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Ramsey Ira Tracy, World War I soldier

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Please send this back. It is all we have of him alone. Ranney Ira Tracy 164 D B T 9th


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Ranny, Ira, Tracy was born in Orivelll, Ohio the 30th March 1897. Came to Rook co Kans in Feb of 1904. always lived on a arm and was a good Farmer, very steady boy, was liked by all who knew him. he was strictly temperate did not smoke, chew nor drink, he joined the christion church in the spring of 1917. was taken with he “Flu” the 5th of Oct out on duty from the night of the 5th untill the night of the 6th of Oct, was taken to Hospital the forenoon of the 7th “monday” we eceived a telegram at 4 o’clock sunday the 13th Oct that Ranney was seriouly ill, got ready and the youngest son took me to Ellis for the midnights train, arrived at Fort Riley about 6 10 but only to late, he was gone, had passed away at 11 15 that night. I could not see him, had to


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return & wait for his return before I was sure but the body came the night of the 16th oct. Funeral the following day at 2 o’clock if there is any thing more let me know will do all I can. Mrs R. W. Tracy, Zurich, Kans. P.S. we have just returned from Colo where we beried Ranney’s half Brother from “Flu” three deaths in the family since the first of the month.


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Ranny. I Tracys first Letter home. coppied. Sept 6, 1918 Dear Mother, We got here about 6 o’clock last night.   This is a new part of camp, they said that they just started it monday and had all the tents up and part of the ditches was dug around the tents so water would not run through, but we had to help clean the grass off. They just got the Y,M,C,A, tent up today, have not been to it yet but am going as soon as I get through writing. This is 8th Co, 164 Depot Brigade and it is just out side of Camp Funston, but I think they call


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it Camp Funston, do not think we will be here tomorrow, and will write and tell tomorrow and give you the address. I just heard a fellow say in the next tent that we do not go to Camp Funston till sunday. we have not been examined yet expect will be tomorrow. I wrote a card this morning but did not mail it. From Ranney


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second letter. Camp Funston Sept 18. 1918 Dear Mother, I will drop a few lines to night, I am at the Y, m, C, A, now , it is a better place to write than the place we sleep. They are singing now here, while I am writing, but you have to get used to it here where ever you are here, you can not go to a room by yourself to think. I like it better all the time here some of them said we will go across with the 10th Div that will cross soon, but the sooner we go the sooner the war will be over. but I do not think we will go then. We took out our Insurance today. I took the full $10000


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9dollars0 out and I think that all or most of them did in the 9th Company. Elvin is by my side now writing to, but I do not know who is writing to. I have heard men here who was so home-sick that they very near cried and yet they write a letter home and say they like it and was getting along fine. There is movies in the Y,M,C,A. three or four times a week, but this is only the second night I have been here, last nights and tonight. I am back to the baracks again, it started to rain so we come before it got to raining to hard. Edgar is writing a letter to and Elvin is still writing. we are writing on our knees and it is not very good place to write, I will close Private Ranney I Tracy 9th. company. Camp Funton, Kans.


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Camp Funston Sept 21-1918 Dear. Folk, We did not do so much training today. for yesterday afternoon the barrock had to be mopped and this morning sweep, although it has to be swept every morning but saturday morning it has to be swept extra good, for it is inspection day, and our guns are inspected to and they have to be clean, as far as that goes we are inspected and so is our clothes. Saturday afternoon and sunday we do not have to work, unless we are on guard or K.P. and I have been on K.P. once. they go on K.P. in squads, one squad one day and the other the next day There is 8 men in a squad. unless you do something and then




you get on two on three days or a week or more at a time. did I ever have the small pot, I was vac a week ago last Thursday and again last Thursday. for the small pot. and the first one did not take and I do not think the last one will. we sleep petty cold as we do not get only two blankets, but may get another one before long. I wish you would send me a dish cloth, to wipe dishes with, they call them mess kit, and we have to wash and wipe our mess kit ourselves. I sent my laundry to be washed this week for we have to pay one dollar ($100) a month if we have not got any clothes in or not, that is what they say anyway. Elvin and Herald is writing a letter now to and are sitting by

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(3) my right side. I heard that Ben, S. and some more from Damar was here today but did not see them.I have seen Glenn Jones when we was down in the tents but have not seen him yet here. I have been sitting here watching them lay ball. I will close for this time as I do not know any more to write. From pvt Ranney Tracy. 95th, 164, D. B. Camp Funston, Kans.


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Camp Funston, Sept 22, 1918 Dear Folks. I wrote a letter last night but will drop a few lines now. I got your letter this morning. I know my clothes was dirty but all the boys had dirty clothes. the tents was set up on the ground and there was no flour but the ground. and in the day time we had to put our beds out side, and if we wanted to lay down, we had to lay on the ground unless we wanted to lay out in the sun. we could not take our bed in untill 5 o’clock. you do not need to send any of the towels back besides a dish towel unless it might be 1 or 2 hand towls. I do not use any wash towels.


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it seems like we get hungry for sweets down here, I do not know what makes it, but we buy a good deal of candy. let Gerald wear my clothes if he wants to. I will get new ones when I get back there, those will be to small then. tell Lucy I will write her a letter this week some time. but have two or three letters to write to day. we have got to buy them good shoes if we have any. and I think I will buy buy me a pair after a little When you write send me one or two pair of socks. I have got three white pair, but we have to keep petty clean or supposed to, we do not have to haul water here, Ha!Ha!from Pvt Ranney Tracy.


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Camp Funston Sept 26, 1918 Dear Folks, I got your letter tonight and if I do not answer it now, I will not get a chance before sunday or monday night. We start early in the morning for the rifle range, and do not come back before sunday night any way. They say it is 8 miles out to the rifle range and we go with a full pack upon our back. but I do not think we will have to carry our rifles, we will use the ones that are out there, yes we can ware them sleeveless knit vests, some are wareing them now, that is when it is cold. Edgar is feeling better now, he went out to drill today, and is going to the rifle range tomorrow, The socks that Uncle S give us are


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white, but it does not make any difference what color they are. I broke my ring or it came apart and I will send it home when we get back. I just will have to close so I can get my things ready to start in the morning. Edgar got a letter from home and he said this his folks got a melon that weighed 60 lb. it must of been some melon. From Ranney. 95th Co 153, D. B. Camp Funston. Kans.


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Camp Funston, Oct 2, 1918. Dear Folks, I got your letter last night. we are still out in the tents where we went when we went to the rifle range. only moved about 100 yd. north from where we was. we may have to stay here a month or so, and we cannot leave. They go to Funston every day for our mail. Edgar was sick this morning, he was not very sick just had a bad cold. But we are supposed to repot if we have just got a cold. I was sick this morning but am feeling better now. we are quarantined so is Camp Funston. but they will not let us go back, we cannot even leave our tents only when we go out to drill or we have a pass to go. it may get so we can not send any mail out but I do not think it will


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get so they will stop it coming in. I wish you would send me a cake, you put it in a paper box and it will be all right when it gets here. (it was sent but he never received it he had gone to [XXXXX]) In the tents it is not as good as in the Barocks, and we do not get as much to eat. for they feed  more men to one place than they did in the Barrocks. There are 8 of us sleep in one tent, there is some getting sick in our Company but there is not any dieing that I know of. Tell Margerett & Paul that I may not git to write to them this week, or Lucy for if she is going Saturday I could not get it started in time, for we can not write after sundown, we do not have light only a candle and they do not give much light. we get our mail at the same address, they get it in a Ford every day and and sometimes twice a day. Pvt Ranney Tacy. 9th Co. 164. D. B. Camp Funston


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Zurich Kans April 19-1919. Mr Wiliam E. Connelly. Kind sir, Yours of Feb 24th asking for a picture of Ramsey Ira Tracy and a sketch of his life with copies of his letters, am sending all but one letter, it was written on his back in bed. he said he thought he was better but his feever was pretty high it seemed that the wind blowing across the bed made the fever raise instead of lowering at the last after he had signed his name he sayid, Ma burn this as soon as you get this read, dont run no risk, we received this on the 12th of Oct got the telegram the next day. will say that the report of Ranney Ira Tracy’s death is true. he left stockton for Funston the 7th Septh 1918 was returned in a box the night of the 16th Oct. 1918.


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April 21, 1919 Mrs. R. W. Tacy, Zurich, Kansas. Dear Madam- I received your favor of the 19” inst., sending me biogaph-ical sketch, photograph, and copies of letters of your son Ranney Ira Tracy who lost his life in the service of his county. You request that the photograph be returned. This photograph will be retuned, but it will be some time before it can be sent back. I am enclosing you a card which will explain to you why we cannot send these things back at once. Sincerely yours, Secretary

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