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Silas Weir Mitchell papers

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[1[Box 1 Folder 2]]




I know the night is near at hand,

The mists lie low on hill & bay,

The autumn leaves about me lie,

But I have had the day,


Yes, I have had dear Lord, The day,

When at Thy call I have the night,

Brief be the twilight as I pass

From light to dark, from dark

to light.


Weir Mitchell


[1[Box 1 Folder 3]]


Good night.


Good night! Good night! Oh good

the night

That wraps thee in his silver light.

Good-night! No night is good

for me

That does not hold a thought

of thee.

Good night.  Be every night as sweet

as that which made our love


Till that last night of death

shall be

One brief good night for thee

and me.

Good night!


Weir Mitchell


[1[Box 1 Folder 4]]


Dear [XXXXX] Loop




Dear Mr Mitchell

It would give us much pleasure to see you & [XXXXX] Mitchell here on Sunday next


[Page 2]


29th in the afternoon  when Mr [Holman] [Hunt] would like to make your acquaintance and to introduce his pictures to you.


Believe me

Im very truly

M Edith Holman Hunt


I hope you will not find the way difficult, we are near [XXXXX]


1 [Box 1 Folder 5]




1332 Walnut St



My Dear Miss Cassy –


If at anytime this next two or three days Miss Cadwalader is to be at your house & you can secure to me a chance of half an hours quiet talk I for one would be greatly relieved – Respect for Miss Cadwaladers feelings has forced me to try to avoid the appearance of seeking her -- & hence no


[Page 2]


end of shams & pretences which are unmanly & destroy ones self respect.  I want a quiet half hour wh you may or may not be able to give me – but above all do not put yourself out about it because soon or late I shall find my chance –


Yrs very truly

Weir Mitchell


[Page 3]


Dr. S. Weir Mitchell.


1524 Walnut Street


1 [Box 1 Folder 6]


Prof. Gairdner


Dear Mrs Adams.


Ask Putnam who [XXXXX] yr present state best to put on paper a statement of the amount of bromide to have before you embark.  This will help


[Page 2]


I know you will have a good voyage.   Do not fear – but ask Putman -  Also in Edinburgh Dr Bell a well known man or Prof. Fraser  In London Prof Ord or Lander- Brunton Paris. Dr Favre – Miller – Inclose my cards to use with any M. D – Take my best wishes & bon voyage.


Weir Mitchell


[1 Box 1 Folder 7]


1524 Walnut Street



Dear Mr Barr-


No one at the Historical could find Sullys list nor any paper by you concerning Hamilton’s postmarks – I may have miscarried your words --  I have the letters


[Page 2]


picture here – If you care to see it come in – before one on Monday morning & kindly send me the likes of any paper about Hamiltons likenesses –


Yrs truly

Weir Mitchell


Dec 17th

Ch. Barr Esq,


[Page 3]


Dr S. Weir Mitchell.

1524 Walnut Street


[1[Box 1 Folder 8]]


Mch 2d/96


No. 1524 Walnut Street,

Philadelphia, Pa.


You are sure to get well – Be patient as to the lesser symptoms wh. go & come –


S Weir


[1[Box 1 Folder 9]]


1524 Walnut Street



Nov 6-1900


Dear Mr Ellsworth,


I think that I can dine with you on Dec. 4th as you say, but as I am rather an uncertain person please take this acceptance tentatively  If anything turns up & interfere with my coming I will let you know  I presume that I shall


[Page 2]


Receive a more formal invitation.  Please do not ask me to speak.  It is the curse of all dinners for me and keeps me away from many.


Yours very truly

Weir Mitchell


[1[Box 1 Folder 10]]


1524 Walnut Street



Dear Sir – A most delightful letter.  I read it with the utmost pleasure & too all about these pugnacious countrymen of my g.grandfather my wife was miss Cadwalader a relative of President Monroe -- & who will


[Page 2]


share my interest in your book – apropos – I have a letter from the famous Jennie to James Monroe then our minister to London in which he speaks of [XXXXX] [XXXXX] – as knowing the disorder “now of late called Influenza” –


I have to direct to your printers care for lack of


[Page 3]


of more direct address –


again my thanks


Yrs. Truly

Weir Mitchell


[1[Box 1 Folder 11]]


Bar Harbor, Maine.


Dear Mr. Adams: -


The books arrived on Saturday in good condition and I beg to thank you in the name of the Jesup Memorial Library for this valuable addition to its resources.


Yours very truly

Weir Mitchell


September eleventh, 1911.


[1[Box 1 Folder 12]]


Photo of the late Dr. S. Weir Mitchell at Bar Harbor, Maine


[Page 2]


Eve Sunday Sept 12. 1920


Dear State.


Spent last night at Bangor House – Sprinkling this morn. An early lunch, called at your Auntie, what a dandy house & grounds.  A wonderful dirt road, all the way here.  Over 60 miles, that [XXXXX] our drive around the Island.


Eve had one quite high hill.


“The Newport” Leave to-morrow.  We came for one night only-  Love to you, Mary & State D.  Regards to your Father.





[Page 3]


No. 1524 Walnut Street,

Philadelphia, Pa.


‘Xris cringle’ is pure Pennsylvania Dutch –


S Weir Mitchell –

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