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John W

John W. Gardiner's Book Bought Jan. 30th of W § G Winchester, Kansas

Fri. Jan. 1. Started for llwo^th but was too late for the train. Then Uncle and myself went over to Tommy's and had lots of fun. Was going to Fairview but it turned cold and we didn't go. Then the boys got some oysters and invited some of the young folks to Aunt Em's and we had a fine time. Staid till 12 o'clock a.m. Went to bed at one o'clock to think of the next day.

Sat. Jan. 2, Weather clear § cold. Got in the sleigh and started west. Got there; found her working but got her in the notion of going. Got home about 1 o'clock. Found the young folks all assembled. Then came dinner. After dinner we enjoyed ourselves as we thouglt. Last about dark we betook us on the sleighs and brought up at Billy's house, and for fun went in. Went home about 11 o'clock. Rather cold

Sun. Jan. 3. Weather .cold and very stormy. Did not go to church as proposed, but staid at home and had some music. After dinner started home with my Girl and nearly froze to death. Arrived home with her about dark. Her mother said that she wouldn't let her go ; any more unless I would tell her when I would bring her back. Got home about 9 o'clock with one upset.

Mon. Jan. 4. Started from Tom Tabler's at 8 o'clock and got to Savannah at 12 and just as we were getting out of town the wheel dropped into a rut § broke the axle. Then went back £ got it fixed. At 3 we again started. Roads very rough and weather cold. Mare went a little better. Arrived in St. Joe about h past 6 o'clock. Stopped Mo. Valley House

Wed. Jan. 6. Tidewater, Washington Terr.

Wed. Jan. 13. Write 2 simple sentences and rewrite them into compound without changing the sense. It cannot be done is my opinion and it was from beyond a doubt that was the case in our recitations. Institute Leavenworth, Kansas, July. 1875. John W. Gardiner

Thurs. Jan 28. School closed and everything passed off pleasantly. Had some visitors and they thought I done a good work all around and especially in Reading, but as that was the only thing I could dress parade in at this time, I said nothing.

Fri. Jan. 29. Went up to Henson's and found Asa Barnes there and got my money and started home, but before I started had a chat with the girls. Went down and met Ellerman's girls but did not stop long. Went over to Murrays and stayed till after dinner and had lots of fun with the two Emmas.

Mon. Feb. 8. In the morning went home to see Pa. Then came back and went to town and staid till the train came in, then got in the buggy and went home with Uncle Ad and found Prof. McKee there and had a good time singing and playing. Concluded to go to Mo. with the folks. Went to town after supper with Uncle Pete; then went home.

Tues. Feb. 9. Weather cold; east wind, but we started nevertheless which brought on some cold feelings before we had gotten far when we (had) to stop and warm. Missed our road and away north of the poor farm. Turned back and found ourselves at Jim Trimble's about 5 o'clock but they didn't know us till we told them who we were. Cold yet.

Wed. Feb. 10. We were at Jim Trimble's and it was snowing so that we didn't start out. Went rabbit hunting (. ) hills but was too cold for us, and we returned to the house. But took another hunt for quails and caught two. After dinner played hullgull, then I went over with Frank and his wife and staid with them. Weather cold.

Thurs. Feb. 11. Started for Atchison from Uncle Ben's about 10 o'clock. Arrived in Atchison at 11 o'clock and got on the train for Leavenworth at 12:30 and we got our dinner and the wagon fixed and started for St. Joe at % past 2 p.m. and lost our way following wood roads, but arrived at our destination tired and cold at % past 7 o'clock.

Fri. Feb. 12. Left St. Joe for Savannah and got there at half past 10 o'clock. From whence we traveled to 15 miles and arrived at 1 o'clock. Took dinner with Dr. Trower, then started for Graham where we arrived about 5 o'clock and found the folks all well but not looking for us.

Sat. Feb. 13. Not very well. Weather cold § clear with snow on the ground. Went over to Pink's and took dinner. Came back and went around town and saw a beautiful country off towards the N.W. which looks like Kans. very much. After supper went over to Pink's and played Authors till bedtime. Took some pills and went to bed.

Sun. Feb. 14. Clear and pleasant. Went to C. Church and heard Bro. Trapp preach. Came home but did not feel the best in the world yet. After dinner we had some music, though indisposed myself. Then went over in the evening to hear the M. E. Preacher and heard some of the finest music in Mo. Came to the conclusion that the preacher didn't know much.

Sat. Feb. 20. Sun rose clear. Commenced to snow about 8 o'clock. Stopped about 12 o'clock. Took dinner with Pink § Jennie.

Sun. Feb. 21. The day (was) clear and warm. Went to social meeting with Pink then went over to his house, and took dinner. After dinner we all went to Sunday School and heard plays. Fletcher came home then Snyder § Rea came in and we had a fine sing and lots of fun. Played Authors till 9 o'clock then went to bed but not to sleep.

Mon. Feb. 22. Went to Maryville which is quite a place. And in which they seem to do a good deal of business. Saw the Co. Supt. and found out the condition of school affairs. Arrived home about 4--. After supper Pink and Jennie came over and we had a sing. Weather cloudy, muddy and disagreeable. Plenty of snow on the ground for sleighing except in the roads.

Tues. Feb. 23. Commenced to snow early in the morning. About 11 o'clock turned to rain the remainder of the day. Not very cold. This evening was Pink's appointment for a music class, but the night was so bad that no one came our or but a few. We sang them some songs. Came home and played "Old Maid".

Wed. Feb. 24. Cloudy and unpleasant with occasional spits of snow throughout the day. Commenced to study the horse ferrier in order to find out what was the matter with the mare, but came to no definite conclusion. In the evening, went up to hear the first band play, then came home and played "Authors" until bedtime. Weather clear.

Thurs. Feb. 25. Weather fair. Mare no better but drank some water. Went and read the news at the store. Nothing of importance to write about. After dinner Jennie came over and we had a good time generally. After supper played "Authors" then went to the P.O. but no letters. Came back. Mare better.

Fri. Feb. 26. Wind from the north and very cold and cloudy. Mare some better and ate and drank some. Heard from Kansas about the destitution of the people and folks through Uncle John . Took dinner with Pink and Jennie and stayed and read Harpers and talked with Jennie about home folks. Came back to Joe's and wrote some in this book.

Sat. Feb. 27. Clear and nice; thawing some. Took the mare out and drove across the river. Saw a beautiful country. Came home £ went up to the store and saw the business. Then after supper went to hear the first band entertainment in the Hall. The cry of fire was heard during the entertainment, which created some emotion. The concert was not very good. The "Sword of Bunker Hill" was miserably rendered by A. Snyder.

Sun. Feb. 28. Wind from the south and murky looking ( ) all day. Went to social meeting at 11 o'clock. Came home and stayed there all day. Concluded not to go to church that evening. This (is) the warmest day since the 1st. Most of the snow gone. Went to bed with the intention of starting home the next day provided the weather was good.

Mon. March 1. Weather cold, windy § cloudy. Got ready § started for Kan. from Uncle Joe's about 10 o'clock. Found the road very rough and the mare got lame $ seemed stiff but came on. Stopped at Trowers and saw Jim. Came on though the mare was very lame. Concluded to go to Arizona. Stopped at Tom Tabler's £ found some of my old schoolmates. Weather clear but cold at 10 o'clock.

Tues. March 2. Started from Tom Tabler's at 8 o'clock. The roads from there were very rough to Savannah, where we arrived about 12 o'clock in the suburbs. As we were coming out our buggy wheel dropped into a hole and the axle broke and then we had to go back and get it fixed. Then we got our dinner at the St. Charles House. At 3 o'clock we rolled out for St. Joe and found the road very good. Got into town at 7 o'clock. Weather cold.

Wed. March 3. Got our breakfast at Mo. Valley and went down in town § saw the sights. Came back and started at % past 6 o'clock and wound around down the river back about 6 miles out of our way, but finally got on the ridges where it was some better. Arrived at Doniphan about 4 o'clock and learned

that the bridge had washed away which took us out of our way 6 miles more. Got into Atchison about dark, but came on to Jim Trimble's and found some of them sick. Road muddy.

Thurs. March 4. Started from Jim's about 9 o'clock. Road very rough and horses about played out. Wind from the east and very chilly. Arrived Mt. Pleasant at 11 o'clock. Came on to Oak Grove and saw Tom Kearley at his school but did not stop. Arrived at home about % 3 o'clock and found the folks all well. The horses were about played out.After we had been in the house % hour it began to snow and at 9 o'clock was still snowing. Wind from the east and rather cold.

Fri. March 5. Wind from the north and cold. Not very well. Staid at home all day and found that the folks were not in as bad condition as reported, but bad enough. Went up to Tommy's after supper and had quite a talk with him and his. From there went to singing and saw some of my friends though the school was very small. Roads were rough and wind from the north and cloudy at 11.

Sat. March 6. Went up to town in the morning and staid all day. Wind from the north and somewhat cold, though the roads were muddy. Found considerable corn buying going on at 75 cts., but not so much trading in the store as usual but strictly on the cash system. The stock here does not look so well as they do up in Graham. Saw my friend Tom who is talking of studying medicine and teaching this summer.

Sun. March 7. Weather fine and clear. Roads muddy and rough. Went out to see my girl and found a sick man there, and had lots of fun about the milk belt and told the folks the history of it and all about my trip to Graham and to poor farm. Rather cold coming home and road frozen and rough. Concluded to go to Mo. if no preventing hinderance, and I can get away from this rotten country.

Mon. March 8. Uncle Pete and I started to town in the morning and staid all day. I went down to the Academy and staid all afternoon and view(ed) the workings of that learned institution, but must say that the thing is overrated, in my opinion. In the evening went up to hear my old teacher, Prof. Wherrell, and heard some sound doctrine, but it hit some of our fellow teachers rather hard.

Tues. March 9. Went up to town and made a call on Mattie T. and found out what the girl wanted. Staid till ( ). Came down as far as Aunt Em's, then went back to town. Roads very muddy. Weather fair as the day previous. Staid till 4. Came and started out west but got there too late. The bird had flown and left me in the suds. But I staid and talked to her father till 10, then started for home.

Wed. March 10. Weather fair and warm. Staid at home till after dinner. Wrote a postal card to Rus Rogers and a letter to Uncle Joe. Dick and Uncle Pete started for Atchison on mules. The roads were in a very bad condition. Wind changed into S. east about noon; clouded up and looked like rain about dark, but hadn't rained any at 9 o'clock.

Thurs. March 11. Wind in the northwest and rather cold and cloudy. Stayed

at home until noon, then went to town. Roads getting dryer. Started home but stopped at Aunt Emfs and found lots of girls there, of my old schoolmates, and had fun and music all 'round, though I had seen them more jovial in former times, but then they are getting older and more sedate. Weather clear at 10 o'clock.

Fri. March 12. Weather fair and clear. Stayed at home till noon, after which Pa and I went over to Frank Singleton's and measured the oats ground. Then came to John Guyin's and measured his grass ground. Came home and after supper went to singing school and found a tolerable good crowd there. We sang a few of our old songs, then tackled some new ones.

Sat. March 15. This was the finest day of the season and the mud is almost dried up. Stayed at home until noon, then went up to town and read the news and had a general talk all around with acqut. Came home and (got) ready for the party at Billy Kirk's. We met at Wilhelm's, got ready and marched down to Billy's and had a jolly good surprise of it.

Sun. March 14. Weather fair in the morning with wind from the S.W. but changed about 8 o'clock into the N. W. and began to cloud up and get colder. Went to Church and Bro„ Holiday preached. Went home with Tommy and wife, and took dinner. After dinner Vina Jane and Flora Fairholm came in and we had a good time generally. Went to church again at night. Weather worse. Some rain and getting colder,

Mon. March 15. Snowed during the night, and the wind blew from the north W. and kept it up all day. Rather disagreeable. Sat in the house all day and at night went to church. Very few out and not much singing. Looked for Dick on the train but he did not come as he promised, so it kept us in a bad fix. Came home from church at 9 o'clock. Wind still bloitfing from the N. W. and rather cold.

Tues. March 16. Wind blowing from the north W. in a regular business. Colder than the day before though no snow falling. I didn't go to town at all, but stuck to my sedantary habits tolerably well. Did not go out only for wood. Dick came home about 4 o'clock and heard from Jim's all nearly well. So cold that did not (go) to church. No letters.

Wed. March 17. Weather cloudy. Wind from the east and rather raw. Dick went to town and I came home for dinner. About 4 o'clock went back to town. Got a letter from Harv Johnson. Had a talk with Dr. Crook of the llworth Herald on Grammar and learned something from him on the question. Went to church. Not many there and no services worth much.

Thurs. March 18. Wind from the east and very cold. No thaw all day. Afternoon went to town and went home with Joe Murray in the wagon and found the roads rough and got cold as Greenland. Some rain in the afternoon and it began to snow a little about 4 o'clock but did not snow much. Wind moved in the north. Found the folks all well and looking well.

Fri. March 19. Snowed in the morning for a little while there. It was not so cold as in the night. Wind from the N. About 10 the sun came out. Went over to see the folks and found them all well. Got my books and started home and got home about % nast 1 o'clock. Went to town after four. Got a letter from Mollie or Ciss <f did. Went to singing school. Not so cold as in the morning.

Sat. March 20. Cloudy in the morning and rather cold. In the afternoon cleared away § was pleasant. Stayed at home until noon, then went to town and found out where I could get a school perhaps, but (did) not see the (sic) any of the "Board". About out of debt; owe only Jurcon and that not much. Saw Marion Hall in town, who asked me to come out to my school and see him.

Sun. March 21. Wind from the N. W. and clear. Looked like dry weather. Went out to see my Girl and found her not looking for me and learned on the road that Jno. Burn(?) had died the day before. Learned about the Exhibition and told why I didn't come. Came home about 13 (?) o'clock. Rather cold was the air as I came along, with a nice moon.

Mon. March 22. Weather rather warmer. Went up to town. Came back and got on a horse and went over to Jno.. Davis1 and tried to get their school. Then went to Hulls § Pitcher's but they were not at home. Went over to Tom's school and had the bills written out for the Concert. Came back. Got my supper and started out to bring my Girl to the entertainment and did. Got home about 1 o'clock. Weather fair.

Tues. March 23. This (is) the day of the trial between Dick § Geo. Burns. Went up to town but didn't commence till after dinner. Went back and they got started and got tough with the witnesses. By supper adjourned and after supper the Lawyers had their pleading, which was not long, and went out § . gave the Jury a chance to decide which was done for Dick. Came home about 9 o'clock. Weather fair.

Wed. March 24. Fair weather all day. Came to town in ( ) but the bills did not come. Went home and found Bunds there and staid all day. After dinner went to sleepand slept till 4 o'clock. Nothing of importance took place this day. Jno. Gorham sowed oats and the day before also. A good many are being sown.

Thurs. March 25. Very windy and dusty. Election day. Was one of the clerks, James Elson being the other. The Bond Question was up and was defeated by a vote of 260 to 11. We got through about 8 o'clock, which was very nice compared to other elections previous when we had candidates up for office. Bonds in this Twp. don't show much in the minds of the voters.

Fri. March 26. Went up to town in the morning and found the board all there but one and he came soon afterward. Weather rather chilly in the forenoon but pleasant after noon. Took dinner at the Harvey House. Got our money and staid in town until the train came in. Came home and Jimmy came with me. And went to singing this evening and found not many there and rather hard to sing.

Sat. March 27. Weather fine and dry. Lots of oats are being sown. Staid in town until 5 o'clock, then came home. Failed in getting a school Went out to see my Girl and got there rather late but found her playing. Sang some songs and came home. Got home about 12 o'clock. Weather rather cool. Looked a little like rain, though it didn't.

Sun. March 28. Sunday was as fine a day as you would wish for. Tommy and

his wife and Jennie Wilhelm came down and spent the day. Cap came about

2 o'clock and we practiced for the Concert at Pardee, and got along all right.

Went up to town and hired a buggy to go in. Got it from Harvey House. Then went over to Tommy's.

Mon. March 29. Got up rather early. Went up and got the buggy and came home. Got started about h past 9 o'clock. Got started from Mr. Rogers1 about h past 10 o'clock. Arrived at Mr. Butler's after a tedious ride, at 1 o'clock. Got our dinner and went to Pardee. Practiced till 6, then (went) and got supper. Came back but found no crowd there to listen to our music. At 11 went home in bad spirits.

Tues. March 30. Weather not quite so windy as the previous day, though before noon it got moreso if anything. Started from Butler's at % past 10 o'clock, but came very slow on account of the wind. Got to Mr. Rogers' after 1 o'clock. Stopped and got our dinner. Came home and got there at h past 4. Took the team back to town. Went over to Tom's and told all about the concert.

Wed. March 31. It commenced to rain in the evening before, and rained all night and was raining in the morning when I got up. And rained from the east till after 2, when it changed into the north and snowed a little for us; and was rather cold though rain was just the thing to make things grow. Staid at home all day. It commenced to freeze at 4 o'clock. Cap came home at 8.

Thurs. April 1. Wind from the north and rather cold, though clear. Joe Murray came down and took dinner with us. After dinner we went over to Howard's to make a trade, but did not. Went to town and found out that they had a petition out for a school meeting. Roads drying up rapidly. No papers nor no mail of any sort. Wind lulled.

Fri. April 2. Weather good; drying up rapidly. People sowing oats with the bulk sowed. Went to town and found out that they had a petition out with 90 petitioners and a call for a meeting ordered. Went to singing and had a good sing, and started home, being dark. Cap and Pa run against a tree and broke it and hurt themselves rather badly.

Sat. April 3. Weather fair. Went to town and then we got in the wagon and started for Oskaloosa to be examined. Got there and found the questions in Grammar were tough. The others were easy. Got through better than expected when I got there. Started for home where we arrived about dark, with a headache and as hungry as I could be. After supper went up to town.

Sun. April 4. Rather windy. Stayed home all day. Was very tired and nearly sick. Went to bed § staid there till noon. Got up and tried to study but could not come it. Aunt Em § Ad came and stayed all afternoon. In the evening I could hardly conduct myself with staying at home, but managed to worry through with it. Rather nice § balmy.

Mon. April 5. Weather rather cloudy. Took up school under rather unfavorable auspices, but think I am all right. Had some trouble in keeping order, but managed to get along and had 35 scholars and no Covenanters at all. That day wrote out the contract for my school, but did not take it up to Talcott's for his attest. And found where the Rs was.

Tues. April 6. Rather windy and a little cool in the morning, for we had to have a fire. Got along first rate and had some of the Covs. there. Came to the conclusion that I had them by the heels and intend to hold them if I can. Did not think much of the previous night's entertainment. Am of the

opinion that T  
does not wish me to have the sch(ool).

Wed. April 7. Had rain in the night and it was rather pleasant though very windy. Went to Talcott for the register, but he would not give it up without a written order, so I did not get it, and went off and left him. Tommy is better though not able to get out of bed. Got a letter from Uncle Joe and Mollie , and they said that Pete was going (to) the Mts. if he sold his mare.

Thurs. April 8. Rain in the night and rather cold in the morning, and rained at times during the day. Mr, Murray stayed with;us.last night. Stopped in out of the rain and we gave them some music. Heard nothing much about the school today. Got along in school alright and am getting them down to some kind of order, or at least imagine so. Windy weather.

Fri. April 9. Cold and windy. Have (sic) to have fire all day in school. Heard from Smith and my standing in all except Arith. & Hist, yesterday. Was tolerably good, Grammar being the lowest~~7%. Some got theirs this morning. Mr. Cook was in my room but did not stay long. In the evening, had a talk with him. After supper, went to singing and had a good sing.

Sat, April 10. Rather a fine day until in the afternoon. Got my certificate this morning and had quite a chat with Tom § Al about theirs and on educational matters generally. Took dinner with Tommy. We then went down to where they were jumping. Did not write to my Girl that I was coming on the morrow. Went to church.

Sun. April 11. Cloudy and rather windy § cold. Went to church and Mr. Holmes preach(ed); though not eloquent, (he) is a very good talker, but not a good grammarian. The preacher came home with me and so did Polk. Had a call from Fairfield asking my presence to sing for them. Commenced to snow in the afternoon and snowed § rained all night, or at least till church was out.

Mon. April 12. Snowed in the morning and kept it up the most of the day, or rained and was rather disagreeable all day. This was the day set for the trial (sic) great school meeting and they voted to have a female teacher for the summer term, and used some severe language about family selfishness. Have the assurance from the best men that I am all right.

Tues. April 13. Wind still from the N. W. and cloudy yet. Took up school as usual. Got along very well and had some new scholars. Heard nothing from the Potomac nor the Rhine either and I guefs they are at their strings end. Concluded that it mattered not if I said anything about it and think I am all right.

Wed. April 14. Clear and nice and the most pleasant morning of the week. Had to have a fire nearly all day. Heard nothing concerning school matters. Went to church and heard a very good sermon. Then went up to the Lodge. Was initiated along with Barbara and Tom Kearly. And had lots of fun in the round.

Thurs. April 15. Cold as Greenland and blowing like a N. W. can generally Had to have a roaring fire all day. Mr. Fulton came into see me but did not stay long. Concluded that I was not strict enough and must come down on them and use the rod a little and give them to understand that I am boss. Have three Covs. coming now. Think (I) will have more.

Fri. April 16. Wind still from the N.W. and it froze considerably more than I ever saw for this time of year. Some think it will hurt the small grain, yet can't tell whether or no sir. Had to thrash some (to)day or at least give them a slight ( ) on the headI mean one or two who were unruly. Had singing though many there after church.

Sat. April 17. Wind from the N.W. and rather cold, though in the afternoon it was some more pleasant. Got ready and went out to Fairfield to the Exhibition. Got out there and my girl was just on the eve of starting off and leaving me. Got over there and found everything endways, but got through all right. Saw my old scholars. Came home about 2 o'clock. Weather rather cold. Got 1.75 for singing.

Sun. April 18. Weather fairest for two weeks. Went to church and heard a very g>od sermon. Went to John Orr's for dinner, and in the afternoon went to Sunday School. Then came home aid took a nap. Then went to church at night and Bro. Holmes closed his week's meeting and Bro. Holiday was there. Came home in the bright moonlight along Tom Dick Vanderslae(?).

Mon. April 19. Weather worse than ever. Snow, rain § hail in the forenoon. Afternoon, it cleared off and in the evening it was right warm, too warm for pleasure especially in the Church. At the entertainment brought my Girl in £ had a nice ride in the moonlight. The eve. entertainment was better than our previous evening. No accident at all.

Tues. April 20. Weather cold. Had a fire al day. Saw Hinchman and talked to him about the Covs. remarks on the previous evening and also concerning school matters, and he confirmed my opinion that I would get my money. Marion $ Helen stayed all night with us, but I did not get to see them much for I was away.

Wed. April 21. Wednesday, the weather a little better, though I had a fire most of the day. A good many of the Covenanters are coming now. Was very sleepy but Dick and I went to the Lodge but did (not) get there till it had commenced and waited till recefs. Then went up and had some fun with the Girls.

Thurs. April 22. The Grasshoppers are hatching out by the wholesale though there are not a great many eggs Deposited in the country from what I learn. Clarisa Hall came home. Barbara and we had a game of croquetthe second of the seasonand had some music after supper and lots of fun.

Fri. April 23. Weather better. No fire this day in the schoolroom. Had a game of ball this morning and it made me so tired that I could scarcely go in the evening, but managed to get to school, but Cap did not come till late and then we had to procure some light. Got 15 cts worth of candles Home 11 o'c.

Sat. April 24. Raining from the east and very cold. Planted corn, and near freezing with overshoes, overcoats, and gloves on, but stood it till noon. In the afternoon, went to town and (heard) something on the school matter from Fulton, and Talcott has concluded to let the school go on. Had singing but not many there. Got along well.

Sun. April 25. Rain from the east in the morning and continued all day or at intervals during the day. Jim Trimble came down and brought some horses for Dick. We sang some songs for him and he liked them very much. Did

not go anywhere nor fix up. Twas raining when I went to bed at 9.

Mon. April 26. Cloudy weather and rather cold. Had a fire all day. Had one new scholar and got along very well. Nothing of importance to write about. Went home and had a sing after supper, practicing for the con(cert) at Marshall S.'s house. Rather cold; at least had to make a fire in the room for comfort. Got along very well.

Tues. April 27. Weather nice all day. Nothing of importance transpired this day. Got along very well though not so well as the day before. Wrote a letter to Uncle Joe. The time for the "Times" was out and we did not (get) any news today. I am of the opinion that the Grasshoppers will not damage us much, yet I can't tell.

Wed. April 28. Clear in the morning, but clouded up and was rather chilly and looked rainy (in) the afternoon when school was out. Nothing (of) importance to write about. In the evening went to Lodge and was elected chaplain. Then we adjourned on account of the impending storm and just as we got out it began to sprinkle. It rained some before we got down to Tommy1s where we put up for the night.

Thurs. April 29. The sun rose clear after the rich rain, though it soon clouded up. Yet it cleared off before noon and was pleasant, but I had (a) fire all day nearly. Saw Ben Tabler in t6wn. He has been to Mo. and didn't (go) as he expected to California, but is going to start soon in the wagon. As I came home from school, saw a good many Grasshoppers along the fence § in the grass by the road.

Fri. April 30. Clear in the morning, but clouded up. Let out school at h past 2 o'clock. Got ready and came down to the concert and found things in a sail old fix. Got supper and came back but nobody was there. We sang a few songs and yet no one came. Then we got through of 12 and then commenced some wild speculations on the W.

Sat. May 1. It stopped raining about h past four o'clock and we got started for home about 5. It was blowing from the north very hard and it was cold as winter. Nearly froze coming home where we arrived about 6 or after, and soon as we got warm we were so sleepy that we had to go to bed, and we slept till noon. Got our dinner but did not feel like doing much.

Sun. May 2. Weather cloudy § chilly. There was enough frost on the fences to write my name. Got ready to go to see my Girl, but it commenced to rain $ looked very much like it would rain § I gave up the idea of going to see my Girl. So I did not go any place. Aunt Em § Un(cle) Ad came up and we did not go to Sunday School. Dick came home and told how it went baching and how he was getting along farming.

Mon. May 3. Cloudy and windy and cold. Came up and swept the room before any one came. The coal gave out and we did not have much fire in the afternoon. Got no letters from any one. The Flax was not hurt by the last freeze. They say some of the corn that was planted early is rotting, though it is to be hoped not much. Got along very well in school. Nothing more at present.

Tues. May 4. Rather cool but clear in the morning, though it clouded up in the forenoon and it rained a little in the afternoon. Went home and went down to the Concert, and we had not more than got there before it commenced to rain.

Went through with the programme. Started home § brought the Organ. Got home alright about 1 ofclock. Left it in the wagon.

Wed. May 5. Sun rose clear and it was a very nice day. I got very sleepy in the afternoon and did not feel much like teaching, though I managed to get along. I felt so tired and sleepy that I did (not) go to Lodge, but went to sleep and had a fine night's sleep if I did mifs the installation of officers and the pleasure of meeting my friends. Felt at noon very sleepy and slept about 15 minutes Sang froid.

Thurs. May 6. Very windy and warm, and lots of Grasshoppers are hatching out and they are destroying oats in some places, but have not seen much damage done by them myself, but have seen a great many. Went to Singing School and nearly all were there, and we had a very good sing and got along all right. Had a letter from Prof„ Wherrell in regard to the Normal institute. The planning is almost all done.

Fri. May 7, Windy § dusty £ very disagreeable. It was fast day with the Covenanters § I did not have as many scholars as usual, yet had a plenty for pleasure or convenience. And had the most quiet school that I have had for a long time. I had speeches today and intend to try to improve them in that particular as well as in the other studies. The weather is the warmest we had this one.

Sat. May 8. The weather was nice in the morning and it did not rain in the night as we expected, but looked dry. But before noon, it clouded up and ( ) with great violence, though it did not continue so all day. After supper we went up to town and saw Lewis Housh. Had just returned from California and said that times were good out there to what they were here. Then went to Tom's § sung awhile, did.

Sun. May 9. Rained at 4 o'clock. Held up at 6 § commenced at 7 again § we had a gentle shower till 10 or nearly so. Got ready § went up after Tom § wife and it was warm and looked like rain. Came home. Got dinner and started out to see my Girl £ she had gone to S. School. Went down then and after S. School took a ride but it looked like rain § we did not go far. Came back. Just got my horse up § it rained a good rain. Home.

Mon. May 10c Nice § clear § fine growing weather § the Grasshoppers are doing some damage in some of the contiguous districts § there are a good many here £ still hatching. Had school but no Covenanters but one. Marvin was down to see me. After supper went to the lecture & heard a smart man on the Religious Amendment to the constitution which was very good for this side of the question. Weather warm.

Tues. May 11. The wind was blowing from N. W. in a terrible gale § which was wrorst wind of the season and it blew very hard till noon. After that it calmed down § showered some § was some warmer than in the forenoon. Came home for my dinner and had a rough walk of it, but got back without losing my hat. The grafshoppers are getting numerous § doing some damage.

Wed. May 12. Nice § clear § pleasant. Went up with Geo. Butler § stayed at the Depot till the train came in. D. R. Anthony was shot on Monday § is not expected to live. He was shot by W. Embry. Got a letter from Uncle Joe yesterday. Got ready § went to Lodge and learned that Jane Wilhelm was very sick. Came home § Dick came home with us. John.

Thurs. May 13. Weather fine with lots of Grafs. § they are doing considerable damage. I went out in the rye this morning § .they are doing the thing up brown, the most I have seen yet. They are eating the potatoes off as fast as they come out. After school went to town. We had singing. Geo. Butler came with Cap. Not many there but got along alright. Came home § sung some. Weather warm.

Fri. May 14. Weather warm § nice. After breakfast we had a game of Croquet, and it was rather warm. Marion § all was over and we took a game of ball. Had some speeches. Lots of Gs § they are doing considerable damage in some parts. They have taken some fields of flax entirely, but I hope they take wings § leave us. D. R, Anthony still lives with some hopes of recovery. No sing to to night. Had a nice rain at 8 o'clock.

Sat. May 15. Rain(ed in) the morning ( ) I got up £ after it began to rain § rained the big(g)est rain of the season. Cleared off about 4. Stayed at home all day. In the eve went up to singing. Not many there. Roads muddy. Came § read the papers. D. R. Anthony still lives with some hope of his recovery. Got a paper from Graham but no letters from anyone.

Sun. May 16. It was rather cool § cloudy. Did not go anyplace. Read all day on Wordsworth's work and it was the first poem that I could manage to read. Like it real well. No one came to see us § was glad of (it). These are the hardest times I ever saw § the Grasshoppers and chinch bugs are thick § doing a great deal of damage in some districts. Read as long as my eyes cod (could) ( ).

Mon. May 17. Clear in the morning, but it clouded up in the afternoon and sprinkled a little, but it cleared away and they had a nice evening for their entertainment, which should have been very good if it could have been heard distinctly all over the room. The singing was not very good owing to circumstances and some of the playing was bad according to my ear § idea of music.

Tues. May 18. Cloudy § warm. Went to town with Cap. In the forenoon it got cloudier and in the afternoon it rained a little and it then cleared away like. Came home § read the daily and learned that Anthony was dying the day before but was better at that issue § Drs. expressed opinion of his final recovery. W. M. Embryfs trial was set for to day, who is the man that shot Anthony. Had a rehearsal.

Wed. May 19. Clear, nice and bright. Went up to school § had a talk with the section boss. Vi, C. Kirkpatrick and son(?) left for Indiana this morning. At noon saw lots of chinch bugs flying (in) the air and that they were thick in other parts of the state and some of the farmers are getting considerably discouraged. And some are taking it all right. Went to Lodge. Not many there.

Thurs. May 20. Warm § nice. Saw some chinch bugs flying § the Gs. were on the move. Yet they say--they who have traveled through the countrythat there are not so many here in the vicinity as there are in other places. Out 4 or 5 miles from town they are beginning to shed and move around considerably and they don't eat as much as usual, or at least as they did when first hatched.

Fri. May 21. Nice § fair, with plenty of G's moving to better pasture, I suppose. There are more here in this part than there have been at any time before this Spring. Had singing this eve and got along first rate § made more music out of them than we have yet. Had quite a turn out. Think we will have a better concert than any previous one. But doubt the financial part of (it) owing to the hard times.

Sat. May 22. Very warm in the morning and kept it up all day. The Thermometer stood at 101, they said, though think that is rather too high. Saw the G's on the move out of the rye § they were going N. W. § W. in front of the house. These were very thick, going right down into the wheat, but they are leaving it as fast as they come in, so it remains the same. In the evening, were on the fences £ were thick. Got the Register today.

Sun. May 23. A fine day but stayed at home all day £ straightened out the Register. And also killed some G's as they were hopping round thick § in every direction. We killed about a bushel and still they were thick in the yard. P Dick § Vanderpool came down in the evening but did not stay long. Went to bed early. Cap came home 11 o.

Mon. May 24. Nice and clear § very warm and the Gs. on the move early. In the evening went down to Uncle Ad'sCap, Ciss and myself and sang till 10 o'clock. Had a terrible headache. Took some pills when I came and they made me sick and I could hardly go to sleep. The Gs. have done great damage to day, so the farmers say.

TueSo May 25. A fine morning but my head still aches. Went to school and had some fun ( ) the window. The Bills came this morning aid Cap began to distribute them. Saw Geo. Trower and he said the Gs. had taken all his corn but 16 acres out of 80, and were still at work. Singing, and we did not get started till late and some of the singers were there. Very tired.

Wed. May 26. Rather tired and sleepy and did not feel like getting up. We sang in the morning till h past 8. Then I got there just (in) time for school. Felt very sleepy all day and took a little nap in the afternoon § felt better. The G's haven't done as much damage as usual in places & others they have ( ) things more. Went to bed, but it rained and it woke me before I got fully to sleep.

Thurs. May 27. Looked rather gloomy and it rained before noon and kept raining some all day. Got the stage fixed up £ the lamp cleaned § started home. It rained as I came. Annie Mide § the Boys came soon after we came. After Supper we put the Organ in the wagon § went to singing. Got along all right. Came home rather tired § sleepy.

Fri. May 28. A fine morning § we had a game of Croquet & M( ) I were ahead when I had to go to school § Jack took my place § they beat at % past 2 o'clock. Dismissed § went up to the church § they came soon. And we practiced some. Went to train. Maggie, Brown Sallie § Lin Rea. Got my buggy. Came home d dressed and went out after my Girl and she was already home.

Sat. May 29. Got home at daylight § went to bed § slept till 10 o'clock. Got up> got breakfast and the folks came in § they went after the Organ S brought it home, and after dinner Mide £ Annie came § we had lots of music. Then we played Croquet. Annie § I played together § we beat anything on the ground. We went up and cleaned the church § squared off accounts.

Sun. May 30. A fine day, but I felt very tired § stayed at home all day. Read Wordsworth's Poems when I was not asleep. Went down in the Timber in the evening and saw lots of G's § came back through the reye and (they had) damaged it considerably. Then I went down into the rye. They were thick in that, § were eating the heads some § taking the corn in places.

Mon. May 31o A fine day § the Gfs are on the move § eat, and the people are badly scared. In some parts they have taken things clean § the farmers are preparing to plant again. They are dying in some parts from a little worm. After they are dead you can take the worm out § it looks like a meat maggot. Though I haven't seen any myself with the worm in them but have seen the D. G § the worm.

Tues. June 1. Lots (of) Grasshoppers and they are on the move § eat considerably. The people are not ploughin1 much on account of the hoppers, for they eat (more?) on corn that is ploughed than they do on that which is (not?) ploughed on account of it being cooler § they like to stay in the ground which is cool.

Wed. June 2. Cool weather for this time of year. Last year we had some warm weather before this time but no Grs but they are plentiful this season and they are doing lots of damage, and if I ever had the blues I have them now. Did not go to Lodge for we had visitors § could not go very well, and felt kind of tired anyway.

Thurs. June 3. A fine day and rather warm. Came home after school and went over and found my horse. Came back & got ready and went out to see my Girl, but she was not going away on the morrow, so I will have the privilege of going to see her again before she leaves. Tried to persuade her not to go, but she had her head set § would go, so I did not say more.

Fri. June 4. We had the hardest rain of the season. It commenced early . § rained till noon, though not very hard after 8 o'clock. Just got to school in the nick of time. Not many scholars in the forenoon but in the afternoon more came in. Came down Chas. Searl and he said that it was the hardest rain that we had had for 3 years.

Sat. June 5. We went up into the field to take a look at the hoppers1 damage and found they had not taken the corn much, but had hurt the oats on the edges badly. Yesterday evening was the first that we saw shed. They were hulling out rapidly though Bud found one. Then with ( ) but I think in a week the larger portion will be shed off.

Sun. June 6. This (was) a fine day for Hoppers hatching and Tommy and I went out in the rye and they were shedding off in great numbers. In the afternoon went to see my Girl for the last time, at least for awhile, for she is going away tomorrow. I found her waiting for me and she looked as nice as could be. We had quite a nice time all to ourselves, but of course I could not stay always.

Mon. June 7. Was a fine day with not anything of importance to write about. The Gfs are not on the wing to day but are winging out very rapidly, and I think they will begin to leave in two or three days and they may go sooner. They have taken quite a number of fields of corn without leaving much if any and the farmers look rather blue.

Tues. June 8. Warm and nice, and about 10 o'clock the Hoppers began to fly. Went over in goodly numbers and those who were out doors most of the day say that a good many let down, but I think not as many as left, though I was only out a few times during the day.

Wed. June 9. Wind from the South West and before noon the Hoppers began their North Westward marchwhich is their general course. They light down in

places nearly as go up. But I have not seen many come down and I donft think many will, though it is only guesswork with me.

Thurs. June 10. Wind from the South West and blowing like smoke, and the G's whirling in North Easterly direction, and in great numbers. Rode down (to) Cay Hinchmanfs and he said (they) were cutting his corn very (badly) and he thought he would have to replant nearly all corn ground if they kept on as they had before.

Fri. June 11. A fine day and the Hoppers were still on the move and eat. After school Barbara and I went down (to) Rheafs and got there about 9 o'clock and found Cap there. After supper we went in § had some music and did not go to bed until about 11 o'clock. Noticed on the road some very good fields of corn.

Sat. June 12. Was a fine morning and we got down to the Picnic Grounds all right about 9 o'clock. We had a fine lecture. The exercises consisted of Declamations, songs and speeches. And after chores were over we had an old fashioned spelling match. Then came back to Rhea's and after supper we had some more music § conversation.

Sun. June 13. The morning was nice, cool, and sat in the yard and chatted an hour or two after breakfast, then I got my team § we had some music before we started. Got started about 10 and the G's were on the wing in countless numbers, and still rising. Got home at 2 o'clock. In the evening got up stairs and had a nap. Got a letter from my Girl and was happily ( ) by visitors in the evening.

Mon. June 14. Nothing of importance transpired to day to write about, only the Grasshoppers are still on the move and are cutting in places the corn very badly. Nevertheless, I think there will (be) some corn left (in) some vicinities. It seems that they are more ravenous in some districts than others. Probably there are more in places than others, but have failed to note much difference.

Tues. June 15. The G's were on the move at their regular hour and went with the wind in N. W. direction. This was the last day of the Academy and this eve their entertainment, and of course I went down to it. Some of the recitations were very good, so were some of the Declamations, but the singing was very poor, so I thought. As well others (had) more complaint than I.

Wed. June 16. This was a fine day and very warm as the preceding had been, and there were more Grasshoppers in the air than any day or I thought so at least. My school was very quiet today. No one to bother us and we got along finely. Pa got a letter from Uncle Joe yesterday and he said there were lots of Hoppers over there and it was all the talk.

Thurs. June 17. Warm as usual and nothing much to write about. A hundred years ago the battle of Bunker Hill was fought. Weatherford's horse ( ) got tangled up in the ( ) and fell over the ( ) by the Railroad and killed himself or was nearly dead and died as they were llifting him up. Lots of Hoppers were on the move today; not many left.

Fri. June 18. Warm as usual and wind from the S.W. and the Gs are leaving in considerable numbers and they are cutting the corn very badly in places. The County corn came in yesterday evening and was distributed to day at $1.20 per bu. Not quite all gone, but it will all be gone by tomorrow night. No

rain and looks as if (it) would be dry.

Sat. June 19. Very warm and dry with no signs of rain. Stayed at home and fixed the reaper and helped Pa plant some watermelon seed and cantelope. Did not go fishing with the party. Went up to town in the evening and found not many people in town; for they were most of them planting corn, and the seed corn was about all gone if not quite, not more Gs fly.

Sun. June 20. Nothing of importance to write about only the Gs commenced their regular flight in considerable numbers in a northerly direction. Remained at home all day but read some on the Golden State and think that I should like to go out there. Uncle Ad's folks came over in the evening and it looked like rain but did not.

Mon. June 21. Warm as usual in the morning, kept getting warmer. Some Gs on the wing. People planting corn agin which is the fourth time for some., Got an invitation to go to an Ice Cream Supper. Came home, got on my clothes and went back and it was very hot. Had some mishaps during the evening and some lamentable affairs. Home 12.

Tues. June 22. Wind from South West and very warm and some Gs on the wing and they are doing considerable damage yet in some parts. Got no letters as I expected. W. C, Kirkpatrick came home this evening. Dick cut Jno Orrfs rye and it was very good for the season. The excursion was out from Leavenworth but not the Winchester folks went.

Wed. June 23. Very windy and warm and dusty. Some Gs on the wing though (not) many. No letter yet. Came home and went down to the field and saw the chinch bugs on the march out of the wheat and they were thick on the corn replanted and I think they will take if they keep on. Pa ditched along the hollow but I think it will do no good. No rain.

Thurs. June 24. Wind from West and the North West and very pleasant all day. No Hoppers on the wing to day. Dick cut Grieck's wheat which was not very good for the Hoppers worked on it very much and they commenced to cut Pa's and he has some very good wheat. No letter yet don't know what is the matter.

Fri. June 25. Very warm all day; and it was the last day of my school. Had some visitors in the afternoon and they made short speeches after the scholars were through. This time my long looked for letter came. Pa got our piece of wheat cut, bound and shocked up and the chinch bugs are leaving the wheat for the corn.

Sat. June 26. Had a little rain in the morning and had better indications for rain than for a long time. Went out into the field and commenced to bind wheat (and is very good) and it was very warm and it went rather hard with me but stood it till we got through about five. Very tired and sore from working too fast.

Sun. June 27. We had a fine rain last night. It commenced to rain about eleven o'clock and rained all night and I guess the people are gladd all over this morning. It's cloudy and rather cold and I am very sore from harvesting. Remained at home all day. Tommy and Mattie and Uncle John are here today. Wrote a letter to my Girl to day. In the evening it was exceedingly cool for June. Went into the kitchen ( ).

Mon. June 28e Nice and clear after the rain and a little cool. Went to town

and staid until noon. Came home and went to work at the machine and had a terrible time getting it fixed. Very warm - got started after four o'clock and cut the reye down, but did not bind any of it. Cap and I went up to singing and arranged matters amicably bet. all.

Tues. June 29. Fine and clear: went out to the rye patch and bound it nearly all up in a little while, and it got to be rather warm. This is fine weather after the rain of Saturday night and people go to work with more vim than before. Did not do much in the afternoon. In the evening went up to singing. Not as many there as usual.

Wed. June 30. Cloudy and looked as though it would rain in the morning but did not. Russell was here and assessed and took the census. In the evening went up (to) the Lodge, and we had three initiate and we had a very pleasant time. As we came home it was thundering and lightning § look(ed) like rain.

Thurs. July 1. Again it looked like rain; but Pa and I went over to Oskaloosa. We saw some as fine corn as ever grew, I think, but as we got near Oskaloosa the Hoppers had cleaned things and it looked rather bad. We ( ) some planting yet and some the chinch bugs were taking what was up. Got home all right.

Fri. July 2. Very warm and no rain. Went to work at the garden fence. Got nearly done and the nails gave out. After (I) took a rest, and in the evening went up to singing and got along all right and they concluded to go in a wagon prepared for the purpose, or some of them did. Came home and it looked like rain.

Sat. July 3. Got up and it was raining some. Then we got ready and went to town but singers hadn't come and it was 9 o'clock and we got in the wagon and started out. Got over there all right. When we got on the ground we found a good many whom we knew, old scholars and friends. It was very warm. Came home at 6.

Sun. July 4. Stayed at home all day and rested; in the afternoon we had a fine rain commencing about 4 o'clock and it rained till dark. Henry Gayim came over in the afternoon and gave glowing accounts of Russile county. Read the "Hoosier School Miester" through and think it is very good, rather funny.

Mon. July 5. Came down to the City and was raining § kept at it all day nearly. Took dinner with Billy at Central Hotel. Did not go up to school but saw Wherrell and I had a talk with (him) about the school. Took supper at the Golden Gate. Then went down to Billy Bradshaw's room and read some of Brick Pomeroy's writing. At 8 the fireworks began and we went out. Saw the sights.

Tues. July 6. Went up to school and did not find many of the old scholars in. After a long time we got started for the day and commenced our recitations. Got through before 12. After dinner went over to Mcs and found out what the order was concerning the school. Came back and studied some.

Wed. July 7. Went to school and got along first rate. Got through before noon and it was rather warm and there (were) some G's on the wing going in a westerly direction. The day before they were going more in a sotherly direction and they lit down and took the things in some places. Did not study my lesson much today.

Thurs. July 8. Went to school and had not (studied?) my Lessons very well.

Came back and studied my algebra lesson. After supper went over to the Musical Institute and saw how they carried on things in this day and age of the world in a musical Institute. Went home part of the way with Kirkland. Very warm.

Fri. July 9. Raining in the morning and rained till about 9 o'clock. Did not get through school till 12 o'clock. Took dinner and went down. Got my things and went down to the depot. Got home and found no letters had come for me. Things look very well out here.

Sat. July 10. Went to town in the morning and remained all day. It commenced to rain about 10 o'clock; rained until noon. Looked like rainy weather. Got letters none from any one. Came home and it began to rain about 8 o'clock § kept raining till I had gone to bed. Crops growing fine.

Sun. July 11. Remained at home all day and (did) not feel very well. Got no letters from my girl and felt rather bad about it. Could(n't) make up my mind about bringing Barbara down to the Musical Institute. Vanderpool was over and gossiped about all the folks in general and some in particular.

Mon. July 12. Nice and clear and looked as though the rain had ceased for awhile at least. Came down to town and went up to school and got to go through two of my lessons. Came down and took dinner and started down town but did not write home.

Tues. July 13. Very pleasant and in the afternoon went down to the depot and we had a very hard rain. Came back to town and met Mr Rhea and went up with him and saw the girls. Came back but it was very warm after the rain and went into the furniture (store?) and found out what I could do ( ).

Wed. July 14. Very warm and continued so all day. It was 97° in the shade and moreso in the sun. Sweat like fury all day. No letter yet. Must be something wrong but guess it will come out alright in the end. School is going along splendidly and I hope it will continue so. Scholars keep come in; over 80 now and still they come.

Thurs. July 15. Very warm all day, so much so that the sweat poured off continually. Tommy came down; and I met him down at the Steamur which came up from St Louis with an excursion party on board. In the evening the Thermometer stood at 99 and there was no pleasant place in town unless in an ice house.

Fri. July 16. Got up at 4 o'clock and Tommy was sick and we went out for a walk. Came back and read the news after breakfast. Went (to) school and got along very well in my lessons to day, better than any other day. After dinner went down to the depot and Tommy was there but not well yet. Got a letter from my girl yesterday.

Sat. July 17. Not quite so warm as yesterday; wrote a letter home to Sis and told her to not come unless she wanted to. Went down and found out that all's not gold that glitters. Did not feel very well all day. Did not study my lesson any to day but got the home paper and was glad to read it.

Sun. July 18. Cloudy § pleasant. I did (not) feel very well, but got ready § went to Church § Sunday school § heard McCleery preach. After dinner wrote a letter to my Girl. It commenced to rain but did not continue long. Went to church after supper and did not feel very well. It was raining some.

Mon. July 19. Went to school and got along very well but did not feel well yet. Went out to the show in the evening and saw the best bareback riding that I ever saw in my life and saw Miss Mollie Brown turn back sumersauits on a running horse. She is said to be the only woman that can.

Tues. July 20. Nice and pleasant and got along better than usual with my lessons to day. Ham Johnson came up to school and took dinner with me. After dinner we went over to see Billy and went up in the watch tower and then went up on top of the Court House. About 1/2 past 4 he left for Pugets Sound Washington Ter.

Wed. July 21. Twas raining some during the day and it was quite pleasant. Went down in town and saw the Funeral train of the man who got killed in the vTimesf by the elevator falling on him. No letters at all and nothing came from home that I could learn of. Studied my lessons more than any day yet.

Tues. July 22. Quite pleasant and got along very nicely with my lessons to day. Nothing from home yet nor anywhere else. Nothing of importance to write about to day. Read a speech of W Phillips on the financial question - he is in favor of paper money for a circulating medium for the present.

Fri. July 23. Weather nice and cool. Some good times in school. Got my shirt and other things from home to day. They had been going back § forth on the train several days. After supper went down in town with Billy and saw the sights. Came home and went to bed and felt better than I have for awhile.

Sat. July 24 25. Very pleasant; Billy and I went down to the Depot but concluded not to go to Kan City. Came back and went to church. After dinner went out to see the game of B.B. on the nReserven bet(ween) the llworth boys § the Weston lads. The rain came up and put a stop to the game; came home and wrote two letters.

Sun. July 25 26. Went to school and got along very well. Nothing of importance to write about. No news of any kind. Rained some during the day. No letters from home yet. Went down in the evening to hear the Tyrolean warblers sing at the Star of the West, and they sing very well, one especially.

Mon. July 26. Nice morning and looked as though we might have fair weather, but in the afternoon there came up a storm and we had a big shower making the water run in little creeks down the streets. Nothing more to write about for this day. Went down to hear the warblers again.

Tues. July 27 24th. A mistake in my writing this for I (am) one day ahead and you can think as you please when you read it Saturday. I did not do much. Went up to see the boys. Studied some though it was too hot to study much. Went out to see the sights in the evening with Billy.

Wed. July 28. More rain; very muddy and rather disagreeable but I guess not enough to hurt anything yet. Went down in town and heard that there was a young man killed by lightning out in my neighborhood but could not find out who it was. Heard the Tyrolean warblers again, only one son.

Thurs. July 29. I am getting along very well in school, better than I expected when I first started in. Rained in the forenoon and the streets are quite

muddy. Heard that it was Ab Russell that got killed by lightning and also one of his horses. Got two letters today, one from Ciss and one from Mollie.

Fri. July 30. Looked like rain and it did commence about 10 o'clock and rained all day and continued steadily through the night. Got along first-rate in school to day and hope to get along better in time. Went out with Billy after supper and heard the troupe at the Star of the West again.

Sat. July 31. Rained till nearly noon. After dinner took a walk out and over the Reserve. Came back and in the evening went over to South Leavenworth Musical Examination and got some very good instruction by paying attention. Came home and went to bed

Sun. Aug. 1. Fine day. Went to Sunday school and church in the forenoon. No church given out for the evening. Went up to my room in the afternoon and took a nap. After supper Billy and I went down to his room and stayed there till the concert.

Mon. Aug. 2. A fine day and went to school. Came home and found Mollie there. Came sooner than I expected. We went over to the Court House, then up to Mcs« Took tea with them. After that went down to Salter's and went from there over to the Rehearsal. Got tired and came home about 10 o'clock.

Tues. Aug. 3. Did not feel very well and (did) not go to school. Did not go out at all. In the afternoon went with Mollie down to the depot. Saw Wilhelm there who had just come from St Louis. Came back but did not feel any better than before I went out.

Wed. Aug. 4. Did not feel any better so did not go to school this day but was in bed the most of the day. Sorrow that I could not go but could not help it. Nothing of importance to write about.

Thurs. Aug. 5. Felt some better and went to school but did not make much headway in my classes. No letters from home nor anywhere else. Don't know what was the matter. Went over to the Concert and it was real good. Goddard gave a recitation which was very good. No folks there from home.

Fri. Aug. 6. Went to school in the forenoon and in the afternoon went over to where the Examination was going on and had lots of fun on top of the Court House with the girls. Billy and I came down. Saw the 0 Connell Procession. Went down to the Banquet and had a fine time drinking wine.

Sat. Aug. 7. A nice day. Studied my lessons in the morning, then went down and bought a pair of Boots from Chase Bro. In afternoon went over to Examinations and had some more fun and got lists of the questions of the Examination. Came home and went to bed early this evening.

Sun. Aug. 8. Billy came and wanted me to take a ride with (him) out in the Country and I did so. And a very pleasant trip in the country except that I got nearly knee deep in the mud on the back of the Slero(?). But after I got along very well. Beat anybody playing Croquet. Got home at 8 o'clock.

Mon. Aug. 9. Went to school and got along very well though nothing to brag of. After dinner went down to Depot and saw some Winchesterites and sent Rutherford's knife home by Chatfield. No letters from any place yet. Don't know what ails the folks.

Tues. Aug. 10. To school as usual. I went and did not feel very well yet. To day is the first day of the State Examination and they say it is not very hard. There are eighteen trying for Certificates, Some for five years and some for three and none for diplomas.

Wed. Aug 11. Weather fair and dry. Streets are getting dusty and farmers say they need rain. This is second day of Examination. I went up with Billy and saw their grades in reading. The highest was 96. The lowest 84. Went over and seen over the Certificates of the county and word to the defeated Can.

Thurs. Aug. 12. Went to school and got thru earlier than usual. Took a nap and went down and saw Mc and wife go away for the East. Came back and studied my lesson. About 4 o'clock we had a nice shower. No letters yet. Am getting desperate.

Fri. Aug. 13. To school and got along very well and in the afternoon went over to Billy's Office and stayed there and studied some. Nothing particular to write about only I haven't got a ary letters yet from any one. Went out in town in the evening. Did not stay long. Came back and went to bed.

Sat. Aug. 14, Took a walk down to see the market but did not stay long. Went over to Billy's office and studied some over there. Good many in to day with reports of schools for the ensuing year and they are of a very good 1aught (?) for the hard times. Weather cool for the time of year.

Sun. Aug.,15. Weather fair and pleasant. Went to hear Allan Cum the great Scotch preacher but did not think much of him. Took a walk out on the Reserve. Came back and Dick had come down. Said the folks were well. Went to the Baptist Sunday school Concert in the evening which was very good.

Mon. Aug. 16. Went to school and got out earlier than usual. Came home and took dinner and went down in town with Dick and took him over the Court House and he left his buggy down at Cretors for repair. Came home and studied my lesson. Got a letter from my Girl and wrote.

Tues. Aug. 17. Cool weather for the time of the year, yet it is just what I like. Went over to the Office and studied algebra and Geo. Nothing much to write about. Bronmel came home from his son's in Southern Kansas and reported crops good. Russell was down.

Wed. Aug. 18. Nothing to write about but school and getting along better than usual in my studies. Weather cool § dusty and very dry. Got a letter from Siss. No more at present.

Thurs. Aug. 19. A good many of the scholars are leaving but our recitations go along just the same. Miss Smither(?) is our algebra teacher now and I like her very well.

Fri. Aug. 20. Nothing to write about in this week only going to school and am doing very well, so I think. Jno W Gardiner

Sat. Aug. 21. Had school today on account of the State teachers examination being held next week and some of our teachers wish to go. Some didn't like it but thought it alright myself. Very dry § dusty.

Sun. Aug. 22. Went down to hear Page preach and like(d) (him) very well. My old teacher, Mrs Mayo, was there and helped to sing as one of the choir. In the evening went down to hear Rev Dr Marvin of State University at Lawrence at the M. E. Church and like him very well as a talker.

Mon. Aug. 23. Went to school as usual and found not many there but that is nothing. Can stand it if they can. No letter today from any one.

Tues. Aug. 24. Very windy, dusty and warm and disagreeable in any place you can get with. Got a letter from my girl today and she thinks some of going out West and asks my opinion about it. Am too busy to answer just now.

Wed. Aug. 25. School was out to day and I turned in my books and got my money § felt satisfied about my school. Am not going home till after the examination which will be Saturday and if things turn out all right I shall go out and look for a School and don't think it will be any trouble for me.

Thurs. Aug. 26. Nothing of importance to write about. F, M. Johnson came home from California and is not as well satisfied as he might have been or expected to. He, Billy and I went down to see the Big Bonanza at the Opera and it was splendid and it tickled Johnson very much.

Fri. Aug. 27. Fine weather though rather warm. Studied all day and got along very well. In the evening went down to Billy's room and he ask(ed) me some instruction in algebra. Went home and went to bed but not to sleep.

Sat. Aug. 28. Rained all day and was very warm Examination day and 1 sweat like a good fellow and to work hard. Not many teachers there on account of the rain. Some were from a distance. Van Eman § Billy were the board and only had six questions in each and they were hard.

Sun. Aug. 29 Did not feel like going to church and it is the first time that I have missed since I came down to town. Billy looked over part of the papers and I was just average on what he looked over. Went up to the concert at the Baptist church and it was very warm.

Mon. Aug. 30. Went over with Billy and helped him fix up the list § opo 5_ of the teaches (sic) and in the evening went up to see Miss Daly and get the grades from her of the papers that she had to canvass and my grade was very low especially in Arithmetic. Think she was unfair in her grading.

Tues. Aug. 31. Went over to the office and waited for Van Emman until I was tired and took a stroll down to the river workshops, §c. Came back and he had not come back yet. After dinner we went back and he came in and we fixed it up and I stood second.

Wed. Sept. 1. Wednesday morning got a horse and started out to get a school and it was very warm. Went to Harlo's and found they were going to have a six month school. Went § saw Richardson and concluded to take the school and got back to town about 7 o'clock and I was rather tired.

Thurs. Sept. 2. Got ready and started home and it was very warm. Got ready about 10 o'clock and wrote a letter to my Girl and told her to write to Winchester the next time she wrote. Got home and found the folks all well and the face of the country is very much changed since I left two months ago.

. Sept. 3. Went up and got my trunk and came back and rested till noon and

then went out and sowed wheat till I got tired. And stood it better than expected for it is the first I have done for nearly a year.

Sat. Sept. 4. Went up with Pa to the field and sowed wheat untill noon. Came home and filled the sacks. After dinner went and finished sowing and got through by half past 3 o'clock. After supper went up to town and got shaved and went over to singing.

Sun. Sept. 5. Very warm and stayed at home all day and read some in Randals Book of trade. After dinner went over to the big spring and bathed my aching brow in its limpid and cooling water and thought of times when we roved the prairies a mere child.

Mon. Sept. 6 Very warm and sat in the shade till late in the afternoon. When it got a little cooler we went up to town and heard the Jo Dodds case discussed and it is the opinion that he is guilty, at least of three fourths of the people. Took supper with Tommy. Came home about half past 10 orclock.

Tues. Sept. 7» Warm for the time of year and nothing doing. Sat in the shade all day and did nothing much. No letters from anyone and did not write any. Nothing to write about only that there is lots of hay being put up all over the country and I donft think it will (be) worth much this winter unless there is a great demand east.

Wed. Sept. 8. Warm still and nothing going on of any importance and so nothing to write about. Uncle Isaac § Frank came just as we were getting through supper and they reported folks all well at Emporia. Uncle Isaac did not know me and thought that I was too large for John as of old.

Thurs. Sept. 9. Warm in the morning and in the afternoon it blew up from the North rather cool and seemed as though it might frost but it became clouded and did not. The girls got me to hall up some corn § we had a shucking and lots of fun. After supper we had some music and Uncle Isaac was well pleased.

Fri. Sept. 10. Rather cool. Went up to town and got a letter from my Girl and she had got home and wanted me to come out and see me before me I went away if I could and of course I was glad to go and see her for it has been three months since I saw her and I went and we had a good time. Came home about twelve.

Sat. Sept. 11. Got ready and started for town with my trunk in Caprs Buggy and had as much as the buggy would hold, but got there all right. Got down and went over and saw Billy and went down to dinner and saw Mr Richardson. Found Mr Corman and got to ride right where I wanted to go.

Sun. Sept. 12. Fine day and as I had nothing else to do I went down to Sunday school and saw some of the folks of this vicinity but there were not many out so did not see many. Came home and did nothing all day but read a little and think how I should get along in school tomorrow with black § whites.

Mon. Sept. 13. Weather warm and went down to the school house and there was no broom there yet so I went over to Mr Richardson's and got a broom there. Came back and swept the floor and it was very dirty and it made me sweaat. Only fifteen scholars and no darkies either. Got along very well.

Tues. Sept. 14. Went to school and got along very well and had some more scholars. In the afternoon after school was out I went over to Mr Richardson's and saw him about repairs and then I went down to Harloe and saw him but he was so busy that he could not take time to write out an Article and told me to come Sunday.

Wed. Sept. 15. Wednesday was not so warm as the two days previous. Got along very well in school. Came home after school and studied some method to get things to running in school and think I shall get things running by the last of the week. Another new scholar today.

Thurs. Sept. 16. Somewhat cooler on account of the rain last night. Got along in school very well. Came home and wrote two letters, one to my Girl and the other to Barbara. Expect to send them to town by Mr Gorman tomorrow. Have nothing more to write about now so shall quit,

Fri. Sept. 17. Weather very cool. Had a notion to make a fire but did not and it was quite unpleasant in the school room. Sent my chain in to get fixed but Harlo thought they had better get a new one and so brought the old one home. Got no letters from any one. Wrote one to Uncle Joe.

Sat. Sept. 18. Got ready and started for town. Went down to the school house and they were at work cleaning it. Started on and got on a load of hay and rode nearly to town, then rode the balance of the way in a wagon. Got shaved clean and looked like a different man. The barber said my Girl would go back on me sure. No letters. Got home about seven.

Sun. Sept. 19. Rather cool for the season. Wrote my diary full in the forenoon and went down by the barn and sunned myself and the sun felt very good. Went down to Sunday school and got along very well in class. Came (home) and did not write any letters to any one. Rather (cool?) weather this evening.

Mon. Sept. 20. Cool weather and we had some frost last night. Went down to school and saw Mr Briling fixing the seats down. Had some darkies for the first time. Nothing worth writing only it is cold and seems as though it will soon be winter. John W. Gardiner

Tues. Sept. 21. Very cool and had to build a fire in the school house for the first time and it felt real good. Got along very well and the carpenter got everything finished except the Blackboard, and things begin to look rather comfortable and think I shall have a good school.

Wed. Sept. 22. Weather not quite as cold as yesterday. Did not make a fire. Nothing to write about now so I shall quit. Haven't any letters from any one yet and don't know when I shall. The roads are very dry and dusty.

Thurs. Sept. 23. Weather warmer and some signs of rain but we did not get any. The boys went to town to day but they did not (get) any letters for me so I am out this time. Nothing to write about.

Fri. Sept. 24. Weather not quite so warm and had to build a fire in the stove during the day. Expect to go to town tomorrow and see if there (are) any letters there for me. Did not write any for I thought I should wait till I got one and know what to write.

Sat. Sept. 25. And still the weather grows warmer. Got ready and started to go to town and found a load of hay and rode to town on that. Got a letter

from my girl and wrote an answer. Saw and and (sic) Billy and the Prof and they did not know me. Came home on a hay ladder.

Sun. Sept. 26. A fine morning and Harlo came over and we wrote out the con-tract. And had quite a chat with him of old 36 times in which he played a prominent part. Did not go any place to day nor write any letters. Read in the MTimesT? yesterday that Thomp McDaniels was the man who was killed in Kentucky.

Mon. Sept. 27. Weather fine and had some more new scholars and laid down rules and am going to watch and see how they work. McDaniels used to come down to our house and play with us boys and was thought then to be a respectable boy but alas! things have changed!

Tues. Sept. 28. Weather fine and dry and don't look as  
though we were going

to have any rain soon. Sent to town for my mail by Bob  
but did not get any.

I never saw the like of gnats in my life as were in the 
air today. A person

could not rest for them. Nothing more at present.

Wed. Sept. 29. Looked some more like rain and was not quite as warm as yesterday and looked like "Indian Summer". Nothing of importance to write about and so I can't write much. I am getting along very well in school and have lots of darkies. John W. Gardiner

Thurs. Sept. 30. Cloudy and somewhat cool and looked as though it would rain in the morning and in the afternoon it did rain some and the wind got around in the North. It turned cooler and the wind blew harder. Think it will frost to night if it clears off.

Fri. Oct. 1. The wind blew all night and it did not frost much. Had a fire in the morning and wore a heavy coat for the first time during my school. Went out in the field and helped Bob get a load of corn for the hogs.

Sat. Oct. 2. Wind from the South and looked something like the beginning of winter. Went to town with Mr Gorman and got three letters, one from my Girl, one from Siss and one from Uncle Joe. Took dinner with Mc and Preacher Dibber was there also. Wrote a letter to my Girl. John.

Sun. Oct. 3. Very windy and warm and remained at home all day and read Leslie's Paper and wrote two letters, one to Siss and one to Uncle Joe. Have taught 3 weeks and think I am getting along very well. Saw Wherrell in town and had a talk with him over the Darkey question.

Mon. Oct. 4. Clouded up in the morning and looked some like rain, but cleared away before noon and turned warmer. Nothing of importance to write about. Sent my (letters) to town by a man going in with a load.

Tues. Oct. 5. Weather cloudy in the morning and a little cooler. Wind got around in the N. E. in the forenoon and the clouds became more heavy and it began to rain in the evening between 4 and 5 and rained some till near the middle of the night.

Wed. Oct. 6. Rather cold and the wind was from the North. Had a fire in the School house. Sent for mail but the boy forgot it and of course I came out at the little end of the horn. Have nothing to write about so shall quit. John W Gardiner

Thurs. Oct. 7. Somewhat warmer though I built a fire in the morning but it cleared away and was pleasant. Have not so many darkies as usual. Nothing to write. John W. Gardiner

Fri. Oct. 8. Cloudy and looked as though it might rain. Not cool enough to have a fire. In the evening about four it began to rain and kept it up though not in much quantities during the forepart of the night yet the ground is not much wet. John W Gardiner

Sat. Oct. 9. Somewhat rainy and misty in the morning and looked as though it might continue through the day, but it cleared away and didn't rain much. Went to town and got two letters, one from my girl and one from Mollie. Saw Billy and the fair is next week.

Sun. Oct. 10. Somewhat cool and rather cloudy. Frost hasnft killed the tomatoes and potatoes yet and they are growing finely yet. Went to church in the forenoon to hear the S Methodist preacher and in the evening went down to the Spiritual meeting and saw something new to me and the simplest grand extant I think.

Mon. Oct. 11. Went down to school and made a fire and it felt very good for this time of the year. Nothing of importance to write about. Think it will frost to night if it keeps on cold. To day is my birthday and I am 24 years old.

Tues. Oct. 12. Cool and we (had) the first killing frost of the season. -The ground was covered with it this morning and I guess this will conclude the growth of vegetation for this year. Went down to Harlo's and stayed all night with him and had a talk on Spiritualism.

Wed. Oct. 13. Got up and went out and there was not as much frost as yesterday morning and not near as cold. Wind from the South. Went over and got some money of Frank Starnes. Came and wrote this. No letters this week.

Thurs. Oct. 14. Rather cold and cloudy and the wind was from the north. Had a fire all day. No news from the fair or any place else. Studied whether to dismiss and go to the fair or not but finally concluded to go and dismissed till Monday.

Fri. Oct. 15. Started in town at 9 and got there at Elevan and went down and got no letters from any one. Went up to the Hotel and got my dinner. After dinner went out to the race and saw some of the best racing that I ever saw any place. Took supper with C. P.,

Sat. Oct. 15. Went down and got a letter from Uncle Joe. Got on the train and started out to see my girl. Got there at 11.00 and found her just as ever beautiful as a full blown rose. Concluded our wedding and had a sweet time I can assure you. Left at 1/2 past 3 and got to the train in time, and to town also.

Sun. Oct. 17, Got up in the morning but did not feel very well but after stewing felt better. Went (to) Church and went home with Mrs Mc. Took dinner with her and had some music. Then she had the buggy brought out and we got in and she brought me home. John

Mon. Oct. 18. Weather has been warmer since Friday and looked some like Indian summer. We have had some ice though not much. Went down to the

school house and Geo came down and we had a little talk about his affair and he started for 11worth.

Tues. Oct. 19. Nothing of importance to write about. Wrote a letter to Mollie yest. but did not send it away to day. My school is getting along very well. Have heard nothing from the convention yet. Weather very dry and dusty roads are the only ones to be seen.

Wed. Oct. 20. Fine weather and the corn is drying up nicely, and the wheat is looking fine for to be so dry. Wrote a letter to my Girl and told her how I got home. Expect to send it in the morning. The leaves fall slowly and it seems as though we have had Ind. Sum.

Thurs. Oct. 21. Started my letters by dutchman but think it will be alright. People are thrashing their buckwheat and there is quite a quantity of it in the country. Except I shall get to live on cakes and molasses this winter which will be very nice, I think.

Fri. Oct. 22. Had some fun at school in the afternoon. Briling has been fixing the coal house and hitch rack. Came home and Mrs Richardson and Mrs Harlo were here on a visit. Nothing to write only it is very dry and dusty.

Sat. Oct. 23. Went to town and got two letters from Ida and Siss. Saw Jim Riley who had just got back from California and says times are hard out there and thus it goes. Still no scatter. Went (to) see the grand Spectacle - Fracise(?) Lost at the Opera. Not what I expected.

Sun. Oct. 24. Very windy and dusty. After breakfast got ready and went up to Sunday school and saw Miss Newby and had some singing. Came and wrote a letter to Uncle Joe after dinner. This evening the wind lulled and it sprinkled some and looked as though it would rain.

Mon. Oct. 25. Twas blowing from the north and comenced to rain about 8 o'clock and kept it up nearly all day and it was rather cold and gloomy looking. Sent my letter to the office. Heard nothing about Politics from any source. Rather (tired?) to night.

Tues. Oct. 26. Somewhat colder than yesterday though it has cleared off and looks like fair weather now this morning. Had more fire than yesterday though I wore my thin coat and felt comfortable. Sent for mail by Bob. Bob (brought) me a letter from my girl. A little whiskey aboard, think I.

Wed. Oct. 27c Had a very good turnout and got along very well. Had a fire till noon, then it turned warmer and clouded up and looked like rain. Sat up till 9 o'clock but no rain and had cleared off. Potatoe digging is the rush now in these parts.

Thurs. Oct. 28. Had no fire today and it was rather warm for this time of the year. Went over and saw Mr Richardson and concluded I would go and not come back till Tuesday evening. I thought I might take a notion to go to the election. Never saw finer weather only a little dry.

Fri. Oct. 29. Very cloudy in the morning and turned colder during the day. Dismissed at 1/2 past three o'clock and came home and dressed and went in to town with Cogswell and it was quite chilly. Found Ralph at the Golden Gate. Went out in town and went to bed at 8 o'clock.

Sat. Oct. 30. Got up early and found we had a nice morning. Got out home all right and found the folks all well. Marion Hall came down and had a chat with him. After dinner Alf and I took the buggy and went over to Oskaloosa and as we came back it was quite cool.

Sun. Oct. 31. Had a terrible night's rest and did not feel      
Got ready

and started after my girl and brought Jennie home with me.      
the folks

nearly all there. Sent after McKee and he came and we got       
and they

were married at ^ o'clock.

Mon. Nov. 1. Got up and did not feel much better.       
Pete came over and said

we were to come over to Uncle Ad's this evening and     
we went up to town in

the evening and took a drink and the girls smelt it     
on our breath. Went over

and had some more fun but it was all forced.

Tues. Nov. 2. Felt not very well. Played Authors in the morning and then went up to town and got a buggy and came home, and ate dinner and started home with Mattie and Jennie. Bid them good bye and left for town. Voted and got on the train. Got (to) town. Took supper and home at 8 1/2 ofclock.

Wed. Nov. 3 A little cooler than yesterday. Did not have many scholars to day. No darkies hardly in. Don't feel very well. Have not heard from the election yet. Went to bed at 8 o'clock and fell asleep soon. John W. Gardiner

Thurs. Nov. 4. As dry as ever and no show for any (rain) soon. Heard that Bond was elected by 1600 majority and the others were all Ds but can't tell much about it. Haven't heard from home yet nor any other place.

Fri. Nov. 5. Fair weather and dry. Had not a very ( ) school. In the evening got in the wagon and started for the dance. Got over to Starnes and they were not ready and got out and waited for them. Got down to the dance. Stayed till 1/2 past 1 oc. Twas a beautiful night.

Sat. Nov. 6. Got up at 8 o'clock and ate break(fast) and got ready and went to town. Got no letters from any one. Saw Billy and Johny and they were all right. Election is over and the lucky ones feel cheerful. Saw Mrs McCleery and they were all well. Came home.

Sun. Nov. 7. Warm and pleasant and remained at home all day. Felt somewhat lonesome Wrote a letter to my girl and told her what I thought about the day. Have felt a little unwell today but think I shall feel better soon. Signs of rain at 8 o'clock.

Mon. Nov. 8. Cloudy and looks as though there was going to be a change in the weather. Made a fire in the morning but let it die out towards noon. Sent my letter by Geo Lannier. Somewhat cooler in the afternoon and about 4 it began to sprinkle a little and still keeps it up.

Tues. Nov. 9. Cleared off in the morning and looked rather pretty though somewhat chilly. Had a good school. Went to llworth to hear Tilton lecture and saw and heard the great Tilton and think he is the smartest man I ever heard and his lecture was good or well said at least.

Wed. Nov. 10. Feel somewhat tired but got along very well. Billy Bradshaw was out to visit me and took dinner with me and we played ball at noon. He stayed with me till recess. Came home and felt sleepy and went to bed early.

ThursJ Nov. 11. A little cool in the morning but turned warm and was a fine day. Nothing of importance occurred today. Wrote a letter to Barb and sent it down to Fairmount by Arthur. Weather was beautiful at 8 o'clock but looks ominous.

Fri. Nov. 12. Clouded up and began to turn cooler in morning. Not many scholars in to day. Frank Starnes brought the pipe and two erasers. After supper went over to Richardson's and took another supper and played old maid. When we came home it was snowing some.

Sat. Nov. 13. In the morning the ground was white with snow. Went down and fixed the stove pipe. And then we started into town and snowed nearly all the way on us. Stopped at Mcs and took dinner. After went down and got my letter from my girl.

Sun. Nov. 14. It was cloudy in the morning and looked like more snow though it did not. Went down to church but nothing strange or of any importance happened. Came (home) and read the papers and felt very well. Did not write any letters to any one.

Mon. Nov. 15. Got up and found that the weather betokened rain or snow. Went down and built a fire and it went off all right. People are about through pulling turnips and are beginning to feed their stock and it seems like winter. Prather came out and was slightly acquainted with him.

Tues. Nov. 16. Very     
cold in the morning and did not get much warmer all day.

Had only one darkey.    
Have not heard a word from home since I came down the

last time. Wind was     
in the north all day and lulled about sunset. Did not

go to the L.

Wed. Nov. 17. Not so cold though it was none of the warmest. Had a good many darkies in to day. Wrote a letter to my girl and told her of the Lecture and sent a letter to her Father and Mother on confidential business.

Thurs. Nov. 18. Weather warmer and looks rather pleasant. Had a fire most of the day. Sent myletter in by Page the Spiritualist. Played ball and had a fine time and lost my sleeve button and did (not) find it out till I came home. Went back and found it. Had a visitor to day.

Fri. Nov. 19. Had some clouds all day though it was rather pleasant. Mrs Cogswell was up to at (sic) our house. After supper went down and organized a Literary and I was elected Pres., and ( ). There were several girls out but was not acquainted with them so did not have fun in that roll.

Sat. Nov. 20. Weather fair and pleasant in the morning. Got ready and went to town and got a letter from Uncle Joe, Went over to the office with Billy and met Miss Hinton and Van Eman and (had) a chat with them. Got ready and started home and the weather turned colder and growing colder.

Sun. Nov. 21. Weather quite cold and looks as though it might be winter. Remained at home all day and read Harpers and wrote three letters. Have nothing more to write about. Our subject for debate next Friday night is Resolved ffThat Hedge fence is more benef than rail fence"

Mon. Nov. 22. Weather moderated some. Went down and built a fire and sent my letters in by Ed. Klussman. Had a full school and two new scholars and got along all right. In the evening about four o'clock it turned warmer and

looked like falling weather but not it has cleared off.

Tues. Nov. 23. Was not very cold. Thought it was right chilly myself and had a fire all day. Came home and found Mrs Stigers here and found her a very nice woman and she invited me down to see them. Horace Harlo was over and gave me a problem for solution.

Wed. Nov. 24. Played ball and got well warmed up. Took a scuffle with the boys and strained my breast and went in the school house and cooled off too quickly and when I came home felt very sore and tired and after supper more so and went to bed and got worse.

Thurs. Nov. 25. Thanksgiving and in the morning when I got up I felt bad and found that I had been spitting blood during the night. Remained at home all day and was in bed more of the time and was pretty sick. Got some pills in the evening and took 3 and then I was sick.

Fri. Nov. 26. Went to school and felt some better though I did not feel very stout but got along all right and came home and ate my supper and it was the most I had eaten since Tues. After supper went down and found some there and more came and we had a good time.

Sat. Nov. 27. Felt some better and got ready and went to town and (it) was very chilly when I got to town though it was not cold. Found no letters and of course was disappointed but remembered what she said about being busy and so consoled myself. Saw no one from Winchester.

Sun. Nov. 28. Felt some better and read the papers and did not go any place in the forenoon. In the.afternoon it turned colder and I did not go away as expected. Wrote two letters, one to Bud and the other to my girl and think it is about time that I was hearing from her and the folks too.

Mon. Nov. 29. Monday was very cold but I had a full school and got along very well and felt considerably better but did not play ball. Did not get to send my letters to the P.O., for it was so cold that no one went to town. Did not write any for the paper.

Tues. Nov. 30. The weather had moderated a great deal and it is quite pleasant. Am feeling quite well. Sent my letters off early in the morning. Came home and went to work writing my part of the paper and wrote until 7 ofclock and only got 4 pages filled. Called it the Thunderbolt.

Wed. Dec. 1. Sun arose clear and bright and looked like a spring morning and not like the beginning of one of the winter months. Went down and built a fire but (didn't) need much of a one after the room was heated. Went out and played ball for the first time since I have been unwell. Weather very dry.

Thurs. Dec. 2. Had a little fire in the morning but did not make any after the room got warm. Wrote my paper and nearly got through but did not write my poetry. Think it is hard work to edit a paper. Weather very fine for the time of the year. Went to bed at ten.

Fri. Dec. 3. Made no fire at all and it was quite comfortable all day. Went down after supper and found the house full. Went to work and got along all right. After Recess we had discussion and reading of the papers and they seemed to take very well and came satisfied of doing our duty.

Sat. Dec. 4. Very foggy in the morn and looked as though it might rain. Warm all day. Went into town with Cheatwood and stopped at Mcs $ found them not well. Went down to the P.O. and got 7 letters, 2 from Siss, 2 from Mattie, 2 from Alf and one from Pink. Wrote one to Alf § Mollie. Got a coat.

Sun. Dec. 5. Rather cloudy § misty, and looked like a spring morning. Remained at home all day. Harlo's § Reub's folks were up. Wrote 3 letters, one to Mattie, one to Joe § one to Barbara. Feel some better since I got my letters and think I ought to. Weather turned cold in the evening and began to rain or sleet.

Mon. Dec. 6. The ground was covered with sieat and the weather is rather ( ) § looks like winter. Went down § made a fire and the scholars were very lazy coming in. Sent my letters in by Dempe and came near having to whip one of the darkies and had some switches brought in.

Tues. Dec. 7. Nothing of importance to write about. The weather is still cold. George Larimer came down and visited the school and gave me an invitation to the party. He thought the Literary was splendid and is going to bring some young ladies next week.

Wed. Dec. 8. The weather is warmer and looks like we might have good weather for awhile. Came home and finished writing my paper. Nothing to write about but time flies faster than last week.

Thurs. Dec. 9. Weather nice § warm and played ball and had lots of fun. After supper Arthur § I went over to the party and had lots of fun and got acquainted with some ladies from the city and from Mo. They are quite attractive and one comes near being kin.

Fri. Dec. 10. The wind blew up in the morning but did not keep it up all day. Felt somewhat sleepy though I got along very well. Went down to the Literary and we had a fine time and I got hack for publishing that letter but she is all right now.

Sat. Dec. 11. Got on the load of hay § went to town & saw some of the fair sex twice £ they bid me good-bye. Found out that there was a great deal of sickness in the city. Got a letter from home; none from my girl. Stopped at Mcs.

Sun. Dec. 12. Fine weather and looks like spring. Went down to church and there was quite a crowd. Came home. Sat around and thought of things in general § how hard it is to please all classes of people. Wrote two letters, one to P. D. § one to Mattie.

Mon. Dec. 13. Warm and fine. Had a good school, and some new scholars. Saw Mrs Cogswell and told her that I should be down and stay with her one night this week. Sent my letters in by Wm Corman. Came home and found Eva quite sick though not serious.

Tues. Dec. 14. Wind from the South West 
and a little cloudy though not

enough to make any rain or snow I think.        
Sent in for my letters by Bob §

Arthur. Got no letters. Hogs are worth  
7 1/2 meat(?) and are lower than


Wed. Dec. 15. Fine weather § did not have to keep a fire all day in the

schoolhouse. Went up § stayed all night at Cogswell and had quite a social time. Read the Pres^ Message and think it very good for Grant.

Thurs. Dec. 16. Clouded up in the night but was nearly clear in the morning and it had gotten somewhat colder and the wind rose and blew rather hard during the middle of the day. Whipped three of (the) darkies.

Fri. Dec. 17. The coldest day of the winter and if there had been snow on

the ground it would have been quite cold. Our Literary was very gqod and

we had a very good crowd out though there was not many speeches. Rather cold

this evening.   

Sat. Dec. 18. A little cool in the morning but in the after part of the day it was quite pleasant. Went into town and got one letter from my girl. Took dinner with Ms and went down in town and had my measure taken for my boots. No other letters.

Sun. Dec. 19. As nice a morning as one could wish. Looked like a spring morn. Went to Sunday school $ preaching. Camehome § took dinner § started for the Penn and went to Sun School § Preaching. Saw Jack Tom and they were well and looked fine.

Mon. Dec. 20. Warm in the morning and the wind was blowing from the S.W. and before noon it blew very hard and did not get cold. Wrote a letter To Mattie and went to bed. Waked up in the night § it was raining some but did not rain much.

Tues. Dec. 21. Very warm for the time of the year. Did not have a fire in the School House at any time in the day. Did not get to send my letter to town. Went out to Soper's Literary and they had a very good one but they had quite a noisy set and came near having some fights.

Wed. Dec. 22. Built a fire in the morning though it was not cold. Went down to Harlo's and stayed all night and two two orders. The weather had changed; looked like rain and it was quite warm and remained so all night but it did not rain. Sent my letter off.

Thurs. Dec. 23. Very warm and still looked very much like rain. Did not have a fire all day and it (was) pleasant enough. Many in school and no darkies hardly.


April 30. Went to the concert at Marshall school house and it rained so hard that we could not go home and there were not many there though we sang some songs and after the singing we commenced to conjecture(,) one : the probabilities of the weather and it rained as hard as ever and we did not go home and we could not go to sleep nor talk, we were so sleepy. At 1 o'clock we had no notion of going for it rained as hard as ever and no rest for us could we find and so we had to grin and bear it and we did it with a jolly good will. Amen.

Old settlers say this is the most backward spring that they ever saw in Kansas. This is 4th of May and I haven't laid my overcoat away yet. It has been very cold all over the U.S. according to accounts from the papers.

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