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Anna Margaret Watson Randolph, diary

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[XXXXX] August 17th Started from Slig very early -------- I will not say any thing of parting with our friends it is hard enough to think of God bless them all, we came down the Wilmington and Clarksville pike after we left C__ we passed through the poorest country I ever saw in Ohio. after going 18 or 20 miles we stoped near a small place called Pleasant Plane and eat the good things Aunt Mary provided us with. the meal was not a very lively one. we were all thinking of home and the friends left there we arrived here about 4 oclock tierd dusty and hungry. Mary J with a very bad sick head ache. Papa and I had a little stroll up over town found it a black dirty place nothing remarkable about it except its Hog pens and Distillery which are remarkably large, our accommodations are reasonably good the Land Lady is a fat good natured dutch woman she has but two children she things they are jewels it is realy amousing to hear her talk of them
18th A cousin who resides in this place

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called on us this morning I never saw her before she is a very lively funny woman. We came into cincinatia by the way of Walnut Hills, Oh: dident we pass some beautiful Country recidence they were of all styles from the little cottages peeping out from its lawns and flowers to the almost palace like places with their gardens, broad walks drives &c. how much happiness might dwell within them I wonder if it does. Arrived in Cincinatia about noon Papa reported a Boat leaving in the eavning made all hast to get aboard, did so and are comfortably fixed I think we have a good set of passengers, there is pleasure party going down as far as Lewisville there are 4 Ladies and 3 gentlemen of them A family of 5 going to Kansas who appear to be very fine people I hope they are for I want to like them, a couple of yanky boys who are going west to seek there fortunes they seeme to be wholesome kind of felows but real Boys. We are three or four miles below Cincinatia.

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19th This has been one of the greatest days I ever spent we struck a sand bar at 11 last night I suppose the boat is tierd wants a little rest but the poor Deck hands had to pay for it and so did the Passengers, I rested better than most of the folks it would take—well I dont know what to interrupt my sleep I awakened about 2 oclock we were off the bar, and things going on smothly, so I went to sleep again, it wasent far we traveled smoothly for we struck another bar at 5 in the morning and here we have been laying ever since, we have taken things as patiently as posibil, the pleasure party thought it wasent paying so they have gone back to Cincinatia in the Packet I am sorry to loos their company for they were such pleasant people—4 oclock we are off thank goodness and are sailing down the river right briskly I wonder how far we will go before we stop again there was a lady come on board this eavning going to St Joseph

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Friday Morning 20th The Resolute ran into us last [night] broke our watter wheel some the other boat was injured considerable a horse was kiled on it Mary Jane was very nervous afterward didn’t sleep & so I got up made some inquiry about it and found we were in no daneger then went back and slept till morning light began to peep, (a little later I believe) when I awakened I found [we] wer stationary again (the Maringo is extremely heavy) I hope we will have a good time while we stay here I am up in the pilot house enjoying the scenery but it has become monatines I think Ill go below.
Noon-- Throw up your hats every body, for we are off again hurrah! We will get to St. Lewis some time, I feel impressed that we will get along without further accident as far as Lewisville anyhow I feel in better spirits than I have since we left home. Out on Deck this is the first travling we have done in day light since we came on bord—I am perfectly

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delighted with it, we are gasing [at] a beautiful panorama all the time we have time to admire, but not enough to see the defects, oh as Levering says it is Glad Glourious! The hills the vales the river every thing is so beautiful then we have such good times with the passengers (or might have). We are passing Carleton the Kentucky river empties in to the Ohio just below it is much smaller than I expected to see, oh botheration it is raining I will be obliged to go below tis to provoking ---
Twas but a sprinkle I am up again I see a boat coming up the river—Tis the Boston for Cincinatia there has several boats passed us today dont recolect there names.
Lewisville 21st Arrived here about day-light it has been raining all the morning just cleard off and our folks have gone on shore I am sufering with a very bad boil on my leg and cant go they

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say they will report the appearance of the place we left Lewisville at one aclock was nearly 4 hours coming through the Canal, what an imense amount of labor and perseverance it has taken to make this Canal there seems nothing if man wills but what he can do
Every thing is bustle and nois we have just landed at New Albeny what a nice wharf they have here they are having a Jubilee over the river celebrating the completion of the Atlantic telegraph as the place is illuminated rockets are going up continually cannons firing I saw [how] the light streams across the watter so beautifully there is a Torch light procession going over from this place,-- we are off again
Sunday 22nd The Maringo remembers and obeys the commandment to keep the Sabeth day holy, she wont go a bit all the Crew can say and do, we are likley to stick here for some time.

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we are so used to grounding it is hardly worth mentioning, one week ago we were at home bless! them how I would love to be with them today but here I am shut up in this little hot state room for I am to sick to set up, every thing is calm and still passengers are all dressed and look so nice. Mrs Moor the Lady that came on at the Desington is the dearest gentlest little woman I ever saw we have quite a widowed set on bord out of 14 Lady passengers we have 7 widows most of them are going west, (to hunt husbands I supose)
101/2 oclock, Tis a delightful eavning the moon shines so bright the water sparkles the hills are so dark and the light that streams from our boat gose dansing over the watter so prettly, we have

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been up in the Pilot house part of the eavning the Captain son was there tis the first time I have seen him I think he is so hansom there has been a gentlemen singing several good old songs for us [XXXXX] [XXXXX] [XXXXX] Be kind, The dying girl &c
We have been 9 hours on the bar and no prospect of getting off yet I think Ill go to bed, perhaps we will be off by morning

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