 17 1862

I certify the above to be a true copy from the law as published by the War Det.

TJ Weed Maj and ADG Asst Comdg of Musters


[Page 83]



Extract from instructs to mustering officers.  Approved by the Secretary of War March 31 1863

“After chaplains are appointed under section 9 of the Act of July 22 1861, they must be mustered into service by an officer of the regular army, and thereupon [xxxx] on the field and staff roll of the regiment”

Mustering officers, before mustering chaplains into service will require from them a copy of the proceedings and which the appointment is based.  The said copy, if formed conformable to the requirement of the law, will be indorsed by the mustering officer, and by him forwarded to the Adjutant General’s office for file, with the muster in roll.”

I certify the above to be a true copy of instructions from the War Dept

TJ Weed Maj ADG Asst Comdg of Musters


[Page 84]


[Page 85]


Eskridge, C.V. Col on Gov’s Mil Staff Mitchell, Andrew J. 2nd Regt Aug. 18, 1863

Emporia Kan Aug 18th 1863

Gov. Carney Dear Sir

I learn, through the papers, that you have received authority to raise the 15th Regiment K.W. We, hire, desire to aid you all we can in this direction.  To this end, you will please authorize Captain H.J. Mitchell, of Lyon Co., to recruit a company or more in these south west counties.  The Capt. is an old soldier, having served in the army in the Cherokee Nation in ’37 and ’38, also in the war with Mexico, and in the Union Army at Spring Field, NC.  The capt. desires a field position, if the regiment is raised.  He will make a


[Page 86]


good officer.  I feel confident, if he should obtain such a position, he would satisfactorily and creditably acquit himself as an officer.  In short he is a good man.  I know of no better qualified man in this section.  Of course these officers are elected.  But the authority to recruit is [xxxxxxxx] from you, which, if you think proper, please forward to capt. A.K. Mitchell, Emporia Lyon co. Kansas, a recruiting com.  Respectfully C.V. Eskridge


[Page 87]


Kan. C.V. Eskridge want A.J. Mitchell appointed Recruiting officer for 15th

Aug 1863.


[Page 88]


Executive Department, Gov. Corres Gray, John Carney, Thomas Gov. Aug. 20, 1863

Headquarters State of Missouri, Adjutant General’s Office, Saint Louis, August 21st 1863


A letter from your Excellency written to Brig Gen Bartholow at Macon City was by him referred to this office a few days since in which you desire that permission would be granted upon recruiting officer to enlist men from this state.  It was returned by this actg Governor to Gen B. with the endorsement that the permission could not be granted.  We are now endeavoring to raise one more regiment of Infantry and one of Cavalry the latter nearly completed in addition to these we are expecting authority to raise two more regiments of Cavalry all by volunteering.  The dislike that the people have to being drafted has encouraged quite a [xxxxx] for volunteering, hence it is pro-


[Page 89]


posed to raise as much of the states quota by that method as possible.  I make this explanation so that you may the more readily understand the Governors reasons for declining to [xxxxxx] recruiting for your Regiments.  Col Easton our Inspector Genl has just returned from your state after an almost fruitless endeavor to ascertain the number of men recruited from MO in Kansas Regiments  I have proposed that he should write you asking an authorization from you to me or to some persons acting in my place to examine the Descriptive Books of the Kansas Regiments with a view to ascertaining how many of these men Missouri can claim as residents when enlisted.  I shall soon receive from the various Regt of Mo Troops copies of their Descriptive Books and can then afford to


[Page 90]


[Page 91]


Your Adjutant General all the information he may need of a reciprocal character all of which I shall willingly and readily do.  Our state has been unfortunately situated more so than any other loyal state for nearly every regiment which has been stationed here since the war began has recruited more or less men.  Added to this the fact that then was at the beginning, no active State Government, which could properly organize volunteers for US service hundreds have gone into adjourning state as enlist and now Missouri cannot be credited with them except by some such process as I now propose

I subscribe myself Governor Your obt Servant John B. Gray Adt Genl of Mo

To His Excellency The Govenor of Kansas


[Page 92]


Office of the Chief Commissary of Subsistence.  Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Augt. 20 1863

His Excellency Govr Thos Carney


Subsistence to recruits prior to the organization of the Regiment cannot be issued by the subsistence Department, and will be perceived by Genl. Orders No. 83. Dated Head Quarters Adjutant General’s office Washington July 22, 1963, a copy of which order is herewith enclosed.

It is the duty of Lieut. Kemble mustering and disbursing office to furnish the company subsistence for recruits prior to the organization of the Regiments.  He has funds in his hands for that purpose, and has subsisted the recruits heretofore raised for different volunteer Regiments in the [xxxxxx] of organization

I have the honor to be Very respectfully Yr. Obdt servant James P Roy Capt Inf Comdg [xxx]


[Page 93]


Roy Capt. Jas. P. A.C.S. Ft. Leavenworth Ag. 25, 1863. In relation to sustenance for volunteer recruits


[Page 94]


War Dept. Adjutant Generals Office Washington, D.C. July 22nd 1863 General Orders No 83

In organizing new Regiments of Volunteers, the subsistence of recruits prior to the completion of the organization will be chargeable against the appropriation for collecting, drilling and organizing volunteers.  After the organization of the Regiments is completed, and they have been inspected by the mustering officer for the state, subsistence will be provided by the Subsistence Department.  By order of the Secretary of War (signed) L. Thomas Adjutant General “A true copy” Capt 2nd Infy Ales


[Page 95]


K.S. Militia Rogers, John W. Aug. 25, 1863

Winchester, KS Aug. 25 1865

We the members of the Union League of America Winchester Council NO 43. Jefferson County KS would hereby petition the Honorable the Governor of Kansas that in view of the [xxxxxxxxxxxx] calamities which have so recently befallen the Layot people of Lawrence we desire to force ourselves into a Military Company as a League and we hereby petition you to furnish us arms to protect ourselves and our families and we stand ready at any time to answer your call to repel invasion should we not be able to draw arms on the above terms, will you be so kind as to state on what terms we can.  For all of the above we honorably pray  John W. Rogers (Secty) E.P. Jones (Secty for and in behalf of the members of Winchester Council U.S.A.


[Page 96]


We wish to become efficient and speedily so that we may aid in crushing this monstrous evil in over beloved state as well as in our whole land.  Please answer immediately Very Respectfully John W. Rogers Thos Carney Gov of Kans


[Page 97]


Jeff Co. Winchester Union League of Winchester in relation to Militia organization August 26th 1863.


[Page 98]


K.S. Militia Hodgson, John Aug. 26, 1863

Welmington Kansas Wabansee County

Aug. 26, 1863

Gov. Carney

Dear As you will find by referring to the papers in the Governor’s office at Topeka there was a volunteer company of cavalry of the State Militia formed at this place in the 24th inft and the commission have been issued to the officers

I see by the public papers that you have called the Vol. Militia into active service.  What can you do for us in the [xxx] arms and mustering


[Page 99]


when and where can we get them.  Who may we report to [xx]  Hoping to receive an early answer

I am yours [xxxx] John Hodgson Capt

P.S. I direct this to Leavenworth because I learned in Topeka that you were a that place J.H.

Write this man we shall arm all as soon as we can get them.  Tell them they must use the own as best they can and respect [xxxxx]


[Page 100]


Again [xxxx] C


[Page 101]


Wabunsee Co.

Capt. J Hodgson Wilmington in relative to arms rc.

Sept. 1 1863


[Page 102]


Aug. 27, 1863

Head Quarters, State of Missouri Inspector General’s Office.  St. Louis, August 27th 1863


I have the honor herewith to enclose a concern communication from the Adjutant General of this State, and also the form of an order for the substance of which it is desirable should be issued from your Headquarters.

Upon my recent visit to your Adjutant Generals office, I was unable to ascertain the information desired, as to the number of new from Missouri in Kansas regiments, in consequence of the limited number of documents on file in his office, referring to muster returns.

This seems to be the best method for obtaining the desired information, although it will involve much labor and expense.  The Adjutant General of this state, is now in process of obtaining the “Descriptive List” of every man in the service of the United States from Missouri, and you will be enabled to procure at any time, upon application at these Headquarters, such information in regard to the men in the Regts from Kansas as you may desire. 

In a conversation with General Dudley, your Adjutant General.  I suggested for the purpose of organizing and establishing a complete system for the record of his office which


[Page 103]


You will perceive from the date of the Adjt Genls letter, that I have delayed sending this to you owing to your recent local troubles and feeling that you must be very much harassed and occupied in consequence of the [xxxxx] outrage committed by a band of outlaws upon the citizens of Lawrence.  May they meet with more [xxxx] retributive justice



[Page 104]


Is of the greatest importance, and will hereafter be of more importance, to the enlisted men from Kansas, in obtaining that which is, or may hereafter become, due, to them from the United States, that the visit in person these Headquarters, and pass a few days in the Adjutant Generals office, with the view of aiding him in perfecting any plan, which he proposes to adopt for that purpose, or improving upon that which has been adopted at these Hdquarters.

We will take great pleasure in giving him such information as he may desire.  You will confer a great favor, by having the order, above referred to, issued and sent to the Adjutant General at this place.

I have the honor to be Governor Very Respectfully You Obt Servant A.R. Easton Col Inspector General of Mo

To His Excellency Thomas Carney, Governor of Kansas. Leavenworth City, Kansas


[Page 105]


K.S. Militia Taylor, R.B. Funk, J.M. Aug. 27, 1863

To his Excellency Thomas Carney Governor of the State of Kansas.  At a special [xxxxxx] of Wyandotte City Council No. 26  M.B. held on Wednesday [xxx] Aug 26 83 the [xxxxxxxxx] were appointed a committee to represent to your Excellency the defensibly condition of Wyandotte County and particularly Wyandotte City, and to earnestly request that you order on company of Militia immediately to this place to and us in guarding our lives and property against the inroads of Missouri rebels and cutthroats till we can get the Militia of our County organized upon such a basis as will warrant us sufficient protection, or until some other arrangements are made which will render us secure in our lives and property.  We have the most indubitable evidence that expeditions have been planned from Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri, with the view of destroying this town, and that the intent has by no [xxxxxxx] been given up.  One portion of our County that South of the [xxxxx] river, has already been invaded, our citizens robbed and murdered and their houses burned.  It would be our choice that we might not experience the same calamity.  RB Taylor JM Funk MB Newman Committee I auth this today Carney Wyandotte Aug. 27, 1863


[Page 106]


Wyandotte co. A. committee of the citizens of Wyandotte want a Militia company stationed at that place.  Ag. 27, 1863.


[Page 107]


K.S. Militia Murphy, Thomas Aug. 28, 1863

Atchison K Aug 28th 1863 Gov Thos Carney

Dear Sir, We have formed a Military Company in the Second Ward of this city of which E butcher has been elected Captain and myself 1st Lieut, the muster rolls will be sent on to Topeka Tomorow,

We would esteem it as a special favour if you would (if in your power) send us muscuts for this company say about Sixty as we intend to make this company A No 1 in drill and c, Your attention to this will confer a favour on the company and will much oblige your obedient Servt Thos Murphy

Write Murphey that we will try and arm his Co. and are glad he has taken hold of the matter as we believe he will make in efficient  C


[Page 108]


Sept. 3rd 1863.  Murphy Thos Wants arms for militia Co. at Atchison


[Page 109]


Spaulding, A.W. Griffin, Allen, Co, B Aug. 29, 1863

Sautrell Falls Kans Aug 29 1863

Gov Carney

Mr Allen A Griffin son of Allen Griffin Esq of this township seems in lined to enlist under Jennison in the 15th.  H is every way qualified to make a No 1 second Lieut. without it be the experience of the drill which is [xxxx] attained by an intellectual soldier.  You would infer a personal favor upon me if you could in the discharge of your official duties see that young Griffin is provided with a commission at the suitable time.  His family and friends have comprise a large proportion of the [xxx] influence, social and political of the county.  Shall be in Leavenworth week after week  Yours [xx] A.W. Spaulding


[Page 110]


I think Griffin might recruit a respectable member of men in this [xxxxxx] of provided with the proper authority

Send mustering com. to applicant at Sautrell Falls [xxxxxxx] Carney

Hou. A.W. Spaulding desires Allen A. Griffin to be appt Rec. off. for 13th Sept. 3rd 1863


[Page 111]


Tompkins, C.C. Co. G Aug. 29, 1863

Mound City, august. 29th, 1863 Gov. Carney

Dear Sir I Desire to Be A member of the 15th and therefore would respectfully ask your honor to give me a commission to recruit I think I can get same 25 or 30 min if so it will give me a Lieut commission that is as good as I want if I have A true man for capt I was 2nd Lieut in co.G. of Kansas volun. I was honorably Discharged at my own request I am with due respect your obed C.C. Tompkins [xxxxxx] Judge

Com. this man as he desires C


[Page 112]


Sept. 3rd 1863 Tompkins C.C. desires a recruiting commission for 13th Regt.


[Page 113]


K.S. Militia Carney, Thomas Strickler, S.M. Aug. 29, 1863 Governor’s Military Staff Governors Corres.

Special Order No. 15

Headquarters Kansas Militia Topeka, Aug 29th 1863

Col. S.M. Strickler, Aid-de-Coup to Commander-in-Chief:

You are hereby ordered to proceed at once to organize into companies the militia of the counties of Wabaunsee, Davis, Dickinson, Saline, Ottawa, Clay, Riley, Pottawatomie, Marshall, Washington, republic, and Shirley, and take such measures for the protection of the border as you may deem expedient.

Thomas Carney Governor and Commander-in-Chief Guilford Dudley Adj Genl.


[Page 114]


Special Order No. 15

S.M. Strickler Ag. 29, 1863

To organize Militia in Wabaunsee, Davis, Dickinson, Saline, Ottawa, Clay, Riley, Pottawattamie, Republic, and Shirley Counties


[Page 115]


K.S. Militia Rice, Charles Sept. 2, 1863 Stanton Kansas Sept 2nd 1863

Hon Thos Carney Dr Sir

Since [xxx] organized a company here I have recruited it to 56 men and will soon have a full company thirty five only being sworn in.

The Boys are very anxious to know whether we will be armed soon or not and what kind of arms we will be armed with it is not asking too much I would like to know what the prospect if for arms your Chas Rice


[Page 116]

Sept. 4th 1863. Rice Capt. Chas Wants arms for Militia Co. at Stanton, Kansas


[Page 117]


State of Kansas The Governor of the State of Kansas

To all to Whom these Presents Shall Come—Greeting:

Know Ye, That at an Election held on the 2d day of September 1983 by the members of a Volunteer Company of Cavalry of the State Militia at Bouds Mills in the County of Douglas State of Kansas A.P. Baker was duly elected to the office of 3rd Lieutenant

Now, Therefore, I Thomas Carney, Governor of the State of Kansas, by virtue of the authority in me vested, do hereby Commission the said A.P. Baker as 3rd Lieutenant of said Company for and during the term prescribed by law

In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my hand caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State.  Done at Topeka, this 16th day of September, A.D. 1863 Thos Carney Warren Lawrence Secretary of State


[Page 118]


K.S. Militia Brockway, H. Bell, Sept. 3, 1863

Blackjack Kansas Sept 3 1863

Gov Carney Sir:

Will you please send pr Beaver Jas Kennedy the Box of Cartridges ordered by Capt Bell.

Respectfully yours H. Brockway pr [xxxxxx] Capt Bell

File this away C


[Page 119]


Douglas, Co Sept. 7 1863 Brockway H Requests Box of Cartridges ordered by Capt. Bell


[Page 120]


Veale, G.W. Maj 6th KV Field and Staff Sept. 3, 1863

Hd Qurs 6th KVC Camp on Verdigreise River C[x] Sept 3d 1863


I have the honor to transmit herewith the monthly Release of the 6th KVC for the month of August 1863

I would most Respectfully state that the cause of the delay arises from the unsafely of the mails until recently

I am most Respectfully Your Obedient Sert G.W. Veale Maj Commanding 6th KVC

To the Adjt Genl State of Kansas


[Page 121]


Maj G.W. Veale Sept. 3d 1863 Camp Verdigreise C.W. Monthly Report for Augt. 1863 Recl A.G.O Dec 23rd Transmitting monthly returns of the 6th KVC for the month of Sept August 1863 Recl AGO Dec. 23rd 1863


[Page 122]


K.S. Militia Spalding, A.W. Sept. 4, 1863

Sautrell Falls, KS

September, 4, 1863

Dear Burlingame

I have an order from Geo Carney to organize the militia of Jefferson and Jackson counties.  He directed one to [xxxxx] [xxxxx] at Topeka the manner of officers elected and that he would commission them.  Well [xxx] withhold all commission for these two committees until my order enclosed has been complied with and the names furnished you from this office.  There has been much fraud practiced at the election of officers on this precinct and which would result in [xxxxxx] [xxxxxx] faction if not [xxxxxxxx].  We share [xxxxx] the militia of Jeff. Co. organized and represented organization perfected by Monday week.

Very truly Your friend AW Spalding [xxxx] [xx] [xx] [xxxxx] Hon Ward Burlingame Topeka Ks


[Page 123]


Jeff and Jack. Sept. 4th 1863 Spalding Col A.W. Du reference to the organization of the militia in the counties of Jefferson and Jackson


[Page 124]


K.S. Militia Cass, E.N. Sept. 4, 1863 Phila Sep. 4th 1863

Hon. Thomas Carney Gov. of Kansas;

My dear Sir:

I take the liberty of informing you that I have for sale about twenty thousand Ganibaldi Rifles with sword bayonet and sparing handle.  The cost at the factory in Austria is $11 for which add the exchange, which was at the time 42 per cent, making the cost of each rifle $15 62/100 without the freight and interest.  The interest is for 18 mos. which would make them cost at least $17 per piece.  The rifles have been doubly inspected and have elicited the warmest emendations from experts, who have witnessed their performance.  They are not a novelty in our country, some 80,000 of them having done signal service in the cause of the [xxxxx].  I would wish it to be distinctly understood that this is not the Belgian Rifle but an entirely separate and distinct article


[Page 125]


and of a very superior character.  The fullest guarantees can be given that the rifles are all they are represented to be.  To close up business they will be sold below cost.  I will be happy to hear from your Excellency at your earliest convenience.  I would add that the rifles are made of the best Austrian metal. 

Yours truly E.N. Cass No 912 North 4th [xx]


[Page 126]

Sept. 8 1863 Cass E.N. Philadelphia Proposes to sell arms for the Militia of this State.


[Page 127]


K.S. Militia Strickler, S.M. Sept. 5, 1863

Junction City, Kansas Sept 5, 1863, Gov. Thos. Carney

Dear Sir.

Not having received any written orders on instruction from you.  I have taken the liberty of changing your General Order No. 1 a little to suit this District your verbal order for me to organize this District I have also taken the liberty to put on paper all of which I hope you will find correct [xxxxxxx] factory Respectfully S.M. Strickler


[Page 128]


Col. S.M. Strickler Com. Western District N.D.K.S.M. L to Gov. Carney in regard to G.O. No. 1, and encloses proclamation Sept 5, 1863.


[Page 129]


K.S. Militia Wood, S.N. Sept. 6, 1863

Council Grove Kan Sept 6th 1863

Ward Burlingame

Dear Sir

I [xxxx] herewith the roll of members and oath also proceeding of meeting for the Election of officers of the “Western Guards” a Cavalry Militia Company just organized here every man in the county we’d go into same Co I think we shud have 4 Cos of Cavalry and of Infantry please sent commissions for Muster Generals we want

200 Carbines 200 Sabres 200 Revolvers

1 .12 G Remington [xxx] we get truly

SN wood Capt

Morris county, [xxxxx]


[Page 130]


Morris Co.

Sept. 7 1863 Wood S.N. Wants arms for Morris County Militia


[Page 131]


K.S. Milita Ross, Edmund G. Sept. 7, 1863 Lawrence Sept 7 1863 31/2 a.m.


I have just received a dispatch from the commander of the Post at Olathe, stating that he has reliable information that Quantrill has collected a force of about 1000 men on the Swabor Creek in Cass Co. Mo.  The [xxxxxxxxx] in that another raid into Kanas in counties [xxxxx].  If he has that force he is intending to strike higher up into the country than at any time heretofore.

The people of this city are without arms nearly all they having been destroyed by the raid of the 21st.  Arms and troops will doubtless be sent here by the General commanding if there should be further danger but to provide for contingencies would it not be well to and [xxxx] some if you have them to spare.  Be [xxxxxx] that I shall exercise any precautions that may be required further protection of this [xxxxx] and of this country

Respectfully yours Edmund G Ross Capt Comdg at Lawrence


[Page 132]


Quantrill Lawrence. Sep 7, 1863 E.G. Ross, Capt. Militia

The within letter from Capt. Ross is respectfully forwarded to His Excellency the Governor for his immediate action.  If occasion shall arise troops will be forwarded from here.  H. Burlingame.


[Page 133]


K.S. Militia Beeler, C.G.J. Sept. 7, 1863

Iowa Point Kansas Sept. 1st A.D. 1863

Gov Carney Sir we are organized into a Militia Company and are greatly held back for the [xxxxx] of suitable [xxxxxxx].  For which are [xxxxxx] be [xxxxxxxx] to you for the [xx] [xxx] 

With most Respect [xxxxxxx] your friend C.G. Beeler Capt Iowa Point Company


[Page 134]


Sept. 7 1863 Beeler Capt. C.G.J. Wants Arms


[Page 135]


K.S. Militia Dickinson, Wm. W. Sept. 7, 1863

Quindaro Kansas Sept 7/63

Sir Enclosed is a copy of the Muster Roll of the Militia company organized in this Township on the 7th inst. with the names of the Officers elected.  We are in want of Commissions Instruction and Blank Forms.  Please forward them to my address immediately, also an order for Arms  We can raise the number to near one hundred by enrolling about 20 more colored men who would be glad to join us and would make good soldiers for garrison duty on this border.  Shall we enroll them?

Respectfully Wm W. Dickinson To the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas


[Page 136]


Quindaro Kans. Sept. 7 1863 Wm. W. Dickinson Letter

Acquire for instructions Arms and e for militia company.  Also in regard to the enlisting of colored men. 


[Page 137]


K.S. Militia Campbell, John E. Sept. 8, 1863

Eudora Douglas County Kansas Sept the 8th 1863

To Guilford Dudley Adjutant General of the State of Kansas the Undersigned Petitioner hereby Petition you Honor to Grant him the Power to Raise and Organize an Independent Mounted Militia Volunteer Company to operate intirely in the State of Kansas said Company to be designated and known as the Eudora Independent Cavalry Company your complyaner with this my request will confer a lasting favor and your friend

John e. Campbell

WB I would like to hear from you on the Reciept of this please direct your letter to Eudora Kansas  If you wish to leave anything about me I am one of the commissioners of the County Board of Douglas County JE Campbell


[Page 138]


M Eudora Douglas Co Kan Sept. 8th 1863 Campbell John A. Asks authority to raise an independent company vol. m. cav. For state service


[Page 139]


K.S. Militia Spalding, A.W. Sept. 9, 1863 S

Sautrell Falls, KS Sept 9, 1863 His Excellency

Thos Carney Gov

Companies of cavalry have been organized [xx] Rising Sun and Oskaloosa Jeff. Co. Ks. Under Genl. Order No1. From your Head Quarters.  I have returned the muster rolls to have the oath appended.  When this is corrected I shall transmit to Division Head Quarters.  Will you send me the commissions and I will deliver them when the [xxxxxx] in muster roll shall have been corrected. 

Rept Yours

AW Spalding

Col and Aid-de-Camp


[Page 140]


Jeff, Co 182 Sautrell Falls, Sept. 9 1863

AW Spalding col and Aid –de-Camp

Letter of transmittal

Recl AGA[xxxx]


[Page 141]


K.S. Militia Swift, Francis B. Sept. 9, 1863

Hd. Qrs. 1st Reg. D.K.S.M.,

Lawrence, Sept. 9th, ‘63


Will you, as soon as possible often receipt of this, forward to there Hdqrs a report of the companies organized in this county with the officers that have been commissioned- Those companies that have reported to your office.  I sir, upon an examination of the Militia Law, that a report of the rolls of each company is required to be returned to you.  This I think, has not been done in many cases.  Things are in great comparison here, but I hope to have everything regulated in proper style.  Five companies have been [xxxxxxx] organized in this city, and companies in every Precinct in the County but many of the last named have not reported to the Hdgrs, and I am, consequently, unable to ascertain authoritatively what companies and how many are subject to my [xxxxx]

Francis B. Swift-Vol. Comdg

Guilford Dudley, Adj. Gen. Kan Militia


[Page 142]


M Hd Qrs 1st Reg. SD. K.S.M. Lawrence Sept. 9th 1863

Swift F.B. Vol. Wishes a report of the companies organized in Douglas County of K.S.M.


[Page 143]


K.S. Militia Sept. 10, 1863 Lane, J.T. Doniphan Co.

Iowa Point Kansas Sept 10th /63

Hon Thomas Carney

Governor and Com. in chief at meeting of the Militia of our prescient pursuant to you late proclamation and often organizing it was the unanimous opinion of our best informed citizens that we immediately and earnestly as of you and that you furnish us and with at least fifty stands of arms and ammunition as there is laye members of [xxxxxxxx] daily arriving in the counties opposite us in Missouri who are believed to be part of [xxxxxxx] band and [xxx] fear that they will make a said on our town or part of the county while our friends are chastening their friends and [xxxxxxxxxx] in those border counties under Gen Ewing if our request meets your approval furnish us with such other instruction as you may thing necessary please let us hear from you as soon as convenient

Respectfully Yours

J.T. Lane Capt Comad.


[Page 144]


Doniphan Co. Iowa Point: Sept 10, 1863 Capt J.T. Lane

Asking for Arms


[Page 145]


K.S. Militia Spalding, A.W. Dudley, Guilford Sept. 10, 1863

Special Order-No 15 Headquarters Kansas Militia. Topeka. Sept. 10 1863

I. Whenever two companies of infantry organized in the counties of Jefferson and Jackson shall have reported to Co. A.W. Spalding Aid-de-Camp to the Commander-in-Chief and shall have received their commissions, if shall be the duty of the said officer to call a meeting of the commissioned officers of said companies for the purpose of entering into a regimental organization, the result of which shall at once be forwarded to these Headquarters.

I.I. Colonel Spalding is authorized to organize the cavalry companies that may be raised in the counties named into a battalion or squadron as their member may allow, and to call a


[Page 146]


Meeting of two commissioned officers for the purpose of choosing such field officers as are allowed by law.  The result of such choice he will cuase to be forwarded to these Headquarters without delay

By order of the Commander-in-Chief. Guilford Dudley. Adjutant General


[Page 147]


Special Order No 15 M. A.W. Spalding Sept. 10, 1863

4th Regt. Jeff and Jackson cos.


[Page 148]


K.S. Militia Sawyer, L.M. Sept. 10, 1863 Clinton Sept 10th 1863

Mr. Guilford Dudley A.G.T Genl


Dear Sir you will please forward the commissions for the officers of this company at your earliest convenience as we propose to enroll the Militia of the Township having received orders from Col Swift to that effect

LM Sawyer Capt


[Page 149]


Clinton, Douglas Capt M.L. Sawyer Sept 10. 1863

Asking for Coms for his Company of Kans. S.M.


[Page 150]


K.S. Militia Cobb, David R. Sept. 11, 1863

Marmiton Kan. Sep 11 1863 His Excellence Gov Carney;

Dear Sir: I wish to call your attention to the exposed condition of our Southern border south of the western portion of this county.

There are some troops at Humboldt, but the distance from Fort Scott to Humboldt is too great to be of much advantage to us.  Can we have some arms if we will organized a Military Company here, and one north of here in this county?

Yours by [xxxx] [xxxxxx]

David R. Cobb

Write this man that we shall leave him some arms when his comps organize C


[Page 151]


Bourbon Co.

Sept. 18, 1863 Cobb David R. Marmiton Wants arms for Militia of Bourbon Co


[Page 152]


K.S. Militia Strickler, S.M. Sept. 11, 1863

Junction City, Kansas. Sept 11th 1863

Gov. Thos. Carney

Dr. Sir.-The organization of the Militia in this District is progressing finely.  I have had two men riding constantly during the last week. Circulating the orders and visiting the different neighborhoods with a view of getting the people interested.  They have just returned and report a general willingness and desire [xxx] the people to organize.  Two companies have been organized at Manhattan and one at this place.


[Page 153]


Tomorrow is the day designated for the people to meet and enroll themselves into companies throughout the District and the orders [xxxx] be generally completed [xxxxxx]

How is it with the arms?  Can you furnish us arms and ammunition for a Regiment and half for Infantry and half for Cavalry?  I have assured the people that they would most certainly be armed.  Can you send them to this place or to Fort Riley?  I am very Repectfully Your Obt Servt

S.M. Strickler


[Page 154]


Write Strickler that we expect to arm a large portion of the men that [xx] may [xxxx] [xxxxx] the Servt disappoint us with them. As they probably not do C


[Page 155]


Sept. 18, 1863

Strickler Col. S.M. Desire arms furnished for the Militia of his District


[Page 156]


K.S. Militia Carney, Thomas Sept. 12, 1863

(copy) Leavenworth Sept 12, 1863

Col. John. T. Snoddy

Sir Your authority is hereby amended so as to embrace such portion of Bourbon County as you may deem necessary to give ample protection to that County in conjunction with the Military for as at Fort Scott

Very Respectfully Your Obt Servant Thos Carney

Gov and commd in chief


[Page 157]


K.S. Militia Carney, Thomas Sept. 21, 1863 (copy) Head Quarters Kansas Militia Leavenworth Sept 21, 1863 Col. John T. Snoddy Sir

You are directed to take command of all the Militia.  Either enrolled or Volunteer in the County of Linn and the north half of Bourbon, and all companies in either organization will obey your orders accordingly.  No distinction will be made in either organization for the present and you will [xxxx] all alike until further orders.

Thos Carney Gov-and Commander in Chief


[Page 158]


Linn and Bourbon John T. Snoddy Sep. 21, 1863.


[Page 159]


K.S. Militia Spalding, A.W. Sept. 12, 1863

Sautrell Falls, Kansas Sept. 12, 1863 His Excellency Gov. Carney Topeka KS

[xxxx] I may be in possession of a perfect list of commissioned officers in Jeff. and Jackson counties of companies organized under Genl Order No. 1.  I wish you would send me the names of those [xxxxxx] commissions issued before Sept 5, 1863.  I wish them to enable me to proceed with the organization of the regiment names and location of companies.

Very Truly and Respt Yours

A.W. Spalding


[Page 160]


Sautrell Falls Sept 12, 1863 Col. AW Spalding Asking for a list of coms. officers in Jefferson and Jackson Counties


[Page 161]


K.S. Militia Vincent, J.C. Sept. 12, 1863

Kauwaca Kansas. Sept 12th 1863

To Gov Carney Dear Sir

I have been informed that it is your intention to distribute arms to the Militia of the State of such is the case.  I wish to make this early application for my company as the arms now in their possession and owned by them are of very inferior quality.  Our muster roll calls for sixty-four men but since have enlisted in the U.S. service so that we now have but forty-four the increasing rapidly since the proclamation company organized and officers commissioned in October 1861 

I wish to call your attention to the fact, that there has been another company formed in this township and officers elected the there was but twenty eight names on the roll and no more to be obtained as we poll less than one hundred voles in the township.  Since the election of the officers they have added the names of twelve or more negros to make the forty and you have already or very soon


[Page 162]


will have an application for commissions I know that your time is valuable to be bothered with such petty business as this but I did not know who else was the proper person to apply too for the arms and we felt quite anxious about them

Very Respectfully Yours J.C. Vincent Cap of Kauwaca Volunteers Post Office, Lecompton


[Page 163]


Douglas Co.

Capt JC Vincent Lecompton Letter Sept 12 1863 Asking for arms and answered Sept 16/63


[Page 164]


K.S. Militia Fischer, Julius Sept. 17, 1863 Eudora, Kans Sept 17th 1863

His Excellency Thomas Carney governor of the State of Kan

Dear Sir, I herewith acknowledge the receipt of the companies to myself and Lieutenants but these will be of no avail unless we have Arms.  I would therefore like to enquire of you when and where we can get them.  The Reports of Quantrills caning may become “true” and if he does come we would like to do something for him and this we cannot do without the proper Arms.  I would therefore entreat you to furnish us with them as soon as possible.  Hoping to hear from you [xx] [xx] [xxxxx] so that I will be able to tell my company the truth in


[Page 165]


in regard to them

I remain Respectfully your obdt Servt Julius Fischer Cap Eudora Co K.S.M.


[Page 166]


Douglas Co

Sept. 18 1863 Fischer Capt Julius Eudora Wants arms for his Militia company


[Page 167]


K.S., Militia Burr, H.S. Sept. 18, 1863

Head Quarters, N. Div. K.S.M. Leavenworth Sept 18, 1863

Sir: I am directed by Maj Genl McDowell to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of Sept. 15 and to say in reply any arrangement that will better facilitate Militia organizations in those counties named will meet with my approval.  Copies of General Orders will be forwarded immediately.  Orders from the Governor will be forwarded by Maj. Genl. McDowell.

I am Sir Very Respectfully Your Obdt Servt H.S. Burr Major and A.D.G

To Guilford Dudley Adjt Genl


[Page 168]


Hed Qrts N.D. K.S.M. Leavenworth City Sept 18th 1863 Burr H.S. Maj and A.D.C. Transmitted of Head Qurs of Maj Genl J.S. McDowell


[Page 169]


Head-Quarters District of the Border Kansas City, MO., Sept, 18, 1863

Genl, the Genl. Commanding desire to know if you here received any instructions from the Sec’t of War for the appointment of Recruiting Officers and for Enlisting Veteran Volunteers, under P[x], XI, Genl Ordres No 191 current series, War Dept

Please answer

Very Respectfully Your Ob’t Servt, H. Hannahs

1st Lt. And A,A,A,G,

Genl Guilford Dudley Adj’t Genl. State of Kansas


[Page 170]


Hed Qrts Disc’t Border Kansas City

Sept. 18th 1863 Hannahs H. Lt and A.A.A.G

Asking if instructions to organize Veteran Corps have been received by the Governor


[Page 171]


Headquarters Department of the Ohio. Cincinnati, Ohio Sept 19th, 1863

General: By direction of the Major General Comd’g the Department I have the honor to request you to furnish for reference at this office a list of Kansas troops Cavalry, Artillery and Infantry, in the service of the United States giving the Department or Army in which they are serving and station when last heard from.

This request is made in view of the numerous official communications which find their way to these Head Quarters addressed to officers of Regiments Batteries and C of which there is no record at this office and the frequent inquires as to the location of such troops.  Also to facilitate the return of apprehended deserters and C.

I have the honor, Genl, to be Very Respectfully Your Obedient Servant. W Henderson Asst Adj’t General.

To the Adjt General State of Kansas Lecompton Ks,


[Page 172]


Head Qrt. Dept Ohio-Cincinnati Sept 19, 1863 W. Henderson Asst Adj’t Genl. Wants location of Kansas troops.


[Page 173]


Sept. 21, 1863

Whereas, It is a well known fact that certain individuals—whose names are known to this body—recruiting in this city, in order to fill their companies, and to secure to themselves positions, at an earlier period than they could be recruiting in a legitimate manner, have taken from deserved captivity in the Guard House such man as Geo. Morris, and other notorious bushwhackers, and enlisted them into the service of the United States to the detriment of the service and against the peace and safety of the people; and, Whereas, These men have been, by some of the authorities here without any evidence of their return to loyalty, released from arrest, to be mustered into the United States service, and in some instances have been allowed furloughs, or leaves of absence, to go, no one knows where;  and, Whereas, The persons [xx] eulisted are known to have been engaged in the very worst character of outrages against the Union men, and even at a late day threatened the lives of loyal citizens; and Whereas, The uniform of the Army of the United States has been disgraced, by placing it upon the persons of those blood-thirsty fiends, and their enlistment into the service, when they should have been executed as traitors, given them an opportunity to more successfully carry out their villainous designs, knowing that they can desert whenever their fiendish objects are effected; therefore, Resolved, That recruiting officers who attempt to fill their companies in the manner hereinbefore designated, are undeserving of any thing but the contempt of all loyal citizens, and that there success is no only an insult to our soldiers, but dangerous to the cause for which they are battling.  Resolved, That we will discountenance all such proceeding and will endeavor by all lawful means, to prevent all men from obtaining positions in the service of the United States who are so destitute of true loyal principles as to admit these most unprincipled enemies of our race into the service and pay of the United States fore the sole purpose of obtaining such position.  Resolved, That we do not most earnestly protest against the election of men guilty of such acts, and if elected, we humbly petition the Governor of this State not to commission them, as the commissioning of such persons would be inimical to the cause of our country, and dangerous to the peace and safety of community and the soldiers under their command, as well as the success of ourms in the battle-field.  Resolved, That one copy of these resolutions be forwarded to his Excellency, the Governor of the State, one to the Commander of this Post, and one to the Union League at Leavenworth.


[Page 174]


Hall of Franklin Council No.12 U.S.A. Fort-Scott, Kan. Sep. 22, 1863.  Resolution adopted at a meeting held Sep. 21, 1863: Wm B. Hutchinson Prest: G. W. Boyle, Sec.  Recruiting [xxxx] referred to are:

Capt G.J. Clark,

‘’ Haines

‘’ Wm. Ross

‘’ Campbell

Lt. Geo. Bowen


[Page 175]


Misc. corres. Of A.G. Batch, George J, Sept. 23, 1863


Ordnance Office, War Department Washington Sept 3 1863

Adjt Genl of Kansas Leavenworth, Kansas

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith, a letter to Lieut Stanwood and to request that you aid cause the [xxxxx] to be transmitted to him  By order:

Respectfully Your Obt St Geo Batch Capt of Ordnance


[Page 176]


Lieut Stanwood. Stanwood Washington D.C. Sept 23 1863. Geo. J. Batch Request to forward letter Lieut Sherwood

Lieut. Stanwood


[Page 177]


K. S. Militia Taylor, George W, Sept. 23, 1863 Headquarters “Washington Guards” Atchinson Sept, 23 1863. Guilford Dudley. Adjutant General:- Dear Sir:

Please forward to me some blank Muster Rolls:-

We have received veterans and are now drilling in good ernest, and are now ready to answer any call of the Governor.  Yours Respectfully, Geo W. Taylor Captain


[Page 178]


Atchin M?

April 23 1863

Capt Geo W. Taylor

[xxx] Muster Rolls- Sent 2 Apr 30. 1863


[Page 179]


K.S. Militia Strickler, S.W. Sept. 24, 1863

Junction City, Kansas Sept 24, 1863 Dear Sir. Please send me blank muster Rolls and Military Oat sufficient for the companies of Militia being organized by me in this District.  We will have I suppose about 25 companies.  Please forward at once so as to reach me by the Sante Fe Coach which leaves Topeka friday evening.  Respectfully S.W. Strickler Col. Com’g

Guildford Dudley Western District N.D., K.S.M. Adjutant General


[Page 180]


Davis Co. Junction City Sept 24/63 Col S.M. Strickler wants Muster Rolls- Sent Sept 30 1863


[Page 181]


K.S. Militia McDowell, James S. Sept. 25, 1863 Paoli Sept 25th 1863

Adjutant Genl Dudley

Sir.  The organization of Miami county as represented by the Roster of Mi Regt forwarded to Topeka is correct.  I recommended and request that the commissions be issued as per roster and be forwarded to Mi [xxxx] at Paoli: All the necessary oaths rolls [xx] will in [xxx] [xxxx] be forwarded to your office but under circumstances you must give him for this.  They fully understand [xxxx] getting them in proper shape, please see that circumstances are issued as soon as possible and [xxxxx] [xx] per [xxxxx]

Respectfully se James L. McDowell M.G. ND K.S.M.


[Page 182]


P.S. Please mind that [xxxxx] this KSM in Johnson Miami and Linn are to go and are in active service: for this reason they should be commissioned [xxxxxx]: the proper papers will soon after come up in as good shape as any in the state


If Col coalition sending messenger with this see that he gets [xxxxx] [xxxx] muster returns immediately McD


[Page 183]


Paola Sept 25 1863 Maj Gen J.L McDowell Recommends commissioning the offices of the Regt- Kan State Mil


[Page 184]


K.S. Militia Bonestell, Sylvester Sept. 28, 1863

Highland Doniphan co-Sept 28 1863

To the Adjutant Gen at Leavenworth Sir we wish to now have [xxxxx] a bond you will require of us for 40 stands of armes and their Equipment and ammunition for the highland company w have been drilling for the last 2 years with out arms and we wish to be armed to defend our county and our borders and we are now we are no benefit to our selves or our country I wish to now if we [xxx]x a bond in youre office if the armes will be sent to us or weather we must come after them if we haf to come after them we wish to be shure and obtain them for it is [xxxx] 5-0 miles to come and we wish to obtain them when we come or if you send them Let us now we will fill the bonds further there is companeys [xxxxxx] to forme the [x] Regiment and I wish you would issue the order

Sylvester Bonestell Capt Com. The Highland company in Northern District of Kansas State Militia


[Page 185]


Highland-Doniphan Co Sept 28, 1863 Capt Bonestell Wants Arms

PS Please give an answer as soon as you can


[Page 186]


K.S. Militia Funk, J.M. Sept. 30, 1863

Mayors Office City of Wyandott Sept 30th 1863 Gov. Thomas Carney

Sir Several efforts have been made here to organize a Militia Co under the Militia [xxxx], in accordance with your orders issued some time [xxxx], and have so far failed an account of divisions among our people, I would therefore respectfully suggest to you wether if would not be well to order an officer here to organize the Militia.

I am very respectfully yours [xx] JM Funk Major


[Page 187]


Wyandotte City- M Sept 30, 1863 J.M. Funk.

Suggest that a man be appointed to organize the Militia of Wyandotte Answered Oct 5, 1863 and asked him to suggest the name of some person.


[Page 188]


Burlingame Oct 31st/63

Gen. Dudley, Sir,

Find enclosed file for publishing Military Orders.  I charged the legal rate allowed for advertisements is general but do not know for certain whether the state audits her bills the same way or not.  If not make no allowance and [xxxxx]

[xxxx] [xxxxx] MM Murdock


[Page 189]


No 43 Burlingame Oct 31, 1863 MM Murdock Transmittal of Bill for Printing orders

Rec AG, A, Nov 4 1863


[Page 190]


K.S. Militia Colton, G.A. Oct. 1, 1863

Regimental Head Qrs 4th Reg K.S.M. S.D Paola Oct 1st 1863

Hon Guilford Dudley Adj Gen Dear Sir

I have the honor to enclose the muster roll of Capt Crittenden Company of Cavalry organized in Osawatomie  The returned commissions are for persons who I understand were elected before the muster rolls were made our that since making out their muster rolls they have had another election and the persons before whose names certain offices are placed were elected to fill them I understand that the gentlemen who re mentioned in the enclosed commissions resigned before the muster roll has made but I would therefore recommend that the enclosed


[Page 191]


Commissions be cancelled and new ones issued ot the different persons designated on the enclosed Muster roll

Rsptly Your Obdt Svt

G.A. Colton Col 4th Reg K.S.M.


[Page 192]



Paola Oct 1 1863 G.A. Colton Col. 4th Regt. Kan. Militia S.D.

Transmittal of Muster Roll furnishes information of a secure Election of Officers, and asks that certain commissions be cancelled and new ones made out.

Recd. A.G.O. January, 1


[Page 193]


K.S. Militia Bowman, Samuel M. Oct. 4, 1863

Kickapoo City October 4/63


In accordance with orders received from Genl. H. Qrs. dated A.G.O. Topeka Sept 19. 63.  I have the honor to inform you that my commission date from September 18th 1863 and that my company consists of 1st, 2d, 3. Lieutenants and Ensign and eighty N.C. officers and Privates.

I have honor to be very respectfully your ob. Svt. Saml. M. Bowman

Capt K.S.M

Wallnut Township Atchison Co.

To Maj. Genl. McDowell Comdg. K.S.M.


[Page 194]


Leav. Co. 119

Kickapoo City Oct. 4/63

Saml. M. Bowman Capt. K.S.M.

Says his commission dates from Sept. 18, 1863 company consists of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Lieutenants and Ensign and 80 N.C. officers and Privates


[Page 195]


K.S. Militia Leonard, A.R. Oct. 5, 1863

Kanwaka, Kan. Oct 5th 1863

To Gov. Thos Carney.

Please send by return mail a copy of the names of the cavalry company organized here to my address Kanwaka Kan

Truly Yours

A.R. Leonard 1st Lieutenant


[Page 196]


No 9 Kanwaka Douglas Co.

Oct 5 1863

Lt A.R. Leonard

Wants copy muster roll of Militia Company


[Page 197]


K.S. Militia Howard, A.L. Oct. 7, 1863

Cottonwood Falls Chase Co.

Oct 7th 1963

Hon Thos Carney or Adjt Gen.

Dear Sir

Please send Blank Muster Rolls sufficient to supply 4 companies and oblige

Yours Truly

Lieut A.S. Howard


[Page 198]


Chase Co. 11 Cottonwood Falls Oct 7, 1863 Lt. A.S. Howard, K.S.M. Wants Muster Rolls


[Page 199]


K.S. Militia Huff, M.B. Oct. 10, 1863

Clinton Oct 10th 1863

Col. Lawrence Dear Sir have you any Blank Muster Rolls if so you [xxxxx] oblige me by sending to my address at Ridgeway Osage Co Kansas

Yours Truly

Lt M B Huff


[Page 200]


Osage Co. 14 M?


Oct 10, 1863 Lt M.B. Huff Wants Muster Rolls


[Page 201]


K.S. Militia Hume, G.H. Oct. 10, 1863

Paola Oct 10th 1863 Miami Co. Kansas


Sir Enclose please find a coppy of Muster Rolls and order from Col. Lynde Bearing Date June 19th approved by Governor T. Carney July 11th also an order from Lieut. Colt Clark relieving my company from duty Sept 10th 1863

As regard to pay for the company I would say that if there is any chance or possibility of them being paid soon I would be glad if you would attend to it, as they are again called into active service on the border and must have subsistence for their families

As regards the muster rolls if there is anything else that is necessary to ensure the men their pay please


[Page 202]


let me know by return mail

Yours respectfully G.H. Hume Liet Col 4th Regt K.S.M.

Address P.G. New Lancaster Miammi Co Kansas


[Page 203]


15 Paola M. Oct 10 1863

Col G.H. Hume 4th Regt K.S.M. S.D.

Transmittal Muster Roll



[Page 204]


K.S. Militia Huff, M.B. Oct. 15, 1863

Ridgeway Osg. Co. Kansas

Oct 15th 1863

General Guilford Dudley

Dear Sir here with I send you the proceeding of an election for company officers in the osage co. militia held on the seventieth day of Oct 1863 together with the names of the members of Said company rep to this time I will send up the Roll Immediately after next Saturday when I shall have sever more names to report

Yours Truly

1st Lt M.B. Huff


[Page 205]



Ridgway, Osage Co Oct 3, 1863 Huff M.B.

Reports organization of Militia Company


[Page 206]


K.S. Militia Sherry, Byron Oct. 15, 1863

Byron Sherry, Attorney at Law, Seneca Nemaha County, Kansas Seneca, Oct. 15, 1863

Gen. Guilford Dudley Dear Sir

We now have a sufficient number of [xxx]. In this Co. for [xxx] organization of a Regiment and as I have been solicited to take its position of Col. I have written to Maj Gen. McDowell for his recommendation, and would also ask that [xxx] is me its favor by having commission forwarded as soon as possible.  We desire to organize into a Regiment Cavalry

Very Respectfully [xxxxxx]

Byron Sherry


[Page 207]


Nemaha Co. 18 M

Seneca. Oct. 15, 1863 Byron Sherry Organization of Regt K.S.M. his election as Col. and wishes comms--- and notice of his reporting to Gen McDowell.


[Page 208]


K.S. Militia Morris, Miles Oct. 16, 1863

Garnett Anderson Co Kan Oct. 16th 1863

To the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas

Dear Sir

Section 11 of chapter 140 of the Militia Law makes it my duty to make a [xxxxxx] of the [xxxxxx] [xx], of my company on or before the first day of Nov I applied to Gen Scott for the proper Blank for that purpose, but he had none and told me to write direct to you for them I would be much obliged to you if you will send them to me immediately.  My CO numbers 90 men will I have make my report to Gen Scott or to you

I am you Most Obedt Servant

Miles Morris Capt of the Anderson co Ranger


[Page 209]


Anderson Co. M 20

Garnett Oct. 16, 1863

Capt Miles Morris

Wants Muster Rolls


[Page 210]


K.S. Militia Wood, S.N. Oct. 19, 1863

Council Grove Kan

Oct 19th 1863

Gen’l Dudley

Please inform me what number our Regiment will be, also send commissions

I am having new muster rolls made out

Please send me 20 Blanks also some Blank Oaths

I am your Obt Servant

S.N. Wood

[xxxx] 9th Dudley This has been delayed and neglected I will find Muster rolls of all companies this week we [xxxxx] [xxxx] 10 companies in Regiments Wood


[Page 211]


No 5…

Council Grove

Oct. 19, 1863 Wood S.N. Col Desires to know the number of his Regt. And want muster rolls.


[Page 212]


K.S. Militia Cobb, Stephen A. Oct. 20, 1863

Michigan House, Corner of Seneca and Main Sts, Leavenworth, Ks., Oct 20 1863

Hon Thos Carney

Dear Sir I have received authority from you though through the Adjutant General to organize the Militia of Wyandotte County I desire to receive answers to the following questions 1st after proper organization will you put in active service a company of men in that county 2d In that event to whom- the state or [xxxxx] states would the look for their pay; I [xxxxxx] directly the state

There are questions frequently ordered.  I cannot answer them.  There can be no


[Page 213]


question I [xxxxxxxx] on to the [xxxxxxxx] of some [xxxx] to protect us there.  Oblige me by an answer of Wyandott.  I [xxxxxx] to see you to-day but you were engaged.

I am Very Respectfully Your Obdt Sevt Stephen A. Cobb


[Page 214]


Wyandotte. Oct. 29. 1863 Cobb Stephen A Wyandotte Desires that a portion of the Militia of Wyandotte county be placed in active service


[Page 215]


District of the Border, A.A. Genl’s Office Fort Leavenworth October 21st 1863

Dr Sir

Some time ago at your request (as I am informed) some twenty five mounted men were sent to Elwood in this state for its protection, these men have been there for some time without change of clothing or other conveniences.  They belong to the 15th and I would like to withdraw them if you think there is no longer a necessity for any troops there.  But on the other hand if you do, I must relieve them with other troops.  You are aware that we have few men and [xxxxx] an absolute necessity requires a force at that point would prefer withdrawing them- Your answer will much oblige. 

Your Most Obdt Sevt John Williams Asst Adjt Genl

To his Excellency Thomas Carney Gov. Chief of Kansas


[Page 216]


Oct. 28 1863 Williams John Asst Adj Genl Ft Leavenworth

In relation to the removal of troops from Elwood Doniphan County


[Page 217]


K.S. Militia Parker, Thomas A. Oct. 21, 1863

Spring Hill Kansas Oct 21st/ 63

Hon. Thos Carney Governor of Kas.


Therewith enclose a copy of my company roll (the original roll) and wish in return our commissions.

Few men from our company have been on duty during the past 30 days and I am again [xxxxx] to detail for the next ten days, ten more.  I hesitate to comply; Little seems to be done in the communities west, and even south of us.  It seems unjust that the Militia of this county should be compelled to guard all, west, I wish to do my duty-my whole duty-but I am required to protect this place on two roads.  Which will require all my


[Page 218]



Springhill Johnson Co Capt Thomas A Parker

Men (only ten) to be on duty-three

M Oct 21 1863

hours each, every night .  Now if the whole state is to be

Rec” A.G.O. Oct 24 1863

Guarded, why not sent us men from the back [xxxxxxx]: enough, so that we will not have to require unreasonable duty of them, I have applied to the beloved for relief but have received only promises. Those I yet every time I apply but those only, I complain of his inactivity

Your Most Obt, Serv’t. Thos A Parker

Rec” A.G.O. Oct 24, 1863

Capt Comd’g   P.S. We need a synod of soldiers here to operate with us.  They should be stationed here during the winter Parker

Officers coms Oct 13/63 and sent to Genl McDowell Head Quarters.


[Page 219]


K.S. Militia Scott, J.B. Oct. 22, 1983 Head Quarters S.D.K.S.M. Leeroy Kansas October 22, 1863

Governor Carney Topkea Kan

Dear Sir There was an omission in my recommendation of the 20th inst.

Please fill the blanks n my recommendation of Major and Aid-de-Camp on my Staff, which occur in name and residence of Elliot, it should be S.G. Elliot Freemont Leyon Co Kansas

Enclosed find copy of Gen Order No. 3.

Yours Truly

J.B. Scott


[Page 220]


Coffey Co. No 30 M

Head Quarters S.D.K.S.M.

Leroy Kansas

Oct 22, 1863

Maj Genl J.B. Scott Directs a blank filed-initial, of S.G. Elliott appointed Major and Aid-de-Camp nec. O Thurston Resigned also transmitted Gen order No 3 Rec” A.G.O. Oct 24, 1863


[Page 221]


K.S. Militia White, Robert Oct. 24 1863

Oct 24, 1863 A.S. Thomas Adjutant Gen Dear sir [xxxxx] containing the muster rolls is reced I Return once [xxxx] For as I could not knowing the Reg [xxx] Letter of the co the co is in Atchison co cavalry co sworn in by Robt. P. Shulska J. P. of Donithan co went into this county

Your Obt Servt Robert White Eden P.O. Atchison. Co Kans


[Page 222]


No 36, M

Eden Atchison Co. Oct 24, 1863 Capt Robt White Transmittal Muster Roll informs us where his company was raised.  Rec” A.G.O. Oct 31/13


[Page 223]


K.S. Militia Scott, D.W. Scott Oct. 26, 1863

Ogden Riley County Kans 26th October, 1863

Captain G. Dudley Adjutant Genl Topeka Kansas,

Sir, I have the Honor to enclose herewith the Muster Roll of a Company of Kansas State Militia organized at Ogden Riley County Kansas on the 14th [xxxx] Also the form of Oath required by law subscribed and sworn to by the men of the company

I am Sir,

Very Respectfully Yr. Obt Servt. D.W. Scott Captain K.S.M.


[Page 224]


No 33. M

Ogden Riley CO. Oct 26, 1863 Capt. D.W. Scott Transmittal of Muster Roll and Oath of his Company of Kansas State Mil

Rec” A.G.O. Oct 29, 1863


[Page 225]


Pierce, R. Fry, James B October 26, 1863

War Department Provost Marshal General’s Office, Washington D.C. October 26th, 1863

Brig Gen’l R. G. Pierce Ass’t [x].[x]. Gen’l of Massachusetts


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 23 inst. on behalf of His Excellency Governor Andrews of Massachusetts and to reply as follows

You ask first:

“Such affairs of Regiments in the fields, as the Governor may desire, shall be detailed for recruiting services in the States, and under the direction of the Governor, the detail being first made from regiments whose terms of services expires in 1864.”

You ask 2nd “Where practicable, old regiments, shall be sent home to be recruited under the direction of the Governor.”

You as 3rd  “The volunteers enlisted under this call will remain under the control of the Governor at such [xxxxxx] or Rendezvous as he may designate until ready to be sent to their regiments in accordance with general Order No. 70. War Department, Series of 1862.”


[Page 226]


You ask 4th  “The Governor to have such an arrangement as he may desire in regards to the amount and made of payment of premiums for obtaining recruits for old regiments and the persons to whom it is to be paid.  Premiums not to exceed $25 for veterans and $15 for new recruits nor to be paid till the recruits are accepted by the United States.”

I will do everything in my power to carry out the Governors wishes in the four points expressed above.

5th “Reports shall be frequently made to Maj. Clarke, U.S. Army, Provost Marshal General, State of Massachusetts of what is being done by the State.  Maj. Clarke to have control of all expenses paid by the United States; the payment of bounties and premiums; and to be notified whenever recruits are ready to join their regiments.”

Maj. Clarke, A.A. Pro. Mar’l Gen’l will be directed to keep himself in constant communication with the State Authorities in the matter of this Recruitment and will have control of all expenses to be paid by the U.S., the payment of bounties and premiums to report to the Provost Marshal General whenever recruits are ready to start for their regiments. 

You ask 6th  “Will the Governor be allowed to assure Cities and Towns, who furnish their full quotas, that they will


[Page 227]


“not be liable to draft?”

The law as it exists does not permit one to give the assurance asked, but I will do what I can to have the matter set right by legislatives. 

You ask 7th  “Will colored volunteers, for the two colored regiments of Massachusetts, now in the field, be accepted as a part of the quota and receive the bounties paid to other recruits?”

They will be so accepted; but I cannot state at this time whether they wil receive the bounties.

I am, General, Very Respectfully Your Obediet Servant James B.Fry Pro. Mar’l General.

Official copy Geo. D. Ruggles, Ass’t Adj’t General.

Official Copy [xxxxxxxx] Clarke

Capt and Act’g Ass’t Pro. Mar. Genl.


[Page 228]


Leavenworth Kans. Oct. 27, 1863 His Excellency Thos. Carney Gov. Kansas

Sir, We feel compelled to call your attention to the fact that the neglect of parties having supervision of the organization of the 11th, 12th, and 13th Regt. Vols. of this State to file with the Adj’t. Genl of the Army the muster in rolls of said regiments completely abolishes pensions for maimed soldiers or the widows of those who have died in said service.  The enclosed endorsement on this subject will officially acquaint you with the fact, and we rely upon your Known zeal in behalf of our state soldiery to remedy the evil by having a copy certified from the roll on file in the Adj’t Genls office at Topeka and sent to Adj’t Genl. at Washington.  Your action in this regard will be a special Kindness to many suffering families in Kansas and a just rebuke to the scapegoats who have hitherto ridden roughshod over the state under the guise of the double distilled patriotism when at the same moment they would steal a cent.

With a reference to Guilford Dudley Esq

We are Governor Very Truly Your friends O’Brien and Diefendorf Attorney for Claimants.


[Page 229]


No 56 Leavenworth Kans Oct 24, 1863 O’Brien and Diefendorf

Desires a copy of the original Muster in Roll of the 11th, 12th, 13 Refts Kan Vol filed with the Adj’t Genl at Washington Rec” A.G.O. Nov 2, 1863


[page 230]


K.S. Militia Colton, G.A. Oct. 31, 1863

Paola Kan Oct 31st 1863 To Hon, G. Dudley Adjt Gen

The companies of Capt W.G. Rainey Co have not yet come to [xxxxx] do the [xxxx] [xxxxxxxxxx] by forwarding

Yr Obdt

GA Colton Col Comdg 4th Reg Kan A.M.SD G.J. Hedges Adgt


[Page 231]


Miami co No 44

Paola Kans. Oct 31, 1863 Col. G.A. Colton Desires capt W.G. Rainey Co. commissioned

Rec” A.G.O. Nov 5, 1863


[Page 232]


K.S. Militia Dudley, Guilford Dodge, S.H. Oct. 31, 1863

State of Kansas[xx]

1863 “Kansas Jenersonian “ Dr. Sept. 23, To Publishing Gen. McDowell’s General Order No. 6, 2 sqrs. 4 weeks, $5.00

“ “ “ Publishing Gen. McDowell’s General Order No. 7, 2 sqrs 4 weeks, 5.00

“ “ “ Publishing Gen. McDowell’s General Order No. 8, 1 Sq, 1 week, 1.00

“ “ “ Publishing Gov. Carney’s Order No. 3, 4 sqs, 4 weeks. 10.00

Total $21.00

I do hereby solemnly swear that I have entire charge of the [xxxxxxx] of Jeffersonian officer and that above printing was done as above till specifies so Help me God

S.H. dodge Sworn and subscribed to before me a Notary Public in and for Jefferson County State of Kansas this 31st day of October AD 1863

R Helersby Notary Public


[Page 233]


Adjutant Genl’s office Nov. 4, 1863 The within bill is approved by me Guilford Dudley Adjt Gen’l

Rec” A.G.O. Nov 4, 1863


[Page 234]


K.S. Militia Crosby and Dodge Oct. 31, 1863

Jeffersonian Office Oct. 31, 1863

G. Dudley Esq. Sir:

Please find enclosed bill against the state, and you will oblige us by approving the same and filling in with the Auditor.  You will also find copies of the orders ordering us to print therein and oblige

Yours Respectfully Crosby and Dodge


[Page 235]


No 41 Sautrill Falls, Jeffersonian office Oct. 31, 1863 Crosby and Dodge Transmittal of Bills for Printing Orders

Rec” A.G.O. Nov 4 1863


[Page 236]


K.S. Militia Paul, J.W. Oct. 31, 1863

Manhattan Kansas Oct the 31st/ 63

Gener McDowell

Sir enclosed you will find the proceeding of the citizens of the there instated jocularity by coppy of the original certified to by the justice of the peace that serve the men in the oath is certified to on the Back of the paper.  The company was organized and the third inst and immediately reported to Colonel S.M. Strickler-which was thought to be sufficient as they was an order published that in the absence of Gen McDowell officers of companies would report to Colonel, S,M, Strickler Head quarters at Junction City and not knowing any better until yesterday, I now send you the minits of the meeting and a coppy of the oath that the men subscribed and sworn to and asking you to send commissions at the earliest convenience

J.W. Paul. O.S,

Adress, J.W. Paul Manhattan Kans the whole company gets their mail at that Point 


[Page 237]


115 Riley Co Manhattan Oct. 31, 1863 J.W. Paul O.S. Wishes commissions for officers


[Page 238]


K.S. Militia Robinson, E Nov. 1, 1863 Leroy Kansas Nov 1st 1863

Adj Gen Dudley Topeka Kansas

Dear Sir

This report is extremely incomplete but is is all that could be made out at this time.  About the first day of Decem I shall endeavor to make out and transmit to you a full report of all companies and regiments in this department, If you have any blanks or forms which would facilitate the making out of reports jc or if you have muster rolls on hand you will confer a favor by sending a supply to me, so soon as I can have proper muster rolls made out they shall be forthwith transmitted to you

Yours Truly E Robinson A.A.G. S.D.


[Page 239]


Coffey Co. Le Roy Kansas Nov 1st 1863 E Robinson Incomplete Report Desires muster rolls Rec” A.G.O. Nov 10/63


[Page 240]


K.S. Militia Swift, F. B, Nov. 2, 1863

Lawrence Nov 2nd, ‘63

Friend Dudley

Although out of the “Militia bus” I forward to you by Mr. Cummings the rolls of ten companies of my former command Ten other companies remain unreported, although I have urged their commandants to bring in their rolls for weeks.  I will forward to you the address of their commandants if you desire

Yours F.B. Swift


[Page 241]


Douglas Co. M 104 Lawrence K.S. Dec 2. 1863

Swift F.B. Transmittal of muster Rolls 1st Regt S.D.K.S.M.

Rec” A.G.O. Dec 4, 1863


[Page 242]


K.s. Militia Riggs, Samuel A. Nov. 5, 1863

Lawrence, Kansas. Nov. 5th, 1863.

To His Excellency Hon Thos Carney Gov of Kansas

Dear Sir I have occasion to use in some legal proceedings under the Militia Law a copy of the muster roll and mustering oath of the Franklin Cavalry-A Company in Col F.B. Swift Regm’t of Enrolled Militia9 Lt May be Volunteer Militia).  Will you sen me immediately a certified copy of such roll.  The cases are set for trial on Saturday next at 9 Oct K.S.M.

Your Obd’t Servant Saml A. Riggs Dist Atty of 4th Dist of Kansas


[Page 243]


Douglas Co. No 46

Lawrence Nov 5, 1863 Saml A. Riggs Desire a copy of the muster roll and mustering oath of a company of cavalry Douglas Co

Rec” A.G.O. Nov. 6, 1863


[Page 244]


K.S. Militia Cobb, Stephen A. Nov. 6, 1863 Head Quarters Superintendent organization of Militia Wyandott Co Wyandott No 6t 1863 Genl Guilford Dudley Adjt Genl

Sir, I here with enclose you a muster roll and minutes of the organization of a company of cavalry of volunteer militia at Muncie Town in this county.  Oblige me by transmitting the proper commissions to the officers elect.

I have also to acknowledge the receipt of notice of commissions issued to Capt McKibbans company (Infantry) of Quindaro.

I have now two companies organized in this county.  It is difficult raising volunteer Militia in this county.  I am in doubt if I shall be able to raise [xxxxxx] company

The county [xxxxx] [xxxxx] to rural the Militia of this county as required by law I have therefore [xxxxx] them to be ruralized since the issue of special order No 29 Will you oblige me by sending ume special instructions how to [xxxxx] to the organization of the enrolled Militia of the county.

I am Very Respectfully Your Obdt Servt S.A. Cobb [xxxx] organization Militia Wyandott Co.


[Page 245]


No 13 Wyandotte City- Wyandotte Co Ks Nov. 6, 1863 Cobb. Stephen, A. Transmittal of Muster Roll of Militia Co. organized Muncy Town.  Acknowledge, the Recpt of coms. Capt McKibbans Co, Desires Special instructions how to proceed to the enrollment of the Militia in Wyandotte Co

Rec” A.G.O. Nov 10, 1863


[Page 246]


K.S, Militia Potter, F.W. Nov. 7, 1863

Burlington Nov 7th 1863

G Dudley Esq

Dear Sir I did not receive the Blank Muster Rolls, as soon as expected-they reached me last week-I attended to the matter at once Yours Truly FW Potter


[Page 247]


71 Burlington Nov 7, 1863 Potter F.W. Acknowledge Recpt of Blank Muster Rolls Rec” A.G.O. Nov 14, 1863


[Page 248]


Head Quarters, Ass’t Provost Marshal General, For Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Dakota.  Leavenworth City, November 21st 1863

Guilford Dudley, Adj’t Gen’l, State of Kansas Topeka, Kansas.

Sir: I have the honor to request in compliance with instructions from the Provost Marshal General, that you will furnish to these Head Quarters, weekly reports of all recruits enlisted in the State of Kansas under the auspices of the State Authorities.  I am, Sir, Very Respectfully, Your Obt, Servant, Sidney Clarke.  Capt. and Act. Ass’t Pro. Mar. Gen’l.


[Page 249]


85 Leavenworth City, Head Quarters Asst, Provost Marshal Gen, Nov 21, 1863

Clarke Sidney Capt. and Act. Asst. Pro M. Gen.

Request to furnish weekly reports of all recruits enlisted in the state of Kansas under the auspices of the State Authorities.

A.G. Nov 24, 1863


[Page 250]


Nov. 23, 1863 LeRoy Kansas Nov 23rd, 1863 Gov. Carney Topeka Kansas Dear Sir,

Please issue commissions to the following Regimental Officers of the Regiment of State Militia elected on the 7th day of November 1863.

F.W. Potter Colonel

N.S. Goss Lt Colonel

Wm B. Perry Major.

Also enclosed find the commission [xxx] Resignation of F.W. Potter Capt and A.A. Burr 1st Lt.  You will Please commission said A.A. Burr Captain and George Giesey 1st Lt of an Enrolled Militia Company in Coffey County State of Kansas, they having been duty elected Nov 14th 1863.

Yours Truly J.G. Scott

Per E,R, Direct the commissions to me at this place.


[Page 251]


Leroy Kans Nov 23, 1863 Scott J.B. Maj Genl

Recommend Coms issued to F.W. Potter Col- N.S. Goss Lt Col Wm B. Perry Major of 9th Regt S.D.K.S.M. Com’d Dec 24.63 Rec” Dec. 1. 1863


[Page 252]


K.S. Militia Hute, J.M. Nov. 26, 1863

Leavenworth Arsenal. November 26th 1863

To his Excellency The Governor of the State of Kansas

Sir:  I have the honor to state for your information that 2000 prussian Musket Cal. 72 and 1000 prussian Muskets Cal 69. with accoutrements complete for the use of the Kansas State Militia have been received here and will be issued upon requisition approved by You.

I am Sir Very Respectfully Your Obt Servt J.M. Hute Major of Ordnance Commanding


[Page 253]


92 Leavenworth Arsenal Nov 26, 1863 J.M. Hute Information that 2000 Prussian Muskets Cal. 72 and 1000 Prussian Muskets Cal. 69 have been received at the Arsenal for us of Kan. S. Militia

Rec at A.G.O. Nov 30/63


[Page 254]


K.S. Militia Stricker, S.M. Nov. 26, 1863

Junction City, Kans Nov 26, 1863

General I have the honor to enclose Muster Roll of Lieut Charles Briggs Company (Davis County) K.S.M.  Please issue commissions to 1st and 2d Lieuts.  This is not a full company but under orders have the right to elect part of the officers who will command.  The company until it is recruited 10 the [xxxxxxxxxx] [xxxxxxxx], when they will elect their Captain.  Please issue commissions and forward to me.  When a company officer is appointed on the staff of either Col. or Brig. Gen. does it create a vacancy in the Company or does he still hold his position in the company?

Respectfully Your Most Obt Servt S.M. Stricker Col and Aid

Guilford Dudley


[Page 255]


Davis Co. No 94 Junction City Nov 26. 1863. Strickler S.M desire commissions issued to the Lieuts of a Militia Co in Davis Co. although no full and to know if an officer of a Company is appointed as Staff officer if it creates a vacancy in the Company

Rec” A.G.O. Nov 30. 1863


[Page 256]


K.S. Militia Scott, D.W. Dec. 1, 1863 General Order No 2 Headquarters 5th Regt: N.D.K.S.M.

Manhattan Kans Dec 1st 1863.

Pursuant to instructions from Maj: General McDowell commanding Northern Ks.S.M.  The Companies comprising this Regt will meet at their usual places of Parades, for drill on the second Saturday of each month at two O’clock P.M. until further Orders.

Company Commanders will enforce a full and prompt attendance of the members of their companies.

By Order of Col D.W. Scott Commanding Regt: K.S.M. [xxxxxx] Carney Lieut Adjt


[Page 257]


Executive Department Gov. Corres. Frye, James D. Robinson, Charles Gov. Dec. 5, 1863

War Department Provost Marshal General’s Office, Washington D.C. Dec 5th 1863.

His Excellency The Governor of Kansas. Sir.

The Recruiting officers appointed to re-enlist must now in service, under the 4th Par of Genl orders No 359 have been directed to send to Governors of States a discipline will which will give the place of residence of each man who re-enlists.  These rolls for the State of Kansas are sent to you with a view to obtaining the member of men now in the field who re-enlist, which should be credited to each town in the State.  Respectfully request therefore that you will have a consolidation of these rolls of your state made, and sent to me by Jan 1st 1864 exhibiting as far as practicable the plan of residence of each man.  Very Respectfully Your obedient servant James B. Frye Provost Marshal General


[Page 258]


124. Pro. Marshal Office. Washington D.C. Dec 5, 1863 Fry James. B. Pro Mar Genl

Informs that recruiting officers appointed to re-enlist men now in service under 4th Par Genl orders No 459 have been ordered to send descriptive Roll to Gen of States and request a report furnished as soon as January 1, 1864

Rec “ A.G.O. Dec 15, 1863


[Page 259]


Misc. corres. Of A.G. Gray, John B, Dec. 8, 1863

Head Quarters, State of Missouri, Adjutant General’s Office, St. Louis December 8th 1863 Colonel

Will you please inform me by the return of mail how many of the Descriptive books of your Regiments have been received at your office up to this time.  I am furnishing to the Adjt Genl of Illinois full description of al men from Illinois who have volunteered in Missouri Regiments, and I am therefore anxious to get the like information from your office as regards Missourians who have come into Kansas Regiments.  Please answer: so that if the necessary information can now be obtained I can send some one to you to procure it.

Very Respectfully Yours John B. Gray Adj Genl of Mis

To Col. G. Dudley Adj Genl of Kansas


[Page 260]


132 MO. Adjt Genls office St Louis Dec 8/63 Gray Jm B. Adjt Gen’l M,O,

Wishes to know the number of men from M.O. that have enlisted in the Kans Regts

Rec” A.G.O. Dec 22/63


[Page 261]


K.S. Militia Goodin, J.K. Dec. 8, 1863 Minneola Kansas Dec 8th 1863. Dr Sir: On the 21st day of September last 50 of my present company were called into active service by Maj. Genl. J.L. McDowell N. Div. K.S.M.  They were in service 61 days the most of the furnishing their own horses-were attached to the 5th Regt, K.S.M. Col. J.A. Keeler drawing their rations from or through him for the U.S. Govt Genl Ewings Dist- At or about the 22nd Nov, they were by order of the Adj Genl Dudley relieved from active service  I desire to know from what source they can anticipate their pay  In the [xxxx] they are needy, many of them meeting with severe lapses in failing to secure their crops, and illy prepared for the winter with clothing etc.

You will do them and myself the favor to impact what information you may be possessed of in the premises at an early day  Truly Yours J.K. Goodin Capt. elect Co “A” 8 Regt K.S.M.

Govr. Thos Carney Leavenworth Kansas


[Page 262]


Franklin Co. 141 J.K. Goodwin Dec. 8, 1863 Minneola Stating 50 of his company were in active service 61 days asks information about getting paid

Recd. A.G.O. Dec. 23rd /63


[Page 263]


K.S. Militia Hadley, J.M. Dec. 12, 1863 Head-Quarters District of the Border, Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 12th 1863

To His Excellency Thomas Carney Governor of Kansas Governor:

Yours of the 21st Ult. requesting a report of the forces of the Kansas State Militia which have been in active service under the orders of the General Commanding by authority of Major General Shofield Commanding Department of the MO, is received. 

I am instructed by the General Commanding to send you a report taken from the abstracts of issues of Subsistence to such Militia which shows more clearly the number of men which each company Battalion and Regiment had, and the time which each company Battalion and Regiment was, really in active service under the orders of the General Commanding, than can be obtained from any other source.  Trusting that the enclosed copies


[Page 264]


of abstracts of issues of Subsistence to Kansas State Militia which includes all the issues of Subsistence to such Militia which have been made under the orders of the General commanding be such report as is desired I have the honor to be Very respectfully Your obedient servant JM Hadley Lieut and A.A.A.G.

128 M. Head Quarters Dist of the Border Kansas City Mo. Dec 12,  1863 Hadley J.M. Lieut A.A.A.G.  Transmittal of Report of issues to Kans State Mil—in active service  Rec” Dec 15, 1863


[Page 265]


K.S. Militia Oliver, F.H. Dec. 17, 1863 Head Quarters 1st Regt S.D.K.S.M. Lawrence Dec 17th 1863

Adj’t Gen’l In accordance to your request I will state as to the Regimental organiz… of the above Regt all the proceeding o… the meeting were destroyed by the Raid and consequently I am unable to forward [xxxx] once I have but recently arrived at my post having been in Mich for the past several weeks.  Yours communication was handed to me yesterday and have taken the present moment to reply  Yours ty F.H. Oliver Capt Comd’g

P.S. The Lieut Col was S. Ogden Major J.L. Barret


[Page 266]


Douglas Co. 12 M. F.H. Oliver Dec. 17 1863 Lawrence Kan Answer to letter stating that the paper of organization was burned at Lawrence Recd. A.G.O. Dec 19/63



[Page 267]


Misc. corres of A.G. Gray, John B. Dec. 22, 1863 No. 1. Missouri and Western Telegraph Company,  Terms and Conditions on Which Messages are Received by this Company for Transmission the public are notifed that, in order to guard against mistakes in the transmission of messages, every messages of importance ought to be repeated, by being sent back from the station at which it is to be received to the station from which it is originally sent.  Half the usual price for transmission will be charged for repeating the message; and while this Company will, as heretofore, use every precaution to insure correctness, it will not be responsible for mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery of repeated messages beyond an amount exceeding five hundred times the amount paid for sending the message; nor will it be responsible for mistakes or delays in the transmission of unpreated messages from whatever cause they may arise, nor for delays arising from interruptions in the workings of its Telegraphs, nor for any mistake or omission of any other Company over whose lines a message is to be sent to reach the place of destination.  All messages will hereafter be received by this Company for transmission, subject to the above conditions. 

Geo. T. Williams, Sup’t, Saint Louis, Mo.  Chas. Davenport, Pres’t, Cincinnati, O.

To Col Guilford Dudley By Telegraph from St Louis Topeka via 22’’ 1863 Rec’d M. Lawrence by telegraph

What number of you descriptive books are in from your Regiment on B send same are up to get the Missourians from them please answer by telegraph and fully by mail Respectfully John B Gray Agt Genl of Mo Paid Theodore Cook, operator Lawrence


[Page 268]


170 Mo. Telegraph from St. Louis Dec 22 1863 J.B. Gray Adj Genl of Mo desires to know how many Descriptive books are in and asks to send same on to [xxxxxx] there

Recd. Dec. 24 1863


[Page 269]


Misc. corres. Of A.G. Gray, John B. Dec. 24, 1863

Head Quarters, State of Missouri, Adjutant General’s Office St. Louis, Decbr 24th 1863


I wrote you some ten days since, in regard to the prospect of obtaining the number of Missourians in Kansas Regiments, from such Descriptive Rolls and Muster in Rolls as may have been received at your office since you were here last summer.  At which time you expressed your determinations to improve and complete the records of your office.  I also telegraphed you day before yesterday in reference to the same subject but have as yet received no answer to either communication.  I sent in charge of this M Schuyler one of the clerks of my office where I have instructed to report to you without delay for the purpose of making a critical examination of such rolls as you 


[Page 270]


may now have in your office with a view to a proper credit to Missouri for such men as may [xxxx] to Kansas to enlist.

I shall feel obliged to you if you will permit him to have free access to your Rolls for that purpose and as he is well versed in Bureau duty and knows the necessity of the proper arrangement of filed papers.  You need have no fears of any disarrangement among your files  I earnestly desire that the examination may be completed at the earliest possible moment.  Will you please certify to the correctness of such papers as you may find upon examination are properly made by him relating to this subject.

Very Truly Your Obt Servant John B Gray Adj Genl of Mo To Col Guilford Dudley Adj Genl of Kansas Topeka


[Page 271]


159 Adjt Genl Office St. Louis Mo. Dec. 24, 1863 Gray J.B. Adjt Genl Mo Letter of introduction of Schuyler clerk and agent Mo. to examine records of this office to ascertain No. Missourians in Kans Regiments

Rec’d A.G.O. Dec. 29. 1863


[Page 272]


Executive Depart. Gov. Corres Carney, Thomas Townsend, Ed. Dec. 26, 1863

Mustering and Disbursing Office Fort Leavenworth Kansas December 16th 1863

Hon Thos Carney Governor of Kansas


I have the honor to transmit herewith copy of a telegraphic dispatch received to-day from the War Department Washington D.C. I am Sir Very Respectfully Your Obt Servt J.R. Kemble 1st Lieut 3d U.S. Cav Mustg and Disbg Officer


[Page 273]


No 21. Jan’y 12th 1864 Ft. Leavenworth Kemble Lt J.R. Mustering and Disbursing Off. Encloses dispatch from the War Department relative to [xxxxxxxx] to recruits.


[Page 274]


Washington D.C Dec 24, 1863 To J.R. Kemble Mustg and Distg Officer

A Law has been passed to the effect that no bounties except such as we now provided by law shall be paid to any persons enlisted after the 5th of January next.  The only bounty provided by law is the One hundred (100) dollars authorized by act of Congress-promulgated in Genl Order forty nine (49) series of 1860 from this office.  Bounties will be paid in accordance with existing orders to recruits who enlist before January fifth (5th) inclusive for any three (3) years organization in service or authorized by the War Department and in process of completion.  Furnish the Governor with copy of this immediately acknowledge receipt by order Sec of War Signed, Ed Townsend A.A.G. A true copy J.R. Kemble 1st Lieut 3d Cav US M and AD Officer


[Page 275]


Weed, T.J. Dec. 26, 1863 Headquarters District of Kansas. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Dec 26 1863

To Adjutant General State of Kansas


Yours of the 20th inst addressed to Lt Thompson Mustering officer was received at this office—and opened—Lt Thompson having joined his regiment in Virginia.  I have the honor to inform you that the Muster Roll of which you speak has been sent to Washington without having been copied.  I presume that this was done in the [xxxxxx] of preparations for his departure.  I request that we have not the means of furnishing the information you desire.  Very Respectfully Your Obt Servt T.J. Weed Maj and AAAG


[Page 276]


T.J. Weed Maj and A.A. Genl. Ft Leavenworth Dec. 26. 1863 To Adj. Gen Kans, rel. to muster rolls requested by Adj. copies not made.


[Page 277]


Reg Fist, Eli C. Lybarger, Daniel Co. A.Dec. 27th 1863. Havana Mason Co Ill

Hon. Adjutant General of Kansas, Dear Sir At the request of Mrs. Culton, know address you a few lines, making enquiries whether there be any information in, your office concerning Daniel Lybarger, Orderly Sergeant in Co. A. 4th Kansas Infantry, If so, she, his mother, would be most grateful to you to know it, If not, please send the Department, Place, and Col’s name of the 4th Kansas Infantry, for she has heard nothing from him since last March a year.  You can


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direct to Rev. E ReC, Fisk, Havana, Mason Co, Illinois Yours Truly Eli C. Fisk


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203 Lybarger Havana Mason Co. JU Dec. 24 1863 Rev. Eli C. Fisk

Asking information of Daniel Lybarger Private in Co “A” 4th Regt, Kan. Vol

Recd A.G.O. Jany 16


[Transcribed by Dustin Burgess, March 2013] 

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