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Governor Thomas Carney college and university lands, 1863, correspondence

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Steiger, Wm T.

Washington, February 28th 1863.

His Excellency

The Governor of Kansas

at Lecompton.


By the Act of Congress, approved 2d July 1862(Chap CXXX Stat, at Large p. 503.) Public Land & Scrip is granted to the Loyal States for the endowment of Agricultural Colleges &c.

Looking to the Agricultural and mechanical interests of the State of Kansas, I presume that her Legislature will promptly accept this grant, (amounting to about 90,000 acres.) as required by the Act of Congress, which limits the time of acceptance to two years.  On this supposition, I respectfully offer my services as your agent at Washington for the adjustment of the grant, & for procuring the evidence of title to the lands which shall [inure] to the State within her own limits.

My employments in the General Land Office, in high positions for 22 consecutive years, have given me much practical information, which I trust fits me in a special manner to discharge the duties of an agent.  Besides, since my resignation in 1857, I have had charge of the Rail Road grants for several States, for which I have procured the evidence of title, and settled all conflicts, to Four and a half millions of acres. 


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My charge for the services now offered, if accepted, would be little more than Broker’s Commissions or ½  [P. C.] on the lands acquired under the Act, in the selection of which I could give essential aid here, as also in the settlement of any conflicts which may arise before the Department – in carrying the selections when made into grant – and in attending to other details, all which require the presence of an Agent at Washington to represent the interest of the State.  If preferred I would also receive lands at government price, in payment for my services.

As regards my standing and capacity, I beg leave to refer you to the inclosed testimonials marked A, B, from Gen. John A. Dix and other friends, and I have reason to know that my appointment would be very acceptable to all the officers here, charged with the adjustment of the grant.

I have the honor to remain

Very respectfully

Your obt Servt.

Wm T. Steiger.

Washington, D. C.

N. B. Please cause the receipt of these papers to be acknowledged.


Don’t want an agent


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Application for the Appt of land agent at Washington.

Filed March 14th 1863.

Steiger, Wm T. Wash. D.C.

Appl. appt. of land agt at Wash.

Feb. 28, 1863

To Gov. Carney (memo appended from Gov.)

Wm. T. Steiger.

Washington, D.C.

28th Febrary 1863.

Applies for Agency of Land Scrip &c under Act of 2d July 1862. 


Maj. Genl John A. Dix.

J. M. Edmunds

Com Genl Land office

M. Blair

P.M. General

J. Whittlesey

[1st] Comptrollers [Treasy.]


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Goodnow, Isaac T.

State of Kansas.

Executive Department.

Office Sup’t Public Instruction.

Topeka, Kansas, April 25th 1863

Hon. Thomas Carney,

Dear Sir,

I have just learned that there is a vacancy, or soon will be, by the resignation of R. S. Miller, one of the Commissioners to locate lands for the Agricultural College.  There is but one [man] in the state, really qualified to fill his place

I refer to Daniel Mitchell, of Junction City. Davis County.

He is a No. 1. practical surveyer, -- has travelled over the lands we have to select from, – is thoroughly acquainted with the Books at our land offices necessary to be used in reference;


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having for years been connected with one of the land offices: -- furthermore his material interests & reputation will impel him to faithfulness in the discharge of the labors of commissioner, should you deem it best to appoint him.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

With sentiments of high regard believe me

Very Truly Your’s

Isaac T. Goodnow

P. S. I will be in Topeka on Tuesday, Lawrence on Wednesday, & in Leavenworth on Saturday next.


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Goodnow, Isaac,

Supt, Pub. Inst


Apr 25, 1863

Recommending David Mitchell Com’r to locate Agricultural Lands

(Says Mitchell was Surveyor)


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Miller, Josiah, enc deed from Chas & Sarah T. D. Robinson, for land for Univ.

Lawrence Kansas

May 20th 1863

His Excellancy

Thomas Carney

Gov of the State of Kansas

Sir,  I herewith enclose a deed by Sarah T.D. Robinson and her husband C Robinson to portion of the University grounds and also a certified transcript of the Power of Attorney from Martha Robinson to Charles Robinson showing his authority to convey her lands, all of which covers the defects suggested by the Attorney General, as to the title to the University


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grounds.  I did not have last deed recorded as it can be done when approved by the State Attorney, which if he does can be returned and I will have it recorded I would not like to disturb the other deed but simply let this last be recorded and put on file with the others, so as to avoid the question in not getting the title perfect by May 18th 1863.  The lawyers here are of opinion that the husbands signature was unnecessary

Please inform me whether this matter is now satisfactory

Very Truly Yours

Josiah Miller



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Robinson, Chas

“ Sarah T.D.

Miller, Josiah


Conveying land for State Univ. Power of Atty. from Martha R.

Josiah Miller, in relation to University


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Aug. 17, 1863,

We Henry W. Fick and Leroy Crandall a majority of the commissioners appointed by the Governor of the state of Kansas to select a tract of land of not less than twenty acres, adjacent to the town of Emporia, Kansas, as a site for the state Norman School, in accordance with the provisions of an act of the legislature entitled “an act to establish, locate and endow a state Normal School,” approved March 3d A.D. 1863, do severally swear that as such commissioners, we will faithfully discharge our duties to the best of our abilities, so help us God.

H. W. Fick

LeRoy Crandall } Commissioners

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this Seventeenth (17th) day of August, A.D. 1863.

Charels V. Eskridge

Notary Public, Lyon

County Kansas.

To His Excellency, Thomas Carney, Governor of the State of Kansas:

We, the undersigned, commissioners


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appointed by your Excellency in pursuance of an act of the legislature entitled “an act to establish, locate and endow a state “Normal School,” approved March 3d, 1863, respectfully beg leave to make the following Report.

Your commissioners met at Emporia, in Lyon county, Kansas, on the 17th day of August, A.D. 1863, and, in pursuance of the second section of said act of the legislature, took the oath to faithfully discharge their duties as such commissioners – which oath, certified by the officer before whom it was taken, is hereunto attached.  They then selected as the site for the said State Normal School, the following described piece of Land adjacent to the said town of Emporia, containing twenty acres; to wit:  Commencing at a point on the section line between sections Ten (10) and Eleven (11) Township Nineteen (19) South of Range No Eleven (11) East of the sixth principal meridian in Kansas (21) twenty-one rods south of the North West corner of the south west quarter of said section Eleven (11) – thence East (80) Eighty rods – thence south (40) Forty rods


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thence west Eighty (80) rods – thence North (40) rods to the place of beginning.  The above piece of land is free from all incumbrance, and is a donation to the state of Kansas as a site for the said State Normal school by Henry W. Fick, Esq., of Emporia, who has this day executed to the state for the purpose aforesaid, a warranted deed, which deed has been duly recorded in the records of the Register of Deeds for Lyon county, and deposited with the Auditor of the state of Kansas in conformity with the act of the legislature aforesaid.  The certificate of the auditor, showing the date of the deposites of the aforesaid deed is hereunto attached.

Witness our hands this 17th day of August A.D. 1863.

Witness} C. V. Eskridge

H W Fick}

LeRoy Crandall} Commissioners


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Report of Commissioners to Locate State Normal School 1863

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