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Ottawa County organization records

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Junction City Kansas

June 18th 1866


His Excellency

S. J. Crawford

My dear Sir

I am requested by the citizens of Ottawa County Kansas to forward to his Excellency the Enclosed petition And th Accompaning Affidavits as the condition of Ottawa and the wish of the people for an early Organization of their County

And to ask in behalf of said citizens your early action on said papers

Semore Ayres one of the Affiants by [XXXXX] failed to subscribe his name but he took the oath in my pesance To remedy this defect you will find the fourth Aff appended

The frends of the measure not deeming Any great number of [XXXX] [XXXX] have obtained a few over the legal No & then [XXXX] feeling that that was all that was really necessry


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So far and I know and I [XXXX] [XXXXX] with quite a No of the citizens of that County I am satisfied that there is a general desire for an organization & [XXX] hope you will aid them to do so at an early day.

Very respectfuly


S. D. [XXXX]

His Ex S. J. Crawford


P S  I send this by our mutual friend Capt Beates


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Junction City Kansas

June 18th 1866


I James G Land of Ottawa County Kansas of lawful age being duly sworn according to Law state on Oath, that I am a resident And a free Holder in the county of Ottawa and State of Kansas and I know the boundaries of Said County and I am fully satisfied as I could be of anything  I have nnot take n some definite [XXXX] of determing by an actual census counting [XXXX] [XXX] said Ottawa County has at the present time more than Six Hundred persons within her limits

James G Laird

[XXXXX] and sworn to before me this the 18th of June AD 1866

Willis S Webb

Notary Public


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Junction City Kansas

June 8th 1866


I Seymour Ayres of lawful age being duly sworn State on oath that there are more than Six Hundred persons residing within the limits of the present County of Ottawa;  And that I am a free Holder in said County of Ottawa Kansas having lived in said county several years  I am well posted and to the population from personal Knowledge.

Subsibed and sworn to before me this the 8th day of June A.D. 1866

W. S. Webb

Notary Public


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State of Kansas

County of Autawa  ss


Jacob Habach personaly came before me a Notary Public in and of said County Who being duly sworn by and before me upon his oath deposes and says that he now lives in Autawa County State of Kansas That he has lived in this said County about [XXX] monthes and that he is well acquainted the said County and that he has a general acquaintance with the inhabitances there of and this [XXXXX] says he is Forty-three years old and this [XXXXX] further deposes and says he is sadesfied and beleaves that there are from Six to eight-hindred inhabitance in the said Autawa County State of Kansas

Jacob Harbach

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 15th day of June A.D. 1866.  In witness whereof I affix my hand and seal

Seymour Ayres

Notary Public


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Junction City, Kansas

June 18th 1866

I G. L. Murrie of Ottawa County Kansas and a bona fide resident of the county [XXXX] of lawful age being duly swon, on oath say, that I am satisfied that within the limits of the County of Ottawa there are more than Six Hundred persons.  This fact I do not know an actual count of the people but from mingling with the people I am fully satisfied of the Result as I am of any that I [XXXX] not definitely determined by an actual census of facts in the case    G. L. Murrie


Subscibed and sworn to before me this the 18th of June, 1866.


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Ottawa County [XXXX]

Affidants of Certain Citizens of


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State of Kansas

Executive Office

Topeka June 25 1866


In due form of law it has been made to appear that the County of Ottawa State of Kansas contains the requisite number of inhabitants to entitle the people of said County to a County organization

 Now therefore I Samuel J. Crawford Governor of Kansas by virtue of authority in me vested by law, and having commissiond County officers, do hereby locate the County seat of Ottawa state of Kansas at the town of Ayresvlle in said County

 In testimony whereof I have hereunto [XXXXX] my hand and caused to be affixed the great seal of the state

Done at Topeka this 25th day of June AD 1866


S J. Crawford

Governer of Kansas


R. A. Barker

Sec of state

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