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Diary of Reverend John Thompson Peery

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Introduction to Memoirs


The Reverend John Thompson Peery, author of this diary, passed away at his home near Clinton, Mo., June 5, 1890, after a period of fifty-two years of service in the Methodist Church South.


Ten years of his early labors were spent in Kansas where he was a missionary among the several Indian tribes.  Most of the time from 1849 to 1857 was spent as teacher and head of the “Female Department” of the “Indian Manual Labor School” at the Shawnee Mission.   It was while residing at this school that these memoirs were written.


Rev. J.T. Peery was twice married.  His first wife was Mrs. Mary Jane Johnson, widow of Rev. William Johnson, also a missionary.  She was a daughter of Colonel Wm. Chick and a sister of the wife of Rev. Nathan Scarritt, also connected with Shawnee Mission work.  J. T. Peery left no children by his first marriage.


In the latter pages of this diary a very beautiful tribute is paid to the memory of Mrs. Mary Jane Peery.


Rev. J. T. Peery was married a second time, in 1876, to Catherine Thornton, daughter of Doctor Chas. H. Thornton of Henry county, Missouri.  She was our dear mother and one of the most lovable of women.  Two sons and myself were born of this union.  Chas. F. Peery passed away while young; J. T. Peery, Jr., lives at Clinton, Mo.


My beloved father was a man of great usefulness in his day.  He possessed a pleasing personality, had many friends and was an able preacher.  He was highly educated – ‘tho self educated.  Spoken of in his church paper as the “salt of the earth.”  We can


Introduction to Memoirs


truly say as a pioneer in the Middle West—he nobly did his part.


Mary Peery Whittaker

2711 Benton Blvd.

Kansas City, Mo.


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Memorandum of events in my life


I was born in Abbs Valley, Tazewell Co., State of Virginia, on the 18th day of February, 1817.  Removed to the State of Mo. in the fall of 1835 in the company with my father and his family  Taught a small school in Clay County the 1st winter.  Was licensed to preach as a local preacher on Grand River Circuit Mo. Conf. at the house of John Stokes, Rev. Andrew Monroe P. E., on the 25th day of March A. D. 1837.  In Sept., 1838, I was admitted on trial in the Mo. Conf. and was sent to Cape Girardeau Circuit with Rev. Jno. F. Gray.  My health began to fail in the Spring following and was poor during the remaining part of the season.  I did not attend the next Conf. at Fayett, but went to my fathers, owing to the state of my health.  This year I was appointed to the Merrimac Circuit, & on the 27th of Nov. I started for this my 2d appointment.  My Br. Wm. accompanied by Lexington & on to Howard Co.  There I left him & went on by Boonville and Jefferson City & reached the Circuit on the 7th.  On the 8th went to Br. Harrison’s.  Preached at Br. Crow’s on the 11th.  Saw soon that the church was in confusion.  Continued to labor tho in much weakness from day to day.  Was quite dyspeptic.  Prospects improved.  Some were added to the church & the work revived.  On the 9th of January I married the first couple that I ever married, Mr. Alexander Harrison, to Miss Susan Covington.  Nothing of importance took place during the rest of the year.  Conf. was in St. Louis.  Bishop Waugh presided.  I was ordained Deacon.


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We had a tedious session.  I was sent to Nodaway Circuit in Platt purchais.  I went on by home & thence to my Cirt.  It was small & in a new country, poor houses, weather cold & my health not good, but I pushed ahead, and the Lord blessed an downed my labors & the work improved.  This year President Harrison died.  Our Conf. met this year in Palmyra.  Bishop Morris presided.  Dr. Elliot was with us.  Had a pleasant Conf.  I was appointed to Weston Cirt.  Went on to it.  Found it more pleasant than the one the year previous.  This was the fall of 1841.  The winter was mild.  Br. Redman was my P. E. last year & is this.  I found many friends on this Circuit & saw the work of God revive.  In the fall of 1842 our Conf. met in Jefferson City.  Bishop Roberts presided, most venerable in his appearance & manner.  I was ordained an elder this year.  I was appointed to Plattsburg Cirt., Br. Redman, my P. E.  He was a good man & zealous.  We had some success this year.  A number professed to find pardon.   My health began to decline in the summer of 1843.  The winter had been severely cold and I had been much exposed.  I went with the P. E. around a part of his district and met the Conf. in the fall in Lexington.  Bishop Andrew presided & preached the funeral of Bp. Robberts most feelingly.  Much against my wished I was sent this year to the Dellaware Mission in the Indian Country.  In the Spring of 1844 the General Conf. met and the vexing subject of slavery perplexed them for many days & at last the fatal stand was taken against Bishop Andrew, which forced the church to divide.  This fall on the 3d of October I was married to Mrs. M. Jane Johnson at the house of her father, Col. Chick in Kansas Jackson Co., Mo., by Br. N. M. Talbott.  This fall Conf. met in Cherokee Nation I. M. Conf., Bp. Morris presided.  I was sent to Kickapoo.  In the Spring of 1845 I was called by the Superintendent of I. M. Conf., Br. J. C. Berryman, to take charge of the Kansas Mission with a view to


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establish a school there.  In the fall of 1845 Conf. met at I. M. L. School Bp Soule presided  I was returned to Kansas Mission.  Indians sold their country and put a stop to our operations as to a school.  We had a son born in November, & called him George William.  he died on the 9th of March not quite 4 months old  In the fall of 1846 Conf. met in Cherokee  Bp. Paine presided  I was appointed to Talequah Circuit Cherokee Nation.  had a pleasant home and kind friends.  1847 Conf. met in dokesville Chocktaw Nation.  Bp Capers presided.  I did not attend & was returned to Talequah Circuit.  Had a good revival in the fall of 1848 Conf. met at Mudy Spring Cherokee Nation  Bishop Andrew presided  being sick I did not reach conf  I was sent [to] Wyandott Mission  Spent a part of the year here, and Sep. 1st 1849 came to I. M. Labor School where I taught untill the next summer  I did not atten Conf, which this fall was held at Ryley’s Chapple, Bp Paine presiding.  I was returned to I. M. L. School where I continued until the St Louis Conf met in Independence, to which the Kansas River district of the I. M. Conf had been attached in May 1850.


JANUARY 1st 1850.  I was in the school-female department of the Indian Manual Labor School which I have taught since the first of September 1849.  When I first took charge of the school I found the girls inclined to be noisy and rude.  perhaps as I was considered a new hand they were experimenting with me, in order to know as early as possible how far my good nature would indulge them in their levity and mischief.  Whether from any thing which they experienced, from my manner of treating offenders against the rules of the school, or from what they have gained in the knowledge of decency and propriety of deportment, I will not attempt to say; but this much is quite manifest – they are far more easily controled in


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school than when we first came among them.  Yet they have much to learn on this subject.  Brother Wm Bradford and his company of Platt students, in the Western Academy except J. Herring, left to day for their homes in Andrew County.  I believe they are a little displeased with Br Thomas Johnson, our Superintendent, tho, I incline to think, without a good cause for offence.  At Candlelight Brother Statelet preached and administered the Sacrament.  I felt blest in the act of communing


WEDNESDAY JANUARY 2d 1850.  In School. – have a full School.  read some  And at night attended prayer meeting and felt it to be a benefit to my heart.


THURSDAY JAN 3d  Taught the children  nothing of much importance transpired  do not feel so warm in religion as I desire to feel.  O Lord increase my faith and give me a constant mind.


FRIDAY JAN 4th   To day closes another week in school which is the first of the year  May each succeeing week of this year be spent usefully.  This is a beautiful clear day – cool but not severe.  I have not been as studious as I should have been – hope to be more diligent.


SATURDAY JAN 5th    Staid close at home  read some of Mr. Fletcher’s writings on faith.  Also wrote some.  It snowed nearly all day.  We get no mail this week.


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SUNDAY JAN 6th.  Brother Johnson preached from Psalms 16th 11th  good Sermon.  Scarrit went to Shawnee.  In the afternoon I led class-meeting – And at night preached from Rom 3d 28th  Day warm – tho, Snow in the morning.  Br. Thomas Huffaker came home.


MONDAY JAN. 7th.  Snowed in the morning – a soft pleasant day  I am again in School.  at night at concert prayer meeting.  Have not enjoyed so much of the comfort of religion as I had hoped to enjoy  it has been my own fault.  May these reflections be the commencement of a refformation in my way of living


TUESDAY JAN. 8th.  At my regular work  did not feel as much interest in teaching as I usually feel.  I find great need of patience  Yet I must not forget that to me the Lord has been gracious and kind


WEDNESDAY JANUARY 9th   This was quite a pleasant day except that the thaw makes it quite sloppy.  But I have this comfort in my close confinement in the School room – I can keep my feet dry, which to me is a privilege worth taking notice of as it may save me from a spell of sickness


Snow is not all off to night.  Br. James Cuming got back from Delaware this afternoon.  They had a good meeting at that Station.  We had a prayer meeting to night  Br. Scarritt led.  To me it has been a day of small religious enjoyment.  felt some refreshed in the prayer meeting.  Hope I may have more Christian patience & meekness to pass through the trials of life.


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THURSDAY JAN 10th.  A remarkably fine day for this Season of the Year  the ground is thawed, and it is becoming quite mudy.  We got presidents Message to congress, to day  It has been delayed in consequence of the difficuly in electing a speaker, which prevented the house from organizing for a number of days.  We are all pleased with the message of President Taylor  This afternoon Misses Mary Sears & M. M. Chick came to see us  Brs Sarritt & Huffaker sat with us till bed time.  We all enjoyed the company very much.


FRIDAY JAN 11th.  Another clear and fine day.  And I felt it to be more confining in the school than usual.  I love a clear sky and and the bright sun shine yet feel but little discontent with my situation, and hope to be useful  Sister M. M. Chick – taking with her Ann Elizabeth left for Kansas.  Attended the debate – came back, and Some of the Girls with M. Sears stayed with us all night.


SATURDAY JAN. 12.  Spent the morning in the Reading room.  Miss Mary Sears & Br T. L. Hufaker started for Br Currell’s on South Grand river.  Turned quite cold last night – cold & cloudy to day  My throat quite sore.  My desire is to always do the will of my heavenly Father But how often I fall far short of my duty.  I desire to meditate more upon his word and will – and to shake all this apathy from my heart and be more alive unto God.


SUNDAY JAN 13th.   A clear and pretty cold morning  I went to Kansas and preached from Luke 13th & 3d.  a good many hearers E. T. Peery dined with us at mother Chicks.  I came home in the


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afternoon and brought A. Elizabeth with me.  At night Br O McEuin preached  I exhorted a little after him.  Br. N. Scarrit prayed.  I have felt religious peace to day & still more tonight  Lord increase my faith that I may be more holy and happy


MONDAY JAN. 14th  In the School again – a few scholars – cold & cloudy day.  Br Carter dined with us – says his neighbors are some of them – talking of seling out and going to California he saw Dr Lykins who has just got in from pottawattomies.  I have felt quite dull & languid all this day  to night Br S. M. Cornatzer brought in a complaint against Mary Abner  Says he heard her use profane language and if she does not leave, he will.


TUESDAY JAN. 15th.  This morning after Br Johnson was informed of Mary Abner’s conduct he sent her away from the School, but in a mild manner.  This has been a warm & pleasant day and I have spent it quite pleasantly in and out of School.  read a goodeal in periodicles.


WEDNESDAY JAN 16th.  Most of the morning spent in the reading room.  Mr Alder from Independence visited the school.  Afternoon I wrote copies and took a walk  at night prayer meeting I led it, and felt it good to wait upon the Lord.


THURSDAY JAN. 17th.  read newspapers awhile, took a walk then worked a little in the carpenter’s shop – I need exercise – and am fond of this kind of work.  Went into school at the usual hour –


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9 – after school was out this afternoon read newspapers.  at night Br. Comatzer sat with us till 9 oclock


FRIDAY JAN 18th.  I read a while then worked in the Shop, until School time.  In school again  some of the girls gone home for a short time  Afternoon worked.  at night wrote Transcribing from another journal


SATURDAY, JAN. 19th.  Morning a goodeal colder than for some time previous  it is somewhat cloudy.  I worked until about 11 oclock.  Spent the rest of the day reading and talking.  Commenced reading in Macaulay’s history of England.  Saturday night, feel that I am not well prepared for the duties of the coming Sabbath


SABBATH JAN. 20th  A cloudy & misty morning  the day was dark & some rain And some thunder.  In the morning I read and at 11 Preached from 1st Thes. 5. & 17th   I felt some comfort in speaking.  The Lord is good to me and blesses me for the sake of Christ, tho, I am so unworthy.  Class meeting at 3 o clock  Br Johnson lead.  Br. N. Scarritt attending two days meeting at Kansas.  At night – rainy & mudy, so we had no preaching.


MONDAY JAN 21st  Morning cold  Snow blowing about, during the day it cleared off and became more mild.  I worked a while in the morning then went in school.  Afternoon after school wrote copies.  Brs Russel and Cuming came this evening  Br Russel spent the night with us, and paid me $20 on his account.

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TUESDAY JANUARY 22d.  Spent the morning partily in company with Br Russel and partily in writing  taught during the usual school hours but few in school as it is wash day.  Br Russel bid me adue at noon  promises to write for the Ladies Repository for Mrs Peery.  afternoon had headach.  wrote some after super went in to Br Alversons room  talked a while with Dr Dummer & others came home  read in Macaulay’s History of England.  I have not been so thoughtful & devotional to day as I should have been.  Pray that the Lord will forgive the Past and give me grace in future to meditate much on his law  O how many privileges I have failed to improve as I should.


WEDNESDY JAN 23d  Day cloudy and the ground mudy.  before School I wrote to Br. W. A. Duncan  had headache in the fore noon.  M. Jane drew a cup of tea for me, which gave me relief.  Afternoon read Macaulay  at night Prayer meeting  Br Scarritt lead.  Br. Cuming sat with us till bed time.  have not felt very well to day, I think, on account the cloudy weather.


THURSDAY JAN. 24th.  Cloudy morning  Snowed a little – but very little during the day.  Spent the morning in reading until School  feel the pressure of the damp atmosphere very much  Got a lot of news papers to day, containing but little news of importance.  I forgot to send a letter to the office this morning which I had ready and much to send off.  I have felt peaceful and happy during the greater part of the day.  Near day light this morning I was dreaming.  thought I was preaching and felt very happy.  There surely is some pleasure in a dream  I have often felt the consolations of


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grace in the Silent hours of the night tho insensible to all things without at the time.  And I cannot doubt that, did we but live near to the Lord during our waking hours he would far more frequently visit us by the gracious influences of the Spirit in sweet and peaceful visions of the night


FRIDAY JANUARY 25th  Taught in the forenoon at the dinner table a letter was brought in by Br Scarritt and read to Br Thos Johnson and then to me  it was from Br. Dammon of Kansas asking for help at a protracted meeting which Brs Ashby & Porter wer holding there.  Br Scarritt & I agreed to go, tho he afterward declined on account of his brothers illness.  Mrs Peery made arrangements to go with me.  And as it was the day for public exercises in Br Scarritts School I did not teach in the afternoon But fixed up my carriage & Br T. L. Huffaker and we Started. – were a little after dark in geting down  got our supper at Mr McCoy’s and Br. H. & I went up to hear the preaching.  Rev T. T. Ashby was preaching.  Had some mourners at the end of the Sermon, and I think one or two conversions.


SATURDAY JAN 26th  In Kansas at 10 O Clock Br. James Porter preached from, unto him that hath loved us and washed us from our sins in his own Blood &c.  At candle lighting I tried to speak of the Sufferings of Christ and the glory that should follow  became quite hoarse, tho we had some mourners and Some conversions.

SABBATH, JAN 27th  Br Ashby preached from, Ye are weighed in the balances and found wanting  a very good Sermon, and


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some came forward to be prayed for  in the afternoon we came home to the Mission.  Br Jas. A. Cuming preached


MONDAY JAN 28th  taught School tho felt quite unwell.  Nothing of importance occured during this day  My mind still leads me back to Kansas  hear the meeting is still going on and is moved to my new house in Kan.


TUESDAY JAN 29th  Br S. Cornatzer agrees to take charge of my school and let me go to Kansas.  I concluded to accept of his truly kind offer.  So Br Jas A. Cuming and I went to Kansas  found Brother Benjn Russel among the preachers  he preached at 10. oc at night I tried to Preach from Yea doubtless and I count all things but loss &c.  We had comfortable meeting  Some professing religion at almost every coming togather


WEDNESDAY JAN 30th  Ashby Preached  we dined at Br Thralekills  Calvin McCoy got home from Washington  looks well.  at night Br Russel preached from the Glorious gospel of Christ  had a good time.


THURSDAY JAN 31st  Forenoon I preached from He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life  had liberty in Speaking of the Captain of our Salvation  We had a very feeling time  a number came forward to be prayed for.  This evening I left again for the Mission.  Since the Meeting began (20) twenty have joined the Church.  My throat became so extreemly sore so much so as to give 


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me constant pain.  as I came home, heard at Mrs Findleys that a good revival is going on and blessing the Methodist Church in Lexington Mo  Seventy have united with the Church and the work goes on  got home a little after dark and found all well and doing well  Br. C. had got along well with the School  Mrs Peery well as usual – and glad to see each other  we spent the evening in pleasant chat.


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1st 1850.  Cold and cloudy day  my throat very sore  Taught in the first part of the day, then Mary Jane took it and taught after dinner


SATURDAY FEB 2d  Snowed last night after the ground had been covered over with sleet.  Br. Cornatzer came home from Kansas Says the meeting has broke – interesting to the last.  Br Scarritt went down to day.  I remained about home all day.


SABBATH FEB 3d  A very cold morning  Br Johnson Preached his voice failed or was interrupted by cough which prevented him from geting through his discourse after dinner as is usual, had class meeting  Br. Olivar McEuin led class.  At Candlelight I preached from the 31st Psalm, 19th verse.  “Oh, how great is thy goodness which thou hast laid up for them that fear the, &c.”  I was able to command my voice some better than I commonly am  this I found absolutely necessary to getting through the discourse   


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MONDAY, FEB. 4th  Quite cold again  I taught School.  found it very difficult to keep the children from suffering with could.  I have not been well for more than a week past.  I still feel a goodeal distressed in my throat  Pray that I may ever be kept in the path of eternal life  At night our concert prayer meeting  Br Cuming with us.


TUESDAY FEB. 5th  In School, nothing new today – My throat some better – Day warmer than yesterday


WEDNESDAY FEB 6th  Again in school  a cloudy warm day the Snow is melting away rapidly.  Spent my leisure in reading Macaulay’s history.  at night prayer meeting.


THURSDAY FEB 7th   Snow mostly off the ground this morning and still thawing.  yet the under Crust of ice makes it quite slippery and dangerous getting about.  my health is better than it has been for several days.  Dr Doyle came to this place this evening.


FRIDAY FEB. 8th  A fine mild morning resembling the spring season.  Some frost which melted away and was followed by a bright sunny day.  I feel well to day, and desire to be thankful to my Heavenly Father for this with all the many blessings of his hand.


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SATURDAY FEB 9th  Weather mild tho a little cloudy in the morning – thawed and became very mudy – and turned some cool in the afternoon.  I stayed at home all day and read, except a short time I spent in walking.


SABBATH FEB 10th  The day was mostly clear tho a little cool.  In the morning I opened Sabbath School, then went to Shawnee Meeting house and preached from 31st Psalm 19th Verse.  did not have so much liberty in preaching as on last Sunday night  Brother Cuming and I were late getting home from Shawnee.  at night Br Scarritt got home from Kansas and preached text John 1st 29th heard to day that our Northern Methodists are holding a Quarterly Meeting at Walkaroosa  Br. Scarritt brings word from Kansas that the widow of Young Isaac McCoy has joined the Methodist Church.


MONDAY FEB 11th  Began to snow about breakfast which was about 6 in the morning and continued to snow all day.  I kept close in the house and taught the children  am not quite so well to day as I have been for some days


TUESDAY FEB 12th – I taught the children as usual nothing new took place.  The day was not cold But a goodeal of Snow is on the ground.  I commenced writing to Br Fielding to day


WEDNESDAY FeB 13th  Some colder this morning, cloudy wind from the north.  Mr McKinny brought 75 mules here this morning for us to keep until spring  at night prayer meeting as usual


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THURSDAY FEB. 14th  School as usual  Cold day  Nothing of importance took place to day.


FRIDAY FEB 15th  Fine day.  School went on as usual nothing new to day again


SATURDAY FEB. 16th To day I went to Br. Carters.  Spent the day pleasantly and came home by Br Spurlock’s


SAB. FEB 17th  Br Scarritt preached at night I preached from, “Submit yourselves therefore to God.”  Felt well  did not preach long


MONDAY FEB 18th  My birthday has again returned this day thirty three years ago I began to live upon the earth  My gracious God has mercifully protracted my stay among men until this time.  Yet I feel deeply humbled whilst I thank him for his mercies.  For I have been a very poor and unproffitable servant  Yet I trust, that through the abundant grace of God in Christ Jesus, I am accepted with God and on my way to heaven


TUESDAY FEB 19th  Day pleasant  nothing of importance took place.  Br. Johnson went to Kansas


WEDNESDAY FEB 20th  Another good day  Mother Chick and  Wm came up  Wm wishes to sell out his wear house.  he went home the old Lady remained  at night had prayer meeting.


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THURSDAY FEB. 21st  Day cloudy and a little cool.  nothing worthy of note took place to day with us


FRIDAY FEB 22d  We had a pleasant day.  I taught school untill noon  then attended the exhibition in Brother Scarrits School  had a very interesting time.


SATURDAY FEB 23d  Brother Johnson and I went to Kansas and bargained for Wm Chicks wear house  Give for it and part of a lot three thousand dollars  Sleeted some during the day and was pretty cool.  More pleasant in the evening    


SABBATH FEB 24th  Mrs Peery and I went to Westport and heard a Sermon from a young man of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church  Miss M. M. Chick and Miss C. Ryland came home with us 


MONDAY FEB 25  Day was pleasant  Misses Chick & Ryland left this morning  I am not very well in consequence of having taken cold at Westport yesterday The fire died out in the stoves and the meeting house became cold

TUESDAY FEB 26th  Weather continues to be mild and we are in hopes that we will have no more cold weather of consequence


WEDNESDAY FEB 27th  The day is cloudy yet warm.  Brother Hurlburt & Ashburn from the Potowatomies past down the country to Independance with Mr Cleghorn escorted by some Soldiers from the fort.


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THURSDAY FEB 28th  A pleasant day until near night, when the wind began to blow from the north it became very cold  Mr John C. McCoy & Wm S. Chick came up


FRIDAY MARCH 1st 1850  This morning Br Thos Hurlburt and Brs Ashburn & Saunders returned from Independence  Mr Cleghorn is held in bail for his appearence at court.  Shawnees receive their Floriday money to day  Mary Jane goes to Kansas with Mr McCoy


SATURDAY MARCH 2d.  Spent last night with Br Thos Hurlburt at our room.  This morning I took a buggy and went to Kansas.  The morning was very cloudy and cool.  Br Scarrit also went to Kansas found his Br and the company who went with him Still at Kansas.  In the afternoon it began to snow very hard and continued so until night.  We remained all night contrary to our design when we left home.


SABBATH MARCH 3d  A deep snow to go home in  we started after breakfast and got to the Mission in time for preaching.  we did not suffer much by the way.  Br Hurlburt Preached “from search the Scriptures, &c. afternoon class meeting, and at night I preached from 2 Peter 1, & 10


MONDAY MARCH 4th  A very cold morning.  Br Scarrit got home.  I was in school.  at night had concert prayer meeting


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TUESDAY, MARCH 5th.  We had a soft mild day; the some rain.  I did not feel quite well


WENDESDAY, MARCH 6th.  Snow melting fast.  I taught in the fore noon.  after dinner gave the girls time to prepare for the wedding  at early candle lighting Br.Samuel M. Cornatzer & Caroline Sucket came out on the floor in the chaple attended by Br T. L. Huffaker and Nancy Rogers, and I married them.  We had all the near neighbors in attendance and the appearance of the parties was very respectable.  I was more than usually intimidated but got through without commit ing any blunder.  after supper the company returned to the chaple and amused themselves in talking and singing until about 9 o clock when the company dispersed, & I felt relieved for I do not enjoy the noise of a crowd  May God bless the parties and make them happy and prosperous


THURSDAY, MARCH 7th.  I taught the school as usual the day was fine.  Most of the snow melted to day.  We get no mail to day I carried over McCauleys history of England to Dr. Dummer.  I have been throug with reading it for a number of days  To me it is a very engaging portion of history.  Br. Jas Cuming returned from Dellaware Mission to which place he started this morning.  Br Stateler takes his place this week among the Dellawares.  Nothing farther that is of importance took place today


FRIDAY MARCH the 8th.  This has been a pleasant day tho more windy than any we have had lately  the ground is drying very fast where the snow is off.  This day brings us to the end of another school week.  Time flys rapidly.  I pray that the Lord will


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help me to use it in a wise and thoughtful manner  I am determined to strive harder to do the whole will of God concerning me.  I have been too remiss.


SATURDAY MARCH 9th, 1850.  I remained at home all day.  It was a little cold in the morning but grew more moderate toward night.


SABBATH MARCH 10th 1850.  We had a pleasant day  Br. Ashburn of the Baptist Church from Pottowatomy Mission preached for us.  and at 3. afternoon I led class  at night Br Hurlburt preached from “there remaineth therefore a rest” &c.  Br Russle exhorted.  Br. and Sister Stateler are with us to night.         


MONDAY MARCH 11th 1850.  A Beautiful day  Brs Hurlburt & Ashburn left this morning for Independence  Russel also left us and went home – Stateler & wife – remained – Cuming came home again.  Br Grover came this evening – no newspapers today – ground is drying very fast.


TUESDAY MARCH 12th 1850.  I taught school as usual.  Br & Sister Stateler started home.  nothing new occurred.


WEDNESDAY MARCH 13th.  A fine day  we began to trim, or prune our orchard.  Rev. E. T. Peery came at night we had prayer meeting  Cousin Edward stayed with us  Br. Thos Hurlburt came over and set with us the case of Mr Cleghorn was thrown out of court as not coming within its jurisdiction.


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THURSDAY MARCH 14th 1850.  A pleasant day – in school as usual – pruned trees a while in the morning and evening.  Brother Edward Currell came in the evening.  I received a letter from Mr Charles Grayham in which he encourages me to expect some money


FRIDAY MARCH 15th 1850.  Had a pleasant day.  in the afternoon Br Scarritt went [to] Kansas.  I worked morning and evening in the shop


SATURDAY MARCH 16th 1850.  I worked most of the day in the evening Josep Chick and Mr. Henson came  Jos speaks of going to California


SABBATH MARCH 17th 1850.  I did not feel very well this morning.  Br McEuin went to Shawnee.  Br Johnson preached from Ye have need of patience &c.  At night I preached from Rom. 9th 3d  Br Scarritt returned to day.  Mrs E. T. Peery came to day


MONDAY MARCH 18th, 1850.  A frosty morning.  I do not feel well.  But commenced school again.  Continue to be indisposed a little


TUESDAY MARCH 19th.  I took some pills last night.  Taught to day tho am not well  the day is very cloudy  toward evening began to rain  Some and is very cool  Quite a number of Shawnees are here to day with the agent holding a kind of council in relation to the High School &c.


WEDNESDAY MARCH 20th  Wether very cloudy with some rain.  nothing of note took place in the evening we had prayer meeting.


THURSDAY MARCH 21st.  Day quite wet  I still am in school and find it quite confining.


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FRIDAY MARCH 22d  A cloudy morning tho it soon cleared up and was a good day yet cool.  Br and Sister Russell, & Hester Russel & Sister Tutt came


SATURDAY MARCH 23d  Morning quite cool and frosty.  Br Scarritt & Huffaker went to Kansas.  Russel & Lady & Mrs. Tutt continued with us.


SABBATH MARCH 24th  Br Russel preached.  & in the afternoon led class.  At night Br Cuming preached good  a young man an acquaintance of Bro Wms & Ward’s came from Ioway


MONDAY MARCH 25  Quite a blustery day quite cold  Br. Russel stayed till after dinner.  Sister Tutt agrees to stay till Saturday


TUESDAY MARCH 26th.  Morning quite cold – I am still in school


WEDNESDAY MARCH 27th.  In the afternoon I went to Kansas.  Went from Westport with William S. Chick  went down in town with Josep and joined the Order of O. F. being persuaded it is a good institution I was pleased with it.  The day has been cold for the time of year.


THURSDAY MARCH 28th  In the morning took breakfast with Mr McCoy  Saw Mr Dunlap from Platt.  I then went up to Wyandott an saw Mr Graham  Came to Kansas  Saw Mr Roby from California gives a discouraging report.  E. T. Peery & T. Johnson were there  Came home with Br Johnson stopped at Br W. G. Rights and dined whilst Br J attended to some business in town (Westport) then came home Mr Peery & Mrs. Tutt were gone to Br Porters.  Returned awhile before night


[Page 22]


FRIDAY MARCH 29th.  Morning a little cloudy.  I feel a good eal depressed in my whole system as I mostly do in the beginning of damp or cloudy weather.  I set out some bushes in the yard – Roses & others which Mrs. Peery got yesterday.  In the afternoon Mrs Peery & I went to Kansas  Stayed all night at Wm Chicks


SATURDAY MARCH 30th.  Attended to some business.  In the afternoon it began to rain so we concluded to stay till Sunday.  Br Scarritt ws there.  about night Br Thos Wallis came to Wm s


SABBATH MARCH 31st  Cloudy morning.  Br Scarritt started to the Mission.  We waited to hear preaching.  A number of steam boats went by this morning some stoping, and others not.  Most of them carrying California emigrants to St Joseph.  Br. Wllis preached a good sermon & made a collection for the bible cause.  After dinner we came home through the rain  Br Carter came to Westport with us.  We came on and soon afterward, Br Carter having met with Sister C., came to the Mission too


MONDAY APRIL 1st.  I again went into school.  the day was wet and disagreeable.  At night had a concert prayer meeting


TUESDAY APRIL 2.  Weather is yet cloudy and I feel very much depressed.  Dr. Joel Morris came to day  School is quite full.  2 white children from Capt Park’s came yesterday


WEDNESDAY APRIL 3d.  The most blustery day we have had this spring  Wind and rain  I was in school  Dr. Morris came and sat with us a while to day.  At night prayer meeting  had a very good meeting


THURSDAY APRIL 4th.  Another Monday morning  Continue in school  nothing new


[Page 23]


FRIDAY APRIL 5th  Yet another cloudy day  we are all anxious to see a change.  Park’s children have not come yesterday nor to day


SATURDAY APRIL 6th  I kept close at home all day.  Sun shone out to day again  Mrs. Peery went (to] Westport in the morning.  I felt better in the afternoon.  was in the store and sold some things.  Br. Grover came in the evening  Br. Carter also came late to see his nephew.


SABBATH APRIL 7th.  McEuin to Shawnee.  Scarritt Wyandott.  E. T. Peery here Baptizing children after preaching at 11.  Collection was taken up to defray the expenses of dellegates to General Conf.  I went [to] Kansas and preached from John 3d 16th   Went to Wm Chicks for dinner after which I Baptized Sister Martha Matilda Chick  I then went to see Mother McCoy who is quite sick – I think will not live long.  I then came home.  Br. Carter is here yet and has a chill.  Mr Bates is some better  Br Grover preached a good sermon.  Another collection for the purpose above named was lifted.  Cousin E. T. Peery staid all night with us.  I felt quite fatigued.


MONDAY APRIL 8th  Morning quite cloudy and cool.  Br Scarrit came home early.  E. T. Peery & Carter left.  Bates better.  I taught, as usual.  Day was cloudy throughout

TUESDAY APRIL 9th  Another cool cloudy morning  rained a little last night.  nothing new to day  in the afternoon we began again to prune the orchard


WEDNESDAY APRIL 10th  Good weather seemed to commence yesterday evening  to day it has been very clear and cool  Br.


[Page 24]


Thos. Huffaker and I pruned trees this morning.  My health is better again.  In the afternoon I went to Kansas in company with John C. McCoy  Staid all night with Wm S. Chick


THURSDAY APRIL 11th  Came home  it is a clear beautiful day  tho cold for the season  I got home about 10 o clock.  Dr. Joel Morris left this morning, before I got home.


FRIDAY APRIL 12th 1850  Nothing occurred of note – taught school.


SATURDAY APRIL 13th  Cuming Grover & I went to Shawnee meeting house  But few were present.  Br. & Sister Stateler came late.  I preached from Revelations 3 & 20th was quite short


SABBATH 14th  I preached here from Heb. 10 & 35th and at night Br Grover preached to day Br Johnson went to Shawnee  Br Scarritt is at Kansas – Ashby preached there.


MONDAY APRIL 15th  Morning quite cool and frosty  I trimmed apple trees till school time  Br Stateler was with us at dinner to day.  Evening was cloudy  I trimmed trees again


TUESDAY APRIL 16th  Had a stormy night with some lightning  Morning cool – east wind with a beating rain.  Some of the children not here  none from Park’s nor Crock’s.  I feel some better than I generally do in so rainy a spell.  George Oakchise & John Anderson left here yesterday we suppose for Independence


WEDNESDAY APRIL 17th  Weather continued wet  I was in the school  Oakchise and John Anderson came home.  We had prayer meeting as usual  Br Grover conducted it.  Ann Elizabeth* was a little sick


*Ann Elizabeth Johnson – his step-daughter – she died age 14 years


[Page 25]


THURSDAY APRIL 18th  Nothing new took place  no material change in the weather  Br. Thos S. Huffaker has been sick for a day or two, which I should have noticed sooner.  John Loman has had the measles but is getting well


FRIDAY APRIL 19th 1850.  Several persons about the mission are sick with coulds  Br. Huffaker continues poorly.  Ann Elizabeth is better.  Young Cornatzer is sick.  Loman is up.  Br. Cuming & Cornatzer between them, have attended to Br Huffaker’s school this week.  I have lost no time.  Br Scarritt is gone to Kansas

SATURDAY APRIL 20th. Weather continues cloudy and wet  We get no mail to day – we frequently fail of late.  I have been around to see Br Huffaker – he is a little better.  Cornatzer also is better.  I have a severe cold which makes my throat and breast sore  Scarritt cam home this evening  Says C. McCoy has got home with his new wife.  Many people are in Kansas preparing to go to California.  At night several of the young people collected at our room to practice on some tunes preparatory to the exhibition  Br A. T. Ward played on the clarinnett. 


SABBATH APRIL 21st Morning – misting rain – about 11 O clock clouds began to break away and at 12 the sun shown out for the first time in the course of almost a week.  What a pleasant thing it is to behold the Glorious light of the Sun  My cold is making me feel quite uncomfortable.  I did not attend in the Chapel as my cough made it inconvenient for me to be there.  At night Br. Scarritt preached On the trial of Daniel  a good sermon


MONDDAY APRIL 22d.  I was in school and felt quite unwell with my could  took some warm sirup and felt better  the day was


[Page 26]


cool and clear.  Br. Huffaker continutes in bed.  a good many are complaining of colds.


TUESDAY 23d.  Bright clear morning yet cool  I worked in the Orchard this morning until school time.  Br Cuming returned from Delaware this morning


MONDAY JUNE 10th 1850  Since I last wrote in this journal I have been the most of the time with my family away from our room – At the close of the week in which my last entry is found we had our examinations & exhibitions  That of the Indian School on Thursday & Thursday night and that of the high school on Friday and Friday night


Saturday 27th of April we went to Kansas.  Sab I preached to a small congregation


Monday 29th April Br. Scarritt and Miss Martha Matilda Chick were united in marriage by Rev Thos Johsnon.  Imediately after which they with Br Johnson & family – a part of them – started down the river  in the afternoon Mary Jane & J came home to the Mission  According to Br Johnson’s request we went to their room and took charge of their three little children which were left at the Mission  Br. Huffaker continued quite sick for some time, at length began to mend  The Measles & Whooping Cough broke out & prevailed during vacation  One of our neighbors died of measles – Mr Bird Spinlock.  Our vacation has been one of much affliction  About 3 weeks ago Ann Elizabeth was taken down with pneumonia a most violent attack  She has been very low most of the time since, but is to all appearance better now and we hope will soon be up  Br. Johnson & family are again at home  We are back at our room  Mother Chick is with us & we expect to begin the school this morning which we have delayed one week longer than the appointed time on


[Page 27]


account of sickness  But few children are here, and we will put them boys & girls all together

MONDAY JUNE 17th  During the last week we had Mrs Findley Mrs. Juliett Findly and Margaret Chick with us on a visit  Recd letters from William S. Chick & Wm. Findly  they are within two or three days travel of each other Findly before they were in a short distance of Fort Kearney


SABB 16th  I preached at Shawnee from Matt 22 & 14  pretty large congregation  Cuming is at Delaware, Stateler at Kickapoo  This morning Br Thos Johnson started in company with Mr Boon & Lady for Council Grove 


MONDAY JUNE 24th  During the past week I have been in the school teaching both the boys and girls  But little of interest transpired during the week except that Wm S. Chick came home being discouraged on account of the severe sickness on the road  


SABB JUNE 23d  I preached from Hebrews 12th 25th  Mr J. C. McCoy & Lady with some other Ladies were here in the afternoon we had a hard rain this morning it is cloudy and looks much like raining more  An Elizabeth took a little ride yesterday in a buggy for the first


SATURDAY JUNE 29 1850  During the week Br Johnson returned from the Kansas tribe  He selected a place for the erection of school buildings  is much pleased with the country


Wednesday afternoon I went to Kansas  attended the O. F. Lodge  took the 1st & 2d degrees.  All I see interests me very much I cannot doubt but it is good in its tendencies  We have had quite


[Page 28]


a rainy time for several days


I have been in school this week  the number has increased this week  we now have about 40 in school male & female.  To day I went to Westport & then to Shawnee Meeting house.  We found but few in attendance.  Had prayer meeting & came home


FRIDAY JULY 5th.  Dr Fulton of Kansas died of Cholera in Kansas at about 11 A. M.  I attended the funeral in the afternoon according to the usages of the I. O. O. F.  He was much beloved as a physician & as a gentleman.  The evening was quite warm and oppressive


SABB JULY 7th.  Br. Johnson preached.  Do not recollect the text


WEDNESDAY JULY 10th  We all started to Independence to conference – got there and found not near all the preachers there  Conf had met no Bishop  Dr. Boyl in the chair  all went on well until Saturday 13  The Bishop Bascom arrived having been unavoidably detained on the river.  He preached for us in a grove near town to a very large congregation on Sabb 14th an interesting discourse


MONDAY morning July 15th. The Bishop took the chair and from then until the close on Tuesday evening, presided  greatly to the gratification of the Brethren of the Conf  Appointments read out Tuesday evening & a number of the preachers started to their work  I was appointed to Lexington District  I doubt whether I shall be able to undergo the fatigue  But as it is an appointment which I never sought & for which I fear I am very illy prepared, my determination is to put my trust in God and do the best I can


On Wednesday Morning July 17th Br Bennett & Lady Bishop


[Page 29]


Bascom Dr Boyl & Br Silvers & myself & wife came up to the Mission  Mrs Peery had gone down on Saturday and stayed untill the close  on Monday night she was taken sick with some bilious affection of the bowells  Dr Belt was kind enough to attend to her case promptly refusing positively to accept of anything in the way of remuneration for his services.


On Thursday July 18th Bishop Bascom preached in Westport a very good sermon, then took dinner with Mr Boon and then started on toward Independence.  Dr Bond who also had come up on Wednesday took sick on Wednesday night and remained at the Mission Friday and Saturday  I continued at home not feeling very well.  Dr Bond got better.


Sabb. July 21st Mrs. Peery & I went to Westport & visited Sister Wright  She is near the door of death  I preached at the Meeting House from Mark 9th 44th & came home in the evening  Monday at home  Dr Bond is going about to day.


AUGUST 21st.  Since the last entry as seen above, I have not found a convenient time to write  I will now notice a few passing events, such as I recollect


SABB JULY 28th  I preached here on repentance, text Mark 6th 12th  Mr Polk & Mr & Mrs. Cheauteau were here


SABB AUGUST 4th  Preached at Shawnee Meeting house  On the fear of the Lord


FRIDAY 9th  I started for Quarterly Meeting in the Independence Circuit  went by Westport & Br Wright went along having business  we went by Kansas & from there to Independence the day was quite warm  we rested with Dr. Belt untill 5 in the


[Page 30]


afternoon then went on to Blue Bottom  Staid with Sister Patton


SATURDAY 10th  I preached at 11 o c.  I preached from John 12th 35th  Afternoon Br D. A. Leeper preached  We attended Quarterly Conference  not many members present – not much business  I urged the Claims of the cause of Missions upon them


SAB I preached from1 Pett 1st 11th Leeper again in the afternoon  At the communion table we had a very good state of feeling & quite a number communed.  2 persons joined one by letter & one who had been a member of the Baptist Church – an old lady.


MONDAY 12  Came out to Mr Watsons with Br & Sister Leeper dined & waited untill late in the afternoon & came home


FRIDAY 16th August  Br Russel & I started for quarterly meeting in Lexington Circuit  first night went to Sister Pattons  next day – 17th went on being mistaken in the place & had to ride 15 miles farther than we expected  got to the place at 2 O C  Br Porter’s health better  Br Russel preached at night  We staid at Mr McCormic’s  I preached on Sab the 18th from Proverbs 9th & 10th & Br Russel afterwards from Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth  We dined with Squire Walton & came on to Br Britton Capells & on Monday 19th came to Independence  dined with Br Simpson & came home in the evening


Tuesday 20th remained at home


Friday August 23d  Went to Shawnee camp ground.  At night had meeting preachers.  Brs. Russel & Stateler


Saturday I preached from “Ye are of more valieu than many sparrows.”  Sunday 25th a large concourse of white persons present


[Page 31]


I preached from “he is our peace  Monday night had a pretty good meeting


Tuesday 27th  came home & found Br Scarritt & Matilda who had got up the day before  both well and much pleased with their trip


Friday August 30th  In the afternoon started in co with Br Scarrit for Independence  stoped with Dr. Belt 


Saturday 31st  I preached from Finally brethren pray for us &c.


Sab I preached from “Quench not the Spirit.”  Sacrament after preaching – many communicants and an interesting time  Br Louis preached Saturday & Sunday night.


Moday morning at 2 O C a most awful explosion took place fire was seen in some ware houses west of the block of business houses immediately west of the Court house & public square  there being powder in them it soon became ignited & a most dreadful explosion followed  Mr Kean being on the house at the time was blown up & fell back in the flames and was most shockingly mangled & burnt.  another person was blown off the house & escaped uninjured through the mercy of God  Not many knew of the fire before the explosion took place otherwise many must have been killed besides the unfortunate Kean who died at sunrise


MONDAY SEP 2d  All was desolation about the place where this fire broke out & windows were broken all over the town  We had a quarterly Conf at 8 O C a pleasant meeting  Br Lewis is doing quite well  prospect good for usefulness  visited some  dined


[Page 32]


at Dr Langhorns & came home  found all well  Br Johnson starting his men to Kaw Mission to build.  Schools all begun


WEDNESDAY SEP 4th  Ward starts to the Grove this morning


THURSDAY 5th  Started on my district  Went to Independence  Stayed at Br Heriford’s and preached from John 3 & last verse  Friday morning rained  I started rode in the rain  got to Br Capells for dinner.  had a good fire  dried my clothes &c.  and went on to Br Furgesons.  Spent the night  could not sleep owing to the cold I had taken by being wet  People very kind & accomodating


SATURDAY 7th  Went on to Warrensburg  Stoped at Brother McCowan  I preached at the school house from Luke 13th 3d  Found Br Chaise here but not in good health  had Quarterly Meeting Conf.


Sab 8th  1st Peter 1st & 11th  Administered Sacrament of Our Lords Super


Monday 9th  At night preached from Rom 2d & 7th  I remained in & about Warrensburg until Thursday when I preached the funeral of an infant child of Br Gregar from Rom 5th 21st  Came on to old Brother Powells


Friday 13th  came on took dinner with Esquire Simpson & thence to Br George Davises.  had some difficulty in finding the way.


Saturday Sep 14th  John 12th & 35th  Br Bennet was with us.  On Sab. 15th I preached from Thes 5th 19th


Monday 16th  Matt. 10, 31st  Tuesday 17th  in co. with Br Bennet to his house spent the night.  Wednesday 18th went to


[Page 33]


Br Groveves  Spent the time pleasently until Friday 20th when I came on to Lexington.  Stoped at Br Silvers – he was not at home  Soon saw Br. Morris – walked to the post office  called on one or two persons &c.  Saturday 21st I preached from 1st Tim. 4th & 8th  A few of the district stewards met after preaching and fixed on the amount which they would alow for my support  they fixed upon 400$ as the whole amount  It remains to be seen how much of that amount will be raised.  Sab 22d I preached from Coll 3d & 4th  After preaching sacrament at night Br Morris preached a very pointed sermon.  Monday 23d.  I spent the day visiting around had Conf in the Morning  At Night had love feast


Tuesday Morning Sep. 24th  Started at 15 minutes before 5 O C & came on to the mission 55 miles.  My little Mexican horse tho some tired stood the ride wonderfully.  I did not feel as much fatigued as I have on former occasions of the kind.  the weather is very warm

Wednesday 25th  I stayed at home & rested.


Thursday Nov. 21st having neglected to make any record since that above, I must pass over all most all the particulars that have deserved to be noticed.  In the time I attended a camp meeting at Wyandott Mission beginning Sept. 27th  had a pleasant time.  The next Thursday we started to North Grant river and were gone 3 weeks  found my friends mostly well.  After our return I went to Kickapoo Mission  was gone from Friday to Tuesday.  I now remained at home until the Friday week following when I started to Lexington  Stoped with Mr Colecord and Saturday 9th got to the brick Church only 2 or 3 persons   br Porter & I went home with Father Callaway  Sunday 10 I preached to about 11 or 12 persons


[Page 34]


from 1st John, 3 & 1st  a rainy time.  Monday I went to br. Jno Austins & Tuesday 12th went to Lexington  Stoped with Br Silvers  Wednesday 13 went to Br Groves, & stayed there until Friday when I went to Dover  found Br Morris here  he preached at night and Saturday at 11 o.c.  Saturday night I preached from Be ye therefore ready also &c. & on Sabbath from Ephasians 2, 6 & 7th  

Monday Nov. 18th  Came by Lexington  Stoped awhile got 2 letters from home and came on to Sister Isabel Pattons on Blue.  Tuesday 19 came by Independence  stoped awhile & then came home  Wednesday 20th at home  Thursday at home and must start this evening – Peace to my family while I am gone.  Friday 22 did not start until this morning.  I traveled through the mud all day & got to Old Br Shores  Saturday 23d went [to] Columbus & preached from Matt. 4th & 4th  Stoped with Br Violett  Br Chaise is here in poor health  Sab 24th  I preached from Ephesians 2 & 5th  Br Fletcher Wells is with us here & I employed him to labor with Br Chaise.  On this Cirt On Monday evening the 25th had meeting again  Tuesday 26 rained & on Wednesday also.  in the afternoon I started to Lexington and got to Mr Andrew Renichs in the rain.  He is not a member of the church but is a very friendly and kind man  Thursday 28th  a pretty cold morning  snowed last night some and froze up the mud some in the road.  I came to br Silverses.  Preached at night from Matt. 4 & 4th  Found the people attentive & kind.  Friday 29th  Some kept the fast Others did not.  had prayer meeting  At night Brother Shaver preached  Saturday 30th I preached from Luke 12th & 40th did not get along very well  At night Br Morris preached on Lukewarmness most excellent discourse.  Sab I preached from Ephesians 2 & 6th  had some liberty  At night Br Shaver preached  On Monday rain & snow had quarterly Conf. & at night love feast.  On Tuesday started home  a very bad day on the road


[Page 35]


Snow cloged on the horses feet  I got to Old Br Franklins a Baptist preacher & kind man.  On Wednesday Decr 4th miserable going  got home before night.  Staid at home Thursday & Friday  Saturday 7th went to Shawnee Meeting house  it was quite cold.  no person out but br Flint  after a while we got 5 or 6 together & had a little prayer meeting  Sunday 8th I preached from Heb. 4th & 16th  Came home with br Johnson and at night preached at the Mission from Matt 4th & 4th  Monday 9th Edward Talbott came from Ark  Tuesday 10th Br. Ward & his men got in from Council Grove  Weather has been very bad for some days past tho has been getting better.  Saturday 14th  Meeting commenced at Westport  Br Leeper preached.  My throat was quite sore  At night Br Russel preached.  We stayed at Mr Lights  Sab. Morning had love feast  Cousin E. T. Peery conducted the love feast  had a good meeting.  At 11 O. C. I preached from Ephesians 2 & 6th  at night Br Russel preached.  We went home with Mr. H. Garrett  next day came home  Sometime during this week Wm Chick came up  Saturday 21st we started to Independence  roads bad  We were a little too late so I did not preach.  At night Br Scarritt preached  We stayed at Br. Wray’s  Sabb 22d I preached from John 5th & 40th  preached rather too long  was afraid that but little if any good would result from it.  had Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.  dined at Mr Burford’s  afternoon I preached a short sermon to the black people  administered the Sacrament of our Lord’s supper to them, and had a time of feeling among them  at night Br Russel preached


Monday 23d  Quarterly Meeting in the morning and at night love feast.  Tuesday we came home  Wednesday 25th  Br. Russel preached to a small congregation collected in the Mission Chapel, after which we all – the whole congregation – were kindly invited


[Page 36]


to partake of a dinner which he had provided for the occasion  Saturday 28th I started early to Delaware Mission.  it was quite cold in the morning  I got over in good time  found Br Stateler & wife well  Br Shaler soon came.  I preached from Heb. 4, 16  At the close of the sermon Br Hurlburt came.  At night he preached  Sabb Morning had love feast, & at noon I again preached from John 1st, 29th.  At the close we had Sacrament and at night Br. Hurlburt preached.  On Monday I went and saw Capt Ketchum who had been sick and then came home.


On Wednesday, 1st [of] Jan we went to Cousin E. T. Peery’s and at night I went to the O. F. lodge  took two more degrees.  Thursday Jan. 2d.  We came home  Saturday 4th  I went with Br Russel to Shawnee Mission  had no interpreter; held a prayer meeting and after this quarterly Conf I came home  Br. R. stayed & preached at night.  My throat was so sore that I did not take any farther part in the meeting.  On Sabb. Br J n & Br. Scarritt went out, Br Carter preached here a good sermon.  Mr J. W. Polk was with us.  At night Br Scarritt preached a good discourse & then took a missionary collection.  On Tuesday 7th I went to Westport & Kansas.  Sent out my appointments for my next round of Quarterly meetings.  for several days the weather has been very pleasant


Saturday [January] 11th  Br Thos Johnson & Thos Huffaker started with me to Wyandott.  the day is fine  Cousin E. T. Peery joined our company at Kansas  Br Johnson preached at 12 O C.

We took dinner with Br. N. T. Shaler E.T.P. & Br H. at Mr Wm Walker’s Br Stateler is with us.  Has commenced a small school at Delaware entirely upon his own responsibility.  Tho he had my advice to the contrary before he began.  He Br Johnson & myself talked the matter over again.  Br J. spoke very plainly to him, yet I think out of a


[Page 37]


pure motive.  At night Cousin E. T. Peery preached.  On Sabb. 12th in the morning had love feast.  E. T. Peery led it  Several spoke I did not this time.  at 12 O C Br J preached, after which I administered the Sacrament and then baptized 2 persons one adult & 1 infant.  at night I preached from Matthew 11th & 28th  did not say all that I intended, thinking the interpreter was nearly exhausted  he afterward said he was not.  Br. J. & I went home with Br Silas Armstrong.  Monday 13th I went back to Br Shalers  ran over and saw Mr Walker who was sick and then with Br Stateler came over to Kansas & thence on home leaving Br S. in Kansas.  The Camolites are holding meeting in Westport and were baptizing some to day – about as pleasant a day as they could hope to fine in the winter season for such a cold ceremony.


Tuesday [January] 14  Stayed at home – do not feel very well  my throat keeps sore.  Weather is pleasant and open.


Sabb.  Jan 19th  during the last week I remained at home nothing transpired of importance to day  I preached from Matt. 5th & 8th.  I feel that the standard of piety should be elevated among us  I earnestly desire to enjoy purity of heart and lately feel more determined than I ever did to not stop seeking until I enjoy the Constant love of God in my heart.  Time is swiftly gliding away with me  what I do must be done quickly.  O may I ever be found watching having my lamp trimed & burning  after preaching Br J led class & at candle light, he preached from Deuteronomy 24th & 22d  day dry windy & cold  the wind is south.


Monday [January 20] a most delightful day.  M. Jane & Sister Johnson went with Br Johnson to Westport.  Tuesday 21st M. Jane & I went to Mr. McCoys  Wednesday came home.  Sabb. 26 I went


[Page 38]


to Shawnee & preached from Revolations 22d & 3d and at night here from Luke 12 & 8th


[Friday, January 31, 1851]  To day Br Dufflemire & I started to Lexington Circuit Meeting at Wellington.  We got to Father Arnold’s  Saturday Feb 1st  preached in Wellington from Psalms 12 & 6th  Stoped at Dr Bouring’s


Sabb. 2d preached from Rom 12 1st, 2d.  Monday spent part of the day visiting in town.  In the evening I rode out with Br D. to Br Arnolds again br Porter with us.  Feb 5th I preached Br. Helms from Heb. 4 & 16th  6th at Martins from Matt 10 32d went on and stoped at Br Hardins.  Friday 7th went to Br Strainger   Saturday Feb. 8th I preached from Jno 15 & 5th  Sabb. 9th from Psalms 12 & 6th  weather a little unfavorable.  Some trouble with Br Chaise.  Will have to call a committee of Local preachers to look into it  prospects very dark on the Circuit.  I hope things will do better than I am afraid they will.  On Monday 10th we started from Br Doaks  the day was quite cold  we came to Mr. Hickmans in Jackson Co.  Tuesday 11th we got home & found all well  Friday 14  Again I started from home, in the rain which soon became sleet and snow and blew all the time in my face  I got to Br Arnolds, and was glad to find shelter.  Saturday 15th I went on to Lexington  was quite cold  stoped at Br Hendersons  at night went to meeting & preached from Psalms 12 & 6th  On Sabb 16th preached from Matt 10, 32d  A good work is going on in the Station.  Br Morris has been holding on for more than a week.  Monday 17 Quarterly Conf.  at night love feast  in all 54 joined the Church  Tuesday 18th I rode to Columbus.  On Wednesday Br. Chaise was tried by a committee & suspended  On Thursday 20th I came to Lexington in

[Page 39]


the rain


Friday Feb 21st  went by Dover  took dinner at Br Eusteses, and went on to Waverly on the Mo river  Stoped at br. Mattocks.  found Br Bennett in the evening  he preached and through a mistake about the place of holding meeting we were deprived of the privelige of hearing him.  On Saturday 22d we went on to the Grand pass.  I preached from Psalm 12 & 6.  Staid all night at Col. Lewis.  Sabb. 23d I preached from Matt 10th & 32d.  in the afternoon Br B preached and we spent the night at Br Demosses.


Monday 24th I started home and got to br Arnolds that night   Tuesday 25th came on home.  Saturday March 1st & 2d had Quarterly Meeting at Br Meadow’s Meeting house Independence Cirt.  Saturday preached from Psalm 12 & 6th  Sabb. from Matt. 10th & 32d.  Monday not very well  came home.  Saturday 8th & 9th at Independence Station.  Saturday Br Dodds preached  at night I preached  On Sabb. br Dodds preached again and at night I preached from Isaiah 35th & 8th, 9 & 10th  On Monday Br Russel preached a very feeling sermon  Sabb. March 16th at home  preached from Acts 12 & 5th.  At Wyandott Quarterly meeting 22 & 23.  Saturday 22 I was hindered at the ferry of Kansas river and did not get over until near the middle of the afternoon  at night I preached & on Sabb 23 I preached from is the Son therefore shall make you free ye shall be free indeed, Jno 8, 36.


Saturday [March] 29th at Shawnee  Br Scarritt preached Sabbath 30th  I preached from Matt 5th, 20th.  Thursday April 3d Br Russel & I started to blackwater and got Mr Waltons and spent the night with Br Leeper  Friday 4 we set out for Johnson Co.  Br Leeper leading the way.  Got to br Hardins in the rain and well


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soaked  a few people came out & Br Russel preached.  Saturday went on about 7 or 8 miles to the meeting house  Br Russel preached – the house open – being unfinished – and the weather cool and wet.  Afternoon Br Leeper preached  we staid at br Bakers.  Sabb 6  I preached from Luke 1st 32d, 33d then Russel preached, & in the afternoon Br Leeper  Monday 7 came from Br Bradly’s to Br Hardins  Tuesday 8, came home  Thursday 10  Mrs P. & I started to Kickapoo  Staid all night at br Shalers at Wyandott  Friday 11th we went on to Kickapoo  Saturday visited the potowatomies & heard Br Hurlburt preach to them in their own tongue.  Some 50 or more out to meeting – went on to the Kickapoo Meeting house and found but few present  did not preach  On Sabb 13th I preached from Luke 10 & 27th administered the Sacrament to a few who profess religion  Monday 14th  Came with Br Shaler & Br & Sister Hicks on to Delaware  we stoped  they went on to Wyandott after dinner  at night I preached a funeral over the corps of Sister Pechogan who had died the day before.  Text Heb 9th & 27, 28.  Tuesday 15th came on by Kansas home  Found Webster & his family on their way thus far toward Kaw  Sabb. April 20.  We attended Br Leepers appointment at Westport.  At night I preached at the Mission from 2 Thessalonians 3d & 5th  On Monday night April 21st Br Leeper preached.  On Tuesday Br L. & Br Russel & I went out among the Shawnees and visited some of them.  Saturday 26th I started to Delaware by Wyandott & in company with Br Shaler went up to Delaware  preached from Matthew 5th 20th  On Sabb. 27th preached from Isaiah 35th, 8th, 9th, 10th  May 2 started to Lexington Cirt  dined at Br Meadow’s and went on to Br Jno S. Brown’s  Saturday 3d preached from Matt. 5th, 20th  Stayed at Sister Dickason’s  Sabb 4th preached from Matt 10th 32  had meeting  at night at Br. Wilson’s Br J. Barker preached  2 persons joined the Church.  Monday 5th came home  br Porter came with me as far as Independence  found


[Page 41]


Wm S. Chick & family at the Mission   had got in about an hour before me from the Senacas  Tuesday Mrs Peery & I went to Delaware fery with Margaret & the children.  dined at J. Findley’s  called at Br Mondays.  Came back by Br Cooks & Mr Perkin’s.  Friday 9th I started to attend the Quarterly Meeting for Independence Cirt.  Br W. J. Wright went with me  we dined at Br Boyle’s  We went on Br B. with us to Br Brittan Capels  Saturday I preached from 2 Thess 3d & 1st  spent the night with Br Potts.  Sabb. had a good love feast.  At 11 O C I preached on baptism from Mark 16 & 15, 16th  In the afternoon we had the Sacrament after Br Leeper preached  also baptism attended to 1 Adult 5 or 6 Children  we all went home with Br Flith a kind family  Monday 12th rained during the night.  it was much needed.  after dinner we started home where I arrived about 8 o c at night.  Wednesday 14th we visited Mr McCoy  rain again in the evening  Stoped awhile at Br. Carters  Sister C sick  Friday 16th I started to attend the quarterly meeting on Columbus Cirt  had to go out of my way to get to a bridge over little blue.

fell in Co with a young man and his wife by the name of Logan  took dinner at Br Brittain Capells and went on to Br Shoars  next morning in the rain I went on to the meeting house 12 miles  I preached from Hebr 12 & 1st  Quarterly Conf  in afternoon br Caise restored.  On James Case Conf. would not act.  On Sab 18th I preached on Baptism  came out to Father Simpsons  Monday came by Br Medow’s where I saw br & Sister Leeper & Br Boyls.  took dinner and came on home.


Saturday May 24th [1851] Brs Russel & Dofflemire and I started to Independence to Q. M.  I preached 1st Det 5 & 10, & on Sab 25 from Jno 12th & 32d  did not have a very good meeting tho on Sab I preached with some liberty  Russel preached with power


[Page 42]


on Saturd night but all would not do  Qly Conf. Monday morning  Came home felling not well.


Oct 16th 1851  for a long time I have neglected to make any entry on this book.  during the early part of summer the Cholera was quite bad in Independence also at some other places on the river St. Joseph Weston Kansas.  Br Z. Roberts of Weston Station was one of its victims.  I attended all my appointments for Quarterly Meetings regularly and met the St Louis Annual Conf. in Boonville on the 24 of June Bishop Soule was with us much to our surprise and gratification  We were pressed with difficulty from St Louis and Boonville  the Session was protracted to a great length.  I was returned to the Lexington district.  We came home and I have now nearly completed my first round  Our meetings in the Indian country were mostly interesting.  But rather dull among the white people  We started Ann Elizabeth to Fayette to School the last week in August  we went down in Sept. to see her and attend the Mo Conf.  Bishop Capers was there.  they had a pleasant session two brethren had died Roberts & Green  Br Wm G Caples preached their funeral  Almost every family is sick with chills & fevers  this fall I have had one Chill only


August 7th 1879.  Twenty eight years with their weight of cares & crosses, toils & conflicts have past away since the above was written  What cause of gratitude to my merciful heavenly Father have I; that through these eventful years my life has been spared while so many that I then knew, who were so dear to my heart have past away  And when I think of my unworthyness, of my many follies & short commings I can but wonder at the great mercy that has always been shown me & that has spared my life until the present time  Then I was comparatively a young man; now I am ranked among


[Page 43]


the old.  My first wife was with me & in her prime.  One of [the] excellent of the earth  She faithfully shared the toils & the blessings of life with [me] until Nov. 21, 1872, when after long protracted infirmity which she bore with uncomplaining patience and true Christian fortitude, she died in the sure & certain hope of immortality  Take her in all the relations of life I am constrained to say, it is my deliberate opinion that she should be classed with the most noble women of earth.  In all things she acted from a firm conviction of what was right  She had a large & clear understanding  Exquisitely fine taste, the most tender sensibility of feeling and yet the most astonishing fortitude & power of endurence under affliction & pain  Upon any immergency there was with her the greatest amount of self possession of mind and a truly wonderful faculty of seeing the best thing to be done under the circumstances.  Remarkable for her Industry, good order neatness, both in her personal appearance & in her house.  She was an excellent cook, and in sickness a good nurse.  She was a great lover of children, consequently she was loved by all the little ones who knew her  She was a devoted & consistant Christian  I could say much more very justly & truly in her praise.  But this may suffice for those who never knew her, & those who recollect her need not be told of her surpassing excellence.  I here record my thanks to God that I ever knew her & that she was so long a time my companion, friend & help.  For the greater part of the twenty eight years just past I have kept no record of my goings  In the fall of 1852 conference held its session at Lexington  as I had completed my second year on Lexington District, & my health was at that time poor I fully expected to ask a change in my relation to the Conf. & let the District be supplied by some one else & I so informed Bishop Paine,


[Page 44]


who presided.  But soon after Conf. commenced entirely without my knowledge, the preachers in the bounds of my District had held a meeting or consultation, & unanimously requested me to continue on the District, even though I might not be able to preach, in which case they would do the preaching.  In one respect this [was] gratifying, for it was a full & clear endorsement of my administration, especially they gave me credit for being punctual to all my appointments.  So I was reappointed to the District.  But as my health continued to be poor I only remained on the work about one half the year.  I wrote to Bishop Paine asking him to release me & appoint brother T. T. Ashby in my place.  I asked this for two reasons 1st I saw how his place could easily be supplied & satisfactorily 2d I thought he would fill the place well & that the office would be a religious benefit to him  I spent the balance of the year partly at the Indian Manual Labor School & in visiting my relations.  In the fall conference met in St. Louis.  I attended, asked & obtained a superannuated relation, but was appointed agent for Central College  of course this was informal as I was not considered effective  So I told the Bishop (Andrew) that I would not attempt to act as agent & did not  But soon after Conference, Bro James Barker the Missionary at Delaware Mission had a severe attack of hemorrhage of the lungs and had to go South immediately & as I had some experience in the Mission work I was requested both by the Indians & the P. Elder to take charge of the work which I did during the whole year & I trust that my labor was not in vain.  Thus it will be seen that this year my name will appear among the superannuated preachers, whilst I was in fact, doing regular & effective services.  That was the last year of my pastorate among the Indians.  The next fall I was appointed to Kansas City & Westport


[Page 45]


Station.  Had a pleasant year.  In the spring at the earnest solicitation of Bro Thos Johnson superintendant of Ind. Manual Labor School  Mrs Peery took charge again as Matron of the Indian girls of the School, so we moved out to the Mission which was only 2 ½ miles from Westport.  I continued in charge of Westport & Kansas City  At the end of this year my wife’s health began to decline, tho she accompanied us to Springfield the seat of Conference  I took a superannuated relation again mainly owing to the condition of my family.  through most of the next year she was confined to her bed.  In the fall of 1856 I did not attend conference but was sent to Independence Station.  Here we had a pleasant year  many names of Brethren & sisters at that time in the Station will ever have a warm place in my heart.  We had a good revival & many additions to the Church  My salary was paid up well & all the collections well up  This fall Conf. at Boonville Bishop Andrew presiding.  at this Conf. I was ellected with some others on the first ballot to the General Conference to be held in Nashville the next  Spring.  I was appointed to Kansas City Station.  this was the first time that this place had been made a separate station I was appointed here for this & the year following             





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