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Cyrus K. Holliday diary

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Cyrus K. Holliday 1854 Diary – Back Cover

[Page 1]

[Page 2]

Squatters Meeting

Salt Creek Valley Court House
Mr. Pierce [Nicely]  [XXX]  
H.D. McMeskin  [leg]
Mr. McDaniels – Weston
Kickapoo City – 4 Miles from Fort Leavenworth
Delaware Lands
Shawnee  Reserve
Main  [XXX]  [XXX]
One E.A. Co [Other]
[Sterns] Other  [XXX]
[XXXX]  1 mile S.E. or [Westport]
[Warner] [.2]  S  [XXXX]
A.P. [Berg]  12+4+10= [W] [XXX]
[R.H Nat]  [X]  [XXXX]

[Page 3]

A valiant high [wind].   [Carolinian] aboard the Boat says that  [XXX]  a Northman to come in his section of the country and utterance to his opinion upon Slaving he would shoot him down like a dog.  This is what hurts the South – He ought to know that truth can never be [maintained] by such arguments.

I cannot express the contempt I feel for a young Northman by birth but a fool by [understanding] who  [XXXX]  declared that he was going to Kansas to which in [establishing] slavery in the South – Perhaps he was

[Page 4]

excusable seeing he was but a boy and not accountable – [XXX]  he should tarry a while at  [XXXX]  until his beard shall have grown –

Nov. 8.  Today the Penn &  [Delegation]  [arrived] – 150 – Some discontent among them.  The amusing thing that I noticed among them was two very [young] men but very “fast” having  [pitched]  the tents on the [large] seat very coolly indulging in a game of  [XXX]  [in] [the] tent without an stick of furniture around them.

[Page 5]

Nov 9.  While Breakfasting this morning at the [Union] Hotel I two or three times called for hot coffee – the  [deduction]  furnished us being of the meanest [disposition] one of the servants when I had sent after hot coffee several times at last with an oath declared  I should have hot coffee and seizing the [XXX]  Pepper Box & mustard and soon returned with the nicest cup of hot coffee in  [XXXX]   I respectfully suggest the Pepper Box & Mustard tank as being a great help in [manufacture] of Hot Coffee.

[Page 6]

Mr Cowan says that if there only a man to each claim already staked out in the Territory there would be just inhabitants enough for 17 States –

Nov 9 – At 3 o clock PM left Kansas City in foot in company with [Eyram] & 3 other gentlemen from Westport.  On the way to the [Territory] – Left the [Penna] Delegation at Kansas consisting of some 150 to 200 men  [women]  & [Children] – They were having a sorry time of it – Many of them being  [unprepared]  with the necessities [for] the trip, and  [unable]  [for]

[Page 7]

want of means to obtain them.  Here seen quite a number immigrants on their way back to the States.  Most, or all of them, having started on the trip without proper [preparation] or any definite idea of what they were doing.

The several emigrant Companies of the East are much worse than [Barmintic]  [humbug]  - because  [Bamen]  will give the quid pro quo will give [XXXX] for money, but the Emigrant Co’s make no possible return for the Emigrants money [save] his passage to the

[Page 8]

[West] and that as dearer [rates] than he could travel singly – Let all keep aloof from “Emigrant Aid Companies” but come alone or in parties of 10 to 20 – They will find it much more to their advantage – What the Emigrant wants most to know is the actual expense to the Territory – I will give what it cost me, and it need cost no one any more but may cost them considerably less -  From [Erie] to C. – 2.25 - C to StL 17.00 – StL to KC – 12.00 – Total – 31.25 – Meals [XXX] 2.00.  Grand total 33.25.

[Page 9]

The 12.00 fare from StL. include any necessary all expenses – The trip may be made from [Meadesville]  to Kansas City in one week.  I left on Monday morning Oct 30 & arrived at 16.6. on Tuesday Nov 7.  We stopped [XXXXX]  one Day at Cleveland and by [loss] of train another at Chicago else we would have reached our destination on Sabbath evening.

Kansas City is about one mile from and within sight of Kansas Territory & the Kansas or Kaw River – The evening of our arrival the first thing we did was to walk over to the Kansas River and when  [XXXX] within

[Page 10]

the Territory to join in three hearty cheers for our homes in the East and our prospective homes in the much talked garden of the West.  Tomorrow, God being willing, we expect to take up our line of March for a regular exploration of the Territory.  We will be about some 12 to 20 days and until our return and we again emerge from the shades of the Rocky Mountains at whose base [we] now stand we must bid our friends good bye.

Distance – E. to C. [95] – C. to  T. 250 – C. to St.L. 281 – St.L. to K.C. 444.  Total [1299]

[Page 11]

Nov. 10.  Made arrangements today to leave early tomorrow morning for the Territory – I was much amused while sitting by the Bar Room  [fire]  to hear a man pass his opinion upon liquors he was drinking – Said he.  By Jiminy Crimininy.  I’ll be [XXX]  [XXXX]  if that aint Dogond good whisky any how.

Nov. 11.  Last night was exceeding cold and this morning after moderating somewhat commenced showing and continued to snow nearly all day falling to the depth of 3 or so inches

[Page 12]

thus preventing us from making our intended start into the Territory.  Cant tell now when we will start as the weather is exceeding unpleasant and to night a bitter cold –

Nov 12  Left at 10 oclock today for the Territory.  I am writing this by Camp Light 20 miles from the Missouri Line – We have a fire blazing before us that would puzzle the Shawnees in the midst of which nation we are now [encumbered] to [be] [at].  The night is cold very very cold – Snow three

[Page 13]

or four inches deep – An advertisement in the Kansas Herald, published at Fort Leavenworth will give a better idea of the [young] American disposition among us [them] can perhaps be obtained from any other source.

Charlie Leib M.D.
Leavenworth K. T.

Officer in the [levee], in the first  [XXX]  north of the big Elm tree.  A notice in the Hotel at which we stopped at in Westport may be of some interest – notice Gentlemen are requested to not go to bed with their boots on.

[Page 14]

Nov 15 – 1854 – Wednesday – Am now sitting in the broad open [prairy] – on the 4th day since I left Westport.  My travelling companions are S.P. Lymon – R W Waterman Detroit Mich  A [Milvin] Dancer, Mill County Ill.  Am very much pleased with the Territory – It seems as a   [XXXX]  thing that nature has laid out the entire territory in appropriate farms – sufficient timber and Prairy to make it just right for cultivation.  Last night again camped out – Yesterday morning.

[Page 15]

discharged our teamster since then been taking it a foot.  Monday night slept in Lawrence at the City Hotel – We are now on our way to Lecompton to see Mr Stinson – Yesterday I again drank to much again and I now indite the following pledge – a something that I have been bringing my mind to for some time.

Open Prairy Near 6 Hay Stacks Two Miles from Kans River 8 Miles [next] From Lawrence

[Page 16]

and the Presence of Almighty God I hereby solemnly Declare that by assistance of a good and all sustaining [Providence] I will never drink intoxicating liquors of any kind hence forth and forever – Amen.  Wednesday, Nov. 15. 1854.  This page I especially did create to my dear wife Mary and for her sake if not for my own may God help me keep it and to it I subscribe
C.K. Holiday.

[Page 17]

Nov. 15 – Noon – Met a Mass[.] Family by name of Oren [Bassitt] who treated us very kindly we asked for a cup of water and were favored with Tea & [Tin] pies -  Passed thru some lovely lands today – I think the sun has never shone up [any] finer – Are within 1/2 miles of the city of [Douglass] – was much amused today at Mr. [Ingram] using [leattle] sand ordinary paper sand in drying his ink – Yesterday our party met a fellow who seemed determined to make a blaze in the  [world].  I say

[Page 18]

the of him.  With an Indian blanket over his shoulders & a jug of Missouri “Rot gut” in his hand was engaged  [XXXX]  in setting the  [prairie]  on fire – Our party soon relieved him of his  [XXX]   and we had the satisfaction of soon seeing him give on his occupation and proceeding on his way.

[Page 19]

Nov. 17. Friday  - Last night caught a Bull Head weighing 5 or 6 lbs – Expect to eat a portion of it in a few minutes.  Yesterday at 9 am returned to Lawrence – Like the place better than ever – Have an intelligent and enterprising lot of people.  Am determined if I can make suitable arrangements to remain with this people.  Am now negotiating for a City Interest – our people have a great way of living – Emphatically realizing the sentiment.  [XXX]  [XXXX]  [XXX]  to have  [XXX]  Road to

[Page 20]

Nov 20.  Lawrence – Monday.  Am still in this place – Have [negotiated] for a “City-Interest” at 325$ perhaps a little too high but I think will prove in the long run a profitable investment – Yesterday and last night had service in the Big Tent - In the evening Mr. Burgess from Meadville spoke from a tent on the  [XXX]  of the Bible as follows – “To Establish  [XXX]  & Religious Liberty – in Kansas”  A good Sermon from a [tent] [guest.]

[Page 21]

Nov. 21. Tuesday – Again camping out in Company with 8 other Gentlemen in the City of Tecumseh – Passed through better land today than I have here to fore seen in this Territory.

Nov 22 – Left Tecumseh this morning at 9 am [passing] Baptist Mission at 12 and arriving at Catholic Mission at 6 pm.  Met Mr McCartney at latter place – Had very good accommodations with Mrs Bertrand a widow Lady – was here taken with a awful dysentery.

[Page 22]

Nov 24.  Friday – at the House of S.D. Dyer 18 miles from Ft. Riley – Am still unwell, but hope it will not prove [serious] –

Yesterday had a good ride from Catholic Mission by way of Rock Creek to point – 30 miles.  Arriving here at 7 P.M. in the midst of a very heavy storm of wind.  Again passed through fine lands – but for 3 or 4 miles [encountered] a very sandy soil – though I think it will be found to be quite arable.

[Page 23]

I have remained in this morning while my party are out prospecting for a Town site – Our Party consists of the follow persons.  [viz]  Dr Robison - Rev Lurman - Rev Clough – Mr Billings – Mr Davis – Capt Bolles – Mr Armstrong & Self.  A Mr Taft having taken sick and returnd to Kansas left from Tecumseh  
Franklin Billings


Rutland Co [Rd] Left the Big Blue at 3 am and arrived

[Page 24]

at Willsons on Rock Creek at 9 pm.  

Nov 25 – Saturday noon.  Am stopping at the Big Indian’s with the double knife.  It blows, and has been blowing, most terribly all this day – last night and portions of yesterday – The Big Indian is now relating some of his exploits in Warfare with Sacs Foxes, [Comanches] the Indians name LaFrambouise Chief of the Potowatomie Nation Captor of Black Hawk [the] [ole]  [X ]  Though I don’t believe  [X].

[Page 25]

Sunday Nov 28 – Returned to Lawrence in company with Billings – he & I having stopped at Tecumseh Saturday night.  Taken no notes since from the fact that there were no notes to take – Tomorrow the Election – Exciting times – Three prominent candidates[.]  Whitfield, Wakefield & [Flenneken – I hope Flenneken will be elected yet I fear the split among the Northman will elect [Gen] Whitfield

[Page 26]

Thursday Nov. 30 – Yesterday the Election for Delegate to Congress passed off very Peaceably in our place.  Wakefield ahead of all others 76 votes.  Mr d 188, H. 51, Wh d 45 – There was much illegal voting at Douglas & other points – Two horrid tragedies were committed near the village yesterday  - First a Dr. Jon shot a Mr Loring through the leg for some difficulty arising from the jumping of claims.  Second – A Henry Davis was shot by two persons that he designated as Yankees and died in a couple of hours after – An inquest is now being

[Page 27]

holden upon the body of the murdered man.  The deceased was a Missourian formerly from Kentucky.

Dec 2. Saturday – Yesterday Mr. Doy was tried for shooting Mr Lowry and after a tedious examination was held to bail for his appearance at court in the sum of 2000$.  Last evening the murderer of Davis delivered himself to the custody of the officers of the Law.  Their examination will doubly be had today.  I have just learned of another murder being committed on the Santa Fe Road.

[Page 28]

Our Eating & Sleeping are [with] hardly get up in the Territory. Mr Hope  [XXX]  is a better time a coming – I have scarcely slept twice in the same place since I have been in the Territory and with the exception of one time – at Lecompton – Have never had my hat off – Going to bed with  [XXX]  [XXX]  -  Over coat and all in this will perhaps, give a idea of our style living than anything I might say – With respect to our Boarding I have nothing to say.  Its too mean to talk about.

[Page 29]

Today took dinner with Nuterman.  Tabor O Fay – [XXXX]  on a chest – [XXX]  [XXX]  .  [Tea] – Logs to sit on – [XXX]  [XXX]  in middle of cabin & [XXX] place made with a few [rods] –

Wednesday Dec 6, 1854

I am standing [amidst] in the [area] of our new [XXX]  -  [Monday] amid at this place and in commission with 9 other Gentleman laid claim to a new City site -  affecting our organization – being chosen President – Ran the lines of the new City yesterday -  Last night when we had

[Page 30]

all got safely ensconced for the night – and some were already sleeping – the cry of fire was raised and in two or three minutes our house was in flames – The night was cold and we were again thrown out upon the mercy of the elements.  As fortune would have it we had a spare tent and five of us ended into one – The most disagreeable night I have spent in the Territory – [Lester] [King] was appointed agent for the E.A. Co. by Dr Robinson.

[Page 31]

[Top part of page torn.]

B.G. Clark
New York City
[Merchants Hotel]  [XXXX]

S.U. Reeder
Westport P.O.
Shawnee  [XXXX]

Hiram N Johnston
[XXXX]  [XX]  [XXX]

1 Bushel
1 [XXX] Vinegar
1/2 [XXX] Salt
1 [X]  [XXXX]

[Page 32]

[Top of paper torn.]

Hastings  [XXX]  & Dester  [XX]
[XX]  [X]  [XXX]  Muslin 10 p  [XX]

St Pappaan’s Wednesday
Dec. 13, 54 – 15 Days  [XXX]
To Dec 28, 1854 – to see Pappaan

[Page 33]

Dr C Robinson  [XX]  [XX]

To Amt paid Wagon  2.50

By Buffalo [Robe]  Dec 5   5.00

By 8 Postage Stamps  Dec 5  .25

By Trip from Lawrence  Dec 4

By  Dinner from Pappans 13  [.25]

To  [XXXX]  at Pappans  20.50

“          “          “      “    20

[Page 34]

Nov. 29, 1854.  Purchased the Interest of Dr. Williams in the City of Lawrence K.T., for the sum of 325$ - Attorney fees 1$.  Lot drawn Oct 17, 1854.
Block 12,  No 17 –
Drawing Nov 27, 1854.
Block 5-3 – No. 22
Block 4 3 – No. 4
Block 1 3 – No. 9
Block 5 1 – No. 7

[Page 35]

Minutes taken Dec – 18, 1854

Monday – Monday Dec 11, 54

Commenced surveying city - grounds.

Tuesday – 12 – Robinson [arrived].  Saw [Ward’s] Preacher for the 1st time – Wednesday – 13 – [XXXX]  to Pappaan’s with Robinson. Claims taken by Preacher taken by our men.  Nov 29 Claims taken by Dr. [Bame] taken by our men Nov 29, and says Mr. Ward does not [expect] to hold it.

[Page 36]

Pork  [XX]  1.25
Bread Milk  [XXXX]  1.00

Armstrong pa  .12 [X]
R. Clough  pa  .12 [X]
Billing  pa  .12  [X]
Davis  pa  .12  [X]

Wrote to Brother  [XX]  Nov 26, Sunday – Also to home.

Shall crime bring crime [forever]

Strength aiding  [XXX]  the strong

Or this thy will O Father

That man shall toil for  [XXXX]

So Cry thy Mountains In thy  [XXXX]

Mans sunken state shall [surely] rise

And songs be heard instead of sighs

[XXX]  save the People

[Page 37]

Distance from Kansas City – to Lawrence 30 - L to Stinsons 22.  Tecumseh to Baptist Mission 10.  B.M. to Catholic Mission [N.] 6 mi. to Rock Creek.  12 R.C. to Blue 16.  Big Blue to Ft. Riley 20.  Catholic Mission contains 73 girls 99 Boys – [very]  [prosperous].  The Population 600 -  [XXXXX]  1000 – Stopped with Mrs Bertrand.

Charlie Sardou

[Belmor]  Mr Ben
[Page 38]

[Commenced] [Boarding]  with  _______   _______

Litchfield Nov – 17, Friday at

Supper – Left at Breakfast

[Recommenced] on Sunday Nov. 26, 1854

4 + 7 days Paid  [XXX]

[XXX]  up to date   3.95

W. Pickerall

[XXXX]  Chase County

Biggs  N  City Limits.

[Page 39]

Dr. T.L. Crane
Easton Pa

To be written to

Jno Povisal – Daughter &
Friends at Catholic Mission

E.J. Hamilton
Ottum co
Napella County Iowa

S.P. Lincoln
[XXXX]  K.T.

M. Ross – 7 or 8 [XXXX]

from [Hanson]

Cox near Stinsons – claim
Next [to] Blacksmiths -  [XXX]
[Next]  House beyond Stinsons

Dr Thomas C  [XXX]

Agt E. A. Co
Boston Mass

[Page 40]

H. Miles Moore
Weston Mo

Weston Mo

Wm G. Barkley
Kansas Mo

Chas Kearney
Westport Mo

[Gordan] of St Louis

McDonald of WC Clung  [XXX]
St Louis Mo

Mr Bernard
Westport Mo

[Inside Cover]

[Front Cover]  [Half of front cover missing.]


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