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Carl Fredin to Governor Payne Ratner

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Wadsworth Ks. January 20th 1942


Mr. Payne Ratner

Guverner of Kansas


Dear sir


As I am very much intrested on this Garden program, I will give a few pointers as I have found out to work for the best result,


In 1917 I intrested a few Ladys in Community gardens up at Royal Iowa, (Gardening is a hobby of mine) I got a plott of ground free of charge, Laid it out like I show on the drawing, ech member had thir own garden, you want to crate a competive spirit, so every one try to best the next one, never brag as land the best spot in the garden, but allways try help the novice, brag the backward spots up, and tell them what the garden would do if the do the work a little [differens] over


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make a Club, not over 8 or 10 in one Club, 2-3 or more Clubs can be organized in ech Community, apoint one member of the Club as Head Gardener, with the understanding she is Boss as long as she can show result.  Have a Club meating every week out in the garden spot where you can see the differens plant grow, never let older People and young Girls and Boyes be in the same spot, side by side is O.K. but not together, Becuss if Mama goes out to work in the Garden, take Jack and Mary along to help, Jack and Mary will do 90% of the work, But Ma will take the credit, give the youngsters a Garden spot of thir own, (and for my part) I would bet on Jack and Mary, During the seson, every one will have all the garden stuff the want, sell every thing that is not used in your own Community


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Let the youngsters stay on thir own feet as much as possible, and keep thir own profit, let them sell all the can raise, Pay part of the sales with war saving stamps, and you and me will be supprised what the will do, I suppose the American Ligian Axallery would be the Ladys to take charge of this kind of work, and V.F.W. Exellery,  Thare should be one man that rellay do know this kind of work to get it started, one good man can take care of several communities, one day here, and next day thare,


In the fall when everything is harvested, we should have one community canning room, (Up at Belleville we can use the Ligian Hall Kitchen) we got all the nessesery utilitis, This is just a suggestion, all the Clubs in one locality go together for the benefit of all, and the Detriement of Japs and Hittler


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In the Spring of 1918 I started the same kind of gardens at Royal Iowa, But as I then enlisted to help to tame the Kisers hands, I can not take much credit for what was done.  But when I got back the Ladys falled over ech others to show me what the had done that summer and fall.  The had over 1700 jars of canned Vegstabels, Gallon jars, ½ Gallan, quarts, Pints, ½ Pints, and so on, several 100 glass of Jellys of all kind and color, I was very much supprised and allso very much pleased for the teem work the had done.


This can be Dublicated 1000% if ech man women and child help.


Respectfully yours


Carl F. Fredin

Wadsworth Kansas

Ca 2


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Mrs. Smith

one here           one here           one here           one here           one here


“                      “                      “                      “                      “

Mrs. Jhonson


“                      “                      “                      “                      “

Mrs. Lahame


“                      “                      “                      “                      “

Mrs. Gibson


“                      “                      “                      “                      “

Mrs. Olsen


“                      “                      “                      “                      “

Mrs. Rosenwelt


This is a spot for a club of 6, in ech square is a differense Vegtable planted, and as ech plant need a differense, kind of care, the should be planted uniform


The can than be cultivated in roos by power cultivator, all at the same time


This big plase we will plant June pees, and pees for all, and all pees for one ½ acre, and acre on 10 acres




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Not transcribed.  Newspaper article.

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