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Robert Simerwell to Reverend Samuel Bolles

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Logansport June 28. 1833


Rev. Sir  I have been here waiting for the emigrating party since the 6 inst and am still unable to say when we shall start.  The Indians were once collected and enroled and were ordered to go and hunt for subsistance till the officers were ready to take them on their journey they are now difficult to reassinable having scattered in different directions.  I have been out 6 days with Mr Schoonover (one of the Agents) trying to collect them and believe they will all be in in about 8 or 10 days.  The disbursing Agent has not arrived the other officers have been looking for him since the 10th should he not come by the time the Indians come in we will again be disappointed.

I have with me two waggons one drawn by one horse and one by two yokes of oxen.  I sold one horse and bought one yoke of cattle one of the three horses I had, died in the winter.  The Indians have requested Col. Pepper that my family should go with them at the Governments expense but I am told this cannot be done unless Gov. orders it.  I have heard nothing from Gov. on this subject.  I presume they are careless about rendering us any aid.  The Rev Mr Schermerhorn (one of the three U. S. Com.) Passed through this place on his way westward he called a council of the Wabash Indians. at which they agreed to send a delegation west to examine the country. this deligation started yesterday.  Mr Schermerhorn professes great friendship for the Indians he gives flattering accounts of the west and promises much to those who will emigrate.  His view of what should be


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done for the Ind. in the west and of their relation to our Government seems to be what every good man would justify.  I would suppose from Mr Schermerhorn’s reportes that Mr McCoy is not very popular in the West. he is informed by one of his associates that Mr McCoy is handsomly situated in Missouri and appears to infer as he joined the mission poor all is not right.  I justified Mr McCoy’s conduct while at Carey and took some pains to shew that with but few very slight exceptions, his conduct while at Carey would bear a close examination, with all of which he was satisfied and said he believed Mr McCoy was a good man.  This and T. S. Smiths’ publications in the Southbend Beacon I think should draw from Mr McCoy something to justify him in the eyes of the public.  Luther Rice has gone with the exploring party as Interpreter he is geting to be very popular and has a powerful influance with the Indians.  Schermerhorn advises him to preach but he refuses.  The Rev Mr Hall a Bap. Missionary at Goshen Elkhart Co. Ind. will I expect contradict the publications of T. S. Smith in the Southbend paper.  He has been around in the country gathering facts and has written to several of those who lived at Carey and I expect will be prepared to shew that Smith’s statements are not true.  I am tired waiting at this place and very anxious to get on and were it not for the sake of keeping up a friendly feeling with these Indians by being in their company I would be inclined to go on before.  I shall do the best I can and will settle the accounts as soon as I arrive west.  I am anxious to here from you but cannot say where a letter would find me before we arrive at Fort Lebenworth


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The public sale amounted to about 200. dollars part of which I changed for cash the balance is in good notes left with John Egbert for collection, I fear I shall not have enough to pay all expenses on our journey.


Let me again remind you that one or two ministers of the proper cast must be sent west if you expect our cause to prosper among the Indians.


I am with much Respect


Your Humb. Servt


Robert Simerwell


L. Bolles D. D.

Cor Sec B. Board Boston


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June 24. 1833

S. To Bolles            

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