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August Schulz diary

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[1876, Mar 19, 1877]



Septr: Old corral, old wheat ground, drilled in wheat, with 12 bush:


Oct. 4-10th  Upon timber claim, sod, cut with wheel harrow cross wise, drilled in wheat with 15 bush.


Oct: 12-18th Price McLeans farm, 10 acres old wheat ground stirred and harrowed, 12 acres sod, cut with wheel harrow crosswise, drilled in wheat with 25 bushel (13 bu. furnished by me & 12 bus by McLean).


Oct: 19-28  George Morrels farm, sod, cut with wheel harrow crosswise, drilled with 30 bus; and then harrowed crosswise, drilled with 30 bus’ and then harrowed wheat furnished by George Morrell.


1877.  March 19th  Agnes claim, old barley, oats and potatoes ground stirred & harrowed, drilled in barley 4 bushel.


March 22d harvestead west [strap], sod corn ground stirred harrowed, drilled in barley 1 bush.  fire from the north by strong wind, came above to stalks & stabile, hay burnet about 12 ton


first quarter moon

8h.  8m. a.m.


“  23d Snowstorm by northeast wind.


“  26th Garden plowed & harrowed 1/3 acres.  Oats sowed upon timber claim 6 bu. (drilled.)


“  27th Oats drilled upon timber claim 6 bu.

&c &c east strip homestead 1 bu.

Potatoes planted, Garden ¼ acres 1 bush. early [XXXXX] black locust seed planted, garden


“  28th timber claim stired (for new planting); wallnuts; papas seed, coffeenuts; peach & appleseed planted; lettuce, pear; onions; radish, gress, savoy, kohlrabi, sugarbeets, kale, curlemustard, carrots; leek, tomatoes sowed in garden also cucumbers; wind from the southeast, strong,


[March 29, 1877]




March 29th:  Rain during the neight wind south east.  Bull calf of Spotty.  Wind southeast & strong, very cloudy wether.  full moon 28m.a.m.


“  31st  Rain in the morning, wind south east; wind south, south west and north west in the evening.  Sweet corn and yellow six weeks beans planted in garden; east hedgerow broke upon Alex’s claim.


Aprill 1st Sunday  Eastern Sunday.  Wind north & cold


“  2d  frost during night, wind north east & cold.  a load hay hauled from Mr. G. Morrell, east hedgerow broke upon Alex’s claim, house for Alex build. wind south east.  Robert Weichaus’ came to work upon his claim.


“  3d  Rain shower during the neight wind south east.  Alex building his house.  Building smoke house, planting honey locust seed in garden wind south west.  Robert Weichaus repaired his house & planted corn upon his claim


“  4d  Wind south west, smoke house build & meat hung up to smoke, stiring plow beam made, at noon wind north in the evening north east, wether warm.  Robert Weichaus planting his corn.


“  5d  wind south west.  I & Hugo and George Morrell are going toward Solomon for young forrest trees; Alex stiring ground for timber.  Weichaus planting his corn.  Wind changing often, stormy


“  6d  gattering trees on smoky river & returning home within 15 miles; wind north east & Alex stiring timberland, Weichaus planting his corn


last quart moon 11-29.Morng.


[April 7, 1877]




Aprill 7th Wind cold & north east, cloudy & some rain, arrived home at noon, dividing trees I had 610 [XXXXX] 170 ash and 37 mulberrys; set them in moist ground & shade in the old stable, Alex stiring timber ground Weichaus finished planting his corn.  Ottilie came home from Bickels Hugo borrowed 43# flour at Bickel.  Wind north.


Sunday  “  8th  Wind north & cold.  Morrell & family for visit also G. Wheeler enquiring about the herde  [XXXXX].  Morrel borrowed Wheelharrow. wind in the evening north east.


“  9th  wind north east & cold, Alex stiring timber claim Hugo harrowing.  stiring plow share pointed and breaking plow shares sharpened.   


“  10th  wind north east, Alex stiring timber claim Hugo harrowing. bought 4 pigs of Morell, build pigpen.


“  11th  wind north east & cloudy; Alex stiring timber claim, Hugo harrowing and cutting with wheelharrow.


“  12th  mare colt of [Katy]. wind north east, cloudy timber claim stired & harrowed, I went to Newton with 12 bush wheat for flour and send Weichaus’s chest &c to Emporia freight charges $1.40.  paid off Killems note & 10.00


“  13th  wind south, digging post hols for corral stirring orchard for potatoes; bought bridles &c., wire for corrall 16 [XXXXX] pd (a 6 ½ cts, Knifes for Alex & Hugo &c.


New moon 11.49 a.m.


[April 14, 1877]




Aprill 14.  wind south, digging postholes for corrall stirring orchard for potatoes; planted & sowed flower seed, radish, lattuce, tomatoes, thyme & dill, cabbage seed & onion sets.  Returned homewards from Newton with flour &c., thunderstorm in the evening & rain at night




“ 15.  Sunday  wind south, arreived home at noon, J. Ledbetter & family, for visitors, Bickel, McAllister, Sommers & Gillem enquiring about herding, Morrell & family for a short visit & got his [coal] and mulberry trees:


“ 16.  wind south east, thunderstorm & rain during night, Alex shot a wild goose, the pigs eat a duck in the morning, Hugo whelharroed timber claim, Corrall made, wind strong from the south, after dark thunderstorm & rain Agnes planted peas, beans, sowed onion seed


“ 17.  wind south, thunder storm and heavy rain during the night, Hugo herding, building


“ 18  cornmarker, wind south west, planting blackberry vines, strawberry’s & have radish in garden, wind north east p.m. rain evening.


“ 19  Heavy rain during night, wind north, making corrall & cornmarker.


“ 20  marking out timberland & planting 500 box elder wind south east.  horsecolt of July wind north.


first quater moon 1.37 p.m.


“ 21  wind south & strong marking out timber land & stiring orchard, planting [ 270] box elder 70 black cherrys’ 189 ash & 600 cottonwood


[April 22, 1877]



April 22  wind south very strong.



“ 23  thunderstorm & hevey rain during night, wind north, planting 580 mulberrys, breaking east hedgerow.


“ 24  wind north & cold planting 170 mulberry trees fixing stall for Janny.  Receiving notice of [contesting] Agnes’ claim.  wind changing to the east, filling up the old stable.


“  25  wind east, cloudy cold evening.


“  26  wind east very misthy & slow rain.


“  27  cold, wind north changing to northwest, rain & wind strong.  full moon at 10.36 a.m, sleet & snow evening wind north.


full moon. 10.36 am


“  28  wind north & cold, cloudy.  Baer had 33# cornmeal.


“  29  frost during night wind north west & clear.


Sunday L. Marl changing male for female ducks; fishing party upon the claim.  G. Ryno & family, A. Conly & J. Carter for visitors:


“  30  I went to Salina, Alex planting corn upon his claim & working there.


Mai 1  I was at Salina, bought breaking plow [XXXXX] Alex planting corn & working his claim, got 500 black locust trees of Mr. Bickel.


“  2.  planting 500 black locust trees upon timber claim arrived home again at night.


“  3.  planting 75 black locust trees upon timber claim Alex working in orchard for potatoes: one of the pigs lame


“  4  planting potatoes in orchard, got 3 bush. corn of P. Ritgers.


[May 9, 1877]




Mai 5.  went to Newton to get wallnuts & grapvines at the depot, bought rops & sweetpotatoes plants.  planting potatoes in orchard, wind south


Last quator 5.18 a.m.


Sunday  “  6  arrieved home from Newton, Alex sleep & with G. Reno at his house.  wind north & cold


“  7  wind north, planting potatoes in orchard, stiring old timberland, got 22 bush corn of P. Ritgers.


“  8  wind south east, planting 150 grapvines in orchard 235 sweet potatoes plants in orchard, replanting old timber ground with 80 black locust, planting wallnuts upon new timber ground, Alex stiring old timber ground. 


“  9  wind south east & raining in the morning, Jim Ledbetter altered the three steer calfs; hauling 3 load of corn stalks & stiring old timber ground with two plows  Misses John Ledbetter visiting in the afternoon.


“  10  wind south east, raining in the morning, hauling one load of cornstalks; John Ledbetter hauled one load for himself, stiring old timberground with two plows; replanting old timberground with 240 poplar cuttings planting 8 tree rows with wallnuts 4 ft apart.  Gillem returned 37# flour


“  11  wind north, thunderstorm during night and heavy rain, hauling three loads of cornstalks stiring old timber ground with two plows got poplar cuttings of Mr. Sommerville took two pieces of Pork from there to G. Ryno.  Mr Pope loking after Mr Wm Shaws steers: 


[May 12, 1877]




Mai 12  wind north east rain during night, wind changing east and raining all day, no outside work Jane cutting the poplars’ into cutting for planting, Janny had a mare colt.  we eating the first radish.


new moon, 11.29 p.m.


“  13  wind south, McAllister & Jim Carter & Thompson here in the morning & befor noon, Jim Ledbetter, G. Ryno & Wm Wright in the after noon & evening.  Alex, Hugo & other big & little boys fishing.  house caving in during the night, breaking table top.


“  14  wind south, some rain during night &, in the morning warm during the day replanting old timberland with 2500 poplar cuttings, the house again caving in during the night, planting the little refuse poplar slips upon shore of the water in front of the house & planting musk melons in garden.


“  15  wind south east, raining during the night and in the morning, Sommers & John Ledbetter in, Bickel & Elliot here, Mrs Ledbetter in the afternoon.  stored away drill, rack & mower, replanting old timber ground with 450 cottonwoods; setting standarts under the roof at the north side of the house.

“  16  wind south west, cloudy, filling up old stable, got the road scraper from Ogdan, raining, shelled seed corn, laying off the east & north line of timberland and commencing breaking the same east of creek.


“  17  wind south, cloudy, filling up old stable, planting early yellow corn 23 rows from the east end, plowing garden ground, harrowing it ready for planting, Bickel & family here.  raining in the evening.


[May 18, 1877]




Mai 18  wind south, Alex plowing for garden, Ledbetter and me planting 8 rows corn.  Agnes commencing prepairing buds to sow in garden, commencing raining at about 10 o’clock raining all day very heavy and no further outside work done.


“  19  wind south, Alex plowing for garden, Ledbetter and me planting 2 rows corn, ground to wet & soft to plant, planting water & musk melons in garden.  Morrel borrowed the spade.  Morrel & Jim Carter got watermelon seed.


Moon 1st qarter 6.56 p.m.


“  20  wind west, heavy rain during the night, (George Rino and family, Ben Thornburg, James Carter, as visiters


“  21  wind west, changing north, clear and warm breaking watermelon patch, throwing out part of front sod wall and putting up with boards, scraping down front yard, breaking threple tree & two double trees, Jim Carter borrowed sattle and brought it back.


“  22  wind south, changing east and north and the south again, planting corn upon new timber ground, borrowed an sack post of John Ledbetter, made threeple tree and double tree Jim Carter brought back meal sixty planting beans; carrots; parsnips; salsify okra


“  23  wind south east, Bickel got Agnes to stay with his wife, went to Pickerings Shop but it was closed, went to Bickel and got some of the early white corn, planted some cabbage plants in garden, planted corn upon timber claim, finished planting


[May 23, 1877]




Mai 23  new timber ground and planting 50 rows upon old timber ground


“  24  made a doubletree, planting the ballance of old timber ground in corn, planting cabbage plants; was at Pickerings shop to fix swingle trees clip, bought a horse of Mr John Kellly.  Planting beans, radish, cucumbers and caraway seed.


“  25.  harnessed the horse of Kelly to see how it worked, worked well on empty wagon, wind southeast raining most all day, dug out one straitened west end of the house, fastened the clips on swingle trees; no work done p.m. made table for Thompson.  Jim went to his brother in the after noon. 


“  26  finished Thompsons table, wind south east, plowed a patch for potatoes of old corrall, breaking south of orchard, planting white early corn in orchard, planting cabbage plants in garden (old corrall) Jim. Ledbetter stayed at his brothers.


full moon 10.5; p.m.


“ Sunday 27  Link from Battle Hill here, George Ryno & others fishing, worked at Sewing machine.


“  28  laying off land upon Alex claim, horse of Kelly would not work, Jim harrowing and wheelharrowing potatoes patch and planting the same, breaking upon homestead, plowing corn upon old timberground, I went on a [collecting] tour and raised 2 dollar.  Morrel borrowing wheelharrow


“  29  wind south east cloudy, changing south & clear, breaking on homestead & planting corn


[May 30, 1977]


plowing corn on old timberground, got shoes for me, mother, Agnes; Hugo & Ottilie at Roxburry, planting rice corn in garden


Mai 30  wind south & strong, cloudy, plowing corn and breaking on homestead planting it in corn  Agnes came home from Bickel, J Ledbetter borrowed cornplanters


“  31  wind south & strong, plowing corn, breaking the rest of the old corrall, harrowd it and planted part of it with potatoes, planted cushaw pumpkins, squash &c on breaking upon homestead, planted sorghum at the north end of orchard.


June 1st  wind north and cold, breaking upon timber claim east of creek, plowing corn the second time, I was gone to Mr Pherson, weeding the garden.


“  2d  wind south, breaking for timber east of creek, plowing corn, the breaking done with four horses; planting corn on homestead.


“ Sunday  3d  I, Agnes, Alex, Morrell & Milo Carter gone to Salina to attend contest trial, arrived at Salina in the evening.


last quarter 11.11 p.m.


“  4d  had plowshares sharpened & cutters riveted on, gave watch to [f’leck] for repair, had two bushel corn ground for meal and examined all kind of farming tools, attended to business at the land office, the other party did not apear and the case was dismissed, started


[Jun 5, 1877]


for home at have past 5 homeward arrived at Farleys after night and stayed over night. 

Pulling [rey] out the wheat, have a day


June 5th  pursued the travel homeward, exchanged shoes at Roxburry, arrived home in the after noon, pulling [rey] in the wheatfield south,


“  6th  wind south east heavy rain during the night setting 11 posts in the corrall rain in the afternoon and no work done, Jim went to John Ledbetter, breaking timberground east of the creek, planting watermelons & muskmelons in garden, setting out cabage plants.


“  7th  rain during night, wind changing very often breaking timberground east of creek, planting corn on homestead, planting corn & pumpkin north end of orchard, bought 2 bush of seed corn, heavy rain 7 thunderstorm p.m.  Jim did not come back.


“  8th  very heavy rain during night, 40 chickens drowned, wind north east & cloudy rain all day, no work done, very cold,


“  9th  rain during night wind north east & cold house caving in again, breaking timber ground east of creek, commencing planting breaking in corn but the ground to wet, pulling rye south of the house, Misses, John Ledbetter, [Eikrodi] & McNeese as visitors; Gillems horses again upon barley & oats.  a colt of [manty]


“  Sunday 10th  wind south west & cold, Hugo changing shoes at Roxburry, both Mrs. Ryno’s here, Ryno, Eikroid, McNeese, Wehe & Co fishing, Thompson here in the morning.


[Jun 11, 1877]




June 11th  new moon 8.32 a.m.  wind north west & cold, breaking timberground east of creek,  Jim Ledbetter planting it in corn planting cabage plants in garden, sowing lettuce, gress, radish, beans & black eyed peas, pulling out the rest of rey south of house writing to [Leas] of the [XXXXX] & to Mr Neill Birch


“  12  wind south west & cold, planting the ballance of the timberbreaking east of creek in corn & pumpkins;  replanting old timber ground with corn & pulling weeks.  Alex moved to his claim & breaking prairie, Jim Carter borrowed oil for machinery & loaned Alex his field anvell.  Received a letter from Th. Strippel anouncing the dead of father on May 14th.  Wind south eas


“  13  wind north east, cold & very foggy, changing north west replanting corn upon old timber ground & pulling out weeds; hoeing [XXX] in garden, mother went to see Alex.


“  14  wind south & strong, Ledbetter replanting corn upon timberground,  I & Hugo pulling weeds ½ day each, Ottilie visiting Alex, calf of Whity


“  15  wind south, pulling weeds & replanting corn upon timberground, Alex came home with sore eye.  Lea missing.


“  16  wind south east, pulling weeds a.m.  Jim plowing corn, Alex brought plows &c home, we went to Ft Powel to have Alex eye examined.  Freedmann here at noon.  very warm


[Jun 17, 1877]




June 17th Sunday  wind east, warm, setting up harvester Sommers & family here, J. Ledbetter got Bickels cornplanter.  Lea came back


“  18th  wind south, pulling weeds, Alex breaking upon Agnes claim, plowing corn, Charles Ledbetter commencing herding, planting out tomatoes plants in garden,


first quater 0.2 a.m.


“  19th  wind south & strong, pulling weeds, plowing corn upon new timberground, breaking prairie upon Agnes claim, Agnes & Ottilie pulling out rey at the wheat upon McLeans claim, I went to Newton.


“  20th  wind south & very strong, pulling weeds, plowing corn, breaking prairie for Agnes Agnes & Ottilie pulling rey, I came home from Newton after night.


“  21st  wind north, cold & cloudy, clearing of, wind then changing east, pulling weeds; Alex breaking for Agnes, Agnes & Ottilie pulling rey, Hugo went to Murphy’s store for coffee & sugar in the after noon


“  22d  wind south east & very fogy, clearing of & wind irregular mostly south, pulling weeds, breaking prairie for Agnes, Ottilie gone to the store & Agnes working.


“  23d  wind south & strong, fogy, pulling weeds p.m. raining some a.m.  commencing breaking a new piece upon Agnes claim, feeding the first barley, thunder storm in the evening with some hails & hevy rain


[Jun 24, 1877]




June 24th Sunday  wind south east, fair, greasing harneses Jim & Carles went to Ledbetters in the morning came back in the evening  Thompson here in the afternoon, Agnes & Ottilie at G Rynos rigging plow truk.


“  25th  wind east, some rain early in the morning full moon 10.32 1.m.  I went with G. Ryno for flour, the rest pulling weeds, very warm.  (65# $3.57)


“  26th  wind north east, cloudy & some rain in the morning commencing harvesten for Thompson, Alex breaking for Agnes, Hugo cultivating potatoes, Ottilie & Agnes pulling weeds, wind north & turning south.


“  27th  wind north east, thunder & rain during the night, wind turning south & very warm harvesting for Thompson ¾ day & then cutting barley, Alex breaking upon n. w. ½ Agnes & Hugo pulling weeds


“  28th  wind south east, cloudy, cutting barley ½ day harvesting wheat upon timber claim ½ day

Alex breaking upon N W ¼  Hugo plowing potatoes & shocking wheat mother &Ottilie shocking wheat, Agnes sewing.  Charley went home in the evening.


“  29  wind south & strong, harvesting wheat upon timber claim ½ day wind to hevy to work in wheat, plowing corn upon timber claim  Alex breaking N. W ¼, thunderstorm in the evening.


[Jun 30, 1877]




June 30th  Rain during night wind north east harvesting the rest of the wheat upon the timberclaim in all about 15 acres ½ day & ½ day harvesting for Thompson, Ottilie & mother & Agnes shoking the wheat upon the timberclaim Alex breaking prairie upon N. W ¼ & Hugo plowing corn.  wind east. 


July 1st Sunday  wind south east & cloudy, went to Thompson to cut wheat, thunderstorm & rain, cut wheat during the day Thompson, Jim Ledbetter & Alex binding, Hugo shoking, pin through a cockwheel brack, wind south & strong, N. Koons & wife [in] for visitors; Sommer had the wagon to go to Empire for corn.


“  2d  wind north east, cutting wheat for Thompson 1½ hour till finished commencing cutting our wheat south of the house putting canvas for a shade over the harvester, Alex was gone to Mr Cherron for flour 153# $8.41 & in the blacksmith shop.  Hugo plowing corn, Ottilie shoking grain.  Agnes washing  wind north east & cloudy


“  3d  last quarter 3.2 p.m.   wind south east & strong, thunderstorm & very little rain a.m.  cutting the rest of the wheat south of the house & commencing cutting wheat upon McLans place at ½ part 4 p.m.  Alex & Hugo cutting 11, the barley upon homestead & breaking prairie & plowing corn p.m.  Alex came home having great pain in his bad eye, Jim & Charles went home in the evening.

[Jul 4, 1877]




July 4th  wind south & very strong harvesting upon McLeans farm, Alex still sick, Agnes prepairen dinner for us at McNeeses, one of McNeeses steers died, Jim & Charles came back in the morning


“  5th  wind south & very strong, harvesting upon Mc Leans farm, Alex sick, Agnes preparing dinner at McNesses, Hugo helping harvesting, Nancy took sick & died in the afternoon, simtoms like the steer, hot fever standing in the water & splashing the same around to cool themselves, week in the hind part of the body, at the last breathing very hard,  [XXXXX] [scambt] over & same swollen, the stomach & intestines, inflamed the dung hard & dry for about two feet long.


“ 6th  M. G[XXXXX[ got mower & rake  wind south, harvesting today gratis for Geddis, harvesting on Mc Leans farm p.m.  Alex better but [dit] do no work Hugo helping harvesting, Agnes prepairen dinner at McNees’s & shaking wheat Ottili helping her Thompson slept last night here.


“ 7th  wind south, harvesting the balance upon McLeans farm a.m.  harvesting upon Morrells farm for M. Agnes prepairing dinner at Morrells, Alex helping some, Hugo helping harvesting, the bottom boards of apron platform came out, lost the oil can, one


[Jul 8, 1877]


July – of the steers was horning the colt Bruce.  Agnes had the ague & was otherwise sick. 


“ Sunday 8th  wind south, very warm, repairing the harvester and then cutting wheat for James Baer, came home with the harvester in the evening very dark & a thunderstorm comming.  wind turning north, lost an elevator belt.


“  9th  wind north east, thunderstorm during the night, raining most all night, cloudy in the morning, went to Baers to hunt up the elevator belt after found went to Thompson for himself & Ross to bind, Jim & Hugo shocking the wheat south of the house, cutting wheat upon Morrells farm p.m.  Alex prepairing some ground for turnips, Agnes washing Hugo plowing corn p.m.  Jim went home in the evening.  M. Carter brought mower to Thompson


“  10th  wind south east, very warm, cutting wheat upon Morrels farm, Agnes prepairing dinner at Morrells & shoking p.m.  Alex shoking a.m. at Morrells & p.m. at McLeans Hugo harrowing the turnip seed under I had sowed in the morning and plowing corn p.m. Jim & Thompson helping harvesting


new moon 4. 6.p.m.


“  11th   wind south east, warm, harvesting upon Morrells farm, Agnes prepairing dinner there & helping in the field, Alex shoking wheat upon McLeans farm  Hugo plowing corn, Ottilie helping in the field, her nose bleeding several times caused from the hot weather


[Jul 12, 1877]




July 14th  wind south east, harvesting a.m. upon Morrells farm, Agnes prepairing the dinner at Morrells Ottilie helping in the field Alex shoking the rest of the wheat upon McLean’s farm p.m. cutting oats upon timber claim Alex helping binding,  Hugo plowing corn.  Jim gone to his brother in the evening.


“  13th  wind south, Jim came back in the morning he & Hugo plowing corn, me & Alex cutting the rest of Baers wheat befor noon weeding in the garden in the evening Agnes washing, making soap had B. Thornburghs iron Kettle borrowed for the purpose, Ottilie was at the post office but the last weeks mail had not arrived


“  14th”  wind south east, Jim went home in the morning Charles in the evening, Alex & Hugo plowing corn, Agnes washing her & Ottilie bringing back the kettle to Ledbetters;  I was weeding in the garden.  Barr & family for visitors all day borrowing 13# 6 oz of flour


“Sunday 15th wind southeast, rain in the night & morning repairing corrall.  Mort. Carter exchanging the misplaced nek yoks I was at Ogdans, Morrells &  Eikmans, at the later place to see a wagon with the view to buy the same, raining several times during the day, heavy rain in the afternoon


[Jul 16, 1877]




July 16th  rain during night, cloudy in the morning wind north east, rain a.m. writing letters to August and Weichaus, Thompson mailed the letters at Lily, Egmann here to sell his wagon which I bought of him for 12 dollar and took it home p.m.  Alex p.m. breaking prairie at N. W. ¼ Hugo weeding in the garden, Agnes sewing, the rest working in the garden as usual.


“  17th  first quarter 7.12 a.m.  rain during the night, wind south, warm thunderstorm of Egman, fixing hay rack to haul grain with the same, Thompson brought bak the sulky rake in the morning raining most all day Alex breaking prairie a.m.  Hugo helping herding.


“  18th  wind north, warm & clear, fixing evetrough to the north side of the house, old one decayed, Alex breaking upon N. W. ¼, Hugo & Ottilie setting up shocks south of the house am Agnes & mother weeding garden, in the after noon me, Hugo, Ottilie & part time Alex setting up wheat shoks upon timber claim & shoking oats, wind north west


“  19th  cutting oats & shoking the same Alex & Hugo binding, mowing and raking the oats upon homestead  Agnes & Ottilie cleaning bedsteads mother weeding garden, wind north east in the morning, a little rain shower at noon, wind north in the evening  Barr brought back 13 # 6 oz flour


[Jul 20, 1877]




July 20th  wind north, cool, staking barley, Agnes & Ottilie cleaning bedsteads and washing, mother at her work in garden.


“  21st  wind north, staking barley & oats, weeding garden, Charles sent home in the evening  McClintock of McPherson here, I subscribed for the Independent.


“  Sunday, 22d  wind south west, warm, Hugo herding Alex bothered since some days again with pain in his eyes, I was at Holmes, Alex herding p.m, Hugo out for workhands Ottilie by Bickels a.m. and Bickel & family & Mrs Milo Carter here.


“  23d  wind south, warm, staking the wheat from the timber claim, Agnes & Ottilie helping in the after noon, I fixing racke to red wagon a.m. hauling 2 loads with one wagon a.m. and 5 loads with two wagons for p.m.  Mort. Carter here for the rake but dit not take it, Jim Carter borrowed 6 saks, Charles came bak in the morning, Ottilie at the post office to mail letter to [XXXXX]  I bought fruit trees to the amount of $17 28 from an nursery men from fort Scott to be delivered at Mc Pherson Novbr.


“  24th  wind south warm, staking wheat from the timber claim, George Rino staking 5 loads a.m. and 4 loads p.m.  Ottilie helping upon the stake, Agnes helping Mrs Milo Carter p.m.  Jim Carter borrowed 5 more saks, Frank Morrell came


[Jul 24, 1877]




July 24th  for some more potatoes, having had some yesterday, in all about 1/2 bushel.


“  25th  full moon 1.19 a.m. wind south, helping George Morrell tresh with team, me & Hugo & team a full day & Alex ½ day, Alex helping ½ day a.m. Carters tresh, Agnes helping Mrs Milo Carter Ottilie was at Bickels & George Powers I took 1 peck of potatoes to Morrell


“  26th  wind south, warm, Alex & Hugo helping Morrell tresh with a team.  Jim Carter brought 7 [sack] back & took the railroad iron home.  Ottilie brought some potatoes about 1 peck to Morrells


“  27th  wind south, warm, staking the wheat from the field south of the house, Charles Hurlbert, pitching in the field, finished one stake the second one not done thunderstorm in the evening interfering with the work half a load remaining on the wagon wind turning north & raining all evening


“  28th  wind north, rained during the forpart of the night.  Alex borrowed some cornmeal at Ogdan in the morning, to wet to stake grain, setting up grain drill, Alex & Hugo cleaning stable, Kramer & partner here to see some cattle of Pope & others, stayed here for dinner, wind south


“  Sunday 29th  wind south, warm, Alex borrowed 41½ # of wheat flour (with sack) of Milo Carter, Charles Ledbetter brought back the flour they borrowed some time ago, got the ballance of the wheat south of the house (3 loads ) & finished   


[Jul 29, 1877]




July 29th  Sunday  the staks commenced, Charles Hurlbert helping Alex did go to G. Rino in the evening to get him helping us for to morrow.


“  30th  wind south, warm, some cloudy, staking wheat upon Morrells farm, staking one rick of loose grain but to sandy, big rake did work had & dit tresh out to much staked the bound grain & then staked the ballance of the oats from the timber claim.   McNeese & George Rino helping Charles Hurlbert helping ½ day, a little rain at noon.


“  31st wind south, to much wind for staking grain Alex & Hugo stiring south of the house  Ottilie at the Lily post office, letter of A. T. Mrs, Holloday borrowed 4 # flour took 1 peck of potatoes, Morells boys came for ½ peck of potatoes; Morrell borrowed 10 saks & the shotgun with amunition & [XXXXX] yesterday


August 1st   wind north east, staking wheat from McLeans farm, made two staks of 8 loads build the staks at McNeeses place Agnes prepaired dinner at McNeeses mother & Ottilie washing &c, Ottilie brought a rooster to Morrells, Mrs Howloday came in the evening with her two children to stay for the night, her husband had gone to Newton & she was afreight to stay at home by herself.


[Aug 2, 1877]




August 2d last quarter 4.20 a.m.  wind southeast, warm, staking the ballance of the wheat from McLeans’ farm six loads in one stake, eating dinner with McNeeses Hugo borrowed 38 # of flour (with sak) of Gillem borrowed 17 bush. of oats from M. & J. Carter.  Howloday borrowed the briar sythe to mow slough grass for reaping, the grass sythe was at Morrells and not yet returned.


“  3d  wind south east, cloudy, we wanting to stake the remaining grain upon Morrells farm but could get no help, stiring the ground south of the house with one team a.m. & 2 teams p.m. stiring a small patch in garden for turnips


“  4th  wind south east, raining during the night & befor noon.  Morrell here to trade for Kaiser, Barr brought back the cornmeal he borrowed in the spring, Alex stiring south of the house p.m.  I and Hugo weeding the potatoes Mrs Harrison dit send Woods children for Sewing machine needles, Agnes was at Howlodays & Ledbetters  Charles went home in the evening sowing turnipseed returned the cornmeal to Ogdans.


“  Sunday 5th  wind south east, raining during the night, clear in the morning & warm, McNeese changing one of his steers for the other odd one in the morning.  Alex went to Gypsum creek & stayed most all day, Charles cam back a.m  Doc. Ryno & family and Holloday & family here as visitors; Johnson & Co. here


[Aug 6, 1877]




August 6th  wind southeast, staking grain upon Morrells farm ¾ of a day Barr & Holladay helping, Agnes prepairing dinner at Morrells, P Ritgers here, raining p.m stopping the staking & stiring the remainder of the day south of the house Abe Knobs brought his cow in the morning & cam in the evening to milk her, Ottilie sick an sore throat, Holloday returned [XXXXX] scyth.


“  7th  wind south & warm, stiring with two teams south of the house, Knobs trated his cow of to Bickel, I was at N Koans to see if I kould borrow wheat for a grist which he was willing to do, Ottilie at the C.P.O. & the store Agnes still suffering mother was at John Ledbetters, Ike Ledbetter borrowed wheelharrow.   Holloday brought back the flour he had borrowed, & borrowed file & clevis


“ new moon 11.17 p.m. 8th  wind north west, staking grain upon Morrells farm, Holloday helping, Agnes prepairing dinner at Morrells; thunderstorm in the north very little rain here p.m. not interfearing with the work, Ottilie at Barrs Mrs Holloday & children here thunderstorm & rain & hail in the evening wind east p.m. wind west in the evening


“  9th  wind south west, warm, to wet to stake grain Alex stiring south piece with three horses;  I & Hugo pulling some weeds Hugo at lily P. O.


[Aug 10, 1877]




Mrs John Ledbetter here, Agnes to sew for her


August 10th  wind south west, cloudy, wind increasing & clearing off.  I went with Morrell & Holloday to the sale at Swensons, neither of us bought any thing.  Alex stiring south of the house & finished that field, Agnes working Thompson returned the cooper ax he had borrowed long time ago &, took Weichauses spade with him.


“  11th  wind south west & cloudy, wind changing very often to all direction, thunderstorms all around but no rain here, staking wheat upon Morrells farm,  Hollowday & Thompson helping Agnes prepairing dinner at Morrells a swede from gypsum creek inquiring about too stray mares & one sucking colt, the mares 5 & 6 years old, bay, one dark the other light, Jim Carter took two shares for preacher & the liver for the mower to the shop to sharpen & repair & borrowed the sadle, borrowed 32 ½ # flour of Morrels Charley went home in the evening


“  Sunday 12th  wind north, warm Hugo herding, Alex of on excursion with Kaiser, borrowed 10 bush wheat of Newton Koons, Jim Carter returned sadle & shares, one sharpend only also the liver for mower repaired, Holladay & family here p.m.


[Aug 13, 1877]




August 13th  wind north west, Alex breaking upon his claim I & Hugo & Holloday helping staking the ballance of the wheat upon Morrells farm, raining a good shower befor noon Agnes helping Mrs. Milo Carter, Jim Carter borrowed 7 sacks Morrell returned 3 sacks, Ledbetters returned the ballance of the borrowed flour 7¼ #,  J Ledbetter returned the wheel-harrow had broken one disc 3 ½ day [use]  Milo Carter borrowed the mower & returned the same used about ½ day.


“  14th  wind north, warm, Alex helping treshing by J. Carter 1 day & Agnes helping there prepairing meals, I & Hugo helping treshing with a team by George Ryno ½ day p.m.  I & Hugo helping driving off Popes’ cattel which he had sold out of the herd, Ottilie was at the P.O.C. & store, returned 15# flour to Milo Carter, Holloday got the old bedstead


“ first ¼ 4.28.p.m. 15th  wind south, Alex breaking upon his claim Hugo harrowing the south stiring, I went to Empire to see Lawry & Meek Pope got his money here for his cattle #145 00 I borrowed $20.00 of him, mother brought Alex his dinner Hugo shot two prairie chickens,


[Aug 16, 1877]




August 16th  wind south east, raining during the night got 10 bush of rye of Morrell & borrowed 11 ½ # flour, brought som tallow to Morrells, raining at noon, O. Anderson here, Alex & Hugo helping tresting by Ogdan p.m. I writing a letter to August.


“  17  wind south east, cloudy, Alex 7 Hugo helping treshing by Ogdan ¾ of a day I went to Salina with a grist of 10 bush rey & 10 bush of wheat, Charles Hurlbert going with me, arrieved & [entloadet] a the mill in the evening Alex & Hugo got 25 bush of oats from Ogdan


“  18.  wind south east, very warm, Alex & Hugo got the harrow back from G. Rino & harrowed the ground south.  I bought sundries articles of Campbel & got my watch back, started back about 11 o’clock, & stopped for the night 2 miles north of  [Proxburry,] a man rode with me from Salina.


“  Sunday, 19  wind south east, cloudy north west and thundering, clearing of & warm, I started early on my homeward trip, got stuck in a mud hole by Bickford he and Preach & Cr helping me out, the source a chain broke & one clip came off arrived home at 10 o ‘Clock a.m. & had breakfast Alex & Hugo got a yoke of cattle of Jim Lewis,  Rino’s bro. here.   returned 38# of flour to Gillem, 26½# to Milo Carter 44# to Morrells


[Aug. 20, 1877]




August 20.  wind south, Alex helping Morrell staking, Hugo harrowing the land south, I gone round to see about school business, raining in the afternoon and at night, Agnes was at Ledbetters, Charles Hurlbert here & stayed over night.


“  21  wind north, Alex breaking for R. Weichaus Hugo harrowing the field south & commencing stiring the old barley ground upon Agness claim  [Bickel] here to get a hand to help tresh.


“  22  wind south, Alex breaking for Weichaus a.m & helping tresh for Bickel p.m.  Hugo got the stiring plow of Morrell & breaking for Weichaus p.m. finishing the piece I was at Andersons to see their mare about trading her for Kaiser & at Spoonhaly to collect money but accomplished neither.  Ottilie at the Lily P. O. Agness Ottilie weeding turnips.’


“  23  full moon 5.10 p.m.  wind south, Alex helping tresh by Poickel ¾ day & ¼ day by Sommers,’ Hugo stiring upon Agness claim, I fixing up the stiring plow Powel got the mower & rake in the evening.


“  24  wind south, cloudy but clearing up.  I helping tresh by Geddis’ and Alex helping by Sommers,’ Hugo stiring Holloday got 33 # flour.  Ogdan borrowed 15 ¼ # flour, Wright, Mrs Milo Carter & Charles Hurlbert here


[Aug. 25, 1877]




August 25.  wind east, cloudy. Alex & I helping tresh with a team ½ day, in the afternoon I & Thompson got [rey] of D. Bishop 10 bush. for me & 4 bush. for Thompson Alex got the other yoke of oxen of J. Lewis, Morrell borrowed 5 sacks


“ Sunday 26  wind south, very strong, Alex & Hugo herding, Charles Ledbetter went hom Saturday night & not came back.  George Morrell & family and Thompson & family here, Powel brought medicine for mother for her eys.  Leo bitten by a rattle snake in the morning.


“  27.  wind south, Alex & Hugo stiring upon Agnes claim & commencing stiring in the afternoon upon timber claim.  I fixing up wheelharrow & then cutting sod upon Agnes claim, Charles Ledbetter came back in the morning, Morgan here for the rake but was not returned by Powel then.  Powel brought back mower & rake in the evening had used it 2½ days.


“  28.  wind south, Alex & Hugo stiring upon timber claim I wheelharrowing upon Agnes claim, Hugo was gone for the Docktor at Empire for Holloday Wm. Whright stiring for him ½ day  Hollodays children here, Ottilie at Lily P. O. Barr here for dinner, paid Wm W. 25 cts.


“  29  wind south, warm Alex & I gone to Salina for lumber slept over night 7 miles north of Salina  Hugo & Wm Whright stiring wheat ground upon timber claim Ottilie by Hollodays to attend to Mrs Holloday.


[Aug. 30. 1877]




August 30th  wind south, warm & dusty, arreived at Salina by sun rise, bought muslin, rope [etc.] and loadet two wagons with lumber, bought the nails for the house, 40# 20 s, 45# 8 s, 25# 6 s, 25# 4 s, 8# casing 8s = $5.72, Hugo & Wm stiring wheat ground, Ottilie by Hollodayze, started back from Salina in the afternoon stoped 12 miles north of Salina.


“  last ¼. 3.15 p.m.  31st, wind south, warm, arreived home at noon  Ottilie by Holloday’s, Hugo & Wm stiring, Alex & I cutting corn for the [housside[ & entloading the wagons, Gillem had rake ½ day.


September 1.  wind N E. burning prairie South of the house Hugo & Wm stiring, Alex wheelharrowing but broke down,


“  Sunday 2.  wind northeast Alex & I gone to Salina again for lumber, stopped over night 7 miles sout of Salina George Rino here.


“  3.  wind north east, commencing raining in the morning arrieved at Salina early in the morning but raining almost all day did not start back until 5 p.m. & made about 6 miles Hugo hawling one load of racks.


“  4  wind north east, arrieved home about 5 p.m. est. loading in the wagons, Hugo stiring ½ day & him and Wm hawling a load of racks p.m.


“  5  wind east, Alex & Wm at Holodays during the night.  Alex & I started for Salina again stoped over night 12 miles sout of Salina


[Sept 6, 1877]




September 6.  Arreived at Salina about 10. a.m  Started for home 4 p.m. with lumber fanning mill, Jenny got lame & had her shoed by Blacksmith 7 miles south of Salina where we stopped for the night Hugo & Wm stiring.


“   new moon 7 a.m.  7  wind south east, continued our journey home, broke copling pole north of gipsum creek, & again at [Rakings] left the wagons there & went home with the horses, Hugo & Wm stiring, Mrs Holoday & children here over night, Holoday had gone to Newton Milo Carter used mower & rake ½ day.


“  8  wind south east Alex & I went for the wagons commencing raining befor we had load it again, came home about noon, raining most all day no outside work done, Morrell came for his shingles’ & boards’ and borrowed 2# shingles nails, Ross borrowed 7 ¾ lb [XXXXX]


Sunday “ 9  wind north east, Alex & Wm [putting up pig penn.  Holloday & family here, I was sick from being dispossed to the cold rain, R, Mr Sean, his father & mother and Mrs McGrew here.  Charles went home in the evening.


“  10  wind east, foggy in the morning, Ottilie herding Charles came bak about 9 a.m. & had to [hunt] for four calves he had lost yesterday evening, I am still sick, me Alex & Wm endloading the wagons, fixing wheelharrow and then wheelharrowing far [rey] south of creek, Wm hunting for the missing calves a.m.  Hugo found the calves at Thompsons.


“ 11  wind south east, Alex & Wm worken far [rey] ground south of creek, Hugo, Agnes & Ottilie went to Roxburry bringing lumber & [XXXXX] [XXXXX] to the [carpenter] to make the [frames]


[Sept 10, 1877]




September 11  Morrell borrowed coal oil Agnes bought ½ doz cups & saucers at 75 cts , ½ doz plates at 75 cts & one dish at 50 cts.  I send a letter to Sen. Schury


“  12  wind south, Alex & Wm treshing by McNeeses & Eckraid, Hugo & I worken at the [rey] ground J Ledbetter borrowed the ½ in. bit, Milo Carter the fanning mill, old man Dole here enquiring for mowers to use next week


“  13  wind south, Alex & Wm treshing by McNeese & Eckroid, Hugo wheelharrowing on the [rey] ground.  Milo Carter brought back the fanning mill, I still sick wheather cloudy.


first quarter 5.8 a.m. “  14  wind south,  cloudy, raining some at intervals.  Hugo & Wm stiring, Alex drilling in [rey] south of creek Milo Carter borrowed 3/8 bit & brace, 

“  15,  wind north, Alex drilling the ballance of the [rey] a.m. 7 bush upon 7 acres in all Hugo stiring, Wm was called home in the morning, Milo Carter brought back 3/8 bit & brace, Ottilie [dit] go to Bickels to borrow tape line, John Ledbetter brought back ½ in. bit.  Ogdon killed his beef.  Caty lost her colt during the night.


Sunday “  16  wind north, Charley went home last night Wm came back in the morning & was herding Alex & Hugo riding around to get help for treshing to morrow, Wm Vermilion here bringing a letter of foster & Banks  R & J. McLean here for drill &


[Sept 17, 1877]




and mowing for hay, Morrell here for treshing bussines, G. Rino here.


Septebr:  17  wind north, treshing by Morrell with 3 hands & team a.m. & treshing by me p.m. Morrell helping with 2 hands & team, McNeese helping for me all day.  Wm & Hugo stiring a.m. & helping treshing p.m.  Agnes helping Mrs Morrell a.m. & then prepairing supper there for the treshers.  Ogdan got the drill for [R] McLeans in the morning


“  18  wind south west, treshing & stiring, McNeese helping, Mr. Morrell helping 4 hands & team, Agnes & Ottilie prepairing meals by Morrells.  Milo Carter & George Rino helping Eckroid got wheelharrow in the evening


“  19  wind south, treshing all of us, McNeese Milo Carter & G. Rino helping a.m. Morrell helping a.m. with 2 hands & team, the wheat from the 30 acres brought 150 bush. (75’ for each) of the poorest quality, hauled it home & 14 bush from Morrell for Milo Carter.  we run 8 bush trough fanning mill & got 6 bush for milling  Wm & Hugo gattering corn & getting some hay, Alex fixing stable for horses’


“  20  wind south, running 14 bush of wheat trough fanning mill and had 8 bush for milling, me, mother, Agnes & Alex gone with two teams to Salina, got 6 bush of rey of Bishop to take to mill, Manty got a sore shoulder we came to the spring 12 miles south of Salina where we stopped over night Morrell with his team went with us:  Ogdan got the mower in the morning.  Wm   [XXXXX[ Hugo stiring for wheat.


[Sept 21, 1877]




Septr: 21  Dale got the mower of Ogdan in the morning.  wind south, we arreived at Salina in the morning, proved up on my preemption & on Agnes homestead (comutation, paid) borrowed 600 dollar of Banks & foster and homesteaded the north ½ of the south ½ of Sec 4. loadet some lumber on one wagon bought Collar [etc] for manty bought a pair of boots for Wm (1.50) started for home in the evening & stopped over night in the school house near gypsum creek, Morrell had loaded part of my grist.  McNeese brought back wheelharrow at noon.  Hugo & Wm stiring. 


Full moon 9/34 a.m.  “  22  wind south, arreived home about noon got our grist of Morrell, George Powers summoned Alex for road work.  Stripling presented me the note given to Egmann which I redeemed.  John Ledbetter borrowed 25 ½ # of flour.  Hugo & Wm stiring


Sunday “  23  wind south, end loadet Ogdans wagon & brought it home, I was at J. McLeans to see about my drill, Holladay here am and in the evening.


“  24  wind south, John McLean brought back the drill in the morning, B. Thornborugh here for mower,  H. [Koons] for wheelharrow Bolden for mowing for hay & fixing collars, Alex & Hugo fixing wheelharrow & hawling hay a.m.  Wm stiring for wheat, Hugo drilled wheat south of the house p.m.  Alex wheelharrowing upon Agnes claim p.m.


[Sept 25, 1877]




Septr. 25  wind south, Hugo sick could not work, I drilled wheat south of the house, Alex wheelharrowing upon Agnes claim.  Wm stiring for wheat upon timberclaim, Charley took sick and went home Ottilie herding, Holloday got 22 1/2 # flour wind changing west & raining in the evening.


“  26.  wind south, raining some during the night Hugo still sick, Ottilie hereding, Geddis brought his cow in the morning.  I drilled in wheat a.m. south of the house, cleaning wheat & drilled upon Agnes claim p.m.  Alex wheelharrowing there, Wm stiring a.m. & harrowing p.m. upon timber claim  Mr. Dale brought back mower & rake.  Wm was called home in the evening.


“  27.  wind south, Ottilie sick.  Alex herding a.m.  I riding around seeking for a boy to herd took Howard Eckroid home with me at noon, Hd herding p.m.  Alex working the road hauling rake.  I was going for a carpenter, John McLean got the mower & rake in the morning.  Geddis cleaning wheat a.m.  Ross got 16# flour.


“  28  wind south, Agnes Hugo & Ottilie still sick Alex drilling wheat upon Agnes claim a.m. & wheelharrowing there p.m.  I was out for a carpenter & got some sweet potatoes at G. Powers drilling wheat p.m.  Charles Hurlbert came in the evening to work here J Custer in the field in the evening, G. Ryno got 26# flour.


[Sept 29, 1877]




September 29.  wind south, Alex harrowing a.m. upon timber claim & wheelharrowing p.m. upon Agnes claim I drilling wheat upon Agnes claim.   Charles Hurlbert cutting corn a.m. got sick at noon & went home.

“  Sunday 30  last quarter 9.20 a.m.  wind south, Howard went home in the morning came back p.m. Alex herding a.m.  I was out to see stabler about building the house.  Holloday’s & Mrs. Thompson here, Thompson borrowed the drill.


October 1st  wind south, I drilling wheat upon Agnes claim Alex wheelharrowing a.m. & he & Charles’ Hurlbert harrowing p.m.  there horse Kaiser sick/lame in the back joint


“  2d  wind south, raining during the night, in the morning drilled wheat p.m. finished upon Agnes claim.  Alex & Charles harrowing upon timber claim p.m.  Hugo still sick with the ague.


“  3d  wind north & raining, Charles herding, Alex fixing stable, Mrs. Eckroid here I at Canton P. O.  Mr. J. Thornburgh here.


“  4d  wind south, front during the night, Powel & Milo Carter here.  Alex & Charles harrowing upon timber claim, I cutting sugar cane.  Thornburgh brought back mower & rake.


[Oct 5, 1877]




October 5.,  wind south, I dit go with one team to Salina arreived there at night & stayed at the livery stable, Alex cutting hay, Agnes, Ottilie & Charles & Hugo cutting sugar cane a.m.  Charles & Hugo gathering pumpkins upon timber claim p.m.  Robert Weichaus arreived here at noon.


“  6, new moon [XXXXX] p.m.  wind north, raining at Salina all day very heavy p.m.  I bought some goods, attend to business at J. [Geist Co.]  Alex mowing hay a.m.  Charles fixing stable a.m.  raining p.m. & no work done,  Weichaus worked at his claim had his [XXXXX] here.


“  Sunday 7  wind north, I started for home, took [fred] Richlmeyer to build my house, a boy at the Wheeler & Almore family also rod up with me, John Ogdan comencing herding, Charles & Hugo & Ottilie got 115 # sweet potatoes of S. Hurlbert, I arreived home 10 p.m.  Thompson & wife here.


“  8,  wind north, fred commencing building house.  I ground a sickle for mower & went to Roxburry for my door & window frames, Alex mowing hay p.m.  Charles cutting corn upon homestead a.m. & harrowing upon timber claim p.m.


“  9  wind south, Alex mowing hay a.m.  Kaiser not any better,  & Alex shoveling rocks for foundation p.m.  Ross helping load the same.  I got three bush. of corn at Weichaus  Charles left in the morning after breakfast to go to McPherson [XXXXX]  the [fair] fred Richlmeyer framing the lumber for the house.  Mrs J. Dale here


[Oct 10, 1877]



October 10th  wind south, Ogdan borrowed the rake.  Alex got a barrel lime at G. Ryno.  fred, Alex & I fixing foundation for the house & setting up the frame, G Ryno & family here, we killing a skunk which had its quaters made under the lumber for the house.  Ottilie at  Thompsons p.m.


“  11th  wind south, setting up frame of the house  Alex mowing for hay & got 15 bush of corn from Weichaus.    


“  12th  wind south, I gone to Salina for the rest of the lumber, came to Salina at night, put up at the lumber yard


“  13th  first quater 9.42 p.m.  wind south, loadet the wagon, got my homestead papers, Ogdan loadet my bricks & Almore the ballance of the lumber stayed over night at the mill, raining all night.


“  Sunday 14th  wind north & cold, started for home road very bad came to gypsum creek in the evening, stayed there over night.


[Oct 15, 1877]




October 15th  wind north, cold & raining, started for home stayed at the Roxburry store for some trading & settlement & arreived at home by noon.   raining very hard all day.


“  16th  wind north, raining most all day, I & Ottilie dit go to McPherson p.m.  a.m. I got the lumber from Almore, Ogdan brought the briks


“  17th  wind north drizling rain all day,  I got the remaining pieces to Window frames from Roxburry p.m. bought some meat & tallow there G. Wheeler got Mudys Wagon a.m.


“  18th  wind north, raining, Ottilie went to the Canton P. O. p.m.  Bolden paid for the use of the mower for ½ day with $1. 00 & borrowed 35# of wheat flour.  John Ledbetter here.


“  19th  wind north & raining, hauled some corn at Weichaus’s claim, Kaiser died in the evening.


“  20th  wind north & raining all day, no outside work done.


“  Sunday 21st  wind north, fair weather, Pope here I paid him back $20. 00 I had borrowed of him.


[Oct 22, 1877]




October 22d  full moon 1.30 a.m. , wind south, fair, got the ballance of the corn from Weichaus’s claim & hauled a load of hay.  B. White here to borrow saks of flour but we had none to spare.  July had her eye hurt.  Ottilie got butter at Eckroids & was at Canton P.O.


“  23  wind south, Mrs Eckroid & McNeese here P. Ritgers here & Wild & two others for dinner.  Ottilie at Lily P. O. to mail letters to Washington, [Rectanur], August [XXXXX] Alex raking hay.  I helping build at the house.


“  24.  wind south, Alex raking hay a.m. hauling hay & fixing stable p.m.  John Ledbetter got the rake p.m. 


“  25,  wind south, rainy, clearing at about 9 O.clock.  Alex helping tresh by M. Carter I helping at the house  Ledbetter brought back rake in the evening, wind changing north p.m.  Geddis fanning wheat.


“  26  wind south, comencing shinglen the house  Alex helping tresh by Milo Carter ¼ day  Ottilie helping Mrs Carter, Bolden brought back 35# of flour


“  27  wind north east, Alex cutting grass for Ross ¾ day  Agnes & Ottilie [picking] corn.  Alex hauling it p.m.  I helping shinglen the house, Gillem here to borrow soap, Almore here to borrow the rake but was promised to Ross


[Oct 27, 1877]




Oct. 27,  Newton fellows here


Oct. Sunday 28th  wind south, changing to north west, storing the most of the floring boards in the house to kep the same try, Ross borrowed Horse & rake ½ day & borrowed 33 ½ # shorts


“  29th  last ¼ 8.21 a.m.    wind north & cold, sowing wheat upon timber claim.  Gillem here in the evening


“  30th  wind north & cold, sowing wheat upon timber claim.  Ottilie by Gillems helping there Agnes got the nails (10# 10p) by Gillem.


“  31  wind north & cold sowing wheat upon timber claim, James Lewis here, Almore here in the evening  Ottilie by Gillems


November 1st  wind northwest very cold, Alex finishing sowing upon timber claim.  I was at Empire to get nails (25# 8p.) Coffee Sugar & Rice.  Ottilie at Gillems, Mrs Thornburg and Mrs Eckroi here two men from McPherson township here.  raining during night.


“  2d  wind north west.  I gone to Castor and bought a bull calf for $4.50  Alex plowing fire gards p.m. & got 6 bush of Barley from Mort. Carter, John Ogdan went home in the morning.  p.m. Alex & I plowed for firegard.  Ottilie herding.


“  3d  wind north, I & Alex brought home the calf from Castor & got a load of sand from Alex claim, hauled hay for cattle & horses.  Ottilie herding, freddy Ryno got 5# flour


[Nov 4, 1877]




Novbr. 4th Sunday  wind north, hauled a load hay for the cattle.  Mr. Thompson brought back the sacks he had borrowed  Mrs. Thompson here also.  G. Ryno here & borrowed 3 sacks, Mort. Carter brought breaking plow home.


“  5th new moon 2.48 a.m.  wind north & cold I went to Newton with 4 sacks of grain to mill half for me & half for G. Ryno, I borrowed my part of Ryno.  Ryno buildet the chimney Alex helping him ¾ day.  I arreived at Newton late at night & stoped at Schusters stable


“  6th  wind north & cold, I attendit to my business at Newton & loadet my wagon with lumber coal [XXXXX] and stayed over night at Schuster stable again, G. Ryno about [1/2] day at the chimney, election for town & county officers.


“  7th  wind south, cold, snowing & raining, I came with the wagon about within 7 miles of home, very dark & a bad road.  I left the wagon & went home with the horses.  Agnes [XXXXX] gathered the cabage.


“  8th  wind north & very cold.  I & Alex went with four oxen to get the wagon, we came home in the p.m. and hauled a load of hay.


“  9th  wind north, we moved to the new house & hauled a load of hay for the horses.  Morrell borrowed 26 ½ # flour.  Ogdan borrowed 6 sacks.


[Nov 10, 1877]




Novbr 10th  I went to McPherson to get fruit trees pm wind south & cold, Milo Carter here in the morning, handit me $10 00 to pay to Heath & Barns each $5 00 for J. D. Carter.  Jim Carter here p.m. came home late at night.  Wm Kiles little dog had followed me.  Agnes pm digging potatoes.


“  Sunday 11th  wind south, Mr. Thompson here a.m.  Alex at Ogdans & Morrells, G Ryno here p.m. got coaloil & salt and took his trowels & Wm. Kiles dog home.  I set the fruit trees [XXXXX] in trenches.  Ogdan’s girls here.


“ first quarter [5.44] pm 12th  wind south, digging potatoes, hauling hay & got lumber at Morrell (2 p. 4x4 at feet long, 2 p. 2x6, 16 feet long, 4p. 2x4, 12 feet long) borrowed stiring plow of Pope.  Ryno brought back [sacks].


“  13th  wind south very strong, cloudy, digging potatoes, Alex gathering some corn, calf Jim missing found it in a hole & had to dig it out.  Mort Carter borrowed the fanning mill


“  14th  wind north, some rain during the night & thunderstorm in the early part of the night, digging potatoes, hauling hay


“  15th  wind north, treshing the grain by McNeese Summers, Bickel, M. Carter & ¾ Morrell helping ¼ day  James Carter ¾ day. got 140 bushel 82 for my part & 58 for R McLean.  burning firegard


“  16  wind north, treshing by Morrell ½ day with [2 hands &] team.  hauled 40 bush of Barley home to store for Morrell hauling hay. 


[Nov 17, 1877]




November 17  wind south, digging potatoes, gathering corn & fixing at the horse stable, Killing a pig.


“  Sunday 18.  wind south.  Ledbetter family here  Alex & Buehlmeyer at the Canton Post Office.


“  19th  wind south, treshing for Morrell with 2 hands & one team.


“  full moon 4.19 p.m.  20th  wind south, treshing for Morrell ¼ day with one team & 2 hands and for Ogdan ¼ day with 2 hands moving the Tresher to our place and treshing 60 bush of oats & 48 bush of Barley.   McNeese, Ogdan (Moore), Morrell & Bickel & Ledbetter, Milo Carter helping ¼ day Morrells team ¼ day


“  21st  wind north, treshing wheat, Pope & Thornburgh dit not come until near noon when Pope made its appearance with Thornburghs horse Popes horses here in the morning worked Bickels’ horses a.m. for Thornburghs Ledbetter all day on Machine hand & McNeese ¼ day.  Morrell, Ogdan (Moore), Bickel, McNeese, Sommers, Milo Carter (Gillem ½ day) all day & Wm Whreight ½ day, treshing [200 ½] bush.  Morrell brought a sack of flour 88# with sack.


[Nov 22, 1877]




November 22d  wind north, treshing wheat about ½ hour when the tresher broke treshed 15 bush and all left for home.  Thornburgh not here.  Ledbetter worked in his place, Morrell Ogdan (Moore) Bickel, Gillem & Wm Whright here for helping.  Working at the stable, Mrs Bickel here, hauling straw.


“  23d  wind north, Buehlmeyer finished the house about noon, we fixing stable.  Ottilie brought back Carters sacks & was at the Lily P. O.


“  24ds  wind north, Buehlmeyer went to Sharpe creek, riding Caty, in the morning Alex stiring hedgerow at his claim a.m.  Ottilie brought trowel back to Bickels, John Carter brought fanning mill back.  raining p.m.  put the horses in the old dugout.  Ledbetters children here with team.


“  Sunday 25th  wind north, cold, staked the cattle around the straw stake Ross brought back 16# flour.  Buehlmeyer came back p.m. 


“  26th  wind north, treshed the rest of the wheat 25 bush. (in all 75 bush by Morrell, 82 bu by McLean & 240 here and 60 bush oats & 48 of barley) Ledbetter McNeese, Gillem & Sommers helping.


[Nov 27, 1877]


[Not transcribed.  Too dim to read.]


[Dec 1, 1877]






Dec. 5d  wind west.


“  6th  wind south west, Alex helping Gillem moving his house.


“  7th  wind south west,  Alex gone to Newton for coal, Mr Rino & Mr. Meeks here.


“  8th  wind south, Alex came home from Newton with coal & diverse other articles.  Alex bought G. Rinos colt.


“  Sunday 9th  wind south, George Rino here & fixing north wall, Eckrois girls here.


“  10th  wind south, Alex & Hugo gathering corn.


“  11th  wind south, Alex helping tresh by Milo Carter, Sommers here for sacks for millet seed [20 bush. 10 sacks, 50# pr bush.)  Alex helping tresh by Milo Carter ½ day


[Dec 12, 1877]



December 12th  first ¼, 3.32 p.m.   wind south west, Alex & I got the millet seed of Sommers, Ross borrowed the low wagon,


“  13th  wind north, I hunting for 4 [oz equaliver] building chicken house, burning west fireguard & Morrell got 31 ½ # Salt & 6 sacks.  Ross brought back the wagon & took the plow.


“  14th  wind south west, finishing the chicken house, hauling long grass for the roof and got the chickens over in the evening, commencing taking down old stable, Ross brought the plow back.


“  15th  wind west, we hawling two loads of hay, got 2 pieces of lumber 2’ x 6’ and 16 feet long from Morrell, Mrs. Ryno here got 16# flour.


“  16th   Sunday  wind west, cloudy, fixing log for privy & fixing at the hay rake.  Mrs Elliott, Ida and Mrs Thompson here for dinner, Mr T. O Holloran here a.m.  G. Ryno here in the evening and got 93# flour


“  17th  wind south west, cloudy & raining, John McLean here for settlement, taking down old stable & hawling up one load.


“  18th  wind south west, raining, pulling up rest of the old stable & hawling it up to the strawstake,  putting up frame and posts for cattle shed, Hugo at the Lily P.. O. John Gillem borrowed 29# flour


[Dec 19, 1877]




Decbr 19th  wind southwest, raining most all day, Mrs. Ecroid here for settlement, fixing some at the cattle shed.


“  full moon 5.51 a.m.  20th     wind south, cloudy, raining some.  Mr. Barr here for settlement & borrowed 13 ¾ # flour.  Wm Dale here with a mare & cow.


“  21st.  wind south east, cloudy, Morrell here and got 2 pieces 4x4x16 feet long and 64 # of flour we had borrowed by treshing.  We commenced to dig for horse stable, Gillem & Bell Smith here a.m.  I went to Thompsons.  Alex & Hugo got the road scraper & hunted for Morrells big rake but dit not find it.


“  22d  wind south east, raining most all night, I went to Morrells for nails he bought for me at Newton.  Alex & Hugo gathering some corn & fixing at the cattle shed.


“ Sunday 23d  wind south, clear & warm, G. Rino here, Mr. Dale here to pay for the use of the mower, Alex & Hugo at Alex claim.


“  24th  wind south, warm, I went to McPherson to pay my taxes, Agnes at Bickels Alex & Hugo hawled hay upon cowshed & digging out on new stable, Pope here for settlement, but I was not at home.


[Dec 25, 1877]




Decbr. 25th  wind north, clear, gattering a load of corn, cleaning wheat for the mill Ottilie at Lily P. O.  Barr & Vermilion here.  I agreed to take corn from Haywood for payment from Barr at the rate of 20 ct per bush.  B. Thornbrough & Joe Morriss here


“  26th  wind north, very foggy, drizzling, I started with a grist to Salina, stopped over night 13 miles south of Salina, Mrs Thompson here.  Bringing the farm implements to the house


“  last quarter 0.20 a.m. 27th  wind north, drizzling, fogg, arreived at Salina at noon stayed over night at the mill, Alex & Hugo snapping corn & staking at ground for breaking prairie upon timber claim east of creek.  J. Barr here


“  28th  wind north, cold & cloudy, started with my grist for home, stopped over night by J Hagget at gysum creek, fixing corrall for colts  Alex got a sore hand & had to stay in the house.  G. Rino had 14 ¼# flour


“  29th  wind north, cold, some snow in the wind arreived home at noon.  Hugo fixing at the cattle shed, Alexs hand very bat putting on poultice’s.


“ Sunday 30th  wind north & cold, Hugo brought G. Rino’s grist over & stayed there all day Wm Wright came home with Hugo & stayed over night  Mr & Mrs Thompson here.  Alex’s hand [broke]


[Dec 31, 1877]




in the morning & was easzer.


December 31st  wind north & cold, Wm Wright stayed here all day & helping to haule a load of corn & a load of hay, I went to Thompson to see about the damage the colts had done in his barn, Jim Ledbetter here.  Hull’s borrowed some castor oil.  Ottilie brought the spirit [lowel] to Bickels.




January 1st  wind north, clear, I was at the post office at Lily & at Rynos for trading the pony & old wagon for their wagon, Bolden here to summon me for the trial upon the the suit Jim Ledbetter had brought against me.  Baar here in the evening

“  2d  wind north, Sommers here.  Leard here Alex hand brok at another place, but still very much swollen & painfull


“ new moon 9.19 a.m. 3d  wind north, I went to McPherson to execute an affidavit concerning my pension claim & mailed it from McPherson, dit consult Dr George about Alex hand & brought home two stiring plows from Heath to be paid Novbr. 1st with $30 00  came home at midnight.


“ 4th  wind north, fixing horse stable, Janny sick Hugo went to Eckroyd and got the syringe back. 


[Jan 5, 1878]




January 5th  wind north, clear & cold.  I went to Squire Bolden to attend to the suit against me by J Ledbetter, postponed to Jan: 26th.  Mr Russell & two sons here for visitors all day, Ottilie borrowed at Morrells 2 ¾# of butter and 5# pork, Hugo got the medicine Barr brought from Salina for me.


“  Sunday 6th  wind south east, clear & cold, Alex’s hand still very bad and painfull  Howard Eckroyd here all day.


“  7th  wind south west, cloudy & cold, John Ledbetter here in the morning to settle Jim’s case, he took my former proposition and he to pay the cost, I went to Ofields to see if Dr George had come and to Leard to whom I paid $1.50 for Pickering.  Newton Koons got his 10 bush. wheat here I had borrowed of him.


“  8th  wind south west, Hugo & I snaping 8 rows of corn, C & G. Ryno & familys here, we got the corn & a load of hay home, Agnes & Ottilie at Hulls.


“  9th  wind north west, John Ogdan brought a sack back, Sommers here hunting for a lost horse, I was at the Lily P. O.  Hugo at Barr’s and got our Canton mail, we hauled a load of hay.  John Ledbetter got 24 bush wheat & 5 sacks


[Jan 9, 1878]




January 9th  Ryno’s here to trade for the pony & the old wagon, the want the trade open until Saturday


“  10th  wind north west, Hugo & I got a load of hay.  fred Moon here, Dr George here to see to Alex hand.


“ first ¼ 1.27 a.m. 11th  wind north, foggy, stored a load of hay above the horses, rayning & snowing.

 “  12th  cleaning out the cattle shed & fixing wind breaks at each end, Wm Whright brought back 5 sacks & borrowed shoe lasts & hammer.


“ Sunday 13th  wind north, snowing & stormy, snowtrift in the horsestable, trowing the snow out and stopping up the craks, Wm Whright & Chas. Ledbetter here, brought back the hammer & shoelasts.


“  14th  wind west, clear, frost during the night shoveling snow to clear entrance to the horsestable.


“  15th  wind north, McAllister & Gillem here to clean wheat with the fanning mill, gathering a load of corn & shooting a prairie chicken, [Joe] & Bill Dale here paid them the [$2 00] John Dale had overpaid me.  Ottilie a L. P. O.


“  16th  wind north, McCord of Roxburry here, Pope here for settlement, hauling a load of hay


“  17th  wind north west, fair, shoveling the snow away behind the horsestable, Killing a hog p.m.


[Jan 18, 1878]




January 18th full moon 7.27 p.m.  wind south, cutting up the hog, Ottilie at C. P.O. & the store


“  19th  wind north, gathering corn a.m.  McNeese here for settlement, Alex & Hugo got part of the corn.


“ Sunday 20th  wind north west, Agnes & Ottilie at Morrels & Ogdans, Halls girl here, G. Rino here to return some sacks, got 106# flour & 3 sacks & 7# meat.


“  21st  wind north west, fair, frost during the night I had a sore leg, got a load of hay & one of corn, cleaning out stable. Alex at Morrells.


“  22d  wind north, Ottilie at L. P. O.  Haywood brought 33 ¾ bush of corn for Barr, fixing a place for the corn in the stable.  Powel & Carters here for some machine needles.


“  23d  wind north west cloudy.  Alex at the C P. O.  Barr here, Sommers here for money, I paid him $3 00.


“  24th  wind north west, I & Ottilie at McPherson got 2 Ox yokes at Waugh.  Alex & Hugo got a load of cornstalks.


“ last ¼ 11.6 a.m. 25th  wind south, cloudy.  Hulls got a window, making soap of 2 boxes ly, Tigert had the low [wheeled] wagon.  C. Bolden here, Milo Carter here for settlement.  Ottilie at Morrels exchanging potatoes for cornmeal.


[Jan 26, 1878]




January 26th  wind south, raining some during the night wind changing to north got a load of hay Channey Ryno got 24# of flour.


“ Sunday 27th  wind west, fair, Alex, Hugo at George Rynos.


“  28th  wind east, cloudy, Brindle had a bull calf in the morning, got two load of corn from the field east of the creek, Baldwin here in the morning, Milo Carter here at noon for some castor oil.


“  29th  wind east, commencing raining in the morning wind changing north rain turning into snow, snowing all day.


“  30th  wind north & cold, cloudy, fixing some on cattle shed, moving pigpen.


“  31st  wind north, cold, cloudy, fixing fenz around the straw stake, heaping up manure p.m.


February 1st  wind north & cold, fair.  G. Ryno here, Alex at C P. O. & Store.


“ new moon 3.33 a.m. 2d wind north, fair, Ottilie to L. P.O. & Store & Co.  Agnes at Geddis’s p.m.  D Ryno here to borrow wheat untill next harvest at 30 per centum to be returned in kind. We hawled a load of hay.  Libby Eckroid came with Agnes & stayed here the night.


“ Sunday 3th  wind north, cold, fair, Libby Eckoid went home a.m.  Adam Sterzerbach & Link here for dinner & p.m.


“  4th  wind west, cold, fair, Halls girl here, Mrs Tigert here, a stranger with team here for a township road scraper, we fixing


[Feb 4, 1878]




February 4th  calf pen and corncrib


“  5th  wind south very strong, D Ryno here and got 8 bush of wheat to be returned after harvest with 50 per cent (12 bush).  James Barr here borrowed a spade, we fixing corncrib, Ottilie went to L. P.O. to mail Letters to August & Charles Schulz and to Weichaus.  hauling a load of hay.  Tigert got a duck.


“  6th  wind south & strong, cloudy, gathered two load of corn from old timberland, Halls got the little dog.



“  7th  wind north, foggy, rain early in the morning and during the night.  Milo Carter here for some fenz wire and borrowed brase, 3/8 bit, flour sive & the book Bayard on the constitution raining mostly all day, Hall’s dog came back again here.


“  8th  wind north, rain, snow during the night & most all day, I took sick in the night & could not leave the bed in the morning.


“  9th  wind north, still snowing, very disagreeable.  Hugo went to Gillems to send the Dr to see me as soon he would come there.


1st quater 7.57 a.m.

“ Sunday 10th wind north, clear, Dr Hastings’ here in the afternoon.


“  11th  wind north, clear, Milo Carter here also G. Ryno & Mr Waugh to whom I paid $3 00 the ballance on the [XXXXXXXXXX] 2.75 for G. Ryno, Ryno got some meat 8[lbs] 1.00.  Hugo & Alex got a load of hay


[Feb 12, 1878]




February 12th  wind south, Ottilie at the L. P. O, hunting up the plow shares.


“  13th  wind south, raining, hauling a load of hay.  Alex at Canton Store & P. O.


“  14th  wind north, cloudy & cold.  Tigert got the [stalyard], Mathews here from whom I redeemed the rate given to Kelly for horse Kaiser.


“  15th  wind south, changeable.  Milo Carter here Ottilie at Morrells for butter


“  16th  wind south, cloudy, Alex at Morrells for [69#] wheat flour, Alex & Hugo gathering some corn, helping putting out fire at [Sec. 9]  Milo Carter here in the morning.


“ 17th   full moon 6.33 a.m. Sunday.  wind southwest, fair.  Alex, Hugo & Ottilie got the corn in the morning which had been gathered yesterday, Agnes had scrubed the house last evening.  Morrell & family here for dinner also Wm Wright & Charles Ledbetter. G. Ryno & family here in the evening for supper Wm Wright & Charles Ledbetter also.


“  18th  wind south, fair, Alex at the blacksmith shop with the plows, blacksmith out of coal & not at home. gathering a load of corn east of creek & hauling it home.  G. Ryno got the old wagon.


“  19th  wind south, very warm, hauling two load of hay, Ottilie at the L. P. O.  Sommers here, Hodge moving granary past here


[Feb 20, 1878]



februar 20th   wind south, cloudy & fogy, hauling a load of long grass upon corncrib & cattle shed hauling & gathering a load of corn to the horse stable from timberland, wind changing to north & raining p.m.


“  21st  wind north, cloudy, Alex at gypsum creek for [oddesse] wheat, I & Hugo gathering the ballance of the corn east of creek, Ottilie helping by hauling it (2 loads) Tigert returned the scale.  Alex got 14# of flour of Barr.


“  22d  wind north, I & Alex got the plow of James Lewis & an old stove of McComb, took back the spade Barr had borrowed.  Hugo gathered 10 rows of corn upon old timberland & we hauled it p.m.


“  23th  last ¼ 10.29.p.m.  wind north, we killed our two hogs one 302 3/4# the other 260#


“  24th  Sunday  wind north, cold, Mr & Mrs Eckroid & two children here for dinner.  Mr & Mrs G. Ryno here for dinner & supper.  Mr Link here for dinner, he took Leo with him.  G. Ryno got 14# of salt.


“  25th  wind north, cold, I & Alex at his claim Hugo fixing up the old breaking plow.  Ottilie at Morrells, we cleaned 48 bush. of wheat for a grist.  Alex got Morrells wagon


“  26th  wind south.  I & Alex started with two wagons for Newton, 16 bush. on each wagon, got stuck in the mud in a few [blaces] left a plow [etc] at blacksmith shop at Spring valley & arreived at Shavers


[Feb 27, 1878]




8 miles of Newton, where we stopped over night.


februar 27th  wind south, warm, arreived at Newton at 11 a.m. entloadet grist & bought a few articles started for home at 3. p.m.  Ordered a [XXXXX] binder by Lynch.  Hugo commenced breaking but could not work the plow & commenced trimming peachtrees.  I & Alex stayed over night again at Shavers I bought of him 4 bush of corn at 0.20 per bush.


“  28th  wind south, very strong, started for home in the morning, got the plow at Spring Valley & arreived home 5. p.m.  A man of Marrion Co here to buy the bull, returned the wagon and 65# flour to Morrells.  Ottilie sick an sore throat.


March 1st  wind north, raining, stored away the grist.  G. Ryno here returned the low wagon & took his sulky home got 107# flour & 5 ¼# meat


“  2th  wind north, cold, Alex out for spring wheat but got none.  Mrs Thompson here & got

21# of salt.  Alex & Hugo fixing corrall for the colts.  Hulls returned the 6# of meat he had borrowed.  Lea came back in the morning.


“  3th Sunday new moon 10.33 p.m.   wind north, Hugo gone to Marion City.  Link here to get Lea again, Wm Wright here bouth for dinner.  Agnes gone to Morrells Hulls got 6 ¾ # of flour.


“  4th  wind south, cleaning wheat for seed, hauling a load of hay, Alex & Hugo got a plow truck of McNeese.  Cramer & others here to trade for the bull.  fixing a hay bed to low wagon.


[Mar 5, 1878]




March 5th  wind north west, Mr Wolff here to fix lightning rod to the house.  Sowing wheat (6 bush) upon Alex claim.  I drilling, Alex harrowing & Hugo wheelharrowing.  Agnes at C. P.O.


“  6th  wind north west, Sowing wheat upon Alex claim (6 bush again) ¾ of a day, in all 12 bush to the whole piece; hauling a load of hay, Alex at L. P. O.  The wheat upon Alex claim the red may a winter wheat.


“  7th  wind south, cloudy & foggy in the morning, wind increasing & clearing off, rigging breaking plow but could not burn of the old grass, to much wind.  stiring with two ox teams upon homestead p.m. about ¾ acres.  Ledbetter here in the morning borrowing shoelasts.  Bookmaster here for dinner, wanting to trade a horse for cattle & provision


“  8th  wind south very hard, stiring upon homestead with two plows (one yoke of oxen & 3 horses) I gathering corn, hauling one load in the evening, Agnes washing, Ottilie better again


“  9th  wind south, stiring with two plows (3 horses & 2 oxen) upon homestead & orchard, I gathering a load corn a.m. and p.m. I trimmed the peach trees & me & Alex hauled a load of corn, Hugo commenced harrowing.  Charles Hulbert here for dinner, he had J. Evans cow here.


[Mar 10, 1878]




March 10th Sunday  wind north, cold, Hugo at Alex claim hunting for his knife he had lost when working there.


“  11th  first ¼ 11.17 p.m.  wind south, commencing plowing for barley upon Morrells farm with two plows I was at Morrells got two cherry trees & some lilacs raining in the evening wind changing to east.  Eckroid & wife here cleaning wheat upon fanning mill, McAllister here cleaning wheat.  Ross here to borrow breaking plow & spade.


“  12th  wind north, raining some during the night.  Alex & Hugo plowing for barley upon Morrells farm.  I fixing up harness for Monty a.m. a traveler here for dinner  I harrowd land near the house p.m.  C. Ryno here & got 12 bush of wheat to pay back after harvest with 18 bush.  Agnes at C.P.O. Ottilie at L. P.O.  Ledbetter got 23 ¼# of flour & two sacks, Ryno borrowed for his wheat 4 sacks.


“  13th  wind north west, Alex & Hugo plowing upon Morrels farm for barley, I harrowing near the house.  McKinstry of Hutcheson here.  Ottilie at Canton store.


“  14th  wind north west, very warm.  Quilting gathering Mrs. Thornbourg, Ogdan, Morrell, McNeese, Eckroid and L. Eckroid here.  C. Ryno returned the four sacks.  Alex & Hugo & I hauled a load of hay after that.  Hugo was plowing at Morrells.  Alex & I hauled a load of corn.  Alex plowing & I fixing marker & market grapery sides.


[Mar 15, 1878]




March 15th  wind south, Alex & Hugo plowing at Morrells.  I marking for vineyard.  L. Eckroid here over night she & Anges & Ottilie quilting P. Koons here to clean wheat with the fanning mill.  L. Eckroid went home in the evening.


16th  wind north.  Alex plowing some furrows for potatoes & small fruit plants, Alex & Hugo plowing for barley, I planting seven cherry trees, gooseberrys, raspberrys & Currents, two nectarines, two appricots & three plumbs.  Mr. Mathews here p.m. fire from the north p.m.  Thompson back firing & sending it toward sec. 4.   I & Alex back firing and then burning some parts of fire guard in the evening.


“  17th Sunday.  wind north, cleaning barley for seed, Wm Wright here, brought back 2 sacks & shoelast.  Agnes & Ottilie at Morrells brought back our spade & got some rosebushes.


“  18th full moon 4.23 p.m.   wind south, Alex furrowing out ground for potatoes, I planting trees in orchard  Wm Wright commencing work about 10 a.m. helping planting trees until noon & stiring for oats p.m.  (works for 50 cts per day and board) I drilling 6 ½ bush of barley.  Alex harrowing, Hugo stiring for barley.  Hodge here a.m. & presented a bill of Pickering which I had paid to Frank [Lord], who was collecting for Pickering, January 7th.  Hodge brought 6 bush of corn & changed som potatoes for


[Mar 19, 1878]




March 19th  wind south, Hugo & Wm stiring for oats, Alex harrowing for barley, I harrowing in barley a.m. & drilling 8 ¼ bush of barley p.m.  Gillem here in the evening to borrow wheat but I could not do it.  John Ledbetter here in the evening & got 16 bush of wheat, Ben & Dirk Thornbourgh here in the evening to buy breaking plow.  Hull here in the morning & got the shovel.  Ottilie at L. P. O. to mail seed and rest money.  John Ledbetter had 13½ # flour with sack.

“  20th  wind south, Hugo & Wm Wright stiring for oats, Alex harrowing barley ground.  I, Agnes & Ottilie cleaning barley with fanning mill a.m.  I drilling barley (9 bush) p.m. the 40 bush of barley lost 4 bush. by cleaning in fanning mill.  Mother, Agnes & Ottilie fixing smokhouse


“  21st  wind north, I drilling barley upon Morrells place 12 bush (36 bush in all upon 15 acres) ¾ day & harrowing ¼ day Alex harrowing for barley Hugo & Wm stiring for oats.  Mrs Ledbetter & B. Thornburgh here p.m.  Mr Weichaus came in the evening.


“  22d  wind north, warm.  I & Alex harrowing barley, Hugo & Wm stiring for oats.  Weichaus working upon his claim.  Agnes shocking corn, we borrowed Morrells stiring plow.  Agnes & Ottilie planting potatoes.


“  23d  wind south a.m. north p.m.  I & Weichaus hauling corn 3 load in all & digging holes for trees Weichaus gathering a load of corn.  I brought the fanning mill to Morrells to clean oats, Alex, Hugo & Wm


[Mar 24, 1878]




stiring for oats, McNeese here to clean wheat, had to bring it to Morrells to clean it there, give him the sive for cleaning wheat.  Barton here to engage my cattle to herd.  Hull borrowed the harrow.


March 24th  Sunday  wind north, burning the grass west of creek. the boys at Alex & Weichaus’s claims, Agnes & Ottilie at Bickels I planting some fruit trees in the evening.


“  25th  last ¼ 0.6 p.m.  wind south, Weichaus gathering corn.  Alex, Hugo & Wm stiring for oats, I hauling a load of manure for prepairing bed for sweet potatoes Mother prepairing it & planting the same.  I hauling two load of corn p.m.  A. & O. planting early rare potatoes, flowers etc.


“  26th  wind south, Weichaus gathering the ballance of the corn, I planting some trees a.m.  Alex stiring for oats, Hugo & Wm stiring for oats a.m. & harrowing p.m.  Hull returned the harrow I took the same to the field & went to the blacksmith shop with two breaking plows & the two shares of the stiring plows.  The shares sharpend I return for home in a thunderstorm & rain with some hail.  George Ryno here & got 36# of flour.  Ottilie at L. P.


“  27th  wind south, I. Agnes & Ottilie planting grapevines etc. a.m.  Weichaus cutting corn stalks, Alex, Hugo & Wm stiring for oats wind changing north & very cold at noon  Alex & Wm hauling a load corn in the evening I fixing my boots.  Hugo had theethache


[Mar 29, 1878]



March 28th  wind north & cold.  I & Weichaus grinding cornknife in the morning, Alex harrowing for oats, Hugo & Wm stiring for oats, Weichaus cutting cornstalks.  I hawling a load of corn a.m.  Ottilie at the C. P.O.  I got 20 bush of oats of Morrell and drilled 2 bush p.m.  Ottilie got the cornknife back of Geddis.


“  29th  wind east, raining, shelling the seed corn & hauling a load of hay.  Weichaus cutting cornstalks p.m.  Alex hunting for our cattle by Cramer who drove a lot past here.  Agnes & Ottilie quilting.


“  30th  wind north, cold.  I drilling 6 bush of oats & harrowing the same, Alex harrowing for oats, Hugo & Wm stiring for oats, Weichaus cutting cornstalks two of Whits relatives here to hire to me, f. Dole here about herding, a cattel dealer here.  Agnes washing, planting parsly and some flowers.


“  31st  Sunday  wind north, fair, Hugo at Roxburry and got a pair of boots of Yates for himself, Bill Dole here, Mrs Bickel here for duck eggs.  I at Thompsons to measure out the land I harvested for him last year.  wind south in the evening.


Aprill 1st  wind south, Sommers here in the morning, Hugo & Wm stiring for oats, Alex harrowing and I drilling 12 bush of oats, Alex got 11 sacks of oats from Morrell.  Wind changing north about ½ past five p.m. & raining some.  D. Thornburgh here in the evening, Hodge borrowed the spate.  wind south again in the evening.  Weichaus cutting cornstalks, he & I planting potatoes morning.


[Apr 2, 1878]




Aprill 2d  new moon 4.30 p.m.  wind south, raining during the night, Weichaus and I planting 4 rows potatoes again in the morning.  Hugo & Wm stirred for oats ½ day  Alex harrowing & I drilled oats ½ day (3 bush) wind changing north & cold in the morning, with a cold drizzling rain.  Hugo & Wm hauled a load cornstalks p.m.  Alex at L. P.O. Weichaus cutting cornstalks.  Mr Jones here for assessment.  H. Eckroid here.  I brought nine more sacks to Morrell.


Aprill 3d  wind south, send letters to Adams & Corbin B.C.   Alex at the L. P.O.  Weichaus planting some potatoes wind changing north, fair, Hugo & Wm stiring old timberland & hauled two loads of stalks.  Weichaus cutting cornstalks.  I drilled 10 bush of oats, Alex harrowing for oats, Milo Carter borrowed the rake.  I brought 6 sacks to Morrell.  Agnes planting pansys etc. mother planting timber seed.


“  4th  wind north, fair, Weichaus planting potatoes & cutting cornstalks, Hugo & Wm hauling 3 load of stalks & stiring old timber land, I & Alex drilling & harrowing oats (14 bush) Milo Carter brought back the rake, Alex got one sack of oats of Morrell, Agnes planting Vicks early peas, cucumbers – early white [spine & borage,] Ottilie plants papa seed & plumb seed in dogwood patch.  Milo Carter returned also the book he had.  G. Ryno here.  wind west p.m. and south in the evening.

[Apr 5, 1878]




Aprill 5th moon far north)  wind north fair, Weichaus planting potatoes in the morning & cutting cornstalks the rest of the day  Hugo & Wm stiring old timberland, I & Alex drilling & harrowing oats (12 ½ bush) we got two young jack rabbits, the cat killed one in the evening.  Kirby Amberson at the field, Agnes planting beans, wind south west during the day.


“  6th  wind north, fair.  Weichaus planting potatoes & finishing cutting cornstalks, Hugo & Wm hauling 2 loads of stalks & stiring old timberland, I drilled 13 bush of oats (finished sowing oats)  Alex harrowing wind changing east a.m.  Cattel dealer & Cattle herder here, John Ledbetter & Ross borrowed a breaking plow & a spade, returned the plow.  Wm went home in the evening.


“  Sunday 7th  wind east, I measuring the wheatfield I harvested last season for Thompson.  18 acres & 78 rods in all, also measuring the ground, Hull did stir for Thompson this spring one piece 9 acres 117 rods the other 1 acre 105 rods.  Hugo & Weichaus went to gypsum creek, Alex herding the stock, Wm came back.  Alex setting out traps for a badger.  Ottilie at Morrells, Gustav Weichaus came in the evening.  wind south p.m. got rutabago of Thompson


“  8th  wind south, raining in the morning early, R. Weichaus planting some potatoes in the morning, raining most the time a.m. and no work done.  Weichaus brothers went to their claim p.m.  Alex, Hugo & Wm hauling cornstalks p.m.  Morrell here in the evening


[Apr 9, 1878]




Aprill 9th  wind north west very heavey, G. Weichaus started upon his homeward trip in the morning.  R. Weichaus digging rocks.  Alex finishing the oats upon Morrells farm ½ day.  Hugo & Wm stiring ½ day old timber claim and at the east side of the creek p.m. a menonite here with 850 mullberry trees for which we paid 8 bush of wheat.  I was at a collecting tour & at Empire by Dr. Gorge to fix a paper concerning my pension also at fosters, I got no money.  Ottilie at L. P. O.


Aprill 10th 1st ¼ 9.36 a.m.  wind west, cold, Hugo at C. P.O.  Weichaus planting some potatoes in the morning.  Hugo got the spade of Ross, Vermelion here to trade for the oxen  Charles Knapp & Co here p.m.  Hugo & Wm stiring old timber claim, Weichaus digging rocks.  I, Morrell & Alex starting out in the morning for trees to plant, stopped over night by Mr Arend at Sharps creek.


“  11th  wind south west, fair, Weichaus planting some potatoes in the morning & digging rocks the rest of the day, Hugo & Wm stiring old timberland, Vermilion in the field by Hugo.  K. Almore & A. Ogdan here Agnes washing, We started for the sand hills, but could find no young trees and went to Hutchinson where we stayed over night I stopped at the road to see Dr Adams but he had gone to Hutchinson where I meet him.  Wind turning east,

[Apr 12, 1878]




Aprill 12th ,  wind east, Weichaus planting some potatoes in the morning and digging rocks the ballance of the day, Hugo & Wm stiring old timberland Agnes washing, Ottilie borrowed Ogdans shovel Ogdan borrowed the cornmarker.  Morrell Agnes & I hunting for trees by the nursery men at Hutchison but got none, Morrell bought a header, I seen Whiteside & McKinstry, started back homeward, stopped over night near Gubernator at Sharps creek mother at Rynos.  Tigert here to trade the oxen.  Spotty had a heifer calf.


“  13th  wind east, changing during the day very often to all quarters, Weichaus planting some potatoes in the morning and digging rocks the ballance of the day, Hugo stiring new timberland a.m. & helping Ross building his house p.m.  Wm stiring new timberland all day Ross here at noon.  Morrell, Alex & I pursuing our journey, stopping at Kimbels to buy trees but had all sold, came to Arend and gathered 1400 box elder trees, arreived at Abe Browns in the evening & bought of him 11000 trees for $8.25 (3000 to $2.48 for Morrel & 7000 at $5.77 for me) to be paid for the 13th day of Septr. next.  Stoped there over night.  We had 2 doz duck eggs of Arend


[Apr 14, 1878]




Aprill 14th Sunday  wind north, started for home in the morning past through McPherson to get some more trees by Barns but had none to sell and arreived at home about 1 o’clock p.m.  Hugo at Roxburry to buy a bull but he was not for sale, Agnes & Ottilie at Morrells p.m.  Ross here p.m.


“  15th  wind east, cloudy, Alex & Hugo hauling two loads of cornstalks, Wm stiring old timberland, Alex dito p.m. Hugo sick.  Weichaus planting some potatoes in the morning, digging rocks the rest of the day, Bookmaster borrowed the single shovel plow.  I got one plow from the blacksmith shop and the harrow &ct from the oats field.  Agnes planting carrots, cabbage, radish, leek, colrabe   Hulls had the scale & returned the same, Ogdan here for settlement cleaning 13 sacks of wheat


“  16th  wind south east, Weichaus planting potatoes in the morning & digging rocks the rest of the day, Alex at gypsum creek hauling two load of cornstalks and clearing the field of the same.  Hugo & Wm stiring old timberland.  I started for Newton with wheat arreived at Newton at sundown & stopped at Moors stable.  Raining most all night.  mother fixing garden.


“  17th full moon 9.37 a.m.)  wind east, raining.  Alex Hugo & Wm breaking prairie at the timber claim bottom with two plows p.m.  Weichaus digging rocks p.m.  I sold my wheat and bought sundry


[Apr 18, 1878]




Aprill   articles and a cornplanter at $65.00 due at Deb 15th  Whity had a heifer calf, Agnes & Ottilie brought Brindle to Morrells.


“  18th  wind south, I started for home in the morning took a man (Mongomery) with me, he was bound for Roxburry, arreived home at sunset, Mongommery stayed over night.  Alex breaking prairie all day Hugo & Wm a.m.  Weichaus planting some potatoes & digging rocks the rest fixing garden.  Sommers & McCard here.


“  19th  wind south, I setting up cornplanter, Weichaus planting some potatoes & digging rocks a.m. and digging out cellar p.m.  I fixing up the lariat ropes.  W. White here in the morning for the cornplanter, got it befor noon, Alex harrowing old timberland, Hugo & Wm stiring old timberland Ottilie at Ogdans p.m.  Eckroid here for the cornplanter to use it sunday.


“  20th  wind south, Weichaus digging out cellar, Alex harrowing old timberland, Hugo & Wm stiring timberland east of the creek, I fixing small cornmarker C. Ryno here and got 12 bush of

wheat, Bill Dale here, Bookmaster here, Eckroid here for the cornplanter, went to Whites & got it.


“  21st  Sunday  wind south, Alex at gypsum creek, Weichaus at his claim, Thompson & family here for dinner also Mrs Milo Carter & children and Charles Hurlbert, Charles Ledbetter & Mattie.  Allmore & his Co here.


[Apr 22, 1878]




Aprill 22d  wind south, Weichaus digging out cellar, Alex harrowing old timberland, Hugo & Wm stiring timberland east of creek & hauling two load manure, Alex & I hauling one load.  I fixing small cornmarker & marking of bettwen the tree rows.  G. Ryno here & got some flour Agnes making garden.  wind north pm. 


“  23d  wind south, Weichaus digging cellar, Agnes planting potatoes, Alex harrowing timberland east of the creek, Hugo & Wm stiring timberland between the wheat, Ottilie at the L. P. O.  Sommers here & got 28# of salt.  I marking timber land


“  24th  last ¼ 3.13 a.m.  wind north, Weichaus digging cellar, Alex harrowing timberland east of the creek, Hugo & Wm stiring timberland between the wheat, I marking old timberland, Ottilie at C.P.O.  Agnes fixing garden.  John Ledbetter here in the morning.  Bookmaster p.m.


“  25th  wind north, Alex harrowing a.m. & marking timberland p.m. between the wheat field.  Hugo & Wm stiring timberland between the wheat field ¼ day and hauling manure to garden & orchard.  Weichaus digging cellar, I marking old timberland a.m. & planting corn p.m.  Ottilie dropping.  Hugo got 29# of flour of Gillem he owed us  Milo Carter here at noon.  I was at Bookmasters to get his boys for planting trees.  I borrowed the spade of Thompson.  Agnes fixing garden, mother making soap.  Milo Carter took his R.R iron home.


[Apr 26, 1878]




April 26th  wind north, I & Ottilie planting corn, Alex marking out corn & timberland, Hugo, Weichaus, William and James Bookmaster planting trees, Alex & Agnes helping some p.m.  Mrs Hull here also Molly Ledbetter.  Ross here in the evening for cornplanter.


“  27th  wind south, I & Ottilie planting corn, Georg James & John Bookmaster, Weichaus, Hugo & Wm planting trees Alex trimming trees.  Land-hunters here wind changing east.  Barr sent for his [XXXXX].


“  Sunday 28th  wind east.  Weichaus at his claim, I measuring out the land planted in timber in all 46½ acre, the boys fishing.  Mr. Morrell & family Mr Bookmaster & family, G. Ryno & nephew, Mrs J Ledbetter & girl here.  Hull & Tigert here.  wind changing west & north, Ross here to borrow a horse to go to Salina.


“  29  wind north, raining but little during the night Alex borrowed 77# flour of C. Ryno.  C. Ryno returned the 30# flour, G. R. got it.  I & Ottilie planting corn ¾ of a day Alex cutting slips the 3 Bookmasters, Hugo, Wm & Weichaus planting trees & slips.  I & Alex helping ¼ day.  C. Ryno in the field to go to Wm Dale, a man from Sec. 14 in the field for the planter, [XXXXX] White got the planter in the evening.  Weichaus lost his money


“  30th  wind south, very foggy, drizzling.  finishing planting trees ¼ day Alex, Hugo Wm and 3 Bookmaster Hugo & Wm stiring orchard the ballance of the day  I & Alex hauling manure, Weichaus hunting for his money & found it upon the timberland east of the


[May 1, 1878]




creek, digging out cellar p.m.  Ottilie at L. P. O.  George Ryno here borrowed drawknife, two bits & ½ in [shivel].  Hulls girls got ½ gall. coal oil  wind turning east.


May 1st  wind south, cloudy, raining but very little, Weichaus digging out cellar, Wm & Hugo stiring orchard plowing road & harrowing orchard, I & Alex hauling manure & Alex stiring for garden James Lewis here a.m. & for dinner he took the spade to return to Thompson.


“  2d  new moon 7.30 p.m.  wind north, raining most all night, Molly Ledbetter got 23# of salt, Weichaus digging out cellar, Hugo & Wm breaking prairie at the timber claim bottom  Alex breaking prairie at the timber claim bottom  Sommers here in the morning Ross got 3# Salt, C. Ryno got 7# Salt.  I was at the blacksmith shop.  Bookmaster here.  warm all day but very cold in the evening.

“  3d  wind north, Weichaus & Hugo taking up corrall.  Hugo planting some potatoes in the morning and Weichaus digging some in the cellar  Alex & Wm breaking prairie with two plows in the timber claim bottom I was at the blacksmith shop.


“  4th  wind north, Weichaus digging cellar, I planting & weeding potatoes, Wm breaking timber claim bottom, Hugo cultivating potatoes Alex harrowing orchard.  Agnes washing & scrubbing, Alex & I at Thompsons for corn but no one at home, I & Alex & Hugo staking of east road, Gillems horses here.  Ledbetters children got some cornstalks.


[May 5, 1878]




May 5th Sunday.  wind south, Alex & I got 20 bush of corn of Thompson in the morning.  Weichaus at his claim, planting potatoes.  Ottilie at Morrells, Dick Thornbourgh & Joe Morris here.  Reddy Ogdan came here with Ottilie to stay over night.  Hugo got 55# flour of C. Ryno.


“  6th  wind south.  Alex breaking prairie in timber claim bottom, Hugo & Wm stiring upon Weichaus’s claim.  I planting early corn in orchard  Weichaus digging out cellar & taking up posts of old corrall & fixing up road by the house.  Castor here for some sugar & the cornplanter with drill atachement, Tigert borrowed the harrow.  frank Morrell here.  Agnes fixing garden


“  7th  wind south, Hugo & Wm stiring upon Weichaus’s claim, Alex & I staking out west road & fixing plow Weichaus fixing up road by the house  Ottilie at Morrells  Donly here hunting for his horses, had his dinner here, Tigert returned the harrow & borrowed the hand planter.  Alex at the school meting in his district p.m.


May 7 1878


“  8th  wind north, cleaning wheat (20 bush) for milling I started of for Newton, Hugo & Wm stiring upon Weichaus’s claim, Alex breaking west road a.m. and pulling rye p.m.  Weichaus pulling rye.  J Carter here.  I came to Newton after sundown Ottilie at L. P. O. Castor returned planter


“  9th  first ¼ 5.12 p.m.  wind north east, Alex, Hugo & Wm stiring and harrowing upon Weishaus’s claim.  Hugo pulling rye p.m.   Weichaus pulling rye.  [XXXXX] [XXXXX] planter I bought collars, loadet grist & Weichaus’s chest and returned home.  rain at noon.


[May 10, 1878]




May 10th  wind south, Alex stiring, Hugo harrowing, Wm wheelharrowing and I drilling in corn upon Weichaus’s claim  Weichaus pulling rye.  Buckmaster returned plow & had 4# of salt.  Ottilie returned the hatchet to J. McLean & borrowed a box matches of Morrells.  Castor borrowed wheel harrow.

“  11th  wind south, Alex stiring garden, Wm breaking prairie in timber claim bottom, Weichaus & Hugo pulling rye  I at the blacksmith shop but got nothing done.  Tugert returned hand planter.  Hugo returned to C. Ryno 132# flour.  Thunderstorm in the evening Hull got 30# flour


May 12th Sunday  wind north east, cold, raining some during the night.  Weichaus at his claim p.m.  Charles Hurlbert here raining a.m.


“  13th  wind north east, I gone to the blacksmith shop & had two breaking plows repaired, at Evans’s and got for qorts Molassas, sold one double shovel plow to John Ledbetter for $4.58.  Alex stiring garden Wm breaking prairie in timber claim bottom, Hugo out for trading a bull.  Weichaus at his claim.  John Carter here.  Almore got the corn planter at noon.


“  14  wind east, fixing up plows and I went with Alex & W to break prairie for Jim Lewis of Conners place with two teams, I got $1.70  Mrs McComb on account of [Raking] Hugo harrowing garden & cultivating potatoes.  Ogdan got his shovel in the morning, Ottilie at L & C. P. O.  I at Thompsons, Weichaus at his claim, Sommers got 2 bush of millet seed yesterday.



[May 15, 1878]




Mai 15th  wind east, raining, Alex & Wm come home.  fixing up old wagon for hauling rocks.  Ross here & got 19# meal without sack, no work done.


“  16th  wind north, Alex & Wm went of again to break prairie for J. Lewis.  Hugo furrowing out garden, I & Weichaus planting surghum upon gardenspot a.m.  Weichaus pulling rye p.m. N. W. ¼, I & Ottilie planting surghum south of the house. wind changing east.


“  17th  wind south east, raining some during the night, cold.  Wm & Alex came home at noon, had 5 acres broke & breking prairie at timber claim bottom p.m.  Weichaus pulling rye at north west piece  Hugo cultivating potatoes a.m. and corn p.m.  I at Morrels to see Almore about my planter Thompson got the big shovel plow.  thunderstorm & rain in the evening.


“  18th  south east, rain during the night.  Alex out for a yoke of steers  & pulling rey.  Weichaus pulling rey, Hugo & Wm breaking prairie in timber claim bottom, both Almores here with their cows & fishing a.m.  I fixing up & repairing grain drill.  Mrs Ledbetter & children here.  Hulls got 19# flour.


“  Sunday 19th  wind north, rain & hails in the morning, I & Hugo got 11 bush of corn of Thompson,  Thompson altered the two calfs Jim & [Puck] Agnes & Ottilie at Morrells brought them their little ducks, Alex, Hugo & Wm at [Dale herd] Weichaus planting some cottonwoods at garden


[May 20, 1878]




May 20th  wind north, Alex plowing corn a.m.  Wm dito p.m.  Wm breaking prairie a.m. Hugo breaking prairie in timber claim bottom, Alex at the blacksmith shop p.m & breaking prairie.  I at Castors a.m. & commencing planting sod corn p.m.  Oakes here at noon Weichaus pulling rey.


“  21st  wind east cloudy, Hugo & Wm stiring a piece of poor wheat upon Alex claim & the hedge row Ottilie harrowing it & I planting the same in corn, I, Agnes, Ottilie, Alex & Weichaus pulling weeds out the wheat, Castor returned the wheelharrow.  Mrs Hull here got 24# flour  Thompson returned the shovel plow


“  22d  wind south, warm, Weichaus pulling rey Hugo & Wm breaking prairie in timber claim bottom, Alex plowing corn, I got my 6 sacks from Morrell and cleaning millet seed  Ottilie at L & C. P. O.  Geman here p.m.  Hulls got an old piece of rope.


“  23d last ¼ 8.22 p.m.  wind south, warm.  Weichaus pulling rey Alex breaking prairie in timber claim bottom.  Hugo plowing corn, Wm breaking prairie a.m. and wheelharrowing p.m. timber claim bottom, I cleaning millet seed & fixing up drill.  Ottilie sick poisioned with sumach & ivy [21 XXXX]


“  24th  wind south, Weichaus pulling rey a.m. planting corn p.m.  Alex plowing corn I sowing millet Hugo & Wm harrowing it in with harrow & wheelharrow.  a man from Oaks here for cornplanter  


[May 25, 1878]




May 25th  wind east, raining during the night, Weichaus planting corn, Alex Hugo & Wm planting melons, pumpkins &tc a.m.  I at Tigert for hand planter, Tigert got it from Hull & brought it back, I sowing millet p.m.  Hugo & Wm harrowing it Alex plowing corn p.m.  James Lewis here for dinner, Bookmaster & boy here, Hull here & got 292# flour (with sack)  Polly had a heifer calf, Ross here.


“  Sunday 26th  wind south, Wm gone home, Alex out for buying steers, Hugo & Weichaus out for cottonwood seed.  Charles Hurlbert here for dinner with Wm, Mr & Mrs Ledbetter here for supper & got 6 bush of wheat.


“  27th  wind north west, changing south, Weichaus planting corn timber claim bottom, Alex plowing corn I sowing millet and Hugo & Wm harrowing it.  Agnes at Ogdans & got 13½# salt, Ottilie at Morrells.  Hulls girls got the stone hammer.


“  28th  wind south, Weichaus replanting corn east on creek, I sowing millet a.m. & replanting corn old timberground, Alex plowing potatoes Hugo & Wm harrowing the millet ground.  Ottilie at L.P.O.


“  29th  wind east, thunderstorm in the night, raining a.m., p.m. I, Weichaus, Alex, Hugo & Wm pulling weeds out Alex wheat, Mollie Ledbetter here for cabage plants, Ottilie at Gillems Tigert here a.m. during the rain.


“  30th  wind south, I, Hugo & Weichaus pulling weed p.m.  Alex claim.  Agnes brought us our dinner


[May 31, 1878]




Alex & Wm with two teams at Jim Lewis for breaking prairie.  Ottilie at C.P.O. & store.


Mai 31st. new moon 8.28 p.m.  wind south Alex & Wm breaking prairie by Jim Lewis, Weichaus planting corn, Hugo plowing corn, I went to Little Valey stopped by a menonite over night, a thunderstorm comming a cattel dealer here in the morning, also Gillem.


June 1st  wind south, a very hard thunderstorm during the night, I arreived at the Drs about 9 a.m. had my dinner there & started for home about 2 p.m. arreived home about 9 p.m.  Weichaus planting corn, Hugo plowing corn Alex & Wm breaking prairie for Jim Lewis & came home at night, Mrs Thompson here & got 12 sacks, Mrs Hull & Milo Carter here a man at spring valley here to look at milk cows.


“  Sunday 2d  wind south, warm.  Hugo & Wm out to look for steers Alex & Weichaus planting cottonwood seed, I & Louise at Morrells p.m.  G. Ryno & wife here for p.m. & evening Ryno got 22# flour Charles Ledbetter & Chas. Hurlbert here.  Weichaus at his claim p.m.


“  3th wind south, Weichaus digging well, Hugo plowing corn, Alex, Wm with two breaking teams to Jim Lewis, I got a shovel at Ogdan and went to Joe Johnson for the wellrigging Almore had his cow here.  planting sweet potatoes


“  4th  wind south, Weichaus digging well, I & Hugo went to Mrs Millner for the wellrigging but to poor a concern, Milo Carter here I soldering his oil can, Alex & William home p.m. I fixing wind [lasXXXX] & Hugo plowing corn p.m.


[Jun 5, 1878]




June 5th  wind south, Weichaus hoeing sweet corn, I fixing wellrigging, Alex burning the grass in littler timber bottom & laying out lands  Wm breaking prairie there Hugo plowing corn, Alex hauling rock p.m, I got the wellrope & stone hammer of Morrell.


“  6th  wind south, Alex & Weichaus digging well  Hugo plowing corn, Wm hauling rocks I at the blacksmithshop, borrowed a shovel of Eckroid, rain p.m. planting cabbage plants etc in garden, wind north. 

“ first ¼ 10.35 p.m.  7th  wind south, Weichaus, Alex, Hugo & Wm pulling weeds in Alex wheat, I went to Newton with a grist of 16 bush wheat, G. Ryno 13# of flour.  Thompson returned the sacks.


“  8th  wind south, I loadet Binder for harvester bought sundry articles of Kurtz & others loadet my grist and trove to J. Thissen where I remained over night.  Hugo sick Wm breaking prairie timber claim, Alex & Weichaus pulling weeds a.m. & digging well p.m. Milo Carter borrowed brass & bits & send the same home again.


“  Sunday 9th  I arreived home p.m.  G Kile here for sundry articles I brought for him from Newton.  Charles Hurlbert, Chas Ledbetter & Mrs Milo Carter here, Alex out for steers, Hugo with Hurlbert boy Mr. Hurlbert, Weichaus not well. 




tincture of assafedito 1 oz

fluid extract of sassafras 1 oz

rose water 4 oz

fluid ext of gelseminum 2 dr+

“ bloodroot 1 ox 3 oz 4 oz

“ phytolacca duandra (poke root) 1 oz

powdered chtorate of potass ½ oz 2 oz

fluid extrat matico 1 oz

“ stillingia (quesn root) 4 oz 12 oz

powdered indide of potass 1 oz 2 oz

fluid extract buchu 4 oz

“  black pepper 4 oz

“  ginger 6 oz

hyposulphite of soda 2 oz

spirits of ammonia

fluid extract calerian 2 oz

Cod liver oil 12 oz

oil of cedar 4 oz

sulphuric ether 3 oz

fluid extrat Indian hemp

powdered ginger


nitrat of potass


fluid extr. of golden seal 4 oz

“ of juniper 4 oz

“ of poplar bark

“ of poppies 6 oz

proof spirit

Kerosene oil

spirit of camphor

tincture of labelia

fluid extr. of pleurisy root 6 oz

flax seed

fluid extr. of mandrake

carbonate of ammonia

Jamaica ginger

oil of hartshorn

oil of camphor


acetate of ammonia

sweet spirits of niter

powdered niter

tincture of aconite

golden seal

fluid extract of resinweed (silphyam)

slippery elm


olive oil

fluid extract of chamomile


[Opposite Inside Back Cover]


August Schulz

b. 1827 Frieldork, Hessiankassel, Germany

m. Mar 31 1856 in Pa to Louisa H. Schultz

homesteaded in Battle Hill Twp., McPherson Co., KS.


[Inside Back Cover]


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