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Noble and Simonson to John H. Eaton

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Carey Missionary Establishment

St. Joseph of Lake Michigan

Sept 2nd 1830


To the Hon

John H. Eaton

Secretary of War


Sir the undersigned haveing been appointed by the department of War Agents to value the Missionary property held by the Baptist Denomination on the River St Joseph of Lake Michigan have fulfilled that trust, and beg leave to submit the following by way of report  The property held by the Baptist Denomination on the St Joseph consists of Eleven hewed log buildings all of which with the exception of one used and occupied as a Mill are the dwellings of the Missionaryes and the Children who have been under their care an direction and the necessary storeage and sleeping room for property and persons belonging to the Establishment


The Mill has one [run] of Stone a good dutch [Botsing Cloth] and all the necessary Machinery for a mill worked by four horses it is in good repair makes excellent flour and meal and will grind with out difficulty thirty bushels of wheat a day  Besides the above there is a good hewed log School house milk house meat corn wash Sheep and poultry Houses togathe with a log Black smiths shop a log, stable with stalls and mangers, and one other building of logs used as a dwelling – At the time these buildings were erected the Missionaries laboured under much embarrasment not onely from the difficulty necessarily attendandant upon an enterprise of this kind commenced in a Wilderness Country more than one hundred miles any white inhabitance but from prejudices which they had to encounter from the Indiandans themselves and the extream difficulty of [pocuneing] mechanical or other labour were at most exhorbitant prices –


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The undersigned in statein a valuation upon this property have endeavoured to form their judgement of the propery from the actual expence which an individual would necessarily incur in the erection of buildings of simular description at this time and in fixing a valuation upon the property they have endeavoured to arrive as near as possible to its actual cash value at the pesant time  The Houses are in general well finished for that description of buildings haveing good floors windows &c and all the conveniences of the best description of log buildings  The paper marked A here within enclosed will shew our value ation of these buildings  The Missionaries have enclosed with a good substantial rail fence Two hundred acres of land ninty of which have been cleared of timber and well broken up and well subdued one hundred and ten are enclosed with a simular rail fence and is used and [XXXXX] for pasture and meadow land principally pasture  There are thirty two thousand five hundred rails enclose the above land and the fences are in good repair  In the valuation of the improvements upon the land Clearing breaking ploughing fencing &c   The agents have been governed by the by the cash prices for labour of that description paid by [Tresurery] in this Country


There are Five hundred and fifty bareing peach trees and Eighty apple trees fifty of which have apples [XXXXX] of every description sells verry high in this country too new and sparingly settled for fruit to have arived to any [XXXXX] of perfection and the Missionaries here seam to have taken peculiar pains on their first location to have things comfortable and convenient about them  peaches as well as apples sell [readily here] at this season of the year at from fifty cents to one Dollar per Bll and the [fruit] if it were properly taken care of would in one single year pay our appraisal of the trees


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The paper marked B here with enclosed will shew our appraisal of the clearing fencing plowing &c with the valueation of the trees above mentioned  The agents have met with some difficulty in satisfying themselves what the views of the department were in relation to the valueation of the growing crops of corn wheat potatoes &c upon the land  The instructions to us were to value the property held by the Baptist Denomination &c without specifying what [property] and we have not been without our doubts whether the intention of the department extended to ground Crops  It was expected by the Missionaries that this would be taken into consideration by us and more especial as it was understood by them that they were to abandon all their possessions here with as little delay as possible in which event they would necessarily loose all the labour of the past summer as this could be be the intention of the department and as this place we are informed with the possessions are to be taken immediate possession of by the sub Indiann Agend here also have concluded to make a special appraisal as to there Crops to the end that if not approved by the war the Missionaries here may have an opretunity to secure and dispose of there Crop before the comeing winter and we have the [XXXXX] readily adopted this course since we have been informed by the Ind. Agent here that there crops will be wanted to feed the Inds dureing the comeing winter and the succeding Spring and we have to request that the Missionaries here may be apprised of the views of the department in this respect as soon as may be after the Ceipt of this Report and we suggest the propriety (should this part of the report be accepted) of the apointment of some one to deal out these provisions the wants of the Ind’s may require


The Missionaries have on the land forty acres of corn Twenty one acres of wheat two acres of potatoes and some peas beans parsnips turnips and Cabbage We have reserved out of the crop in our estimate fifty bushels of wheat one hundred and fifty [lbs] of corn Thirty bushels of potatoes with the garden vegetation for the use of the Mission Family until their removal


The paper marked C here with enclosed will shew our estimation of the quantity & price after deducting the reservations above mentioned


The Missionary operations have ceased here and no location haveing


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as yet been provided for them west of the Mississippi whither it is there intention to remove as possible and the season being now so far advanced that it will be difficult for them all to find a new location before the winter sets in  We have as their instance to request of you permission for Mr Robert Simerwell one of the Missionaries here with his Wife and children to ocupy two rooms in the establishment until spring or such times as the Ind’s here shall be removed to the west this would give them an opertunity (Should the department reject that part of of our report which relates to ground Crops) to secure and dispose of same with much less expence [phan] they would other ways do should they under the necessity of abandoning them to the Inds located on on this reserve


Copy of Messrs Noble

and Simenson’s report




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