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American Legion Auxiliary, Woodson County

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[Woodson Co.]


On July first, 1921 fourteen women met at the home of Mrs E. W.Sieker for the purpose of organizing a Woman’s Auxilliary of the Woodson Post of the American Legion.


The meeting was opened by the playing of “America”, after which Mr. Sieker, commander of Woodson Post, gave a little talk on the history and purpose of the Woman’s Auxilliary.


The following temporary officers were elected.

Mrs F. W. Bulter, Chairman

Mrs. E. E. Lamb Sec.

Mrs.T. E. Foster Treas.


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Mrs. Sieker read a paper on “Why We Are Here”, and then she presented Resolutions which were adopted.


Mrs. Butler then read a paper on “What Others Are Saying and Doing”, giving a good idea of the work of other auxiliaries over the state.


Miss Edna Carpenter read a paper on “Eligibility”.  Mrs R. M. Phillips Sr read a paper on Why Every Post Should not be a Bachelor Post.


Then the chairman presented the Application for Charter.  This was signed by those present.


The Chairman


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then appointed the By-Laws Com.

Miss Edna Stocker

Mrs. E. T. Patterson

Mrs. L. W. Sieker

And on the membership committee she appointed

Miss Lucy Phillips

Mrs. Earl Moore

Mrs. Paul Cannady

Mrs. Gann


It was moved and seconded that we invite Mrs. D. W. Sanders, Chairman 4th District to be present at our next meeting, to be held with the Legion.


It was moved and seconded that we ask permission to use the Woman’s Club Room for our temporary meeting place.

Motion carried.


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It was moved and seconded that our local dues be twenty five cents.

Motion carried


The meeting closed by the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, after which ice cream and cakes were served, the kindness of the Am. Legion.


Alice Hogueland Larnb

Tem. Sec.


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On July 6th the Auxilliary met in joint meeting with the American Legion for a Social Hour.

No business was transacted, only the minutes read and approroved.


Alice Hogueland Lamb

Tem. Sec.


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On Sept. 1st. the Auxilliary met in regular meeting on the Court House Lawn.  Our Charter having been received, the following permanent officers were elected;

Mrs. F. W. Butler. Pres.

Mrs. Wm Manifold. Vice Pres.

Mrs. C. E. Simpson. Sec.

Mrs. F. W. Sieker. Treas.


It was moved and seconded that we have the second Tuesday in each month as our meeting night, and to use the Ladies Rest Room in the Court House as our meeting place.

Communications from State Headquarters were read by the Sec.


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It was moved and seconded that our President confer with the Commander of the Am. Legion about requesting the Mayor to close the business houses during the funeral services of former service men.


No further business the meeting adjourned.


Alice Hogueland Lamb.

Tem. Sec.


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The auxiliary met in regular meeting on Wed. Sept 21xt at 7:30 o’clock, in the Council Room.  The meeting was called to order by the President.  The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.


Mrs. C. E. Simpson having resigned, the office of Sec. was vacated.  Mrs Earl Moore was elected to the place.


The constitution and By Laws were submitted by the By Laws Committee which were adopted.


Applications for membership were read by the Chairman of the membership.

Those applying for membership or subject to [xxxxxx] were-

Miss Elizabeth West.

Miss Mae Moore


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Miss Minnie Stockerbrand

Mrs. C. J. Stockerbrand

Mrs. Victoria Naylor

Mrs. Leah B. Hamacher

Mrs. D. F. Dillman

Mrs. Iva Phillips

Mrs. Loretta Wilson

Mrs. Muriel Biene


It was moved & seconded that those members be accepted.


It was moved & seconded that the President appoint Mrs.Gann as the Flower Committee to send flowers at the death of any Ex-Service men or any Auxillary member.


Meeting adjourned

Leah H. Moore



On Oct 5th the Auxiliary met in joint meetings




with the American Legion for Social.

Plans were being made for the celebration on Armisitice Day.


Meeting Adjourned

Leah Moore



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On Oct. 11th the Auxiliary met in regular meeting at 7:30 at Mrs. Moore’s.  The meeting was called to order by the President.  The minutes were read & approved.

The Flower Bill of $8.50 was presented by the Treas. And was approved.

Up to Oct. 11th Mrs Victoria Naylor was not eligable.


It was moved & seconded that Mrs. Phillips Sr., Miss West & Miss Carpenter to act as our Executive Committee.

Moved & Second that meeting would be held in homes of the members.  Two members going together & serving light refreshments.


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Moved & second that we entertain visitors Armistice Day.

Applications read those applying for membership [xxxxxx]

Mrs. Beth Neeley

Mrs. Marguirte Blue.

Was moved & second list members be accepted

Meeting adjourned

Mrs. Leah Moore



On Nov. 8th 1921 the Auxiliary met in regular meeting at 8:00 at the home of Mrs. Bulter.

The meeting was called to order by the President.  Minutes were read and approved.

The flower bill of $3.50 was presented by Mrs. Garner.

Mrs. Naylor withdrew her card for membership.

Plans were made for Armistic Day and each member was assest $.25 to build up the Treasure fund.

The new Constitution was read and refreshments were served by Mrs. Bulter & Mrs. Canady.

Meeting adjourned.

Mrs. Leah Moore. Secty


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Mrs. Blue

Mrs. Neeley    463


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Charter Members

Mrs. Paul Canady – 231

Mrs. R. M. Phillips Sr. 16

Miss Mary Phillips

Miss Lucy Phillips

Mrs. Fred Sieken

Miss Carpenter –

Miss Edna Johnson –

Mrs. Wanosley –

Mrs. M. B. Tomlinson

Mrs. W. D. Garner  > 185

Mrs. Earl Patterson

Miss Edna Stocker

Mrs. Frank Bulter                    L

Mrs. Leta Hoster –

Mrs. Alice Lanby 53             55X

Mrs. Ed Ireland >

Application Members

Mrs. C. E. Simpson  314

Mrs. Will Mahnfold  320

Mrs. Earl Moore

Mrs. Lucy Wells                  ok

Miss Bessie West

Mrs. Victoria Naylor         <

Miss Minnie Stockenbrand           pd

Mrs. C. H. Stockenbrand               pd 46

Mrs. Leah B. Honnacher               pd

Mrs. D. F. Dillman              <

Mrs. Iva Phillips       207

Miss Mae Moore          1088-1-2

Mrs. Loretta Wikdon          pd

Mrs. Muriel Biene             449

Mrs. Bernice Sickers   pd  L Jr.









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