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Exhibit of cattle and other articles sold by the Cary Mission from April 1829 to September 1, 1830

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B. 1830 S1


Exhibit of Cattle and other articles sold by the Carey Mission from April 1829 to Sept 1 1830.


April 1  1 yoke of oxen sold Engleright 30.00

1 yoke with bows and chains 6.50

12 Head of Sheep sold T. Barker @$2.25 27.00

[June 4]  1 cow and calf sold [Frudman] 12.50

1 cow sold do 12.00

1 do sold Edwards 15.00

July 8 1 Bull sold Garwood 15.00

2 cows sold Edwards 23.00

Aug. 1 1 yoke oxen sold Baldwin 30.00

1 ox sold same 15.00

Dec. 26 18 Head Sheep sold Miller & Clyburne 31.00

Total 217.00


Articles (principally meat & flour) sold sundry persons at different times as per day book 1829 – 200.00



Aug 25 14 cows & calves sold Edwards Sub. Agt @ $13.50 each 189.00

2 cows & calves do. @ 14.00 each 28.00

1 Large Bull sold same 18.00

70 Head Hogs sold same 100.00

1 Horse (old) sold same 12.00  Total 353.00

9 Steers sold Baldwin & Co 111.00

Whole amt $881.00


Of the above sum there was placed to the Cr. of the Board the qr ending Feb. 1830 the sum of 417.00 [leaving total] 464.00


See [XXXXX] Simerwells Letters

Lost by absconding of [Express] (which deduct) the sum of 353.00

This leaves, and which is placed to the Cr. of the Board the sum of $111.00


Beside the above sales cattle have been exchanged for two, two horse waggons and one horse, which waggons & horse are expected to be need in the business of removing Westward –


3 Yoke of Oxen 1 Large Waggon and 3 horses have also, been reserved for the same purpose.


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By a statement made to Mr McCoy by Mr H. Lincoln of moneys received & disbursed specially for Carey Mission, it appeared that there was in the hands of the Board the sum of $2.427.72

Take from the above an allowance made McCoy & Lykins of 1000.00

This leaves in the hands of the Board April 1. 1830. of moneys for Carey M. $1,427.72

Since the above time R. Simerwell has drawn for the sum of 1000.00

Deduct the same, and there is still in the hands of the Board of monies for Carey the sum of 427.72

To which add special Dons. as per Bap. Mag. July & Sept Nos. 1830 [the sum of] 60.00

Making in the hands of the Board of moneys for Carey 1st of Sept. 1830 the sum of 487.72

#-Add excess of Credits 550.00

Provisionally in the hands of the Board, amt of the valuation of improvements at Carey 5085.00

Do: of Crops at do 636.21

Amt of Cattle and other articles sold, which has been placed to the Cr. of theBoard as per paper B. } 528.00

As the foregoing sums, have grown out, of the operations of Carey we say as below –


The managers of the Bap. Board &c. &c.

1830 Sept 1} To the Carey Mission Dr.

To cash for investment as per statements above $7,286.93



Cap. of C. & B.


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