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Andrew H. Reeder to John A. Haldeman

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Easton Pa

Aug. 11, 1856

My Dear Sir

As you are probably aware the Sheriffs posse at the sacking of Lawrence [broke] open my trunk and stole the contents.  The clothing is probably by their [XXX] worn at and the other property beyond all [XXXX].  I shall not trouble myself about it[.] There were however some private papers of no use to any one but myself. [XXXX] Howard and Sherman say that gentleman who appears to have control of the papers stated to them that my private papers could be had at any time on application.  I cannot tell who has them do I think [P.T. or Hd] can tell.  I wish to engage your [service] first to get my papers and afterward to do some business for me.  There was a package containing Certificates of Stock in Leavenworth in Tecumseh Lecompton Lawrence Easton, Pawnee & some [XXXX] for money, leases contracts Receipts &c.  There was also a package of papers relating to the contract for the Kaw lands, copies from Records at Washington original letters relating to the same subject.  Indeed I cannot now recollect all the papers.  There were also a few private letters [XXXX] upon other subjects a letter from [Mr. Sherwood - [XXX] [XXX] Lawrence &c.  There was also a brief of cases and extracts from


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debate &c.  It was fastened by tape at the top and carried some [XXX] or light sheets.  I had prepared it in reference to the content for my Seat and although that is now over I could still like to have it very much.  Will you undertake to get for me all of my papers you can and advise me of what you have.  When you have a private opportunity to send them on to me do so.  They can be left by the [bearer] at any Express office in Phila or [XXXX] or Boston to be forwarded to me here[.]


I also wish to employ you as my agent to attend to my Leavenworth lots.  Having lost my papers I have no list of the lots and there can only be had from the [Banks].  Please get a list of them if you do not get my papers or if you do not find one among them, I have one lot under lease to Slocum at $50 a year on which I think there is now $62 due[.] I have three other houses under lease to [XXX] at $15 - $15 & $20 a month I think and the [XXX] paid to 1 Oct 1855 - also a contract with [XXX] to build a fourth house for $400 to be paid from the Rents of the four.  So that I shall owe him $400 and he will owe me $50 a month for 1 Oct and what with he has recd on the 4th house since it is finished abt the 1 May.  I am not certain whether I paid him anything in cash


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on N east house or not.  If I did he will tell you and my papers will contain a Receipt.  He also commenced a store house on another lot of mine without any contract or permission at the risk that I [XXX] be reasonable. [I] could have not the least disposition to take any advantage of him, but would like to know the east of the house and the [rest] before you agree on anything with him as to that house.  Please see [XXXX] at once get what money you can and settle with him in full as soon as you can do so saving all [XXX] as I am not sure that my recollection of the leases contract &c is right.  They will speak for themselves.  We contract for the 4th house was a verbal  one.  Please collect from Slocum as early as possible.  I am sure he owes $62 - in $12 of last year and $50 for this.  He has a recpt for $50 but the [XXX]   15 mo. Was $62.


There is a Slave in Ks man of G.A. Williams which I also wish you to attend to.  It belongs really to I.C. Bullitt Phil who is I a fellow Kentuckian of yours.  There is a man on one of the lots a [Inman] [Saddle] I think it is Lot 21 Block 21 but I am not sure[.] This man got on the lot by mistake.  I saw Bullitt lately and he says he must pay rent.  The rent should be $50 but I leave the amount to your discretion.  He wished to buy but Mr. Bullett is unwilling to sell[.]


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If my [XXXXX] cannot be had I suppose the association would issue new ones.  The numbers are unknown to me[.]


I spoke to Dr. Rochique about the note we hold against him and told him that I had an interest in the note and wished my assessment on Lecompton paid at of it.  He said he was unable now to pay it[,] I wish you would collect from him if you have not already done so and pay my assessment in Lecompton.  Please take care that I am not [XXXX] [by] delay in the payment  – One of my Lecompton Shares I sold to [XX] and who sold it to ----- In the mean time all the Shares was rearranged and there are ten Shares on the Book of which one belongs -------- Dr Woods [under] and the reason of the change of numbers it is quite impossible to tell which one of the ten Shares he is to have.  I [would] be willing that the ten numbers be put in a box and that he draws one.  He must be in my presence or in your presence as my agent.  I [XXXX] wish you would do this, and then settle my assessment, take up the new Certificate and get a list of my lots.


Please write me on rept of this and as soon as you have anything to communicate Direct always to Easton Pa. And if you think letters to me unsafe you may inclose under cover to B.J. Clarke, Merchants Hotel of York.

Very Truly your friend

A.H. Reeder

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