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Hancock Campaign, March 1867

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Hancock Campaign

Mar. 1867 also

Adobe Walls fight

June 27, 1874


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1867 March 31st Genl Winfield S. Hancock, [XXX] Dept of [XXX] Fort Leavenworth for an Indian Campaign, Kiowa, Cheyenne, and Arapaho were reported  West of Fort Larned, Kansas to Fort Riley to Salina to Fort Harper through Ford over [north] to Coco Creek Ranch, to Fort [Larah] on Walnut Creek about [XX]  miles from influence [into] Arkansas River – to Pawnee Rock, to Fort Larned on

[XXX]  2 miles from Arkansas River, very cold weather.  Mr. Theodore R. Davis from New York reported to  [XXX]  [H.and C.] as reporter and Artist.


Camped two days, Indians reported S Fork of Pawnee[.]  Some 12 Chiefs came to Camp very hungry.  Officers [ordered] “in Full Dress” for “Pow Wow”.   [XX]  [XXX]  officers made biggest show.


Col. Wyskof, Indian Agent, Gen. P. Hancock, “I want Peace Talks.”


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Indian complains about R.R. Built. No more Chiefs because Ponies starved.  Indian promise to come in tomorrow[,] next day did not come[.]  Broke Camp moved 13 miles W. on Pawnee Rock where [over] divide about 300 or more Indians in Battle line, proceed about 5-6 miles from Village.

N.D. troops under Brig Gen R.J. Smith, Col. [XXXX] and G.A. George Armstrong Custer Col 7th Ceo. To meet Roman Nose, he in M.S. Uniform, and fully armed, but bow in hand wanted to see Gen. H. [to] [talk] [to].


Would and did smoke Niagn-ne-Ki-mic to Great Spirit.  Indians in half circle facing E.


Command moves, [XXXX] all ground near Village [burnt] [over], so Genl had to stop about 1 mile short of vill.  2 Ind. Chiefs came over report woman and children frightened, some young bucks had left to [XXXX] [XX]


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Smoky Hill River reported by the 2 Chiefs about {XXX] a scout reports Vill deserting but [XXX]  Days very quiet.  All to be prepared for fighting Cav. Ordered to surround Vill. “Close in” ordered by bugle.  Custer and about 600 [XXX] ordered to pursue.  Engineer [XXXXX], Alfred Page and A. H. [Hecnices] to take N. Star as guide due North, [approaching] quick.  Vill. Deserted, one old Sioux found and a 9 year old half-breed, half killed, and bleeding.  Custer and about 600 [XXX] ordered to pursue.  Engineer [ambulance], Alfred Page and A. [XXXX] to take N. Star as guide due north, [approaching] quick. [XXXXX] (proposed site of) N. Fort Hays Chief Guide, Cody (Buffalo Bill) mad wants to shoot me.  A.H.  Cav. Officer intervened found [XXXXX] Station all fine, 3 station men learned, came to Old Fort Hays, 20 m.E.. of the N. Ft. Proposed only missed N.F. about 1 ½ m.  (Genl. H. Ordered Ind. Vill. To be burned.) – to Fort Dodge, (Kiowa & Araps) to Ft. Larned, Cos. Leavenworth, Agt of Kiowas had sent his wife and children East.


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Sa-tau-ta (Kiowa Chief makes great talk.  Genl H given Sa-tau-ta , Maj. Genl [XXX] [XXXX] to gain [time].


(June 1 - Sa-tau-ta; stampedes animals at Ft. Dodge) Ft. Larned & Ft. Hays (old) due N. [XXX] 2 days.  Men have scurvy, Buffalo [hunted] , wild onions, many Deserters , with horse and each of 7th Cav. Scouts reports about 500 Indians near [XXXX] Sta. and [Dawner’s] Sta. Supposed Cheyennes.


Custer 300 m. for night attack, none found Buffalo?  Custer taken for “Wild Bill”.


June 1st Genl Custer left Ft. Hays for Ft. McPherson on Platte River then to Fort Sedgwick [XXXX]  down S. to Ft. Wallace.


Hays to McPherson Saline take Camp of Indians [disc] had Elk for meals.


Indian scoffed, hurrying ground.  Rattle Snake [XXX], Major - Elliott, 7th Cav.


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killed a number with sabre, everyone ask for it, soldiers called Abuse prairie eels, all in [XXX] [XXX] also Officers.


Lt. [Brecoslar] 7th Cav. discovers nearly empty [XXX] chest taken by Deserters.


Republican Riv. Small Ind. Trail fresh, 30-40 Ind. About 2 m. off, pursued found they had some stage horses.  Beber Rep. & Platte Rivers plenty antelope , Fort Mc Ph. [rations].


12 m. up Platte for forage Camp near Jack Morrow’s Rch. Plenty graves along road “unknown Killed by Indians” and Saks, some without Sioux Chief Paconce - killer on visit.  Genl. Sherman arrives.


June 15 Command moves S. For 50 m. very badly broken, [counting] faced days to Republican R. In Camp.



June 23rd Major Elliott w. 10 m. to Ft. Sedgwick w.


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dispatcher to Genls Sherman and Auger.


June 23 16 wagons, escort Lt. Sam Robbins to Ft. Wallace, under Guide of Will Comstock.


June 24 Custer attacked by Indians, but cannot stampede horses.  1 m. Killed - Indians signals by mirrors.  Fay Ahe Interpreter sent and found Pawnee - Killer come to talk.  Chief Thunder & lightening makes fools talk.  (Sioux).  The-Man- who-walks-beneath-the-Ground Boots & Saddles, after the Indians.  Lt. Hamilton surr. by 200-300 Indians.


June 26 Wagon Train from Wallace returns Lt. Robbins, company escort, was attacked by Cheyennes.


June 27 Maj Elliott [XXXX] - Arrows, counciling   [XXX], signalling, ready.


Negro Troops good Indian fighters.  Charley Best  - The half-breed, by Cheyenne woman, Col. Bill Best father.


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Camp Republican to River Side Station 40 m. W. of Ft. Sedgwick.  Lt. Kidder 7th Cav. W. Dispatcher found missing - lost?


Deserters on Platte River en masse, fought the Deserting men.  Cochees Country.  Lt. Kidder’s Trail discovered next day, the party found Killed (12 in all), no fight.   Red-Bead a friendly Sioux, body found (was Guide).  Pawnee Killer’s  band suspected, to Ft Wallace in Camp.


July 15 left Wallace for Ft. Hays.  Horses under Capt. Hamilton 7th Cav moved.  Separate 150 m. in 3 days.  Near Dawner’s Sta. rear guard attacked by Indians, 2 soldiers Killed.

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