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Phillips County organization records

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[Feb. 28, 1872]

State of Kansas

Phillips County   S.S.

Be it known that S. H Perkins J. W. Lindsey and Milton Woods to me personally Know and whose signatures appear below personally appeared before me and upon oath state that to the best of their knowledge & belief there are sic hundred inhabitants within the limits of this County.

S. H. Perkins [seal]

J. W. Lindsey [seal]

M Woods [seal]

Sworn to and acknowledged before me this third day of May A.D. 1872

Isaac V. See

Notary Public


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The State of Kansas

Phillips County S. S.      Affidavit

We B. F Darling Freeman Evans and Cyrus Post

Householders of Philips County in the State of Kansas being first duly sworn depose and say that the signatures of the Person whose names are signed to the Petition hereto attached are the genuine signatures of Householders of Philips County State of Kansas , and further that we have reason to and do believe that there are Six hundred inhabitants in Said County of Philips as stated in the memorial or Petition hereto attached

F Evans

B F Darling

Cyrus Post

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22nd day of May 1872

[XXXX] Truesdell

Notary Public


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[n. d.]

To Hon James M. Harvey

Governor of the State of Kansas

We the undersigned House Holders and Electors Being residents of the County of Philips in nthe State of Kansas, Respect fully represent that there are Sic hundred inhabitants in Philips County State of Kansas, and we hereby request that said County of Philips be organized as Provided for by the law regulating and Providing for the organization of unorganized Counties in this state and we recommend that  William Roberts [XXXXX] Costello and James Large be appointed to act a Board of County Commissioners in and for said County of Philips, and we recommend that W. N. Smith be appointed as County Clerk in said County of Phillips, and recommend that the temporary location seat be at Truesdell in said /county of Philips State of Kansas


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F Evans

E A Grippey

Cyrus Post

[XXXX] Tenesdell

Wm Roberts

John Butler

John Kent

G. W. Kibbe

John Richardson

J Grippey

M E Richardson

Wm Grippy

[X] F Albright

J A Herwick

S [X] Afflenton

John L, Wheeler

John [XXXXX]

Budd Clark

Charles F Young

E P Davis

James Large

Isaac Wiley

C Hay

[XXXXX] Bills

Asa Larrick

J E Scott

Hiram Harding

John Sheokler

F. L. Kent


[XXXX] Costello


J N McIlvan

G W McIlvain

A W Tracy

William Stanley

[XXXXX] Baker

John E Grippey

Thos Grippey

Josiah [XXXXXX]

Samuel Baker

Wash Maynard

John [XXXX]

Lyman Green

Wm Huntley

Felix T Gandy

Lewis C Gandy

James Miller


A. C. Fox

N. L. Dryden

Thomas Price

James Hoy

James Hoy Jr



Jacob [XXXX]

John Walters


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B F Darling

George S, Richardson

Allen Ward

  John C Smith

Wilshire Hill

A N Hardin


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[May 27, 1872]

To His Excellency Hon James M. Harvey governor of Kansas

We the undersigned legal electors of the State of Kansas  and bona fide inhabitants of Philloips Cou nty respectfully petition Y our excellency that Phillips County may be legally there being a permanent population of over six hundred bona fide inhabitants. We would recommend Isaac V. Lee as a competent person to take the census of the county as required by law.  For County Commissioners we would nominate to your excellency John Costello Samuel [X] Brigham Charles F Dustin. For County Clark James Vanderford and we would further pray your excellency to select as a suitable location for the county seat the town of Kirwin, it being the oldest and most thriving place in the county and in fact the only town site location up to this time that has a house upon it and Has the only estab-


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lished Post Office and mail route in the county.


C J Van Allen

M Woods

Richard Chute


Rolin Calkins

Isaac V. Lee

[XXXX] L. Deane

S F Brigham

J. S Van Allen

John Butler

S. T Fagin

[XXXXX] McPherson


J Masterson

T W Nickson

Chas. A Stowell

Robert Craig

H G Brenton

[X] C Bales

B. F Sayler

W. H. Pratt

James Vanderford

J [X] Shurtz

John B Lord

George L [XXXX]

H L Muller

D S Beadle

 Wm W Bales

N S Drew


Geo W. Shafer

J Routledge

Benjamon Mullen

Frank Chapman

W L Tryon

S B Long

John W Sage

J C Smith

John W. Lindsey

John Zoller

E Dustin

E F Strouts

J Shay


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State of Kansas

County of Phillips    ss.

Personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for the county and st ate foresaid Milton M. Woods C. J. Van Allen and Richard Chute legal electors of the state of Kansas [XXXX] bona fide householders of Phillips County who being duly sworn depose and say to the best of their Knowledge and belief there is at this present day and date as resident population of over six hundred bona fide inhabitants in this county aforesaid and the deponents farthe affirm and swear [XXXX] they know the signatures attach to the [XXXXX] memorial to be the true and genuine signatures of the persons whose names are thereto [XXXXX] And further deponents saith [XXX]

Milton M Woods

C A Van Allen

Richard Chute

In testimony whereof I have hereunto affixed my hand & seal this twenty seventh day of May1872

Isaac V. Lee

Notary Public


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To His Excelency James M. Harvey The Governor of the State of Kansas The Petition of the Subscribers, Citizens of Phillips County Kansas Respectfully Show that We Pray for the organization of Phillips County Kan and a Census be taken of the same and also Pray tha t Phillipsburgh Be the Temporary County Seat

We the petitioners would Recomend Jacob H. Close, A. B. Parson F. T. Gandy as county Commisioners  For County Clerk John Costello For Taking Census [X] V. Lee

Michael Henrick

Charley T. Hyde

Charles hemrid

F M Chapman

Thos Kearns

James McCarty

A. Hitchcock

A. M. Hitchcock

Wm Rust

W. W. Gibson

J C Leonard

J A Mercer

A Kirby

G [X] Lee

Jefferron P [XXXXX]


[X] B Long

j W Sage

D. G. Bradley

C. M. Lyon

B. B. Daugherty


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Jacob H Close

 C. W. Carwell


Thoms Griffey

John Bissell

Henry McDowe

Ben Harden

A. W. Tracy



Louis [XXXXXX]

J M Wilking

Less D. Carpenter

W. H. Baughton

Joseph C Griffith

Andrew Hattenridge

W B Booz

John Gunn


W. P. Draper

T L Albright

John W. Richardson

John Grify

William Griffery

Josiah Herwick

Wm Huntley

S A Herwick

S. E. Richardson

William Stanley

Archer Baker

Samuel Baker

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John C. Ditch

[X] L. Uttey


John [XXX]

Silas Bacon

William Jennings

Lyman Comstock

Lyman Green

[XXXXX] Bacon

John [XXXXX]

L C Gandy

Jno. Costello

W. H. Pratt

Samuel Plotner

Oliver S Plotner

John H Kurtz

Samuel Rooney


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Whereas It ppears from the records in the office of the Secretary of State that as census of Phillips County has been taken and properly certified according law , Showing a population of over Six hundred inhabitants Citizens of the United States and

Whereas more than Forty inhabitants freeholders in Phillips County have Petitioned for the appointment of the Special County Commissioners and one Special County Clerk and have Selected and Named a place as the temporary County Seat of Said County.

Now therefore by Virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Kansas, I James M. Harvey have appointed and commissioned the Special County Commissioners and Clerk asked for in that petition but in accordance with the prayer of other petitioners have Selected and do hereby declared Phillipsburgh the temporary County Seat of Phillips County.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto Subscribed my name and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State

Done at Topeka the 26th day of July A. D. 1872

James M Harvey

By the Governor

W. H. Smallwood

Secretary of State


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County Clerk’s Office

Phillips Co. Kans.

Phillipsburg Oct 14 – 1872

[X] hereby certify that the Canvas of an election held in Phillips County Kansas on the 8th day 9f October 1872 the following place received the number of votes opposite name of the Towns –

Phillipsburg         121 votes

Kirwin                  77 votes

W N. Smith Co Clerk

Per. Isaac V. Lee


To W. H. Smallwood

Sec. of State

State of Kansas


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[Feb. 28, 1873]

To Gov. James M. Harvey

Gov. State of Kans.,

We the undersigned freeholders of Phillips County Kansas feeling the necessity of an organization & believing that we have sufficient number of inhabitants would most respectfully ask your honor to morganize the same by appointing Mr Isaac V. Lee to take the census to seure this desired object –



[X] S Van Allen

J. Butler

[X] [X] Shurtz


Benjamin Mullen

H. L. Mullen

Samuel [X] Fagin

M Woods

S. F Brigham

Richard Shute

John B Lord

N S Drew

I Victor Lee

Jesse [X] Sanders

W. V. Nickson

Jno. C Ditch

B F Caldnell

J C Smith

Loues [XXXXX]


J H WEilkins

H. G. Brenton

Harry [XXXXXX]


Geo W Hays

C Dustin

John Zoller


Allen Ward

W. B. Dunbar

James Forbes


Robert Craig

John W. Lindsey

S. H. Perkins

Esmond Olden

Elijah [XXXXX]

C. J. Van Allen

J. B. Smith

Geo. Nobles

John Mercer

Albert Kirby

Julius Vanhorn



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Phillips Co

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